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This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight, the flood emergency -

whole towns evacuated as the far

north coast is declared a disaster

zone. It's like everybody in that

caravan park, they've got nothing

left - they've lost the lot.

The parents haunted by a cruel

killer who refuses to reveal the

location of their daughter's body.

Paul wilkinson was still playing

burial location. with our emotions, claiming another

burial location.

And swine flu spreads further,

forcing authorities to raise the

alert level.

Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Sandra Sully.

Also tonight, crisis talks for the

Cronulla Sharks as they fight to

stay in the NRL.

And the Salvos appeal for people to

dig deep as more families turn to

them for help.

But first, thousands of residents

ordered to evacuate, as the worst

floods in years swamp major towns

in the State's north. Tonight, a

natural disaster zone has been natural disaster zone has been in the State's north. Tonight, a

declared for the Tweed, Byron,

Ballina, Lismore, Kyogle, Richmond

Valley and Clarence Valley local

government areas. Parts of Lismore

have been evacuated and residents

at Grafton are being bussed out.

Ten reporter Amelia Adams is in at Grafton are being bussed out. Ten reporter Amelia Adams

Lismore. Amelia, a crucial deadline

is approaching. That is correct.

The Clarence River, it is rising

rapidly. A massive evacuation

effort is under way. Grafton has

already been cut off by major

flooding at the Pacific Highway.

There is no way in from the north.

There is limited access from the

south. The region has been declared

a natural disaster area by the

Premier, along with much of the

north coast. Emergency crews are

struggling to get in there. It is

too hazardous to fly in. They are

managing to get people out. 9,000

residents are being evacuated and

taken to Ballina and Coffs Harbour.

The reason for that is the Clarence

River rising extremely quickly. It

is expected to peak at eight metres

at 11pm tonight. The problem is the

levy is 7.9 metres. That is an

enormous threat to the people of

this town. Emergency services are

trying to get everyone out. There

is no reprieve for the North Coast

72 hours after this weather began.

From the sky, the full extent of

the devastatation is revealed - the

north coast inundated, floodwaters

filling valleys and cutting off

towns. Central Lismore has been

turned into an inland lake. Homes

and businesses are underwater. Wes

Thompson was luckier than some. He

evacuated his car sales yard last


We were waiting to see what

happened, but once we saw power

lines arcing and sparking, we made

the call to get out.

Others lost everything as the

Wilson River continued to rise,

homes. forcing thousands to leave their

Nothing - what I've got on now.

It's like everybody in that caravan

park. They've got nothing left,

they've lost the lot.

More than 5,000 people have been

evacuated. Those who remained

waited anxiously to see if the

river would break the levee, and it

came perilously close. Hindmarsh

waterfront real estate. Street was transformed into

We've been watching the water

rising from the back steps and our

neighbour has been measuring from

his veranda down to see how fast

it's been going. And it's still

going quite rapidly - about 5cm

quite fast. every 5 minutes, so still coming

There was some relief, with the

Premier flying in to declare the

region a natural disaster zone.

In a previous life as an emergency

services minister, I have been here

for floods, but this is worse than

that occasion. Those with the local

knowledge told me its about a 1-in-

10-or-20-year event.

The people of Lismore need all the

help they can get. The arm station

behind me is pumping water from his

more backing to the reverse. It is

60 centimetres from the top. It is

still rising. The next challenge is

the massive mop-up. And, as the

weather cell moves south, there are

fears the Clarence River will be

next to break its bank.

Tim Bailey has the latest. This is

a very intense low pressure system.

We have another 24-48 hours. The

danger zone will be down to Port

Macquarie. Some of the rainfall

figures are extraordinary. 449 figures are extraordinary. 449

millimetres in 24 hours in one town.

Lismore is absolutely underwater.

This intense low pressure system is

bringing destructive wins and a

high tide as well. Dangerous high tide as well. Dangerous

surfing conditions. What will

happen in the next 24 hours is a happen in the next 24 hours is a

little bit of good news. The

pressure system will weaken and

move south. We will be down to move south. We will be down to

about 50-100 millimetres of rain.

Still some rain falling.

A family has made a tearful plea to

their daughter's killer to reveal

her final resting place. Paul

Wilkinson has given seven locations for Kylie Labouchardiere's remains, Wilkinson has given seven locations

but no trace has been found. Today

24 years. Wilkinson was jailed for at least

Labouchardiere disappeared, her In the five years since Kylie

family has been tormented by a

string of lies from her killer.

It's absolutely horrific what he

has done to our family, our has done to our family, our

emotions he has played with.

Paul James Wilkinson had been in a Paul James Wilkinson had been in a

5-month love affair with the 23-

year-old when she vanished. These

were the last shots of Kylie, taken

at a Central Coast ATM in April

2004. She was pregnant and about to

meet Wilkinson in Sydney. He'd

promised to leave his wife. When

Paul Wilkinson's home was set on

fire three weeks after Kylie fire three weeks after Kylie

disappeared, he had an astonishing

story to explain it. He told police

he'd arrived home to find Kylie in

his home, that she'd threatened to

tell his wife about their affair,

before she set the house on fire

and vanished once again. It was the

start of many lies. When Wilkinson

finally admitted to the murder, he

gave police seven different

locations for her remains.

We used every resource available to

try and locate Kylie. At the end of

the day, we haven't located her,

but the day's not over yet.

A text message Wilkinson sent to

his wife offered little hope.

I doubt very much that he will ever

us peace. come forward and tell us and give

Wilkinson was today jailed for a

minimum 24 years. Kylie Labouchardiere's family say their

only comfort is knowing their

daughter is now with God. James

Boyce, Ten News.

Australia's swine flu alert level

has been raised, with 12 people now

confirmed to have the disease.

Authorities are convinced the

figure will rise, with a South

Australian family succumbing to the

virus and another scare at Sydney airport.

Struck down mid-flight - a 42-year-

old man rushed to hospital in

Sydney with suspected swine flu

after arriving from Hong Kong.

Other passengers were not told of the threat.

I think it would have been good to

have been informed, definitely.

In Victoria the number of confirmed cases almost doubled overnight.

We had four yesterday and seven

today, but there is no cause for


A 25-year-old male and a 10-year-

old girl tested positive. She's a

classmate of one of three brothers

who contracted the strain in the US.

Her family is quarantined and her

school is now closed until at least

next Thursday. The latest victim is

a 17-year-old boy who returned to

school after being sick for five school after being sick for five

days. Authorities believe the risk

of infection of other students is low.

We are going through the process of identifying exactly which

classmates he may have had contact

with and for how long, so we can

apply the protocols on who should

be given anti-virals and who should

be placed in quarantine.

While no confirmed swine flu cases

have needed to be hospitalised,

there are concerns over the latest

cases. Authorities have been unable

to link the teenager to other swine

flu sufferers or recent

international travel. There is a

similar occurrence in Adelaide. A

15-year-old girl became South

Australia's first confirmed victim,

her school closed for at least a week.

It's a shock, yes. I don't know.

Authorities are still awaiting

results for a further 28 people across Australia.

A small number of those, we are

waiting results on where there's a

high likelihood that they will be

positive to swine flu.

They'll start a series of newspaper

and radio alerts about the threat

over the weekend. Andrew Leahy, Ten News.

The Cronulla Sharks have been given

extra time to convince league

bosses they should remain part of

next year's competition. And a

woman linked to reports of a team

sex scandal has angrily denied

she's a prostitute.

Desperate to clean up its image,

Cronulla was handing out freshly

cleaned suits to players today. But

with group sex, drug and financial

scandals hanging over the club, the

NRL boss is far from impressed.

In the current climate, anything

that damages the game's reputation

needs to be dealt with heavily.

He's now given the club until

Monday to explain its money woes

and the incident with CEO Tony

Zappia which injured a female

staffer. Also doing some explaining

today, adult shop owner Con Ange, today, adult shop owner Con Ange,

who's denied reports he supplied

sex toys to Sharks players.

There's adult stores in the Shire.

They'd just go down the local adult

store and buy one if they wanted a

sex toy. Have you ever arranged for

sex toys to be taken to the

Cronulla Sharks? No. I took a box

there, but inside that box was T- shirts.

And he says two women he took to a

Sharks game last season were not

prostitutes, rather sales reps for

an interstate brewery. Ten News has

spoken to one of the women, who

says she's appalled and offended by says she's appalled and offended by reports identifying her as reports identifying her as a sex

worker. She denies being scantily

clad, and says she never went

inside the Sharks locker room. Cronulla bosses weren't talking

today, but members voting in board elections were.

There's no point voting for these

directors. They're going to do the

same thing again. We're going to

end up with no money again.

I think three new faces on the

board will shake up a lot of things,

from people that have been there in the past.

Eight losses on the trot, the

Sharks will hoping their on-field

dramas at least can be ironed out

tomorrow night against the Dragons.

Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

Sport Headlines with Brad McEwan.

Brad, there could be some bad news

for the Wests Tigers.

Hooker Robbie Farah will likely be

a late withdrawal from tonight's

match against Brisbane. We'll hear

from the man set to replace him. And after Bradman-esque batting

figures during a stint in English

county cricket, Phillip Hughes has

arrived home saying there's more to

come in the Ashes.

And beyond the boundary - the rival And beyond the boundary - the rival

forward whose kick tricks have

already left the Swans gasping. Now

he's about to line up against them.

Plus, Aussie golfer Adam Scott

nearly gets a hole in one in Texas.

A policewoman beaten with a brick

stages a remarkable recovery -

we'll hear from her husband next. we'll hear from her husband next.

Also tonight, a sign of the times -

those who used to give to the

Salvos are now the ones who are

seeking help. I'd always put in the

box and say, "These people save

lives." Never thought they'd be doing it for me.

And the pretty pollies that have a

few people in the Liberal Party hot

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leather Lee tard but I think it was more the poses I was

didn't fit in your lining the corridor. I don't know.

But for someone who wears so little

why so many bags? Are you

suggesting I

This program is captioned live. A

Sydney mother has been repeatedly

stabbed after giving a glass of

water to a stranger. Her alleged

attacker is also accused of trying

to strangle a pregnant woman.

38-year-old Ana Tabligan is

suffering for being a good

Samaritan. The mother of one was

stabbed six times to her head and

neck, after letting a stranger into

her house to give him a glass of

water. As she stood in her kitchen

filling a cup, she was attacked

from behind. The attack only

stopped when her boyfriend arrived

home. She will help everyone. She

didn't expect it, didn't deserve

this - no way, no way. Ana was

taken to Liverpool Hospital for

surgery, where she's being treated

for a fractured neck and multiple

stab wounds. Two hours later police arrested 36-year-old Raymond

Griffiths in a nearby street. He's

been charged with a string of

offences, including attempted

murder. The Mount Pritchard man was

refused bail in court this

afternoon. Ray Griffiths is also

accused of another attack. It's

alleged that three hours earlier,

he tried to strangle another woman.

Ten News understands she is three

months pregnant. Anna is expected

to stay in hospital till next week. But she's already vowed not to go

back to her Ashcroft home. She

doesn't even want to go back to her

unit - she can't, she's scared.

Evan Batten, Ten News. A

policewoman - bashed in the head

with a brick at Kings Cross - is

now talking and has taken her first

steps. The mother of two suffered a

fractured skull during the attack

as she walked to work last week.

Today her husband thanked hospital

staff. My wife is still in

intensive care but the news grows

more positive each day. I am

advised she progressing well along

the road to recovery. The family

has asked that the victim not be identified.

Titillating photos of young women

from the Liberal Party are at the

centre of a new political scandal.

But the man behind the website -

and even some of the women say the

critics can't take a joke.

Political argument aside - the

author of this blog says the

conservatives win because, quote,

"It has all the hot girls". But the scantily-clad young Liberals

pictured as proof have left the

party's leaders a little hot under

the collar. Disappointed -

unacceptable and I'm disgusted by

the blog responses it's received.

the blog responses it's received. I

think the author of the website has

made a fool of himself and

certainly shouldn't be putting

pictures of anybody up. The

Opposition leader's media adviser

is one of the women shown on the

blog post which has now been taken

down. Its author says all pictured

gave their consent, and he claims

it's all just a joke between

friends. I think it shouldn't be

treated too seriously, quite

frankly. I mean, one view, I think

I could say to you David - I'm a

bit sorry I'm not young enough to

get on the list! Last year, Julia

Gillard made number 2 on men's

magazine 'Ralph's' list of the

hottest women in Australia but the

Prime Minister won't buy into the

debate over which party is more

attractive. I believe we have great

talent in the Australian Labor

Party, but in terms of the Liberal

Party there are others more

qualified to comment on this than

myself. It's all a lot of hot air,

according to some. People should be

joining political parties because

they're passionately committed to

improving the world - changing the

world - not because they could pick

up. Brad Hodson, Ten News.

It's been revealed high-profile

colleagues of Premier Nathan Rees

are headed to court. Ten News

understands Health Minister John

Della Bosca will be called to give

evidence in the Supreme Court.

He'll be summoned to answer

questions on what he knows about

the sacking of Former Labor

Minister Tony Stewart. The

Bankstown MP was spectacularly

dumped last year over claims he

abused a female staffer, now he's

trying to clear his name. It's

understood the head of the

Premier's department will also be

subpoenaed. At this stage, the

Premier won't be called to give

evidence. It's not just the

battlers - the Salvation Army says

there's been a dramatic rise in the number of middle-income families seeking help.

On the eve of its annual Red Shield

Appeal, the Salvos have enlisted

some big stars to encourage people

to dig deep. It's not every day

some real Aussie heroes come

knocking. But when it came to

helping the Salvos - Beaconsfield

miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb,

motorcycle champ Mick Doohan,

General Peter Cosgrove and musician

Iva Davies raced to sign up. Come

on, dig deep -we've come all the

way from Tasmania. They even did

some kitchen duty before launching

the Salvation Army's annual Red

Shield Appeal. We've got to get

behind this appeal and raise as

much money as we can because I can

much money as we can because I can

see there is going to be more and

more people who need our support.

And they're not just your

traditional battlers. The Salvos

call them the new poor. People who

used to donate - but who are being

forced to put THEIR hands out. I

spent most of my time on a stool in

a pub on a pub stool and they'd

come in with a box, and I'd always

put in the box and say these people

save lives - never thought they'd

be doing it for me. The self-

employed businessman now donates

his time. So too does Stephanie -

after she was helped battling

depression. Since I've worked here

I realise the Salvation Army helps

people from all walks of life. The

Salvos expect the next 18 months to

be particularly tough, and in the

past four months alone they've

already started noticing a change

in the face of those that are

seeking help. People who have been

made redundant, lost their jobs,

can not pay their mortgages in this

area. They hope to raise $9 million

this weekend. Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

Claims the Government's carbon

trading scheme will cost thousands

of mining jobs, that's next.

Also, is this the face of a cold-

blooded killer? The teen on trial

for a shooting murder.

And a father's heartfelt plea -

asking his runaway wife to return

their sick son. This is for Colleen,

if you're out there, please bring Danny home. As you know, financial markets generally remain under pressure, But markets will recover to be the good long-term investment it is. can take some comfort from the knowledge Industry Super Funds are run only to benefit members.

This program is captioned live.

The mining industry is warning of

jobs carnage if the Rudd Government

goes ahead with its plan to tackle

greenhouse gases. But critics

accuse the miners of scaremongering

and say many more green jobs will be created. be created.

In a hot debate, the minerals industry hopes these figures

industry hopes these figures will

cut through - 24,000 jobs to be

lost by 2020, 66,000 by 2030, if

the Government's carbon pollution

reduction scheme is introduced.

Why does Australia think it has to

get so far out in front of the rest

of the world, imposing the highest of the world, imposing the highest

carbon costs on our producers? For

what? No environmental gain. The Climate Change Minister contradicts the research findings. We undertook the largest

We undertook the largest modelling

exercise in the nation's history

last year, and what that showed was

employment growth in all major employment sectors.

This is cloud cuckoo land rubbish.

What are we going to have -

factories making wind chimes in Nimbin?

The Government says it's been The Government says it's been

responsible in putting the scheme

forward, even delaying its

introduction for a year because of

poor global economic conditions. It's It's quite

It's quite plain to anyone who

analyses the numbers properly that

the economic cost of inaction on

climate change is far greater than

the economic cost of action.

Environment groups say green jobs

are already there.

There are more jobs globally than

are employed in oil and gas. In

Germany, there are more jobs in

renewables than in car manufacture.

What's important is that we get

cracking and create the jobs.

Not surprisingly, Coalition

senators are not happy. Apart from

the scheme itself, they've

criticised the short amount of time they've been given

they've been given to review 11

complex pieces of legislation.

We have got something more

extensive than 'War and Peace' and

we've been given a 'Phantom' comic

time to look at it.

The Government wants the

legislation passed before world

leaders meet in Copenhagen in

December to thrash out a new climate deal.

climate deal.

Now to the ING Direct finance

report with Jacqueline Maddock.

Jacqui, senior managers at Coles

have had their salaries cut?

They have, until global economic

conditions improve. It's part of a

plan by Coles owner Wesfarmers to

save $4.5 million in executive pay.

Despite evidence Canberra's

stimulus pay-outs have supported

supermarket sales, senior managers

won't be paid bonuses this year.

Their salaries will be frozen at

2008 levels, and won't be reviewed

untill the end of 2010.

untill the end of 2010. Figures

pointing to a pull-back in Chinese

commodity demand led to a sharp

fall in commodity prices overnight

and sparked heavy selling of

resource stocks today. and sparked heavy selling of resource stocks today. Shares in

Rio dropped 3% amid rumours

Chinalco is prepared to offer

concessions - such as limiting the

size of its proposed stake in Rio

to 15% - to secure the green light

from local regulators.

And that's finance for now. Tonight,

though, Wall Street will react to the collapse of Florida's

BankUnited FSB, announced after the US market closed.

US market closed.

A baby-faced murder suspect has A baby-faced murder suspect has

faced court in the US. 14-year-old

Zachary Neagle has been charged, as

an adult, with first-degree murder.

He's appeared in court for the

first time with shackles attached

to his hands, waist and feet. The

teenager, who's suspected of being teenager, who's suspected of being

sexually abused, is accused of

killing his father with a high-

powered rifle while he slept. The boy is being

boy is being held in an adult prison.

More than 100 people fled as a

Houston warehouse exploded in

flames today. Fire quickly spread

through the huge furniture store.

The ceiling and walls collapsed in

the heat. The fire started in a

corner of the building and, despite

the efforts of workers, engulfed

the store. There were more than 100

people inside, but everyone escaped

without injury.

without injury.

A slanging match has erupted

between the US President and the

former leader's deputy. Barack

Obama has vowed to push ahead with

closing Guantanamo Bay, but Dick

Cheney warns that will put American

lives at risk.

Standing in front of a copy of the

US Constitution and Bill of Rights,

President Barack Obama accused the

Bush administration of damaging

America's moral authority with the

use of torture against terror

suspects and the creation of the

military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

We are cleaning up something that

is, quite simply, a mess.

Mr Obama made it clear times have

changed. Torture will never be used

on his watch. He'll close

Guantanamo Bay and keep Americans safe.

Instead of serving as a tool to counter-terrorism, Guantanamo

became a symbol that helped al-

Qaeda recruit terrorists to its

cause. Indeed,

cause. Indeed, the existence of

Guantanamo likely created more

terrorists around the world than it

ever detained.

Minutes later, at a different location, former vice-president

Dick Cheney defended the Bush years,

arguing controversial interrogation

tactics such as water-boarding

following the September 11 attacks

were crucial to national security.

The enhanced interrogation of high- The enhanced interrogation of high-

value detainees and the terrorist

surveillance program have, without

question, made our nation safer.

question, made our nation safer.

A nation that still faces threats

from terrorism and from within its

own population - three American men

and a Haitian are in custody,

accused of plotting to blow up to

two New York synagogues and shoot

down military planes.

They wanted to commit jihad. They

were concerned that Muslims were

being killed in Pakistan and Afghanistan.


They were caught after undercover

FBI investigators sold them fake

bombs and missiles. In the United

States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

The father of a cancer-stricken boy

taken by his mother in the US has

pleaded for the pair to come home.

Colleen Hauser doesn't want her son

Daniel to undergo further chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma because it's against her religious beliefs.

against her religious beliefs. This against her religious beliefs. This

is for Colleen. If you're out there,

please bring Danny home so that we

can decide as a family what Danny's

treatment should be. I know he is

scared. I feel that you left out of fear.

The 13-year-old and his mother have

been spotted in California and are

believed to be on their way to believed to be on their way to Mexico.


Stay with us - we'll have more on

the flood emergency after the break. the flood emergency after the break.

Also, meet the heroic mum who waded

through leech-infested waters to

save her sick baby.

And why going green will make your

new TV more expensive. Australia

has been lagging behind on this,

but we are in catch-up mode now.

This program is captioned live.

The top stories this news hour -

Australia's swine flu alert level

has been raised after several more

cases were confirmed. And we've cases were confirmed. And we've

just heard one man quarantined

after arriving on a flight into

Sydney last night has since tested

negative to swine flu.

A family has pleaded with their

daughter's killer to reveal her daughter's killer to reveal her final resting place.

final resting place. Paul Wilkinson

was today jailed for at least 24

years. But he's refusing to say

where Kylie Labouchardiere's body is buried. is buried.

And widespread flooding has forced

the evacuation of thousands of

people on the State's north coast.

The area has been declared a

disaster zone, after rising waters

swamped whole towns. Residents in swamped whole towns. Residents in

Grafton are now being bussed out to safety.

A North coast mum has told how she

battled her way through rising

floodwaters to get her sick baby to

safety. With the 7-month-old on one

hip and a 2-year-old on the other,

it took two hours to reach help.

Exhausted but finally safe - this

family has been through hell to get help.

I was terrified, absolutely terrified.

Sandra Lawler and her children live Sandra Lawler and her children live 25 minutes from Mullumbimby.

They've been isolated for days, but

only called for help yesterday

morning, when 7-month-old Benjamin became sick.

The first truck didn't succeed, so

they tried a bigger truck. It

couldn't get through.

Finally the rescue chopper was called in.

Unfortunately, due to the heavy

wind conditions in the valley, it

was decided the landing was too risky.

With no other option, Sandra and

her brother decided to walk.

He carried the baby and backpack

and I carried a backpack, and

between the two of us we dragged and pushed Ben.

It was 2.5 hours before they met up with paramedics.

with paramedics.

We found them in the bush very,

very wet and very cold.

Both children were admitted to

Tweed Hospital safe, thanks to Tweed Hospital safe, thanks to their mum.

Definitely a mother's instinct, and

you'd do anything if you've got a sick baby.

It was sunny here in Mullumbimby

today, but yesterday it was pouring

rain. Ambulance officers are so

impressed with the mother's actions

they've recommended her for a they've recommended her for a bravery award.

It was very dangerous and she was very, very brave making

very, very brave making the trek

and that decision to get her baby

down to us.

But Sandra says she's not a hero, just an ordinary mum.

Kim Bailey has an update.

This has been a phenomenal event. This has been a phenomenal event.

This low pressure system is

This low pressure system is

embedded. A natural disaster area -

the Tweed, Ballina, Lismore,

Richmond Valley, Clarence Valley, Kyogle.

Kyogle. Destructive winds of

125km/h. The weather system looks

to be weakening a little bit. The

rainfall will become more like 50-

100 millimetres. It has been over 200

200 millimetres. Massive seas have

been smashing Coffs Harbour. One

town had 186 millimetres. The

town's water supply is in question.

It is amazing weather event.

A recycling levy on new televisions

is being considered as part of a

breakthrough agreement to tackle Australia's growing electronic

waste. The move could increase the

cost of a new TV.

The number of televisions thrown

out in Australia is soaring as

consumers switch to digital sets

and spend their stimulus payments

on new screens.

Over the next few years we are

going to see an unprecedented

amount of televisions going into the waste stream.

Manufacturers and green groups have

a plan to tackle the problem. They

want to introduce a mandatory e-

waste recycling program, funded by

a levy on electrical goods. They

admit some manufacturers may pass

the cost onto consumers, but it's a

small price to pay.

It provides consumers with a very

simple way of dealing with their

computer, rather than it going into

the dump so it can leach out toxic chemicals.

And the Government is backing the

plan. At a meeting in Hobart,

Federal and State environment

ministers agreed to have an

electric waste plan finalised by

November. electric waste plan finalised by

We will have a national e-waste

scheme. That is what the community

has been asking for, that is what

industry has been asking for.

Ministers are yet to sign off on

the details of the scheme,

including the proposed levy. But,

if experience overseas is anything

to go by, making manufacturers

responsible for the environmentally

sound disposal of their products

does work. Green groups are also

pleased the ministers have agreed

to seriously investigate a national

drink container deposit scheme.

Emily Rice, Ten News.

Brad is back with sport. Brad,

hopefully Phillip Hughes hasn't

yet. used up his good English form just

He returned this morning from an

outstanding stint at Middlesex

confident he'll produce many more

runs in the Ashes series. We'll

hear from Hughes next. And the Wests Tiger

Wests Tiger set to replace Robbie Farrah tonight.

Also, the AFL forward who has all

the angles covered. Only problem is

his tricks could sink the Swans.

And Adam Scott so close to a hole- in-one in Texas.

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This program is captioned live. Cronulla has now been

Cronulla has now been given until

monday morning to provide the NRL

with its plans to tackle recent off

field dramas. It comes as David

Gallop aims to convince the game's

sponsors not to jump ship.

Gallop spent the morning attempting

to get Aussie Home Loans boss John

Symond to stay on board for State

of Origin. They company has

committed for two series, but

sponsors are becoming increasingly

wary of the game's tarnished reputation.

reputation. Our clubs and players

have to be accountable and dealt

with heavily. Gallop will meet with

Sharks officials on Monday to

investigate their handling of

recent off-field dramas. The Wests Tigers

Tigers say they'll give Robbie

Farah until an hour before kick off

to prove his fitness for tonight's

clash with Brisbane. It's

understood he won't play, meaning

John Morris will have more time at

hooker. If that was to happen, it

would still run quite smoothly.

Morris has denied reports of a move

to England next season. Across town

His Parramatta are up against Souths.

His dad Peter and uncles Steve and

Chris are Bulldogs legends, but

tonight, Daniel Mortimer is set to

make his debut in rival blue and

gold. Dad always brings out the old

videos. I am pretty happy at

Parramatta and looking forward to

what lies ahead. Fife And the

Roosters head to Penrith tomorrow

Roosters head to Penrith tomorrow

flickering campaign. Everyone's night desperate to reignite their

sort of fearing playing them -

they're the opposite to us at the

moment. Glenn Lauder, Ten News.

It's Indigenous round in the AFL

and while the Swans have two greats

in Michael O'Loughlin and Adam

Goodes, Sunday's opponents Port

Adelaide have a very special player

in Daniel Motlop. Known for his

freakish ability to score goals

from anywhere, Motlop has shown the

goals he kicks are anything but

flukes and was able to reproduce

them regularly at training. The

Swans have seen the vision and are

Swans have seen the vision and are

more than a little worried. It's

amazing, I'll have to watch it

again and put a call into Port just

to verify its not just scare

tactics and they haven't just put

that vision together to terrify our

defenders because if they have, it

worked - I can assure you. Swans

full back Leo Barry is smiling here

because he's still injured and

won't have to play on Motlop at the SCG on Sunday.

SCG on Sunday.

Boom Test rookie Phillip Hughes has

returned from England after a swag

of 100s that again have him

compared with Bradman. The 21-year-

old's county stint could well be

decisive in retaining the Ashes


Returning home after a successful

stint with middlesex, Aussie

batsman Phillip Hughes is more than

ready to get back on the plane to

help defend the Aussie's urn. I

think the big thing is that

think the big thing is that I

played on the ground I'll be

playing on and got to experience

them before this big series coming

up. No shortage of runs for the 21-

year-old either - smashing 574 from

just 5 innings and he's hoping

there's plenty more where they came

from. There's a couple of things

I'll be working on but there's -but

for sure I'll have a few left in

the tank.

the tank. He'll join the rest of

the Aussie team in England mid June.

It'll be Australia's first Test

campaign on English soil since that

now infamous 2005 series loss. In

'05, I was only in Year 10, and

watching that series. We cannot

watching that series. We cannot win.

Now I'll be working on bring the

Ashes home. But for now it's a bit

of r' and r' on his parents' banana

farm in northern NSW, where the new

earrings may just have to come out.

I actually get a bit of stick, it's

just something, I like to look good

and I put them on occasionally.

Victoria Murphy, Ten News.

Adam Gilchrist and Andrew Symonds'

Deccan charges have scraped into

finals despite losing the Indian Premier League semi-

finals despite losing their final

match to Bangalore. The Royal

Challengers downed the Chargers by

12 runs at Centurion as both

Aussies struggled to fire with the

bat. And he's knocked him over!

Earlier, the Delhi Daredevils beat

the Mumbai Indians by 4 wickets to

secure their spot in the finals

alongside Chennai, Bangalore and



Four birdies on the back nine has

James Nitties in a share of the

lead at 5 under after the opening

round of the Byron Nelson

Aussie Championship in Texas. Fellow

Aussie Robert Allenby is also off

to a good start - he fired a 67 to

sit just 2 shots off the pace.

While defending champ Adam Scott

had 4 bogies and 3 birdies,

including the the shot of the day contender. COMMENTATOR: Ball lands - stunning play.

Four birdies on the back nine has

James Nitties in a share of the

lead at 5 under after the opening

round of the Byron Nelson

Championship in Texas. The

The big names are back up front

after practice sessions for

Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix. Nico

Rosberg was the best around the

tight street circuit in his

Williams - the ninth time this

season he's topped the time sheets. World champion Lewis Hamilton

showed how much he enjoys the Monte

Carlo track with the second-best

time. The Brawns of Rubens

Barrichello and Jenson Button were

third and fourth fastest

respectively. But the Red Bulls of

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

both had engine troubles. The

Australian 12th fastest with only a few restricted laps.

few restricted laps. F1 Qualifying

is on One HD tomorrow night and the

race can be seen on both ONE HD and

TEN on Sunday night.

To the Tips and Michael Sullivan's

tomorrow. selections for a heavy Doomben

tomorrow. selections for a heavy Doomben tomorrow. selections for a heavy Doomben

In Sports Tonight at 7:00pm on ONE,

we'll hear from Anthony Mundine and

see how Sonny Bill Williams is shaping up ahead of

shaping up ahead of his boxing

debut. We had just tidying the desk.

Tim Bailey's next with all the weather

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This program is captioned live.

Some details on this and whether

Some details on this and whether it

soon. But there is always a room

for a smile. We love being part of

the community and it is the Italian

community's Troon of this weekend.

The Italian community festival

sounds like this -. This is a

wonderful festival. It is in East

Sydney. It starts

Sydney. It starts at 11am on Sunday.

This is the first Italian

restaurant in Sydney. And this is

the world's most tolerant wife. The

Italian festival will be

Italian festival will be huge,

there will be spaghetti,

competitions, entertainment on the

three stages. The city of Sydney is

throwing a huge party for my

wedding. These two have performed

Romeo and Juliet for the last three

years. 20,000 people have seen them

doing it. They are actually going

to get married in real life

to get married in real life this

weekend. Romeo and Juliet. It is

the spiritual home of the Italian

community. Come on down for the

Italian festival. Of course, all

our thoughts are with the north-

east of the State. All the damaged

areas, that low pressure system still

still has that -- work to do. It

still looks like it will drop 150

millimetres of rain around coughs

harbour before it dissipates. Let

us get into your backyard, we have

had around 50 millimetres us get into your backyard, we have had around 50 millimetres for the dams.

had around 50 millimetres for the dams.

had around 50 millimetres for the dams. had around 50 millimetres for the dams.

On the satellite: thick cloud has

been driven across NSW generating

thick cloud and rain. Tomorrow a

low will develop of the south-west

Queensland coast. It will provide

potentially damaging wins. The seas

are up around six to seven metres.

The high tide will be the

The high tide will be the highest

of the year so far. There will be

heavy rainfalls across North East

South Wales and North Queensland.

200 to 300 millimetres. Saturday -

showers. Sunday - for the Italian

festival, a shower or

festival, a shower or two and 21 degrees.

He has a piano accordion, he is not

afraid to use it. Ladies and

gentlemen, the Italian festival

gentlemen, the Italian festival in

Sydney, Saturday and Sunday. That's

Ten News for now, I'm Sandra Sully.

I'm Bill Woods - thanks for your

company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News at 11:20. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia D-ohh! ( screams )

( thunder crashing ) ( thunder crashing ) Let's get started. Let's get started. First, I'd like to announce that

thanks to the magic of Disney Animatronics another hundred years. Strom Thurmond will live another hundred years. 20 more terms.

Moving on to new business, what act of unmitigated evil