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(generated from captions) Good work. Good work, indeed. So...Em. (AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS) (LAUGHS) I'm gonna go for 20 bucks. show me what's in 10. To pump it up to seven grand, Em, Um, it's $20. Come on! Oh! Couldn't get the correct guess. to sell your $20 case for $6,500. But the good news is, you managed Pants down, Mr Smythe. Thank you, Andrew. Pants down! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Let's see the money. Good stuff. See, now, if you could make $6,500 you get to that tournament in Vegas, for every 20 bucks you earned when

or something, won't you? you'll leave with about 3 mil, Thank you so much. You'll be doing very well, mate. paid off in the end. Your punter's instincts Great having you with us, Em, and, well, slainte! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - $500,000 office renovation. outrage over a new State minister's Trump with a better hairstyle. John Robertson is obviously Donald playing with metho and a lighter. A teenager sets a home on fire while Sydney petrol prices skyrocket a proper explanation. but drivers aren't given in Hollywood for the Oscars. And Heath Ledger's family arrives with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. The Opposition's calling it that would make Donald Trump proud, an office refit taxpayer dollars won't be wasted. but the Premier's promising

John Robertson has ordered New Government minister digs in Governor Macquarie Tower - up to $500,000 be spent on his new a kick in the teeth. a cost some Sydney residents call ivory tower, It's the Government minister's mostly marble and plush inside, Sydney Harbour. with sweeping views of John Robertson, He's the former union boss and already ordering renovations. a minister for just three weeks fork out up to $500,000 Taxpayers have been asked to to refurbish his new office.

Donald Trump John Robertson's obviously with a better hairstyle. is not Trump Tower. Well, Governor Macquarie Tower

led by example. It's time this government the joke. Premier Nathan Rees doesn't see to entertain dignitaries. He says the minister needs space to do their work in a caravan. You can't expect ministers lives in a caravan. Fairfield resident Jose Rios is insulting. His son thinks the Premier's comment

He's a kid in the teeth to people

who live like this. Some politicians

are a bit arrogant. who live like this. Some politicians

Discount furniture retailers say for a lot less. they could deck out an office

for between $5,000 and $6,000 I would like to say very nicely. you would deck an office out office is obscene and excessive. $500,000 spent on John Robertson's a double-storey house. It would buy most people this family home in Fairfield, It would definitely buy you for two ministerial cars. with garage space the new minister wants. But it's this million-dollar view working-class man. Not bad for a so-called

They should put it towards something

that will benefit us. The minister wouldn't comment. The Premier made this promise. Not a cent has been spent yet. to make sure I've asked the department for best value for taxpayers. any expenditure is in line on the Central Coast A teenage boy home alone has set his family's house on fire. with methylated spirits The 14-year-old was playing of the Narara home. and a lighter in the garage a huge bang. Neighbours reported hearing It got out of control to get them so he ran to his neighbours' house

too big to do anything. but by then it was pretty much They rushed over, kicked in a fence away from the flames. and moved gas bottles and badly damaged the house. The blaze destroyed the garage to act quickly The Premier has promised governing backburning to remove bureaucratic red tape from bushfires. if lives are in danger their anger RFS volunteers have expressed across the State. over cancelled hazard reduction On the slopes of the Blue Mountains, lies thick on the ground. the makings of a catastrophe lot of fuel loading, As you can see here, more than 30 tonne per hectare. Rural Fire Service officer Troy Edwards is a serving who's been fighting for permission for three years. for a controlled burn-off here We just need to get rid of it. we're in all sorts of trouble. If we don't, Falconbridge valley, Dozens of houses line this including this old people's home. It's very nice to look out there It's very nice to look out there across there. but not if there's a fire coming for hazard reductions There are, in fact, 40 applications all approved, but not moving. in the Blue Mountains - as humanly possible. We try our best to get as much done we don't get everything done. And sometimes The council blames inappropriate weather and legal wrangles. But one former local fire chief says to conduct burn-offs. it's time the RFS got new powers on the one hand, In effect we're saying, you guys are heroes, we're not going to trust you. but on the other, The layout here in Cross Street, where they lost six homes in the Christmas bushfires of 2001, across the Blue Mountains. is typical of thousands of homes to the fence line The treeline comes right up they're extremely vulnerable. and experts say The Premier's promised action.

ever to raise with me Were Commissioner Fitzsimmons and those sorts of things bottlenecks in getting approvals we'd move on them pretty swiftly. coast remain cut off by floods, Dozens of people on the mid north despite falling water levels. The Bellingen Valley is now open could be stranded for days. but some communities further south community west of Nambucca Heads All that connected this tiny was an old wooden bridge. to the outside world families who live here stranded. It washed away, leaving the 12 Steve Stone's baby girl Hannah is only 13 days old. They'd run out of milk and bread. We've got bare essentials. Yeah, we can make it, but we just have to get into town and get some groceries. The council is building a temporary bridge so residents can get to shops. The staff have committed to stay here all day until there's access for everybody. Food parcels are being delivered by air to another 60 properties inland from Crescent Head. Houses along Maria River look like islands dotting an inland sea. 4-wheel drives can negotiate some submerged roads but most farmers can only get around on horses or in dinghies. We heard it was coming but it did catch us off guard. Grazier John Hall is getting used to natural disasters. He moved from Far North Queensland after his farm was wiped out by Cyclone Larry. There have been no reports of livestock losses but a free-range chicken farmer lost 1,000 chooks. Oyster farmers are saving what they can. The rush was just unbelievable. I've never seen the river like it. It didn't matter what we had tied to 'em. John Lindsay lost $100,000 worth of oysters. He's not insured. The salvage job will take 3 weeks

but it'll be years before oyster farmers here can replenish their stocks. It's getting tough. All the rain has given a much-needed boost to Sydney's water supplies. Overall dam levels have increased to 60.1%, adding an extra two weeks supply. The best rainfall was in the Blue Mountains catchment area, which recorded 220mm, and Woronora, which had 19mm.

A second man charged over the boat crash on Sydney Harbour which killed 6 people has been refused bail. Matthew Reynolds' lawyer told Ballina Court the 32-year-old wants treatment for back pain. He was arrested at Tweed Heads yesterday over the collision between a fishing trawler and an overcrowded runabout in May last year. He's facing 23 charges, including manslaughter

and operating a vessel under the influence of cocaine and alcohol. Reynolds will reappear in court tomorrow. Sydney drivers are again being slugged with high prices at the bowser. Unleaded petrol has shot back above $1.30/litre. Low supply in Asia is being blamed for the hike. When it comes to fuel, what's gone down usually comes right back up.

From lows of less than $1/litre, unleaded petrol hit $1.33 today. It's something that you've got to get used to, I suppose. It's up and down. And no-one likes the ups. Well, it should be $1 or even below. $1.30, it's a joke.

Few drivers understand why petrol prices have risen, from $135 dollars a barrel especially with crude oil falling from $135 a barrel to just $35. One of the problems we struggle with, I think, like the average consumer, is the lack of transparency here and around the world. Petrol companies say "Blame the Singapore market". Refineries there have cut back on all petrol production because struggling industry can't afford so much diesel. The refineries say it's supply and demand - some experts say it's more sinister. The reality is that Singapore benchmark price is being manipulated by the oil companies because that Singapore benchmark price is used to calculate Australian prices. So it's either a conspiracy or the economic downturn causing an over-supply of diesel in South-East Asia, which, in turn, affects the price of our unleaded. Either way, it's confusing. Until our Government gets serious about stimulating investment and development in alternative fuel sources in Australia we will continue to be at the mercy of world prices. Struggling single aged pensioners are in line to get an extra $35 a week in the May budget. A Government review says the increase is needed, but Liberal frontbencher Tony Abbott believes Australia can't afford it. Balancing the budget on a pension is all about flexibility. But making ends meet is often a real stretch. We come from the frugal generation and we know how to pull our belts in. The Government's pension review is due next week but reports say it will suggest a $35-a-week increase in the single age pension. A $35 increase is not going to make pensioners wealthy, obviously, but it is going to make a big difference. The Government will only say this: We intend to reform the pension in the coming Budget. And the pension debate's exposed turmoil in the Opposition. Malcolm Turnbull sacked one frontbencher, South Australian Cory Bernardi, and was openly defied by another, Tony Abbott, as old-guard Howard loyalists hit back at being sidelined in this week's reshuffle. Joe Hockey, the week's big winner, said the Coalition still supported a $30-a-week pension increase. We've already indicated what we'd do, and we did last year. But Mr Abbott rejecting the policy But Mr Abbott rejected the policy he administers as families spokesman

as too expensive. an enormous hit on the revenue. We believe that Australia's aged pensions must be increased to enable older Australians to live with dignity. Question is, can Mr Turnbull live with Tony Abbott? 150 New South Wales Police have arrived in Victoria to help with the aftermath of the bushfire disaster. They set off from Sydney Airport this morning on flights donated by Qantas. All the officers volunteered to be part of the deployment. We had 2,000 officers put their hands up and say, "Please, I'd be happy to go." when we put a call out. That says a lot when we put a call out for 150. The officers were sworn in as special Victorian constables this afternoon. They'll stay for a week. Princess Anne is heading to Australia to represent the Queen

during Sunday's national day of mourning for the bushfire victims.

The Princess Royal will attend the memorial service at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne before visiting the disaster area. Channel Seven will show the service on Sunday from 11am.

Heath Ledger's family has arrived in Hollywood to prepare for the Academy Awards ceremony on Monday our time.

The late actor's a firm favourite for an Oscar, but his father won't say who'll accept the award if he wins. When the Ledger family returned to Los Angeles, smiles replaced the tears of last year.

It's a different time, this time - it's sort of more a celebration, I guess, of what he's done. That celebration should culminate on Monday with Heath considered a certainty to win an Oscar. You can't expect to win something like this - you could just as easily turn left as you could meant to go right. While understandably, the attention has been focused on Heath Ledger, five other Aussies could also win - like Kirk Baxter, for editing 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. It's like a fast track to a doctorate. It's like, that's going to follow my name, that little, kind of, sentence forever. Like a doctor or something. It's fantastic. Or visual effects wizard Ben Snow, who was nominated for turning Robert Downey Junior into Iron Man without the heavy suit. Robert came up as I was fastening the little tracking markers to him and said, "Ben, I love you, thank you." He was so happy to be out of the suit. Ben says he's the perennial bridesmaid - it's his third nomination, but this year he thinks there's a reason he might actually have a chance at winning. We're not working against 'Lord of the Rings' this time! The Aussie accent could dominate this year. VOICEOVER: Hosted by Hugh Jackman. Still to come - a terrifying emergency call made while a woman was attacked by a pet chimpanzee. Also - latest plans for a Broadway development get the green light.

And why Kylie had everyone laughing at the Brit Awards. # I just can't get you out of my head. # To reveal the true shine of your dishes, your dishwasher needs to be clean. New Finish Dishwasher Cleaner is unbeatable in removing hidden grease and lime scale. And a cleaner dishwasher means cleaner dishes. Your garden hose can chew through 20 litres of water per minute. So think twice, even if it's your turn to water. Try to keep it to once a week, and if it rains, don't water at all. Thinking gardeners: Paramedics could still impose work bans despite cancelling today's protest at the 11th hour. Ambulances were planning to stop all non-essential patient transfers at 8am

but a late-night hearing in the Industrial Relations Commission put a stop to that. This may have pushed the cork back in the bottle but by no means has it removed all the bubbles and effervescence in the issues. The protest action was prompted by a Government decision to transfer rescue services to the fire brigade. The controversial redevelopment of Sydney's old brewery site on Broadway is a step closer,

with the latest plans winning Government approval. It will house thousands of residents and office workers, but critics say that means more traffic in an already congested area. It's a big site, a very big site. Once the Carlton United Brewery, about to be turned into what the Government's calling a mini-suburb on the city's doorstep. It's situated where people can walk to work, where people can walk to Central Station. For 150 years, it was devoted to the art of beer from KB to Fosters. In just a few months, it's been demolished - now nearly six hectares of absolute prime real estate. The original brewhouse is still there. It's heritage-listed,

staying as part of a billion-dollar development for 8,000 workers and residents.

Density put onto Broadway - which is an appropriate place, along Broadway, to have density of this site. As high the UTS tower, 32 storeys, the old Australian pub survives - just a bit harder to find. Not that local residents are toasting the idea of replacing the brewery with a brand new suburb. They say so close to public transport here,

it should be car-free. They've reduced car parking but there's still 2,000 spaces - more traffic. Simply become more congestion. What was a 20-minute wait at the traffic lights will now become 30 minutes. They hope to start construction next year. No matter what they build here, though - will it ever be as good as making beer? (LAUGHTER) A 13-year-old British boy who said he'd fathered a baby may be the victim of a scam. Friends of the 15-year-old mother claim she was told to pretend Alfie was the dad so their families could make thousands of dollars in media deals. Chantelle's mother apparently came up with the idea to cash in on her daughter's pregnancy. But now, other older boys each claim they could be the father. And a British judge has banned any more newspaper reports. An emergency phone call made when a woman's pet chimpanzee was attacking her friend has been released in the US. The animal's owner called police when her chimp Travis went bersek. The chimp was shot dead by police. The injured woman's in hospital in a critical condition.

Kylie Minogue has shown off several outfits

while co-hosting the Brit Awards in London. The Australian singer opened the show with some unlikely backing dancers. # I just can't get you out of my head # # Boy it's more than I dare to think about # Soul singer Duffy was the big winner of the night, taking home three awards. Coldplay didn't win any, despite four nominations. The first of four ocean liners due in Sydney over the next week has docked at Circular Quay. The 'Queen Victoria' has 2,000 passengers and 900 crew. She's 14 storeys high and has an 800-seat theatre not to mention seven restaurants. Three other super liners will be here over the next few days. And there are already two other cruise ships in town. This month there are 28 ships visiting in 28 days. Sport with Alex Cullen,

and David Gallop is making enemies over his Benji Marshall rugby ban. Chris, players and coaches have come out in support of Benji's temporary code switch today. Details next. Also tonight - Michael Clarke in a race against time to play South Africa. And Mark Schwarzer's shocker against Manchester United. GENERAL CHATTER VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings at McDonald's. Benji Marshall's proposed stint in Japanese rugby is turning players and coaches against NRL officials. Brad Fittler believes Benji should be free to play and would even let his star Rooster Willie Mason go for a season if the price is right. Brad Fittler has planted himself in the NRL's naughty corner, suggesting league players should be allowed to play rugby union in their off-season. If they want to go over there and take the money, I reckon beautiful! Benji Marshall is at loggerheads with David Gallop because he wants to play rugby in Japan at the end of this season. But support for the Tigers' star is growing.

I don't see a problem in Benji doing that at all. Every player doesn't see a problem in it, to keep Benji in the game. I don't think Japanese rugby union would be that hard. Without disrespecting their game, I just can see a rugby league season being as physical and as intense! Fittler would even consider loaning Willie Mason to Japan for the pre-season. much they're offering then why not. It would really bring it down to how much they're offering then why not? With coaches and players supporting Benji Marshall's stint in Japan the NRL may be forced to back down from its hardline stance or risk losing even more stars to rugby. If you got someone like him across it would be fantastic because you've seen what he can do in rugby league. The All Blacks have their door open for Benji. Yeah, well, we'd love to see Benji make himself available for New Zealand rugby. There's always an uproar that people are leaving the code for better money overseas. Maybe this is a way you can keep them in the game. Michael Clarke's back injury looks like ruling him out of tomorrow's tour match in South Africa. Clarke missed training and could only manage to walk a few laps of the ground. He is expected to be fit for the first Test next week with more than just pride on the line. I suppose this one has the bonus, for us, the bonus of holding the trophy and holding the title as the number 1 team and it's up for grabs with South Africa. The first Test starts in Johannesburg next Thursday. Socceroos goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer has had a night he'd rather forget in Fulham's 3-0 loss to Manchester United. Schwarzer looked to have stopped a rocket off the boot of Paul Scholes but it slid under his body. Dimatar Berbatov had no trouble adding a second off a cross from John O'Shea before half-time.

COMMENTATOR: Yay! It's given! Schwarzer was flailing! Manchester United are now five points clear of Liverpool at the top of the Premier League table. Greg Norman has fallen short on his promise to be competitive at the Johnnie Walker Classic in Perth. Norman finished nine shots off the pace with a 3 over 75. Dutchman Robert-Jan Derksen leads the way after shooting an 8 under par 64. Norman is in danger of missing the cut. ..which is a shame. And that's all in sport. Checking finance now - and there was a vote of confidence in our banks today with Australian shares rising more than 1% on the back of investors buying stocks such as the Commonwealth Bank.

The ASX 200 closed up 35 points. Fifi's next with the weather -

and isn't it great to see some sunshine again? Yes, Chris, it's been a while since Sydney had a day like today.

I'll let you know if the sun's here to stay after the break. Why go anywhere else when you can shop here at Bunnings? We've got everything you need no matter what size place you've got. We have all the best brands at all the lowest prices. 4-shelf unit, $19.98. Ryobi cordless drill, $88.

Shower head with arm, $19.94. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item we'll beat it by 10%. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. The sun came out just in time for the arrival of 'Queen Victoria' this morning. After an overnight low of 19 before a sunny top of 28 in the city. The day started off sunny in most suburbs but some isolated thundery showers developed in some areas. From the satellite - isolated severe showers and storms over the north east of the State. Tomorrow that trough will bring more rain for that area. Mostly dry elsewhere.

Around the country tomorrow - a very warm day in Brisbane, a clearing shower for Melbourne, rain in Hobart. Fine and hot in Perth and mild in Adelaide. A light easterly wind tonight will turn south-easterly in the morning. The winds will become stronger and tend easterly again tomorrow night. It will be mostly fine tonight with the last of those thundery showers clearing off the coast. Tomorrow will remain mostly fine with just the chance of a late shower. Temperatures into the low 30s tomorrow for some suburbs - Looking further ahead - a few showers expected on Saturday, a shower or two on Sunday and isolated rain next week. So, Chris, the sun only making the odd appearance here and there over the next week, unfortunately. And that's Seven News to now but we'll have updates during the evening. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Tonight - they had no idea they were about to be raided. Food inspectors take us behind the kitchen doors at leading restaurants and butcher's shops. And bullied out of three schools - the 14-year-old and her mother fight back. A lesson for all families. Plus - cars, cash, even swimming pools - why buying a home has never been this good.