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(generated from captions) at an extremely high level. to induce a cardiac arrest. It was definitely enough What? I knew it. There was something in the gin. So it's true. You tried to murder Eric Forrester. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. for justice finally comes to an end. a family's courageous quest Tears of joy, tears of joy. of Caroline Byrne vows to appeal... The convicted killer would be very pleased A lot of the media because of the role they've played in securing a conviction.

celebrate after a gruelling trial. family and friends of the victim never, ever have taken her own life. We all knew that Caroline could Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson. Also, pro surfer Koby Abberton jailed.

And hospital squalor -

shameful conditions. patients forced to endure tears of joy in the Supreme Court, But first, with Gordon Wood found guilty off the Gap. of throwing model Caroline Byrne and a week of jury deliberations, After years of mystery the most sensational murder trials the verdict has ended one of in the State's history. Wood was shocked, and will appeal the rest of his life in jail. as he faces spending

Holding his head high, as he entered court. Gordon Wood was clearly confident

the shock of his life. But he received Tears of joy. when he said 'guilty'. I'll never forget the foreman It was wonderful to be there. verdict is difficult to describe. The comfort that has come from this It's a wonderful feeling. was found The 24-year-old model's body at Watsons Bay - at the bottom of the Gap, a notorious suicide spot - in June 1995. suggested suicide Initial investigations suspected otherwise. but her family and later police

from the UK and charged with murder. In 2006, Wood was extradited was handed down, When the guilty verdict Gordon Wood was clearly shocked. He took a sip of water from a cup, clenched his hands and sat staring at the ground.

As he was led away to his cell, phone and a gold ring, he handed security a wallet, to his tearful family. which were later passed on against the unreasonable verdict. We'll appeal From Caroline's childhood sweetheart, as an alternative suspect. the man posed by defence that's all I'll tell you. Absolutely relieved -

and more than 100 witnesses, After three months of evidence it took the jury six days to decide. They found Wood killed his girlfriend because she knew too much involving Rene Rivkin about his business affairs and wanted to break up. Sentencing will begin next week. In the meantime, a toast. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. fell to her death at the Gap When model Caroline Byrne on the night of June 7, 13 years ago, police thought it was suicide. of Sydney's most intriguing cases. However, it soon escalated into one I carried out an examination of her down her legs and that and a check of distal pulse and there was no sign of life. the 24-year-old's tragic fate, A bizarre series of events followed from a botched investigation for boyfriend Gordon Wood. to an international chase There was a retrial called to give evidence. and a mix of Sydney socialites a 200-witness-strong investigation, As the DPP pieced together leading the high life, Wood fled to the UK, as a fitness consultant, earning $4,000 a week insisting he just wanted to forget. to get your life back together It's pretty hard when you lose the person the rest of your life with, um, you're going to spend get it all finished behind me and, yeah, I just want to and get on with things. But he couldn't escape it all. Gordon Wood was charged with murder. In 2006, eight years after he left, at a luxury London apartment. when detectives arrested him The chase ended

Extradition orders were put in place in handcuffs. and he was flown back to Sydney The first trial was aborted to talk about it on a radio program amid claims a jury member tried visit the scene of her death. and that others had plans to secretly would eventually front court, A who's who Graham Richardson among them. with Caroline Byrne, Tania Zaetta told of her friendship

was asked about his Bentley, John Singleton how her patient was not suicidal, GP to the stars Cindy Pan explained and a physics professor gave evidence of a so-called spear throw that she may have been the victim off the cliff. Naked photos of Wood were displayed and there were allegations of on the 'Witness' program was played. and then his controversial interview So do you think I did it? decision by 12 members of the jury. In the end, all that mattered was the Frank Coletta, Ten News.

for the ailing hospital system, There is new hope by an extra $30 billion. with plans to boost federal funding will go to places like Dubbo, But there's no guarantee the money broken-down hospital where the leaking, just to fly in doctors. has to spend more than $20,000 a day it ought to be pulled down Those who work at Dubbo Hospital say and rebuilt. and in need of repair. Many of the buildings are old

leak when it rains. Roofs throughout the hospital The paint is peeling and, despite complaints for staff and patients, about appalling conditions little seems to change. of a hospital in crisis, Doctors say it's indicative the poor working conditions

to recruit new staff. making it almost impossible We're 23 nursing staff short, short. full-time-equivalent nursing staff We have a skeleton medical staff. 10 casual doctors from Sydney So the Health Department flies in every week to fill the gaps, and a salary of $2,000 a day. paying all their expenses where we are cutting corners, It's getting to the point

compromising patient safety, any of the clinicians, and I don't think anyone, are willing to push it any further. are issues around the hospital, They're stretched and clearly there its physical condition. of the basic maintenance concerns. We've addressed some to building a new hospital in Dubbo The Health Minister won't commit but he has guaranteed the future of the town's rehabilitation hospital, which was facing closure. The Minister insists patient care isn't being compromised. The emergency department results at Dubbo are outstanding - it's in the top of the State. The elective surgery waiting list is also outstanding. That's because of their efforts, say hospital staff, who feel they've been abandoned by the Government. John Hill, Ten News. Families in south-east Queensland are bracing for yet more storms, the fourth destructive set in six days. Hundreds were inundated again overnight

as powerful winds and rain hit the region. For a third night Queensland was battered. Just another night of fury in Brisbane, as an eerie sky shot out hail and 3,000 lightning bolts in just two hours. (THUNDER BOOMS) Around the CBD, tarps on already soggy homes didn't hold, and the clean-up starts again. It's a huge mess,

and I don't really know where to start with it. They know the feeling here - Blackwater in central Queensland with hail the size of cricket balls that punched giant holes in ceilings. Like an F-111 - you know when they come down and swoop and take off? That's just what it sounded like - an F-111 going over. Wind hurled tin roofs across streets.

As we were walking down the hallway, we could feel the carpet lifting. The wind was just blowing. Beryl's car is under here - somewhere. As Premier Anna Bligh inspected yet another tattered town,

the good-humoured locals were just hoping she brought beer. We knocked off his supply last night. We had a few ports in the dark, but that's alright - you don't have to look at what you're drinking, do you? Drinking was interrupted at this pub. Locals hid beneath a pool table as the roof peeled off. Pretty terrifying, you know - windows shattering, doors slamming, people screaming. It's relentless. and the damage bill is already reaching into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. And three teenagers had to be rescued from dangerous surf on the Gold Coast during the height of last night's storm. Police dragged one unconscious girl from the water. She was resuscitated in the back of a ute. Two of the girls were taken to hospital. The other was treated at the scene. It's a message we're sending, not simply to the young people, but to all the people - if you want to have a swim, swim between the flags, and certainly the flags are only up in daylight hours. Police are still trying to work out why the girls were in the water in such treacherous conditions. Brad McEwan joins us with sport and breaking news out of Brisbane aboute the rugby league World Cup. Yes, Ron, the game may be called off due to safety concerns over the wild weather. Ten's Bill McDonald joins us from our Brisbane news room. Bill, the Queensland Premier will make the call.

For so-called but it's probably For so-called but it's probably the

right call to make considering the

destruction from the storms. World

Cup organisers inspected the

stadium and there is some minor

damage to the roof but they say

it's OK to play on it but the

premiere at has to what all the

trouble spots and is not prepared

to risk the safety of 50,000 paying

customers and says she will Paul

plug because there are fierce

storms are forecast again for tomorrow

tomorrow afternoon. There was a

wave of destruction through wave of destruction through a

couple of suburbs. The storm is the only thing you will probably

prevent our country from getting into the World Cup final. Still in Brisbane, it's been a mixed day for the Aussies in the first Test at the Gabba. the Kiwi batsmen collapsing as Brett Lee reached 299 Test scalps but Australia's second innings was marred by another bad start. Also, from Hooters to Honkers - John Daly back on course in Hong Kong after that recent drunken restaurant arrest. It's Australia next stop. Ahead in sport, we'll have the latest on the news from Brisbane that the rugby league World Cup final may be cancelled because of the wild storms. Still to come, Bra Boy Koby Abberton behind bars. Plus, no takers - the Sydney suburbs where homes are virtually impossible to sell. And will they work this time? New commercials to discourage binge drinking. we employ thousands of Australians to make sure the next 60 But we all know times are a bit tough, and what you need right now is more money in your pocket. That's why we're offering unprecedented savings on Commodore, Ute, Quite simply, at the time you need it most.

Wow, doesn't that look good? Mmm! Taste nice? (UPBEAT PERCUSSION MUSIC PLAYS) At 30 cents, Soft Serve Cones are back to 1993 prices on the Value Picks menu at McDonald's. Come in and try one today. (McDONALD'S THEME) This program is captioned live. Home owners across Sydney are still paying government levies Developers want the levies scrapped because they're crippling the property market. This used to be the promised land, where one day there'd be a rail line to take workers to the city. But it's not going to be any time soon. With the north-west metro buried, new home buyers are being charged infrastructure levies for transport where there is none. Western Sydney home buyers simply can't afford homes with $90,000 worth of government charges embedded in their prices. At least $4,000 of that is for proposed rail infrastructure that many now believe will never be built. I don't really see why the levies are there in the first place.

Stacey Brown is house-hunting but can't afford to buy here at Kellyville because of the government charges. The asking price for this house is $630,000. The levies are killing the property market here. There really hasn't been any sales here for the last six months. Estate agent Paul Cutcliffe says it's the worst he's seen it in his 28-year career. They've moved out here with the expectation there'd be rail lines built and so forth. Adding insult to the levies, some real estate agents fear home values in the north and south-west could drop 10% because the long-promised rail lines aren't being delivered. What we're delivering now is 100 new buses for the north-west. What they want is cheaper land so developers can build and families can buy. is reviewing the charges, The Government with change expected before Christmas. What should be first to be scrapped is $736 million of levies for rail projects that don't exist. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Bra Boy Koby Abberton has been jailed for three days in Hawaii. The surfer was sentenced for assaulting an off-duty police officer outside a Honolulu nightclub in March. The 30-year-old was led away in handcuffs after the hearing. His model girlfriend Tahyna Tozzi was not in court to hear the sentence. A 15-year-old has been stabbed near a south-west Sydney school and two teenagers have been arrested. The victim fled into Elizabeth Macarthur High School

with a knife wound to his thigh. It's believed he'd been involved in a fight with other teenagers

in a nearby park. Two 16-year-old Narellan Vale youths to Camden police station, who've been taken and are currently assisting us with our inquiries. A 15-centimetre knife was found at the scene. The victim is recovering in Liverpool Hospital. A confronting new advertising campaign is targeting violence associated with binge drinking among young Australians. The $20 million government pitch will launch on Sunday as many students head off for schoolies week celebrations. people who think they're bulletproof We need to make sure that young understand that they're not. Four Australians under the age of 25 die each week from alcohol-related injuries. The Federal Government is cracking down on poor customer service with tougher action on the way if the companies don't lift their game. (PHONE RINGS) WOMAN: (ON PHONE) All our operators are busy at the moment. which has become synonymous with telephone customer service...

WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Please hold while your call is transferred. ..and it's sparked a run of complaints

about being unable to complain. Last year the telecommunications ombudsman received 150,000 complaints - up 50%. A third of the complaints weren't related to billing or technical service, but to customer service. Consumers really believe

that at the moment the telco providers don't care about their customers. Now the Government has put phone and Internet service providers on notice. Theombudsman will produce monthly report cards on the telcos from January. The worst offenders will be named and shamed. We're hoping that people will stop experiencing the run-around - that people will get answers to calls. If not, the Minister says he's prepared to act. They should understand that this is the last chance to respond to their consumers under the current framework. It's not just consumers who sometimes can't get an answer from the phone companies. Ten News was on hold to Telstra for 10 minutes to leave a message seeking comment for this story - and we're still waiting for a call back. Australia's second-biggest telco says phone and Internet services are becoming increasingly complex. We have over 7.5 million customers - that's a lot of touch points with customers, so there will be inevitably times where we don't quite get it right. Long-suffering customers will be saying 'yes' to that. WOMAN: (ON PHONE) We have not detected a response. Please listen to the options and make a selection. Brad Hodson, Ten News.

A managed to work any sunshine into

the weekend forecast? If you

include a Friday afternoon, yes but

there's a be a low pressure system

coming for the weekend with dusty coming for the weekend with dusty

and gale-force winds and cold temperatures down to 20 degrees.

The big one was up the north coast

where they had 53 millimetres and

that said best November rainfall in

about nine years. Cold, wet and

windy on the weekend. Boat owners

should check check moorings.

A significant interest rate cut is on the cars - Jacqueline Maddock will have more in the ING Direct finance report. Also, Madonna finds out just how much her divorce will cost her. And the performance that earned Kylie Minogue more than $6 million. and seem to have boundless energy. you'll both see eye to eye on - McDonald's Happy Meals. And now, with our range of healthier options, I bought one, got the second for half-price. TOY SANTA RECORDING: Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas! VOICEOVER: Buy one hearing device from Australian Hearing

and get the second for half-price.

And Hills Road is a jam-packed.

From Parramatta to the F3 is all

blocked. That is from north

Parramatta up to the freeway. If

you're heading to the north coast

and trying to go along Pennant

Hills Road is all bad news. It is

sad to see at a standstill. This

backlog will not clear to after six o'clock. Speculation is growing that interest rates could be slashed by 1% or more when the Reserve Bank meets next month.

It comes as the share market staged a remarkable late recovery after plunging again earlier today. It started with so little promise -

another day of trading where the lead-in from America was nothing short of awful. At one stage our market was down by more than 4%.

And when you see the huge fall like we did on Wall Street, in commodity prices as well, there isn't really anywhere for investors to hide and that's what's really disappointing. Where fear ruled the morning opportunity took over by late in the day, pushing battered stocks up by more than 1.5%. But the casualties are still there to see, and even with today's rally the story is bleak. From its high in November last year our stock market has lost 53% of its value. While no-one really knows

what's going to happen on the stock market, there is a firmer view on what the Reserve Bank might do on interest rates. Economists are now betting we'll see levels of cuts we haven't seen since 1990. While some speculate there could be as much as a 1.25% cut in early December 0.75% is more likely, as long as things stay as they are. If stock markets kept falling, though, between now and the Reserve Bank board meeting, the accumulating evidence of the global slowdown looks worse - bad numbers came out of China - then certainly we could see interest rate cuts, of say, more than 100 basis points. The Treasurer, though, is refusing

to speculate on whether the budget will be allowed to fall into deficit to prop up the economy. I think Australian families and business can take heart that there's a Government and Reserve Bank determined to take decisive action to protect families and business. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, Telstra chief Sol Trujillo has copped some heat from Canberra over his pay packet? He has, Ron. Senator Stephen Conroy has labelled the telco chief's $13.4 million salary as absolutely wrong in the current economic climate. The Communications Minister is in a stand-off with Telstra, who, just five days from the deadline, still won't say if it plans to bid to build national broadband network. the Government's the local market reversed course in the final hour of trade and climbed from being down 4% this morning back into the black, marking the first positive finish of the week. The All Ords has closed up 1.6%, or 54 points, but is still sitting 300 below last Friday's close. TLS shares ended firmer. WBC and RIO both put on around 5%. And that's finance for this week. US car-makers won't get a multibillion-dollar helping hand

from taxpayers

until they can guarantee they won't waste it. The demand by Washington raised fears on Wall Street one of the big three - General Motors, Ford or Chrysler -

could soon be out of business. The companies have less then two weeks to come up with details

on how they would use a $25 billion taxpayer loan. Until we see the play, Until we see the plan, until they show us the plan, we cannot show them the money. If the manufacturers are forced into bankruptcy up to three million people up to 3 million people could be out of work. US unemployment is already at record levels. Madonna will be granted a quickie divorce from Guy Ritchie in London's High Court tonight. And this isn't the only celebrity case on the court list. Their marriage may have lasted eight years, but ending it by law will take just minutes. Today in London Madonna will be legally divorced from film director Guy Ritchie, with a High Court judge scheduled to sign off on the split. Neither star is required to attend the brief hearing. It's reported they quickly and quietly came to an amicable agreement, avoiding a highly publicised celebrity court battle Ritchie didn't ask for a cent of the superstar's $700 million fortune,

but did request joint custody of their children, 8-year-old Rocco and 3-year-old David. And once London's High Court has sorted out the Queen of Pop's legal troubles the King of Pop is next on the list. Michael Jackson has been ordered to appear in person on Monday despite his claims he couldn't travel to the UK due to health fears. (SINGS) # 'Cause this is thriller... # The music legend is no stranger to the courtroom, his last legal battle played out in California in 2005. Now London is facing a similar circus because of a disputed work contract based on English law. Jackson is being sued by Sheikh Abdullah - the second son of the King of Bahrain - for $10.8 million. There is a recognition in Michael's camp that, yes, there's going to be some money owing to Prince Abdullah.

It's only a question of how much. It's alleged the money was paid for an autobiography, a number of albums and stage shows, which the star didn't deliver. Now he'll have to perform live, but in the witness box. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. The world's most lavish hotel has opened in Dubai, with a fireworks display visible from outer space. The Atlantis opening-night party cost more than $30 million,

with seven times as many fireworks as the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Headlining the show, Kylie Minogue,

who took home a whopping $6.5 million pay cheque for the one-off performance. The massive hotel - built on an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree - boasts 1,500 rooms, 17 bars and restaurants, and the world's largest open-air fish tank, complete with dolphins for the pampered guests to swim with. A cruise ship rushes to the rescue of stricken yachties, details after the break. Also, Caroline Byrne's family celebrates the guilty verdict in the Gordon Wood trial. The comfort that has come from this verdict is difficult to describe, it's a wonderful feeling. And the motorbike that costs $300,000. (BIRDS TWITTER) (CLOCK RADIO PLAYS 'WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS')


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This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - homes almost impossible to sell following the decision to axe the long-awaited metro line in Sydney's north-west. But people building in the area are still being slugged with Government levies to pay for transport infrastructure. is spending $20,000 a day Broken-down Dubbo Hospital to fly in doctors. Roofs throughout the hospital leak and the paint is peeling. Staff say the entire complex needs to be demolished and rebuilt. And Sydney's most high-profile murder trial has come to an end. After three long months, Gordon Wood has been found guilty of throwing Sydney model Caroline Byrne off the Gap, in the city's east. The former chauffer to the late Rene Rivkin will appeal his conviction. Ten's court reporter Gabrielle Boyle has been following the case which has captivated the nation for the past 13 years. Gabi, it must have been high emotions when the jury delivered the guilty verdict?

Incredible scenes in court today.

It has been arguably Sydney's most

fascinating murder trial. Gordon

Ward was today found guilty of the

murder of his girlfriend. In 1995

he threw her off the gap. When he threw her off the gap. When the

guilty verdict was handed down

Gordon Wood looked visibly shocked.

He clenched his hands and took a

sip of water and looked at his feet.

As he was led away to the cells he

handed his personal possessions to

a security guard and that was then

handed on to his family who was

sitting in the public gallery and

very upset. They were not expecting

this. In contrast, tears of joy from Caroline's family. This is from Caroline's family. This is

what I had hoped for and prayed for

- justice at last. There's a sense

of sadness and there always will be - justice at last. There's a sense of sadness and there always will be

a but there is a sense of enormous

relief because of the remarkable

people that I have met along the way, I long the journey. people that I have met along the way, I long the journey. As you can

see the defence team plan to and see the defence team plan to appeal

and they don't agree with the

decision that was handed down today. Outside court they were a little

cranky, you could say. Sentencing

submissions will begin next week

and he faces up to a life sentence. A P&O cruise ship has diverted to rescue four sailors off the north Queensland coast. from a stricken yacht The 14-metre vessel ran aground on a reef 500 nautical miles off Mackay, in the Coral Sea. The four men are clinging to a lifeboat, waiting for the 'Pacific Sun' to rescue them. They're expected to make contact this afternoon. One of the women critically injured in yesterday's Brisbane balcony collapse has died. The 48-year-old was at a mothers' club party for year 12 students celebrating the end of school for Year 12 students at one of Brisbane's best known private colleges. on the first floor verandah Close to 30 partygoers were standing on the first-floor verandah when it suddenly gave way. You hear of it happening to other people,

When it strikes as close as this it certainly affects you very deeply. 27 women were injured, 4 remain in hospital.

Not all good news. No but the good

news is it's Friday afternoon and

tomorrow is officially the weekend.

A nervous little weatherman has to

break the bad news about eight

precious felt moving across the

State with wind and showers.

I from the opera house with the grand finals. is headlining the Sydney Motorcycle Show. 400 new models are on display, including some that are so extraordinary they're not allowed on our roads. The motor show has been shown up by its little cousin. On day one, thousands were at Sydney Showground to rev up the daredevils. Among the stars on show, stunt doubles from 'Mission: Impossible 2. Sometimes it goes wrong. and I lost the bike midair I was halfway through a flip and came down and landed on my tailbone on the flat ground. It was the scariest crash I'd ever had. It's a calculated risk for me. I stay within my limits, obviously. Unlike the 4-wheel event, no big names are missing. We've got every major manufacturer here. We've got road bikes, dirt bikes, minibikes, scooters, ATVs, 3-wheelers and everything in between 2-wheelers are more popular than ever. More than 100,000 new bikes have been sold in the past year, an increase of 5%, the scooter up 15%. There's plenty of bling. 500 hours of work goes into these custom-built types. They aren't allowed on our roads

but are sold to the US for upwards of $60,000.

You can't go past the Y2K, the world's fastest motorcycle. There's one here in Australia. Jay Leno has got one. It goes over 400km/h. And here it is, complete with a Bell helicopter jet engine, pumping out 320 horsepower, one of the so-called Y2Ks and if you want it'll set you back almost $300,000. Tight next to the world's fastest bike is the slowest and oldest - the Daimler built way back in 1885. And proof you can teach an old dog new tricks. Bundy is the first canine to travel on a bike at 280km/h. And it's no gimmick - she does it to raise awareness of organ donation. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Brad's back with sport and the World Cup rugby league final may be called off. Yes, it's in serious doubt Plus, more Gabba misery Matthew Hayden's.

And riders rumble at the World Cup track cycling championships in Melbourne.

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the choice is easy. KFC's All Stars Box. ('JUST BE HAPPY' PLAYS) get 20-30% off underwear, socks and hosiery. Excludes sleepwear. This program is captioned live. Tomorrow's rugby league World Cup final is in doubt, with more wild storms forecast for Brisbane. The Queensland Government is threatening to cancel the test rather than risk fans' lives.

World Cup officials deemed Suncorp Stadium safe to play today.

But nature and the Queensland Government will have the final the word on that, given the hammering Brisbane has already copped this week. People should assume the event is going ahead. but we won't be putting public safety at risk. then we will have to reassess that. More severe storms are expected tonight and tomorrow. Already the Gabba has been damaged by fierce winds. The news could be all bad for cup organisers. I hope it can. Tomorrow night there will be an assessment made, as there would be of any large event, in terms of safety. Both the Aussies and the Kiwis are preparing as if the game will go ahead. It's not ideal, it's no use worrying about it. It might not even happen - we're just focusing on our game. We've just got to hope if we're still out there, nobody gets hit by lightning. The Kangaroos are sweating on veteran prop Steve Price. The big Queenslander failed to finish training, with a sore calf muscle, he'll be given until kick-off to prove his fitness. Lock Paul Gallen is likely to play - overcoming a corked thigh. Watmough will come in if Gal's out. He had a light run early in the week, I'd say he'll be OK. The Kangaroos are red-hot, short-priced favourites. Perhaps only the weather can stop them. Jonathan Williams, Ten News. The Wallabies will be chasing early points in a bid to silence a sell-out 80,000-strong Paris crowd in Sunday morning's Test against France. The team is searching for rare back-to-back victories The team is searching for rare back-to-back victories after last week's triumph at Twickenham, and back rower Dean Mumm says a good start is crucial. We definitely want to start well, and if we do start well and perform well in set pieces, it will take a little bit of momentum out there and there's nothing better than quietening the crowd. The Wallabies haven't won in Paris for eight years. You can find out whether the Wallabies can break that hoodoo live on Ten and Ten HD from 6:30 Sunday morning. There'll be a full replay on Ten at 2pm that afternoon. Wickets continue to tumble between Australia and New XZealand. in the first Test between Australia and New Zealand. The Kiwis could manage just 156 in their first innings before the Aussies again started disastrously in their second dig. A short time ago they were 4/88. They arrived meaning business and delivered on ball one. COMMENTATOR: Gone! Oh, good start. Stuart Clark with a critical breakthrough and he should have been joined by Brett Lee. Gone! Oh, four more - through the cordon. An overzealous Haddin denied a clear catch for Hayden, but big Jesse Ryder felt the pain of this Lee delivery. Smash right on the box. The paceman rubbed it in with a pat on the head, then his partner's wicket. Bowled him!

Jamie How skittled for 14, and after Ryder gave his wicket to Watson, the hosts' grip started to tighten. Nice catch, that is out. 4/73, thanks to the skipper's safe mitts nearly made it five - first in the field, then with ball in hand. Oh, and that's out caught behind... the umpire says it's not out. And he was right. his luck over at 40 after lunch. Taylor's pad the culprit, Close, very close. Yes, he's got him. Lee, one away from 300 Test scalps, Lee, 1 away from 300 Test scalps, but Mitchell Johnson stole back the limelight. Vettori caught out for two, then Southee for none. In the air, oh, and he's taken that one as well. And when Michael Clarke picked up O'Brien, the paceman was on a hat-trick. Oh, so close. It only delayed the inevitable - the Kiwis all out for 156. Then, with the bat, disaster... Yeah, gone first ball. ..Hayden gone for a duck, with his Test career in the balance, and he was quickly followed by Ponting - his wicket a legitimate catch, while Mike Hussey was hard done by. Oh, it's a big shout. And he's given him. Oh, I'm not convinced. No bat - just frustration for the left-hander, a feeling that reached boiling point after Clarke was run out. Scott MacKinnon, Ten News. Queensland quick Chris Swan has put New South Wales on the back foot on the first day of their Sheffield Shield match at the SCG.

The right-armer ripping through the Blues top order to snare four wickets. After winning the toss the home side have been dismissed for 210 with Beau Casson top-scoring with 63. A cyclist has been taken to hospital with suspected collar bone injuries in Melbourne. Elizabeth Armitstead - in white - was the rider most seriously injured in this 3-person fall during the heats of the women's points race. The British rider managed to rejoin the race before being taken away on a stretcher. Incredibly, American Rebecca Quinn recovered from the pile-up to book a place in the final. A month after his drunken arrest outside a US restaurant, John Daly has gone from Hooters to Honkers and is pressing for the lead at the Hong Kong Open. Daly shot a 2-under 68 to be four off the pace to be 4 off the pace as he blows out the cobwebs ahead at -6, China's Wen Chong Liang leads and the best-placed Aussie is Marcus Fraser three shots back. This was the shot of the day though - Korean Inn-Choon Hwang at the 14th. of the Reef Hawaiian Pro Scandal at the final

with accusations a friend of the event's ultimate winner deliberately dropped in on Australia's Layne Beachley in the final to prevent her from winning. Yeah, it was pretty good Hawaiian teamwork. I'm sure, if Coco kicked out of that wave I still could have hit the lip, but as I was bottom turning, of doing anything. so that just ruins any chance 16-year-old Carissa Moore went on to claim the event while current World Championship leader Steph Gilmore had a disappointing exit.

It was only a barrier trial but Chris Munce was back in the winners' circle in his first day of racing since being released from jail. Riding the Gai Waterhouse-trained Tinjirarni, Munce showed some of the skills which earned him a Melbourne Cup 10 years ago. Munce served two years in jail for his involvement in a Hong Kong betting scandal

but now faces 36 additional charges brought by the Hong Kong Jockey club. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for tomorrow's Eclipse Stakes meeting at Sandown. And later in Sports Tonight, a full wrap of day two at the cricket and we catch up with Socceroo Archie Thompson.

There have been problems over the

ride Bridgen. A Trumper's and

broken down. He is in the middle

lane and there are two trucks

driving get past at the moment. The

traffic is horrendous all way back. Stay with us. Tim Bailey has the weekend weather forecast next. Oh, look. Oh, Damo, you shouldn't have. Damo. It's about time you did, though. (LAUGHS) Well done. Treat your mates to a Double Beef & Cheese Burger. Great value at just $1.95 on the new Value Picks menu at McDonald's. (McDONALD'S THEME)

And if you think you haven't been

weekend planned spare a thought for

the spikes to have a huge weekend.

Upbeat weekend for these legends.

It's a long way from the watershed

get young to the opera house. It's

a pretty big shed. This program

gets you buy that Harlem trace you

around. It's unbelievable. You have

to come down here and see the huge

arena that will be on a arena that will be on a Sunday

night. It is that Bowe biggest show

of the Year on Sunday night. I will

be in the telly room with the worm.

When did you start thinking this

could happen to the Shearer from

young? Last weekend. The whole way

through it has been a big surprise.

I thought it would go quicker but I

have given up to doubting. A few of have given up to doubting. A few of

the boys on the television station

and a senior playing. They come

down the when I used to play on

Saturday. And we were jammed

together. It was quick to see the

boys here tonight. Good luck. Do

you wanna weather forecast? Are you

ready? 20 degrees and gale-force

winds. How does that go? There is a

warning if you have a boat - to

check your moorings. He looks like

will be a wet and windy weekend. will be a wet and windy weekend.

There will be 20 degrees so stay

inside and watch final.

A broad cloud ban extends across

the southern exterior causing

patchy Rome. It's a strong front is

bring showers to Tasmania. An

intense low would generate a strong light

light showery whims and Alpine snow

over the south-east. A showers over

Easter NSW heaviest in the south Easter NSW heaviest in the south

and falling as snow on the Alps.

Showers for Easter Queensland and Showers for Easter Queensland and

potentially severe in the Showers for Easter Queensland and potentially severe in the south-

east. You think this is easy but it

is not. Friendships get formed.

That's exactly right. It's really

good stuff. On one and to be

standing with him on Sunday night.

But this is all about May. What

about May? Well I knew it. That brings you up to date on the News at 5:00.

stranded on a reef in the Coral Sea

they have been picked up by the they have been picked up by the cruise ship. I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Who from our final two will be your Australian Idol for 2008? Here's another chance to see them in action. (SINGS) # Here I am on the road again # There I am, up on the stage... # (SINGS) # All that I'm hearing from you is white noise

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