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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten News. Hello, I'm Tim Webster.

tipped to be a cliffhanger. Tonight - the Queensland election Aviation mystery - final resting place? could this be Smithy's billion-dollar plan And a controversial to refurbish Sydney's Opera House. in Queensland shortly But first, the Polls will close its 11-year grip on power. as Labor tries to retain in Canberra The result will be closely watched on Kevin Rudd as a possible report card Liberal-National party. and on the newly combined they could count on her. Labor's Anna Bligh told Queenslanders

Now she's counting every single vote.

on election day, Always a lot of adrenaline and this one's a big one. she was in a buoyant mood... With her family in tow MAN: It's done. It's done. of a knife-edge poll - ..despite the prediction

to the finish. both leaders are fighting WOMAN: You know what to do. (LAUGHS) third attempt to seize power, It's LNP leader Lawrence Springborg's of a united conservative party - but the first as leader to the Federal Coalition. something of vital interest did not give us any chance. A lot of people we're a viable force. Well, we've proven since the economic crisis too. It's Kevin Rudd's first real test from the campaign trail. He was never far

When I look at Lawrence Springborg, who is not up to the job. I see someone With the latest polls at the eleventh hour, showing Labor clawing back ground a cliffhanger election, the money's still on even a hung parliament, with both major parties. with many voters disillusioned Pauline Hanson senses a comeback. to come and vote for you. I've just travelled a thousand miles after an informal exit poll She's quietly confident that of her main LNP rival put her vote at four times

in the seat of Beaudesert. against the major political parties. People are up in arms They've had enough of them, to the people. because they're not listening but, you know, her day is gone. She may get the loony fringe vote from both sides, With plenty of dirty tricks for support. there's been last-ditch pleas they'll need every vote. They say this time, Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. from next year WorkChoices will officially disappear

of Labor's "fair work" laws. after the successful passage The victory in the Senate of an early election. has headed off the prospect A slap on the back for Kevin Rudd, hugs for Julia Gillard and off camera, passed through Federal Parliament. as historic new workplace laws Mr President, I'm wondering from the Deputy Prime Minister. where my hug is guaranteed the legislation Senator Steve Fielding a last-minute compromise. by supporting with the Rudd Government Family First has brokered a deal that finally buries WorkChoices. The bill went through special unfair dismissal provisions with agreement on with fewer than 15 employees. for small businesses Size really matters for Miss Gillard to small business, but it's not in relation to the size of her ego. it's in relation to the era of fair work We will now move under Labor's Fair Work Bill. in the business and resource sector, The Opposition, and some industrial relations rules believe the new in already uncertain times. will create uncertainty gives unions too much power They fear the legislation for employers to cut costs. and makes it harder will be judged are jobs, jobs, jobs. The three criteria on which this law has been left on the sidelines, The Liberal Party for WorkChoices. bitterly crying out their support WorkChoices is itself now history. that bit Australians harshly. It was a dog Murray McCloskey, Ten News. killed in Afghanistan The 10th Australian soldier as Sergeant Brett Till. has been named The 31-year-old explosives technician on Thursday. died while trying to diffuse a bomb at Sydney's Holsworthy Barracks Sergeant Till was based and was married with two children. with their third child, His wife Bree, who is pregnant has paid tribute to the man

and brilliant father. she calls a humble, honourable to die in Afghanistan this week. He was the second Australian soldier have voiced their anger Residents of fire-ravaged Marysville to their community. over lack of access Some say when they finally returned, their valuable possessions. police had removed packed the Marysville golf club, Hundreds of residents beneath blackened hills. a green oasis ruins of their properties. Many came straight from the burnt Access to the tourist town yesterday, taking some by surprise. was re-opened to locals unexpectedly Kinglake, they get 24 hours notice on that day. that they're going to open 2:00 It was short notice for us. We rushed back. Christine Nixon says Reconstruction Authority boss

has been difficult communicating with residents given the trying circumstances. I've got to say, I think we did pretty well, any representation I think if this is of the range of people, got a lot of them we've pretty much informed in the future, and then we need to keep them and that's what we'll do. 45 lives were lost in the town, a crime scene for more than a month. which had been treated as are angry at police, Several residents from their burnt-out homes claiming they removed possessions without permission. We didn't feel it was proper where they were - for us to leave the valuables of those valuables in the interest of safety we took possession of them.

are also complaining Some Marysville locals

for financial assistance. about difficulties in applying great reams of forms to fill in, You get a whole lot of paperwork, and nothing ever seems to happen. into Marysville for the time being, Only residents are allowed

but some bushfire-ravaged communities are actively courting tourists again, trying to kick-start the local economy. Motorcyclists and pushbike riders have been returning to the popular winding roads through Kinglake. Try to in some way give something back to the town,

and hopefully my little effort might sort of make it a lot easier to rebuild. Ben Lewis, Ten News. A team of Australian searchers may have found the resting place

of legendary aviatior Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. A sonar search in the Bay of Bengal revealed promising results,

but sceptics say the aircraft went down hundreds of kilometres further south. The disappearance of Charles Kingsford Smith and co-pilot Tom Pethybridge in 1935 sent Australia into mourning. They were flying the 'Lady Southern Cross', trying to break the record for a flight from London to Melbourne. There was no trace of the plane until a wheel washed up on the southern coast of Burma. That's where Damien Lay claims to have found the wreckage, buried in sediment, but intact. What we have here is the wing of the Altair coming out here

and contained in the mud here we have triangles.

They're beautiful images of these triangles because you can actually see the very nice round edges of the corner bracing and those types of things. Divers examined the site but with poor visibility no further evidence was discovered. The expedition did not disturb the wreck but hopes to return to salvage it later. Very highly likely the wreckage contains the remains of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and Tommy Pethybridge, the co-pilot. The aviator's son says he's not convinced by the evidence so far. Maybe this will indeed be the final chapter in my dad's life and we will know with definition what happened to him. And Smithy's biographer believes the aircraft went down well south of the current search location. It was a wooden aircraft.

It won't have survived in the sea. He crashed in 1935, the wooden wings and fuselage would have dissolved. Mr Mackersey says the plane would have been ripped apart on impact. John Hill, Ten News. The Federal Government is reviewing a loophole which allows jailed former judge Marcus Einfeld to retain his large pension. Einfeld has spent his first night at Sydney's Long Bay jail after being sentenced to at least two years jail for perjury and perverting the course of justice. The 70-year-old had lied to try to avoid a $77 speeding fine. Einfeld is allowed to keep his $200,000-a-year pension because the Government has no power to act against retired judges. A billion-dollar make-over is on the cards for Sydney's Opera House have divided the community. Some claim the money would be better spent on trains and hospitals. It looks as stunning as ever, but the Opera House board says the harbour icon is in desperate need of a revamp, a renovation costing $900 million. They'll be many more seats, there'll be a very rich and colourful interior. The acoustics of the hall will be of a standard that's befitting of the rest of the building. It would create thousands of jobs. The NSW Government has offered in-principle support for the 7-year project, but there's a catch. Clearly, if there is to be any funding for the Opera House, it would require a substantial support from the Federal Governemnt. I'm very confident that this project will happen. The plan includes dropping the Opera theatre's floor by 18 metres to increase space, a revamped box office, escalators and disabled access, improved accoustics in the concert hall

and a new loading dock. But the millions of tourists who come here every year to witness this spectacular sight won't notice anything different. The changes don't affect the building's exterior. Those behind the idea say it's what's inside that counts. We live in a world where we need to have arts and culture and imagination. But not - say Sydneysiders - at any price. A bit surprised it would cost that much. That money is better to fix the transportation or schools for education for the new generation. Only Nathan Rees forces the community to choose between a seat at the opera and a bed in a hospital. The NSW budget is delivered in June. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Up next - a massive search under way for a missing Finnish exchange student. Plus protesters outnumber shooters as the first Victorian duck hunting season in three years gets under way. There's no place in the world like Sydney this Easter. Experience world-class dining, a vibrant arts culture

and spectacular events like the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Book your CountryLink package including: And kids can travel and stay for just $2. Plus, the first 200 bookings get a free Family Pass to the Show. Getting off cigarettes on your own can be hard. Getting professional help can make it much easier. Ask your GP or pharmacist about new medicines that can make you up to 2.5 times more likely to successfully quit. Talking to Quitline advisors can also increase your chances. Get off cigarettes for good by getting help. Talk to your GP or pharmacist or call or SMS 'Quit' to Quitline - 13 78 48. This program is captioned live. A search is under way for a Finnish exchange student missing from the NSW Southern Tablelands. 16-year-old Paivi Laine is thought to have caught a bus home from school yesterday but then vanished. Police have set up a command post at her host family's property at Currawang, with the search area stretching to nearby Lake George. Protesters outnumbered shooters on day one of Victoria's first duck season since 2006. It's the shortest and most restricted season ever. And we warn, some viewers may find images in this story distressing.

As hunters set out for the first duck season in three years, protesters were right behind them. It's sad to see animals being shot at and all that sort of stuff.

After the heat wave and the bushfires and everything, it just seems so ridiculous and cruel that this season should be allowed go on. They may have outnumbered the shooters, but they didn't deter them. (GUNSHOT) We're only here to show our numbers today, show we're not intimidated. They can stand right beside me, I don't mind. They're here doing what they love, I'm here doing what I love. Tomorrow will be another story - it will be my opening when no-one is around. But not all were just there for show - many of the shooters bagged a loot, attracting unwanted attention. It a disgrace you can have pride in something like this. There are 25,000 registered shooters in Victoria and more than 1,000 new licenses were issued for the season.

We've had a 12-year drought, and global warming, and with climate change

native water birds are in trouble. Because of the low duck numbers, instead of the usual 12 weeks. the season will run for just 49 days reserves will be closed to shooters. But many of the State's wetlands and

for the season. New restrictions are in place of five birds. It's a reduced bag limit can be wood ducks, Only three of those must be other game birds. and the other two of up to $2,600. Any breaches may result in fines Angelina Anictomatis, Ten News. and three others injured An elderly woman has been killed was struck by a train in Melbourne. after their broken-down car with its hazard lights flashing Police say the vehicle was stopped around 8:30 last night. at a level crossing at Campbellfield but crashed into the car, The city-bound train braked, pushing it 20 metres down the track. died at the scene. An 86-year-old woman passengers suffered serious injuries. The driver and two other female to make an emergency landing An Emirates plane was forced

at Melbourne airport last night. The Dubai-bound A340 smashed its tail while taking off at about 10:30pm. We did notice some flames out the the left engine... And a huge bang. ..and a bang out the back end. there was something wrong. So we knew that None of the passengers were injured. There are calls

pristine stretches of coastline for one of the country's most

a no-fishing sanctuary. to be declared has angered commercial fishermen, But the move is already off limits. who say much of the area The remote Chain of Bays

of a healthy coastline is one of the few examples still remaining. On South Australia's West Coast, a diverse range of marine life. it's home to

fears that's at risk. But a local lobby group like the Chain of Bays, When you've got somewhere

relatively pristine, where it's still we don't want that to happen here, so we want to move now, to maintain it. while we've still got time Divers have spent two weeks between Sceale Bay and Baird Bay. monitoring the area It's known for abalone and crays. around sea lion colonies Some of the areas by fisherman we know have been regularly visited

and there are impacts. Much of the area is already part of a new marine park. Now the group is now lobbying for further protection. converted to sanctuaries. It wants popular fishing spots We argue that

in the Chain of Bays protection of certain sites will actually assist the fishermen into the long term in being sustainable

they rely on for their income. by protecting breeding areas of fish

The South Australian Government will decide how its new marine parks will be zoned

later this year. Kate Freebairn, Ten News. at Adelaide's Clipsal 500. Racing fans are lapping up the action Spectators got an early start, doing a roaring trade with local cafes and pubs as fans queued to get trackside. the ever-popular Grid Girls, Adding some glamour,

fly-over by an airforce F/A-18. who were upstaged by a deafening were down 6,000 on last year. Friday's ticket sales

Garth Tander number one. Garth Tander the red rocket. Go, Lowndesy, you're number one! Lowndesy! Lowndesy! Come on! between Ford and Holden. 70,000 fans helped fuel the rivalry

Up next, greening the White house - on a presidential vegie patch. the first lady breaks ground demonstrates And South Africa's lion whisperer his unique brand of animal magic. (INDUSTRIAL MUSIC) (ROCK MUSIC) Renew your skin with the Schick Quattro Titanium Freestyle. an edging blade Four blades with titanium, to maintain your look. and a built-in trimmer

This program is captioned live. of the axis of evil. George Bush put it at the heart the hand of friendship to Iran. Now Barack Obama has reached out to the people of Iran, In a special video message to end the strained relations the US President said he wanted between the two countries. to Iran's leaders. I would like to speak clearly that have grown over time. We have serious differences is now committed to diplomacy, My administration will not be advanced by threats. but this process engagement that is honest We seek instead and grounded in mutual respect. of a fresh start, Iran cautiously welcomed the offer to change its policy on Israel but also called on the US and end sanctions. her mark on the White House. America's First Lady has been putting With help from local school children, Michelle Obama went to work on the first vegetable garden on the famous lawn in more than 50 years. Let's get up, get some shovels. Come on, let's go. The first lady got her boots dirty on the White House lawn. We need a wheelbarrow! With the help of some local 5th-graders... (KIDS YELL) No! Are we done yet? first presidential vegetable patch ..Michelle Obama broke ground on the during World War II. since Eleanor Roosevelt's garden is a victory of sorts. And this garden Foodies have been campaigning at the White House. for cucumbers near the roses has done today I think that what the White House is going to have an enormous impact. about growing food One of the amazing things

is that it just tastes better. will oversee the organic garden. White House chef Sam Kass the first family and formal dinners. It will provide fresh produce for if we're lucky. It should be quite a bit vegetables are going in first. On the south lawn, so lots of lettuces, spinach. Cool-weather crops, we'll have lots of herbs. We'll have some fennel, Peas will go in. the President doesn't like beets. But no beets -

will help tend the garden The schoolkids will help pull the weeds. and the entire Obama family for dirt. You've got to be really ready

all in the dirt. Because we are going to be How does Mrs Obama's garden grow? With hard work and a message - that eating better starts at home, the White House. even if it happens to be Karen Brown, Ten News. after going on a shooting spree A French teenager has been arrested with an air rifle. were slightly hurt 11 people, including a policeman,

in a park near a kindergarten. when the 17-year-old opened fire their way to pick up their children. Most of the injured were mothers on

Police were led to the suspect's home of the shots. after studying the trajectories he and some friends The youth admitted had been trying out his new BB gun. across Britain There are a few red faces new street-mapping service. after the launch of Google's The 360-degree photo maps in some embarrassing situations. have caught people

One of the images shows someone being arrested. Another caught a man leaving a sex shop in London's SoHo. This man's night of excess was captured forever

when he was filmed vomiting outside a pub. Google has already removed many of the offending images. Fugitives fleeing police with a stash of cash are usually trying to hold onto the money, but two suspected drug dealers being chased in San Diego were trying to give it away, throwing handfuls of cash out of their car as they were followed at high speed. Passers-by ran onto the road to grab the $100 bills. Officers following the money trail collected more than $25,000. A South African man dubbed the 'Lion Whisperer' has amazed wildlife experts with his special bond with the king of the jungle. Kevin Richardson has been accepted by a pride of lions on his private game reserve outside Johannesburg. The 34-year-old animal behaviourist started working with lions more than a decade ago

and quickly realised he had a unique ability to communicate with the big cats. He says he knows the creatures could easily kill him, but he's not worried. It's just one of those things, it's not something I think about or worry about. And if I had the opportunity to come back after dying, I would do it all the same. The Lion Whisperer says he's simply trying to promote a better life for animals in captivity. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Rob Canning and Rob, the Aussie cricketers are in a spot of bother.

Yes Tim, our men are getting belted all over the park during the third test in Cape Town. All the highlights or lowlights, next. The Prince of the Proteas punishes the tourists. We'll have Jason Porplyzia's promising return. And the Melbourne Storm wild about this -

On 'Meet the Press', Sunday morning at 8am - the Senate flexes its muscle. And there'is more to come - Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce, and the wash-up of the Queensland election. 'Meet the Press', Sunday at 8am. Looking around the nation now, it was mainly fine and sunny down the east coast.

A hot and sunny day in Melbourne and Adelaide, with some showers in Perth. Finally tonight, Australia's new breed of designers has taken centre stage at Melbourne's Fashion Festival. Independent Runway showcased 15 fashion-forward collections, displaying everything from feathered umbrellas to 1-legged body suits. Most designers are confident they can flourish despite the economic climate. I think that fashion will have its place in the market, whether it's tough times or not. Tonight Jennifer Hawkins will star in the festival's charity parade. That brings you up to date with the latest news. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Tim Webster. Good evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. This program is captioned live. Hello, and welcome. I'm Rob Canning. Toyota Sports Tonight's the show, and it's all about keeping you in the know. Today - Cape Town carnage as Australia's assualted. We're on the track with Ross. In the pool with Eamon. And off and racing as the Autumn Carnival takes off. As the season draw closer, we'll bring you the very latest from the AFL scene. While in the NRL, Falou flys into the Storm. And the Eels get tough against the Bunnies. On the international scene,