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Tonight - interest rate outrage.

The Commonwealth Bank slammed for a

surprise increase. I think it's a

selfish decision. The Coroner

blasts Bathurst Base Hospital after

the death of a patient. They've got

my wife's blood on their hands.

Classrooms at a Sydney school

emptied as the swine flu crisis

becomes a pandemic. Good evening.

Also - Cricket Australia dumps

Andrew Symonds. An eye-catching,

Beckham. larger-than-life image of David

Home mortgage rates are on the way

back up. The Commonwealth has

defied the Federal Government and the Reserve Bank to lift its

standard variable rate. The PM and

the Treasurer say the move is

selfish and damaging to the economy.

It's already Australia's biggest

home loan lender. Now it takes the

Commonwealth announced it would title as our meanest. The

lift its variable rate from Monday,

saying it simply can't afford not

to. Our funding costs are extremely

high and continue to go up. And

while we absorb some of that cost,

we have

we have to pass some of it on. The

Treasurer has spoken to the bank

directly and says Australians have

every right to be furious. It's a

selfish decision. It's not one I

regard as being justified as all.

On a $300,000 mortgage, the rate

hike will add $18 a month and over

25 years an extra $5,500 in

interest. Economists say the bank's

cost of funds are beginning to ease

and lifting rates could harm our

recovery. There is no more vital

lever for the Australian economy

than the variable home loan rate.

If it's not just the Commonwealth,

if the others start to head up as

well, we have a problem and the

Reserve Bank will have to act. The

big four banks have consistently

refused to pass on in full. The

Commonwealth Bank is actually the

first to lift its variable home

loan rate since rates began falling

in September. The Opposition says

it won't be the last. If the

Government is borrowing so much

money in competition with the banks,

then the cost of funds to the banks

will rise. While some economists

warn this is the first sign of

reduced competition in the banking

sector, the other major banks

haven't followed yet, saying they're reviewing their position.

The Coroner has exposed a litany of

bungles that led to the death of a

young mum. She died after a routine

Caesarean section. Her grieving

family insists the health

bureaucrats have blood on their

hands. You can't blame Jim Murray

for hating our health system.

They've got my wife's blood on

their hands, that's for sure. She

was in a different hospital,

obviously things would have

probably been different. His 29-

year-old wife died of a common

treatable haemorrhage after the

Caesarean birth of their third

child in June 2007. She was a great

mum. So, that's what's so awful

about it. Loved the kids dearly.

And, yeah, still a sham they won't

know her. It was just a shame.

Today, a coroner found widespread

systemic failures at bath rg Base

There were: Hospital contributed to the tragedy.

The Coroner found the young mum may

still be alive today if she had

been given a blood transfusion more

quickly. He also found Ms Murray

would have had a greater chance of

survival at a Sydney hospital. In

his closing address, the Coroner

extended his condolences to the

family and friends of Ms Murray

saying he hoped her det would bring

about changes to the health --

death would bring about changes to

the health system. It now depends

on the State Government. The Health

Minister wasn't talking today. Only

the Health Department. We will

consider what the Coroner has had

to say and look closely at the

recommendations. The World Health

Organisation has ramped up its

response to the rapid spread of

swine flu. And while Australia will

not lift its alert level, there are

growing concerns that the flu will

mutate. Increasing numbers of

people catching swine flu in

Australia prompted the pandemic

declaration. Now, a new threat has

been identified by influenza

experts here. Some swine flu

sufferers have also caught a second

flu virus, setting up the

conditions for an influenza

mutation. There's the risk if you

have two viruses infecting the same

person, different flu viruses,,

they can share genetic material and

the current H1N1 which is only

moderately severe could become more

severe. 30,000 people have

contracted swine influenza. We are

in the earliest days of the

pandemic. The virus is spreading.

Under a close and careful watch.

The doctor said most cases were

people under 25 with adults between

30 and 50 at greatest risk of dying.

The deaths have occurred mostly in

people with underlying medical

problems but a third of the fateats

were young or middle-aged --

fatalities were young or middle-

aged people who were healthy. If it

mutated in to a more deadly disease,

we would, of course, look at our

advice and see if extra steps need

to be taken. Australia has 1362

cases mostly in Victoria.

Authorities are preparing for the

rapid spread of swine flu to a

third of the population. In Sydney,

87 students and stpiefb staff --

five staff have been quarantined

until Monday after a Year 4 boy

caught swine flu from a relative

visiting from Melbourne. Talking to

the parents, he is recovering and

that's great news for us. Another

four schools around the country are

affected, including a Canberra

school, where 68 kindergarten

school students are in quarantine.

Tonight's Friday night football.

It's been at the epicentre of swine

flu. Broncos' players quarantined

for a week. The team will take on

the Bulldogs in a couple of hours

from now. Rob is at Suncorp Stadium.

How have the spectators reacted to How have the spectators reacted to

this? Is swine flu expected to keep

anyone away? I don't think the

Broncos are confident of having a

massive turnout. It's too early to

tell, given kick-off is tw.5 hours

away. The Broncos fans are keeping

the faith for what would be an the faith for what would be an

unlikely Broncos win. Right now,

the Broncos are about $2.15 to the

Bulldogs' $$1.57. Karmichael Hunt

tested positive earlier in the week, tested positive earlier in the week,

any indication of whether he will

play or not? He tested positive

yesterday but I spoke to him at

training this morning and he was

confident he was over all his

symptoms. He's feeling great and he

said he's going to play tonight.

Thank you. Disgraced former

Cronulla Sharks boss Tony Zappia

could be in the running to take

over another Sydney football club.

After admitting that he did make

mistakes, the NRL now says he's a

good chance of returning to the

game. He may have quit his club

overnight but Tony Zappia wasn't

giving up, as he marched in to

league headquarters. He urged his

supporters to do the same. Just

keep following rugby league.

REPORTER: Will you keep following

it? Absolutely. He emergeed

repentant. I'm not the person some

people have portrayed me to be but

I accept in hind sight I could have

dealt with things -- hindsight I

could have dealt with things in a

different manner. He knows he made different manner. He knows he made

some mistakes. All agreed the black

eye was an accident. What followed

next cost him his job. He opened a

pornographic email and offered to

be spanked when she came to him

about the black eye. I wish I had

handled it differently. I made some

mistakes on how I dealt with it,

particularly the HR issue. Those

are who repaired to put theirened

up like he was today and say he

made a mistake are a good chance of

coming back. Mr Zappia had been

shaping up as a front-runner to

take over the top job at Parramatta.

While some board members are on

record as saying they won't rule

him out, today there was a very

firm no comment. Mr Zappia plans to

spend time with his wife and

children, hoping the next time he

grabs headlines, it's as a sporting

comeback. Damir Dokic supealing his

15-month sentence for threatening

to blow up the Australian

ambassador in Belgrade. The father

of tennis star Jelena Dokic was

found guilty of making telephone

threats to kill Clare Birgin with a

grenade launcher. He was angry over

an Australian magazine article that

claimed he had assaulted his

daughter. He's been convicted of

possessing illegal firearms. There

are reports that Jelena has flown

home to be with her father. Sport

headlines now. Adam, it looks

likely we may never see Andrew

Symonds in the Australian cricket

colours again? That would be a safe

bet. He's been casted aside

following a series of behaviour

breaches. He was sent home in

disgrace last week after another

alcohol-related incident. Cricket

Australia had little choice but to

end his international career. To me,

it's just a sad situation for everybody. And whatever Andrew

Symonds decides to do, that will be

the right decision. The 34-year-

old's cricketing career is far from

over. He has another year to run on

his million dollar contract with

the Deccan Chargers. The staggering

world record sum paid for soccer

star Cristiano Ronaldo to change

clubs. It was a multimillion-dollar

guest list at Australian soccer's

glitziest night. And it's a Manly

makeover. Rugby league's Wolfman

has changed his colours. He's a

rare wolf in hot pink for this

weekend's Women in League round.

And coming up - we'll have all the

very latest ahead of tonight's

Bulldogs-Broncos clash. A pink

weird for you? I don't think it

would look well but I'd do it for a

good cause. Public transport

ticketing for a major overhaul. A

jump in the number of youngsters

addicted to video games. It's

causing problems at school, home

and with friendships. And the grand

organ in the Opera House grinds to a halt. You got them all there? Marshall? El Masri? Cooper? Williams? Yeah, I got 'em all. Where's your special foiled Fitzy?

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This is Ten News. The State

Government is bringing forward

lighter penalties for drivers

caught only a few kilometres over

the speed limit. Drivers caught

breaking the limit by 10 kilometres

an hour or less will lose one

demerit point, not three. The

penalty for minor speeding offences

will remain tough for provisional

licence holders. P1 drivers will

lose their licence on their first

offence. P2 drivers on their second.

The push to get electronic

ticketing on Sydney's public

transport system has hit yet transport system has hit yet

another hurdle. A leading company

has confirmed it's no longer has confirmed it's no longer interested in bidding for the interested in bidding for the

contract. Some believe it's the

public transport holy grail and for

Sydney at least, the T-cart does

seem unattainable. Commuters have

been promised the coin fumbling

would be replaced by a single

electronic card. No hope, mate. I

think we should have had it by now.

After $100 million failure, the

Government's trying again but just

days ago one of the leading

contenders for the new contract

confirmed it had lost interest in

bidding, leaving just two

interested parties. In terms of

competition, clearly it's better if

there are three companies rather

than two. The consortium was

responsible for Hong Kong's

successful Octopus system. It's

more than just a travel card and

can be used as a credit card in

shops. I think that would be really

good for Sydney. The company

sighted commercial reasons for

withdrawing but the Opposition

believes it's got more to do with a lack

lack of confidence in the State

Government. Companies are desperate

to do business in NSW. This

decision again demonstrates they

won't do business with the State

Government that doesn't have a

clear vision for transport. There

are still two companies vying to

win the new contract and the

Government says there will be no

delays. It hopes to have the new

deal signed and announced by next

year. A warning tonight that

there's been a significant jump in

addiction to online computer games.

It can cause social, behavioural

and financial problems, but there

is a solution. Online gaming is a

booming business. Players link

their computer systems to the Internet

Internet and play with or against

people all over the world. If they

come home and there's a game where

they can do their homework and

learn that way, it's going to be a

lot more effective and you'll have

a lot more kids doing their

homework. The cutting-edge

technology in fantasy games

mesmerises them for hours. Internet

safety is still a concern and improved security will require

gaming companies to channel their

resources in to developing

technology to block predators.

Gaming companies need gaming

industry to succeed. And if issues

like you're referring to undermine

the gaming industry, that doesn't

help. While it's easy to see how

children and teenagers get swept

away in the special effects and

adventure of the games, the reality

is far less entertaining. Child

psychologists are treating a series

of social and health issues. Some

games even require players to buy

credits to keep the game alive.

There's been a huge increase in

video addiction. This is causing

problems at school, problems add

home and also problems with

friendship. An increase in

depression. Less sporting

activities. Physically, kids are

becoming more obese. The State

Government has uploaded tips for

parents on its community services

website. It advises parents to

educate themselves about online

games. To position the home

computer where it's easily

supervised. And also to limit

children's online play time. One of

Sydney's oldest and largest musical

icons has been temporarily shut

down because of the cold snap. For

the first time in its 30-year

history, the grand organ at the

Opera House has been ruled too

risky to play. Thanks to a long

spell of cold, dry weather. A major

concert had to be postponed. When

the humidity goes too high or too

low, the wooden bits kind of stick

in their tracks and the organ

doesn't work. Humidifiers are on

the case and the concert has been

rescheduled for next month. Tim

Bailey, it's that kind of weather.

Simply cold. Down to minus 1 we

were at Richmond overnight.

Canberra has got the shivers too.

Guess what happened there today?

Not much at all as far as the

mercury. At 3 o'clock today, it was

still just four degrees there.

Rainfall - a bit of an update on

the dams for you. We're up around

61.3%. Up 3%, even though it's been

dry. That water now starting to

work in to the catchment area and

knock our dams up a little bit.

What have we got for you for your

weekend? Fine and sunny with a bit

of high cloud tomorrow. 17 degrees.

And fine and sunny on Sunday for 18

degrees. People ask me why I live

in Sydney? I show them this shot.

Post card stuff. Gorgeous. It is

magic indeed. Angry parents turn on

a childcare worker, -- worker

accused of abuse. Also, crowds vent

their fury over attacks on Indians

in Australia. And a note from the

President. The student with the

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Welcome back to Ten News. Keeping

an eye on peak hour traffic this

Friday night is Vic. Everyone is

anxious on Fridays to get either

home or get out. Are they in luck?

It's a big problem for traffic

trying to get out of Silverwater.

It seems to be worse heading down

Parramatta Road. This is

Silverwater Road here. Take a look

at how bad the traffic is here.

There's an accident up ahead but

it's about to be removed. That's

banked back 2.5 kilometres. Family

or friends trying to get home are

going to be delayed home this

evening, as a result of this

accident and the traffic behind it.

We have problems for motorists

heading down to maybe the ski

fields this weekend. We'll bring

you live pictures later. Passengers

have finally arrived home after

their Jetstar flight was forced to

make an emergency landing on a

pacific island following a cockpit

fire. The 57 Australians were

brought back on an replacement jet

sent from Sydney. The passengers

have praised the action of the

pilot and the crew. The crew did a

really good job. Investigators are

now trying to determine how the

fire started in the jet? A Sydney

mother sentenced for two years jail

for insulting the Kuwaiti Emir has

been suddenly set free. She will

fly home this weekend after cuatey

officials unexpectedly deported the

mother of seven. -- Kuwaiti

officials unexpected deported the

mother of seven. She is now

confined to a wheelchair. The ING

Direct finance report now. The

share market ended the week on a

good note? Yes. It had been an

erratic day's trade as gaepbz by

the banks and financials were

offset by a weaker mining sector.

The positive momentum of the last

few days won out. Oil added to the

mix. The crude oil price hit an 8-

month high, rising above $72 US a

barrel. It was trading at below $35

US three months ago. Traders say

the price has risen in line with

global optimism. And BHP's merger

deal with Rio Tinto is helping make

the boss of another miner

Australia's richest man. Fortescue

has been attracting a lot of

interest and that's reportedly

boosted Andrew Forrest's fortune by $400

$400 million a day.

That's the week in finance. Angry

parents have spat and screamed at a

childcare worker over a -- over

crimes that have shocked Britain.

She was accused of sexually assaulting the assaulting the children she was

supposed to be looking after. The

sight of the police convai carrying

the day care worker sent angry

parents over the edge. For many,

the horrific details of allegations

made against the woman they trusted

with the care of their children was

simply too much to bear. A staff

worker - 39-year-old Vanessa George

faces four counts of sexually

assaulting children and one each of

making, possessing, and

distributing indecent images of

children. She spoke only to confirm

her name and address before the

magistrate, entering no plea. Her

presence alone prompted parents in the

the dock to burst in to tears and

shout abuse. Police have moved the

married mother of two's husband and children from

children from their home for their

own safety. There are so many Australian Governmenttious parents

in there not knowing which way to

turn. The devastation within the

community is absolutely awful. --

there are so many anxious parents

in there not knowing which way to

turn. The devastation within the

community is absolutely awful.

Police believe that some of the Police believe that some of the

victims may never be known due to

the nature of the photos. Voting

has begun in Iran's presidential

election. People started queuing

early at more than 45,000 polling

stations. The country's Supreme

Leader casts his vote first. Voters

are choosing whether to keep

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for another

four years or replace him with a

reformist who hopes to improve ties

with the West. Anger towards

Australia is starting to grow i Australia is starting to grow in

the streets of New Delhi. Dozens of

protesters have waved anti-Kevin

Rudd plaqueards, demanding he do

more about the violent attacks on

Indian students. The recent spate

of assaults in which several

foreign students were seriously

injured have made headlines in

India. They say the PM's hardline

comments are insensitive. Many

students argue they are

reconsidering coming to Australia

to study. Skipping school is a no

no but a 10-year-old in the US has

a very good excuse and a rare note

to prove it. While the US President,

Barack Obama, was speaking at a

town hall meeting, a father stood

up to ask a question. He also

revealed his daughter was missing

school so she could see the

President speak. I'm fortunate

enough to be here with my 10-year-

old daughter, who is missing her

last day of school from this. I

hope she doesn't get in trouble. Oh,

no. Do you need me to write a note?

I'll take you up on that, actually,

Mr President. Go ahead. I'll start

writing a note now. To Kennedy's

teacher, please exexcuse Kennedy's

absence, she's with me, Barack

Obama -- excuse Kennedy's absence,

she's with me, Barack Obama. She

doubts very much she will get in to

trouble at school. A man killed by

a police taser in Queensland. Plus,

a new type of Vegemite that's aimed

at Americans. And it's impossible

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Top stories this news hour. The

swine flu crisis has been declared

a global pandemic. The virus has

affected tens of thousands of

people. Australia's level of alert

remains unchanged. The Coroner has

blasted Bathurst Base Hospital over

the death of a patient. She died

after a Caesarean section. Blood

shortages, blood transfusion delays

and inexperienced nursing staff

contributed to the tragedy. The

Commonwealth Bank has been slammed

for a surprise interest rate

increase. It's lifted its variable

rate by 10 basis points, which adds

$18 a month to the average loan.

The bank blames the cost of raising

funds. A man has died after being

repeatedly tasered during a stand-

off with Queensland police. It's

claimed a mentally ill victim

launched himself at two officers

Police Commissioner with a metal bar. Queensland's

Police Commissioner has defended

his officers, saying they had used

capsicum spray earlier but that

failed to subdue him. The taser was

used several times. The 39-year-old

died as he lay handcuffed on the

ground. The incident is being

investigated and the junior

officers will be counselled.

Australians have been happy little

vegemites for almost 60 years. But

it seems not all have acquired the

taste. Rumours a new version of the

popular spread may soon be launched.

cheeks? Will it put a rose in everyone's

SONG: # We're happy little vegemites

# Australians have been marching to

the Vegemite beat since 1963. But

rumours its makers may be about to

make over the original and create a

new product perhaps for foreign

markets. The second coming possibly

a less salty cream-cheesed --

cheese-based concoction. It's nice. cheese-based concoction. It's nice.

I like the original. You don't like

that? Not really. What about

purests? I grew up with Vegemite

and I like the original. It's and I like the original. It's not

bad. Very nice. Itinacy not

Vegemite, what shall we call it --

if it's not Vegemite, what shall we

call it? Vege Cream? It's not the

first time they've faced a naming

challenge. A competition was held

in the early 1900s which resulted

in the now famous name. Kraft says in the now famous name. Kraft says

an announcement will be made on

Sunday. Only toom will tell if the

new version proves as popular.

Hundreds of fans have descended on

London's Obsferred Street to see

soccer player, David Beckham. I was

looking at the billboard, but,

anyway, we're over here. He

unveiled his new underwear campaign

for Giorgio Armani. Do you enjoy

taking these pictures? Um, I dont

mind taking them, but when they're

unveiled it's a bit embarrassing.

They're all going quiet watching.

Critics are calling it the campest

photo shoot yet but it's done

nothing to harm underwear sales.

Not surprisingly, they are up 150%. Will

Will you be OK? I'm fine. Adam is

back with sport. Andrew Symonds is

no longer the poster boy for Aussie

cricket? More like the punted boy.

Cricket Australia has had enough of

his bad boy ways. The Broncos cram

in a last-minute training run.

Also, it's bright night in rugby

league as the Wolfman answers the

call to go pink. And the Socceroos

suit up. A multimillion-dollar

line-up of stars gather to salute

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Andrew simeened's career is now

unhis own -- Symonds's career is

now in his own hands after his

Cricket Australia was cebz contract

was torn up. His latest alcohol-

fuelled incident was the final

straw for his employers. His

contract offer for the next

contract year has been withdrawn.

Whether he continues to play on is

now up to him. The Queensland Bulls

have left the door open and they'll

give him as much time as he needs.

If Andrew wants to play, Australian

cricket would like to see

cricket would like to see him back

and around Queensland cricket. He's

a great friend of people in

Queensland. His cricket career is

far from over. Symonds still has

another year to run on his million

dollar contract with his IPL team.

A former team-mate was sympathetic

for Symonds. To me, it's just a sad

situation for everybody. And

whatever Andrew Symonds decides to

do, that will be the right decision.

Warne was in Brisbane for the

official Australian Spin Summit but

did not miss the opportunity to

have a dig at former Australian

coach John Buchanan, over his

decision to accept a role with the

England cricket team leading up to

the Ashes. I think that's a great

news because that means we've got

more of a chance. Police have

charged a 33-year-old woman with

allegedly attempting to blackmail

two NRL clubs over a sexual liaison

with Fui Fui Moi Moi. The woman

will appear in court next month.

And after a week of turmoil over

swine flu, Brisbane take on the

Bulldogs in just under two hours

time. For the Broncos, it's been a

last-minute rush. With the decision

made to play, the Broncos arrived.

Karmichael Hunt putting to bed

about whether he would line up.

Feeling really good. Are you

playing tonight? I should be. All

the players wanting to get on with

the job. The decision has been made.

We're playing tonight. I'm looking

forward to it. Are you happy to be

playing toon? Yeah, mate. The club

never has a training run on the day

of a gem but they were given little

choice. It's a first time for us

that wove gone through something

like this. One of their players

showed extreme symptoms of the flu.

He got in very close contact with

team-mates. The Broncos are quietly

seething. No concern that they can

get injured. We only have 12 hours.

That's little time to get their --

themselves ready. The biggest

question of all is whether they can

be competitive against the high-

flying Bulldogs? Time will tell.

Manly players have lent their

support and facial hair to the

Breast Cancer Awareness cause at

Penrith toorp night. Leading the

way, who else but the Wolfman,

David Williams. The NRL's best

beard was turned pink today in time

for a date with the pink Panthers.

Glorious. Glorious. What have you

done to me? He won't lose his hair?

The Sea Eagles are on track to

raise more than $15,000 for the

cause. The Wallabies have completed

their traditional pre-match

captain's run in chilly conditions

at Canberra Stadium. Captain

stirling Mortlock says Australia

are red -- Stirling Mortlock says

Australia are ready to put the heat

on the Italians. But they're wary

of Craig Gower.. I've seen footage

of him and he's going pretty unwell.

There's a bit of an unknown there.

The Wallabies will welcome back

James Horwill. Lucas Neill has

supported Pim Verbeek. There were

plenty of smiles on the red carpet

as the Socceroos celebrated World

Cup qualification. And the

inaugural player of the year awards.

Not everyone is as happy about the

reception their achievements and

their coach has received. The

unfortunate thing is our manager

has taken the brunt of the stick

which is completely unjust. I think

he's a fantastic man manager and

fantastic coach. Recent headlines

blamed the coach for Wednesday's

low attendance for 39,500. The man

at the centre of the controversy is

unperturbed. There are only two

people sometimes writing. I'm sure

20 million people are happy. It was

Mark Schwarzer who walked away with

the big prize, Australia's first

Footballer of

Footballer of the Year. I feel Footballer of the Year. I feel

mentally good and physically very

strong. Joanne Peters was the

women's player of the year. When

I'm playing I think about the kids

in Australia and I think about

every time I cross that white line

that people are watching me. I try

and do the best I can. The

and do the best I can. The

Socceroos about have vowed to field

the strongest side against Japan.

Frank Lowy will be with Kevin Rudd

to host their bid for the World Cup

finals. He's won plenty of

silverware at Manchester United but

the lure of Spanish gold was too

much for Cristiano Ronaldo. They

have agreed to sell him to Real

Madrid for a world record fee of

$163 million. United say he had

expressed a desire to leave Old

Trafford with the transfer expected

to be by the end of June. The

Spanish giants have been on the

prowl, also grabbing Kaka for $113

million. Lleyton Hewitt's hopes of

winning a fifth straight Queens

have been dashed by

have been dashed by Andy Roddick.

There were plenty of nerves early,

but the match delayed 15 minutes

after a bomb threat. Lleyton showed

his usual fight.

But Roddick was too good, winning

in straight sets. The final score

7-6, 7-6. The Los Angeles Lakers

have taken a 3-1 lead in the NBA

Championship play-off after beating

the Magic by eight points. These

are the moment that mattered.

Dwight Howard missed two free

throws which would have iced the

game. LA hit a freakish long-range 3-pointer.

The Lakers dominated overtime,

scoring 11-4. The title is theirs

if they win game five on Monday. To

the tips - and Michael Sullivan's

selections for Ipswich tomorrow.

Later on we'll have all the news

from tonight's NRL games plus have

a chat with Casey Stoner ahead of

the Barcelona Grand Prix and no

stories on David Beckham. You have stories on David Beckham. You have

to calm down. I'm fine. Vic is

above Campbelltown. The traffic at

the moment, trying to exit out of

Sydney. If you're thinking to leave

now to the ski fields or go away

for the weekend, take a look at

what motorists are going through.

This is for traffic heading forth

out toward the south-west. It's a

long line of traffic heading down

towards the Southern Highlands.

Across Sydney, we have major

traffic queues heading out along

Parramatta Road, all the way to

Burwood. Drive safely.

Thank you. Guys, Bailey is back

after the break, what else do you

need? The weather, really.



You may have a pretty good idea of

what the weather will be like in

Sydney this weekend - clear but

certainly cool? I take your

weekends very, very seriously. I

take a personal and give personal

guarantees about weekends. We have

got a lovely one coming your way. A

bit of high cloud tomorrow, tops of

around 17 degrees. Fine and sunny

and 18 degrees on Sunday should be

a beauty. What about the

temperatures last night - down to

minus one at Richmond. That

Canberra story I was telling you

about during the bulletin, they got

to four degrees at 3 PM today.

That's possibly their coldest day

since 1966. Dam figures again -

61.4%. That's up 0.3%. I said 3%

earlier. Pulled myself up on that

one. A particularly good weekend

for a rooster called Stephen

Fitzgerald. You have won the

Panasonic Lumix camera. That's the

Palm Beach Ferry Wharf. You've won.

It's fully HD video and waterproof.

If you want to be involved - and

we've been sending you terrific

compositions - to Tim's weather. We

give away this little handful of

happiness every Friday. Be involved

with that. OK, let's get in to your

backyard where the chill factor is

starting to zip through the wind at the moment.

That is along a trough and a front

wrapping in to a low in the Bight

produces patchy rain through

eastern South Australia and western

Victoria. A high will bring a cold

morning and mostly sunny day to

eastern NSW and South-East

Queensland. A low will generate

strong winds and rain across South

Australia with showers along the

southern coastlines. The low will

cause wind to increase and light

rain to develop through western NSW

and they'll take every drop of that.

Patchy rain will move across south-

western NSW. Most of Victoria and

Tasmania with snow falls developing

on the NSW and Victorian Alps. Let

me expand on that a little for you.

Guess what - 50 centimetres of snow

on the ground, thanks to Mother

Nature. 100 hours of snow-making at

Perisher Blue and Thredbo makes

this weekend look quite special.

Plenty of lifts will be operating

and another 15 to maybe 20 centimetres

centimetres of snow across the

resorts this weekend. Good luck if

you're going down. Keep that grin

on your face. Let's go interstate:

That's it from me. Thanks for

having me in your loungeroom. Have

a wonderful weekend. That's Ten

News for now. I'm Bill Woods. And

I'm Sandra Sully. Thank you for

your company. Supertext Captions by

Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWS ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES )