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(generated from captions) Alain? Yeah. Alright. What do you think you have? 3 G's. I think I have the $3,000. You're both in accord. Yeah. Let's pop the locks on 12. What is it, Rosie Sheehan? No! $3,000. up there with Alain. There was the $75,000 you've done tremendously well. So in actual fact, for $19,000. You sold your three grand suitcase at the same rate of return, If you can sell your clunker it's like 100 grand anyway! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Let's see the money! I intend to look up 'clunker', One of these days find out what it really is. 'clunker'. I do love the word, though - Thank you. Thanks for being with us. Been a pleasure. You too, Alain. ladies and gentlemen! See you next time, Vroom! Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom! (BLOWS RASPBERRY, COUGHS) This program is captioned live. Tonight - injured in a crash two dead and dozens of children in Sydney's south. And it really hurted. to be compulsory. Calls for school bus seatbelts Tragedy strikes Manly their grand final rematch hours before with Melbourne. after his dramatic rescue. And Scooby kept on a tight leash with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Two people are dead for injuries and shock and 41 children have been treated sending it crashing into a rock wall after a car hit a school bus, this morning in Sydney's south. the Children's Hospital at Westmead Tonight we're live from where students are being cared for, for seat belts in school buses. and we're covering a new campaign at Westmead. First, though, to Chris Maher are still in hospital? Chris, how many childen Chris, very few. Out of the dozens of casualties, to Westmead Children's. two were flown here One's been discharged, the neighbouring adult hospital. the other transferred to Other hospitals report all have gone home, but one of their patients this terrible crash. lucky to have survived in Sydney's peak hour - This was a nightmare played out travelling east a silver Nissan hatchback, left hand curve, downhill into a sweeping lumbering uphill the number 266 school bus and their female driver. with 37 kids Students say the car swerved. There was a head-on. there was a car The next thing I saw, on the other side of the road and it was, like, in a little ball and everyone was just screaming. The bus slammed into the rock face. covered in glass, Terrified kids as young as five thrown to the floor. I fell off the seat. and it went into my knee then I just saw glass pulled all the glass out of my knee but then some people and it really hurted.

was killed, The hatchback's middle-aged driver died later in hospital. his female passenger became a casualty clearing station. Heathcote Road to comfort crying children. Teachers rushed there early in the piece We made a decision as much as we could - to keep family units together brothers together, sisters together. desperately sought word, their frantic parents Christian School. racing to the Sutherland Shire Just overwhelmed. and I couldn't get her on the phone. I just tried to ring my daughter of my life, I can tell you. One of the most terrifying moments were called in 11 ambulances and 2 helicopters to five hospitals. to ferry the injured were taken to Westmead, Two seriously injured Bankstown, Sutherland and St George. others transported to Liverpool, from Engadine The bus was on its daily run

to the school at Barden Ridge, just after halfway there. a 30-minute trip that ended suddenly Anita Harper was at the wheel. She has a broken foot to look after injured children. but still managed that all our students are safe We do know by emergency service personnel. and have been attended to All parents have been contacted. that shut down busy Heathcote Road A complex emergency operation in both directions and piece together what happened. as investigators try can establish It's hoped mechanical checks to the wrong side of the road. why the car veered the dead driver was incapacitated A post-mortem will assess whether before the crash. speed was factor at this stage It doesn't appear that our investigations are continuing. but as I said, haven't been released The names of the two people killed was about 45 or 50 but we know the male driver of Hinchinbrook, west of Liverpool. and came from the suburb Thanks, Chris. Chris Maher at Westmead. at the school Now to reporter Lee Jeloscek to bus safety. where attention has turned Lee, how are people reacting? major incident Chris, this is the first in the school's 30-year history are unstandably shaken. and parents and teachers for ALL the State's buses It's reignited calls

to be fitted with seatbelts. were crammed into this bus Dozens of children only the driver was buckled up. but on board, the kids had no control. When the bus collided with a car, and I got a cut there. I hit the front of the seat could've been much worse. The bus union believes today's crash It's called on the State Government all school buses have seat belts. to make sure

a pretty good example I think today's in a split second. of what can happen school's buses Some of Sutherland Shire Christian are fitted with seatbelts. today's crash might trigger change. The principal concedes for the transport authorities That really is a matter and to research thoroughly. to investigate of all of our students. We want to ensure the safety These videos from overseas show how dangerous bus crashes can be for those without belts.

(SCREAMING) With no restraint, the risks to passengers are obvious. Recent studies say 3-point belts, like those in cars, are needed - not just those that wrap around the waist. More belts and padding you have around the person, the better it would have to be. All school buses in Perth and Adelaide will soon be fitted with belts. Child safety experts here say

New South Wales should adopt the same measures. Studies have shown if you are restrained in a moving vehicle then your chances of getting injured is greatly reduced so there's no doubt that the child would be safer. But they concede finance will come before safety. The buses that are used for school children are used for the general public so you can't just park a school bus between the hours of 9:30 and 2:30.

And late today, the State Government said installing seatbelts on all 7,300 buses across the State would be a huge task but it's committed to pursuing all safety options. Chris. Thanks, Lee. Lee Jeloscek at Barden Ridge. Now to other news, and Premier Nathan Rees has demoted two of his ministers, warning he expects to work with a loyal team. State Political Reporter Louise Milligan joins us. Louise, you predicted this, so is it payback for disloyalty? Absolutely, Chris. Ministers Ian Macdonald and Tony Kelly have been on shaky ground after supporting John Della Bosca's leadership ambitions. Today, they paid the price. A Premier came to announce a reshuffle and to shake an iron fist at plotters in his Cabinet.

It also reflects, quite frankly, my strong desire for loyalty, discipline and cohesion in my Cabinet. Tony Kelly, a friend of former Health Minister and leadership contender John Della Bosca, is demoted from the high-profile Police portfolio, keeping Lands. Seen as an underperformer, he'll be replaced by Michael Daley. An outstanding performer in Roads and he gains a well-deserved promotion. As predicted on Seven News, also demoted is another schemer, Ian Macdonald. The man dubbed 'Sir Lunchalot' after we exposed his wine advisory council spent $150,000 on wining and dining trips got his just desserts, losing the Energy portfolio. Nathan Rees didn't mince his words when explaining why he gave lighter loads to Mr Macdonald and Mr Kelly.

We are paid to work by the people of New South Wales. We are not paid to engage in internal ructions and backbiting. Deputy Premier Carmel Tebbutt picks up Health. Carmel chose this portfolio herself and that is a mark of her quality and her integrity. John Robertson takes on Environment, Climate Change and Energy. He'll supervise the partial privatisation of electricity despite his strong opposition to it while Unions boss. And Transport Minister David Campbell adds Roads to his already significant duties. He'll be assisted by Housing Minister, David Borger. We're here to work and we're here to work hard. Five Australian soldiers have been injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. The troops were on patrol east of Tarin Kowt when they were attacked by insurgents using an improvised explosive device. The Defence Department says they were treated at the scene and then moved to a medical facility. Their injuries are not considered life threatening. Parents have accused a school principal in Sydney's south-west of bullying students who'd planned to protest against bullying. Most Airds High School students stayed in class today, many afraid of being punished for a mass walkout. The principal was waiting at the gates. Roll call, bell's gone. Students wanted to make a public stand against bullying

after a brawl last Thursday. They were told they weren't allowed. Well, the students were told there would be consequences if they turned up today. A handful of students defied the order to support 17-year-old Ben Novak who had his nose broken, and a 15-year-old boy who ended up in hospital with concussion. They pushed him up against the fence and were yelling at him and then they started punching him

and then I pulled him away and then they just turned around and bashed me as well. For legal reasons, we can't identify the younger boy, or his mother, who believes the school was hoping to avoid negative publicity. It scared a lot of the kids, which is why a lot of them aren't here. We had many kids wanting to come, and, how I see it, that's a form of bullying as far as I'm concerned so I was upset about that. The school captains say most students didn't want to take part.

Bullying is a problem, like it is in every school, but it's not a major problem. These students and parents say they're not trying to ruin the school's reputation - they know bullying happens in schoolyards around the State - but they say they have a right to protest for an education without violence. They're sticking up for an education, a safe education, and why should they be punished for that?

New South Wales students have finished top of the class in national literacy and numeracy tests. 350,000 children in years three, five, seven and nine were tested and they performed above the national average in most areas. Individual results will be sent to parents next week. We really are the undisputed champions when it comes to spelling. Our students are, but the government isn't - its message of congratulations said they 'preformed very well'. Scooby the spaniel is recovering well tonight after being freed from a cave in the Hunter Valley. His owner, 12-year-old Jack Newton, feared he'd never see him again and says Scooby's on a tight leash from now on. Here he comes! After five days trapped in a cave... Scooby! Yay!

..they scooped Scooby out, wide-eyed, tail wagging, back with his family. Oh! An ordeal for them too. How does it feel having him back in your arms, Jack? I'm just so - I can't put it into words, I'm so happy. Did you ever think you'd see him again? No, I didn't. What do you think of these guys who pulled him out? I want to say thank you so much to the RSCPCA.

I love our beautiful RSPCA volunteer, I love you. Thanks to them - fire brigade, rock engineer, mines rescue - Scooby's dehydrated, a small ulcer on his eye from grit, but OK. What did they think we were going to do - leave it there to die? No way! To give you some idea just how much effort went into this, where I'm standing, there used to two massive boulders that were thrown down the hill. Then, they've broken through this rock to get to this hole where a rescue worker with a noose was able to go in and finally free Scooby. Just managed to get a finger on him and wasn't letting go. He's gone around the world. NBC NEWS: Rescue crews in Australia today used high-tech cameras to locate a dog trapped deep inside a cave The message to Scooby - do not do this again.

I'm going to get one of those leashes, you know, the ones that really pull? Are you ever going to let him out of your sight again? No. The career of track world champion Caster Semenya is in the balance after a gender test revealed she is a hermaphrodite. The teenage South African is expected to keep the gold medal she won in Berlin but is likely to be banned from future events. Caster Semenya returned to South Africa

as its new female world champion. Two weeks later, publicly revealed as a hermaphrodite. Man, I don't know what to say. It's pretty good to win it and the gold medal and bring it home. The 18-year-old was gender-tested after winning the 800 metres at the world championships. The results were leaked, revealing Semenya has male reproductive organs. Something went pear-shaped and the ovaries didn't develop properly or, in her case, the testicles and the penis didn't develop properly and just didn't look like they were there at all. A magazine article aimed to stop the rumours. In it, she called the whole debate a 'joke'. The joke is now on the World Athletics Federation. Today, there is no proof and the benefit of doubt must always be in favour of the athletes. Athletics officials here doubt she'll lose her gold medal. It's not a case of cheating, it's not a doping offence -

it's a medical situation. Semenya won't be allowed to compete against women again unless she has surgery to stop her body producing testosterone. We can certainly offer her breast implants later on and give her some hormones to just help her develop into the gender she's been assigned. It's definitely a very unfortunate situation and one feels very sorry for Caster Semenya.

Still to come - the teenager who could lose her legs to swine flu. Also, a driver jumps for his life in a petrol station inferno. And why Jennifer Hawkins has five million reasons to smile. That's next.

The children of murdered Sydney businessman Michael McGurk described him as 'the best Dad in the world' at his funeral today. About 400 people attended the service at Mosman's Sacred Heart Church. Police closed off the street with only friends and family allowed inside. Letters printed in the order of service told of a generous, loving father who always enjoyed a game of backyard soccer. The Australian-developed swine flu vaccine should be ready for general release in a few weeks with adults needing only one dose.

Pregnant women and the chronically ill will receive it first but it's too late to help some people. Fiona Summersides was a healthy teenage girl. It's just been horrible, I just want to go home. Two months ago, she contracted swine flu. It put her in a coma. Her toes now have to be amputated and she could lose her lower legs to gangrene. That was the hardest bit - not knowing whether she was going to live or die. 169 Australians have died from swine flu but a vaccine could soon slow the spread of the virus. A single standard dose of the vaccine is protective in the vast majority of cases. ..with minimal side effects like a sore arm and headaches. With all of these side effects, they're in line with what you'd normally see with a seasonal flu. A roll-out of the vaccine will begin next month.

Health workers, pregnant women and chronically ill patients will receive it first. Children will have to wait until trials are finished. Children's immune systems work differently to adults and sometimes, you do need a second or a larger dose. Although winter is over, the swine flu pandemic is not. Authorities warn there could be an increase in the number of cases in summer - all the more reason to vaccinate as soon as possible.

21 million doses have been ordered - that's enough for everyone, but too late for Fiona. I'm just glad I'm alive, I guess. I'm going to get better one day. A man filling up his car at a Canadian petrol station had to jump for his life when another vehicle crashed through the bowsers. A quick-thinking employee prevented a deadly disaster by cutting off the fuel supply.

I just saw the car coming and poof! The car smashed into the pump. I was just screaming. The driver claims he crashed because he'd been cut off. Incredibly, no-one was injured. Jennifer Hawkins has signed a new 4-year contract representing Myer for a cool $5 million. The Miss Universe winner says working in fashion is every girl's dream. It's a long way from her first job in an office and her first pay packet. Oh, probably like $160 a week and I was happy with that. (LAUGHS) It's not about, it's not about the money. Jen says working on her own Myer brand, Cozi, is one of the best parts of the job. Sport with Alex Cullen and two of League's biggest names go head-to-head tonight? Chris, Greg Inglis and Brett Stewart will aim to put recent scandals behind them. We'll cross to Melbourne next while some famous league names prepare to do battle on Sunday and Mark Skaife makes an impressive return to the V8s.

The NRL finals series kicks off tonight with last year's grand finalists Manly and the Storm going head to head in Melbourne. Matt Carmichael is at Etihad Stadium. Matt, both sides are treating this as sudden death. Alex, it's fourth versus fifth

but there is a chance of elimination for the loser. That's why we expect Manly star Jamie Lyon to return from his shoulder injury and for two troubled superstars to put on a spectacular show here tonight. They started the season as the NRL's poster boys, then became the faces of league's year of turmoil. Brett Stewart and Greg Inglis return to the spotlight tonight. The things that he's endured this year, you'd never wish upon your worst enemy and I think it shows the character of the bloke how he's come back from the accusations that he's faced and the injuries that he's had. He's shown his energy and excitement around training and he's taking that onto the paddock on game day as well. Fans and team-mates expect Stewart and Inglis to lead their sides to the title. He's starting to get a smile on his face and once he starts smiling, he's going to enjoy his football and keep getting better and better. Anthony Watmough thinks he's the man to carry Manly to back-to-back premierships. No side's done it in more than a decade. It's one thing for people to talk about you but I have to go out there and really show them what I can do. Storm five-eighth Brett Finch is just grateful to have the chance after walking out on the Eels mid-season. The reason I came down here, it's a successful club,

to play in games like this. His old mates return to Kogarah for another go at the Dragons on Sunday. Their clash features a throwback to the '80s on the wing - Grothe versus Morris. Slipper was my favourite player, apart from watching dad, so it's an honour to play against his sons. There is also some sadness here. Glenn Hall has returned home to be with his wife Kylie. She gave birth to a stillborn child last night. Manly players will wear black armbands here and our thoughts are with the Hall family. Alex. A full strength Knights team has left Newcastle ahead of tomorrow's qualifying final against the Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium. Hooker Isaac de Gois and winger Zeb Taia both passed fitness tests before heading to Sydney. Fair to say I am surprised. Early in the week, I didn't give either of them much of a chance. The team bus was given a police escort as it left town this afternoon. Ford driver Luke Youlden has been the surprise pace setter in practice for the Phillip Island 500 the first enduro race of the season. Coming out of retirement, Mark Skaife has paired up with Greg Murphy and they're 11th fastest. Probably other than Bathurst, it's the next best track in Australia so I'm looking forward to getting out there and getting into it. The V8s are on Seven Saturday and Sunday. Racing across the country will go ahead this weekend but the rest of the Spring carnival is under threat. Jockeys have suspended their strike over controversial whipping rules which limit the number of times a horse can be hit over the final 200m. They've warned they could walk off the job again as early as Tuesday. Race cancellations, almost a good

thing for punters like me because I never win anyway. Checking finance now and the share market rose 0.5% today to an 11-month closing high as positive data from China gave the global recovery a boost. The ASX 200 increased 25 points. Newcrest Mining rose nearly 2%

Sara's next with the weather and we're in for a warm weekend, Sara? Chris, get ready for an early taste of summer. All the details, next in Seven News.

After today shivering through our coldest morning of the month, temperatures are set to soar this weekend - up to 10 degrees higher than the September average. Today saw tops climb a few degrees above normal, reaching 22 in town after a chilly low of just 9. It's 16 now. Richmond and Campbelltown started the day at just 2 degrees before reaching a top of 23 with the help of warm northerly winds.

On the charts, a deep trough is working with this large high to generate hot and gusty north-westerly winds across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Those winds will peak over the south-west inland tomorrow with a total fire ban for the region. A few showers and storms might come through with this trough later on Sunday, but most of the State will stay dry, including Sydney. South Australia will feel the effects of that system tomorrow.

Warm and windy with a late shower for Adelaide Sunny and 22 in Canberra, 26 in Brisbane. A showery 16 for Perth. Sydney's waters: The water's still quite cool, about 18 degrees, but with temperatures like this, I'd say the beach will still be pretty packed. A top of 29 degrees for the city and coast and cracking 30 in our west for the first time since March. So we've got a sultry weekend on the way - 29 in town tomorrow, 30 on Sunday ahead of a cool change early next week, dropping temps back into the low 20s. And for our western suburbs, a top of 31 both Saturday and Sunday. Warming up at night, too, with lows around 11 degrees. Back to 25 on Monday

and 21 on Tuesday. And that's Seven News to now but we'll have updates during the evening. I'm Chris Bath, thanks for your company. Hope you can join me over the weekend. Goodnight.

Accident victims stabbed in the back by their own lawyers. Demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars from the compensation pay-outs. Is this Australia's best boss? He takes workers on overseas holidays and everyone's included. The classic look returns to swimwear and a quick solution for anyone needing a nip-tuck. VOICEOVER: This is Today Tonight, with Samantha Armytage. Good evening. Lawyers have never been known to be shy, either in their behaviour or about their bills. But in personal injury cases, it seems to be happening more often - with some of the nation's biggest law firms accused of grossly overcharging clients at their most vulnerable. Helen Wellings investigates how ordinary Australians are being charged extraordinary sums to get justice. How can you $9,000 for photocopying? Oh, my blood boiled, mate. $49 for a 'thank you' note? Lawyers can charge pretty much whatever they want. They sell themselves as one of the country's most experienced personal injury law specialists, promoted by none other than rugby league legend and Channel 9 celebrity Paul 'Fatty' Vautin. The cost of litigation, of law, in this country