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This program is captioned live. Tonight, the nation celebrates - for Australia Day events. thousands turn out Happy Australia Day! makes a controversial call The Australian of the Year to change our national day... our world came crashing down. It really refects the day on which the newest Aussies tell us what they love about this country.

you know. I feel so different and special, we celebrate everything Australian, On the day Good evening.

from the harbour, to the beaches, proudly, patriotic crowds have waved the flag

marking 221 years on Sydney's shores. since the arrival of the First Fleet tonight Bill Woods joins the 5:00 team

of all the green and gold and he's in the midst down at Darling Harbour. to you. Bill, a big Australia Day g'day And g'day to you too, Deb. We didn't see much sun today, did we, right across Sydney, but that hasn't stopped the party especially on the harbour, has been following the celebrations. where Eddy Meyer

to make the harbour your playground, If ever there was a day

this would have to be it.

the perfect place to make it happen. A day for patriotic exuberance and For Sydneysiders, are like Vegemite on toast - Australia Day and the harbour they just go together. and we come down every year It's our next door neighbours and we just have fun. and bring the kids down Very proud to be Australian. I was imported from Holland in 1950. Definitely, Australia's the best. Well, I think just showing the flag. This is what we all strive for. on humble beginnings Our country's built the best country in the world. and we've made it a-waltzing Matilda with me. # (ALL SING) # You'll come With Aussie music in the air, bringing smiles to faces. the flag was everywhere, even the pooches are patriotic. And it's a day when needs little embellishment - A view like this provides spectacular theatre. a ferry race, though,

a popular tradition. The annual Ferrython This year the duck took it by a bill. the nation's day, And if you want to salute 21 guns will do it every time. And it's out here on the water of the harbour's attraction - that you get a real sense all vying for the perfect position. boats big and small, Every cove crowded - more colourfully. some vessels showing their colours by the farmer, the farmer's wife, This is the Aussie ute driven and the stop-and-go girl. the construction worker Beautiful city. Great day on the harbour. get away with the flag as fashion It's also the one day when you can and find novel ways to cool off.

feel so out of place at all. And that familiar chant doesn't Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! there's no other place to be. For one proud Australian, so far I've travelled to 200 countries

beautiful harbour in the world and Sydney Harbour is the most so we're very lucky. took their rightful place, And as the tall ships very few could disagree. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

out But if you're planning on coming

out at night stay with us because

we will have the weather details shortly.

to keep the crowds entertained. Off the harbour, there's been plenty is at the Opera House. Ten reporter Gabrielle Boyle out and about across Sydney. Gabi, you've spent the day our national day? How have people been celebrating

the message was the same. Wherever you went,

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day, everyone! Happy Australia Day! to Bondi Beach, Thousands wore their thongs tried to break the world record where more than 700 for the longest thong chain. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi!

having a swim in the surf Australia Day, being at Bondi, in the arvo. and going in and having a barbie

Australia Day is about this - on the beach, enjoying yourself. with your mates, coming out and hanging out

with balloons. At Parramatta, our national day began rub shoulders with each other, A good chance for people to get out, worries about work and so on put aside differences, put aside and just enjoy the day. Indigenous elders held a ceremony In the Royal Botanic Gardens, of our harbour. marking the original shoreline (SINGING IN ABORIGINAL LANGUAGE) athletes rolled around the city. Also this morning, some supreme

While the winners whizzed by, their typical Aussie spirit. others wheeled out yesteryear came alive In the city centre, and classic cars on display. with over 1,000 vintage, veteran Australia Day! to whet an Aussie appetite. In Hyde Park, there was plenty salt and pepper squid, chips. Prawns, shrimpies, at the Rocks, Some rocked the day away with 70 performers showcasing all kinds of Aussie tunes.

And for those after a relaxing day, was never far away. the good old barbie Hey! Australia Day! Cheers! Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. has stirred up controversy The new Australian of the Year

our national day should be moved. by suggesting Aboriginal activist Mick Dodson says isolates some Indigenous people January 26 who know it only as Invasion Day. Mick Dodson opened the conversation, No sooner had Australian of the year

the Prime Minister slammed it closed. to our national day, And those who call for a change but straightforward no. let me say a simple, respectful used his new role The Indigenous leader

to question whether of European settlement the anniversary should be our national day. reminded of that or celebrate that We don't know if we want to be but let's talk about it. put it more bluntly. Aboriginal protesters got to celebrate What have Aboriginal people here on so-called Australia Day? their recipient causing such a stir. The Australia Day Council didn't mind in our leaders is for inspiration Can I say, Mick, what we look for

and people to challenge us, and you're certainly doing that. but many Australians celebrating here in the nation's capital appear firmly in the Prime Minister's camp. I think Kevin Rudd showed great leadership by saing this is it, this is the definitive answer as far as he's concerned. To say a straightforward no, it was probably alright but I guess we'll still have to talk through what he said.

The Opposition Leader happy to talk, but already decided on the answer. Everybody's entitled to have an opinion. I think Australia Day is great exactly where it is. Daniela Ritorto, Ten News. Today, more than 500 Australians have been recognised Politicians, musicians and sports stars have joined the quiet achievers on this year's Australia Day honours list. Former Labor leader Kim Beazley may have missed out on the prime ministership but today he received one of the top Australia Day honours for his political contributions over 30 years. I feel lucky to have had a political career like I've had

and I feel a considerable sense of honour at having got that award and I think I'm lucky to get it. But you don't need a public profile to be appreciated. 90-year-old James Beckensall is a toy-maker who's brought joy into the lives of countless disabled children for decades. I was thinking that if I've made 6,000-odd toys, I've had at least 6,000-odd smiles, haven't I? And art patrons Cynthia Jackson and her late husband, Ted, for young artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

18 years on, it's still nurturing talent. Just wonderful. I had one artist telling me recently when he was a schoolboy doing art

he dreamed of being in Primavera and he was in Primavera this last year. Wendy Whiteley's another supporter of the arts but this year recognised

for the creation and maintenance of a community garden. The site was once an impenetrable mass of weeds but now draws visitors from around the world, inspired by its unique beauty. It gives me a great deal of pleasure when I see other people taking pleasure from it. It's exactly the same kind of feeling as I get when I see people really enjoying a painting or a sculpture or a film. Also on this year's list, singer and 'Australian Idol' judge Marcia Hines. She can now add the letters AM to the end of her name

for services to the entertainment industry. 22 Beijing Olympians featured in the sporting honours - Stephanie Rice and Matthew Mitcham among the gold medallists today adding yet one more accolade to their tally. Amber Muir, Ten News. for now, Deb, that's all from Darling Harbour but I'll be join you again soon with a look at the newest Australians who have sworn allegiance to the country and a rundown of tonight's celebrations. I'll see you a little later. Thanks, Bill. And a big welcome back to Brad McEwan, back in the sports chair after his summer break.

In sport, Jelena Dokic continues to chase her own honours at the Australian Open. She's just arrived to test the ankle injured in last night's terrific 3-set win. She's just arrived on a practice court to test the ankle injured in last night's terrific 3-set win. Jelena's baseline tumble against Alisa Kleybanova drawing gasps and winces from fans but she's been cleared by the tournament doctor. Dinara Safina the next hurdle, with a semifinal spot beckoning.

And David Warner's rollercoaster ride continues -

the Australian opener out for one in today's one-dayer against South Africa. Plus, Ricky Ponting's surprise second chance, and a couple of our Olympic heroes chasing more success overseas. Still to come, motorists braced for a jump in the Harbour Bridge toll. Plus, the billion-dollar proposal to deal with one of Sydney's worst bottlenecks. that's been pinching underwear And the cat burglar in one of Sydney's ritziest suburbs.


VOICEOVER: The all-new Fiesta by Ford. Available with iPod connectivity, voice control and bluetooth, driver and front passenger airbags It's where design and technology come together with style - all from $15,750. New Fiesta by Ford. This is now. This program is captioned live. A child is dead and six others, including police, have been overcome by smoke in a house fire in the State's south-west. Police rushed into the burning home at Leeton but were driven back by the flames. Later they found the body of the child, believed to be a boy aged about five. The parents and another child had to be taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. The three officers were also affected by the smoke. The cause of the blaze is still being investigated. There's a bold new plan to eliminate gridlock on the Spit Bridge. It involves building a billion-dollar tunnel across the North Shore, and would come with a toll. but locals doubt it will ever happen. Even mid-morning on a public holiday, traffic on the Spit Bridge can come to a standstill. Diabolical. 30 years behind the times. But, in a new plan submitted to the Roads and Traffic Authority, a 5km tunnel beginning on the Warringah Freeway at Cammeray would funnel cars under Military Road onto a new, higher Spit Bridge, one that didn't need to stop traffic while it opened for boats. We will need to carry out detailed economic analysis and also traffic volume forecasts. The estimated cost is $1 billion. And, yes, it would have to be a toll road, costing drivers upwards of $3.50.

Macquarie Bank has been in discussions as a possible financier. but the Government is already wary, because those pushing the idea may have already overestimated how many people will use it. 78,000 vehicles a day use the corridor, and the backers believe most of those would change to the new toll road. But the RTA's been burnt in the past, for the Lane Cove Tunnel when traffic volumes were way above the mark. The initial estimates we've got through are ambitious. We've requested more information. Three days after the last State election, a promise to widen the bridge was scrapped and locals don't hold much hope for this chapter either. Not overly optimistic at all, no, no. Well, I wouldn't bet on anything with the NSW Government. I think that the community has a deep sense of plan fatigue. The Greens say it shouldn't be built at all because, like other tunnels, it could well end up an expensive white elephant. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Peak-hour motorists are about to pay dearly to cross Sydney Harbour. A new 3-tiered tolling system starting tomorrow will see motorists slugged $4 in the morning and afternoon peaks. The most expensive times to drive will be from 6:30 in the morning until 9:30 and 4:00 till 7:00 weekday evenings. The aim is to encourage motorists to cross the harbour when it's quieter. A major embarrassment for the Queensland Police Commissioner - he's been stopped in one of his own speed traps. when he says his driver was booked doing 72km/h in a 60km/h zone. The driver thought he could do 80km/h. I have no reason to doubt him at all that he thought it was an 80km/h zone and I've got to say I didn't realise it was a 60km/h zone, part of the inner-city bypass. was as embarrassed as everybody else. A new criminal element has clawed its way into laundry baskets across an exclusive Sydney suburb. The exotic feline is taking cat burglary to a whole new level,

stealing designer labels from neighbours. Cisco is no ordinary cat burglar. The 7-year-old was sleeping it off this morning after another night on the tiles - not chasing rats and mice, but stealing his neighbours' laundry. It started off with one or two things every couple of weeks and our neighbour Caroline, it was mainly her Beanie Babies that were coming over. It's been going on for six months,

and just take a look at what the cat dragged in. We've got a lot of 3-year-old girl's clothing here. We've got a 6-year-old boy - Ralph Lauren's very good. We've got a polo Dunhill golf shirt. Peter Hand has spent hours going door to door trying to return the loot. I've managed to locate three owners of swimming costumes, which seems to have been a bit of a specialty for him.

Cisco started stealing after his I think he could be grieving in some way. We love him dearly but it's just in the morning, coming out and seeing clothes and it's "Oh, no!" But how does he do it? A few times they've tried to tail the feline. He always seems to totally disappear and then, around 2:00 in the morning he'll turn up with something.

And, no, Cisco wasn't prepared to comment today. It seems the cat's got his tongue. Evan Batten, Ten News.

Go in waiting for this rain and

certainly needed but it's pouring a

dampener on the barbecues. I'm

dressed in the Australian colours

of veggie might black. We are young

and free. We getting into the

spirit. You wouldn't grizzle about

a bit of drizzle. Tomorrow - 25 to 30 degrees and tonight if you're coming

coming down for the fireworks set

looks like they'll be showers on

and off the for most of the night.

Have a look at this mob on the

television. They have had a television. They have had a Ripper

Derby. We do need the rain because

in the next three or four days if

there are not substantial falls it

could be the dry start to the year

since 1985. We had 6.2 millimetres in

in January. He is a question. We

are girt by sea. Ahead, deadly storms hammer Europe. Also, Hollywood royalty steps out for the Screen Actors Guild Awards. And all aboard Air Force One - President Obama enjoys the perks of office.

But at Holden, we reckon there's still plenty to feel good about on Australia Day. We employ thousands of Australians and we export our Australian-built cars to every continent on the planet, except Antarctica. We've also committed to building a new fuel-efficient 4-cylinder vehicle. That'll mean more jobs for Australians and give a much-needed boost to our economy. So this Australia Day, yes, times are a bit tough, but Australians and Holden are tougher. At only $1.95, you can wrap up a delicious bargain with the new Seared Chicken Mini Snack Wrap from McDonald's.

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Just like the mozzies. Aerogard Odourless - no smell, no mozzies. I love the smell of the ocean. Any bites? Just the mozzies. Give us the Aerogard. Remember the Aerogard and avagoodweegend.

It's time to check the traffic. All

quiet across the city at this stage.

It's a bit of a ghost town. The F3

is heavy with holidaymakers making

their way back but we were flying

to the harbour but it looks like

the city has disappeared off the city has disappeared off the

radar. There is the Parramatta

River and usually that's where the

harbour bridge it should be a good

tutor the rain it has disappeared.

Here's the M4. It's a ghost town

this evening with traffic running

very well. Double the demerits of

remain in place until midnight. A heavily armed security escort has rushed backpacker murderer Ivan Milat to hospital after he severed his own finger. The serial killer cut off his little finger and placed it in an envelope addressed to the High Court this afternoon. Milat handed the package to a prison guard at Goulburn's Supermax jail. The 64-year-old, who's been jailed for life,

has been taken to Goulburn Hospital, along with his ice-packed finger. It's unclear if the finger can be saved. Heath Ledger has moved a step closer to becoming only the second actor to ever win a posthumous Oscar.

He's firmed as the clear favourite after adding a Screen Actors Guild award to his long list of honours. On the red carpet, the loudest cheers were for Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. (SPECTATORS SCREAM) however, Inside the Shrine Auditorium,

the applause was for a man who couldn't be there, Heath Ledger. The Aussie star's performance as the Joker in 'The Dark Knight' recognised with another posthumous Supporting Actor honour. I'm quite emotional. He was an extraordinary young man with an extraordinary talent that you have acknowledged that and it is wonderful and honoured that talent tonight. On behalf of Heath, his family and his family on 'The Dark Knight', I thank you. Heath! The SAG award winners are decided by fellow actors and the voting clearly caught the Outstanding Actress winner by surprise. Well, I didn't even buy a dress! (AUDIENCE CHEERS)

Among the men, Sean Penn's win in the Best Actor category for his part in 'Milk' brought his wife to tears, while Hugh Laurie walked away with a statuette for the second year for his lead role in the TV drama 'House'. I actually had $100 on James Spader. This is just not my night! Over the past few years, the SAG awards have gained a reputation as a good indicator of Oscar success. This year, 18 of the 20 performers nominated here have also been nominated for an Academy Award.

So the countdown and search for that show-stopping gown begins. In Los Angeles, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. At least 40 people have drowned when their ferry sank in Vietnam. Most of the dead were women and children who were on the way to a market at the start of the Lunar New Year festival. The river ferry was designed to carry a maximum of 12 passengers, but there were 80 on board. At least 10 climbers have been killed by an avalanche in north-east Turkey. Extreme weather is sweeping across Europe.

Portugal has been hit by winds of up to 110km/h, toppling trees and causing flooding. Meanwhile, rescue workers are still battling to restore power and rail networks across Spain and France after hurricane-force winds killed 19 people over the weekend. Four children were killed when a sports stadium collapsed near Barcelona. Hamas has offered Israel a 12-month truce in Gaza after the latest round of talks in Egypt. The proposal includes reopening the border into Gaza to allow food and aid supplies in. A fragile cease-fire has been in place for a week. It's just officially expired but is expected to continue while the talks last. Meanwhile, Israel's Supreme Court has ordered the government to lift a ban on foreign journalists entering Gaza.

Barack Obama has boarded Air Force One for the first time. The US President took possession of the flying White House as a documentary team got a rare look behind the scenes. giving up the world's most famous jet must have really hurt. Air Force One is now at the disposal of President Barack Obama. Good to see you. And you, sir. You're the pilot of Air Force One? Yes, sir. First to pass inspection, a pilot straight from central casting. You're exactly what I wanted the pilot of Air Force One to look like. You look like you know how to fly. You look like Sam Shepard in 'The Right Stuff'. Thank you very much, sir. Three storeys high and almost twice the floor space of an average family home, the 747 boasts the highest of high-tech communications systems... It's basically flying the White House - a flying White House at altitude. ..and it's considered the safest place there is for the world's most powerful man. It's where George W. Bush was, flanked by fighter jets, immediately following the terror attacks of September 11. Now, for Barack Obama, it's a secure mobile office where many a historic decision can be made. I'm not sure if you've had dinner already. But first things first. I'll see how you guys do a burger. Make it medium-well. By all means. And cheddar cheese, if you've got cheddar cheese. Sir, you know I got it. And, for the record, he did want fries with that. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A group of army reservists is preparing to head home after a gruelling three months in the Malaysian jungle. The weekend warriors seized a rare opportunity to train overseas with our allies. It sounds like a war zone, and it's supposed to. This is the Australian Army's rifle range in south of Malaysia, its night sky lit up with ammunition and flares. They may be reservists, just as hard as regular soldiers.

The 3-month stint overseas is offering the opportunity to learn valuable wartime skills and exchange ideas with our allies in Malaysia. Should an event occur, then we've developed similar procedures, and at least we understand each other's procedures and that enhances our ability to cooperate more closely.

Brisbane man Peter Jeffrey commands the reservists company. In the job for just a month, he was thrilled to award his first promotion while the troops were serving overseas. Congratulations, mate, well done. Jack Smorgon has been witnessing the soldiers in action. He says, unlike the old days. It is hard to pick the reservists from the full-timers. We played at being soldiers, these guys really are soldiers. They may be known as weekend warriors, but a third of the soldiers training here in Malaysia have already been deployed overseas, serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor and the Solomons.

And it is not just Malaysia's dense jungle that is challenging the diggers here. Having barbecued monkey

is not an experience that you will get in Australia. In Camp Burma, Malaysia, Nicky Haydon, Ten News. Still to come - more live coverage of Australia Day celebrations. Plus, the newest Aussies tell us what they love about this country. Feel so different and special, you know? And Sydney radio's pioneering funny men return after 20 years. If you'd told me six weeks ago, two months ago, this would be happening, I would've gone, "No, no."

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This program is captioned live.

It's been a day filled with national pride and all things Australian. Let's go back to Bill Woods at Darling Harbour. Bill, there were plenty of people lining up today

to become true-blue Aussies. Deb, more than 4 million people have sworn their allegiance to the country since Australian citizenship was introduced 60 years ago. And today we welcomed many more at cermonies across the country. (SINGS) # We are one, but we are many... # From all the lands on earth they came. Across the country, more than 13,000 pledged their loyalty to Australia. It's a really special day actually.

What it really means - I've gotta start supporting the Wallabies, which is a bit tough. I just feel really proud to be part of such a great nation, to be able to bring my children up in a great place. It's just fantastic. 7-year-old Emily thinks so too. I like the sun in Australia, 'cause it's really nice and hot and sunny.

It was an emotional day for Marcos Serrano, who came here from Chile 32 years ago. and my children were born here. My wife is Australian His proud sons planned to initiate him with a trip to the local RSL. A faded blue singlet on and a pair of Stubbies. Play some two-up. Yeah, we're going to get him on the pokies and get him to skol a beer. and went to the park, Thousands skipped the pub where the Lord Mayor presented 18 new citizenships. Maja, from Bosnia, says her life has changed completely. And I really appreciate what I was given here, in regards to opportunities, education, work, friends, generosity. At the Prime Minister's ceremony in Canberra, singer Leo Sayer declared his love. Anybody who loves life, is enthusiastic about the arts and music, loves culture, loves history, will love this place. Mosman celebrated the national day for the first time in 13 years, the Mayor determined to put on a good party. What's Australia Day without lamingtons? Australians are world-renowned for being optimistic and easygoing. At today's ceremonies, many community leaders took the opportunity to remind all citizens of the need to embrace those qualities as the nation faces a tough year. Even with the economic problems and everything, it's not impacted as much either in America or in other countries. Proud and excited to be joining the land of opportunity and prepared to face the challenges. Amelia Adams, Ten News. Of course the celebrations will continue well into the night. Let's go back to Gabrielle Boyle, who's amongst the crowds at the Opera House. Gabi, what else is happening? There's the Australia Day Spectacular at Darling Harbour, Sydney's Biggest Backyard at Hyde Park, Rocksong at the Rocks and Jazz on the Water at Pyrmont Point Park.

The if you don't wanna go to the

city and the crowds and the weather

there are things happening outside

the city. There are fireworks

displays in Penrith and Parramatta.

Thanks, Gabi Boyle at the Opera House. That's all from Darling Harbour tonight, Deb. I'll see you back there in the studio tomorrow. Before Hamish and Andy, Kyle and Jackie O., Merrick and Rosso and all the rest of FM radio's double acts, there was Jono and Dano. The pair who ruled the roost in the '80s are making a comeback and they're hoping their old listeners will come back too. If it's true that people seek the reassuring feel of the familiar when times get tough, then the Jono and Dano show should be a hit. It's enough ham to make a sandwich, really, isn't it? It's Australia Day, of course. Jono and Dano - this is our first radio show for 20 years, and I think, listening to the first 15 minutes, I know why. The theory goes, if you loved listening to Jono and Dano in the '80s, you'll love listening to them now. And because they're on WSFM, a classic hits format, they'll be playing many of the same songs that used to fill the gaps between their banter. When we started in radio and I started on 'Wonder World',

Mental as Anything were just starting out, and Midnight Oil had a guy, a lead singer, who wasn't in politics. They were in politics but not IN politics. And you could ring him! To celebrate their first show being on Australia Day, they invited a bunch of those artists in to shoot the breeze and even have a sing. (SINGS) # Capricorn dancer I'm ridin' to shelter... # The pair insists there was never a big falling-out, they simply drifted apart after a decade of working together. Jono went to England for 16 years. Dano worked at his old stomping ground of the ABC. And, while Jono's been back a while, the idea to reteam with Dano was very recent.

But they won't have the airwaves to themselves. In the tough drive slot, they're up against the current number ones, Hamish and Andy, as well as a couple of old familiar faces also coming back to the airwaves of commercial radio - Roy and H.G. Oh, come on. Those guys have passed their use-by date. They are old. Yeah, bring it on, that's what we say. Fear is our friend. Yeah, and Alan Jones. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Sport is next with Brad McEwan, and Jelena Dokic continues She battled on to win last night despite a rolled ankle. Today, three players retired from the Australian Open due to injury and heat stress Jelena was crying tears of joy. And Ricky Ponting's bonus as South Africa fails to appeal. He's edged that. He is out. COMMENTATOR:

This program is captioned live. Jelena Dokic is testing her injured ankle out tonight as she prepares for tomorrow's Australian Open quarterfinal against third seed Dinara Safina. Her thrilling 3-set victory over Russia's Alisa Kleybanova has seen Dokic return to the world's top 100 rankings. The remarkable renaissance rolls on - Jelena Dokic winning her fourth and most dramatic 3-set match yet. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) COMMENTATOR: She does it! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) on court for more than three hours The 25-year-old comeback queen was before overcoming Russia's Alisa Kleybanova 8-6 in the deciding set. At times I couldn't even get myself, the crowd going and couldn't even scream "come on" any more, I was so tired. The strain of watching all 530 minutes of the incredible journey I think he'll have a few drinks tonight. I think I might I might as well. (LAUGHTER) At one stage, the capacity crowd held its collective breath as Dokic rolled her ankle, but it was just a minor setback in what was classic Grand Slam tennis. Just my foot really got stuck - it was really even a shock. I think it will be OK. Further complicating a drama-packed week, Dokic has brushed aside reports her estranged father, Damir, is planning a surprise visit to Melbourne Park. My whole story with him is finished. It would have to be an unbelievable miracle for him to change and I don't see that happening. Nathan Templeton, Ten News. World number two Serena Williams

is through to the Australian Open quarterfinals but only after her opponent, Victoria Azarenka, retired with heat stress. China's Zheng Jie and Frenchman Gael Monfils also failed to complete their matches. But there are no problems so far for top seed Rafael Nadal. Williams lost the opening set 6 games to 3, before Azarenka succumbed to the heat, forfeiting midway through the second set. COMMENTATOR: She's very distressed. She's broken down. Certainly not the way Serena wants to go into the quarterfinals.

Williams's quarterfinal opponent will be Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova. It might be Australia Day, but it's been South Africa's day in the one-day match in Adelaide. David Warner was out for just one. The Aussies struggled on a good batting pitch. A short time ago they were all out for 222. Australia needing victory to keep the series alive, and instantly under pressure. COMMENTATOR: Out! Straight to mid-on. That's a big wicket. Danger man David Warner out for just 1. Shaun Marsh chasing his opening partner back to the pavilion. That is a ripper of a catch! He's got him - what a catch!

Australia 2/17 before Ricky Ponting stepped up.

Oh, Ponting, that's the second shot like that in a row.

A half-hearted South African appeal gifted the skipper a lifeline on 38. Oh, that's an edge. He has edged that - that is out. He made the Proteas pay too - his 65th one-day half-century coming off just 46 balls, as Mike Hussey joined the party. About there, Michael Slater.

The pair combining for 93 before Botha dismissed Hussey lbw. Nine balls later, the South Africans were back in charge.

And out, and there's Ponting, as we speak, holing out straight to Neil McKenzie. The Aussies slumping to 5/128 when Brad Haddin aired Botha to an awaiting Jacques Kallis. It became a whole lot worse too, with David Hussey following shortly after. And just opens the face of the bat there, and straight to him. The batting collapse prompting Cameron White to take charge of the run rate... It's a biggie. ..the Victorian managing 30 runs before falling to Dale Steyn,

Mitchell Johnson lasting just seven deliveries as the Australians limped their way to a modest total. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Two stars of Australian athletics are off to the United States to start preparations for the world championships to be held in Berlin later this year. Fresh from being inducted into the Order of Australia, Olympic gold medallist Steve Hooker will take part in a number of indoor competitions. I'll compete on Friday night in New York, so it's my first competition since Beijing, so really it's a matter of getting back into the swing of competing. Hooker and Olympic silver medallist Sally McLellan will be the drawcards at the world athletics tour event at Olympic Park in March. The meeting will be telecast on Network Ten. And Dutch hockey celebrations would be limited to this in game four against the Kookaburras. A Jamie Dwyer penalty stroke ensured a draw and a 2-1 series win over the Netherlands for new Australian men's coach Ric Charlesworth.

And Socceroo midfielder Tim Cahill had a goal-bound effort flicked on by Joleon Lescott for an early lead in a F.A. Cup showdown with Merseyside rivals Liverpool. But Steven Gerrard ensured the honours would finish even, setting up a replay at Goodison Park in 10 days. Elsewhere, last year's runner-up, Cardiff City, has earned a replay in London after holding Arsenal to a scoreless draw. And there were plenty of spills across a unique, twisting, 550-metre urban ice track in Canada.

It made Steven Bradbury's Olympic gold look like a walk in the park. More than 120,000 fans turned out for the ninth annual event, eventually won by Finnish skater Artu Pihlainen. And in Sports Tonight, all the highlights from the tennis and the cricket. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's weather is next. Wellbeing is not just about posing well. Oh! Which is a shame because I've got that down pat. Raa! So, come on, then. What's the square root of pi, divided by three? And how much pie do I get? I so miss the '80s. Mmm! With LOADS of variety to retain my interest. And I know I'm going to get noticed results. VOICEOVER: Start saving by calling 1300 FERNWOOD today.

Today is about celebrating all

things Australian and team is as

true blue as it comes. You have a

few flags there. Loving the day. It

comes straight from a heart and its

passionate. Greece people got up

very early and have been dressing

up like this three years. They do

photographs with to us from all Round

Round The world. You can't drizzle

about resort it's not about the

weather. We loved chops on the

barbecue an we love Skippy the Bush kangaroo.

kangaroo. And we love a land girt

by sea. And we love Norman Dunstan.

People like this so much in the

streets and wearing their colours

proudly. This did not need to be in

the script but we will dig deep. We

will get away and we won't grizzle

about the drizzle. Lb showers

across the celebrations but it will

not faze us. It will be a delight

for Pavia celebrations even if the

clouds a leak on us. If we don't

get some good rain in the next few

days it could be the dry start to a

year since 1985. 6.3 millimetres in

the rain gauge. We don't care about

it raining because we know the

country needs it. Do you know what

the weather is doing tomorrow? The

honesty comes out of the little

bloke at long last. 25 to 30 degrees and a clearing shower. You heard it here first.

It is stickier than tape.

Thick cloud rotates about tropical

cyclone Dominic of Northern WA with

rain and storms. The cyclone

generate rain and feeds moisture

into a trough extending south.

North-easterly is were driving south

south strow and Victoria. Showers

on the Queensland News on the Queensland News Of Wild

Coast. There will be Coast. There will be on the Queensland News Of Wild Coast. There will be showers Coast. There will be showers for

the north-east of NSW and

Queensland, mainly coastal and any

of the Rangers. Thunder and showers

in the north-west of WA. Storms

across the tropics. in the north-west of WA. Storms across the tropics. There's been

some thunderstorm activity in the

Hunter Valley. Also the Hunter Valley. Also the northern

rivers and north coast of NSW with

Byron Bay getting some of the

heaviest rain that has seen him for

years. Showers on and off the tonight

tonight across Sydney and tomorrow

as we put our feet back on the

ground and most of us go back to

work and school. 25 to 30 degrees.

Some real hot weather in their

Western suburbs with 37 and 38 degrees later in the week. That's the latest from the Ten news room for this Australia Day. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:50 Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. ( SNORING ) ( SUCKING ) ( DISTRESSED MOANING ) ( MUTTERING ): I WANT LEMONADE. HMM.