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(generated from captions) and if you reach an impasse, you're not alone I just want you to know and I'm here for you. right here in my heart. You've always been you can come to me. I just want you to know That'll never change.


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This program is captioned live. $$WHITETonight - the $$WHITETonight - the service that

revealed another side to Michael

Jackson. Daddy has been the best

father you could ever imagine

Music's royalty reflect on a life

cut tragically short This is a

moment that I wished that I didn't

have to see coming. As celebrities

mourn the loss of the troubled mourn the loss of the troubled

superstar Michael was one of a kind.

Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. And

I'm Deborah Knight. Also, a New

South Wales town becomes the first

in the world to ban bottled water.

And the Sydney suburbs where it's

weight. much harder than average to lose

First tonight, countless millions

around the globe have watched

Michael Jackson farewelled in an

emotional star packed memorial

concert. And while the gold cast

get took central stage, it was his

daughter who took central stage.

expected? The memorial was not what people

Officials affect -- expected chaos

with more than 0.5 million expected

to be here. It was orderly. The

and fitting. memorial was described as dignified

After a lifetime on stage, the

Jacksons backed up their brother

Michael. In single sequins gloves

they carried him to his final

audience. Lavish as always, at the

50-year olds Coughlan took central

stage. The youngest clutched a

Michael Jackson doll as the

tributes poured in for their dad.

The most stirring tribute came from

a shattered Jermaine Jackson.

Tears from the R'n'B star Usher.

And more two years in the heart of

Motown. I think he is the greatest

entertainer that ever lived. For

entertainer that ever lived. For

many, the greatest friend. Both of

us needed to be adults very early.

When we were together we were two

little kids. Kind and generous,

they say he loved being teased and

love to laugh. I went crazy, do you

like Kentucky fried chicken? That

made my day. That was the moment of

my life. There was little mention

of his controversial choices. Just

words of strength for his children.

words of strength for his children.

It was strange what your daddy had

to deal week. His greatest

supporters took the stage. 11 -

year-old Paris brave to an

unscripted speech, she had the

final word. Ever since I was born,

Daddy has been the best father you

could imagine. I just wanted to say

our love Tim words she has waited a

long time for the world to hear.

It is unclear where or when he will

be laid to rest. What is clear, it

was about his fans today. They will

never forget. Adorned with red

roses, his coffin was moved from a

Hollywood some a Terry so his fans

could say goodbye. The motorcade of

more than 30 cars was given a clear

run as one of LA's busiest freeways

were shut down. When Jackson

arrived, his fans were waiting.

Only a chosen few were able to get

inside the memorial. An occasion

they will never forget. I was

crying and I was laughing. There

were many funny moments, many human

moments. I tried not to cry and

then little Paris started to talk.

It was an international audience.

None of us mortals could expect

what it was like to live in Michael

Jackson's shoes. I cried all the

way three it. It was also inspiring

because of who Michael Jackson was.

It was not just yet in Los Angeles

where they mourned. Around the

world they gathered in front of

giant screens. The huge crowds they

feared would gather around the

stable centre it did not eventuate.

There is a gathered we are peaceful

even though they could not see a

thing. Here has gone too soon, he

was an icon the King of Pop. He is

gone but not forgotten. Andy is a

Jackson? final mystery tonight over Michael

That is right. We are waiting on a

final cause of death. Plus, the

winning custody battle. Sadly, the

Michael Jackson saga is far from

over. Australian fans braved some

bitter winter temperatures to fare

well Michael Jackson in the middle

of the night. Fans in other places

around the world

around the world marked the

occasion in their own way. It was

the next best thing to being there.

The fans chose to share the

experience with others. This cold

but devoted crowd in here in

Melbourne's that the addition

Square. -- Federation's Square.

Michael Jackson lived in all of us.

His legacy will never die. In New

York, in Times Square and the

Apollo Theatre in Harlem. I cannot

believe he has gone. President

Obama acknowledged his passing from

Moscow. It is like elvers, like Moscow. It is like elvers, like

spring snatcher. Someone who has

captured the imagination of the

country for so long. Elsewhere in

the Russian capital, fans released

balloons. In Germany, 80,000

watched in the O2 arena. In London,

where he would have been this week

ahead of his comeback tour, a West

End tribute show a marked the

moment. Please join us for a minute

silent this as a mark of respect.

The headlines with Adam -- the

sports headlines. The first Ashes

bought his hours away. It is not

just about the players, both teams

have a very vocal supporters. The

fans have gone head-to-head. Loud,

proud and Australian, around 350

supporters from down under have

arrived in Cardiff Gigi on their

heroes. We have come to meet some

been different people. They could have

been more supporters here to cheer

on the Aussies. Interest in the

trip has declined since the global

downturn. The fans had a hit. The

amateur teams played passionately

and with Bega. Some even suffered

minor injuries. Both teams were

hungry for victory. They hoped to

kick-start a winning streak for

their country. We will give the

Aussies some spirit. I into myself,

if we ring -- if we win today, we

set the scene for England to beat

Australia. The match between the

rival fans was

rival fans was close. Eventually,

it went in England's favour.

What the Ashes captains and

thinking. Cadel Evans Tour de

France team turns in a shocker. And

Lance Armstrong makes a charge.

Also, NSW Police sloppy ban on

issuing fines. And, a world first -

the NSW tan banning water. Super

sized suburbs, the neighbourhoods

where it is harder to lose weight.

eat it. If it is cheap, highly promoted, we


Honda Accord Euro VOICEOVER: The precision-engineered the world's very best cars has beaten 34 of

ultimate automotive award. to win Australia's for a test drive today. So take 'Wheels' Car of the Year the going-away party? Yeah, when's the, er... Put that back!

There will be no police fines from

six o'clock tonight. Officers will

refuse to issue tickets following a

breakdown in pay talks with the

State Government. It appears that

the gloves are off here. Police

have acted very quickly. They will

not be issuing fines for speeding

offences or even a minor drug

matters. They wonder hit the

Government where it hurts and that

is in the hip pocket. Paid the

negotiations broke down this

afternoon because the Government

would not return to talks by 4pm.

They are being offered a 4% pay

rise each year but that involves

cuts to injure or on officers'

wages and uniform allowances. They

want the pay rises without

sacrificing the other benefits and

believe it is justified even in

these uncertain economic

circumstances. They continued to go

down the Perth of wanting police to

go out there and do their job and

be assaulted and injured without

protection while they feast on

their 77 Doris Day hamburgers.

Police will not accept that. I'm

confident the umpire will find

their way through this as they have

Feurer century. What will it take

to get the police back to the

negotiating table? They are

planning on non-issue in the fines

for one week but it could be wound

up before that. A third of all

government revenue came from the

police force. It will hurt the

Government when they cannot afford

it. Bottled water is being banned

from all State Government

departments and agencies. It comes

after a push to ban bottled water

from an entire town. This town has

residents that it quench their

first the old way with tap water

and they are preparing for at a

bottle toward a ban. We're not

trying to save the world more than

bottled will water the world over

but trying something that is

important from a sustainability

issue. A company a wanted to pump

water from the aquifer and bottle

it for sale. Businesses will still

reusable bottles it can be filled

from tucks in the store will

barbless in the street. Business

owners say they will lose $2,000

year in for bottled water sales but

say it is worth it and had it has

put their little town on the map. We are

We are sure we will pick up sales

in other things and bring more

people to town. I think it is an

excellent idea and should be done

in the whole world. The industry is

facing environmental criticism and

an economic backlash. Overseas

sales of bottled an economic backlash. Overseas sales of bottled for the first time.

You can get a perfectly good water

that is fully drinkable out of your

attack and it costs you virtually

nothing. The ban will go to one

vote at a community meeting tonight. The former vote at a community meeting tonight.

The former Darren -- the former AFL

player Darren Creswell will be

extradited to Queensland on fraud

charges. It is alleged he took out

loans while he was coaching the

Brisbane Lions and that he spent

the money on gambling with the tab

and bookmakers. He will be charged

at the Sunshine Coast tomorrow and

is behind bars in Sydney tonight

after a magistrate refused a

$10,000 I'll offer from his truck

driver of boss. Fast-food giants

are preying on the

are preying on the vulnerable and

councils are powerless to stop them.

They are setting up shop in areas

known for high rates of heart

disease. If it is there and

available and cheap and highly

promoted we eat it. Especially in

Blacktown, which is the countries

junk food capital.

It has the city's highest number of

heart attacks and obesity related

deaths. Hunter's Hill has no fast-

food. There is a big gap between

the haves and have-nots and it's a

concentration of unhealthy the haves and have-nots and it's a concentration of unhealthy

environments in the poor

neighbourhoods. The red areas have

lowest income and highest

concentration of fast-food outlets.

In the highest earning suburbs

there are roaming a handful of fast food outlets.

Bulging obesity rates have forced

British councils to ban new stores from British councils to ban new stores from Super size suburbs.

Technically councils can always

object on social grounds but I

would be taken to court and Roos

and cost ratepayers thousands. A

local communities really have no

control over how many of these end up

up in their backyard. Most councils

we spoke to said they're unhappy

with the number of restaurants but

are powerless to act. One in two

adults and one in four children are

overweight and obese and

researchers say the Moores made to

change and change quickly. Now for

a look at the weather and a bright

finish to what was a gloomy day.

Look at that. Sensational evening

in Sydney Town as the sun starts to

set. More cloud tomorrow with a few

showers and tops of Iran 16 or 17

degrees. 13 millimetres of rain

across the Sydney base and in the

past and the four hours.

Unfortunately most of it was

coastal and not in catchment areas.

The high point tonight comes you

from high in the sky. A very clever

and creative photograph. Judy wards,

we love your work. You when hot-air

ballooning across the Hunter Valley. We have

We have one to give away each and

every Friday if you would like to

be a part of it. Put it on the

television for half-a-million

people to say. The plan to smash people to say. The plan to smash

the Power of the big banks.

you now have a difficult choice. Whichever one you pick, it'll be a rippa.

This program is captioned live. The

weather is clear in the city. The

rain is moving west.

rain is moving west. Some traffic

is a rising. The main ran out

towards the south-west is

gridlocked. It is the worst you

will see the M5. Heading south into

Campbelltown. It is caused by the

wet roads. There are no accidents

or breakdowns. Motorists will be

home at late tonight. We have been

told of a serious incident out of

the M two tunnel. Waverley Council

has apologised to a group of

homeless men after they threw their

bedding into the bin. The Supreme

Court ordered them to return the belongings.

belongings. They are already doing

it tough, but yesterday these

homeless men living at the back of

homeless -- on their pavilion were

dealt the lowest of the low. I saw

the council workers struck my stuff

in the bin. A how do they think I

will keep warm tonight? With their bedding

bedding and locked up in a mini ski,

and the temperature plummeting,

they took Waverley Council on and

one. We were forced to go back to

the Supreme Court to protect these

people down here. Hopefully this

sends a clear message to the mayor.

The Supreme Court ordered the

immediate return of the men's

belongings. The council also

belongings. The council also

offered an apology. As soon as we

found that the betting belong to

somebody, we understand it is not

one of the original people, we

returned it. Doug the Bondi nine,

they fight for public housing. It

is very depressing, but I am doing

the best I can with what I

the best I can with what I have.

She does some heart. A plan to

establish a People's Bank has been

knocked on the head. Leading

economists have said there is room

for a public paint with no fees and

no charges. On a cold winter's day,

at the idea of the People's Bank

was given a warm reception. What

you report something like this? Yes.

you report something like this? Yes.

Yes, falling income people. A

suggestion has been for the

government to set up their own bank.

We have put in measures to make it

easier for people to switch banks

if they believed they are not

getting an appropriate deal. One of the Economist behind the

the Economist behind the deal is

this man. It would be a simple

institution with a simple range of

services at lower cost. It could be

as easy as walking into the nearest

branch of Australia Post and

lodging and -- opening an account

and putting money in. It is

suggested there be an interest-

bearing savings accounts with no charges.

charges. The opposition supports an

inquiry. They do not like the idea

of pulling Kevin Rudd in charge of

a bank. It Russia, I would not want

a government to run a bank. Here, I

can trust those people. Now

Now for the finance report. Have we

seen the worst of the financial

crisis? Something so. Sentiment has

soared in the latest survey. This

is despite creeping petrol prices.

People are feeling more optimistic as the

as the spending has shown. More

positive news on the housing front

-- housing front. No doubt the

governments grounds are propping up

the market. First home buyers make

up 30% of the market. Despite the

upbeat data, the fall in oil price

and an weighed on the resource have the weights.

Tomorrow, at the official

unemployment figures will be released.

released. The jobless rate is

tipped at 5%. The swine flu death

tally has slipped to 17 in

Australia. The Federal Government

cannot keep up with the deaths. The

health minister told the public

that 13 had died. Within hours, her

figures were out of date. For more

deaths were revealed. It seems

likely from this pattern, the swine

flu will be the dominant flu

experienced in Australia. Kevin

Rudd is talking down hopes of a

breakthrough at climate change breakthrough at climate change

talks in Europe. Mr Rudd's language

has also left his hosts a little

bamboozled. No Australian Prime

Minister can visit Berlin without

first paying their respects to the

victims of the Second World War.

God these guys had guts.

God these guys had guts. The RAAF God these guys had guts. The RAAF

crew buried here killed on a

bombing mission over the German

capital. He was on his second last

mission too. Just as moving for the

Prime Minister, Berlin's stark

memorial to the millions

slaughtered in the holocaust. You

think of the death of the innocents

and any human being responds to the and any human being responds to the

pit of their stomach. Mr Rudd was in Berlin

in Berlin for talks with German

Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of

tomorrow's Italian summit of major

world economies on climate change.

I think one can safely say

Australia and German relations have

very much intensified over these

last few months and it's actually a

lot of fun to work together. It

wouldn't have been a lot of fun for

the German translator though. It's

highly unlikely that you'll have

anything emerge from the MEF by the way of detailed problematic

specificity. The PM is more optimistic about Australia's bid

optimistic about Australia's bid

for soccer's World Cup finals,

after he and Football Federation

Australia chairman Frank Lowy lobby Australia chairman Frank Lowy lobby FIFA president Sepp Blatter in

Zurich later today. It's a very

important step, but it's one step in many many steps.

Growing ethnic violence in China

has forced the country's president

to abandon plans to attend the G8

Summit in Italy. Security remains

high in the western Chinese region

of Xinjiang. A curfew was imposed

last night after thousands of Han

Chinese stormed the streets. They

were seeking vengeance for Sunday's

violence, much of which involved

the Uigur people targeting the Han.

More than 150 people have been More than 150 people have been

killed in the riots and more than

1,000 injured. The government says

President Hu's return showed China

had made the situation a high priority.

On the fourth anniversary of

London's terror attacks, the

victims have been honoured with a

new memorial. It was opened by

Prince Charles. They stand tall for

lives cut short. 52 steel pillars,

one for each innocent life lost in

the seven bombings. The survivors

the seven bombings. The survivors

and families of those who were

killed when suicide bombers

targeted the transport system in

July 2005, now have a lasting

memorial to mark their loss. The

Hyde Park monuments were officially

opened by Prince Charles. I feel I

have some, some small awareness of

the shattering loss you have all

suffered. I can recall the intense

despair and many other emotions

that I experienced when my beloved

great uncle was murdered by terrace

30 years ago. The Australian 30 years ago. The Australian

architect based in mind done helped

to design the memorial. You

discover the

discover the meaning of the

memorial by interacting with it.

Each statue has a texture. I think

it is beautiful. It is absolutely

amazing. It shows exactly what they

needed to show. Each of them was

individual. A tribute design not to individual. A tribute design not to

remember how they died, but who they were.

they were. Still to come - more on

Michael Jackson and the memorial

service. It was an event that

revealed another side to the

troubled superstar. Le Michael rest.

He has earned his rest. The stars

of Harry Potter praised London's crowds, and its rain.

Take a look in the freezer.

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And returning to the top story it.

Michael Jackson's final resting

place remains a mystery. Family,

friends and fans and Piers offered tributes and emotional

tributes and emotional performances.

He hardly had a life outside the

public eye, his death and funeral

were no different. Helicopters were

it overhead while the gold plated

Coughlan contained the scarred body.

He should have been in London today

getting ready for a comeback.

Nobody expected this.

Nobody expected this. The burial

will wait. First, he was taken

across Los Angeles, to the mansion

where he died, the stadium where he

last rehearsed, where tens of

thousands waited for his memorial

concert. They were unaware

concert. They were unaware until

now that his coffin would be

centre-stage. It was led in by his

brothers. Michael was the child

star of the Jackson five. They

kissed their little brother's

coffin. Michael was the biggest star on earth.

star on earth. His friends paid

tributes. This is a moment that I

wished I did not live to see come.

They are saying his songs. Mariah

Carey first with By a Willkm/h be Camembert.

Camembert. Songs and speeches.

Every time he got knocked down, he

got back up. Every time we counted

him out he came back in. Michael

never stopped. Neither of the

children's mothers were there.

Their father it did before them.

Today, although our hearts are

aching. We need to look up where he

is undoubtedly perched in a

crescent moon. We need to smile.

Booked was his friend and Germaine

was his brother.

was his brother. He struggled while

singing his favourite song. In the

end, the family made their pain

public. Being judged, ridiculed,

how much pain can one take? May be now Michael they

now Michael they will leave you

alone. The last words were a

searing. Ever since I was born

Teddy has been the best father

anyone could imagine. I just wanted to

to say I love him. His family

willed the coven away. -- wield the

coffin. His day is over. Even Harry

Potter at could not work

Potter at could not work his magic

at the premiere of his latest movie.

Torrential rain left the cast

drenched. He did his best to show

the British stiff upper lip. I have

stayed dry so far. I am enjoying

this. This is brick spirit. This is,

we can still do premieres

we can still do premieres in the

pouring rain. This is British.

The Queenslanders are out to get

one of the Blues, what is going on?

Australia's cricketers and looking

to earn their keep in England.

to earn their keep in England. Plus,

the Japanese boxer who was not

prepared to wait any longer.

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And three hours to the opening

delivery of the Ashes series. Who

will be bowling for Australia

remains the question on an untried

pitched in Wales. The captain has

his eye on the prize. He is

confident the team is well prepared

and ready to take on England. We know

know their strengths and weaknesses

and have picked them apart and now

it is about executing what we need

to do. A dreary few days in Cardiff

a made the condition of the wicket

hard to read. The weather is

hindering things about what our

final make-up will bay. Whether or

being Wallan pace line-up or

includes specialist spinner,

includes specialist spinner, none

of them will have played a Test

match on English soil. We will keep

their fingers crossed and hope that

Brett Lee's back soon. For which

cannot assume that the bowling

attack will be weaker without him.

Even though they're lacking experience, the captain is

confident the team will rise to the

occasion. No doubt there is a lot of under and

of under and desire to build on

things that we started in South the

naff -- South Africa. The English

will not be under messed

underestimating the Estonians but

is a relief that they are without

some key players. The some of the

players to have a bit of charisma or

or missing, or maybe it is not as

intimidating as in use today. Trent

Barrett was given a two weeks'

suspension for his high shot but

the punishment may not end there.

That Queensland centre left the

field after 22 minutes of play and

Queensland refused to rule out

getting square. He might think

twice coming around

twice coming around the forwards

but I'm sure that if any of the

boys get an opportunity they will

put one on him. The other concern

is David Williams to set out of

training with a knee complaint but

is expected to be fit for kick-off.

Parramatta and denies reporting the

system through property deals. The

system through property deals. The

chairman who is said to have

brokered the deals met with the

salary cap or better. We have been

open and transparent in our

dealings with the Legion have

provided all documentation they

requested. The club says it while

the chairman said they would not

lose money on investment proffered

-- properties he did not

-- properties he did not guarantee

profits. For some players feel

intimidated by the Rugby Union

after the shock sacking of Lottie

to Keri. There will be an

investigation. We want answers as

to the process and the reasons and

we want to ensure there has been no

personal vendetta by anyone. The

association says

association says the ill-feeling is

not conducive to the Wallabies play

good rugby in the upcoming Tri-

Nations series. Armstrong has closed

closed in to one second in the Tour

de France after his team won the

stage for a time trial. Caddell

Evans went to 36 after his team

crashed on the way to Virtanen.

crashed on the way to Virtanen. A

Swiss rider has retained the ELO

Jersey and Armstrong showed he is a

genuine contender and a very

popular man. Tensions threatened to popular man. Tensions threatened to

boil over today for a way in for

the Pacific weather that --

featherweight title. The kid

featherweight title. The kid is

still confident. I'm taller then

hears and faster and stronger and

have better eyes than he does. It

is all stacked against him. If you

can see the fight to live tomorrow

night at nine o'clock. On sports

tonight we take a high-speed tour in

in Townsville. An accident on the M

two is causing problems. For

traffic heading west out of the

tunnel. Eagle-Eye is after a free

car smash. The fire brigade have

left the same. This is the build-up

heading towards the end to it out

through the north-west. After some showers

showers in Campbelltown peak-hour traffic is struggling from

Liverpool to Campbelltown. Wherein

for another cool night. The weather is next.

The wine industry is being crushed

by New Zealand for the first time

in history. Seven of our most

populous crops are Trans Tasman

Sauvignon Blanc. It is a very

popular style that resonates with

the strain in consumer. We will

move on and we will go to South

move on and we will go to South

America and Italy and France and

the world will open up. Details

tomorrow on the news. We're being

very predictable on the weather

front and there is more of the same

to come. That is what I've been

saying all week - chance of a

shower and 16 degrees. Be sent for

the same tomorrow and the next day

and the day after.

and the day after. It looks as

though the pattern will be with us

for another week. Next Tuesday

might be the same turf. Quite

literally that's all I have to tell

you at the moment. The best part of

the country is in the snowy

Mountains. This guy is clear and

the snow is light and dry.

Cloud on the east coast in moist

south-easterly winds brings showers

from Cairns to centre on his of

wiles. A weak trough in the west of

the continent with only a few

showers. South-easterly winds will

maintain showers on

maintain showers on the NSW and

Queensland coast. They will be at

it for another week. Predicted rain

- scattered showers along the east

coast. Widespread rain up across WA.

Tomorrow - overcast and showers on

the coast. About 16

the coast. About 16 degrees. Write

that down and keep it in your back

pocket. Saturday may be warm-up but

cloudy. 18 degrees and chancellor shower on Sunday.

See a from the top of the country

tomorrow night. That is the news

for now. Thank you for your company and we

and we will have Updates and the

Late News and sports tonight at 10:30pm.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia