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a trademarked name devised in 1915? Which of these is

It's pyrex. ALL: Awwww! you knocked that out straightaway. The good news there is that No, that's fine. Mate, I'm so disappointed for you. but you do get $1,000. The $100,000's not there Which is something. Thank you. That's great. Thank you. Mate, congratulations. Thanks. Alright. Good on you, mate. Good stuff. was a fantastic contestant tonight. Anthony Gersbach He won $1,000.

Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. I'll see you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live.

hold a minute's silence Classmates of the Lin boys the family's funeral. as the surviving sister plans to a grinding halt. What drove Sydney's traffic latest swimming gold medallist. We go celebrating with Australia's the study which says And it's a beautiful thing - each generation. women are getting more attractive Good evening. of the Lin family at North Epping, For the first time since the murder

went back to school today, class mates of the two young boys with counsellors on hand to help. The family's sole survivor, Brenda, to class should also have been returning but instead was making funeral plans. Lin leaving her lawyer's office, Shielded with a cap, this was Brenda no teenager should ever have to do - after doing something to bury her entire family. making plans were back at school for the new term, All the while, her fellow pupils or routine about it. but there was nothing normal two weeks ago Terry was in Year 4, At Epping North Primary, where with how to make sense of it all. parents and their children grappled there's a boy who's died I've told my son just that told him anything more than that. but nothing more, I haven't

saying it could be very sad I did prepare him this morning, just being a really nice boy. and he remembers Terry a school in mourning. At Epping Boys High, thing in 12-year-old Henry's honour, A minute's silence was held first in special counselling sessions. his classmates spending the day is to be calm, to keep to routine, What we're doing this week

to talk with each other, to give students an opportunity

to talk with teachers deal with the tragedy and move on. and have some space to be able to moving on may not be possible But for many people, until the perpetrator is caught. their biggest forensic review yet. Police spent the day conducting for slowly narrowing down suspects, It's a platform used no closer to an actual arrest. but at this stage brings them

Jessica Rich, Nine News. the death of truck driver Bob Knight A teenager has been charged over in Milperra last month. fired during a carpark shoot-out. Mr Knight was hit by a stray bullet, with concealing a serious offence. A 16-year-old boy has been charged Bob's wife Jeanette says from her friends and the community. she's received great support

Everyone has just been brilliant, by so many people because he was loved and we both had so many friends. a 17-year-old Police have also charged linked to the shoot-out in Milperra. over a fight in Bankstown which is who used fake flashing police lights Detectives are hunting two men at Maroubra last night. to pull off a carjacking and threatened him with a gun. The men stopped the driver of a BMW forcing him out of his car. They then fired a shot, There was two cars screeching off. there was a guy laying down. I looked over to my left - He was shaking, really shaking. "My car just got stolen." He was like, The driver wasn't injured. He's told police the bandits' car blue and red lights. was fitted with flashing As Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull devastating opinion poll today, reeled from another he will look at possible tax rises Kevin Rudd confirmed that to our health system. to help pay for massive reforms rip money back off the States He says he will also their responsibilities. if Canberra takes over of hospitals today, Kevin Rudd started the rounds talking to staff and patients to remake Australia's health system. about the plan because of the bed shortage. It takes a while to get in

we're out this morning, That's one of the reasons

hospital systems need. to see what extra resources about the huge cost - But the PM isn't pulling any punches reform blueprint unveiled yesterday. up to $5.7 billion a year of the with people. I'm just being very blunt and improve the system, If we want to reform it won't come inexpensively. the extra money came from tax, It's been estimated that, if all for an extra $1,000 a year. average income earners would be hit

Public reaction is mixed. more tax at the moment. I'm not really prepared to pay

to improve the healthcare system? Would you be happy to pay extra tax Oh yes, definitely. Absolutely. actually get the benefit out of it. I guess so, as long as we did How do you feel about that? Up to $1,000? Oh, that's quite steep. would have to be on the agenda. Mr Rudd confirmed tax changes from the States Also, funds would be snatched back over their health responsibilities. where the Federal Government took following the latest Newspoll, Meanwhile, in the Liberal Party there's serious muttering about Malcolm Turnbull's leadership. a credible alternative leader, If there was his days would certainly be numbered.

seemed to be trailing his coat And ambitious Tony Abbott host of 'Australia's Next Top Model', after Sarah Murdoch, launched his new book. in one of your coming programs I could be a potential finalist 'Australia's Next Top Politician'. would be leader 'for keeps'. But later he said Mr Turnbull Laurie Oakes, Nine News. has been charged with assault Sydney father Gary Harling

at an under-12s football game after that alleged bashing following earlier this month. Harling, who ended up in hospital, of throwing the first punch, has been accused a claim which he denies. a group of people saying this At the end of the day, you've got saying that, and you've got a group of people and, um, where do you go from that? He and another man charged with assault will appear in court next month. With schools back to normal today,

right on cue, our roads ground to a halt. In the north, it was especially bad when rail commuters had to hit the roads after an incident stopped trains on the North Shore line. Reporter Jodie Noyce joins us from Sydney's Traffic Management Centre and Jodie, simply getting to work was hard work today?

Yes, Peter, the holidays are well and truly over

for students and drivers alike. Yesterday, when schools had a pupil-free day, it was a breeze getting around the city. Today, all drivers could see was red. For weeks, we've enjoyed an easy run on our roads,

but that was clearly over as we headed to work this morning. Traffic is really slow going, south-bound from West Pymble on Ryde Road down towards the M2. It was also a slow trip if you were travelling along the Spit Bridge. So, too, the Pacific Highway, where cars were practically crawling. It was pretty bad. 20 minutes at a set of lights is a long time to wait. Making the congestion worse, at Roseville Station a man was killed after being hit by a train,

forcing many commuters onto buses. How late were you to work? An hour, yeah, in total. How was your boss? He was OK. I called him a couple of times, I gave him a few updates. It has taken me about an hour to get from Wynyard back to Roseville here, so very frustrated. Just as the morning mess was cleared, a semitrailer overturned on the Pacific Highway at Artarmon, blocking traffic in both directions.

I'm late for a meeting with my accountant. Despite all the chaos, the RTA says there was nothing to complain about. The traffic flowed really well this morning, so we were pleased. The traffic flowed really well this morning, so we were pleased. The Chamber of Commerce disagrees and says Sydney's traffic problems

cost our economy $3.5 billion each year.

We've got too many incomplete roads, too many major freeways that then don't link. That cost is expected to increase to $8 billion by 2020. But for now, I can tell you the traffic is flowing quite well

as people head home tonight. Police have made an appeal

for any witnesses of a brutal bashing at Hurstville on the weekend. A 34-year-old man was walking along a laneway when he was attacked in a random robbery just before 6:00 on Sunday morning. His head injuries are so severe, he's been left in a medically induced coma. How many people were involved in the attack is unclear. A very expensive fire in Melbourne today as the main depot for one of the city's biggest taxi companies went up in flames.

Damage to the Silver Top Taxi headquarters is tipped to be more than $1 million. The blaze also caused massive disruption to taxi bookings. Now to the World Swimming Championships, where Australia has won its first gold medal in the pool. And it wasn't one we had pencilled in, Brenton Rickard breaking the world record in the 100m breastroke. Damian Ryan is in Rome and watched the magic moment. Damian. Peter, despite all the talk of super suits ruining the sport, becoming a world champion is still so sweet. And it was even more special for Rickard who's waited so long for it to happen. Swamped by family...

..and fans, Brenton Rickard, the breaststroker who blew away the best. World champion, world record-holder - pinch yourself! I know, they're still words that I don't associate with myself, but maybe in time, they'll sink in. The 25-year-old had a spring in his step even before he hit the pool. And then all that energy kicked in from the turn - fifth for home, he reeled them in. COMMENTATOR: Brenton Rickard, who has never won gold before, is right in the mix. Duboscq in lane eight is also - lane one is there as well.

Duboscq, I reckon... No, Rickard's got it! The race of his life over in less than a minute. It was a gold medal for patience and hard work,

finally a lap of honour at this, his fourth world championships. I'm just thrilled for him. He's worked so long and so hard.

Brenton's world record joins a growing tally. There've now been 11 in just two days of competition and every one of the swimmers has been decked out in the 'super-suits'. I think it's the best suit I've worn. I'm not going to deny that. At the same time, I still feel I was the best swimmer in the race. But Olympic champion Stephanie Rice was second best, silver in the 200m individual medley and her previous world record now just a memory. COMMENTATOR: Kukors wins and Rice has to settle for second. World champion in 2005 and Jessicah Schipper so nearly made it a double in the 100m butterfly. Inside the old world record, but still only runner-up.

And it's Sjostrom! Matthew Targett made it a hat-trick of silver, beaten in the 50m butterfly by just 0.06 seconds.

Damian, the biggest name in swimming is up tonight and he looks vulnerable? Yes, Peter, Michael Phelps is the Olympic 200m champion and world record-holder but he was ranked only third here and a fair way back. Phelps is one of the few swimmers wearing one of the old Speedo suits and it could be a decision he might regret later tonight. In the news ahead - why there's heat between our professional and volunteer firefighters. And going over the top in trying to set a new record. 59 of the world's best automotive experts... ..from 25 countries around the world... ..finally managed to see eye to eye on one thing. When it comes to Quality, Safety & Value... ..the new Volkswagen Golf.

Bushfires come with a rush and before we know it,

it's going to be that hot time of the year again. But fighting between the professionals and the volunteers is already boiling over. At the centre of the dispute are three areas where it's claimed full-time firefighters are needed instead of volunteers. The State is rightly proud of all of the efforts of the volunteers who are the lifeblood of the Rural Fire Service. But the service itself and its paid managers are under attack. While the Government highlights the 71,000-strong volunteer army, only half - 35,000 - are ready to fight fires. The union representing full-time firefighters say that creates a false impression.

I think you have to say that the half that aren't there

is the phantom army, they are the RFS volunteers that don't exist. Nine News reviewed the Rural Fire Service's own manual and found there aren't enough bush firefighters to meet the service's requirements in Sutherland, Baulkham Hills, the Hawkesbury region and the Blue Mountains. The situation is most serious in traditional bushfire-prone areas such as Lithgow and the far South Coast. We are critically short of firefighters in some of the most dangerous parts of the State heading into the summer season. I don't have any specific figures with me but the fluid nature of the organisation is such that we have core strength of volunteers.

There is also criticism of poor planning. Around 90% of the bushfire management plans across NSW are yet to be completed.

That is a disgrace. Professional firefighters say it's time they took over responsibility in parts of Sydney as well. I think there is a big question mark around the Terrey Hills area, the Hawkesbury and the Blue Mountains. These are areas where we have increasing population densities. Sydney's a growing city, as we all know.

And Kevin Wilde me joins me now. Kevin, is it inevitable that the RFS will lose control of bushfire fighting throughout Sydney?

I think so. And the long-term, yes,

but over the next cheers the

question is how much more responsibility will be fire

brigades take. This is in part a

turf war, but also a debate about

the best use of taxpayer funds. The

Rural Fire Services well-resourced

and the Farmers' Union wants more

money or so. Michael Jackson's personal doctor seems a step closer to prosecution, with a police source reportedly stating that Dr Conrad Murray injected the knockout drug which may have killed the King of Pop. Last week, detectives raided Murray's Houston medical practice and investigators may now be on the verge of arresting him on manslaughter charges.

Now, let's watch this man go over the falls. It's no accident. Tyler Bradt was setting a new record for a waterfall plunge in a kayak. The drop was 62m, beating out Bradt's arch rival Pedro Oliveira, who recently took a 42m plunge. There's no prize for this stuff - the reward is simply surviving.

If you're a single man and you're holding out for Miss Right, patience may well be a virtue. Scientists have discovered that with each generation,

women are becoming more beautiful.

With the exception of recent arrivals from the planet Zongo,

this should come as no surprise to anyone - women are becoming more attractive, each generation better looking than the one before. They have access to great anti-ageing products, to great make-up, to information about what to eat and to exercise. Jog around in the morning and look who's doing it - it's the women.

But the researchers give most of the credit to nature. They tracked 2,000 women over four decades. The big finding - beautiful mothers give birth to even more beautiful daughters. Goldie Hawn and daughter Kate Hudson. Yasmin Le Bon and Amber. Jerry Hall with Elizabeth and Georgia. Demi Moore and Rumer and Tallulah. Our own Tozzie sisters and Olivia Newton-John and Chloe. Genetics, of course. Men marry a beautiful face. Women marry a beautiful provider. Another finding, beautiful women also have more children, especially daughters, than, well, those who aren't quite so beautiful. Sadly, when it comes to us blokes the news is not all that flash - in fact, evolution seems to have gone into reverse. We're not getting any better looking, the survey says.

Still, beauty, they say, is really on the inside. I hope.

Peter Harvey, Nine News. Ken with sport is next and the Queensland Rugby League attempt to get some answers. Yes, Peter, about that alleged night on a cocktail of sleeping pills and Red Bull. Also, Aussie Nathan Green cracks it on the US PGA Tour. And will Australia make changes for the crucial third Test in Edgbaston?

59 of the world's best automotive experts... ..from 25 countries around the world... ..finally managed to see eye to eye on one thing. When it comes to Quality, Safety & Value... ..the new Volkswagen Golf.

An investigation into Queensland players using a cocktail of sleeping pills and energy drinks

has found two players broke team rules. And Broncos coach Ivan Henjak has complained about the state his Origin players were in when they returned. This was never going to be a standard Origin review, after allegations players were mixing Stilnox with Red Bull to achieve a cocaine-like high. But the Queensland Rugby League

failed to come up with any proof that's what the players were doing. I'm not saying they're not true. We can't provide aby evidence to substantiate those claims.

We're not in the habit of just sweeping things under the carpet. Until something positive comes forward, our hands are tied. That doesn't appease Broncos coach Ivan Henjak, who wasn't happy about the condition of his players when they returned from Origin. I thought they probably could have come back in a better state. So what did the investigation discover? No drug use or wild partying. Just that two players were out at night without permission before a non-training day early in the camp. At the other end of the spectrum, Jamie Simpson. He was unwinding today after scoring three tries in the Rabbits' 40-20 win over the Roosters, the first a dedication to a mate who died last night. Simpson's been fighting his own battle, having almost beaten cancer.

I'm five years remission. I've got one more check-up with the doc before they give me the all-clear to basically live a healthy life, so it's gonna be good. When's the check-up? I've got to book it, so whenever I book it.

Now he's got a new battle - trying to secure a contract with Souths for next season. I've been playing for my future all year. so just have to step it up a notch. Wicket keeper Brad Haddin has defended out-of-sorts paceman Mitchell Johnson as the Aussies stepped up preparation for the third Test.

Johnson has been the big disappointment of the series so far, but Haddin believes he can still be lethal. With another forgettable tour match behind him, Mitchell Johnson made a fleeting appearance at Australia's first net session at Edgbaston. Mitchell, fit and raring to go? With figures of 1/107 at Northamptonshire, it's no surprise questions about his form slump continue to stalk the Aussie team. It's not as big a concern, I think, as everyone's making it out to be. He's still taking wickets. Phil Hughes appears likely to retain his spot, a century opening partnership with Andrew McDonald

in the 3-day tour match helping his cause. We know we can play a lot better cricket than we did at Lord's. So we'll just have to wait and see over the next couple of days to see if we can respond. without Kevin Pietersen, The hosts will be

but Freddie should be ready. Flintoff's knee will be monitored in the next few days, but one English selector says

it would take wild dogs to keep the paceman off the pitch. Two weeks of heavy rain in Birmingham

has made life tough for Edgbaston's ground staff. Worse still, rain is forecast for the entire week. Clint Stanaway, Nine News, Edgbaston. Australia's Nathan Green has broken through for his first win on the US PGA Tour, taking out the Canadian Open after a play-off against Retief Goosen. The South African had this putt to win on the first play-off hole, but pulled it right. Green set up victory with a wonderful approach shot to the second play-off hole

and Goosen couldn't match that. COMMENTATOR: Pretty well balanced - it's a superb shot. The South African had one chance, but he two-putted and conceded victory. Green is now guaranteed a card on the US Tour for the next two years.

Tour de France champion Alberto Contador hasn't been gracious in victory, taking a shot at team-mate Lance Armstrong. He confirmed there were tensions within the Astana team and said he has never had and never will have any respect for the American.

Contador made a hero's return to his hometown in Spain with the yellow jersey.

In finance: Jaynie Seal with the weather is next and Jaynie, is this terrific winter weather here to stay for a while? Yes, Peter, I'll be sounding like a broken record this week, but it's going to be lovely - see you shortly for the full wrap-up.

driver, A call to introduce pay

driver, A call to introduce pay parking in the Parliamentary

Triangle. And, Carrie Graf urges Triangle. And, Carrie Graf urges

Canberra to get behind the Opals. All the details

More sensational sunshine this week for Sydney. The down side is no rain and we are on track for having our driest July in five years. Very cold this morning - just 1 at Richmond. Moderate southwesterly winds. But some stronger winds scooting past the south-east of the country. Next to no rain for NSW. And the only capitals expecting showers tomorrow will be Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart.

Sydney under our cloud-free sky, another cold night. Then up we go - a top of 10 for the mountains and 19 across the board.

Sunday morning is when we could get our first bit of wet weather. Surfers - there is an intense low which will develop off the east coast of Tasmania by about Thursday. That could generate a bit of swell this week. Western suburbs - not far off a low of zero for many of you overnight. Tops of 19 and you also have the chance of a morning shower on Sunday So Peter, some glorious days but unfortunately no rain!

And that's the news for this Tuesday. I'm Peter Overton and I hope you have a good evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia All the details next. n z Tonight

... Local objection to the

Commonwealth' s plan to overhaul

public dental services. Two

public dental services. Two teenagers charged in relation teenagers charged in relation to the

shooting death of a Canberra truck

driver. And, calls to preserve an driver. And, calls to preserve an

aging public housing complex.

aging public housing complex. Good evening, I' m Jessica Good. A evening, I' m Jessica Good. A

proposal to provide basic dental proposal to provide basic dental

services to all Australians has services to all Australians has been

slammed as misdirected and a slammed as misdirected and a new

form of middle-class welfare.