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Tonight, the mother of an Irish

backpacker killed in Sydney extends

her sympathy to the suspect. her sympathy to the suspect. We

don't want him to serve time in

prison. I think he was just very, very unlucky.

The Premier defends pay rises snuck through for State politicians.

Fears up to seven million

Australians are suffering from lung

damage. I'm 80 and my friends are

50. I can't keep up with them. And

the world's top dogs compete in

I'm Deborah Knight. Sydney's canine games. Good evening,

I'm Deborah Knight. And I'm Bill

Woods. Also, the markets surge as

America's recession ends. And

Denmark's tennis ace overcomes the

most painful moment of her career.

But first - the mother of an Irish

backpacker who died after being

punched during a night out in

Coogee says she doesn't want her

son's attacker to go to jail.

Tressa Walsh says she accepts her

son Gearoid's death was an accident,

punched him. and she feels for the young man who

She travelled 17,000km from Dublin

to turn off her son's life support,

now Tressa Walsh just wants answers.

Her son Gearoid died in hospital

overnight, four days after being

punched in the face outside a kebab

shop in Coogee. Gearoid was a quiet

and very introverted young man. But the

Five weeks in Australia were the

happiest of his life. He adored it

here. He'd been in Sydney just two

days, to celebrate his sister's

birthday after spending a month

working in Queensland. Police have

released footage of the other man

in the fight - taken earlier in the evening. He's Australian and in the fight - taken earlier in the

evening. He's Australian and a

regular in Coogee. I am heartbroken

for him because we don't blame him,

we don't want him to serve time in

prison - I think he was just very,

very unlucky. Detectives can't be

that forgiving - the fight was all

caught on camera. They say the man

calmly walked away after Gearoid's

head hit the footpath. We don't

want him to torture himself over

this. I don't see this as a murder.

Gearoid was very tall, almost 6"3.

He had a long way to fall. Both men

had been drinking at nearby pubs

but hadn't met. Gearoid was with

his brother Ciaran - he's now

wracked with grief. The family has

found great comfort in the fact

that through organ donation,

Geroaid was able to save the lives

baby of six Australians, including a

baby girl. They're now pleading for

witnesses to show that same spirit

of selflessness. I can't describe

how devastated myself and Gearoid's

brother and sisters and nieces are.

But, sadly, our lives will never be

the same without Gearoid. Police

are urging anyone with information to contact them.

The Lester family flew from New

Zealand in memory of a beloved son.

20-year-old Christopher was on the

adventure of a lifetime when he was

bashed to death in a senseless,

unprovoked attack in park in

southern Sydney in November 2007.

Today, his three killers, who can't

be identified because they were

children at the time, were all

jailed for the manslaughter.

Chris They've got a second chance and

Chris doesn't. 5 and 6 years non-

parole for the boys who launched

the attack, 3 years for the boy who

watched on. He has apportioned

blame to each of the boys

accordingly and very well. But

inside court, a relative of one

offender screamed abuse at the

judge. You've got the wrong bloke.

Chris was walking across Woolooware

Oval on his way to a party when the

boys, fuelled by alcohol, launched

their bloody attack. They

mistakenly thought he had verbally

abused them earlier in the evening.

The judge labelled the attack,

"wholly unprovoked and wholly

unjustified." Justice Hall told the

court that Australia has a "problematic drinking culture." He

suggested that the number of

violent alcohol-induced crimes are

on the rise and called for courts

to implement stronger sentences as

a deterrent. We are part of an

exclusive club of parents and

family who have lost children, and

I just wish that exclusive club

greater. might become smaller rather than

The Premier is under attack after

giving himself a wage rise. State

political reporter Josh Murphy is political reporter Josh Murphy is

at Macquarie Street. Josh, Nathan

Rees is now on $351,000 a year, but

there's growing speculation he won'

t be there to collect it. One the

some Labor insiders it then there

will not last long because he could

be ousted by Christmas. There had

been more suggestions today their

key Labour Party power-brokers are

becoming increasingly frustrated

with them. They may be considering

removing their support for him

after the Labour Party Conference

next month. The Premier is doing

what he can to do and keep the

entire clan happy, signing off on a

3% pay rise.

He's at the top of State politics,

with a top-end pay packet to match.

And from today, Nathan Rees's

salary is heading further skywards.

It is always uncomfortable when

these pay rises are determined.

After a 12-month pay freeze, the

Premier's approved a 3% increase

for all Mps. He's now the $350,000

man. The annual salary places him

as the second highest paid

politician in the country behind

Kevin Rudd. And ahead of Deputy PM

Julia Gillard and Treasurer Wayne

Swan. I don't think he deserves a

pay rise, by any stretch of the

imagination. I think it's

ridiculous when the State's in so

much debt. The average yearly

income here is just over $47,000.

But recruitment firms believe the

Premier's 17-hour days, 7 day-a-

week schedule would attract much

morein the corporate sector. You'd

certainly be looking at a six-

figure salary, 1 million plus,

easily. But in the big end of town,

CEOs have shareholders to consider.

Voters only get their chance to

speak every 4 years, and the track

record of this government isnt

glowing. Whether the Premier's pay

matches the scandal-weary slips is

ministerial sackings. subjective. He's overseen numerous

There's a massive budget deficit -

the state's first in a decade. And

projects. a litany of errors on transport

$356,000 plus is way over the top,

particularly for a Premier that is

not delivering. Opposition Leader

Barry O'Farrell doesn't miss out.

His salary goes up to $288,000 a

year. No politician I know on

either side of the house is in it

for the monetary reward.

An entire town was in mourning

today for a couple killed in a car

crash, miraculously survived by

their baby son. Nearly 1,000 people

packed the local church in

Condobolin to farewell Andrew and

Anita Salter. They were killed

while driving home from Dubbo last

Friday with 11-month-old son Henry.

He survived thanks to his booster

seat, and will now be cared for by

his grandparents. The council

buildings and many of the town's

shops closed for the funeral. At the

the end of the service, balloons

were released. And a commando

killed on a training exercise while

preparing for his third tour of

Afghanistan, has been farewelled in

Brisbane. A guard of honour

surrounded the coffin of Lance

Corporal Mason Edwards, followed by

his family and partner. The 30-

year-old was killed by live fire

during a training exercise in South

Australia. He'd written a letter to Australia. He'd written a letter to

his family in case he didn't return

from Afganistan, saying he wanted

everyone to know he loved his work.

America's recession is over,

following stronger than expected

growth figures. The news sent share

markets soaring, but also made

another interest rate rise likely

next week.

It's the turnaround the United

States has been hoping for. Good

evening, everyone. Well, some good

news tonight - the economy is

growing again. It's this first time

America's economy has grown in a year, ending the technical

recession. And the markets loved it.

The Dow Jones finished almost 200

points higher. But it was only

because of billions of dollars in

government stimulus, and the

President remains cautious. While

this report today represents real

progress, the benchmark I use to

measure the strength of our economy

is not just whether our GDP is

growing, but whether we are

creating jobs. It's still pretty

important in a global sense, and if

the US economy can start growing

again, it will add to global

economic growth. That means more

demand for our commodities. Our

markets also bounced back strongly.

It all adds to the likelihood of an

interest rate rise next week and

the Opposition says the Rudd

Government's stimulus will be

partly to blame. It's now fuelling

inflation and putting pressure on

rising interest rates. But any hits

the Opposition is hoping to make on

the economy are being undermined by

continued division over emissions

trading. Reports of a front-bench

revolt against the scheme were

compounded by a frank admission by

one of Malcolm Turnbull's

leadership team. Even if the

Government accepts all our

amendments, we may well still vote

against the bill. Something of a

handgrenade being thrown into the

negotiations, it's now a matter for

Mr Turnbull on whether he's going to allow that

Grenade to explode. Two high-

profile politicians quit Parliament.

Jobs linked to an increased risk of

lung disease. The Wildlife Warrior

inspired by Steve her when.

This program is captioned live.

The mother of a teenage boy who

took his own life after being

bullied says she hopes her son's

death will not be in vain. Justine

Kelly spoke out as the 2-week

inquest into Alex Wildman's death

ended. The coroner heard the 14-

year-old was regularly beaten and

bullied at his Lismore high school.

I can't even begin to explain what

it's done to the family. It's

turned us upside down.

She says she hopes the inquest will

save other families from similar heartache.

Medical experts say up to 7 million

Australians have lung damage and

warn they're at increased risk of

lung disease - and it's not just

smoking that's to blame.

Diagnosed with acute emphysema at

just 52, nurse Lynne McGarry feels

trapped in an older woman's body.

I'm 80 and my friends are 50. I

can't keep up with them. Scuba

diving is my dream and it's something I can't do.

Computer modelling reveals why, as

these damaged lungs struggle to

take each breath. Smoking remains

the single biggest cause of lung disease, but increasingly, disease, but increasingly, occupation and environment are

factors. It's estimated 7 million

Australians have lung damage, many

of them workers inhaling dust,

filings, fumes and gases. Only a

third with serious symptoms have

seen their doctor.

We're very scared of dropping dead

or having a heart attack, but we

don't seem to recognise the lungs

are just as essential.

Every year, lung disease claims

19,000 lives and leaves 350,000

patients in hospital. Not all cases

are curable, but early diagnoses

can make a big difference.

Our aim is to catch up with lung

disease before it catches up with you.

The best way to test how healthy

your lungs are is to try walking

two flights of stairs. If you can't

do that without wheezing or

coughing, you need to see a doctor.

If climbing each step feels like

climbing a mountain, Lynne says

it's time to have a check-up.

Do it! Do it!

Brett Mason, Ten News.

Ultra-marathon runner turned

Federal MP Pat Farmer has run out

of political puff. He's retiring,

after being dumped by the Libe2 after being dumped by the Liberals.

He's lost preselection for the south-western Sydney seat of

Macarthur to a former local mayor.

A John Howard star recruit, the 47-

year-old will leave at the next

election. When he turns 55 he'll be

entitled to a pension of $65,000 a year.

And Labor MP Jodie Campbell has

announced she's quitting politics,

on the same day her partner faced

court on domestic violence charges.

Ms Campbell, who won the marginal

Tasmanian seat of Bass at the last

election, says she wants to spend

more time with her daughters. Her

partner Roland Small, accused of

punching the MP in the face and

stomach, has had his bail continued.

A look at sport now, with Brad

McEwan, and mixed feelings for

Kangaroo Nathan Hindmarsh.

He's thrilled to be playing against

England, but says he feels bad

about replacing someone else.

And distressing scenes at the WTA

Championships in Doha - the extreme

heat too much for one of the

world's top female tennis players.

Thankfully she is OK.

And after talking it up, two of the

biggest mouths in Aussie sport

finally slug it out -Sailor versus Capper.

Also ahead, Japanese auditions for

the haka ahead of the Bledisloe Cup

Test in Tokyo. Time to check on the weather.

Sydney, you on a warm trend. 23

degrees today and 25-30 degrees

tomorrow. Fine and sunny. A lot

better than that on Sunday. 27-32

degrees, up fine and sunny. What

have we got as far as conditions at

the moment? A north-east sea breeze

which is lovely stuff. Relative

humidity about 60% at the moment,

but as low as 40% earlier in the

greater West. Penrith got to 32

degrees and that will be a preview

of Saturday and Sunday. Time to

give one of these away. This is a

Panasonic camera, thanks to Harvey

Norman. 12 mega pixels, where does

it go today? We love your work,

Matt. A lovely sunset shot. We have

got a camera to give away every

Friday. First send me your weather

photograph. A brilliant weekend on the way. the way.

Next, one soldier's compelling war

stories from beyond the grave.

Also, the US President pays his

respects to some of the casualties of Afghanistan.

And Cher's daughter Chastity talks

about becoming a man.

Probably the biggest relief of

anything I've ever done in my life. SONG: # So # I've seen winks take wing # And I've heard mornings sing # It's true # Now if this world # Can hold such things # Who knows what it might bring?

# For you. # VOICEOVER: Dulux Wash & Wear actively repels stains, VOICEOVER: Today's the day for a block party with the new Stack n Surprise Sillytown,

where baby can find silly things to do and play with new friends. This town is jumping! Sillytown, only from Fisher-Price.

President Barack Obama has made a

surprise visit to a US airforce

base, to pay respect to a group of

soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

A lot of high traffic heading out

of Sydney towards the north coast.

This is the M3 where it's heading

north towards bowl Barack. The four

lines of traffic are barely moving.

The traffic is heading towards the

Hawkesbury what -- river. There is

a slow a spot coming out from

Pymble going towards the end three.

Wait for an hour but this traffic

starts to go through. Barack Obama

has made a surprising visit to any

ear for space to pay respects to a

group of soldiers killed in

Afghanistan. The Commander-in-Chief Afghanistan. The Commander-in-Chief

saluted as 18 bodies were brought

home. He also met privately with

the families of the victims. It was

a sobering reminder of the a sobering reminder of the

extraordinary sacrifices that our

young men and women in uniform are

engaging in every single day. The Bush Administration banned media coverage of returning war casualties.

Now to the ING Direct finance

report with Jacqueline Maddock. And,

Jacqui, news of the US emerging

from recession put a rocket under

the local market? It did indeed,

the local market didn't manage to

make up all of yesterday's falls

but it did end the week on a high,

thanks to that positive US GDP

figure. Macquarie Bank was the next

to report its profit results today,

turning in 21% slide in first-half

profit, but flagging a significant

rise in full-year profit. On the

dividend front - investors will

recieve 86c a share unfranked for

the first half, down from $1.45

last year. Investors welcomed

Macquarie's positive outlook.

Macquarie shares closed at $50. All

the financial stocks bounced back

today. NAB added nearly 3% and BHP

Billiton ended up nearly 1% after

telling investors it expects demand

for commodities to bounce back next year.

And that's finance news for this week.

The man accused of making

Californian girl Jaycee Dugard a

sex slave has been confronted in

court by his first known victim.

Katie Calloway sat in the front row,

locking eyes with the man convicted

of raping her in 1977. Phillip

Garrido went to prison, but was

released on good behaviour, before

allegedly abducting 11-year-old

Jaycee in 1991. Well, I'm not going

to shut up and go away now. I

shouldn't have shut up and gone

away 18 years ago. I have to live

with the Jaycee Lee Dugard case. I

really do. The Garridos have pleaded not guilty.

Sonny and Cher's little girl has

spoken for the first time about her

transformation into a man. Chastity,

now known as Chaz, says the biggest

challenge was finding the courage challenge was finding the courage to be himself.

The world knew Chastity Bono as the

adorable blonde making music with

her famous parents. Goodnight,

everybody. But off stage, she was

fighting a confusing battle. Mum

Cher was already a gay icon when

Chastity came out in her 20s. And

now, at 40, Chastity, is Chaz. I

realised that I was male. I felt

male from a child. Gender is

something between your ears not

between your legs. Sounding and

feeling every bit the man he's

longed to be. Fat redistribution,

muscle growth, hair growth, sex-

drive increase. Chaz began his

transformation last year with

hormone therapy and surgery. A

process that will take 4 to 5 years

to complete. It's the biggest

relief of anything in my life. With

a supporting partner by his side,

Chaz says the only barrier to

change has been fear. Finding the

courage not to worry what others

would think of me. And he has

support at home, with Cher

previously saying though she

doesn't truly understand, the love

she has for her child will never

change. Chaz hopes to open more

hearts and minds by turning his hearts and minds by turning his transformation into a book.

The diaries of a British soldier

written in the trenches of World

War One have been re-discovered

after 90 years. John French kept

meticulous notes about life on the

frontline. Now his long-lost words

are being shared with the world.

John French was an ordinary British

Tommy, who had an extraordinary way

with words. His pencilled account

of life and death in the trenches

of the Western Front fills three

diaries which have now resurfaced after

after 90 years. Their pages tell of the small pleasures.

Amid the overwhelming pain of battle.

The 23-year-old survived the war

but died of tuberculosis in 1929.

His long-lost diaries were found

among the personal possessions of

his sister, who recently died. We

know how horrific it was to serve

in the front line on the front,

these diaries also show the levels

of Umar that are being used to

combat some of the horror. And the

camaraderie and friendship that grow out of that.

The words of a soldier who saw much

more than war. Nearly all World War

1's veterans are now gone, but

thanks to men like John French,

their stories will live on.

France is honouring one of its

national heroes to mark his 50th

birthday, although Asterix hasn't

aged one bit since battling

invading Romans in 50 BC. Many of

the city's landmarks have been

dressed up Asterix style.

Cleopatra's needle looks like it's

been shipped from Egypt in a wooden

container and warrior helmets are

stacked up on the streets. Cartoonist and co-creator, Albert

Uderzo, says he's very proud. 325

million copies of the Asterix books have been sold.

Still to come, a grieving mum

reaches out to her son's suspected


Also, the scenery Aussie tourism

officials are finding hard to sell.

It's cheaper for us to put together

a golf package together to China

than to the Gold Coast, at the moment.

And the world's top dogs compete in

Sydney's canine games. (PEACEFUL MUSIC PLAYS) (GURGLES) (FARTS) (GURGLES) (SPLAT!) VOICEOVER: Only BabyLove's new Poo-Poo Pouch nappies can handle a poo explosion or 'Number 3's, as we politely call it.

This program is captioned live. Tonight's headlines, America's

recession has been declared over following stronger than expected

growth figures. The news sent our

share market higher, but increased

the likelihood of an interest rate

rise next week.

The State's MPs have been awarded a

pay rise, in spite of ongoing

concerns about the Government's

performance. The decision takes

Premier Nathan Rees's salary to

more than $350,000 a year.

And a young man is being questioned

by police over the bashing death of

Irish backpacker Gearoid Walsh

following fight at Coogee. The man

handed himself in today following

widespread publicity about the case.

Gearoid's mother today appealed for

her son's killer to come forward

for his own sake. I would really like to

like to say there is a mother, I

really feel for this guy who got

into a fight with my son. I am

heartbroken for him because we do

not blame him, we do not want him

to spend time in prison. I think he

was just very, very unlucky. We are

appealing for him to come forward

and get closure on this and some

peace. We do not want him to

torture himself over this, I do not

see this as a murder. My son was

very tall, he was six foot two, he

had a long way to fall. Even though

he was a big man he was not a fighter.

Sydney nightclub, The Ivy, has been

embroiled in a sex assault scandal.

A woman was allegedly attacked

early this morning, after a man

followed her into the unisex

toilets and locked the cubicle. He

was detained by security until

police arrived. The 30-year-old

Lilli Pilli man has been charged with aggravated sexual assault.

The soaring dollar has helped make

it cheaper to holiday overseas than

in some parts of Australia. But

it's come at the cost of local

tourism, which is now reeling. Queensland's island caretaker

campaign brought the eyes of the

world into Australia's backyard,

putting some of our best assets on

display. The British competition

winner now has his dream job. But it's double-digit unemployment in

our target markets that's keeping

visitors away, wreaking havoc on

local hospitality workers. We've

seen about 30,000 Australians lose

their jobs lost in the tourism

industry since the GFC started.

Domestic travel is also drying up

as the Aussie dollar soars. The

Federal Government has thrown a $9

million advertising lifeline to the

States. With a focus on short-haul

stays, it's being criticised as a

short-term solution. The solution

that we need is a comprehensive, long-term national tourism solution

and one that's backed up by

substantial amount of money to back

that solution. Australian workers

have accumulated $33 billion worth

of annual leave, Canberra is urging

us to spend it at home. Experiencing the wonderful tourism

products we've actually got in

Australia, and in doing so, help

our mates keep a job. It's not as though Australians aren't a

patriotic lot, but it's the Aussie

dollar's ascent combined with

amazingly low airfares that has

made it suddenly so affordable to

holiday overseas. Particularly, as

it's a combination we haven't seen

in a decade. I mean, it's cheaper

for us to put a golf package

together to China than the Gold

Coast at the moment.

The nation's top dogs have arrived

in Sydney for the first ever World

Dog Games. The four-legged athletes

will run, jump, swim, and fetch, in

the quest for gold-medal glory.

It's the Olympics of the K-9 world,

featuring furry athletes with

amateur ideals, who compete simply

for the love of their sport and

tasty treats. This is fly-ball

relay. Where dogs of all shapes and

sizes sprint down the runway, over

the hurdles and snatch tennis balls

from the spring board. There's the

thumping of paws, flying sweat and

saliva. And the handlers aren't too

far behind. There's an agility test,

frisbee catching, and... Dog dock-

diving - where a competitor's

favourite toy is tossed into the

air and the longest jump wins. 55

dogs of all shapes and sizes and

from all walks of life are taking

part in the games. Quarantine

issues restrict the The World Dog

Games to a local field. He loves

water, he does not have much self-

preservation. The verge of being

being put down. They'll be held at

Acer Arena across the weekend.

Bill's back with sport, and some

good news for the wallabies.

It involves Berrick Barnes. Details

next. Plus - punters jumping off

the Melbourne Cup favourite. Also,

what caused a tennis star to

collapse on court. And footy's

celebrity stoush - Wendell wips celebrity stoush - Wendell wips

Warwick Capper.

This program is captioned live.

Melbourne Cup punters are jumping

off 2007 winner Efficient, amid

concerns about its leg injury.

Meanwhile, jockey Corey Brown has

undergone some last-minute medical

attention before the Flemington

carnival, after his trackwork fall last week.

He looked relaxed and comfortable

at today's media conference, but

champion jockey Corey Brown's carrying an injury.

It's nothing major, just a bit of

an annoying hip.

His hip's still tender following a

trackwork fall on Rangirangdoo last

week - but the hoop's confident all

will be well for tomorrow

Tommy, our masseuse who's in the

jockey's room, is going to sort me

out, so it should be no problem for Saturday.

It's just as well too - Brown with

a strong book of seven rides,

including the Mike Moroney-trained

Monaco Consel in the $1.5 million Derby.

Mike Moroney, he's a man that would

know, and he's promised me he'll

see the trip out.

Fellow Sydney jockey Hugh Bowman

will be out to beat him on second

favourite Rock Ferry.

I think he's the right type of

horse for this race, and he's a

real up-and-comer.

And while Bowman will partner Bart

Cummings's Roman Emperor in next

Tueday's Melbourne Cup, Brown can

secure the Cups King a fourth

runner in the big race by winning

on Dandaad in the Lexus Stakes.

Well, it's his time of year, isn't

it, Melbourne Cup time? That

definitely could throw another

spanner in the works.

The concept of taking on Bart

Cummings of no concern to Alcopop's

country trainer Jake Stephens.

Bart's got good horses, but he's

got more weight with Viewed.

Cup favourite Alcopop completed a

final hard gallop at Strathalbyn

today. He'll leave for Ballarat on

Sunday, before heading to

Flemington on Tuesday for both his

and his jockey's first time. I have

watched plenty of tapes and races,

so he can be much know how the

track will play out. Andrew Brown, Ten News.

To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Flemington tomorrow. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections

The Kangaroos are expecting some

sneaky late changes to the English

team for Sunday morning's Four

Nations clash in Wigan. Coach Tim

Sheens made the claim at a media

conference alongside the recalled

Nathan Hindmarsh, who certainly

doesn't believe he'll be the Kangaroos' saviour.

REPORTER: And what are you bringing

to the team, mate, that wasn't

there in the first game?

Nothing, I don't think. That's what

makes it so disappointing about

taking someone else's spot. I don't

think I'm going to bring too much

more than the other people brought

in the first game.

Brutally honest as always. The

Kangaroos risk missing the final if they lose to England.

Berrick Barnes will remain on the Wallabies Spring Tour, despite

being ruled out of tomorrow's Test

against the All Blacks with an

ankle injury. More than 40,000 fans

will attend the historic Tokyo

encounter, but the Wallabies look

like they're fighting a losing

battle for crowd support.

So much for the Wallabies winning

over the locals. The Japanese are

turning New Zealander.

It's a competition to find the best

haka in Tokyo, run in response to

Japan's obsession with the

traditional All Blacks war cry.

Whoa, yeah! I'm pumped. It was great.

But some of it came across as just

a bad Idol' audition.


With a 3-0 series lead over the

Australians, the All Blacks found

some spare time to help judge the winner.

The haka's all about expressing

yourself and that's what they did

really, really well. Even the

characters here, the expressions

they had were pretty cool.

But the Wallabies shouldn't feel

left out - the winners sending them

a little message.

Adam Hawse, Ten News.

The baton for 2010 Commonwealth

Games in Delhi is officially on its

way. The Queen started the baton

relay at Buckingham Palace in London.

It'll travel 170,000km around the

world before reaching India for the

opening ceremony on October 3. And

you can see the games here on Ten

and ONE.

While the Commonwealth Games baton While the Commonwealth Games baton

is departing England's capital, a

group of our best athletes have

their sights on returning there,

with a ride in a London cab marking

1,000 days until the Olympics.

It's a hard four years and you have

to keep your head down and have to

set short goals beforehand.

The athletes also received very

welcome cheques from the Adidas medal incentive program.

medal incentive program.

Two of Australian sport's biggest

mouths have gone toe-to-toe for

charity, and it wasn't exactly

quite pure pugilism as Wendell

Sailor disposed of former AFL star

Warwick Capper.

My son said if he beats you, you

should leave the country. So that inspired me.

He always have a go, so I had a go

and we put a good show on. and we put a good show on.

46-year-old Capper called it quits

in the third round. Sailor will

donate half his prize to the Samoan tsunami appeal.

An incredible collapse at the WTA An incredible collapse at the WTA

Championship in Doha. Denmark's

Caroline Wozniacki collapsed in

dramatic fashion while serving for

the match against Russia's Vera Zvonareva. the match against Russia's Vera Zvonareva.

At 3-1 in the third I started to

cramp and it just got worse and

worse. At one point I was lying on

the floor and I couldn't even move the floor and I couldn't even move

one muscle and it was cramping.

The Dane amazingly went on to win

the match after close to three the match after close to three

hours on court to remain undefeated

in the round robin stage. The in the round robin stage. The

emotion all too much after her

stunning full body cramp on Centre Court.

In Sports Tonight at 9:30 on ONE,

details of the 2010 AFL fixture,

plus the World Series and NBA.

Let's check on the traffic. A few

people will not be enjoying the

weekend if they are heading north out of Sydney?

Earlier we showed you a very heavy

traffic on the S three. Now we have

an accident on the S three. This is

that the base of the Big Dipper.

Traffic towards the Central Coast

is delayed well back to Sydney.

That is also affecting Pennant

Hills Road. Give it at least 30

minutes before you travel north to Gosford.

Tim Bailey's next with all the weather details.

And the wildlife warrior inspired by Steve Irwin. Whoa!

That's coming up next.

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This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the weather. I

think it might be wise to advised

to get a piece of that this weekend.

We are talking about the wide blue

yonder. What a good-looking sky.

Nice to pop on to your TV set on a

Friday and deliver it to find,

brilliant, blue, sunny days in a

row. Sunday it will be 27-32

degrees. There is a trough sitting

over her NSW. It will deliver consistent blue-sky right through

until about a Wednesday next week.

There is a horse race on on Tuesday

- the Melbourne Cup. The weather in

Sydney Town for the big party will

be hot. Temperatures of 33 degrees

on Melbourne Cup day. A good

weekend at your place no matter

where you live across NSW.

Cloud built so that the NSW of

Ranges. It would generate the order

storm. A cloud band across southern

NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Cloud

streams across southern WA. A

troppo the south and east will

bring a warm day and blue sky to

most of NSW and Queensland. Storms

will fire up over eastern Victoria

in that trough. Predicted

precipitation: a few showers and

storms along the NSW Ranges, mainly

Central West. Showers for WA and

Tasmania. The odd storm in the

tropics. Hello to one of Channel Ten's favourite sons.

A glorious day coming to your place.

That's it from me. Have a great weekend.

Steve Irwin was one of Australia's

most respected conservationists who

inspired a generation of wildlife

warriors, among them, a north

Queensland adventurer following in

his idol's footsteps.

Wild by name and wild by nature.

Yeah, g'day, I'm Corey Wild. C'mon,

mate, grab it! There we go - snap!

Well I started out making wildlife

adventure documentaries in

Australia and then also headed

overseas throughout South-East Asia.

Whoa! He's a bit snappy.

Corey was born in a mining town.

His family never liked the friends

he used to bring home.

I've always had my pockets full of

spiders and scorpions and I

remember my grandma telling me all

the time to empty out my pockets

before I came in the house.

Now based in a Cairns crocodile

park, his love for danger has taken park, his love for danger has taken

him around the world. He pays his

own way - touching tarantulas,

playing with pythons and chasing cobras.

He's the largest venomous snake in

the world. I've gone to grab this

snake and it's turned out to be a

spitting cobra and he spat venom all over me.

Corey's next project is to catch a

mysterious 20-foot croc lurking

near Innisfail. It's not for the

faint-hearted and few are brave

enough to try.

It's been three years since Steve

Irwin's tragic death and while

Corey says he'll never be forgotten,

now is the time for the wildlife

adventures to continue.

He was one of a kind for sure, I

like to think I share his

enthusiasm and his passion for wildlife.

A new crusader for wildlife conservation.

The animals I deal with on a daily

basis might not be cute or cuddly,

but we still need to protect them

and preserve them and learn to live

with them.

In North Queensland, Matt Neagle, Ten News.

That's Ten News for now. I'm

Deborah Knight.

I'm Bill Woods, thanks for your

company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30.

We'll leave you with more from

training for the World Dog Games,

on in Sydney this weekend. Goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia

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