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Weekend Sunrise Part 3 -

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(generated from captions) Welcome back.

woke to the horrible news It's been two weeks since Australia

of a bushfire crisis our country was in the grips we'd never seen before. the likes of which and it claimed more than 200 lives It became known as Black Saturday here in Victoria. and thousands of homes Today is a National Day of Mourning.

I'm here at Rod Laver Arena, is back at Brekky Central, Andrew O'Keefe in Melbourne, Simon Reeve joins me here

is in badly-affected Kilmore. while Rebecca Maddern live and commercial free. we will carry the entire service at 11am eastern daylight time. That begins in an hour with Sharyn Ghidella. the morning's top stories But right now, let's update

now stands at 209, The death toll from the disaster the discovery of more human remains. but will rise following Under the Southern Cross,

and reflect on our blackest day. the nation will pause as if it is a cathedral. We're treating this in Rod Laver Arena Up to 100,000 people are expected

and live sites across Melbourne lost their lives on Black Saturday. to remember those who there's more than one voice... # # Look around, you'll find by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Annabelle Priftis will be joined

in a mass chorus. Over 550 singers performing

uplifting and spiritual event. This really will be a truly of the official delegation Princess Anne will be part

We need to remember those who have

lost their lives and the kind of

had. people they were the stories they

of the official delegation Princess Anne will be part early this morning. after touching down in Melbourne from the United Kingdom A representative and representing the Queen for the service. I think would be a nice touch It will be beamed across Australia in the disaster zone - and shown live at 14 sites Eaglehawk, Pakenham, Kilmore, including Churchill, Beechworth,

Whittlesea and Yarra Glen. took so many lives. A fortnight since the inferno this weekend Still more remains have been found and Hazeldene. in the ruins of Kinglake, Marysville

police to search the towns again. The Victorian coroner has ordered

More than 100 people in Victoria may

have died in the brutal heatwave.

Temperatures peaked above 43 degrees

for three consecutive days. The

majority were elderly or chronically hill. in sub-zero temperatures An Australian tourist is missing at a Japanese ski resort. last night A police search of the Niseko resort of Brisbane man Scott McKay. failed to find any trace He went missing early Friday morning

celebrating with friends after a night at the popular Wild Bill's bar. Concerns are mounting and heavy snowfall at the resort. amid blizzard conditions is flying from Brisbane The 27-year-old's family to join the search for him which will resume at first light.

The former Treasurer and one time

The former Treasurer and one time

leadership is still refusing to

reveal if he will stay on the seat.

That has been seen as agitating

against Malcolm Turnbull's

leadership. Cos tell low had a fair

go but didn't have the balls to

move on. contest the leadership and he should

move on. He says he is lazy and unelectable. move on. He says he is lazy and are investigating a death threat Federal Police senator Nick Xenophon. made against South Australian to his Adelaide office A series of abusive calls were made two weeks ago

the Government's stimulus package. during debate over

was decisive, passing the bill. The anti-pokies senator's vote

A fight broke out at Martin Place.

The suspect was taken to hospital

suffering minor burns to his arm.

One man has been arrested and

charged with common assault and

resisting arrest. Another fight

broke out between a

broke out between a customer and a

security guard outside McDonald's.

McDonald's says the security guards

are hired by nearby hotels and not

aware of any incident. Cancer

stricken jade has been given ate

weeks to live announcing her

engagement and selling the rights for ?

for ?1 million.

for ?1 million. She is vowing to

make as much money as she can before

she dies for her two children. Go

for you, jade! Her fiancee was only

recently behind bars for beating a

boy with a golf club. The parole has

given them the night off for the

given them the night off for the wedding ceremony. That is the best

present to have the groom there. Simon Katich off the pitch Injury has forced Aussie opener during Australia's warm-up game President's XI. against a South African's Katich suffered a knock to the arm. to keep him out of the first Test The injury isn't expected which starts on Thursday. He produced 124 before his exit for the second wicket in a 185-run partnership who scored 93. with captain Ricky Ponting

who declared at 7/403. for the home side Khan managed a century

at stumps. In reply, the Aussies were 4/360 To AFL

for the Cats and Gary Ablett has starred at Telstra Dome. in their opening NAB Cup match against the Crows. The Cats stormed home by 35 points against Melbourne. Earlier, Hawthorn only just got home in Melbourne last night. But the focus was on Gary Ablett in attack, kicking three goals, The midfielder turned it on on the run. including a brilliant 9-pointer He is a champion. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's a champion. of today's match Geelong will play the winner in next week's quarterfinal. between Sydney and Port Adelaide came at a cost The Hawks' win in Launceston reported. with Sam Mitchell and Clinton Young

Sglfrjs Karmichael Hunt sl have a

tests done. In other matches the Sglfrjs Karmichael Hunt sl have a tests done. In other matches the

Tight ans were too good for the

Sharks. Parramatta won and the


Dragons won in the Foundation in Super 14 rugby has ended A heart-stopping match archrivals the Crusaders 18-16. with the Brumbies beating levelled the scores A try from Mark Gerrard in the dying seconds of the match. from Stirling Mortlock A tight-angled conversion secured the nail-biting victory after the final siren.

Meanwhile, the Bulls hammered the Blues 59-26. Aurelio Vidmar's men will take on Melbourne Victory after downing Queensland in a tough encounter. Fabian Barbiero netted the only goal of the match - a thriller in the 25th minute. COMMENTATOR: Barbiero! One out of the box. The win also hands Adelaide a berth in the 2010 Asian Champions League.

At the Nutri-Grain Iron Man Series,

she will not be competing. I woke up

and my ear was bleeding. If I don't

race, I am out of the series all

year You will see all the action

right here on Seven this

right here on Seven this afternoon.

They call them ironmen and iron

will. Conditions are good at Coogee

Beach. Dean?

Beach. Dean Mercer, the last ironman for Beach. Dean Mercer, the last ironman

for him. And the other good news as

far as a mark of respect for the

bushfire victims they will wear

yellow ribbons on their caps. Given

our conversation about Nutri-Grain,

they should rotate the title.

Ironman and then thiacin man, don't

you think? Absolutely. They will

have to change the trophy every

year. That could be costly. That is

Nutri-Grain. It is Australia's third

favourite cereal. Now to Sunday's weather. And north-east winds will redevelop through Victoria and South Australia increasing temperatures again. Elsewhere, a cold front is approaching from Western Australia triggering some storms. And flood warnings remain current for central inland Queensland. Taking a look at the capital cities - Brisbane can expect showers today, becoming mostly fine by Wednesday. A clearing shower or two in Sydney today, redeveloping on Tuesday with a possible thunderstorm. Melbourne will be fine and sunny with a top of 28. Tomorrow brings hotter conditions ahead of a late change. Fine and hot in Adelaide. It will be a little cooler tomorrow but maximums are expected to climb later in the week. A clearing trough will bring a morning storm to Perth, before conditions clear tomorrow to a top of 33 degrees. Around the rest of the country - Canberra will be fine and very warm. Fine in Hobart. And in Darwin, afternoon showers and storms today.

Conditions described as

Conditions described as Sultry. Today has been declared a National Day of Mourning. In less than an hour, across the country, Australians will pause to honour the victims of our worst bushfires ever. Tens of thousands are expected to attend. Simon Reeve is here at Rod Laver Arena where people are arriving for the memorial service. Rebecca Maddern is at Kilmore in the heart of the bushfire zone where a live site has been set up. Simon, the memorial service starts in just under an hour. Tell us who has been arriving. Have you spoken to any of the crowd?

In the last half an hour it is

In the last half an hour it is

noticeable there are literally

hundreds of people pouring into the

arena. At 11:00 the bells will toll

down by the Yarra. It will

officially start the 90-minute

service. There will be an address by

John Brumby and a lot of the big

groups have been choirs coming from

all over Victoria. A lot of kids too

and that is something that the

Governor-General will speak at the

ceremony. When she visited the fire

zones soon after she talked about

the children a lot and today will be

about the kids as well. You were

saying there was a little girl

walking in with a firey with his

helmet on and there are people

walking in with teddy bears. It will

end this ceremony with a message of

hope from the Prime Minister and a

minute of silence. As Jim minute of silence. As Jim talked

about during sport, at

about during sport, at the Johnnie Walker Classic they will stop for a

minute's silence. Everyone you speak

to here and everyone you speak to

across the country that you have

been touched by it in some way. Now

let's go to Bec. A lot of people

went to Kilmore on special buses.

How many have made the journey? A

lot of those affected by the

bushfires have made the journey to

Melbourne. We don't have the exact

figures. As far as those who come to

Kilmore, it is still early. We

haven't got many at Kilmore at this

stage. We are expecting some

bushfire survivors here. Of course

They will be joined by family and

friends and the greater community as

a whole will come together here

today and watch the service on the

big screen and they will be here at

the racetrack watching that big

screen. The service will be

screen. The service will be broadcast live. Many have chosen to

stay at home and mourn in private?

Absolutely. I think when you think

about it, two weeks is not that long

a period for people to actually be

up ended from their homes. Some

don't have homes. Some have only the

clothes on their back. They are in

temporary accommodation and two

weeks is relatively quick for some

people to deal with that grief.

People are trying to get back on

their feet. I think they will use

their feet. I think they will use today as a marker and pointer to today as a marker and pointer to say " today as a marker and pointer to say

"This is what happened to us in the

past two weeks and from this day

forward we will be living the rest

of our lives. We have to move forward. of our lives. We have to move

forward." In terms of the rebuilding

phase, it will be a long journey.

The insurance claims - we know a lot The insurance claims - we know a lot

of people were insured and a lot of

people were not insured. They will

be at the mercy of the

be at the mercy of the bushfire

fund. We heard from the police

commissioner a short time ago, the

coroner has halted any debris being

removed any holes because they did

find - any homes because they did

find the remains of bodies in homes.

They want to check to make sure all

sites are clear. We are waiting for

the issue of new fire laws. There

will be new planning regulations.

They will be specific to new

building materials for these houses

to be rebuilt. They will probably

relate to new fire breaks, etc, to

try to prevent such a tragedy from

ever happening again. A massive

reconstruction program ahead of us.

It will be the biggest

reconstruction program since Cyclone

Tracey. It will be a long, hard road

ahead, certainly a very daunting

one. Thank you, Sam. We will talk to

you shortly This is a National Day of Mourning and across the country Australians are gathering to pay tribute. Live sites have been set up in the major capitals. Fifi Box is at the Sydney Opera House where mourners will watch the service on the big screen. Talitha Cummins is in Brisbane at South Bank Suncorp Plaza where a sister service will be held. Fifi, tell us, are people starting to arrive down there and what's the mood like? P

Yes, Sam, many people are starting

to arrive here at the Opera House,

all seated on the steps watching the

screen behind me. At 11am the live

feed will come through and there is

another live site at Olympic Park.

There are international guests who

heard about it and they heard about

the bushfires and want to join in.

This is a communal day of mourning

and their hearts are going out to

the victims and the

the victims and the survivors of the

bushfires. What can we expect to see

in Brisbane? The ceremony starts

here in about 15 minutes. We see a

lot of people arriving, SES workers,

firefighters, politicians. They all

brought along a yellow flower and

placed it on the memorial wall.

placed it on the memorial wall. The Red Cross is set up to collect

donations for the Bushfire Appeal.

People in the last few weeks have

been very generous in donating. A

large screen has been set up to take

part in the live telecast in

Melbourne and big crowds are

expected for a very solemn service.

Thank you both for your time.

One of the towns affected by this is

Whittlesea. Many flocked to the area

looking for loved one. Whittlesea

became the staging post. A relief

centre provided home to the homeless

and now all of Australia knows

Whittlesea's name. Mary Lalios is

the Mayor. Whittlesea has been the

focal point for all of Australia.

First of all, I like to say our

hearts and thoughts and prayers go

out to everyone who has been

affected by the bushfire on Black

Saturday. In terms of generosity,

people across all cultures have

demonstrated a strong commitment and

generous community spirit. I was

touched to hear that a anonymous

person donated bicycles of various

shapes and sizes to Whittlesea. What

does this morning's service mean to

the people of your community? Today

it gives all Australians no matter

where they are an opportunity and a

time to collectively reflect on the

recent tragic events in term it's

recent tragic events in term it's of Black Saturday. February 7 will be

our national memory forever and

together gives us an opportunity I

suppose to honour the survivors,

provide support to those who

suffered and pay tribute to the

emergency services and the

volunteers and professionals who

assisted. It is also a time to help

our community. Whittlesea is one of

25 communities across Victoria that

have been affected and it is a time

for us to help us recover, rebuild

and reconstruct and hopefully emerge

has a - as a stronger community and

hopefully communities affected will

emerge stronger. Thank you for

talking to us on what is a tragic

day. We will be back with more

day. We will be back with more from Rod Laver Arena in a moment. We're back with Weekend Sunrise on this National Day of Mourning. In 35 minutes from now, a memorial service will be held at Rod Laver Arena for the victims of the bushfire crisis a fortnight ago.

An incredible amount of planning has

gone into Rod Laver Arena. Larry

Ponting is the event producer and he

joins me now. Thank you for talking

with us. Talk us through how much it

goes - you have had a busy week. How

much goes into it? An event like

this you would normally like to have

months and months to prepare. We had

a blank sheet of paper last Saturday

and in eight days we started from

scratch working with the guidelines

that premier Brumby wanted to

achieve, a spiritual yet uplifting

event. We got a program that cover

event. We got a program that cover it's, with a lot of spiritual

elements and looks at rebuilding in

the communities which has been so

evident. That strengthens me,

everyone in our industry that does

these kinds of shows has been

wonderful, nothing is too hard How

do you get the atmosphere right. We

want to move on but there are still

early days. There are still gruesome

things happening. What do you want

the balance to be? The balance must

be very I keep using the word

spiritual but it must be respectful.

People have suffered things that we

can only imagine and don't want to

imagine. We are respectful of that

but the whole concept is to rebuild

and move forward. The images, the

words, the songs that are part of

the ceremony and the speeches are

all aimed towards that T it is all

about the understanding

about the understanding and

compassion and to rebuild and move

the community forward. It Seven a

very special day for you because

your daughter is singing in the

choir? Not to be accused of nepotism

but we got so many choirs. It will

be a fabulous, fabulous occasion.

Larry, you are a busy man. Stay with

us for more of Weekend Sunrise in a moment.

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Quick, go! Where's he going?

('JUST BE HAPPY' PLAYS) first steps to being 100% happy.

Welcome back to Weekend Sunrise. I'm Samantha Armytage coming to you live from Melbourne ahead of the memorial service to honour our bushfire victims on this the National Day of Mourning. My co-host, Andrew, is holding the fort in the studio this Sunday. Simon Reeve is here at Rod Laver Arena where thousands have arrived for the occasion. Rebecca Maddern is in Kilmore one of the live sites set up in the bushfire zone. We'll have ongoing coverage, including the service itself in 30 minutes. Right now, let's get a news update from Sharyn Ghidella. Princess Anne has arrived in Melbourne as Australia unites to mourn its dead two weeks on from Black Saturday.

It is difficult to search in these

locations and we have been searching

locations and we have been searching in so many locations and yesterday what we

what we found sadly was some remains

of people who have been caught in

those bushfires. So the coroners

asked us to stop people clearing the

blocks and to allow the forensic

process, the police to go back and

check again. Even as the search

continues, commissioner Nixon says

stood's memorial service should

bring some closure. She joined last

night in dancing and singing to help

Victoria rebuild the shattered

towns. 1,000 people are filing

towns. 1,000 people are filing into Rod Laver Arena and live sites for

the service. John Brumby says it is

a time to show our sympathy and su

a time to show our sympathy and su for those who lost so much. Whether

we have needed goods,

we have needed goods, blood, money

donated, whether it is love and care anda donated, whether it is love and care

and affection. Many affected by the

fires are expected to spend the day

in the communities. Even as

Australia pays the respects, fire

fight pers are battling four major

fronts across the State. A Melbourne

man is in jail for outing a senior leader. 25-year-old Jake Della-Vedova has pleaded guilty to blackmail. The victim's identity has been suppressed. Victoria's County Court heard

Della-Vedova threatened to go public with a secretly-filmed sex video of the married man who he met on the internet.

A Toyota Clyded with a Taraga. He

had to be cut from the wreckage.

Police searched the bridge above and

below but did not find the tipper

drive and investigations are

continuing. Just 24 hours before the

stars walk the red carpet. 11

stars walk the red carpet. 11 members of Heath Ledger's family

will be there to pick up his

posthumous Oscar. 'Slumdog

Millionaire' nominees arrived in Los

Angeles from downtown Mumbai. Of all

the journeys taken none are more

remarkable than those taken of the

children 'Slumdog Millionaire'. They

arrived at LA airport, stars of this

year's hotly tied film. Those found

in the city slums and chosen to play

the lead roles were there.

Controversy overpayment has

surrounded the children. The parents

saying they rather have money than

air tickets. They will accompany

their children to the Oscars

their children to the Oscars where 'Slumdog Millionaire' has 10

nominations. The children who came

to be guests, tomorrow the plastic

covers will be up and the red carpet

will play hosts to unlikely film

will play hosts to unlikely film

stars. Stars who are likely to have

a lot to celebrate at the end of the

evening. Another luxury line cruiser

has sailed into Sydney. The 'Diamond

Princess' arrived with 2 thousand

passengers on board. Wonderful.

Recommend it to everybody.

Absolutely. British cruise ship

'Arcadia' was in Sydney. They were

paying a lot more than ?

paying a lot more than ?10. A total

of 28 ships will visit this month.

It is all happening on the harbour

and all happening in sport. Simon

Katich made the most of his opener. He produced 124 before his exit in a 185-run partnership for the second wicket

with captain Ricky Ponting who scored 93. and Gary Ablett has starred for the Cats in their opening NAB Cup match at Telstra Dome. The Cats stormed home by 35 points against the Crows. While in Sydney Jarryd Hayne netted a double as Parramatta downed the Panthers.

The closest finish in the 18-foot

skiff challenge. After a fairly

tight start to the race, Got to Love

it edged passed Mark Four. With one

race to go just five points separate

them. Three plugs in the space of 30

seconds. That makes it four. And

Dean Mercer. He has been competing

as an Iron Man for 20 years. He and

his dad were there for the briefing.

His old man said "

His old man said "Sob, - "

His old man said "Sob, - "Son, I was

here for your first one and want to

be here for your last.

be here for your last." He was so

old that he started out with Grant

Kenny. Polishing up his G-string.

Kenny. Polishing up his G-string. His what? His G-string. A morning drizzle in Melbourne with a top of 28. Tomorrow brings hotter conditions ahead of a late change. Fine and hot in Adelaide. A clearing trough will bring a morning storm to Perth

The whole country is united in the

efforts to the bushfire

Aussie icon Noni Hazlehurst became a household name on 'Play School' and currently stars as Detective Superintendent Bernice Waverley in 'City Homicide'. But she is also known for her services to children. Noni is teaming up the Borders to help the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal. They are encouraging people to bring their second-hand children's books to any Borders store for donatin to the bushfire affected communities. Noni joins me now. Good morning.

You don't think about this. Bringing

books in to kids who lost their

libraries and schools. And their own

book collection. Someone who has

been through a bushfire my heart

goes out to the children. Books are

something compact that we can

provide and I know people want to

provide tangible things. There is

bonding. Reading a great excuse for

a cuddle and the older kids can read

to the younger kids and I rang

around and I am thrilled that

Borbders came on board because they

are a national book chain. They said

you can bring in good quality

second-handbooks or buy a book and

they will put a value on it and

match it up. It will run until

March. You really do know what these

people are going through. Tell us

your bushfire experience. Six years

ago when I was living in the Blue

Mountains. My house was saved but I

lost my property. We were evacuated

for four days and Elvis the

helicopter was filling up from the

dam next to my property. Until you

have been through something like

that you don't realise what a shock

it is and how long it will take for

these people to recover. That is why

I thought reading is something that

will have short-term and long-term

benefits. Noni Hazlehurst, thank

you. If you want more information on

Borders book appeal, go to the

website. The service will start

shortly. We will be back with more

from Melbourne after this short break. VOICEOVER: The more you look for a home loan,

the more confusing it gets. Mortgage Choice isn't a home loan provider - our job is to sort through the clutter and help find a loan that's right for you. It's hard to believe the Victorian bushfire crisis unfolded just two weekends ago. Since then, hundreds of lives have been lost, along with thousands of homes. Australians are only starting to pick up the pieces. But amid this turmoil, our strength has been the one constant. Black Saturday - a day Australia will never forget. It's devastating. It's heart-wrenching and some people that we know, I think they've lost two of their young kids, so, that's even worse. Lives lost, homes destroyed, memories gone. And you've lost everything? Everything. Everything we own. It was so ferocious how people got caught and I can understand why so much has gone. Those who escaped the deadly bushfires

could only take comfort in each other. Do you know something? You here, OK? Yeah. That's the only part that worked. The death toll climbed higher than anyone anticipated. We've got a large number of people in the Alfred... ..excuse me.

Sglvlgs r

Firefighters and volunteers

struggled to cope. Some have gone

and some that haven't. It is

horrific. 16 years experience I

never experienced anything like that. At relief centres, families tried to piece together the tragedy. Historic towns across Victoria were wiped out.

A brave few came back to see what

was left of their homes. Don't cry!

Don't cry! Alright. I love you. I

Don't cry! Alright. I love you. I love you too.

By day six a breakthrough. We have

someone in custody. A suspected

arsonist is charged over the

Churchill fire. Residents struggle

to make sense how someone could do

this. After the horror came the hope. People have obviously given heaps and heaps. It's just...I can't believe how much people have given us. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone Just, um... ..just everyone, um, and just how much we appreciate your thoughts and your prayers and your donations because until yesterday it didn't hit me I was a fire victim. Reunions. Stories of survival. Iconic images.

AMERICAN NEWS PROGRAM: A firefighter sharing a bottle of water with a koala suffering from burns on its paws. We just saw Sam fangin' through the bush on the burnt ground and I just have a genuine love for Australian wildlife. The nation responded. I saw with a lady inside before that was convinced that I look exactly like her son and she hasn't seen her son for a few days so I sat down and spent a bit of time with that lady and, um, yeah, so, that was a pretty difficult one. With a bit of luck... How about...

Charities delivered clothes and foot

to the hopeless. You have another -

clothes and food to the homeless.

When you look at the faces of the

children, the faces of the children,

it breaks your heart. More than $ it breaks your heart. More than $100

million was raised in the Bushfire million was raised in the Bushfire Appeal. Proof the Australian spirit can survive anything.

This is the National Day of Mourning. A public memorial service for the victims of the Victoria's bushfires will begin in 15 minutes. We'll take a short break then be back with more from Rod Laver Arena. Darling! Quick, Sam's walking. (GIGGLES) Where's he going? (ALL CHEER) ('JUST BE HAPPY' PLAYS) VOICEOVER: At Target - the first steps to being 100% happy. ?

In just a few minutes In just a few minutes the National

Day of Mourning service will get

under away. Simon is at Rod Laver

Arena and Fifi is in Sydney and Ta

lirx oorks ha is in Brisbane where a

sister service is being held. Simon,

sister service is being held. Simon, what are you seeing? We are seeing a

lot of people coming in late. It is

hard to say now until we get to the

service and get inside. The numbers

might be down a bit. Nick made an

interesting point that one of the

buses arrived from Kinglake which

was one of the worst hit areas with

only a handful of people on it. They

said that this would be normally

full and people are not ready to

come yet. While it is a national day

of mourning, there are still many

people in Victoria and in the

bushfire zones as we found out in

the last couple of days still living

in hope that relatives

in hope that relatives may be alive

or looking for bodies. There are

lots of other layers to this story

as well. It is a very important day.

While we are doing this and while

the service is going on, we have to

have respect for those out there and

for those unable it put it behind

them. You do get a feeling that

people may mourn at home today.

Fifi, what is happening where you

are? Many Sydneysiders have made

their way gradually to

their way gradually to the Sydney Opera House forecourt over the

morning. There has already been

tears and so many residents have

tears and so many residents have

felt the pain and suffering of the

victims and the families and

victims and the families and survivors. They are here wanting to

share in the day of mourning. The

big screen behind me will show the

service. Proceedings are under way

in Brisbane. What is happening

there? That is right. The ceremony

just started here in Brisbane. A bit

similar to what Simon said. Numbers

are down and people are either not

ready for wanting to mourn in their

own way. In just a few minutes the

screen will light up with the

broadcast from Melbourne aiflt few

tears and lovely songs and it is a

very solemn service so far. Thank

you all very much for your updates this morning. After the break, the national memorial service for Australia's bushfire victims in full, live and commercial free. Stay with us. Darling! Quick, Sam's walking. (GIGGLES) Where's he going? (ALL COO) ('JUST BE HAPPY' PLAYS)

Welcome back to weekend Sunrise. I'm

joining you live from Rod Laver

Arena in Melbourne where the

national day of national day

national day of mourning service is

about to begin. The ceremony starts

with the ringing of the bells

with the ringing of the bells in Birrarung Marr. Speakers will

include Governor-General Quentin

Bryce, Christine Nixon and Catholic

Archbishop of Melbourne. Princess

Anne has flown in for the service to

represent the queen. This is a

national day, memorial services are

being held across the country to pay

respects to lives lost in the blood

Saturday bushfires in addition to

the 100,000 attending across

morning, thousands more will watch

the ceremony on television or listen

on radio. Possibly the numbers are a

little shy of the targets we had

expected at this point. And maybe

some people are staying away because they some people are staying away because

they thought they might not get in.

We would like to encourage people in

the surrounding suburbs near their

memorial services to get on down and

show their support if possible. I

would imagine, numbers aren't quite

as big as they would have expected.

I would imagine people are choosing

to stay home and watch this in the

privacy of their

privacy of their lounge rooms. Of

course, you know, it is very a very

reflective time, as Larry Ponting,

the organiser said earlier. It's

getting the balance right, between

moving on and still griefing so it's

certainly a tricky one today That's

right. I mean, for those directly affected by the

affected by the fires as Simon

intimated a little earlier, it may

in fact be a little bit too soon but

anyway, our thoughts are with them.

Absolutely. And there is a steady

stream of people coming through the

gates. Families, children, young

people, so there is going to be a

good turn out today. Good to hear,