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(generated from captions) By George! - Yes! - Well done! How about that?! - How do you feel? - That's fantastic. On top of the world! but so are the goats! Not only you on top of the world, Yes, they'll get presents! they're getting hay. They're rapt. They're getting fed, They're getting a new shed. And you're off on the Silk Road for a holiday. between Mongolia and Moscow - Good on ya. - That's right. hands together for Heather Lamb. What a fantastic effort. Put your on Millionaire Hot Seat. She won $50,000 tonight Goodnight. This program is captioned live. over the shameful Chaser skit Anger and outrage of very sick children. making jokes at the expense Pain first and then just disgust. finally falls on his sword. The embattled Defence Minister taken to hospital More than a hundred school children because of a chemical scare. And was he in or out? that's divided the nation. The video ref ruling Good evening. it was a miserable failure. If it was meant to be funny The ABC's 'Chaser' team with your taxes whose wages are paid for this time with an insensitive skit has offended just about everyone at terminally ill children. poking fun outside the ABC's headquarters Denham Hitchcock is apologised, to a degree. and Denham at least they've

That is correct. The boss of the

ABC has removed the segment from

appeasing everyone. the program but that is not

children with a terminal illness. The Make A Wish Foundation is for Making dreams come true is our wish.

the Chaser team took aim. But last night Foundation. The Make A Realistic Wish Why go to any trouble anyway? when they're only going to die to play dying children. Child actors were used Helping thousands of of kids and selfishness to lower their extravagance in the face of death. The backlash was immediate, including an email from a father with his dying son. who watched the program was diagnosed with cancer, When Maria's daughter the Foundation granted her wish - an audience with the Pope. even lift her head off the pillow, There were times when she couldn't

granted Megan immense joy. but having that wish his two children to serious illness. Terry Deefholts almost lost Pain, first, that this sort of thing can go on. and then just disgust, outrage thrives on shock value - 'The Chaser' a swipe at Steve Irwin... the APEC motorcade, top blokes after death... # (SINGS) # Even tools turn into

this morning. ..and they were still at it are a long way from sick kids. But politicians What's that? Want to meet Zac Efron? how about this nice stick instead? Tell you what -

up and hang their heads in shame. These guys collectively should get

It's just wrong. the Chaser to apologise. The pressure forced from the blackness of it, The humour came not in any way trying to question of children's cancer people, the work who obviously do great work. But, by this afternoon, was taken off the website the segment and cut from tonight's repeat. of your work Some of the descriptions

'disgraceful', 'a---holes'. 'disgraceful', '(BLEEP)'. was 'sick', 'disgusting', every week. Well, that's the same description Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon. Controversy has caught up with after it was revealed He was forced to resign today in a new conflict of interest, he was involved this time involving his brother. But Mr Fitzgibbon hit back, by those within his own portfolio. claiming he was betrayed

to protect a Cabinet minister It takes more than an armoured car or his prime minister - caught misleading Parliament embarrassed the Government especially one who's already

two trips to China by failing to declare and Sydney businesswoman Helen Liu. paid for by family friend about 1:00 today. The Minister came to my office his letter of resignation. The Minister offered

I accepted it. as defence minister Joel Fitzgibbon's downfall by his brother, Mark, resulted from lobbying efforts chief of NIB Health Funds. Major General Paul Alexander - It came after of Defence health services - in charge told a Senate committee last night

to attend meetings he'd been instructed with Mark Fitzgibbon in the office of a junior minister US health insurance giant Humana. and representatives of The Defence Minister had claimed by himself or his staff no involvement but today that story changed. a significant departure This one does represent the Minister gave publicly. from the undertakings The resignation letter said:

about these things. I always feel sad Mr Fitzgibbon said Late this afternoon

to bring him down there'd been a covert campaign

and possibly his own office. involving people in Defence in my midst. I had at least two or three Judases They had the drip on me. had eight front-bench resignations The Howard Government In Parliament to suggest impropriety the Opposition tried by the Prime Minister himself Brisbane dealer several years ago. in accepting this free car from a fondly known as the mobile office... REPORTER: This rusty, trusty ute, at the time. Mr Rudd publicly declared the gift Laurie Oakes, Nine News. Sad news to report tonight, Professor Chris O'Brien is RPA surgeon and cancer patient he is gravely ill. in hospital with his family saying programme, 'RPA', The former star of the Channel Nine form of brain cancer three years ago. was diagnosed with an aggressive Since then, he's worked tirelessly

for a cancer treatment centre. to raise funds About a 130 children were from Dubbo Zoo today rushed to hospital after an unusual medical alert. They complained their eyes were stinging and it turns out it was from a chemical used to clean the bicycle helmets there were wearing. Two bus loads of distressed teenagers arriving at hospital, their eyes stinging, 11 of them with terrible symptoms. So we've irrigated their eyes, washed their faces and we're just checking all their eyesight now. The Year 9 students from Sydney Technical High at Bexley were struck down when riding their bikes in the rain at Western Plains Zoo. Cleaning dissenfectant used on the helmets washed into the children's eyes. Some of the students are worse than the other so they're going to check the whole lot of them out. The zoo has used disinfectant on helmets for four years and today's reaction is unprecedented. Late today, all the students were given the all clear. A short time after being treated, they've been released with no long-term problems. The school excursion will continue to Parkes as planned tomorrow. Who says a little rain never hurt anybody? John Kerrison, Nine News.

A teenager has spoken of the terrifying moment

he and his mate were stabbed by a gang as they walked home from school in Villawood yesterday. The boys are now recovering from their injuries as police try to unravel the motive for the attack. 15-year-old Jamil Asswad is one lucky teenager. I was bleeding everywhere. Tried to get away but couldn't get away. Yesterday he was the target of a vicious street attack. Just started cutting me on my hand and on my thigh and on my knee. Jamil and his mate, 14-year-old Mohammod Rizk, were attacked by a gang as they were heading home from school. Mohammod - seen here on home video - is still in hospital after surgery to a leg wound. We hope he will be alright. The teenage boys got off the bus around about here and were heading to their homes just across the street when they were

set upon by a gang armed with machetes, knives and a pole. Everyone just went schizo and started fighting. It's believed the attack was payback It is believed the attack was payback for a minor altercation on the way to school several hours earlier. They tried to cut my neck as well. Mohammod's family can't believe he was targeted. Normal kid, everyday kid, mate. He wasn't looking for trouble. Police are looking for four Asian men who were last seen in a red Honda hatchback.

Simon Bouda, Nine News. Federal Police say they've smashed an international drug ring seizing 2 tonnes of the chemicals used to make ice and speed hidden inside a container of furniture from China.

Five men in Sydney and two men in Canberra have been charged. We would allege they are major organised crime syndicate members who are highly organised and are very sophisticated.

The drugs would have sold for more than $15 million. Schapelle Corby has been sent back to jail from a Bali hospital, after two weeks of psychiatric treatment. Earlier, her mother, Roseleigh Rose, tried to block access to her room, protesting that her daughter was still severely depressed. They've come to take my daughter and she's not well. A hospital official decided that Corby was well enough to return to her cell and the convicted drug smuggler will have to continue her treatment with a prison doctor. Talk around almost every office and work site today

was the controversy over the State of Origin

especially Jarryd Hayne's disallowed try. Ken Sutcliffe joins me now and Ken, yet again rugby league's been battered by another video storm. Peter I dont think you'll ever get full agreement on it and Queensland were the better team, winning 28-18. But the Blues feel robbed by video ref Bill Harrigan. As for Bill, well he's standing by his call. A raw deal? The Blues to a man were feeling very black over Haynes's sideline-dancing disallowed try in the first eight minutes. I don't know how many angles they needed to disallow it, but they were looking for one. I think he had a look at it seven or eight times. Where's the benefit of the doubt? It was an opinion shared in commentary.

COMMENTATOR: When you get to this many views

there has to be benefit of the doubt. It was a 50-50 call, and those sort of calls are supposed to go to benefit of the doubt to the attacking team. You know, the touchie didn't put his flag up. Apparently there was no doubt after a long delay and endless replays. Today the video ref had his say. It wasn't that we had doubt - we just wanted to cover all the angles. REPORTER: But no doubt in your mind the next day? No doubt. No doubt. And guess who agreed with the video ref? No, it's no try. Yeah.

Cheeky. For all that, a seething coach Bellamy put the full stop on the result. We needed to respond better after that no-try of Haynes.

If it's any consolation, bookmaker Mark Read also thought Haynes scored and returned first try score wagers. My punters are blueing like crazy, and so am I. A bookmaker refunding money - now that's worth a replay.

Roll on game 2. Ken Sutcliffe, Nine News.

And of course Peter, a full report on the Origin in sport as well as Sam Stosur - what a performance, her best result ever and now just one win away from the French Open final. We're live to Paris later in the bulletin. Buildings and cars went up in flames in a fire at Revesby late this afternoon. It began in a factory but quickly spread to vehicles in a car wrecking yard next door. Workers got out safely and the fire was extinguished in less than an hour. Sydney was covered in a thick blanket of fog this morning

but while it looked beautiful, it caused big problems for travellers. International flights were delayed by up to three hours, domestic by at least an hour. It was all gone by around 8 o'clock this morning. In the news ahead - the energy drink that's angered anti-drug campaigners. And China's bizarre methods of hiding its shameful past.

Anger tonight over a new energy drink being sold in Sydney with the name of Cocaine. Anti-drug campaigners say such a marketing stunt is the last thing thing they need. Spruiked as the 'legal alternative' it's the latest product to hit the popular energy drinks market.

And anti-drug campaigners aren't impressed. A concern I have - it normalises illicit drug use. And the best you can say about the marketing is it's bad taste. The product overseas has three to four times more caffeine than other drinks such as Red Bull. In Australia it's caffeine content is reduced to comply with local food standards. But it's the labelling that has stirred much debate.

I think it's appalling, it's glamourising the name. The Minister is pushing for the Federal Government to intervene.

I've written to the Federal Minister, and the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for it, asking for them to take action. It's only a name. We do have a slogan saying, "Be smart - do the drink." But it doesn't have the backing of major supermarkets. Woolworths says as a family retailer it's unlikely to stock the product. And Coles doesn't think it's appropriate to see the drink on it's shelves. On the street the response was mixed. I think it's a bit of a lark. I don't think I'd buy it. Pretty strong, I don't really like it. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. The cause of the Air France disaster may never be known with search leaders fearing

they won't be able to recover the flight recorders. The data units could be 7km down

and that would make retrieval almost impossible.

The French President has led a memorial service at Notre Dame Cathedral to honour the 228 passengers and crew. The American President has arrived in Egypt,

beginning a mission to heal differences with the Arab world

but the old enemy Osama bin Laden is doing his best to wreck the effort. Bin Laden has sent out a message,

saying Obama is sowing new hatred by escalating the war on the Taliban. China has cranked up maximum security around Tiananmen Square to stop protesters from marking the 20th anniversary of the country's democracy crackdown. The effort became almost comical today when secret police blocked a report by CNN's Australian-born correspondent John Vause. These plain-clothes officials are using these umbrellas, here, to block our view whenever we try to do any videotaping anywhere near the square. China forbids all discussion of this day when the People's Army killed hundreds of people involved in a democracy campaign. A New York shop-keeper has delivered a random act of kindness under the most extreme circumstances. Mohammad Sohail took pity on an armed robber and now he's a hero on the not-so-mean streets of his neighbourhood. The robber burst in, swinging a baseball bat, but as the aggressor he lasted all of about 10 seconds. Pretending to get cash from under the counter, Mohammad Sohail instead grabbed his rifle. The robber was soon begging for mercy. Only Sohail knew the gun wasn't loaded. It's empty - there's nothing inside. Now the original hold-up victim had little choice but to turn passionate counsellor.

So the shopkeeper - now good Samaritan - threw him $40 and a loaf of bread.

And then - and very probably the gun had something to do with this one - the bad guy underwent a miraculous conversion. "I want to be Muslim just like you. "You want be a Muslim?" I said. "OK, put your hands up." He sort of swore him in as a Muslim and then when Sohail turned his back to get the would-be thief a container of milk as well, the newly minted Muslim grabbed the money and ran for it. The police are less forgiving. If they catch him there'll be more bread, alright - it's on the local gaol's regular menu. Robert Penfold, Nine News. Ken with sport is next

and for a while it looked like it could turn ugly for NSW. The baby Blues displayed plenty of grit but how do you stop a super athlete like this? And Sam Stosur one match away from the French Open Final. At Holden, we're helping everyone realise the dream of buying a new car with the Holden Owner's Grant. So the Colorado LTR 4x4 manual crew cab 16-inch alloys and ABS with 3-tonne towing capacity, is now just $43,890 driveaway thanks to the grant. And if you're a small business, now's the perfect time to buy a new vehicle because the Government's 50% investment allowance could save you even more. make it happen with the Holden Owner's Grant - go better.

The NSW players involved in last night's controversial 28-18 loss to Queensland have pleaded for another chance in Origin II. The Maroons can wrap up a record fourth consecutive series in Sydney later this month. The Blues arrived home down but not out and straight after last night's loss the talk wasn't just about Haynes' no try - the return game in Sydney was also swirling around in their heads.

The series isn't over yet and we will bounce back in game 2. NSW would have made the perfect start if Haynes's effort had been rewarded, but in one 8-minute period the Maroons crossed three times.

COMMENTATOR: Hodges to the 10, now Folau puts in a kick, Bailey is struggling, Thurston scores!

Little was going the Blues' way. Creagh set O'Donnell up but no luck there.

Finally the ball did bounce NSW's way and 18-6 at the break gave the Blues some hope. And it is dived on there by Ben Creagh. But through the flying Ingliss, Queensland extended the lead. Ingliss had support on the inside but backed himself all the way. He has gone down the narrow side past Gidley and scored! Down by 18, the Blues launched their comeback. The vision of Wallace resulted in Wing scoring. Well, maybe he is a saviour! Ingliss defused another chance

with a leap that wouldn't look out of place in an AFL grand final. What a leap!

Then Farrah got a lucky deflection off his own kick. It was game on.

Farrah is inside 20 and he picks up Jarryd Hayne! Gidley was inspirational, but two late mistakes snuffed out what was shaping as a classic Origin finish. The Maroons got another chance and they've made a habit of scoring at the death. He puts Darius Boyd in in the corner. Gidley took it personally. His coach kept it in perspective. The thing about making errors

is that the more times you put yourself on the ball, the more errors you're going to make. All are hoping for the chance of Origin redemption. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. Samantha Stosur has fought back from serious illness to become the first Australian woman in 21 years to make the semi-finals of the French Open. A fit and confident Stosur cruised through the quarters, defeating Romanian teenage prodigy Sorana Cirstea in straight sets.

Clint Stanaway joins us live from Paris. Clint you're a lucky man because you may witness history later tonight. Ken, not since Nicole Bradtke in 1988 as an Aussie woman made the semis here. Make the final and do the unthinkable and Sam will become our first French Open winner since the legendary Margaret Court way back in 1973. Living the Roland Garros dream Sam Stosur is edging closer to a prize that's eluded so many Australian female players for so long. COMMENTATOR: And she's done it! Stosur's straight-sets quarterfinal win puts her within striking distance of her first Grand Slam title. And based on this performance anything is possible. It's amazing what winning a few matches can do. And I'm just feeling great - my game is all there, and if I can keep it all together who knows what can happen? It's an achievement even more amazing when you consider just 18 months ago she had to leave the sport as she battled Lyme disease. She's a picture of health, at the moment. Thank goodness, after illnesses last year, she's come right - physically superb and mentally really switched on. It's been step by step, a lot - a lot - of work,

a few disappointments. Stosur's form at Roland Garros has been so impressive

many here are beginning to wonder if perhaps she could go all the way. Realising that dream takes another two wins and it all starts with Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova. The way Stosur is playing Kuznetsova will need to work even harder if she's to win through. I hope it's not going to stop here. I've got to come back tomorrow, and I'm going be pushing everything out of myself to try and get through that one and get myself into a final. Clint Stanaway, Nine News, Paris. In finance news - the market slumped 2%, the All Ordinaries down 76 points.

Resource stocks were worst hit - BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto losing more than 5%. Our dollar is just over 80 US cents. Jaynie's next with the weather. Jaynie, not much rain for our long weekend? That's right, Peter - just a few showers, but nothing too heavy. The full details coming up shortly.

6:30. n z Coming up on WIN News... 6:30. n z Coming up on WIN News... A

Canberra man fronts court over a

multi-million dollar drug ring,

Narrabundah locals in a spin Narrabundah locals in a spin over an

intersection, And the Brumbies intersection, And the Brumbies now

only an outside chance to sign only an outside chance to sign James

O' Connor. Details next. n z

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Another rise in the dams this week to 60.1% - 0.5% up - with 11mm for Warragamba dam. Outside now there is light rain moving in from the north. That also helped to keep temperatures down today. 17-18 for most suburbs. And rainfall totals under 5mm. And rainfall totals around 5mm. Across the State the inland trough is edging closer to the coast with the high behind it providing dry skies. North-east winds are bringing the showers to the coast. Showers tonight, mainly along the coast and nearby ranges. And a few storms popping up over the the central ranges. One of those heavier showers in the north may reach Sydney tonight although storms are unlikely. There's been idespread rain There's been widespread rain across the east and western parts of the country over the past four days. More than half of NSW had over 25mm in the past four days. Virtually the whole State had at least 15mm. Capitals tomorrow - a day of rain for the south-eastern corner. And a fairly big dump of snow is forecast Sunday morning over the alps, for the start of the ski season. Possible fog again in Sydney tomorrow morning showers mainly in the afternoon. The weekend's not looking too bad, some cool air with fresh winds next week. The same for the west. Afternoon showers tomorrow. A mostly dry long weekend but very cool nights. And the weekend build-up is coming so, Peter, extra care for everyone on the roads. Thanks, Jaynie. Stay with Nine for 'A Current Affair'. Our next major bulletin is Nine's Late Night News. I'm Peter Overton. Hope you have a good evening.

magazines. Tonight ... A Canberra magazines. Tonight ... A Canberra

man faces court over an

international drug trafficking

syndicate. A fifteen year old syndicate. A fifteen year old driver

and his passenger injured when a

and his passenger injured when a

stolen car crashes. And.. All in stolen car crashes. And.. All in -

but the A-C-T' s new jail still but the A-C-T' s new jail still has

room to spare. Good evening, I' m

Jessica Good. A Canberra man Jessica Good. A Canberra man has

appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court charged in relation to a Court charged in relation to a

multi-million dollar drug ring. Twenty-seven year old Christopher Twenty-seven year old Christopher