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you from your lounge chair into the Today on State Focus, we're taking of world's wittiest and wildest digital age of TV with One HD, some minds on stage in Canberra. eye on your waistline with two local And look out Orange, we've got an and welcome to State Focus, radio jocks. Hello I'm Peta Burton kickstart the show. first today something culinary to hits on TV, like Channel Ten's And with all the excitement of big who's sizzling hot in the kitchen in Masterchef, we thought we'd find out ACT's very Canberra. And joining us now, is the own award-winning master of the Ellacure Restaurant, Andrew Holland. modern dining menu, owner of How's it going? awards. Congratulations on these wonderful had. Can you imagine. Can you believe the success you've way back when you all started 14 Could have you imagined this success months ago? You're own show. we've got there, Yeah. With all the good staff that the awards like this and all of us I've always believed we could win

time. are in hospitality for quite some restaurants. And have won awards in previous to get them. So we did kind of aim towards that So I'm very, very happy. good food. Good on you. It's not just about It is about great staff as well. Staff is the main part of Ellacure. before somewhere. Every staff member I've worked with business I believe, so. And they're they're the best in the Why did you want to become a chef? than spending hours in the kitchen. I couldn't think of anything worse think and went to Coolem beach with Oh I would have been 12 years old I holidays and my cousin was running my mum and dad and we were on was a chef in the kitchen and in a restaurant with her boyfriend, he and I was like - this is a pretty this split shift we went jet skiing service then go good life style. You go lunch

for a bit of a jet ski in the service. afternoon then back for dinner And is this the case? (LAUGHS) Not so much. putting it on a little bit @ (LAU (LAUGHS) I think it was kind of can you remember your first meal Look, I've got to ask you though, that you cooked? you know, No. I've always cooked with mum and my grandma in the kitchen at kitchen since I was 13. home and stuff and been learning How did you fine tune that art. What about learning to speed chop. with the knife. The more you do it. Takes years to just get comfortable you know at Ellacure we go through We peel, I peel so many potatoes, constantly peeling and you just 40 kilos of onions a week, so we're develop skills over time. look at the scars. It is a dangerous craft. I mean (LAUGHS) A number of scars on you. make it in this industry. Look, I guess, how difficult to A couple.

I guess to get work. you love food and love cooking. Yeah, you've just gotta love it. If at it as a job. I don't think it's, you don't look It's a lifestyle change. and new apprentices that come in So straight away with new people they are are gonna make it or not. the kitchens, you can tell whether How? How do you tell? passion for the lifestyle. It's a passion for food. It's a and the things you grow up doing, You've got to leave your football instruments and whatnot all got and you know, I used to play dropped to become a chef. Do you have a life? inside friendship groups which I do inside my restaurant and days @ revolve around hospitality revolve around hospitality these to cook or you don't have the What happens if you don't know how time? confidence or you don't have the it simple and that's one of our It's important for people to keep confuse things with too many philosophies at Ellacure is not to

instance, take a protein, like a flavours or whatnot, just for and spices on it and some meat, season it up, put some herbs vegetables and a sauce. dishes. There's only 3 components to most ancestors. I keep hearing, eat like your that's good. Eat like your ancestors, yeah good, Minimal, no processed foods is a there. that's we're probably getting at Yeah, yeah. which is so good. You just, as fresh as it gets, it. Don't buy packaged stuff. Produce watching cooking shows. What about when it comes to successful. I mean Master Chef has been so appeal What is the fascination or the with these shows to start with. the good looking chef's. (LAUGHS) Master Chef. Maybe it's just all (LAUGHS) Okay. the I dont know. Yeah just the cooking, hospitality industry maybe because about it you're either in it and you know or you're looking from the outside. shows? Is there an overload of these Yeah definitely. Yeah I think so maybe a little bit. Rules' so many years ago and that I remember the 'My Restaurant was good, but there's definitely heaps of them around these days. mean Andrew Hollands? Do you fantasise about the perfect Oh I'm trying to get there everyday. the customers. Trying to make the perfect meal for Cos food is essential isn't it?

Very much so. Food mean so much. very much so with, we're putting It's part of all our lives you know, body, you know, it's so important into our body, we're fuelling our for exercise and to stay healthy. Alright what do we try at Ellacure. the moment? What's the best thing on the menu at I've heard the duck. says, the duck. What's the best thing. Everyone menu change at the moment. We're just going through a bit of a keep the duck. But the duck is fantastic. Gotta change it a little bit. The duck will be there. But we'll pistacio The variations. It's served with a watercress orange segment salad. duck with an orange jus. With a double roasted crispy skin and cook that? And you would want me to come in Yeah, no it's quite easy. Congratulations. Thank you so much. you've done well. All the best on your own show at 24. Fantastic, thank you so much. (WHOOSH) have been several fight videos Well, over the past few weeks there very young people on the South Coast. were caught up in a brawl in In one case as many as 30 youngsters line now is Shellharbour. And joining us on the an expert in adolescent behaviour, psychologist Doctor Michael Carr-Gregg. Michael so much for your time this morning. I guess first, what many I guess can't get their heads around is why no one intervenes. Why does no one stop these fights? Oh look, I think there are a number of reasons for that. Kids basically haven't been taught how to intervene. And their very frightened that if they do, there may be some negative repercussions for them. Okay, where do you start when you call for a royal commission into a bullying and harassment. I guess, where do you start on, or what do you what to achieve with something like that and what can you achieve by calling for something like this. Well whatever we're doing at the moment doesn't seem to be working and in 2000 the figure was 1 in 6 kids are bullied weekly and bothered by it. Then in 2007 it was 1 in 5 and it's 1 in 4. So it's getting worse. The policies and practices in schools and across the community just simply don't seem to be getting the result we want. So I'm hoping we can have a national review, look at the curriculum, the policies and the practices and get some evidence based into what we're doing prac Look it's a finger pointing question, dare ask, but who's to blame? Look I think it's fundamentally a resource issue. in schools to put together a decent policy. If you want to put together a decent policy, you have to first of all involve the kids in drawing up the policy. You have to have it backed up by the curriculum, which it's not being and you have to have money to put into both parent education and staff development and we don't have that either. Alright, we appreciate your time this morning.

Thank you very much for joining us. Take care. Pleasure. Okay, coming up, turning in your teli for ONE HD. The new tv channel is ready for lift off next on State Focus. You're watching State Focus. Now, we've come a long way from when television first came into our

You're watching State Focus. Now, we've come a long way from when lounge rooms way back in 1956. And, today as most of us invest in new plasmas and set top boxes with HD capability, we're heading towards watching more TV than ever before including the ONE HD channel, and earlier we caught up with THE boss, CEO of Macquarie Media Group, Mark Dorney and started off by asking him when we're going to see ONE HD?

(WHOOSH) Well very soon. We're launching ONE HD, our 24 hour sports channel to all of our viewers in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT, this coming Thursday the 2nd of July. This is very exciting times in Television. Are you getting much sleep? At the moment yes, but I think once the sports programming starts

probably not! (LAUGHS) So what will it actually mean in terms of - how do you actually access it? How do you set it up? Well for our viewers that have plasma or LCD screens with an HD tuner inbuilt, or our viewers who have bought and HD set top box, you'll be able to access ONE programming in these markets, subject to your digital coverage. OK. What sort of - just give us some sort of indication as to what sort

of investment, I guess, we've made as a network into ONE HD. Very significant investment. We've invested about 27 million dollars in building state of the art playout facility in Canberra to enable us to deliver ONE HD programming to our regional viewers in these three states and the ACT. So what will it mean for the viewer at the end of the day when you're sitting back in your lounge chair, you know the remote's in hand, what will it mean for those people watching? Well this is the first time that Australians in these regional centres are going to be able to access 24 hour sports programming for free in their homes. So we think it's an exciting opportunity for our viewers in these locations to get to see sports that they wouldn't otherwise see, and you know we're particularly excited to be able to

bring AFL, American football, Netball, Commonwealth Games to our viewers in these markets @ Netbal I guess - we had Harvey Norman on the show only a couple of weeks ago, talking about how everyone's getting prepared for the digital takeover. 7.3 million people equates to about 90 percent of Australia's population outside of the metro area that the Southern Cross Ten signal reaches.

Is it about time that these people had access to this sort of level of technology? Yeah absolutely. You know this is really part of the broader initiative of the government, which the commercial broadcasters and the publicly owned broadcasters are working with the government to deliver a suite of channels, of new channels and new services for free to our viewers in regional Australia and it is about time that regional viewers got to have access to, you know new channels and importantly to do this for free. When you have a moment though when you're sitting back and taking 5, I've got to ask you, what will you be watching? I will be watching a lot of AFL and American football. And of course I can tell by the tie that you're a Sydney Swans supporter! (LAUGHS) I am absolutely, and that's - that is the AFL side I'll be following

very very closely and continue to. Well we'll leave that there, because you know that I'm a West Coast Eagles fan. I can't thank you enough. I should say congratulations first of all, good luck for the launch, thank you so much for joining us, thanks for joining us on a Sunday morning aswell, and also for popping on a little bit of make up. My pleasure, thanks for having me in @ My pleasure, thanks for havi You're welcome, thanks Mark. Well, and as many of us know, it takes a whole lot of motivation,

determination, but mostly perspiration to keep the body looking its best. But two blokes who've been put in the hard yards to get healthy and give the Colour City a nudge over the chin-up bar, are the very buff breakie crew from 105.9 Star FM Orange, Damo and Josh. Morning guys. Peta!

Now your looking good. How do you both feel? the gym. It was pretty rough because a lot of the classes were later at night and of course we start early in the morning. So there was a lot of tiredness involved, but at the end of it, feel a lot better. How did you do it during brekkie radio? It can be tough. But you just gotta sleep where you can and then make sure you go to the gym. So long as we get a little cat nap in the afternoon.

I think the energy you get though from it. It helps you get up in the morning anyway @ It helps you get up in t Yeah, you sleep a lot better. And you just feel better in the morning. Well listen, I've heard that you've been craving exercise is the word. You've been craving good food and more of it. But what was your motivation. What did you want to achieve and why now? I mean it is winter to achieve and why now Well, it is winter and you know we all know that that is the time when people tend to stack on those pounds anyway.

So it was the perfect opportunity, me being a larger gentleman anyway, and it was a good chance to get our listeners involved as well, because the statistics came out that Orange is one of the fattest towns in New South Wales and so we joined with Integra Gym to get some of our listeners involved and it was overwhelming the response that we got. @ overwhelming the response Not that there's anything wrong with a love handle or two.

That can be fun, particularly in winter... (LAUGHS) Too big. I was gonna say you need love handles in winter. (LAUGHS) But you need jumpers as well, which we're going for jumpers. Listen I've got to ask you, you both have got your results in. What did you weight before and after. Cos I know you were doing, you had different objectives. Well I was in it to loose weight obviously and after 3 weeks I lost 3.3 kilos, which doesn't seem all that much, but I did loose a 11 cms

off the waist which is just huge I thought. So very happy with that. The weight was a big thing for Damo, for me I was doing a little bit of a different challenge, it was the ultimate edge to put on weight. Put on a bit of muscle mass and bulk up a little bit because I am a smaller frame. I've come out about 2.5 kilos heavier, but I have increased in my measurements across the chest and the waist and the arms as well. So good results for me too.

So while he was trying, we were all trying to loose weight, he was gaining weight. (LAUGHS) Okay, so I've heard your nicknames are now Mr Universe one and two. (LAUGHS) I don't know who's telling you that, but I think it might stick. you Well maybe if we keep on the path we're going, we'll get there, so... Good to hear guys. I've gotta ask you though. How tough is it to keep on track. I mean you're so busy these days. You go for the quick fix with the easy food. You know, some of us don't know how to cook good food in the kitchen,

maintain that. Is it gonna be hard or has it been hard to keep on track? I personally think the guidance we've had from Integra the gym, they were really helpful in giving us you know, the right ways to cook things and we all got a cook book and ingredient book at the start to do them and the team environment that we had there with all the other weight loss contestants as well, I think, was a massive

encouragement to keep us going. Yep and the thing to remember is that a lot of our contestants were mothers, they had jobs, they had kids to look after as well and they still managed to pull really good results and also get their families involved as well. So it was a learning curve for everyone, not just the contestants but all their families and you know, the gym gave us the guidelines not only to do the exercise but also to put those meal plans in place, so that we can continue after that 6 weeks is up.

And I think the biggest things as well is, setting aside the time. Once you get into your routine, once you get into the habit, I mean, you've known, you went from not training at all, into a 5 day a week exercise regime, you just gotta do it, you just gotta commit to it and again, having the team there I think was good. Yeah even in the long weekend, cos the gym was closed over the long weekend, after 3 days I was actually craving it. I missed doing exercise which I was just stunned at, so once you get

into it, it's not that hard to keep going. Oh two big thumbs up. I'm so proud of your guys. You've done well. Here's to healthy living and look, maybe a few more dates, because I know that you are both single. And have been getting some action. Well, hopefully. The thing to remember is if I could do it, cos I was one of the laziest people I know. So if I can do it. Anyone can really do it. So if you have the motivation and you want to change it.

Go ahead and do it cos you can. And if you can't make it to the gym, do it in your daily exercise. If you're putting your washing out, do a squad, bend down, pick up, build it into your life somehow. When your vacuuming, shake the booty a little bit more. (LAUGHS) Put some effort into it. Okay, I shall take note. (LAUGHS) Thanks guys. Look after yourself. Great news. Bye Peta. Great talking to you. After the break, some of the world's funniest people thinking on their

feet in the nation's capital, next on State Focus. Welcome back to State Focus.

Well, time for some laughs now, and some national and international A-listers in comedy are coming to Canberra to challenge each other for the top improviser title, in the 2009 Impro Theatre Challenge. And two of the ACT's finest funnymen who can make it all up on-the-spot,

are the very talented and charismatic Nick Byrne and Geoff Setty. Hi Peta. How was that for an intro? Fantastic. Well I'm wondering who you're talking about actually. Well yeah, I know. They're hiding behind the lounge Geoff, they're about to leap out and make everyone laugh. Yeah. Really, this is one of the who's who of quick wit isn't it Nick.

It sure is. It's just become a monster that we started this thing in the ACT a few years ago. And well we provide a really comfortable environment for the great players that do come to town. And I think they just really enjoy playing with each other in a free

just coming back and the numbers are mounting up and it's gone crazy. I like that the operative word being playing with each other. In a familiar way. Very nice way. Nothing like a Sunday morning comment. (LAUGHS) Yeah well. Look what is it like I guess, behind the scenes

when you guys all get together? Drunken. Rubbish, rubbish. It seems drunken because we are so excited. There's a incredible rush of endorphins when you're talking to some of the best players not just in Australia, but throughout the world. and there's a real familiar sense. there's a lot of warmth there. That's great.

A lot of love. the improvisation game and have experienced the sort of you know, life long learning behind what flippant, get a bond a special bond when they're together, so... What has it brought, what has brought it back in fashion? Well obviously there's a lot more television coverage over the last few years.

With that program that was, you know, on your network, it was so much better on your network recently. Thank God You're Here has obviously played a part in restoring it's popularity. And Wayne Brady from who's line is it anyway has been touring which is a great show. He was just here and he filled an enormous venue. So we're very hopeful that the same thing will happen to us.

Well you guys actually brought impro to the ACT. Is it tough to make it on the comedy circuit so to speak. Is it tough to get that big break, Geoff? Oh in terms of comedy. I mean, there's still a green faces here and things like that, but I art forms. Impro is a much faster moving form. So in as in you can't prepare anything.

an offer run with it and have fun. And that's what impro is about for me. about having your own TV show. Is that what you need? Look, I think that in all areas of the performing arts, it's a networking game. So it's about interacting with the people that have got all sorts of projects on and sooner or later, they go, oh what about that guy

that's far to tall for television? Why don't we use him in that show and then suddenly you've got a job. Strangest thing you've done on stage? Oh, I think the strangest thing I ever did on stage was in Perth, I was doing a gig with Glen Hall and Sam Longly and I played Sam's wife, Sam came in and gave me one hell of a kiss.

(LAUGHS) Okay. Well speaking about strange things that you've done on stage. of strange things now. We're gonna do our own Sunday impro session and our cameraman has kindly found some props for you. Oh great. Good on you. you've got to come up with as many

different ways of using your prop as possible and we've got a minute to do this. And we've got a buzzer to keep things going and the buzzer sounds like this. (BUZZER SOUNDS) There we go, there's the buzzer. say we've got 15 seconds remaining. which sounds like this. (CLOCK TICKS) We're all prepared. Alright so when you're ready. Nick I'll get you to start us off and we've got a minute from now. Alright, These big rigs are really tough,

I'm about to fall of the edge of this mine. Oh! Here's the new biscuit from Arnotts, it's called fluffy. (SINGS) Well since my baby left me, I've had a new place to dwell. Do you like my armour, it's pink. Oh yes I do and I am big and strong and I'm strong enough to wear armour like that yes.

Shin guards for the modern heterosexual male. Oh yes I'll be needing 3 of those. Ooops, Sunday morning. (LAUGHS) Please note that the exits are located here, here and here, strap your life jacket to yourself, sorry microphone people. For some reason this car keep going in a circle! (LAUGHS) Um. Okay. I've got nothing right now. Go back.

Oh it's alright Geoff, I can tell your future, you're coming up with a good one right now. Ah yes, here it is the latest in grandpa battering wear, it's nerf softness @ grandpa batt Oh too late. We're out of time! Out of time. Thank you very much guys. Put it here. Thanks very much Peta.

Nice to meet you. Thanks Peta. All the best good luck for the national challenge. I'll see you there. Thank you. And if you can see me folks, before we go our Top 5 for this week beginning with today's NRL home game in Canberra against the Storm and the Dance Sport Championships at the AIS. Surf life savers are braving the waves in the State Championships at Towradgi Beach from Friday.

One of Australia's best known performers Frankie J Holden is in Wagga with his show "How Sweet It Is" on Tuesday. Dubbo has everything for the perfect bride with it's bridal fair over the weekend. And this Friday/Saturday Thursday's Child is a performance not to be missed at the Bathurst Entertainment Centre. And that's the show for this week, thanks for your company and we'll see you next Sunday morning. Bye for now.

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