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Tonight - bushfire arrests - two

and suspicion mount. people taken into custody as anger

This is a seething anger out there.

There is traitor in our midst.

Residents who were fined thousands

for illegal clearing end up saving their homes.

And the army takes advantage of

cooler conditions to cut fire

breaks with heavy machinery. All

the resources of the Defence Force

Victoria. are available to come and assist

Good evening. Police have confirmed

they have been hunting a serial arsonist believed responsible for

lighting a fire that killed more lighting a fire that killed more

than 20 people. With emotions

running high, two men were taken

into custody for suspicious into custody for suspicious

behaviour, but were then later

released. Bill Woods is back from

Victoria and joins me in the studio

now. Now Bill, this really shows just

just how on-edge the communities

are right now?

It's volatile and I don't think

we've seen the worst. The men were

are-ed because they were in the

wrong place at the wrong time,

basically. Members of the public

reported them, hoping to protect

themselves from more fires. The

efforts now is focused on avoiding

a repeat of last weekend's disaster.

It's an around the clock operation, using

using every opportunity and cooler

conditions to contain the mess.

It's not burning very much tonight,

but unfor thatly, if we don't get

it blacked out, as soon as we get

into daylight, it could make a run.

The army has now joined the battle, helping

helping country fire volunteers by

using heavy equipment to clear

debris and create firebreaks. It

also assists the police in

searching larger areas more quickly so

so that we can make the areas safe

so that people can return back to

their homes more quickly. Army

special ilss have also joined

police in devastated like

Marysville. Extra hands speeding up the process of finding the dead.

The picture from the air gives some

sense of how daunting the job will

be. Many bodies lay under collapsed

structures. In Marysville, more

than one in five may have perished.

More than 150 detectives are More than 150 detectives are

working on fires across the State.

They've confirmed the Gippsland They've confirmed the

fire was deliberately lit. It

killed 21 people. They admit

they've been hunting a serial

arsonist in the area for some time.

There is a seething anger out there,

a traitor in our midst that someone

would dare light a fire on a day

like that. It's too early to say

whether it is that person who's responsible for the fire that

started on Saturday, but obviously

through. that's something we'll be following

through. Five days in the tragedy,

numb disbelief has given way to

anger. Residents last night

questioned the standard advice for

bush fires. The most successful

method is - stay and defend or get

out early. But the safest way...

Just go. For the purpose of the

safety of the people...

If they wanted clarity, they didn't

get it. Even with the fires get it. Even with the fires still burning, ultimately the decision it

still their own. There's a lot of

uncertainty because they didn't get

the answers they wanted. The

governor general visited the area

for the first time. With thousands of people now needing emergency

accommodation, the Prime Minister accommodation, the Prime

has offered a solution. I've

instructed the Australian Defence

Force to make available to the

Government of Victoria, short-term

accommodation for up to 2,000

people. The Australian Defence

Force will also be providing meals

and other facilities at each of the

locations which has been made

available. While the relief process

is gaining strength, there is is gaining strength, there is also

a focus on the frapbl aisle

emotional citizens -- fragile

emotional state of those feeling

grief. We need to give some love

and attention and a word of

encouragement to help them meet

their needs at this point in time.

Also providing encouragement - Also providing encouragement

Shane Warne. The cricketer offered

a momentary distraction for those

overwhelmed by their now daily troubled. More astonishing survival stories

are emerging from Victoria. Split-

second decisions during the

firestorm made the difference

between life and death.

David's wedding album and his

clothes are just about the only

possessions he has left. It was all

the CFA volunteer had time to grab

after he saw his house catch fire.

So I actually had to drive out

through the flames to get out. It

didn't come from where everyone

thought it would come from. He then

stranded attempted to help a woman who was

stranded on the road. When I drove

out of the driveway, my car was

already on fire. I tried to put a

woman from the end of the street

but she wouldn't get in the car She

was found dead 50 metres from where

he last saw her. I hit a tree out

the front of the house and I hit in the cold. Locals believe four

people from the town have died and

more than 60 homes have been

destroyed. Children left wondering

when they'll see their homes again.

His kinder is gone. His kinder is gone. Kinder.

For those left here, the local

home. hotel has become a home away from

home. Donated supplies are starting

to flood in with food as well as

blankets and generators arriving

this morning. Some have already

begun cleaning up their shattered

businesses. We've got to sit back

we and review it. In the short-term,

we have to have a look and assess

how much damage we've suffered.

Their thoughts too are with Their thoughts too are with the continued Marysville community. Police

continued their grizzly count and

the whole council remains a crime

you know, it really is. scene. It is just heartbreaking,

For those in the fire fields, it's

almost like being in the eye of a

storm right now with milder

conditions. Our reporter is at

Whittlesea. How are things today? A

lot cooler, but in the last couple

of hours, we have seen a return of the blustery and dry winds. That's

not such good news, but the good

news was with the cooler conditions

today, good news for everybody,

especially the firefighters who are especially the firefighters who

still trying to get a handle on 31

blazes across the State. Yesterday

we were talking about two fires in

particular, the one around Yay and the

the one at Bunya Bridge. There was

fears that they would merge but

that hasn't happened. The CFA are

hopeful that that won't happen and

they're 18km apart. But they are

stressing that this emergency is

far from over. There's warmer

conditions due tomorrow and hotter

conditions on the weekend. Tops

around the high 20s and low 30s.

Once again, sunny, hot and dry

conditions, but I can tell you that

they are forecasting rain on Monday

and Tuesday. They had rain in

Churchill which was a great help to

the firefighters in that area, but

it is double-edged sword because

the weather systems come the weather systems come with

lightning strikes and each one of

the lightning strikes has a new

threat of starting another blaze. Bill?

Thank you, Max Futcher with that report.

Red tape and State bickering are

being blamed for the failure to implement a national telephone emergency warning system. It's now

expected to be fast-tracked in time

for neck year's bushfire season.

-- next year's bushfire season.

They're called electronic doorknobs,

a system which uses the phone

network to send messages to people

in threatened areas. In such an

area, you can get messages out

quickly and in a tarring heed way.

It's designed to warn of impending

natural disaster like bush fires,

as well as terrorist threats. But

successive Federal governments have

failed to implement the scheme. I

think it's taken too long, and I

think we need to work as a country,

not as a separate set of States and

territories. Obviously what's

happened in Victoria has given it a

sense of urgency, and I think we now

now are pretty confident that the State and Federal governments will

finally resolve this matter. Differences between the States have

finally been resolved, as have

concerns about privacy and worries the system would crash phone

networks and Triple 0. We have to

be make sure that we're

contributing to safety rather than

taking away an aspect of safety. It's understood the Victorian

Premier wrote to the Prime Minister

expressing his frustration about

the lack of action. While the Rudd the lack of action. While the Rudd

Government says the failure to

implement the scheme is regrettable,

draft legislation is now ready to

go. We believe that there was no

possibility at all of having this

scheme in operation by this fire

season. Our target will be to have

season. Our target will be to have

it up and running by the next fire

season. It's vitally important that

every Australian gets the same

message in the same way.

Land clearing laws are under

scrutiny in the wake of bushfire

disaster. There are claims disaster. There are claims many

residents could have saved their

properties if they'd been allowed

to cut down more trees.

Liam Sheahan may have lost a costly

legal battle, but he's won a

potentially deadly firefight. His

Reedy Creek home is the only one standing for kilometres around -

thanks he says to an illegal

firebreak for which he was fined

$50,000 five years ago. It's a

complete vindication of our

decision to clear. You know, we

only cleared to protect our place

from fire. His family stay to

defend the home on Saturday night

as the fire raced towards them.

Horrific. Horrific. We made the

decision to stay, so that bit was

done. Now they want UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT = )kvw0Wa? from the Mitchell It's a State Government control am

on the vegetation removal. We are

bound by that. But with the

Auditor-General warning six years

ago, not enough was being done to

restrict housing developments in

bushfire prone areas, it's another

case sure to attract the attention of the Royal Commission.

People across the nation are still finding

finding unique ways to rally behind the

the bushfire calls. Companies,

communities and individuals are digging deep.

This is Queensland, a sleeply

holler and tourism drives its

economy just like it did in

Marysville. On Saturday afternoon,

this may have been the main street

of Marysville. One hour later,

there is absolutely nothing left.

The once vibrant Victorian town is

But now a wasteland of ash and misery.

But in this tiny community, the

survivors now have mates for life.

And we just want everyone to know

We down there that we're behind you.

We love you. Mates for Marysville

is the town's charity drive and

they're on target to raise $100,000.

It's touched everybody. Across It's touched everybody. Across the country, container loads of

donations are continuing to hit the

road with messages of hope and

days courage as victims face even darker

days ahead. I've been in tears all

morning. I want to let them know that we're thinking of you. You

sisters. have to help out your brothers and

profits. sisters. Companies are donating

profits. It's nice to see some

genuine care going on in the

corporate world. And those who put

their lives on the line to fight

fires are giving out hugs for a gold coin donation of course! That's

generosity has been overwhelming. That's a man hug! Everyone's

All helps, every little bit. Even

those suffering in sodden north are

giving every cent they can spare.

We're fortunate compared to the

buggers down there. You know, it

must be terrible. Just - I can't

think what it would be like to

watch your house, everything go.

Times like these bring out our best

and it's mateship that's the winner.

It will all come together, guys.

We'll be there for you.

And we'll have more on the

Victorian bush fires later in the bulletin. Thank

Thank you, coming up - back to the

drawing board. The Senate blocks the

the Rudd stimulus package.

Plus, a Sydney taxi driver admits

preying on drunken women.

Stkpwhrfrplts how would you like it

if someone did this to your mother

or sister. And a bizarre mishap

drins Adelaide's Torrens River dry.

This program is captioned live. The

Federal Government's $42 billion

stimulus package is dead with a key

independent voting with the

Coalition to defeat the plan. The

vote comes as unemployment surges

to its highest level in two and a half years.

The power of one - the South

Australian independent demanding a

raft of spending on the Murray-

Darling as the price of the vote.

The Government has said no, so I

must say no to the stimulus plan.

The Government offered the Senator

$410 million extra for the river

system, but it wasn't enough. I

didn't come to Canberra to make friends, I came here to make a

difference. No amendments were acceptable

acceptable to the Liberals. We are

opposed to the totality of the

package because of the huge debt. Not

Not so afraid to go into debt, the

US Senate. Overnight, it gave the

green light to President Obama's trillion dollar stimulus. The Government says that unemployment is on the march in Australia,

rising to 4.8% last month. Another

37,000 people unable to find a job. Things will get worse. That's the

view of the International Monetary

Fund. Family First Steve Fielding's

$4 billion jobs plan was rejected, but

but he accepted the job would but he accepted the job would save

90,000 jobs. I may not have

succeeded in saving 300,000 Australian

Australian jobs, but I've certainly

saved as many as I can. The Greens

won concessions and also voted with

the Government. That tied the vote

35-all for a defeat.

The Government immediately resolved

to try again and rush the Bills back into the House of

Representatives. The Senate will sit

sit again tomorrow and Senator

Xenophon says he's open to further

negotiation. The package is too negotiation. The package is too big.

We are spending too much money. This Government will not be

deterred from taking whatever action is necessary.

A navy diver attacked by a shark in

Sydney harbour yesterday has lost

his hand and may have his leg am

taited. Able Seaman Paul de Gelder

was attacked yesterday. He has lost

his right-hand to the wrist. The damage is still being assessed to

his leg at this stage. Some

decisions will be made in the next few

few days. Experts say that the

Harbour is full of sharks and is not

not a safe place to swim. Despite

that, the Sydney Harbour was attacked after attending a

Dragons game. It happened in a

nearby industrial area. He bragged

about her looks to a friend on the

phone and then told her:

How would you like it if someone

did this to your mother or sister.

The attacks on the two women picked

up here in the Cross went unsolved

until police picked him up for the

Kogorah assault. They took a DNA

sample from him which was matched

to all three crimes. He was

arrested by police in his driver's

uniform remains free on $200,000

bail posted by his two brothers.

Are you upset with him for what

he's done? No, thank you.

Sentencing submissions begin in April.

The search for the mother of a new

born baby found dumped at a tip is

being stepped up. A postmortem

examination has revealed the baby

was born prematurely. Police are

still not sure if he died before

being put out with the rubbish.

It was a sickening find for staff

at the waste management centre just

after 10:00 yesterday morning.

Forensic police today searched for

clues. The baby boy was spotted

only by chance amongst the rubbish collected from homes around collected from homes around Capucho

town. An orange helmet marks the

spot where the little body was

found on a conveyor belt found on a conveyor belt leading

away from the main sorting machine.

Ten News has learned he was only

found after passing through the

large green machine used to filter

recycling from the rest making

identification even more difficult.

Postmortem results today confirmed the baby was born recommend tourly.

How long it had been in a bin or a

recycling receptable, I can't say.

You don't have to talk to the staff

here at the centre for long here

before you realise what a terrible

toll this shocking fine has had on everyone involved. The lady everyone involved. The lady who

found the child is off work and

she's talking to a counsellor as

she tries to come to terms with

what she saw. Detectives gathered

evidence from the rubbish. We can

confirm that there was definitely no hospital intervention, then she

needs some assistance. Medical

experts are concerned for her

physical and emotional needs.

Circumstances like this can be

associated with tremendous psychological stress and obviously

also physical concerns about the

mother. Police are pleading mother. Police are pleading with

the mother or her family and

friends to come forward and seek the

the help they need.

Adelaide's most recognisable

backdrop has been ruined and it is

ahead of the busiest tour season.

It caused the levels in the Torrens

River to drop by two metres. It

couldn't have come at a worse time.

The city soon hosts the Clipsal 500

and the fringe festival. -- Fringe

Festival. Fortunately, this isn't

an Adelaide festival for our year

but it is an embarrassing thing.

Boat operators have been left high

and dry. It's normally and dry. It's normally their

busiest time of the year.

Apparently Sydneysiders, at least

at first were on their best behaviour after the latest

relaxation of water restrictions,

but dam levels have done down. Tim

with the alarming news in mind.

Have you got something for us

that's good? Not really. The fact

is that this time last week, 60.2%

was the dams. Today, we're at 59.6%,

so we have actually gone down the

drain 0.6%. Now the good news I

guess is that we've got a rain band

headed over the Sydney basin which

includes the catchment and looks to

drop 10mm to 20mm in the next 48

hours. It's already started, places

like Marrickville and canter bury

got 15mm of rain last month. As far

as temperatures are concerned, Horsley

Horsley Park today, 19. They did a

shiver-a-thon, that was 10 below

average and some areas of south

coast have the shivers. 10 above

average. It's going to be chilly

and wet for the next 48 hours. Tops

of 21 and maybe 10mm to 20mm in the

catchment. See you again at 5:55. What next? The

The ING Direct finance report is next.

Also, serious drug charges against Also, serious drug charges against

former rugby player Mark Catchpole have been dropped.

And the superhero movie die hard

fans have been waiting for.

fans have been waiting for. We'll

meet the stars after the break.

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This program is captioned live.

Welcome back to Ten News. We need

the rainfall for the dam levels,

but certainly motorists won't be

enjoying it at all. Vic Lorusso is

in the Ten traffic chopper. How is

the traffic looking at Northmeade?

At this stage, motorists are

struggling. A little damp on

motorists as the rain starts to impact

impact the traffic flow for peak

hour, and this is where the worst

spots have been. Out to the north- west,

west, Windsor Road, James rues

drive. Sydneysiders are not

enjoying that ride, it's taking

four or five minutes to get in

towards Parramatta. I've been

advised of a bad accident in the

Campbell tour area in Narellen.

Thank you.

Mark Catchpole - the son of

Wallabies legend Ken Catchpole has

had several drugs charges against

him dropped. The 40-year-old was

charged with possessing a pill

press and dealing in the proceeds

of crime after a raid at his

Seaforth home in April. He pleaded

guilty to minor drug offences.

He'll re-appear in court next month.

Now to the ING Direct finance

report. And our mining giants are poised

poised for a somewhat giant battle.

And it's going to get ugly. In a

hope of climbing out of the crash

crisis, Rio Tinto is set to

announce it's setting assets and

shares worth $30 billion to China's

State-owned resource giant. BHP

Billiton has already begun lobbying

Canberra to eject any deal which

may effectively see Beijing

may effectively see Beijing wield

influpence. Under the deal, they're

believed to be looking to lift the

Rio stake from 9% to 20% - the largest

largest ever foreign investment by

a Chinese company. Despite a lift

in the jobless rate, local stocks

posted good gains today after a modest

modest lead from Wall Street

Commonwealth Bank and BHP were the stand outs.

That's the day in finance.

A simple new test for prostate

cancer could save thousands of

lives. Researchers in the United

States are working on a urine test

to check for a chemical that

increases when prostate cancer

develops. It will distinguish

between slow-growing cancers known

as pussy cats, and aggressive

tumours which are dubbed tigers by

the researchers. The urine test is

still five years away. still five years away. The

scientists hope it will lead to new drugs to target prostate cancer.

America has a new top dog and his

name is Stump. The 10-year-old

spaniel was the underdog at the

Westminster Dog Show. Thank you all.

I love them all. Tonight, the

Sussex. Stump is the oldest dog to

win Best in Show in the

competition's 133-year history. He

almost died by an infection in 2004

and only came out of retirement

last week. His owner says he last week. His owner says he can

now sleep in his own bed whenever

he wants.

Yet another superhero movie is

about to hit the big screen, and

it's called 'Watchman'. But die

hard fans are predicting this hard fans are predicting this one

could be the biggest yet.

There's no doubt it's the age of

the superhero movie. The box office

returns of movies like 'Spider man'

and X-men' are putting other movies

in the shade. Now, meet the

Watchmen. The original 1985 graphic

novel has millions of fans and they're

they're fiercely protective. We

were keenly aware of the fans, the

people who are such big fans of

'Watchman'. They can get very upset.

And we didn't want to

disappointment them. Normal humans

who don masks to become superheroes.

When you tried it on, what was your

reaction? My lord! That. It looks

amazing, it does not feel so great.

Try to put on an elastic band over your

your body every day and you peel it

off at the end of the day and it

sing everything. Yes, but I would

just like to interject at the final

product however! It was outstanding.

The film is directed by Zach

Schneider, the man behind the hit '300'. He's currently working with Animal

Animal Logic on the new film's film

'Guardians of the Who'. The talent

is amazing and we have almost is amazing and we have almost 99%

Australian cast in 'Guardians'. 'Watchman'

'Watchman' opens here on March 5.

A conman takes advantage of the

bushfire crisis. His arrest after

the break.

Also, the Victorian firestorm

through the eyes of heroic emergency crews.

And the vulnerable victims in need

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This program is captioned live.

More on the Victorian bush fires

now and the country fire authority

there has released its own there has released its own vision

of how Australia's worst natural

disaster developed on Saturday.

This shows how quickly the fires

raged out of control.

Saturday, 11am. Just another day. A

rotten and hot and windy day, but

as fires goes, these blokes had

seen many like it. More smoke

seen many like it. More smoke than

flames. We had a wind change back

at some stage to the

at some stage to the north-east.

Within seven hours, they were

staring out on a scorched landscape,

a haze of red inferno and a very,

very new and terrifying experience.

This blaze torched this town. In

the voices and the faces of the

firefighters, you can hear and see

the reality become so evident.

There is visible flames at 40

metres to the west out of that area.

They risk their lives and move

somewhere else to help someone else.

Clear burning around homes. We have to

to move on to the next property now.

Give you a bit of a buffer zone.

Home owners too still have

confidence it can be beaten. We

have a good crew out here and we're

all sticking together. We've got all sticking together. We've got

these uncontrol. But the truth is

becoming chillingly clear. We

becoming chillingly clear. We don't

have a water source. We have

approximately seven residents in immeant danger. As the desperation

grows, more help is recruited on

the run. I was about 20 years there.

Insurance is paid up. Alright,

we're just underresourced at the moment. We're throwing everything

at this. A chopper brings water.

Not enough - it could never be

enough. This was unprecedented, and

still they battle on. Brave people

risking the most precious thing -

their lives to do so much against

such odds for others. Their own

video tells it as it is.

The bush fires have also taken a

terrible toll on animals, but pets

and wildlife alike have provided

some of the most heart-warming

moments as the tragedy unfolds.

Meet the world's most famous koala.

Sam - as she's been named - as

become the native fails of

Australia's worst bush fires. Her

rare and tender moment with the

firefighter David Tree capturing

hearts around the globe. Mate shall

you're on your second bottle of H20.

Pure natural spring water. The

injured marsupial needed help then and she continues to get help

having suffered burns to her paws.

And she's not just getting loving care

care from humans. I think Bob likes

to kutdf cuddle up to Sam a bit.

Bob himself was burnt - the Bob himself was burnt - the cuddly

pair amongst hundreds of wild

animals who have been filling shelters in Victoria since Saturday.

These guys are the lucky ones, the

toll on the native animals is

unthinkable. Authorities think more

than a million animals have

perished in the past five days. Domestic animals have also suffered

greatly. This vet clinic is a for lost and injured pets and has a

database of hundreds of residents

hoping their cats or dogs are alive.

We are the locals, locals are

coming to us and we need to know

and we need to have the animal on

the database so we can reunite them.

Indeed, reunions are offering hope

when all else has been lost.

19-year-old Munchkin was rescued as

the neighbours fled.

Disaster experts have weighed in to

the bushfire warning debate. They

say simple siren alerts could help

save lives in future, but not

everyone is in favour of the plan. When a cyclone is about to hit

Queensland, everyone hears about Queensland, everyone hears about it. (Siren Blairs)

Warning sirens are broadcast on

several stations along with details

of where and when the storm will

strike. One disaster expert says

bushfire fatalities could be

reduced by adopting a similar

reduced by adopting a similar auto

alert system. And fires should be

categorised according to severity.

Category one is a mild risk.

Category one is a mild risk. A category two is a higher category two is a higher risk.

Category three and four is fully

prepared where you have the photo

albums in the car to basically flee

in suburbia. Many Victorian

firefighters said they had little

or no warning of the danger, apart from outdated radio authorities.

Authorities encourage residents to

keep checking the Internet to find

out information about it. But in

many country areas, the web speed

is slow and the power could go out

and some of the websites are really

difficult to navigate. SA makes an old

old fashioned element. Stationary

sirens. However, not everyone

appreciates warnings. What we have

had in the past is some communities

complaining about the use of sirens

and noise pollution and we've had

to close those sirens down.

Bushfire communications will be

scrutinised in the impending scrutinised in the impending Royal Commission. Thoil

A Brisbane man has appeared in

court charged with trying to scam

money from people by claiming he

was collecting for the Victorian

Bushfire Appeal. Brian Luke

O'Malley faced court on multiple

counts of fraud and attempted fraud.

Police allege when he was arrested,

he had about $40 in an ice-cream

container after door knocking

several homes. He's been reman in

custody. And there have been

reports of charity fraud and the

sheft of donation boxes in the

Victorian bushfire crisis itself.

Disappointing, but sadly I'm not

surprised. Let's move to sport now

with Rob Canning and a mishap for

the New Zealand cricketers. This

occurred at training today. What happened?

A touch football collision has one of

of the Black Caps best dazed and confused.

And saving the Socceroos -

Schwarzer does it again.

COMMENTATOR: Schwarzer tips it over

and in behind for a corner. There's

a serious chance.

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Last night's match starting with a minute's

minute's silence for the bushfire minute's silence for the bushfire

victims and plenty of passion on

the field and in the stands.

Australia's defenders getting an

early taste of things to come.

COMMENTATOR: In towards the near

post and hit to the side there. The

hosts earning plenty of free kicks

in dangerous places, but unable to

convert. Not one of the best. Tim

Cahill with Australia's best chance.

COMMENTATOR: Tim Cahill will go to

for cold. Off the palms there. But

the Japanese Raids continued after

the break. This is a chance.

Mark Schwarzer standing up to the

pressure. COMMENTATOR: And

Schwarzer tips it over and behind Schwarzer tips it over and behind

for a corner. The home side huffed

and puffed. COMMENTATOR: And the and puffed. COMMENTATOR: And the volley, and deflected just wide.

But couldn't blow the house down.

Turning now towards the Turning now towards the match against Uzbekistan in Sydney in

April. I think it's going to be a

really good game. And you know, if really good game. And you know, if

we win, they're technically there. Australia vice-captain Michael

Clarke remains in today for

tomorrow at the Gabba. He failed to

train at this morning's training

session, still struggling with back

soreness. He is still sore and

we're going to have to wait until

tomorrow morning before we make a

final decision on him. We have a

few options before we start

tomorrow morning as to who will

open before we play. We won't give

that away before we open. Not a

good day for the Black Caps with

Ross Taylor forced from training

after a head clash.

The Waratahs say they're ready to

excite in this weekend's Super 14

opener in Wellington. The Waratahs

are underdogs. Having lost are underdogs. Having lost Dan

Vickerman and Lachie Turner. But Vickerman and Lachie Turner. But

they say they have multiple

attacking weapons itching to

unleash. With the added experience,

we're going to have a very

dangerous backline and I think

that's go going to create plenty of

chances for us out wide. Adam

Freier will play off the bench.

Anthony Mundine will have surgery

on an injured hip before eyes off a

return before a middle weight title.

He had the first bout last night

beating vetter an Shannon Taylor.

But it got ugly - Taylor landing

several low blows. I was thinking -

man, I hope I don't need more

babies. I hope I didn't do too much imagine.

imagine. He wants to fight world

middle weight champion Felix Storm.

To golf and Carrie Webb's dream of a

a fifth Australian women's Open.

Known for the fast and testing

greens, Webb never looked troubled.

Her rivals thankful not everything

went her way. COMMENTATOR: Get went her way. COMMENTATOR: Get in,

get in. That would have been

ridiculous, that would have been

rude for the rest of the feel. Her

blistering round including eight birdies birdies and just the one bogey.

That's all for now. Later on Sports

Tonight, the latest on the drama in

Newcastle. And it was a big day in

the NBA. You'll be watching. You

should get some sleep, Woodsy. Good

to have you back though. Let's hope

that you don't have to rush back

with no more emergencies.

Time though to check in with Vic

Lorusso and the Ten traffic chopper.

How is peak hour looking with the rain?

Busy here in the south-west out to

Campbelltown. There was a nasty

accident just off the M5. Peak hour

traffic is starting to move again

but motorists who were stuck on the

road willing home late this evening.

About a 45 minute traffic queue

heading in towards Campbelltown,

but as mentioned, all accident

traffic vehicles have moved on.

Thank you, Tim Bailey is along next

with all the weather details.

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