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(generated from captions) Thanks. Thank you. Good on you. Well deserved. Well done, Karen. I'm so happy for you. (CHEERING) Put your hands together. Good on you. Great job. (CHEERING) the $1 million tonight. There you go. Hey, it's not

$1 million to you, Karen, But it's worth you've reacted there. I gather by just the way There's no doubt about that. Good on you and we're rapt for you. in cold hard cash Karen Moodie just won $20,000 and I reckon that's just made life

the short-term at the very least. a little bit easier for you for Thanks. Good on you, Karen. and to Heath as well. Good luck, Eliza

where we change people's lives I'll see you next time every night of the week in a half an hour goodnight. in the Millionaire Hot Seat - Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Damage control - to shore up his leadership. the Premier returns from holidays Anger over the paltry fine their children outside in the cold. for a couple who locked Resident action - police and caught out drivers. the fake street sign that fooled

Australia's hottest winter on record. And is this global warming?

Good evening. from holidays early Nathan Rees has come back in a final attempt to save his job. rocked the Government - divided over his leadership. with Labor MPs remaining hopelessly his advisors, Going over a few notes with then the long walk to face the music on everyone but himself. blaming the leadership turmoil of the Labor side geed up There's been a few people and some of you geed up as well. to make a defiant statement. He'd come back early from holidays

perfectly clear - I want to make things

I am, and will remain the NSW Labor Leader. loud and clear. It was a message Nathan Rees made the NSW Labor Leader. I am, and will remain Six times in three minutes. the NSW Labor Leader. full of tension, It was a media conference was among his union friends. that continued even when Nathan Rees

the plotters, this isn't made up What are you going to do with people are talking? as I'm going to say on that, Kevin. I've said as much Are you worried their guerilla tactics? that they're going to continue as I'm going to say on that. I've said as much arrived back Planning Minister Kristina Keneally from a US holiday early this morning. and I'm happy about that. Nathan Rees is Premier but wouldn't say Later she ruled out a challenge if the position was vacant. if she would take over as Premier right here - Let me just put it to an end and his name is Nathan Rees. we have one Premier in NSW similar to what Nathan Rees said Her carefully chosen words very a year ago Morris Iemma as Premier. just before he replaced and I make that point The story's absurd You haven't been approached at all? has no foundation at all. Not been approached and the story

Kevin, since you broke the story plenty of heat. you've certainly copped by rumours and tip offs from pollies Critics say you've been sucked in who can can't be trusted anyway.

Peter, I'm no sucker. sources - but they're impeccable. I'm certainly not divulging my set off a chain reaction Our news last night some more time. that might have bought the Premier The split in Labor ranks is deep

a new leader. and a majority of MPs still want about who that will be They're fighting among themselves and who will be ministers. out in the cold for three days They locked their children

and allowed them to live in squalor. of six children Today, the Bidwill parents and fined just a total of $900. were punished The parents can't be identified, the dreadful treatment but there was no hiding they subjected their children to. almost physically ill So appalling, it left an officer into the family's Bidwell home when police were forced to break 12 months ago. aged between two and six They found four children locked out on a balcony. they were shivering. Wearing only T-shirts and shorts, children aged 8 weeks and 18 months, Inside, police located two more who were in a drug-induced sleep. on a bed, next to their parents, and was covered in dirt. The baby had filthy nails She hadn't been washed for a week. and faeces throughout the house. There was also a stench of urine A police officer described it in his experience. as the worst case of squalor A serious case, dealt with by fine, the law left him no choice. the magistrate declaring Both parents ordered to pay $50 of each of their six children. for the neglect drew swift condemnation. That punishment fundamental breakdown of parenting Quite frankly, this is a a much stronger message and society needs to send about parenting that we need to be doing something fines, whatever the case may be, other than giving $600 or $900 The parents' lawyer said a wake-up call for them. the incident had been

in the care of an aunt, The children remain is yet to be decided in the courts. while their long-term future

Damian Ryan, Nine News. There's scientific proof tonight in the M5 East tunnel. of the dangers of driving pollutants in the tunnel A study has found that airborne are 1,000 times higher than outside. Sydney's toxic tunnel, the M5 East... Chokes up a fair bit. It's pretty chokey, yeah. of the cars. Shocking. Black fumes coming out

a university study's proved - What drivers complain about, of ultra-fine pollution particles. dangerous levels Compared to those other places,

the M5 are on the higher side. our measurements show that than other urban environments. In fact, 1,000 times worse through the 4km tunnel It took researchers 300 trips to gather the alarming results.

can suffer respiratory problems Even healthy drivers as a result of the particles. those with existing complaints But researchers say

could even suffer heart attacks. Ultra-fine particles, as are in diesel emissions and things like that The longer you spend in the tunnel, the greater the risk - a frightening thought if you've ever experienced the M5 during peak hour, where journeys can take half an hour or more. If you did it every day, twice a day, I'd be worried, sure. And winding your window up won't completely protect you, especially for older vehicles, in which seals are less reliable. Chris Urquhart, Nine News. What do you do when your quiet suburban street is over-run by thousands of cars taking a shortcut to avoid peak-hour traffic? Well, in Beecroft, someone had the answer - they put up their own "No Left Turn" sign. And it worked a treat - even the police joined in, booking innocent drivers.

Part of a local do Brits which

began when two no love turn signs appeared at the intersection.

turn left into Albert, right into Wongarla Crescent

and getting to the train station's a breeze. appeared at the intersection. The

shortcut avoid a busy section of B

Croft Road. There is a school and

childcare centre on the street. For

them the zones were a blessing. It

has made the whole of the area more

safer. But the victims of the

pranks say the police should have

checked whether the signs were legitimate before launching the

stink. It was a huge revenue raiser

at. It cost drivers are a total of

400 demerit points. Police are

searching for the culprit and drivers will be reimbursed. 65 guns, including 1 used by police forces and armies around the world, have been seized in a raid on a Padstow storage unit. A Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun, which is capable of firing 800 rounds a minute was among a haul that included bulletproof vests and night-vision goggles. with 150 counts of trading illegal firearms. Raids on their homes netted 24 weapons, including a Bren light machine gun. A woman whose husband killed their three children and himself has called for tougher laws to protect youngsters from violent parents. Karen Bell was giving evidence at the inquest into the deaths of her family on a remote property near Bega. Gary Bell was a violent man, but no-one, not even Karen, the wife he abused, thought he was capable of killing their three children. In June last year, he drugged 8-year-old Jack, 7-year-old Maddie and Bon, who was just 16 months. He then gassed himself and the children in the family car. At the Bega inquest into the tragedy, Karen Bell read a statement, saying: It was revealed that Gary wrote two suicide notes before the deaths and left a voice message on a family camera, saying:

Karen was composed for most of the 2-hour hearing,

but choked up during her own evidence. She said: She also called for new laws so that police can forcibly remove children from violent parents. Unfortunately, there's only one person to blame for what happened on that occasion and that's Gary Bell. The Coroner made no formal recommendations today,

but he said he was so moved by Karen Bell's story, he'll include a copy of her statement in a letter to the Attorney-General. Karen Bell is now pregnant and with a new partner. The Coroner said her ongoing love for life should be an inspiration to everyone. In Bega, John Kerrison, Nine News. First it was Kyle and Jackie O. Now the breakfast crew from Nova 969 might be in trouble. They invited American rapper Ja Rule to drive around in co-host Kate Richie's car. After handing over his bottle of champagne, the 33-year-old then set off on the wrong side of the road. The rapper repeated the manoeuvre, nearly hitting a policeman before running a red light. They've got me running lights, almost crashing into police -

I'm blaming y'all for this. It's taken Ja Rule months to secure a visa, believed to be due to a gun possession arrest in 2007. The US is preparing for a standout moment in its public life - the funeral for one of its famous sons. President Obama has agreed to give the eulogy at Sunday's funeral mass for Senator Edward Kennedy, who'll be buried near his brothers, Robert and John. At the Kennedy family home on Cape Cod and around the neighbourhood, the flags flew at half mast, while younger members of the Kennedy family swam, after what had been for everyone a long goodbye. In recent weeks, the final glimpses of Ted Kennedy. Despite battling brain cancer, he still loved to get out on his yacht, even if it meant going by wheelchair.

A right and not a privilege! A year ago today, he made a rousing speech in support of Barack Obama - crucial, they say, in his taking of the White House. His fight has given us the opportunity we were denied when his brothers John and Robert were taken from us - the blessing of time to say thank you and goodbye.

Over the years, he was scorned by some as a son of privilege, yet his political record shows he focused his considerable influence on helping society's neediest. He was a good man. It should be remembered that he had a lot of service to his country. His funeral will be held in his home town of Boston and then early on Sunday morning Australian time, he'll be buried at Arlington National Cemetery overlooking Washington DC, next to his brothers John and Robert. Tonight, from their home, the Kennedy family said in a statement, "With Teddy gone, we have lost the joyous light of our lives." And it seems the majority of Americans are also in mourning

for the one Kennedy brother who lived a rich, long life and achieved so much. Allison Langdon, Nine News, Cape Cod. You can feel it in the air

and now the weather bureau says it's official - this has been our warmest winter on record. Right around the country, temperatures have been more than 1.5 degrees higher than average. Hot August nights and days... Mungindi in the State's north. No wonder the dogs are panting - this week the mercury hit 37.8, the highest winter temperature ever in the State. With a blistering summer looming, the air-conditioning installers are working up a sweat filling orders. We're flat out. Lot more flat out than we normally are at this time of year. The Botanic Gardens in the city - the spring walk is already in full bloom. You can see things that are flowering early. You can see some of the animals and birds around here are getting ready to nest and they are starting to do the things they'd normally do in spring. It's not meant to be like this - suntanning in the park everywhere you look, our Indian summer. We haven't had much cold air coming through from the Southern Ocean and this lack of these cold outbreak have resulted in quite warm temperatures being built up.

And the forecast - more of the same. The Bureau says spring will be warmer and dryer than normal. Great news for office workers and their lunchtime tans

but ominous for firefighters and farmers.

But until it turns nasty, roll out the picnic rugs. It is a bit strange, but part of me says bring it on! Mark Burrows, Nine News.

In the news ahead, the cheating husband who's now paying the price. And a father's heroic nationwide marathon to honour his daughter.

There's been a flurry of speculation

over a mysterious lockdown at Sydney airport last night. It's now emerged it was part of the police investigation into the fatal brawl between rival bikies. Heavily armed police sealed off the domestic terminal for several hours, turning away all vehicles trying to enter the area. Police would say only the operation involved an ongoing investigation into the airport bikie brawl which left one man dead. Hells Angels associate Anthony Zervas was bludgeoned and stabbed to death when the Hells Angels and Comanchero bikie gangs clashed. It's now been revealed the airport was locked down by the strike force investigating the brawl. It came amid claims that a Comanchero has rolled over.

We understand that person is a person who's now going to be part of the...part of the Crown brief. The twist is seen as a significant development in the investigation and the prosecution case - cracking the bikie code of silence.

Barrister John Korn was in court today successfully applying for bail for another Comanchero, Frank La Rosa.

Mr Korn believes the turned witness could, in fact, benefit his clients, all of whom are Comancheros. 11 have been charged over the brawl. If that person, in fact, tells the truth, then we'll be very much looking forward to his evidence. And he claims it might even backfire on the prosecution.

I think it's going to cause the Crown a lot more problems than they realise. Police won't confirm or deny a bikie has rolled. Simon Bouda, Nine News. An alarming sight of police fighting soldiers in South Africa, when a military wages protest turned into a riot. At least 1,000 soldiers took on the police, but ultimately they fled when police commanders threatened

to change ammunition from rubber bullets to the real thing. In the town of Centerville, USA, it's a long week for cheating husband William Taylor. He has to parade in this sandwich board until Sunday. His wife hopes the naming and shaming of 'wandering Will' might get him to refocus on their marriage. An epic journey for a devoted father came to an end today. Sydney man Craig Goozee completed a marathon 3-month challenge, all in the name of his late daughter Jessica, who died from cancer 10 years ago. After paddling, peddling and jogging his way around the country to raise funds for the illness, Craig effortlessly crossed the finishing line. Craig raised $500,000 on his epic journey, but won't rest until he doubles it. Ken is next with sport and the 'mountain men' set for the game of their lives? The Panthers take on the Eels tomorrow night. Also, Lote Tuqiri checks out the French rugby connection. And Ricky Ponting determined to bat on for another Ashes series.

It doesn't get much bigger than this, tomorrow night's shoot-out in the west between Penrith and a red-hot Parramatta.

Rugby league reporter Danny Weidler joins us now from the foot of the mountains,

where the Panthers are wrapping up their preparation - Danny. Yes, Ken, the Panthers have wrappd up their final session for their massive game against the Eels tomorrow night. but the big news today is Lote Tuqiri's departure to France. He's revealed he's had talks with the Roosters. Since his settlement with the ARU, Lote travels in style, a driver taking him to the airport so he can discover if France is his future. Just a bit of a hit-and-run mission to see a club or see a few clubs and see where they're at. Tuqiri insists he hasn't done a deal with Craig Gower's team, Bayonne. Rugby league's still very much an option. I'm just going out to see what's out there and then we'll be back to reassess. Tuqiri revealed he met with Roosters boss Nick Politis yesterday and came away impressed. They've got a good board and a good chairman who's quite passionate about where they're going and where they want to be. The former Wallaby says he will tell the NRL why he was sacked,

if that's a condition of playing league again. So you're prepared to meet with Gallop if you have to? Yeah, if I have to. Meanwhile, Panthers coach Matthew Elliott says his team is loaded with enough star power to counter the brilliance of Jarryd Hayne. I've got Michael Jennings. I've also got Frank Pritchard, Luke Lewis and Trent Waterhouse, so we're not without world-class players ourselves. And as for stopping Hayne... Maybe rattle his rib cage up early and that might be a bit of a plan.

The Melbourne Storm board met today

as well, Greg Inglis is cleared to play. Ryan Cross is among four new players in the Wallabies run-on team for Saturday night's Tri-Nations clash against South Africa in Perth. Cross comes into the centres. Peter Hynes replaces Drew Mitchell on the wing, while Mark Chisholm and Ben Alexander are the changes to the forward park. Like an American president seeking re-election, captain Ricky Ponting has pleaded for four more years. Determined to prove age will not weary him, Ponting's eager to return to England for the 2013 Ashes series, whether he's captain or not. He walked this walk and talked the same talk after the 2005 Ashes defeat. Ponting again took full blame. Leaders are always judged on their results, I guess.

It doesn't matter if it's in business or in sport and unfortunately for me and for the team,

we haven't achieved the result.

Revenge has heightened his hunger to return to England for the 2013 Ashes series. Even if sacked as captain, Ponting's that keen for another crack at the Poms, he'd play on. If that's with a 'C' next to my name, all well and good. If it's not, then as I said, I still think I have got a lot to offer -

particularly a lot of younger guys are in and around our set-up at the moment. His first chance for revenge comes in 14 months, when England tours here. Make it back to England in 2013 and Ponting will be among Australian cricket's elder statesmen. Bat on till 2013 and Ponting will be 38 years old, but in good company. Steve Waugh was 38 when he wound up his Test career. Allan Border the same age when he retired, while Don Bradman played his final Test at The Oval

a few days shy of his 40th birthday. Team-mate turned top coach Tom Moody believes Ponting will be far from past it. Mentally, he's very strong and he's shown that. Physically, that's where he'll have to manage himself and that's where probably he'll have to opt out of possibly 50-over cricket or Twenty20 cricket or both.

Andrew McKinlay, Nine News. Finance news, and:

Jaynie's next with the weather and a stunning day today and another warm one tomorrow? You bet Peter, although cloudy, then a wet and windy weekend. Those details here soon!

News. n z Coming up on WIN News...

Improve the living standards of

indigenous people, Revitalising

Belconnen' s arts culture, And, a Belconnen' s arts culture, And, a

new signing for Canberra United.

Join me for all the details next. Join me for all the details next. n z

The city daytime temperatures averaging 19, 2 above the norm. The hottest place today was Penrith, 26. The sea breeze surprised us early, so a little cooler than expected. The city briefly reached 21 just after 3pm. It has been another day of fierce winds in the south-east, along with showers and widespread snow over Tasmania. The ski fields have had their fair share of snow this season. Unfortunately, this weekend we're expecting rain and fresh winds from the next front, which is likely to bring some much-needed widespread rain to the inland. That rain and storm action will start moving into Adelaide tomorrow. More warm weather, Sydney. North-west winds, 23-25. Surfers, not much of a swell,

If you are having a dip, it's about 17 degrees. Saturday, gusty winds of over 60km/h. Showers and very warm, 27. Sunday, windy in the morning. Western suburbs up to 25 tomorrow, becoming windy Saturday.

A cooler 20 on Sunday. Up and down like a yo-yo, Peter. And that's Nine News for this Thursday. I'm Peter Overton - I hope you have a good evening.

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eighteen. Tonight ... The A-C-T

Government announces a record Government announces a record

splurge on Capital Works, Calls for splurge on Capital Works, Calls for

a fifth resident Judge denied amid a fifth resident Judge denied amid a

case load crisis, And, one in 10

visits to the G-P related to mental

health issues. Good evening, I' m

Jessica Good. After a week it

Jessica Good. After a week it would

rather forget in the Legislative

Assembly, the A-C-T Government Assembly, the A-C-T Government has

announced record expenditure on

capital works. However, news of