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This program is captioned live. for a serial rapist Tonight - strict conditions released back on to Sydney streets. that you'll reoffend? REPORTER: Are you concerned He has not rehabilitated, about him. so we have to do something The fatal shooting of a teenager for all police officers strengthens calls to be given stun guns. for the owner of a dog And the insulting punishment that savaged a little girl. any more. My daughter can't smile properly and this man gets a $600 fine. She's got a permanent scar I'm disgusted. Also tonight - Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. of sexual assault at a water park. schoolboys just 12 and 15 accused thousands turn out to remember And farewell, Kerryn - and devoted mother. the marathon champion

But heading the News at Five, have been charged two boys aged 12 and 15 over a sex attack on a schoolgirl, on the State's south coast. at a tourist park live from police headquarters. Ten reporter Daniel Sutton joins us

to have taken place Daniel, this is alleged during a school excursion.

Then that is correct. As you can

understand, this is an assault that

was never experienced police

officers be shaking their heads due

to be extremely young age of the

boys who have been charged. The

victim is also young, only 15 years

old. It occurred just up the 2:15pm

at the Jamberoo Action Park on the

state's South Coast. She was on a

ride when it is alleged he was

approached by five young males and

some of them allegedly sexually

assaulted her. Park pub called

police, police were very quick to

act. They then pulled over a school

bus heading back towards Sydney and

arrested five young boys. Three of them

them have been released pending

further inquiries, but a 12-year-

old and a 15-year-old had been

charged with aggravated sexual

assault. The holder of the two boys

has been also charged with the

indecent assault of another spell

at the park. We spoke to police

today and this has left them

completely disturb. These youth

acted in an appalling manner and

they have been arrested and I think

that is what counts at this point.

We spoke to police at that - staff

at the Park today. The park is

manned by security guards. The

assault is alleged to have assault is alleged to have occurred

in a small cave area. There are

security staff there as well, but

they say there was nothing at the

time of beer sold to indicate

anything was wrong. At the time,

the staff supervising the water

activities said that it appeared

that it appeared that they have a

group of 15 to 20 young boys and

girls that were engaged in general

horseplay. I understand that the

two boys have been suspended from

their school, which is as yet identified and they will be

appearing in the Port Kembla at a

children's court in January. at police headquarters. Thanks, Daniel Sutton will be released from jail tonight A serial rapist to keep him behind bars. after a failed bid is outside Long Bay prison. Ten Reporter Gabrielle Boyle John Alan Wilde will attack again. Gabrielle, there are fears

For yes, this afternoon John For yes, this afternoon John Alan

Wilde has walked record free from

jail after spending 16 years behind

bars for three very serious

offences. The earliest was in 1981.

In one of those offences he raped a

woman in front of her two young

children. Twice before he has

but has been prevented through applied to be released from jail

fears that he would reoffend. Those

are still fears. Outside court

today this is what he that you'll reoffend? REPORTER: Are you concerned Not in the slightest.

The conditions imposed on him The conditions imposed on him are

they? reported to be severe. What are

they? The judge outlined 30

conditions for which he could be

released. Some of the Maastricht.

He must wear an electronic tracking He must wear an electronic tracking

device at all times. He has a

curfew between 6am and 6pm. He will

not be on the street at night. He

may not read any alcohol or take

any drugs, obviously. He cannot

change his appearance or his name,

which prevents him from going in

disguise. And he must take sex

drive reduction medication if it is

prescribed for him. These are very

strict conditions, but according to

enough. the opposition, these still are not

being in jail and the main purpose of him who are dangerous to society, There are certain offenders

was to rehabilitate him. He hasn't rehabilitated, about him. so we've got to do something

considering an The government says it will be

Thanks. Ten reporter Gabrielle Boyle. a 15-year-old boy in Melbourne Police who've shot dead deny they're trigger-happy, it proves the need for taser guns. but officers say Tyler Cassidy was carrying two knives Police say to kill an officer last night. when he threatened Seconds later, at the spot where their mate died. His friends today gathered He had the knives and everything to get shot. but he did not deserve whatever they have to do - Police are trained to do who's only 15. but don't shoot a boy at the ground Officers fired warning shots after capsicum spray twice failed to subdue Tyler. When one of the constables was cornered, her colleagues opened fire. I don't think the police were trigger-happy, but that's why we have the Coroner. New South Wales police fear the same thing could happen here, and have long campaigned for all frontline police cars to have the high-voltage weapons. You don't want to take people's lives. You're there to protect the community and you've got to protect yourself. Tasers are being used at the moment, but only the supervisor at each station has access to them. The fact is, they aren't the first police on the scene. The operational frontline police need to be able to access these. But the association argues that in the time it takes for the stun gun to arrive police may be forced to act. when police shot and killed a man at a caravan park near Newcastle in October. Police say tasers are already proving very effective. In the 10 weeks or so they've been in operation

they've been fired more than a dozen times. But police say

just the threat of them is often enough to get people to comply. The police will reassess the rollout taser next October. Tyler's family and friends are vowing to find out the truth about last night's shooting. Evan Batten, Ten News. There's a grim new warning to holiday-makers about swimming at unpatrolled beaches. It follows a 50-year-old man drowning while trying to save his sons on the South Coast. The family, from Concord West in Sydney, was on Mollymook Beach when two sons aged 17 and 19 were swept out in a rip on their boogie boards. Their parents phoned for help, and the 50-year-old father went into the surf Police say he was hit by a wave and went under. Two board-riders paddled out to rescue the unconscious victim as police arrived. One officer went into the water and assisted the surfboard riders in bringing the male person back up onto the beach, where it was established that he wasn't breathing. There were frantic efforts to revive the man as his wife and children, including a 12-year-old daughter, looked on. The family were huddled together with the assistance of police, one of the female police officers. The ambulance and the police were working on the patient. But the victim couldn't be revived. Surf conditions weren't dangerous yesterday, but this section of the beach is known for its rips and gutters and sandbars and locals say it can be treacherous. Oh, you go pretty quick, you know, you've got to be careful. I don't think a lot of people realise there are rips here. In the wake of this tragedy, surf lifesavers are warning holidaymakers to beware of rips

and swim between the flags. John Hill, Ten News. Kerryn McCann's husband and young children have brought mourners to tears, telling about her love of the simple things in life. Thousands farewelled the marathon champion at a funeral service

in her hometown. With their young children by his side

and clutching their baby, 14-month-old Connor - Greg McCann came to farewell his beloved wife Kerryn, telling how Australia's marathon golden girl was there for him just days before she lost her battle with cancer. I just started to cry like I had heaps of times and she just reached up and cupped my face in her hands and she just pulled me together. More than 2,000 mourners flocked to her funeral service. Friends and family, community leaders, schoolchildren and fellow sporting greats - Steve Moneghetti and Robert De Castella. her greatest win, They came to remember her greatest wins, It meant more to her than four years earlier, because Greg, Benny and Josie were there, along with close friends and family and her nation. They were lifting her home. Greg was pointing out the other day as you look around the family home you are not going to see the trophies and the medals and a whole lot of photos on the podium. After one final standing ovation, her 11-year-old son Benton helped carry out her coffin, her favourite running shoes on top. His words were perhaps the day's most poignant. He told the memorial he'd tell his baby brother all about her, how great she was. Kerryn McCann was just 41. A look at sport with Brad McEwan - and promoters get their wish of sorts with John Daly to play tomorrow at the Australian Open. Not because he's made the cut, because rain suspended play midway through his second round. There was plenty of action before he hit the greens too - with tour organisers summoning the big American to a meeting over yesterday's outburst that saw him smash a spectator's camera. Day two and the John Daly sideshow continues. Show him he makes your heart sing. The Open's drawcard, generating plenty of interest. Go John Daly! He's not making the cut! Daly's antics are not a concern for his fans. They were both in the wrong. He perhaps shouldn't have done it, but he did it, and I think they should just let him get on with it now. The man himself arriving late and still in no mood to talk. COMMENTATOR: There's John Daly just coming out now. But before he could warm up, he was hauled in front of PGA officials to answer questions about yesterday's 9th hole outburst which left a fan's camera in pieces. The result, a private agreement between both parties. It's been a pretty tough 24 hours. Mate, how you feeling, heading out today? Just wanna play good golf.

The main event finally making it to the tee. Going a touch right. Straight into the trees for an opening bogey. Things on the green weren't much better. He just cannot seem to get any momentum. Daly's dramas attracting a huge gallery.

Spin! But rain suspended play with Daly's third and final tournament on his Australian tour likely to end the same as his first two - nowhere near the cut. Victoria Murphy, Ten News. And shortly in sport - the little-known rookie who's still leading the Open. Plus - the intense security that's surrounded England's cricketers for their Test against India. And keep your eye on the bowler. It's the pitch mishap that had the touring South Africans holding their breath. Also ahead, Chris Munce has returned to racing - we'll tell you how he fared. Kevin Rudd throws billions at road and rail projects - that story, next. Also, the insulting fine given to the owner of a dog that mauled a little girl. and then it bit me and I felt really dizzy. And techno-trash - a landfill challenge for the new millennium. Hey, Roy, your Filler's here. Thanks, mate. Be up in a tick. Watch this. Argh! Oh! Eez! Ugh! Hope the boys fell for that. Looked pretty real, huh? Jeez, Roy, you'd do anything for the first crack at that KFC. Yeah. KFC Fillers - a big, warm 9-inch roll filled with loads of tasty ingredients and two breast fillet Crispy Strips. KFC's Smoky BBQ & Bacon Filler. One of four delicious Fillers in our range. Oh, did you get your Filler? Ahh! You'll keep. KFC Fillers. This program is captioned live.

$4.7 billion-worth of building projects have been announced to help recession-proof the economy. The big road and rail schemes will create thousands of jobs. In they marched, on a mission to stave off recession as the global financial crisis pushes other nations into reverse. $4 billion, by the way, into the economy over the next 18 months, when it is most needed. There's nothing like fear of failure to fast-track projects that have been stalled.

$1.2 billion for new rail funding - primarily to boost freight capacity and get exports through clogged ports, like Newcastle. by the Commonwealth in rail since Federation. $700 million extra for roads - projects like the Ipswich Motorway in Brisbane given the tick, the Perth to Bunbury upgrade as well as long-awaited improvements on the Hume and Pacific highways. This package, I think, will boost GDP by about 0.25% to 0.5% and it will create up to 32,000 jobs. Universities and TAFE colleges - long starved for funds - will get $1.6 billion for new lecture theatres and facilities. And for small business - a temporary 10% investment allowance. We now have a platform in which it will be that much easier for the Australian economy to avert a possible recession. That endorsement from Australia's largest business group

should boost confidence. But clearly the massive size of the Government's recession-proofing spend is a dead giveaway that it is worried almost witless by the news coming out of the United States that things are going from bad to worse. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A family is fuming over a fine given to a dog owner whose Rottweiler ripped off part of a girl's face, destroying her smile. But the dog owner, who has to pay $600, says he's suffered too. A month since Alannah Smith was attacked by a Rottweiler, the wounds are slowly healing and the smile is back, but the 10-year-old cannot forget the ordeal. All I heard was growling and then it bit me and then I felt my face and there was a hole there and there was blood all over my hands. Alannah was bitten outside her Umina home

while trying to pat the neighbour's dog.

She managed to escape, but when an ambulance arrived the Rottweiler - twice her size - charged again. I started to scream and cry again

and I ran and I got into the ambulance. She's already endured a skin graft operation and may need further surgery to repair the damage. But the owner's only penalty - a $600 fine from the court this week. My daughter can't smile properly any more. She's got a permanent scar and this man gets a $600 fine. I'm disgusted, I'm really disappointed - it's wrong. The Rottweiler has been destroyed - punishment enough, says its owner. The attack has done little, to dent Alannah's spirit. Her courage has so impressed the local police, they gave her a bravery award. Only, like, a handful of people get them a year - I'm one of them. And don't think the attack Her own pup is still getting plenty of hugs and attention. James Boyce, Ten News. Police are questioning a woman over the death of her female lover in a Yagoona hotel. The 37-year-old's body was found this morning in the room they'd been sharing. She had suspicious injuries, including bruising to her face. The younger woman is reportedly pregnant. Friends say it followed an affair. She's now helping police with their inquiries. There are calls for a new tax on electrical goods to pay for recycling. Experts say Australia is in the grip of an e-waste epidemic that could cause health problems. Australia's love of modern technology has created a mega waste problem. Millions of electronic items are thrown out every year, and most ends up in land fill. They contain toxic heavy metals and these are dangerous to the environment when they leach out with them, and if people come into contact it can cause health problems. A new report has found Australia's e-waste recycling rate More $160 million items will be dumped in land fill by the end of the year. Green groups want the Government compulsory nation-wide. to make recycling of e-waste compulsory nationwide. These things are just being chucked out willy-nilly don't have access to a convenient and easy-to-use recovery system.

Sims is the world's largest e-waste recycler. For a small charge, anything with a plug or battery can be dropped off, and disposed of sustainably. We can recover up to 98% to 99% of everything that comes in here.

But Sims says there needs to be legislative incentive, like a recycling levy on electrical goods. There's also a huge need for community education. Most people put their electrical items with the hard rubbish, wrongly assuming it will end up in a state-of-the-art recycling facility like this. However, it's more likely the council will eventually Environment Minister Peter Garrett says

the States and Territories are working on a national policy. Emily Rice, Ten News.

A new building code designed to save home builders time and money - that's next. Also, caught out - the hire car hoons who couldn't hide the evidence. And we take a look at ways of beating the Christmas blues. It really is about putting yourself out there. ('JUST BE HAPPY' PLAYS) (SAW GRINDS) Target are taking 20% off

This program is captioned live. A motorist charged with taking his hire car on a wild ride down the footpath of a busy Gold Coast street says he blacked out. 19-year-old Adam Galvin was arrested after he tried to return the car

to Yahoo Car rentals in Surfers Paradise. He hid inside the bathroom of a nearby unit, but the tourists quickly dobbed him in. He knocked on the door, he said help him because someone was chasing him so we opened the door and he entered the house. Galvin was granted bail so he could fly home to Melbourne, but only on the condition he doesn't return to the Gold Coast unless it's to appear in court. Families could have their privacy invaded, sunlight blocked and views disrupted as part of a massive shake-up to housing approvals. The State Government wants the construction of average 'mum and dad' homes to be given the green light within 10 days. Vashti Connolly lodged plans with her council to build her inner Sydney home. 18 months to get approval. She didn't expect it would take Add to that an extra four months for a minor change to her plan. I really had no idea it would be so protracted and there would be so much red tape. That sort of red tape has now been stripped away. A new system will see up to 80% of home building approvals go through in just 10 days under sweeping changes to State planning laws. The vast majority of houses are straightforward buildings, they are mum and dad homes. The building of all single or 2-storey detached houses, alterations and extensions or backyard building like swimming pools will be able to bypass council for approval by an accredited certifier on blocks over 450 square metres. But according to councils, the changes are totally untested. This is a live experiment. Welcome to NSW. Councils fear a revolt,

claiming the new housing code is one-size-fits-all, and could ruin neighbourhoods. This is a potential for neighbours to lose their views, lose their privacy, lose their sunlight. And they won't necessarily be notified about building next door or in their street. But with just 16,000 homes approved in NSW last year, the Government's selling the code as an economic must. This is going to be a significant stimulus to the construction industry. The building sector, at least, hopes so. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. And Jacqui, it looks like that multibillion-dollar lifeline for the American auto industry has simply collapsed? It has, Ron, the US Senate has failed to reach an agreement and as a result, the futures market is pointing to another big slide on Wall Street this evening.

It follows the US jobless rate jumping by 500,000 jobs in just the past week - marking the worst result in 26 years. Investors are also rattled by news

that the Bank of America is slashing its workforce by 30,000 jobs. That negative sentiment sparked heavy selling right across Asian markets today - the All Ords lost more than 2%, but is sitting about 0.5% firmer than this time last Friday. Rio shed another 8%, CBA ended unchanged. A stronger gold price helped support the gold miners. The Greenback has taken a tumble, uthe Australian dollar is buying 65.8 American cents.

And that's finance for this week. A suicide bomber has killed 55 people in a restaurant in Iraq - the deadliest attack in six months. 120 people were injured when the bomber activated his explosives belt

in the packed Kurdish restaurant. Local officials believe the targets were Kurdish politicians meeting with Arab tribal leaders, but most of the victims were families celebrating a holiday marking the end of the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca. Despite a stagering death toll, Robert Mugabe claims there's no cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe. 800 people are dead and 16,000 infected, but the President told his people Britain and the United States are using cholera as an excuse for military intervention. Now that there is no cholera there is no cause for war any more. Let's tell them that the cause, the cholera cause, doesn't exist any more. Aid workers say many more people will die and South Africa has declared its border with Zimbabwe a disaster area.

The festive season is not always full of joy for an increasing number of Australians, but some have found a surprising strategy to beat loneliness. The very idea of speed dating can be scary, but many who've taken the plunge insist

it's been their best defence against loneliness and depression. Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, yet it can often be the most difficult. A time of year when we do see high rates of depression, and even suicide attempts. and one in six men, Depression affects one in four women and is heightened during the festive season. The key to avoiding those problems can be maintaining a social life. putting yourself out there It really is about and you know what? You're not supposed to meet the man of your dreams, you're supposed to have some fun, you're supposed to get out there and meet people. You're also meeting like-minded people that you can actually relate to on a friendship level as well. It's not just... ..I think people think you're just limiting yourself to finding your one true love, or anything like that. It's not that at all. It's simply expanding your circle of friends. Now, clinical experts agree with organisers of events such as this one, while it can be confronting, insisting, that just getting back in the game can do wonders for a person's self-esteem. If you're not outgoing,

it can actually be quite a good training ground for striking up conversations and getting used to that and helping yourself feel a bit more confident. There are other mechanisms to beat the Christmas blues. Chat with them on Christmas Day, plan visits, watch your favourite TV shows. Those sorts of things can make a difference. This silly season, these singles look set to make a difference to their lives. For me it's more about family. So you know, it would be nice to meet somebody, but it would take a bit to bring them home this Christmas. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Next, are we failing our children? The dire state of Australia's early childhood services. a posthumous Golden Globe nomination. Also, Heath Ledger honoured with And the inner Sydney sanctuary spreading Christmas cheer to the homeless and socially isolated. Merry Christmas. (UPBEAT JAZZ PLAYS) Until Wednesday at Target, you'll get 50% off the second one. See in store for details. Target - wishing you a 100% happy Christmas.

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This program is captioned live.

Top stories this news hour - the fatal police shooting of a 15-year-old boy in Melbourne overnight has renewed calls for officers to be armed with tasers. without the high-voltage weapons. A bid to keep serial rapist John Alan Wilde behind bars has failed. Wilde was released from jail this afternoon, after spending all but four months of the last 28 years behind bars for a string of violent sex offences. He's under strict supervision, but there are fears he'll reoffend.

And two boys aged 12 and 15 have been charged over an alleged sexual assault in a swimming pool at the Jamberoo Action Park. Three other boys were questioned by police over the attack on the 15-year-old girl. Australia's childcare system has been ranked the third worst in the developed world, trailing even Mexico. But the Prime Minister is blaming the atrocious rating

on the previous government's underfunding. The collapse of ABC Learning was a wake-up call for childcare. Now UNICEF has given Australia a fail in an international comparison of early childhood services. We need to invest and put effort into the critical early years of children's lives. Out of 10 benchmarks, only Sweden ticked all the boxes, closely followed by other Scandinavian countries and France. Australia ranked third from bottom - achieving only two benchmarks . Only Canada and Ireland scored worse. The Government denies it's to blame. and we've taken quick action to deliver our promises to make a difference. We've got to look at our system and what parents in Australia need and want and sometimes international comparisons don't mean much. But Mexico, Slovenia and New Zealand rate better than Australia - all have national plans for early childhood education. We also fail on training levels for childcare workers and our low ratio of carers to children in centres - which differs from State to State.

None of them have a standard One of the key benchmarks missed is our lack of universal paid parental leave. The Government has committed to introducing a scheme,

but won't say when, or how much. We cannot continue with this situation, where parents are not supported to provide the best care for their children. The Government is expected to finalise its plans early next year. Brad Hodson, Ten News.

Time to check on the weather. Tim Bailey has sent Time to check on the weather. Tim

Bailey has sent in his speech and serve Bailey has sent in his speech and

serve reports for

with his portrayal of the Joker earning him a Golden Globe nomination. But disappointment for Baz Luhrmann

Heath Ledger's role as the Joker was his final completed work before his sudden death almost a year ago from an accidental drug overdose. Well, hello, beautiful. His chilling portrayal of the villain in 'The Dark Knight' not forgotten by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organisers of the Golden Globe awards. Best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion picture - Heath Ledger, 'The Dark Knight'. A bittersweet honour for his family. As a family, we're very, very proud of Heath and his achievements to date, obviously, and you know, we're extremely proud. Ledger's selection has increased speculation the Aussie star will be nominated for an Oscar,

with the Golden Globes still considered a reliable predictor of Academy Award success. Knowing that he gave his all in that film, that's what the craft is about. that's what this is about, So I think he will win that category and I think he's gonna also win the Oscar. Ledger's competition for a Golden Globe includes Philip Seymour Hoffman for 'Doubt',

Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jnr, both for 'Tropic Thunder' and Ralph Fiennes for 'The Duchess'. There had been high expectations for Baz Luhrmann's epic 'Australia', but the judges snubbed the film, with not a single nomination. of Benjamin Button' was nominated Even though 'The Curious Case for several awards, including Best Picture,

Australian Cate Blanchett missed out. But the Aussie flag is flying in the Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series category, with Melissa George and Rachel Griffiths both nominated. The Golden Globe winners will be announced on January 11. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In Beverly Hills, If you're one of those people who thinks it doesn't yet feel like Christmas, this next story should get you in the spirit. Our Place isn't any old place, it's a home for people who really need one. In a church hall in Enmore, they laugh and sing... (ALL SING 'LITTLE DRUMMER BOY') ..and shed a tear. They're grateful to be amongst friends. It's somewhere to go when I'm lonely,

somewhere to go when I'm happy. Our Place provides food, welfare, legal support and counselling for the homeless, socially isolated and local residents who want to be part of a community. and survives on donations. It's run entirely by volunteers They love celebrating Christmas and birthdays. Phillip recently turned 21. (ALL SING 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU') Where would you be without Our Place? Still on the streets They often say to us, "That's the first time anyone's sung happy birthday to me "since I was a child". And I think they feel the Sometimes the gifts they get from us are the only gifts they get. Rudolph was there, before ducking out for a smoke. Even Santa turned up. The food was wonderful, the company even better.

I have does been blessed to be able

to find this place. They but they have each other. And for that they want to say...

Merry Christmas! Brad McEwan, Ten News. Sport with Brad, and action taken against John Daly. Yes, but it's only added to the camera-smashing controversy, because officials won't disclose what they've done. A little-known Aussie rookie is in the lead and unlucky not to be even further in front. COMMENTATOR: Oh, get in! Plus - South Africa's bowling blooper almost gets their Aussie tour off to a sour note.

This program is captioned live. More controversy surrounding John Daly's confrontation with a fan. Golf bosses say they've taken action against Daly, but won't say what the penalty is. The American looked set to miss the cut at the Australian Open due to wet weather. before play was abandoned He's 16 shots behind young West Australian Stephen Dartnall. Round 1's surprise packet today surged ahead - Stephen Dartnall almost on the bull's-eye at Royal Sydney. Oh, get in, oh - has a look. The 300/1 long shot on track for his biggest-ever payday, finishing Round 2 in front for the first time in his professional career. Obviously you know where you are, what position you're in, but I just try to take it like any other tournament. Overnight co-leader Mathew Goggin was the best of the early challengers. He finished 2 off the pace while Rod Pampling and 2-time winner Peter Lonard continued their steady assault. Players can go straight at it. (Laughs) But it was wild man John Daly who attracted the bulk of attention. I'll try and play good golf. to talk about yesterday's brain snap, His expression though, told the story on the tee and on the green. He could have done with a lesson from South Australia's Adam Blair. And around it comes. Oh, don't tell me. What a putt from Adam Blair. Last week's winner Geoff Ogilvy, then showed how to do it in the wet and with an iron. Working in on it - wow. As Robert Allenby continued to drain birdies in the downpour. Yes, that's a wonderful putt. Not exactly beach weather, but Daly did manage a mid-round rally. Well done.

He mustered two birdies in three holes before Sydney's wet weather forced out the sweepers and then, the suspension of play.

Jockey Chris Munce has just made his return to racing after almost two years out of the sport after being jailed for his involvement in Hong Kong's tips-for-bets scandal. Neil Cordy watched his comeback race at Randwick. Thanks, Brad. It's rained all day here at Randwick, the track is very heavy, but there's been a lot of support both for the racing industry and for Chris on his return. He's been to the very top of the sport. He's a Melbourne Cup winner. He believes he can get back there even after a long break from riding. Let's take a look now at the closing stages of his comeback race.

(RACE CALL) I think I was more hopeful than anything I was really hoping that the horse could win and that sort of thing. He had his chance, but at the end of the day I don't think I could have done much more on him, so as long as I'm doing the right thing and giving them every possible chance

that's the main thing. So it wasn't the fairytale comeback Chris Munce was looking for - fifth place on number 5, Ambassador, but he's got another three chances at least for that first winner before the end of this race meeting. Some good news for Chris and his fellow jockeys

is that the Australian Racing Board has agreed to the Jockeys Association's demands to fund insurance for possible accidents with 1% of the prize money. That's all from a very wet Randwick - back to you. Australian opening batsman Matthew Hayden has warned the South Africans he's due for a big score. The Queenslander says he can't wait to have a crack at the Proteas' pace attack. It's been a lean, frustrating summer so far for Matthew Hayden. He averaged just over 10 against the Black Caps in their 2-match series. But he says the runs are coming.

I've sat around dressing rooms reading a lot of fishing magazines, talking an absolute pile of drivel most of the time,

but I'm ready to play good cricket.

Scary signs for the South Africans. To make matters worse, they've also fired up the 37-year-old over comments about Australia's ageing team. No, I don't like that sort of stuff - take it all on board and run away from it. No trash talk from Brad Haddin. I haven't even gave it the time of day, to be honest. They can say what they have to say - we'll start talking on the 17th. The gloveman refused to get drawn into a sledging match. He was in too good a mood after being named the Canberra Raiders' number one ticket holder. Good and bad news in Perth for the Proteas - giant paceman Morne Morkel has been cleared of any serious ankle damage after rolling it yesterday. However, Graeme Smith's first bat on Australian soil was short-lived. The skipper was out for just 12. Better luck for A.B. de Villiers and Neil McKenzie, both hitting half-centuries against WA in their final warm-up match.

Jonathan Williams, Ten News. Extraordinary scenes as the India-England Test series began in Chennai. Machine guns shadowed the English team bus en route to the ground - the military presence in response to the recent Mumbai terrorist attacks. The tourists only agreed to play the two Test series of greater protection.

after being given assurances On field, an Andrew Strauss century put England in a reasonable position at stumps on day one, but they weren't helped by some dubious umpiring. Paul Collingwood's dismissal a little hard to take for skipper Kevin Pietersen. The Sydney Swans have announced a loss of almost $800,000 for the past 12 months. The Swans say the figure is a reflection of the tough economic times for sporting teams in Sydney across all codes. They say they'll embark on cost-cutting throughout the club in 2009. Sydney FC coach John Kosmina has handed a debut start to 20-year-old Brendan Gan, in tomorrow's A-League local derby against the Central Coast. who's being rested, Gan replaces Steve Corica, while John Aloisi will return to Bluetongue Stadium for the first time since leaving the Mariners at the end of last season. when I signed up with Sydney I was still living in Terrigal and they wished me all the best. They said it was a joy for them and I said it was a joy for myself to be there for the short time and you know, we move on. To Michael Sullivan's tips for Rosehill tomorrow - Ahead in Sports Tonight - more on Ben Cousins's likely AFL comeback. Today, he met with Richmond. Stay with us - the weekend weather is next.

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This program is captioned live. Cloud over NSW, Victoria and South Australia due to a low pressure system causing widespread rain. Cloud over the NT and western is generating showers and thunderstorms. Thick cloud over Tasmania is not causing much rain. Skies are mostly clear over WA under a ridge of high pressure. A deep low will generate strong winds

across a large area of the south-east. The low will cause rain in Tasmania and frequent showers in Victoria, A trough will trigger rain and storms in northern NSW, Queensland, the NT and Kimberley. A high will keep WA mostly sunny. Showers clearing from eastern NSW, with thunderstorms in the north-east.

Rain in Tasmania. Showers throughout Victoria - heaviest in the east and on the ranges. Showers and storms in Queensland and the NT. Showers clearing from southern SA.

Sydney tomorrow - a mostly sunny day with strong north-westerly winds.

Penguins are getting into the Christmas spirit in South Korea. A family of penguins dressed up in Santa suits put on a daily parade for visitors enjoying the fake snow at an amusement park outside Seoul. (ALL) Merry Christmas! (ALL) Penguin! Penguin! Penguin!

The Christmas costumes make it tough for the penguins to slide on the snow so keepers are taking the mother, father and their three 11-month-old babies on special sled rides. That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight at 11:20. I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.