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(generated from captions) of ?2,000 to ?3,000. is probably in the region it might cost ?500 or ?600 - If you have the work done - to the region of ?4,000 to ?6,000. I think it will raise the value

Very pretty picture. That's amazing. Good gracious. Really? and historic place, has namesakes. Scarborough, being an ancient Australia, a couple in New Zealand there's two in America, three in There's a Scarborough in Canada, and several in the West Indies. it's been a pleasure to be here, But there's only one original and and until the next time, goodbye. so thanks all round, Alison Haggart, BBC Broadcast - 2004 Subtitles by Carla Rossi and This program is captioned live. jailed for perjury. Former judge Marcus Einfeld Brett Seymour, banned from playing, League's latest bad boy,

that's infested by rats. The Sydney supermarket but still training with his team.

Oh, filthy rats! More incredible pictures spews smoke and ash into the sky. as an undersea volcano

Good evening. at least two years behind bars, Justice Marcus Einfeld will spend

his fall from grace now complete. and 'national living treasure' He's gone from respected judge of a $75 speeding fine. to jail inmate, all because

Mr Einfeld's new home, Jessica Rich is at Long Bay Jail, this story right through. and Jess, you've covered

Markers Einfeld is Australia's

first superior court judge to go to

jail. Because of his status as a

former judge he is in protective

custody and tonight he is

custody and tonight he is setting -

- settling down to life as a

prisoner. For close to 40 years, for social justice, Marcus Einfeld fought tirelessly he lost badly. but in the battle for his livelihood, final walk as a free man, This was the former judge's but it was hardly a peaceful one. It's like a scrum! Yeah, it is a scrum.

Hand in hand with his daughter, the court he once reigned over. the 69-year-old squeezed into Mr Einfeld? Do you wish you'd just paid the fine, Oh, dear.

sentenced to three years jail, Two hours later Einfeld was of two years. with a minimum non-parole period told a litany of lies The once-prominent QC and all to avoid a $75 speeding fine. Einfeld had been crying. After the sentence, it was clear handed over his valuables He embraced his family and friends, from a rabbi and even took jellybeans

before being led into the cells. Way too harsh for such a good man for so long. who served the community in a 50km/h zone in January, 2006. Einfeld was clocked doing 60km/h he'd lent his car to an old friend, He told a magistrate in the US three years before. but it was revealed later she'd died story, Still he wouldn't let go of his and telling Nine News signing a 20-page statement

he would have paid the fine. if he was behind the wheel and categorically deny I again unequivocally on my part. any suggestion of wrongdoing

of misleading a court. I would not even think is hurtful The suggestion that I have done so I have always stood for. because it contradicts everything Today, a Supreme Court judge said

against public justice. Einfeld committed offences

engaging in this type of activity, Anybody who is thinking about it is certainly not worth it.

caught speeding in his Lexus As his family left, the judge of a prison van, was driven away in the back all over a $75 fine.

to go to jail. first Superior Court Judge Marcus Einfeld is Australia's

judge, he's in protective custody, Because of his status as a former to life as a common prisoner. and tonight, he's settling down troubling rugby league Now to the latest on the scandals NRL players accepts the penalties and the man who represents the

to Brett Seymour and Jake Friend. handed down yesterday was in trouble as he faced court. But today, yet another player He is the League's latest bad boy... in court Roosters' Anthony Cherrington his former girlfriend charged with assaulting and threatening her with a knife. will be sentenced in May. The 21-year-old is certain to take action Then the League and the writing is on the wall. There are consequences is a major one. and suspension from playing knows all about it, Cronulla's Brett Seymour after his now very public bender. was training today, The Sharks halfback for poor off-field behaviour. his 2-week suspension the benchmark there's some consistency now. The main point is That's what we're looking for.

incident and the Manly dramas The hangover from the Seymour with sponsors threatening to walk. is being felt by the NRL, times for some companies These are very tough financial much harder and they're looking at it

than they ever did in the past. is set to become more fierce, The battle over sponsorship dollars AFL team bound for Western Sydney. with soccer still on the rise and an the clock is ticking. The NRL has got to realise

really soon, it will be all over. If they don't clean up their act Damian Ryan, Nine News. A huge man-hunt is under way an 'Underbelly'-style crime war as police try to head off in Sydney's west. between opposing drug gangs as the man they want to interview They've named a rival drug lord of Abdul Qadier Darwiche. over the murder

of two of his family members, It follows the arrest

their own retaliation. who police fear were planning Bankstown Court Tight security surrounded Michael Darwiche. for the appearance of father-of-five last night and charged The 40-year-old was arrested and a list of names and addresses. with possessing a loaded pistol

a who's who of the Fahda family, That list was brother Abdul Darwiche, suspected of gunning down his

last Saturday. in front of his wife and children the court Strike force investigators told between the two families, there had been a long-standing feud that started in 2003 at a Punchbowl service station. when Ahmed Fahda was gunned down Police say Michael Darwick, Micheal Darwiche and another man,

near an address were even arrested a member of the Fahda family. belonging to

They will never break us. As the pair were fronting court, homicide squad detectives released the name of the man suspected of murdering Abdul Darwiche. We are looking for a particular man who can assist us with enquires.

His name is Mohammad Fahda. This person is considered to be violent and dangerous. Homicide squad police want to question Mohammed Fahda who they believe is still in the metropolitan area.

We are considering very important enquiries the man we wish to speak to sooner rather than later. Police are appealing for calm but fear this underworld feud could escalate. Simon Bouda, Nine News Australia is mourning the loss of another soldier in Afghanistan, the second to die this week. A bomb disposal expert - he was killed trying to protect his mates. A roadside bomb -

Defence has long regarded them as Afghanistan's most dangerous threat. Yesterday, an Australian Army bomb specialist helping clear a path for coalition forces, attempted to defuse one. As he was carrying out this task, there was an explosion and he was killed. This afternoon, Parliament honoured the lost soldier, whose name has not been released. He gave his life trying to protect the lives of others.

In order to protect his mates - let's reflect on that. MPs then stood in silence, just as they'd done yesterday

for young father Corporal Mathew Hopkins, killed in an intense battle with Taliban insurgents on Monday. The horror week brings Australia's death toll in Afghanistan to 10. It's likely in the months ahead the Rudd Government

will commit hundreds more troops to the battle, though there are some signs it's beginning to worry about public backing for the war. The longer we are in Afghanistan, the more difficult it will be to maintain the support of the Australian people for that campaign. Tim Lester, Nine News. John Howard's controversial Work Choices legislation is about to pass into history. After days of deadlock a deal was brokered late this afternoon

with two key cross-bench senators to support Labor's new Workplace Relations law. On this great outcome for working Australians I now move that the house now adjourn. The breakthrough came after the Federal Government agreed to a review in two years time on how it defines a small business.

after complaints its fresh food areas are infested with rats. John Kerrison joins us from the store in question, Coles at West Pennant Hills. John, has council asked for the store to be closed?

Peter, not yet, but they said if things don't improve they won't rule it out. The rats got into the store from out the back

after excavation work upset a rats nest.

It's the place families in Sydney's sprawling north-west go for their groceries. Yet many shoppers had no idea their local Coles supermarket has a rat infestation. I wish I'd known that before I went in! Filthy rats. I wouldn't buy food that's open bread or fruit. Barry Ward was one of the first to complain. He bought bread which had been chewed by rats.

It's been a very ordinary store - cigarette butts out the front, rubbish, rubbish bins overflowing with food. Hornsby Council also received complaints and sent its inspectors in on Wednesday. Council, now having seen the extent to the problem, is making sure that those matters are fully addressed. Coles claim the problem was not caused by poor hygiene, but a ruptured sewer pipe which disturbed a rats' nest.

We want to eradicate the problem because we want our customers to have an absolute 100% integrity. That is the most important thing for us to do. Staff at Coles are cooperating fully to fix the problem. However, a report will still go to the State's food authority. I've just bought Glen 20 and that's all today. John Kerrison, Nine News.

There'll be no additional Easter Sunday shopping in Sydney. Major retailers and the big supermarket chains wanted to open citing potential economic benefits,

but the Industrial Relations authority has knocked them back. If you've signed up for a credit card because of its rewards program, you might want to think again. A new survey says you'd need to spend thousands of dollars a month to make a loyalty scheme worthwhwile.

Here's the deal - pay a fee, use your credit card and reap the rewards. Shopping vouchers, cash and flights. It takes a long time to do it, but when actually you get the ticket you feel it's worthwhile. Whether it is or not, is a different point.

'Choice' says it's not. It's looked at 63 reward cards. If you spent a $1,000 a month,

it would take 5.5 years to earn enough points for a $500 digital camera. Spend $6,600 and coming your way, a $50 toaster. That's Expensive toast! It's not worth the extra money. 'Choice' says, to get any return you need to spend $2,000 a month. For everyone else... Most people who are paying interest you should be on a low-interest rate no-frills cards,

with no rewards - that puts you right ahead. MasterCard says loyalty programs work if you get the right one that suits. If the consumer uses a card and doesn't pay it off every month there are some fantastic low-rate products. 'Choice' has this tip - Otherwise any potential rewards will be eaten away by higher interest rates.

Mark Burrows, Nine News. That undersea volcano off Tonga continues to put on a show two days after the eruption began.

It blew up alongside an uninhabited island, and today, you could see how the intense heat had burnt off all the life there.

The same area of the Pacific

was shaken by a massive 7.9 earthquake this morning. It caused a severe rattling for Tonga's towns and villages, but there's no serious damage. In the news ahead - Liam's Neeson's Broadway tribute to his wife after her sudden death. And the return of the Sydney milko.

In the pursuit of excellence, there is always room for improvement.

Excellence Creme from L'Oreal is now even better. It's easier to apply, giving you even colour from root to tip. My colour looks truly natural.

My hair is conditioned - it feels so soft - and not a grey in sight. VOICEOVER: Excellence Creme from L'Oreal Paris.

A car crashed through a shopping centre in Sydney's inner west last night.

The 69-year-old driver had be cut from his Toyota at Burwood, and was taken to hospital with suspected neck injuries. His female passenger broke her arm.

Emergency crews are surprised no-one else was hurt. Austrian Josef Fritzl has been sent to jail for life for turning his own daughter into his sex slave. "I am sorry", the 73-year-old told the court, "from the bottom of my heart." "Unfortunately", he said, "I can't change anything now." Elisabeth bore seven children by her father and she was secretly in court two days ago,

when he made a formal confession to his crimes. That's a very important step for her, to bring her perception of the world and of herself in order again. Josef Fritzl has had hundreds of death threats and is likely to be held in a secure psychiatric facility. A sad scene on Broadway, as family and friends gathered to mourn actress Natasha Richardson. The lights were dimmed for a minute, in memory of the 45 year old

who died of a brain haemorrhage after a freak ski accident. Husband Liam Neeson was comforted by fellow actors including Sarah Jessica Parker. Neeson is now organising a private funeral. Barack Obama has made a rare gaffe during an historic appearance on a late night chat show.

He slipped up as he joked with host Jay Leno about his terrible bowling skills.

It's like the Special Olympics or something. The President recovered to chat about the economic crisis

and to share a few insights about life at the top. How cool is it to fly in Air Force One? Let me tell you, I personally think it's pretty cool, especially because they give you wear the jacket with the seal on it.

The 'milko' is making a comeback 30 years after door-to-door deliveries were phased out in Sydney. The new service is proving so popular that the company behind it is already planning major expansion. A service that many grew up with and the rest have never known. Fresh milk to the doorstep. We don't stop. It all starts at a little depot in Mascot. Bread by the pallet. Milk to the roof

and all of it has to be on the road tonight. All set, all done. The vans queue down the driveway and in the middle, is father and son team Steve and Scott Grubmier. Their franchise covers Moorebank. No fat 2 litre. Produce is direct from the farmers, the delivery is free. We started in Sydney a little over 18 months ago with a a few rounds doing 400 customers each and now we're doing over 15,000 customers on a weekly basis.

Certainly not a job for anyone who likes their sleep. When we left these guys last night it was close to midnight at the depot. it's now 6:30am in Liverpool and they've been going flat out. So far there's 20 of these vans, door to door and on the run. Always on the go, 158 drops and we're away.

The original milkman made his last drop in the 1970s. The only change... ..the method of payment, and the size of the city. A new depot is due to open in Homebush to cater for the west which is certain to make Scott and Steve even busier. On my way to bed. Denham Hitchcock, Nine News.

Stephanie Brantz with sport is next,

and after more turmoil for rugby league it's finally back to the footy. Who better than the Bunnies and the Eels, Peter?

The late mail next from Peter Sterling. Plus, our cricketers doing it tough in Cape Town. And lethal Leisel re-considers competing at the World Swimming Championships.

It's been another tough week off the field for Rugby League

but on the park, things are looking a whole lot brighter, with two intriguing matches to begin round two tonight. In Brisbane, the Broncos take on the Storm, while at ANZ Stadium,

it's competition leaders Souths against Parramatta. Nine commentator Peter Sterling is on the sideline with Rabbitohs coach Jason Taylor. As we speak, his side sits on top of the NRL competition ladder. Jason, a stunning performance last week.

What pleased you most about that game against the Roosters? Probably the second half, the way we kept playing in the second half. We didn't try and put the cue in the rack and kill the game. We just kept playing, which was very pleasing. What about coming into this game tonight? Any concerns about keeping the players grounded? We gotta start again. The mistake you can make is to think

it's just gonna pick up where it finished off last week. We've got to start again and build our game,

so I've talked to the boys a couple of times this week and I'll talk to them about that again before we go out there.

Parramatta's an old stomping ground of yours. You know these Eels players very well. What you expect of them tonight? I think that they're going to get better with a new coach,

they'll get better as the season goes. They've got some talented individuals,

that's what we're focusing on - Mateo, Hayne, Luke Burt - probably those three in particular stand out for me. Good luck tonight and good luck for the rest of the season.

Thanks for joining us.

A great Friday night last week to kick our season off, a couple of very close ones. I think it will be the same tonight. Immediately following the Rabbits against the Eels, we'll be up to Suncorp Stadium with Melbourne taking on Brisbane.

Our chances of a series whitewash against South Africa have taken a dive on day one of the final Test in Cape Town. Australia was humbled for 209,

that could've been a lot worse if not for Simon Katich. The Proteas are already 0/57. Turning 37 next week, Bryce McGain became our oldest baggy green wearer since 38-year-old Bob Holland a quarter of a century ago. McGain replaced Marcus North, in hospital with bad gastro. Phillip Hughes... COMMENTATOR: A beauty. and in-form.

That was a terrific stroke. South Africa fumbling... No, you can't be serious!

..Simon Katich and the duel century-maker from Durban dropped.

No, you're kidding! The hosts hit back, Hughes trapped for 33, new boy Albie Morkel claiming Australia's captain for a duck. That's a beauty! Yeah, that is a beauty, isn't it?

It's also out, caught at the wicket. The lean run continues for Mike Hussey, undone for 20.

Michael Clarke making as many as his skipper. He's bowled him out! Clarke's got a beauty!

Katich hung tough. Driven and through. So, too, Brad Haddin. That's a gorgeous stroke. Katich came unstuck on 55, rookie Imraan Khan making amends for his first drop. Haddin soon followed for 42, struck on the pad. Hit higher and harder... Oh, God, that's a serious strike!

..Andrew McDonald made 13. Mitchell Johnson, a valuable 35.

Only two for McGain's first bat, the tourists all out for 209. I think we only had two partnerships over 50. So credit to the South Africans. I thought they bowled pretty well. McGain's debut tough so far - this from his second delivery in Test cricket. Take a piece of that! Andrew McKinlay, Nine News.

Leisel Jones hasn't completely ruled out swimming in the World Championships in Rome later this year. She was planning to take a year off but now says there's a chance she'll change her mind after winning her heat of the 100m breast stroke at the Australian titles this morning. I'd love to go to Rome, I mean, it's not off the cards,

but pretty much at the moment it is. Last night, Libby Trickett won the 100m freestyle,

just one tenth of a second outside her own world-record time. League coverage from 7:30 tonight, Souths vs Parramatta, followed by that blockbuster from Suncorp, Brisbane vs the Storm.

In finance, our market ended a good week flat. Property developer Mirvac cut its dividend

and was savaged by shareholders. A sunny weekend ahead - Jaynie has the details after the break. Then, the little penguins getting back to nature.

Job cuts at two more Commonwealth

authorities, The latest on the Rudd Government' s Fair Work Bill, Government' s Fair Work Bill, And George

George Smith to lead the Brumbies

against the Lions.Join me for all against the Lions.Join me for all

the details next. n z

To the weather now. Jaynie it's clear skies all the way this weekend?

We couldn't get much better, Peter. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous. Today wasn't too bad either. It was a very muggy night. 95% humidity in the city. Top temperature of 26. Campbelltown hit 31. Originally storms were predicted for Sydney tonight, but looks like the bulk of them are further inland. Nothing severe as yet - Dubbo has received about 3mm. Further south, a storm cell brought in 25mm.

The large high keeping most of the country dry. A front is moving towards south-west WA tomorrow. That will swing across to the south-east tomorrow. Ahead of that, strengthening northerly winds from the high will bump up temperatures. Extreme fire dangers in SA. Fire weather warnings for western and central Victoria.

Melbourne, 33 degrees. High chance of a cyclone forming off the Queensland coast. For Sydney, another muggy night tonight. 23 at the mountains. 27 at Rosehill if you're off to the races. The city and beaches, 26, with a light sea breeze. Virtually a carbon copy on Sunday. Chance of a shower on Monday. To the west, Saturday and Sunday both 29 degrees.

Temperatures in the low 30s for most of next week.

Peter, not much rain for the rest of March. And that's Nine News for this Friday, 20 March. We'll leave you with the release by Taronga Zoo of two little penguins at Curl Curl Beach today. One took to the water immediately. The other? Well, he needed a helping hand.

I'm Peter Overton. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

degrees. Tonight ... Two drivers killed in a shocking killed in a shocking three-vehicle

crash near Yass. Job cuts at two

more Commonwealth authorities, more Commonwealth authorities, And,

insulating the A-C-T against the

global economic crisis. global economic crisis. Good evening,

evening, Two male drivers are dead evening, Two male drivers are dead

after an horrific crash, after an horrific crash, involving

three vehicles on the Yass Valley three vehicles on the Yass Valley

Way early this morning. Two of the Way early this morning. Two of the cars collided head-on just outside