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Australia Unites -

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(generated from captions) Fiona, for you, it must mean a lot

to be here and to be helping out

because a lot of you know people who

have been affected We want to be

here to be able to help out our

fellow Victorians but most of us

have family and friends that have

been deeply affected by this so it's

just good to be here and help. Doing

a terrific job. I just have to have

a look at your army vehicle. It has

been inundated by the teens. Say

hello everyone. Wonderful spirit

here and particularly amongst the

emergency services, the Victorian

police have been doing an absolutely

wonderful job. I should say. Not

only dealing with all of this, but

lifting the spirits. Especially I

might add, the policeman who booked

me on the Hume Highway the other

day, I was lifting his spirits

significantly. It was really chuffed

about that. Thanks a lot for that,

Carl. I am here with the wonderful

John Williamson. John, I know you

strangely enough, you are actually

here in Whittlesea last Friday night

and Saturday morning. Yes, there was

a country country awards night. I

went away with a prize, with an

award, the next morning was really

hot wind and I can't believe - a few

days later, I am back and I am

hering lots of stories of people I

met that night who have had

tragedies and we are all keeping our

khins up but we have got to remember

at home, there is going to be a lot

of downfall after this. Everyone has

their chins up now so dig deep.

That's all I can say. The good

people of Whittlesea are really

pleased you to see you back here.

You played in front of so many

audiences over the course of your

career. Have you ever seen a spirit

like we are seeing here tonight?

Lisa considering what has happened

and the stories I am hearing. It's

just amazing how everyone is khep just amazing how everyone is keeping just amazing how everyone is

their chins up. I don't want us to

forget, there are a lot of people

who will need a lot of things in the

future and that's what tonight is

all about 689 it's also about the

music and ladies and gentlemen, boys

and girls, right now is also about a

very special song. John Williamson. # Hey, true blue # Don't say you've gone # Say you've knocked off for a smoko # And you'll be back later on # Hey true blue, hey true blue # Give it to me straight # Face to face # Are you really disappearing # Just another dying race

# Hey true blue # True blue, is it me and you? is it a cockatoo? # Is it Mum and Dad, # Is it standing by your mate # When he's in a fight? # Or will she be right? # True Blue, I'm asking you # Hey true blue # Can you bear the load? # Will you tie it up with wire # Just to keep the show on the road? # Hey true blue, hey true blue # Now be fair dinkum # Is your heart still there? like sponge cake # If they sell us out # Do you really care? # Hey true blue # True blue, is it me and you? # Is it Mum and Dad, # Is it a cockatoo? # Is it standing by your mate # When she's in a fight? # Or will she be right? # True blue, I'm asking you # True blue, is it me and you? # Is it Mum and Dad # Is it a cockatoo? # Is it standing by your mate # When he's in a fight? # Or will she be right? # True blue, true blue. # (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

John Williamson there, what a

fantastic tonight, wasn't it

wonderful just to see those young

kids enjoying themselves. Let's go

back to gar xwrnd aJames in the

phone room. The phones keep ringing.

The number again, 1800 811 700 or

you can go on to the website. But

boy, the phones keep ringing which

is fantastic news and we are getting

a fantastic total now We are indeed.

has been humbling to be in here

because of the reaction of the

Australian public, but also Australian public, but also because

of the biggest names wechlt we have

had a lot of sports people but had a lot of sports people but here

we have got Jacobson Jake and Magda

Szubanski and stage, Guys and Dolls,

right up my alley, going up to

Sydney soon We are going to nail you

to command see this show. I can't

wait and Shane, I reckon we should

get you in it. It n address. You

just finished a movie with Paul

Hogan So it was a great chance to

work with a great man. He has been

one of my heroes for as long as I

remember. Is he fun dwri A really

nice guy. You have to say that

Because he is. He is not saying the

same about me back in LA, he is back

telling everyone I am a hoax. I know

you went up to Whittlesea yesterday,

it has been an amazing few days, it

has been inspire sng The I

has been inspire sng The I I think

the thing I have been irinspired by

but at this time, they have pulled

together. In an unbelievable way.

And I think what they were very

struck by because we were saying, we

are here on behalf of everyone in

Australia, because everyone is just

gutted by what has happened to these

people. We just wanted to offer

support and if they said can you make us

make us laugh, you know, do whatever

they banted. Extraordinary re sill

yins, Be here tonight, you have a

young son now, hits home with

young son now, hits home with some

of the kids up there who are really

in difficult circumstances? It is, I

would like to think that our general

osity, when mother nature puts on a

bad turn, I would love to think the

way we link arms and it defines us

as Australians, have a go but the

problem is now, there are worries

and she won't be right unless we

have a go so to get a chance to come

here, it's not a big thing we are

doing, CFA guys are who just

undoubtedly hero, I know it

undoubtedly hero, I know it that

word gets used a lot but they really

are. You know, and I am sure the CFA

has now proven it can fight

anything, they just haven't stopped,

to we have got the phone call like

all of us did, can you come in and

just give a few minutes, knowing

that I was going to be sitting at

home watching the show anyway,

watching the television in the

house, you realise that's one coach,

one TV and one roof that people

don't have any more. I think the

other thing people need to remember

is that these people have gone

through a terrible trauma and to all

sorts of degrees. This will go on

for a very long time. For us to keep

bearing that in mind and keep that

support up because I think

support up because I think Australia

is an amazing country, the way we

come through in tough times. Zbli

know you are going to answer the

phones, I think Shane hit the nail phones, I think Shane hit the

on the head, the Australian people

have been extraordinary. So give

those phones a call. I am with the

very beautiful Madeleine west, but not as

not as beautiful, Ian Dickson. You

or fire, my very beautiful young

friend, you not only have

satisfaction, very well pointed out

but you not only are doing beautiful

business with satisfaction but

Underbelly, the highest rating

premier in Australian television

history I was in the first one, I

think if we had screened that in

Victoria, we could have given the

second one a run for its money. It's

a fantastic production. Just shows

what we can do with Australian

Drama, film it and they will come.

You have been in this room since its

inception, the response has been

amazing? Chblingts there is a reason

for that. It's living with two

teenage daughters. It's actually a

novelty to getting to a land line.

The response is fantastic. I will

tell you what has so impressed me,

people from Queensland, in flood

affected areas are digging deep.

They have got their own issues going

on and they are digging deep to

support convince. It's amazing With

2 little ones of your own, it's been

a tough time for anyone with kids It

has made me appreciate the small

things, being in a situation like

that, the last thing you will think

about is a plasma TV for me it's

knowing that they are safe in bed

with their favourite at they and I

can put a put a blank ket on them to

make them warm. I have one here, Ken

ethic IT, $

ethic IT, $50,000, which is

exceptional. I am going to head exceptional. I am going to head back

to you, I have my Red Cross man bag.

It's all mine. It goes beautiful

with your eyes there, mate. The Red

Cross with the blood shot eyes. Good

on you, James and thank you to

Madeleine west and dick owe out

there as well. It is my pleasure, to

introduce the man, from Rove

introduce the man, from Rove live,

it's Rove McManus.

it's Rove McManus.. Thank you, Ed.

We are all outback worried sick

about you, you have been doing this

thing for 10 hours so far, I don't

know what you like, coffee, they

only had - I mean, you are looking

trim so we had to get the fat milk.

There is a chock chip muffin. It is

interesting being on this side now I

have to wear pants.

I won't stand up. If I get into

this, I will be throwing this, I will be throwing to The

Today Show, wired up like this you

have been doing a bit of work

yourself, we mentioned with Tracey

Grimshaw about the amount of animals

that have perished in these fires,

you went out and worked with animal

aid. They are helping with people

who were lucky enough to have their

pets survived but they don't have

anything. Yes, stocked up the car

and sent a whole lot of pet food and

leads and tennis balls for the leads and tennis balls for the dogs

to have, so anyone who has seen me

in supermarkets the last couple of

days with shopping trolleys full of

double kilogram bags full of Khum, a

think a lot of people were wondering

if he was Billing an arc. The show

on Sunday night, an on Sunday night, an entertainment Light Entertainment show on the

night when the disaster hit, you

paid tribute, how hard was it to get

through that show, did you go into

it thinking we have to give people a bit of a break.

bit of a break.? You have to got to

walk a fine line of hoping you can

acknowledge what is going on, but at

the same time, it still was

relatively new at the time, reports

were still coming in. I still think

the severity of it hadn't quite hit

all of us. But, we got friends who

live up in that area and had been

affected and so, that's still sort

of playing in the back of your mind.

I guess what we are trying to do now

as much as we are trying to

acknowledge what is going on and

understand what people are going

through but at the same

through but at the same time f there

can be a bit of entertainment to

sort of have at least a little bit

of something to help find the of something to help find the light

in the shade. Then hopefully that

can be done as well. Rove, tell us a

bit about the last 6 months or so,

your show is back, doing great

figures on channel 10. You have been

over in America and you have been

database ling over there, you have

been on the Jay Leno show. You said

you don't normally sit in that show.

Sitting next to Jay Leno, I know you

have stepped up a bit to be sitting

next to me rather than Jay Leno,

what was that like? It was a great

experience, working - I got to experience, working - I got to work

in the states over what should have

been summer but was winter there.

And at

And at first, you are going New York

city, snow in times square,

beautiful then two days later, you

can't feel your ex tremities and it

kind of wear 06. I need my ex

tremity, they are important. Just as

you have given me. Chock chip

muffin. I will get very excited about that

about that are you allowed to have

those? No, I am not. Just as this is

very exciting to me, I will see awe

and raise you as we go out to the

phone room, something that

phone room, something that is very

near and dear to your heart. I was

excited because I met Orlando Bloom.

Totally shock his hand, ladies but

my best buddy, elmow, he is out

there, Rovy loves you? ELMO is

happy. His microphone is not

working. . It's late. You were out

there on the phones. What is the

mood of the room

mood of the room? What I love about

it is it's come

it is it's coming from all over the

country. I had a guy from New South

Wales, his name was Chris. He donated $

donated $10,000. Even there are

international people who are here

tonight and they too are acknowledging that Australians know

when to get behind their own. It's

not just a local state thing. This

is something that has - there are other tragedies that are other tragedies that are happening

at the moment. But it's great that

so many people in this country are

getting behind such a great cause

because you can't help but think

that you know, it could happen to

you. It could be someone that you

know. Mpb in some respects, either

it's happened to them or someone

they know or someone you know close

to them. The degree of separation is

very minimal. Rove, thank you very

much for being part of it. We know

you have been out there for hours in

the phone room. Good luck for the

show for the rest of the year Good

job for you, you have done a great

job. Thank you for the coffee. Rove McManus ladies and gentlemen, give

him a big round of applause. Thank

you. Coming up shortly, Nicole

Kidman and Keith Urban and an

amazing announcement. That's coming

up shortly on Australia Unites. Very

disappointed we couldn't be there

with you for the Australia Unites

Telethon, we are in the mid fl a Dom

es particulars blitz. We would like

to encourage you to dig very deep.

Our best wishes go out to you. If

you could find it in your hearts to

dig deep in the pockets, a little

bit of brass, every dollar counts,

have a go. There is the number on

your screen. Make sure you ring the

phone rooms right now. Thank you. MAN: I said to my Nissan dealer, "I hear you're doing done deals "with no repayments for 12 months on all new Nissans." He said, "Done. "What about a driveaway deals on the '08 X-TRAIL range?" "Done." "Including diesel, with huge factory bonuses." I said, "Done." WOMAN: He did me a deal on '08 Pathfinder ST. From $39,990. I said, "Done." Well, then he said he could do a legendary Patrol '08 diesel. I said, "Done." From $52,990, drive away. Done. We did do well. We did. VOICEOVER: Done deals done now at your Nissan dealer with no repayments for 12 months. SONG: # Oh, Babybel # Oh, Babybel # Ba-Babybel # You got me rockin' and a-rollin' WOMAN: Babybel cheese, the healthy snack alternative.

Welcome back to Australia Unites, a

fantastic night in the history of Australian television and the

Australian people doing such a

fantastic job. There is the number,

1800 811 700, Red Cross, thanks 1800 811 700, Red Cross, thanks to

Rove McManus, the coffee has kick in

and I'm doing 100 miles an hour.

Also thank you tonight, to

Woolworths, Woolworths donated $

Woolworths, Woolworths donated $1

million to the cause tonight. So,

please give Woolworths a big round

of applause. A fantastic effort.

Well done tonight to the team at

Woolworths. Let's go back to

Whittlesea and Tracey Grimshaw and

Tony Jones who have done a power

full job tonight and right

throughout the night Tracey, you are

an old Diamond Creek girl, you have

been up around your old

neighbourhood, but Kinglake area, you had a good

you had a good look around and it's

just man amazing situation up there

It's a lot to take in, I must say. I

have been living in Sydney for the

past 15 years but it is vastly

different today to The King lake I

remember, it's almost

unrecognisable, even today when I

was up there, there are since of

life, generators, people are living

in their houses, telegraph poles

going back up. Tony was there not on

Sunday and it would have been

completely different theng of

course. It

course. It was just awful was the

only way you could describe it, we

went up there on Sunday afternoon,

it took for ever to get to the main

township because there were cars,

incinerated vehicles on the road.

The power lines were down, still

small fires all over the place.

Really, actually if I had my time

all over again, I wouldn't have gone

up there, but what we saw is nothing

compared to what the recovery crews

have had to endure. I took a camera

crew and we went for a bit of a walk

around. Maybe we will have a bit

after look at that. Every single one

of these burnt out vehicles have of these burnt out vehicles have had

to be checked. They have had to be

checked to see whether there were

people inside. They are ribbons on

every single one of these vehicles,

it shows that the CFA have checked

it, luckily in this case, no people

in this case. If there's a blue and

white reckon and you will see them

on too many of the houses, that

indicates that there may be people

inside. House after house in this

street is gone. Look at it. You can

imagine how pretty it must have been

to live here. These people would

have woken up in their own little

forrest every morning listening to

the birds sing. It's gone. This is

almost not even Kinglake any more,

this is where Kinglake was. This

house here is only a couple of

minutes outside of the centre ever

Kinglake. You can see there is

nothing left here. I was talking to

the fellow who owns it. He said he

had about five minutes notice. had about five minutes notice..

Look at this, this is what you will

see. It's inexplicable. This is what

fire does. This house is obviously

destroyed and there is a line destroyed and there is a line here

on the fence to the neighbour's

place and the neighbour's place is

still standing. They are all in

there. These people would be buying

a Tattslotto particular ket, they

have used all their luck,

extraordinary. And if you

conversationalist even carefully you

will hear the sound of the

generator, that's always a bushfire

sound, a few days after the

bushfire, people's generators going.

Life in those houses over there,

there won't be life in this house

for quite some time.

for quite some time.. A moving story

there from Tracey Grimshaw and

Tony's recollection of being up at

Kinglake on Sunday. There was of

course added poin Arianne situate

for all of us at the Nine Network

because we lost not only a colleague

but a legend in the television

business in Brian Naylor and his

beautiful wife moi ee. I know you

started your cadetship in the Nine

News room in Melbourne and Tony, you

sat alongside Nails as well. It's

hard to fathom that a man of Brian

Naylor's stature in the community

that he could die in a bushfire in

2009. That's what is hard to come to

grips with. Of course, extrapolate

that out to the amount of people who have per

have perished in this bushfire.

Tracey, if I could ask you, you were

very emotional during the week,

Brian Naylor, what did he mean to

you? I must admit, I still get

emotional whenever I think about him

this week, Ed. I was 21 years old

when I started in the channel 9 news

room and that was 27 years ago. I

don't mind telling you. He was - he

was a legend then. I couldn't

believe that he was this bloke that

I had grown up watching on

television and now I was working

alongside with him. I was just a

green kid. He as much time for me

then as he did a few years later

when I was able to pull my weight

around the news room. He was the

most encouraging bloke. He was a

gentleman and Moiree was always by

his side. Those of us who worked in

the news room. Moiree came every

day. She used to sit in his office

and knit while he read the bulletin.

They were joined at the hip. They

were the most wonderful gentle

couple. He was certainly Go on,

Tony, you were very close to Brian

over the years and continued the

friendship long after he retired

from reading the news? That's right,

as you know, having sat alongside

him yourself. He was just a

remarkable man to work with in the

studio, being a national newsreader

yourself, you never had the

opportunity to sit on the desk with

him. It was an experience in itself.

What he wanted to do was just make

sure that there was a light sort of

a mood in

a mood in the studio because it can

be pretty taxing at times when you

are talking about events that really

sort of tug at the heart strings. He

also treated everybody as a equal,

the sports presenter, the weather

presenter was on exactly the same

level as the camera operators and

everyone just loved walking in

there. As soon as he walked into

this studio, there was this amazing

energy about him. That came through

from the television, with all due

respect to his peers, when Brian

came on, this is National Nine News,

as soon as he opened his mouth, you

just sat up and listened. As I said

earlier in the week, help a velvet

like voice with an iron like

authority. He was just a peerless

broadcaster. That was the side of

him that most people I guess know.

But that - I think as I tried to say

during the week. That wasn't the

most important

most important of Brian was that he

was a husband and a father and a

family man. That was paramount to

him. The job was important. him. The job was important. He

Football Club a professional job to

his job but his family was

paramount. I think what we need to

say is that the loss of Brian and

Moiree, they were month more

important than anybody else who died

in these fires but they were incredibly important

incredibly important to us. Thank

you, Tracey and thank you, Tony. As

you say, it's hard to just talk

about Brian and Moiree about

thinking about the other people who

died in this terrible tragedy but

obviously for us here at the nine

net net work and television in

general, Brian was a superstar general, Brian was a superstar over at general, Brian was a superstar over

at the Seven News network before he

came to claim to nine. Please give

these two a round of applause. They

have had a Hard Knocks week. They

have done a wonderful job. have done a wonderful job..

Okay. Well, we are here to make

money. That's what I said at the

opening and boy are we doing so. We

are now up tonight, over the $

are now up tonight, over the $20

million mark and it's a grand total of $

of $75 million has now been raised

for Australia Unites. A fantastic effort. Well done everybody.

effort. Well done everybody.. We are

not done yet though. So, let's go

out to the phone room now and we

have got the star of the Singing

Bee, Tim Campbell and Olympic

champion Giann Rooney. Yes, it has

been an amazing night tonight. I

mean, not only the amount of people

who have walked through the phone

room. The

room. The Who who's, the number of

people in the phone room, answering

your calls and taking your money.

The total is quite astro nom kal. We

are doing our little bit, it will go

on for weeks and queex but Giann, we

have some fantastic visitors, one of

your heart lands? We have been down

here since 7, it has just been

incredible, Megan, if you are still

watching, she donated $

watching, she donated $20 from her

piggy bank, and I have to admit,

it's nice to have TV stars but I am

a bit biased to sports fan so I will

head over to our netballers, we have

got our Vixens and I mean, I have to say, have

say, have you been aamazed by what

is going out Since the bushfires

came through the response from all

Australians has been amazing. And

continuing here tonight, the phones

are just absolutely running flat

chat. Ta You have a feem mate One of

our team mates, Kathleen had her

house burnt to the ground actually

from the bushfires so, it is a

little bit close to our hearts. I am

a country girl at heart. I know a

lost these communities and these

towns where these devastating things

have happened so, yeah, it's just so

sad but also so impressive to see

the response that we have had. I

must say, Natasha, any tips you've

got out there, who may have donated

or wondering how they might donate,

have you any hot tips? Every little

bit help, we have been very ex bit help, we have been very

expressed by the number of donations

but I think raiding your piggy

banks, the change containers in your

car, under the bed, you know, I know

there's some rolled up notes in that

freeze er, so if you can raid your

house, get those dollars in, it's

for a fantastic cause. I have found

the back of the coach is always a

good one. We are going to a few

soccer players. Those who are fans

of soccer, Archie, Thompson of

course, Kevin must

course, Kevin must cat here, the

captain of the Melbourne victory and

Roddy, looking good. Have a look at

this, looking good is his ponny

tail, during the week, you did a big call out, $

call out, $10,000 if we can cut that

ponny tail off. Mirabells has ponny tail off. Mirabells has come

to the party. I was a bit nervous

but people have lost lives, families

and properties and losing my hair is

not a big deal. We will just get

straight into this, you have the

scissors, do you trust me? You

should have kept it in the ponny

tail so I could do it straight. Time

is going to hold it, are you yeedy.

Don't let me lose a finger, that's

really straight. I will leave really straight. I will leave you

with the scissors there, not only $ with the scissors there, not only

$10,000 we are going to donate but

the club has their own denation, is

that right? The Melbourne victory

football club, the playing group and

also a couple of sponsor, CF drchlt,

hunt have all chipped in and we have managed to raise $

managed to raise $30,000, in

addition to that, we are hoping to

auction off a chance for the kids to

be mascots at our major semi-final

on Saturday night, it's $

on Saturday night, it's $2,000 a

mascot. Hopefully we can raise another $

another $40,000 for a good cause.

The number to call is 1300 go MBFC.

That's we are going to move That's we are going to move the

Melbourne Storm with us as well. We

love our Melbourne Storm down here.

We have got our captain, Cam Smith

and Billy Slater. This is a pretty

big night. You have already donated

a fair bit of money but Cam you have

yab announcement for us. Earlier day

the storm are very pleased to

announce that the bushfire appeal is

going to be our charity of choice

this year. So, we kicked that off

this today with a $

this today with a $20,000 cheek for

the appeal and the playing group are

back here, going up to Whittlesea

tomorrow to see the kids and

hopefully we can put a smile on

their faces. That's a great idea.

Congratulations, Billy, do you get

out there and answer some phones? We

did, a little bit nervous to start

with but once you get chatting to

the people, it's good to see the

Australian people from all different

states command give a hand to the

people in need. So it's great to

see. It certainly has. It's

fantastic to see what is going on

down here. There is a buzz in the

air, we would love you to keep

donating, find cash anywhere you

can, and Eddie will have to search

this room and see if he can find any

coins. I am going to turn two up

pretty shortly but well good to see

con the fruit remembers, Derryn

Hinch at the back there, great to

see everybody. We might have to see everybody. We might have to get

Kevin Muscat to get the off-cuts

from that hair cutting going. Give

it to Warny, he will look it to Warny, he will look fantastic

with the new rug on his heed. It's a

different colour. Thank you for all

your help in the phone room. Coming

up next, a very special moment in

this Telethon, we are going to crass

to Nashville Tennessee and Nicole

Kidman and Keith Urban will join us.

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Hey, Vanessa Amrozi

Hey, Vanessa am if you do not know,

I live on a farm, it's very close to

these airs and I have friends and

families that are also going through

this with you as well. Please,

everybody give generously and be a

part of it. The community spirit that part of it. The community spirit

that have in Melbourne and in

Victoria itself, you know, let's

help the ones that have loft their

family and especially the ones who

have lost their loved one. I am sure

I speak for all fellow Australians

overseas at this time. We are in

shock and disbelief at the every

growing enormity of this disaster

there in Victoria. Our hearts,

thoughts and prayers go out to all

the families and fellow country

the families and fellow countrymen

who are suffering and in deep need

It does affect us all but obviously

the people who have been directly

affected, I am thinking of you, you

have lost your families and your

homes. There has been a lot of

coverage over here on the news about

what has been doing on, it's so comfort what has been doing on, it's so

comforting and impressive to see how

everyone in Australia has just

jumped on and we have raised so much

money already, I know times are

tough but every single little bit

helps to get these people who have

to start from scratch again, who

have got families, they have to

build houses and get back on their

feet so please continue to give so

that we can help them along the way

homes and possessions and of course, To all the people who have lost

above all, to all the friends and

family who have lost loved ones. I

would like to say my heart is with

you guys and so are my thoughts. You

have not left my prayers in the last

couple of nights I just wanted to

send our heart felt support and love

to everyone back home. Just ask one

more time that whoever you are, that

you go that little bit further in

giving tonight because it's moments

like this that you are reminded ya

an incredible home we have and how

great Australians can be in times like this. like this..

Great to see the Aussie ex paths Great to see the Aussie ex paths in

Los Angeles and again, thank you to

Cameron for getting the camera

around and speaking to all the

Aussies over in Los Angeles. Russell

Crowe was one of the first people on

the phone when we announced thea

wooe wanted to do this Telethon.

Nicole Kidman was a very close

seconds. She rang from niche ville

to ply out here on the first

available plane to be in our

Melbourne studio to be part of this

Telethon tonight. We said, Nicole,

don't go to that much trouble. We

would be very happy if we could

speak to you and Keith Urban. Hi

yesterdayy. We are actually in niche

ville Tennessee but we firstly want

to say thank you for being able to

put us on camera so we could

participate in tonight's Telethon as

well. And hello to everybody in Australia who is watching the

Telethon tonight. We have been

watching this disaster unfold on

television actually and calling our

parents and getting information that

way. For us, it has been gut

wrenching watching this and

particularly to be so far away at

the moment, we have been watching on

TV like everybody else. And we

grief. We grief for the people of St

Andrew's and Marvysville and strat

union and Kinglake and all of the

little towns throughout Victoria little towns throughout Victoria who

have been struck so devastatingly by

this a disaster. Also, our hearts go

out tonight to all the families that are dealing with

are dealing with the loss of loveded

ones and having to Lee build their

lives again which is what this whole

Telethon has been about tonight. As

Australians, I think the biggest

thing is that no matter where you

are in the world, we support each

other. We are Aussies and we sport

each other and we rally and that's

what we want oned to show our

support and we would like to support and we would like to donate $ support and we would like to donate

$500,000 on behalf of our family to

the families that need it now. We

also want to say thank you to

everybody who has given so

generously because it's just such a

classic Aussie thing to do when you

know, when the chips are down, we

all rally around each other, no

matter where we are in the world to

know, an Aussie is an Aussie we we

are here doing our little bit as

well. Yeah, we know that there has

been an enormous amount of

generosity already from the

Australian people. So, there's

nothing more to say, except thank

you for letting us be included and

we are with you. Yes, thank you,

Eddie. Good luck with the rest of the night Thank you.

An amazing gesture, she is an

Australian star, Keith Urban and Australian star, Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman donates $

Nicole Kidman donates $500,000. A

fantastic gesture. I think we should

give them a huge round of applause,

an amazing gesture.

We said, just how unbelievable the

support has been for this cause

tonight from the international

Australian actors, acting fra ternt Australian actors, acting fra ternt,

from the sports people, let's go

back out to Tim Campbell, the phones

keep ringing. Thank you very much.

Thank you to Roddy for my new face,

those fans of a, will Anderson and

gart Tander Holden have made a k

donation earlier in the week. The

dealer network got together and

whipped around the whole country and came up with $

came up with $193,000. The Holden

announced that they are going to be

providing 300 cars to the bushfire

victims that Holden and the state

government will get together and

give those cars to people for up to

12 months to use. So basically that

means they can get kids to school

and people who have lost everything, at and people who have lost everything,

at least that's one

at least that's one less thing they

have to worry about. You have a

couple of quick pledges for us as

well? We have got Elizabeth king

here from Prahran, she has put in here from Prahran, she has put in $

$20,000. Just herself has done that.

I won't get you to read that one. We

have got centre bet here as well,

also putting in another $

also putting in another $15,000.

These are coming in flat out all

night. It's unreal. We want to get

RSI in the phone room right now.

Over to Giann who has spo Over to Giann who has

Over to Giann who has some sporting

Reg lends with her. I have two

legends of Australian sport, Ron

Barassy and John Bertrand, they have

some stand out donations. We will

start off with you, John. From

Canberra u all suburbs rubbish

removals, $

removals, $6,000. Over to you, Ron,

what have you got I don't want to

out do John, not much but I've got a

bigger one, sniper investments, $ bigger one, sniper investments,

$10,000. And Chris the boss says

that half his work force are still

stuck up in Flowerdale right now. So

what a fantastic effort. Thank you what a fantastic effort. Thank

very much, Mr Sniper. That's

fantastic news. Eddie, it's still

quarter past 11, the phones are

ringing hot and we are still

donating money. So it's good news.

Great to see the legends of

Australian sport, John Bertrand of

Ron Barassy. Ken Ryan is just a

bloke who with Qantas who just

continues to give, not only to this

appeal but just about everything

that happens, particularly in this

state. Ken, welcome aboard tonight,

you have got another generous you have got another generous dough

donation on bee of of Qantas. Yes, I

think this is a tragedy of such

magnitude that it has touched every

Victorian and I think most

Australians who we have all known

somebody who has lost their life or

had their live turned upside down by

this tragic event. We carry the tag

line, the spirit of Australia all

around the world very proud

around the world very proudly but

with that comes responsibility as

well. It's

well. It's certainly our

responsibility to bring that to responsibility to bring that to life

at the moment. The best way you

could do that is when your mate is

in trouble, you pitch in there and

you help get them out of trouble and

you give them

you give them support. I think

already we are up to a commitment already we are up to a commitment of $

already we are up to a commitment of

$600,000 but we are in this for the

long-term. We know it's a long-term

issue and we expect that to grow

over the months ahead as we continue

to support those people that need

the help. Ken, fantastic donation

and fantastic sentiments as well,

Ken Ryan the Victorian head of

Qantas. And South Australia I should

add that for Ken to his portfolio.

Sit youing alongside Ken is another

old mate of ourselves, Chrissy Johns

have been a fantastic sponsor of the

footy show, Brendan is

footy show, Brendan is with us

today. You've got fantastic news as

well. We always know Chrissy Johns

are there It's a privilege for us to

be here tonight and trying to do our

bit as well as you know, Eddie,

crazy Johns became part of the vod

phone group late neat years, rust,

the CEO of vod phone Australia announced a $ announced $

announced a $100,000 from vod phone

Australia. Today, London, the global

headquarters of vod phone in London,

is an indication of how far this

tragedy has travelled around the

world, have pitched in another $ world, have pitched in another

$120,000. Crazy Johns is going to

add to that another $

add to that another $100,000 which is $

is $50,000 in cash and $

is $50,000 in cash and $50,000 worth

of special mobile feens that we are bringing in

bringing in for the US for the

firefighters which is a contribution

that we have been making and up

there, our guys have been up there

during the week, recharging the

firefighters's phones while they

have been working. Good on you,

Brendan, always there when needed.

Caidsy Johns, a fantastic

organisation. A fantastic dough

yaigs. We now go to Greg who is from

car sales, we have just heard Holden

donating cars, we know that the

automotive zri has been in terrible

state in recent time but again, you

guys have answered the call Look,

thank you, Eddie, we are not quite thank you, Eddie, we are not

in the league of a Holden or a crazy

Johns or a Qantas but we are very

donating $ produced to do our bit. We are

donating $25,000 and we hope to

double that by contributing money by

every new ad on the website. Don't

be ashamed of the size of businesses

you are up against, you can only

give what you can give. A fantastic

gesture on bee of of car sales,

gesture on bee of of car sales,.com,

crazy Johns and Qantas, please put

your hand together for these 3 men.

Thank you, guys. A fantastic

gesture. All right, let's go back to Whittlesea and Karl Stefanovic.

Thank you very much, Ed, sensational

crowd out here, having a brilliant

time. I was talk to go a fellow from

Kinglake a little earlier, Lisand I

went up to see him, you know what,

at the end of the day, I have lost

my home, I will not be beaten and

this community will not be beaten

either. They are brilliant people.

Jack Jones here with Angry Anderson,

Jack, this has touched you

personally hasn't it snnchts my

mother and brother lost their house

down in Callignee on Saturday. It

was a pretty crazy day all round.

So, yeah, that's pretty close to us.

But it's - it has been extraordinary

how people have you know, opened

their arms and just loved us through

it and helped us out and I mean, we

have had friends just come over and

dropping off clothes, dropping off

DVD player and it's funny the things

that you don't think - that you

don't have, tea spoon, just all the

normal kind of day to day stuff.

What about this community spirit

It's testimony to just the Aussie

spirit. We just get in there and go

hard. You are going to go hard on

the get or in just a second. Rip is

son, rip it, go and get suited up.

Angry Anderson, everyone. Here is about Angry Anderson, everyone. Here is

about he is about to rock the house.

It means a lot to be here here? I

nearly made a faux pass. As I used

to say in the old days, I wouldn't

have missed this for quids.

Unbelievable, you people.

Unbelievable. Have you got a couple

of donations that have come through?

Very very proud to say, that I am

the brand ambassador for one of the

great institutionness this country, one of the

one of the great Aussie brands,

blund stone boots, they just

messaged me, the owners that live

down in Hobart, Helen and Doug, they

are going to kick in $

are going to kick in $10,000, that's

not the company thing, that's just

Helen and Doug because they are just

like us, they are brothers and sisters and they care but the

company, has already donated, they

are already here, 2,

are already here, 2,500 pairs of

boots so anybody, the Salvoes are

going to distribute the boots,

anyone who genuinely needs a pair of

boots, a pair of blund stone boots

for you. That's a great effort. You

know, I was just looking at angry

and I in that shot there, thinking

what a handsome couple we make, he

is a good man. What do you want to

hear from angry tonight? We can't be

beaten. Very Apt mate. Angry

Anderson and Jack Jones, mate. This is our song.

is our song.. # Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah # If you want to be in my gang # Stake out with me

# We'll start a revolution # And make the streets free # We'll never weaken # We'll give it our best # Can't be defeated # We're better than the rest # Shoulder to shoulder # We're gonna stand # We're gonna fight # 'Til the very last man # Can't be defeated

# Don't know the word # Shoulder to shoulder # We'll fight the world # We can't be beaten # What do we tell 'em, boys # We can't be beaten # There comes a time # When every man must fight # When he believes in justice and right # He'll take so much # 'Til he'll take no more # They'll hear us comin' # When they hear the mighty roar # Shoulder to shoulder # We're gonna stand # We're gonna fight # 'Til the very last man # Can't be defeated # Don't know the word # Shoulder to shoulder # We'll fight the world # We can't be beaten # Let me hear you # We can't be beaten # Sing it out loud # We can't be beaten # We'll tell the world # Now listen everybody out there # We can't be beaten # Shoulder to shoulder # We'll fight the world # We can't be beaten # Let me hear you # We can't be beaten # Sing it out loud # We can't be beaten # We'll tell the world

# We can't be beaten (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

All right, all right. That was hot. All right, all right. That was hot..

Angry Anderson ripping two up there,

Jack Jones. Zble has still got it.

Fantastic stuff. What a great night.

Whittlesea, you have been absolutely

amazing. Can we -

Can we have a huge thank you, Angry

Anderson, Colin hey, John

Williamson, Jack Jones at the back

there, Lee Kernaghan, a brilliant night. there, Lee Kernaghan, a brilliant night..

Thank you so much and also the

special backing band tonight, the

Police. Very good band. We have had

a great night here and I know a great night here and I know that

we have helped lift the spirits

here, don't forget to keep those

donations coming in. It means so

much to all of these people. That's

what it's all about. Well done John.

And well done to you too. Okay x

guys we have to go to bed, we have

to get up really early tomorrow

morning, we will see you tomorrow,

on the Today Show, have a great

night. Back to you, Eddie. Aussie,

Aussie, Aussie. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Aussie,.

Fantastic stuff, well done to Lisa

Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic they

will be up and back on-air in about

3 hours time I reckon. What a

fantastic way to effort, what with

here in the studio, Aussie, Aussie, Australia here in the studio, Aussie, Aussie,

Australia Unitesy. Australia Unitesy..

We will be back shortly with more We will be back shortly with more on Australia Unites. (SQUEAKS) There's nothing cats would rather eat. (UPBEAT FOLK MUSIC) (QUIRKY CLARINET MELODY)


(FROTHER WHIRRS) VOICEOVER: If your mobile broadband is excruciatingly slow, try the network that works better in more places - Telstra Next G. ,

Australia Unites, the TV ticking over $

over $20 million raised alone

tonight. Not all the donations have

been cash donations, have a look at

this, this is a magnificent Jake Yeo

caravans, 66 of these caravans are

going up to Whittlesea and the other

areas that have been devastated by

the bushfires. They are staying up

there, thank you to the guide guy,

APTa travel agency will donate $ APTa travel agency will donate

$50,000 cash to Red Cross. Also they

are going to auction off, 3 luxury

15 day urn river cruise es on eBay,

all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

Auction closes on Sunday, 22

February. If you are looking for a

an international hole

an international holiday, go on to

eBay, why not give your money here,

the money will go straight to Red

Cross. The Shoe Gallery Have Cross. The Shoe Gallery Have donated $ Cross. The Shoe Gallery Have donated

$10,000 worth of shoes. Sunraysia

fruit joys es, Dan Presser, ray's outdoor, $

outdoor, $15,000 worth of clothing,

boots, Camming gear and barbecues,

one of the major issues up at

Whittlesea and around these

different places, they wanted

barbecues because they want to cook

some food up there. How about this

one, pan sonic Australia, they have kicked in $

kicked in $100,000 cash. In

addition, pan sonic will also throw

in a further $

in a further $400,000 worth of

products to be provided to families

and schools and particularly,

looking at schools that have lost

their equipment. A fantastic gesture

again. Em

again. Em Emirates, and the

Australian cricket team and the

Melbourne Symphony orchestra, they

have kicked in over $

have kicked in over $50,000 worth of

tickets to go on to the Collingwood

website so you can get on there,

there is four business class there is four business class tickets

to the value of nearly $

to the value of nearly $100,000 up

for grabs there. You can buy those

products. Also there's money can't

buy including if you can be bothered

coming to football at my guest at

the president lunch, pet stock have thrown in $

thrown in $30,000 worth of pet food

and collars, and Cousins have thrown in $

in $75,000 worth of product, that's

soap and body wash. $

soap and body wash. $25,000 in cash.

Plenty of cash fwr these

organisations, plenty of goodwill

and some tank bl results going up

the highway tonight. Thank you for

all the corporates. Let' go back to

Tim Campbell now in the phone room.

Good on you, Tim. It's amazing, it

just doesn't stop. We have just past 11. just doesn't stop. We have just past

11.30, the phones are

11.30, the phones are, they are

never on the hook. Please keep it

coming. But Giann, you have a

special guest with you. We have got

another tennis great here in Mark

Philipposssis butness something

special here tonight The way

Australia has come together to

support has just been incredible.

You have had some incredible

donation, you have been on the phone

as a little kid, 12 years old, being

on the phone to donate his pocket money, of $

money, of $90. That's incredible.

You have a big donation From the

mayor and brim bank city council have donate $ have donate $40,

have donate $40,603, so thank you so

much for your support. That's just

increed able. $ increed able. $40,

increed able. $40,603. That's pretty

impressive. I've got one, $

impressive. I've got one, $50,000

from Alan trip and family which is

just huge. Tim the money keeps

coming in. Speak being of

incredible, this man, Adam Hills has

just got on off the plane from Hong

Kong, here to channel 9, welcome. I

am a bit dazed, I have probably got

breath like sait and's bottom. No,

you smell fine. As you know the

response in Australia has been

incredible. But what was it like incredible. But what was it like in

Hong Kong? I was only there for a

couple of days, from the moment I

got off the plain, the driver who took me to the hotel, when I took me to the hotel, when I checked in took me to the hotel, when I checked

in at the hotel, everyone was asking

about the news, whether I had news

was affected, so it really is

worldwide news. Now, you have got a

bit of news here with this little

donation This is amazing, the first

phone call I took was from Cassandra

permanent after fighting fires all

weekend, she still rang up and donated $

donated $100 for the cause. I said I

would give you a

would give you a shout out, that's

amazing. The very spungy Kelly land

ri is there as well. I have I have a

really big one from Freedom

Furniture staff, they have donate $ Furniture staff, they have donate

$sz 65,000. I had to gold fingers mens club have donated $

mens club have donated $20,000 and

it's still growing. We will take the

money from anywhere. If you want to

donate, give us a call. Back to you,

Ed. Good on you Tim, good to say Tim Bart Ed. Good on you Tim, good to say Tim

Bartlett has dug into his pocket

Bartlett has dug into his pocket we

will take the money from anywhere.

What about this, Paul Dainty, one of

the great prents and Dainty

consolidated have donated $

consolidated have donated $50,000.

In June, July this year, the premier

of jersey boys, the American

partners involved in this smash

Broadway hit have donated all their

services, all their royalties,

everything on the night which should raise somewhere ebb between $

raise somewhere ebb between $150 and

200,000 so the premiers of jersey

boys in June, July, the eagerly

awaited stage play has been a smash

hit in New York, coming to Melbourne

and thanks to Paul Dainty, all that

will be coming to the bushfire appeal. Put your hands together for

Paul Dainty and all the gang at

Dainty consolidated mtd and

particularly, to the American

producers of jersey boys for being

just fantastic in donating all that.

Now, speaking of superstars. Jessica

Mauboy with us, everybody. Put your

hands together for Jessica. How are

you I am very well, thank you. Jess,

you have had a wonderful 12 months,

24 hospital months, haven't it, it

has been fantastic It has been

really Chrissy and I am enjoying

every moment. But it is really every moment. But it is really great

to be here and to be able to be a

part of of this - to help, to lend a

helping hand. You are going to sing

a very poignant song, originally

written by sin difficulty laup er.

Let's here it for time after time.

Sometimes you picture me, I am

walking to far ahead. You're calling

to me. I can't hear what you say.

Then you say go slow. I fall behind.

The secondhand unwinds. You can look

and you will find me, time # If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting # Time after time # If you're lost, you can look # And you will find me # Time after time I'll be waiting

# Time after time # After my picture fades # And darkness has turned to gray # Watching through windows # You're wondering if I'm OK # Secrets stolen from deep inside # The drum beats out of time # If you're lost

# You can look and you will find me # Time after time I'll be waiting # You said "Go slow" # If you're lost # You can look and you will find me # Time after time

I'll be waiting

# Time after time # I fall behind # The second hand unwinds # If you're lost # Time after time # If you fall I will catch you # I'll be waiting # Time after time # If you're lost, you can look # And you will find me # Time after time # If you fall I will catch you

# I'll be waiting # Time after time # Time after time

# Time after time time after time (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) You are, aren't you? Hey? Ah, boo-boo, boo-boo-boo! VOICEOVER: New McCain Steam Fresh baby vegetables. (PING!) Ah, McCain, you've done it again. (BLOWS RASPBERRY) that doesn't harden your features. Casting Creme Gloss, from L'Oreal Paris. Because you're worth it. Why go anywhere else when you can shop here at Bunnings? 4-shelf unit, $19.98.

Shower head with arm, $19.94. Six energy-saving globes, $18. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item we'll beat it by 10%. I believe we are a one-stop shop. Lowest prices are just the beginning. DREAMY, SEDUCTIVE LOUNGE MUSIC PLAYS

GENERAL CHATTER VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings at McDonald's. And it's loaded with class-changing features - like an advanced audio system with iPod Connect, a powerful yet economical i-VTEC engine the all-new City is sure to move you.

Hi there everyone, we are on Hi there everyone, we are on the

Gold Coast, with the entire crew and

cast of Sea Patrol. Say hello,

today, we are just about finished

shooting series 3 but of course, we

thinking of everyone that has been

affected by the bushfires and we

have dug deep. Over the last week,

we have been watching all the events

unfold at home in Victoria, it has

affected colleague $ affected colleague

affected colleagues and I think the

after shocks of what happened have

touched us all very well. We have

kind of come up with $

kind of come up with $7,000 today.

And whether you at home can give $

And whether you at home can give $1 or $

or $10, it will all go to a great

relief effort in helping rebuild and

repair the lives of the people down