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(generated from captions) to the weekend, maybe. and I remember it was kinda close Oh! Hmm. Close but not close enough. It was on a Thursday last year. a Friday this year. It's gonna be on This year, this year. Argh! to celebrate your 21st birthday, Michaela, the good news is, though, with $1,000 in cash. you walk out tonight

Well done. That's fantastic. Well done, Michaela. I will! (LAUGHS) Enjoy Christmas, OK? Michaela Morgan won $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat! Goodnight! See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. First on Nine - of rugby league's latest scandal. inside the nightclub at the centre family says goodbye to Michael, Private farewell - the Jackson ahead of his public memorial. the banks are using We reveal the sneaky tricks to jack up your interest rates.

calls it quits at the Swans. And Big Bad Barry Hall is probably not a priority. Football for now Good evening. by yet another scandal Rugby league has been rocked involving a player behaving badly. suspended by the NRL for six weeks Roosters forward Nate Myles has been

and will miss the State Of Origin, caught on tape part of his drunken night which has been obtained by Nine News. in the early hours of Sunday morning This is Nate Myles at play at Terrigal's Sirens Nightclub including Willie Mason. with Roosters team-mates, Myles seems to be in control. Yet just a few hours later, the centre of a disgusting incident. Myles would find himself at They were not completely drunk. with everybody. They were complete gentlemen after leaving the club. But that changed four hours apparently drunk and disorientated, Myles, naked, defecated outside his hotel room. himself out of the room. He says he accidentally locked He blames a stomach bug. to ask to use their toilet He woke a family ashamed of his actions. and he was found in a stairwell,

I am disappointed. He just wonder

when the players are going to learn.

It is very disgusting they are carrying on like a 2-year-old. for behaving badly. It's been NRL's worst year have been caught up in controversy. Even administrators Brett Stewart, The Hall of Shame includes who's facing sexual assault charges at Manly's season launch, after being drunk team-mate Anthony Watmough, at the same event, fined for punching a sponsor drunk on more than one occasion, Brett Seymour, sacked for being returning a positive drug test, Reni Maitua, also sacked for stood down from Channel Nine Matthew Johns,

over group sex allegations, drunk in Townsville, Roosters coach Brad Fittler, and now facing an assault charge. Jake Friend, drink-driving in a 6-week suspension Myles's actions have resulted and he's banned from Origin. seems lost But the seriousness of the incident

I'm a bit shitty about it.

carrying on like a 2-year-old. I am

very disappointed. Made has been

part of the program and it is very disappointing he has made the decision. $50,000. Peter, the Roosters were fined

are far from impressed Major sponsors Samsung and are considering their position. a promotional day tomorrow Samsung have already cancelled

pressure on head coach Brad Fittler. and all of this will increase the has faced another ordeal, Michael Jackson's family to the star making their private farewell Forest Lawn cemetery. in a chapel at LA's To Robert Penfold at the cemetery. at Forest Lawn, Rob, some sudden activity tomorrow. where Jackson will be buried Yes, good evening, Peter. Well, without any notice tonight, started turning up here members of the Jackson family around about 8:30. the traditional viewing of the body And apparently they were here for the night before the funeral. was one of the first to arrive, La Toya Jackson Michael's children and sister Janet, then other family members, including 'A Celebration of Life'. joined for a service called for the full funeral service. They'll return in the morning was placed in this hearse Later, Jackson's coffin

to be moved to a secure area. will there be even more surprises? And now comes the question first reported Jackson's death, The TMZ website, which here tomorrow with the coffin, is adamant the family will leave stage at the public memorial service. where it will then be placed centre Meantime, Forest Lawn cemetery here for Jackson's fans. has become the latest mourning spot where he's gonna be at. I wanted to be I just want to say goodbye to him. He's always in my heart. I want to be at his presence. a private service, The funeral will be the public memorial gets under way. beginning about two hours before Los Angeles. Robert Penfold, Nine News, the capacity to generate excitement. Even in death, Michael Jackson has in Los Angeles, Anticipation has taken over the music great. as the city prepares to farewell To Peter Stefanovic - Peter, people are pleased to win a ticket. not many memorial services where including some Australians, Some very pleased people, to pick up their tickets, two of whom asked us which look a little like this. as well as two gold armbands, to get inside. You will need both of them Jason Leussink and Sarah Varley, at Sydney airport, practising their moonwalk two very excited Australian fans. not be be missed. We felt this was an experience Bit like Elvis Presley passing - of going to his funeral, if you had the opportunity they'd do that. I'm sure a lot of people would say last night, The couple didn't sleep a wink to Channel Nine, Los Angeles, after making a phone appeal to collect their tickets. hoping we could beat the deadline call was taken without a grumble. For once, a reporter's early morning 5:30am phone call welcomed! That was Peter Stefanovic's here and a friend gave him a ticket. Australian Paul Black was already means the world to me, To have a ticket and be here in LA to remember Michael and his music. it really is an amazing way for me

And talk about luck! This fan flew in from Britain. He went to the Staples Center just to have a look

and someone gave up their spare in a random act of brotherhood. All I can say is God bless America. The memorial service will have full star power. Mariah Carey will sing Michael's early hit 'I'll Be There'. # I'll be there. #

Others paying tribute include Beyonce, Lionel Richie, Usher, Stevie Wonder and his former girlfriend, Brooke Shields. Already large crowds have begun to arrive at the Staples Center, standing in long queues just to sign a mural.

And even though most fans won't be at the service just being in the neighbourhood will be something. The relative few inside will be the delegates for this legion of fans, who thrilled at Jackson's music and made it a soundtrack to their own lives. And our coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial begins in the Late News at 11:15pm and continues through the night, with the service live from 2:50am and right through the 'Today' show. Of course, we'll have comprehensive coverage in tomorrow's news, then a special encore of the memorial - 'Remembering Michael Jackson' from 7:00 tomorrow night.

Now to another example of how the State Government is wasting our money. And this time it's the Premier himself who's been caught out. State political reporter Kevin Wilde joins us. What's Nathan Rees been up to, Kevin? Yes, Peter, Nathan Rees and three staff members

have flown up to Port Macquarie for the day to hand over $2,300 for a new set of cricket nets.

But the cost of flying up there and getting around isn't cheap. Flights alone cost up to $1,300. Petrol one way is less than $70. Cricket nets aren't the burning issue up on the Mid North Coast, it's an undelivered promise of funding for a new hospital. No money for that today. I would like to be able to wander around the State announcing large projects like that, but in order to be fiscally responsible, we can't do it like that. This follows revelations a week ago on Nine News of three Labor MPs going on expensive overseas study tours. That list has now grown to five, Peter. Another frightening case of gun crime in Sydney today, with a shot fired inside a bank at Auburn. A security guard who was delivering cash to the bank

was the target but he managed to wrestle the weapon from the gunman. A disturbing and all too familiar site - police at the scene of shooting, this time at a bank. The only positives - no-one was hurt

and the gunman left behind his sawn-off rifle thanks to a courageous security guard. He had the struggle inside the bank

He had the struggle inside the bank and chased the offender outside the bank where he has managed to wrestle the firearm. The robbery was as brazen as they come - mid-morning, staff and 20 customers in the bank, less than 100 metres from the police station. The private security guard was making a cash deposit when he was jumped by the masked gunman. There was a struggle and the rifle discharged. Women were panicking, there was a lady on the floor. I don't know if he knocked her over on the way out.

The bandit grabbed the money - about $2,000. He not only left behind his gun, he dropped a knife as he jumped in a getaway car. While the security guard may have failed to stop the robbery, his efforts to disarm the gunman may provide police with vital clues as the weapon is forensically tested for fingerprints and DNA. Damian Ryan, Nine News.

A woman's been taken to hospital after her car caught fire in North Sydney

during this morning's peak period. The Subaru burst into flames on the Bradfield Highway, near the Harbour Tunnel exit. The tunnel had to be closed, causing traffic delays on the Bridge. Australia's lowest-paid workers have missed out on a wage rise, the Fair Pay Commission citing rising unemployment as the reason for not increasing the minimum wage. It remains at just over $543/week. The Reserve Bank is also cautious, keeping interest rates at 50-year lows for a third straight month. But that doesn't mean home loans won't go up. Exclusive research commissioned by Nine News reveals

that in the past month alone more than 200 mortgage products have risen dramatically.

The lowest official interest rates in almost 50 years are meant to stimulate the economy. But there's no stimulus if the big banks don't pass it on. Last month lenders increased rates on 227 home loans - mostly fixed-rate loans. But 20 variable rate loans are also higher. The banks have made noises about not passing on rates and they're saying, look, their long-term funding costs are higher. The jump in some one-year fixed-rate loans are eye-watering. Three lenders increased their rates by more than 2% last month. The Government has to stop guaranteeing the banks if they do not give people the interest rate cuts. No cuts from the Reserve Bank and local businesses - the country's biggest employers - feel they're getting trimmed by the banks. Overdraft fees and little things that we depend on to keep our businesses functional

are always being chipped up. 56 small-business loans went up last month. St George's 5-year fixed loan soared more than 1% to just under 10%.

Those growing pressures on business can be seen here in the West Pennant Hills shopping centre where half the shops right now are empty, which means that people who used to work here are either unemployed or looking for work and that puts pressure on them paying their rent or keeping up with their mortgage. Ross Greenwood, Nine News. It's no secret that Big Bad Barry Hall has been a troubled man - just ask the opponents who've felt his wrath in recent weeks. Today those troubles came to a head, when the Sydney Swans star revealed he's quitting the club, effective immediately. Adored by Swans fans, respected by his team-mates -

but Barry Hall is bowing out. I think it is a real risk for me and the football club

if I do go on that things will turn really ugly. The punch just a week ago - that probably ended his career. COMMENTATOR: Silly, you can't do that. Big Bad Barry admits he needs help. God help it doesn't affect me in society or it could happen in a nightclub, in road rage.

He was the Swans' leading goal-kicker for seven consecutive years. We will remember Hally as one of the greatest football players that this club has ever had. He'll be remembered for this - part of the 2005 premiership team. And he'll be remembered for this - that earned a record 7-game suspension. The worst of Barry's greatest hits.

So the Swans without Barry Hall, it seems unimaginable. It comes at a time when the membership of the club is falling. Now, more than ever, the Swans need a big marquee player to bring in the fans. He may go to another club, he may take up boxing. What's clear, Barry doesn't take himself too seriously. We're in the process of sending an application into the AFL tribunal to sit on that. Mark Burrows, Nine News. Taronga Zoo has been flooded with suggestions for a name for its new baby elephant. The little calf is just four days old, but already more than 6,000 people have entered the competition to name him. The Zoo will pick one of the names at the end of the month. Taronga's new star made another appearance today and was a little shy as he hid between his mother's legs.

Zoo keepers say he's settling in well and developing very quickly. In the news ahead - the mystery over the skull found on a Sydney beach.

And young wizards contemplating life after Harry Potter.

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A tragedy in Perth, where a mother is believed to have killed her 7-month-old twins - Lachlan and Sophie -

and then overdosed on prescription drugs. We're investigating reports the lady was suffering from postnatal depression.

Police haven't revealed how the children died. The mother is in hospital, the shattered father has been sedated. It's the mystery skull of Mona Vale, washed up on the northern Sydney sands, and still no answers almost a year after it was found by joggers.

But a CSI-style examination has turned up one clue - it's hundreds of years old. It's the perfect setting for a mystery, a lonely, windswept wintery beach, and here it is, a tiny completely undamaged human skull that's at least 700 years old, found at the edge of the tide by early morning joggers. It's definitely the strangest thing I've ever found on Mona Vale beach.

The police agree - after almost a year of inquiries, nothing, except its age and that it's not Aboriginal. The oldest cold case, that's right.

They know it belonged to a child aged between four and six, but perfect specimens like this aren't simply lost. They're prized and valuable items from museum collections. So you start to think was there a shipwreck

or maybe the non-Aboriginees got here much earlier than we thought. So it could potentially rewrite the history books. It hadn't been in the ocean for very long and despite exhaustive searches, no other body parts have ever been found. It's a genuine mystery and it's likely to remain that way. The chances of finding out who he or she was are just as remote as finding out how the skull came to be in the water in the first place. Peter Harvey, Nine News. The world's favourite wizard is at it again.

'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince', the latest film in the series, is about to have its world premiere. The stars are already preparing for life after Harry. I guess, in a way, it will be nice to move on and see what else is out there and do something different for a while.

The new film opens in Australia next week. Now to Ken Sutcliffe live from Cardiff, where the Ashes get under way tomorrow night and Ken, trouble already for Australia? Yes, Peter, Brett Lee is out injured but he's putting on a brave face and promising a fightback.

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The injury curse continues for the Blues, centre Jamie Lyon is out of the 17-man squad

and he's been replaced by the Bulldogs' Josh Morris. The NSW team went into camp today pledging to win game three in Brisbane. They've lost the series but not the desire. Stopping Queensland's 3-0 whitewash is the top priority for the new-look Blues. My belief, I think, next week we play some football. We've got some great footballers in this team so if you go out there and not back yourselves to win it, you won't win it. In 33-year-old Brett Kimmorley and 31-year-old Trent Barrett, New South Wales will field the oldest halves combination in Origin history. Experience is a big part and we need to build a game plan. In all, there are eight changes and five new faces for Origin III

with Michael Ennis beating Robbie Farah for the important hooker's role. Ennis says he's not there to cause trouble. Not sure. I think that's media speculation. We'll find out in 10 days time. Almost half the Blues squad was involved in last night's battle between Manly and the Bulldogs. In a game that had a real finals feel about it, there were dangerous tackles, all-ins and the result wasn't settled until close to full-time. Perry learnt of his Origin selection straight after the 19-12 win but he was more excited today about scoring a rare four-pointer than joining his new team-mates. A very rare try. It was about 55 metres, wasn't it, and a match-winner, yeah. No, it was good. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News.

Here in Cardiff, Australia's Ashes preparations have taken a body blow. Brett Lee is out of the first Test because of an abdominal strain, just when he'd found his best form. Brett Lee came back down to earth with a thud, his much-anticipated comeback on hold. I'm extremely disappointed, I'm gutted that I won't be there for that first Test match. Plagued by injuries in recent times, Lee was beginning to show his old venom. He'd even developed a new weapon in his arsenal - reverse swing,

the same delivery that brought Australia undone in the 2005 series. Still, the fast bowler was putting on a brave face over this latest setback. I'll find a way to bounce back. I've gotten back after five ankle surgeries so I'm sure that some little muscle strain

won't keep me out for too long. The Cardiff cricket experiment suffered its first hiccough - a wet and windy afternoon cut the Australian training session short. Hosting the first Ashes Test in Wales, which is hardly the heartland for English cricket, on a boutique ground, is a gamble. But it is one the players have warmed to. We are really looking forward to it - both teams are excited. Australia versus England - it is a tour you dream to be on. As a kid you want to play Test cricket for Australia The English are jumping out of their skins, keen to avenge the embarrassing Ashes defeat down under, 12 months after one of their greatest moments in the game. We will play the series aggressively we will play it in a way where we are not going to stand up and be dominated and be bullied They will meet a very content Australian team, with their families and partners joining them in Cardiff ahead of Wednesday's Test.

Cadel Evans has fallen back to eighth place in the Tour de France, The Australian was near the back of the field, and missed a breakaway on the 196km third stage. British sprinter Mark Cavendish won for the second day in a row. While Lance Armstrong has surged up to third in the overall standings. 80,000 fans have turned up to see Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled as a Real Madrid player.

The world's most expensive footballer was put through stringent medical tests, before he was presented to the packed stadium. He'll be paid $23 million a year, but Ronaldo couldn't quite get his juggling right on such a big occasion. And there was chaos as he left, with many fans trying to get through security for a closer look. Imagine what will happen when he scores his first goal.

To finance, and the sharemarket fell again today. Jaynie's next with the weather

and Jaynie a few wet days for Sydney coming up? Yes Peter, Thursday could be our wettest. Full details here in a moment. WIN News at 6:30. n z Coming up on WIN News at 6:30. n z Coming up on

WIN News... A South Coast woman to WIN News... A South Coast woman to

stand trial over a brutal

stand trial over a brutal double

murder, And seven A-C-T women' s murder, And seven A-C-T women' s

rugby players named in the rugby players named in the

Wallaroos' training squad. Join me Wallaroos' training squad. Join me

for all the details next. n z The Government's extended the First Homeowner's Grant to help Australians realise the dream of owning their own home. the Holden Owner's Grant to help everyone buy a new car too. And if you're a small business, now's the perfect time to buy a new vehicle because you could save thousands but for a limited time only. Go better. Keep your umbrella handy this week, a few showers hanging around.

They snuck in this morning without much of a warning. Mainly coastal, Randwick had the most with 6mm. A little brisk out there, hitting only 15. And now a couple of blobs moving up from the south. Heading to a few inland suburbs. Nothing over the dams. And inland NSW will stay dry. Tomorrow the only wet capitals will be Brisbane, Perth and here in Sydney. Winds will be from the east.

Anywhere likely to pick up a few showers, mainly in the morning. 16 in the city. Thursday - 10-17 with more showers, could be slightly heavier and all day. Carrying on until at least early next week. Eastern suburbs a low of 5 tonight, up to 16 tomorrow. Daytime temperatures warming up on the weekend.

So basically showers from now until Monday, for Sydney, Peter.

And that's the news for this Tuesday. I'm Peter Overton, hope you have a good evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia twelve degrees. Tonight ... twelve degrees. Tonight ... More than 2000 locals still seeking

damages from the Canberra

bushfires,A south coast woman to bushfires,A south coast woman to

face trial over a vicious double face trial over a vicious double

murder. And, more good news for murder. And, more good news for home

owners after today' s R-B-A

meeting. Good evening, I' m meeting. Good evening, I' m Jessica

Good. A leading insurance company Good. A leading insurance company is

trying to launch a class action on

behalf of customers who made claims

behalf of customers who made claims

due to the 2003 Canberra firestorm.