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Tonight, Peter Costello's decision:

He's quitting parliament, forcing a

by-election. The Liberal Party has

to renew itself.

Cessnock's teen tragedy: Two dead,

four seriously injured in a fiery crash.

And the parents of a boy shot

pain. during a sleepover tell of their

I hope for it to be over. Good

evening, I'm Deborah Knight. And

I'm Bill Woods, also, mortgage

holders told it's too late to lock

in cheap fixed interest rates. And

Michael Parkinson prepares to take

to the stage in Sydney.. First

tonight - it came out of the blue, former Treasurer Peter Costello

making a snap decision to quit

parliament. It's another blow for

Malcolm Turnbull, whose days as

leader of the Opposition are

numbered, with a clear alternative

emerging today. Ten's Political

Editor Paul Bongiorno joins us now

from Canberra. Paul, Joe Hockey

seems ready to take on the job?

There were no clear denials from

him today. The most vehement

denials were coming from the Leader

of the Opposition's Office. They

said stories that the leader were

in trouble were bowled us. But you

know a leader is in trouble when

these stories keep coming to the surface.

Malcolm Turnbull's near term of

opinion rating turned attention to

Joe hockey. On radio, the non

denial was more specific. I am not

going to pretend nothing has

happened. Is this a giveaway? When

is the baby due? The day after the

party meetings. Fair dinkum. Do you

have the support of the party room?

I have the support of the whole

party. We are in very good shape.

Mr hockey is a very approachable.

There is a special meeting in 12

days' time to discuss climate days' time to discuss climate

change, the very issue that ended

Brendan Nelson's leadership. But

Malcolm Turnbull is not planning to

spill his position. If he survives,

he faces another test with the by-

election. Peter Costello announce

today he is quitting Parliament. It

is in port and the rapport party

gets renewal. I've always believed

in a succession planning. Labour is

still deciding on whether to run a

candidate. The margin is 7%. The

man who precipitated Turnbull's

collapse has quit the Treasury

is complete. before the inquiry into his conduct

Three people are dead and 10

seriously injured in two road

crashes that have shocked police

and rescue crews. A 34-year-old man

has died and his two young sons are

fighting for their lives, after a

head on smash outside Orange. And

speed and alcohol are being blamed

for a fiery crash in the Hunter

Valley that's killed two teenagers and injured 4 others.

The incredible force of the impact

sliced the Mitsubshi Verada in half

and scattered debris at least 50

metres into the bush. The front

section of the wreckage burst into

flames.There were six people inside

and only five seatbelts, when the

car hit a tree. It's horrific - the

amount of people, the scale of the

injuries. It's horrific.

Two young lives were lost - 15-

year-old Cassie Ford and 13-year-

old Jayde Duncan. Two other

teenagers were injured - including

a 16-year-old boy who's leg had

been severed. The driver, 36-year-

old Belinda Duncan survived. She's

in hospital, where she'll be

interviewed by police. Beside her interviewed by police. Beside her

in the passenger seat, 21-year-old

Jake Wyborn, who escaped with a

broken arm and tried to flag down

passing cars for help. According to

his dad, three drivers ignored his

pleas. Maybe they could have saved

another life. The crash site sits

in a 100 zone, on a sweeping left

turn - there were no brake marks on

the roadway from skidding tires.

The driver has not been aware of

the bend and has lost control. It

appears the driver lost control.

And four children from the one

family are in hospital tonight

after their parents' four wheel

drive and a ute collided at Lucknow

in the State's central west. The

children's father died instantly,

his wife was also injured.

The parents of a teenager shot dead

by his best friend have spoken of

their pain at losing their son

through such a senseless act. 14-

year-old Josef Cruickshank died

when he was accidentally shot in when he was accidentally shot in

the head, while he and his friend

were playing with a gun during a

sleepover in December last year.

His killer, who can't be named because he's a child, because he's a child, pleaded

guIlty to manslaughter. Josef's

parents today told a sentencing

hearing their lives will never be

the same, but they hold no animosity towards the offender. the same, but they hold no

They were mucking around with

something they should not have been.

The boy will be sentenced next week.

Borrowers are in for a tense wait

as the big banks consider lifting

their lending rates. Yesterday's

official increase by the Reserve

Bank is being criticised as premature. Many retailers fear

Christmas trade will be ruined.

When the Reserve Bank lifted rates,

retailers across the country

groaned. They believe it moved too

early because things simply aren't

that great yet. I think we saw

pretty ordinary figures in June and

July. August was slightly better.

But, I don't think one swallow

makes a summer. I think we needed

to see two or three months of an

up-switch in retail spend. They say

recent sales were spurred by

stimulus handouts. Now things are

patchier, the worry is consumers

will be spooked, potentially

spoiling the critical Christmas

sales period. But among divided economists, there are supporters.

So we're moving from ultra-low

rates to still low rates but rates to still low rates but

gradually. Global markets were

certainly positive about the first

major economy to begin lifting

rates. They seem, the initial

evidence, the early evidence that

stock markets see this as a sign of

a bit more maturity in the growth

story globally perhaps. Australia

being at the forefront of that

story. But interest rates that are

higher here than much of the rest

of the world do have an upside,

particularly if you're a traveller,

because they make the Australian

dollar that much more attractive. dollar that much more attractive.

It's currently sitting around 89 US

cents but could be in the mid 90s

within 6 months, especially if

rates keep rising. The big four

banks are still coy on when they'll

pass on the rise and by how much

and the treasurer is warning them

not to exceed yesterday's quarter

of one percent. But if you're

worried about what's to come,

mortgage experts say it's already mortgage experts say it's already

too late to fix at a good rate too late to fix at a good rate

particularly for 3 years. You're

paying at least 150 to 200 basis

points extra to fix your loan so

you really need to take a good long

look a how much you value secure,

steady repayments. For some

certainty they advise fixing part

of your loan.

Ahead in sport, V8s veteran Mark

Skaife unites with one of his old

rivals for Bathurst. Make Kangaroos

a recall for Nathan Hindmarsh.

Serena Williams strips bare and now

she could be stripped of her right

to play at the Australian Open.

Still to come - security cameras Still to come - security cameras

catch at a bungling thieves every


The community that had Murray

chance of making it through the earthquake.

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This program is captioned live.

A man has been arrested for

allegedly grooming a teenager for

sex over the internet. The 29 year-

old is accused of sending explicit

emails to police who were posing as

a 13 year-old girl. The suspect has

been arrested by the sex crimes

squad at his Moss Vale home, where

police also seized a computer.

Charges are yet to be laid.

Rescuers in Sumatra have made a

heart rending decision. They've

given up searching for a woman

heard screaming beneath the rubble

- as damage to the tropical island

becomes clearer.

While the city of Padang was

shattered, these sad images show

just how hard outlying areas were

hit. Shot from a Ten News camera on

board a Red Cross aid mission - we

see all that remains a village that

was sluiced away within seconds by

a river of mud and soil. Looking

down in to the chasm left by the

landslide, the helpless locals who survived.

They're telling us the situation's

certainly not over yet. We're at

the beginning of a tragedy. Back in

Padang, the Australian Urban Search

And Rescue team put going home

plans on hold after demolition

crews heard a woman crying for help crews heard a woman crying for crews heard a woman crying for help

from within the wreckage of the

Ambacang Hotel where up to 80 are

still missing. If somebody is

calling out, even if they just

scratch a fingernail, we can hear

that. Certainly the heart rate went

up at that point, but once we were

inside it was fairly large open

areas. Outside, their colleagues

monitored any building movements, a

tense time with two rapid response

groups ready for emergencies. It's

also causing some angst but there's

a chance of finding life. But

another 30 minutes on... Still no

sign or sound of life. Called it at

14:05. Roger that - terminating

operations. Copy that Kev - you're

on your way out. Padang was the search group's first foreign deployment, though no survivors

were found, the experience gained

will help save lives in the future.

A man has been jailed after

breaking into an electricity

substation in the Hunter Valley to

steal copper. But the 44 year-old

didn't realise he was being watched

by security cameras. They captured

every move as he cut the gate

padlock, drove in a stolen ute, and

loaded $32,000 worth of the

valuable metal. There have been seven similar attacks on

substations in the past month.

People can expect if they caught...

They could go to jail and we are going to prosecute vigorously

anybody who gets caught doing this.

The price of copper has doubled

since January, to $5.50 a kilo.

An Australian breakthrough is set

to reduce waiting times for people

who need heart transplants. Holding

tight to his new heart - transplant tight to his new heart - trans tight to his new heart - transplant

patient, Nasri Dib, and his wife

Therese know they are the lucky ones.

I feel very good. I cry because I'm

very happy. Three weeks ago, before

a donor organ became available, he

almost lost his 15 year battle with

heart disease. That's the hard part

of the job, we have people who we

are trying to keep alive so they

can have a transplant, but die waiting. But Professor Peter

Macdonald today delivered some very

heartening news from scientists at

the Victor Chang Cardiac Research

Institute and St Vincent Hospital.

We think that we can probably

increase the number of heart

transplants in Australia by 50%.

From around 80 to more than 120

potentially life saving heart

transplants a year. Using a new

combination of drugs, his team has

extended the time a donor heart can

survive outside the body. He's been

able to increase the time at least

by double. At least from four hours

up to eight or ten and in some

cases up to 14 hours. So after ten

years of work here in these laboratories, researchers believe

they can move to human clinical

trials within 6-12 months because

the drugs are readily available.

Thank you Professor Macdonald so

much... I thank you every night and

every day. Don't get carried away

(LAUGHTER). At least now, he can.

Teenage adventurer Jessica Watson

will finally set sail on her round

the world challenge early next week.

The 16 year-old spent the morning

navigating Sydney Harbour ahead of

a launch party. Her team will chart

the weather over the next few days

before deciding on a final

departure date. The amount of

people I have had to get me to this

stage, the amount of people I have

got who are thinking of me, it is

just crazy. She shrugged off

criticism that she should re-think

her plans, saying nothing will make

her abandon the eight month voyage.

We have had some very severe it

late changes to the weather. The

wind is going to be picking up

quite severely? Yes, there is a

severe weather warning in place.

Winds might reach up to 90 km/h. It

is mainly coastal. There is a huge

pall of cold air being pushed up

the NSW coast. There was no down to

700 metres below sea-level. -- snow.

It is going to be an incredible

night of weather. There is also a

chance of hail this evening. It

looks like we will get a little bit

of rain, the feature of it will be of rain, the feature of it will be

these are blasting south wind, up

to 90 km/h. We have out whether photograph.

You are in the running to win this

camera. If you have an image there

you think can be that one, send it

to me. -- beat. Up next: Filmmaker

Roman Polanski refused bail. Greg

Norman vows to play on, in spite of

his marriage split.

We're here for the President's Cup,

it's all about the President's Cup.

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This program is captioned live.

Go for the traffic heading out to

Baulkham Hills, there has been a

lot of traffic heading north bound.

The wind are really starting to

Rocca and the chopper. Take a look

at the delay its existing House of

Parramatta. A challenging run for

traffic towards the north-west.

A man charged with throwing his

daughter off Melbourne's West Gate

bridge is accused of making a

series of chilling phone calls.

It's claimed Arthur Freeman told

the girl's mother to say goodbye to

her children. And we warn this

story may disturb some viewers.

Darcy Freeman's family heard a

heartbreaking day of evidence.The

4-year-old's father, Arthur Freeman,

is charged with the murder of his

daughter by throwing her off the

West Gate Bridge in January, on

what was to be her first day of

school. The court heard Mr

Freeman's ex-wife rang him before

Darcy's death. He said, say goodbye

to your children. Just say goodbye.

Barry Nelson was driving behind Mr

Freeman on the WestGate and says he

saw the 35-year-old push his

daughter over the guard rail. The

child just flipped head toe, just

rolling over. It looked like a rag

doll, the way it fell from the

bridge. He told the court he

watched Mr Freeman calmly get back

into his car. It was as if he was

just going about his everyday

business. Prosecutors allege Mr

Freeman began to drive towards the

city but was asked by his eight-

year-old son Ben to go back to get

Darcy, because she could not swim.

The court heard Mr Freeman then

entered the Commonwealth Law Courts

with his two young sons, asking a

security guard to take his boy.

Psychologists and social workers

who saw him say he was shaking,

crying, and unable to respond to

questions. He was basically in a

frozen state. He had a very painful

look on his face. Mr Freeman stared

straight ahead, with a blank

expression, as the details of his

daughters death were read out. The hearing continues. hearing continues.

Global investors have been given a

boost by this decision to lift

interest rates?

The US markets rallied sparked by

the unwinding of monetary stimulus

and local stocks followed suit.

Investors even struck off the

doubters. The number of first-time

buyers also dropped. The Mongolian

government has finally given the

green light to Rio Tinto at's joint

venture. The timing could not be

better. The price of gold soaring

to a record high. There were the star performers today.

The Aussie dollar is the Darling of

the world economy today.

That is of finance for now. A head

tomorrow - labour force figures and

the expectation is for the

unemployment rate to rise to 6%.

Greg Norman is refusing to be drawn

on the reasons for his divorce to

tennis great Chris Evert. Speaking

at the launch of the Presidents Cup

golf challenge in the US, the Shark

deflected all questions on the

subject. I'm not going to talk

about anything about my personal

life right now. Norman's comments

come two days after Evert was spotted shopping in Florida.

Jailed film maker Roman Polanski

has been denied bail in a Swiss

court. The 76-year-old had applied

to be freed, but the court

considered him a flight risk.

Polanski fled the US 30 years ago

before he could be sentenced over

the rape of a 13-year-old girl. His lawyers offered guarantees he

wouldn't leave the country, but the

director will remain in prison

while facing possible extradition.

Mel Gibson's infamous drink driving

charge has been wiped from his

criminal record. The case made

headlines in 2006, when a drunk

Gibson shouted a string of anti-

semitic and sexist remarks at

police. Because it was a first-time

offence, the actor was eligible to

have the driving conviction wiped,

once he'd completed probation and rehab.

Elizabeth Taylor has announced

she'll undergo heart surgery. The

77-year old told fans on Twitter

that the operation will repair her

leaky valve, using a clip device.

Her health has been failing in

recent years, and she was recent years, and she was

reportedly not coping with the

death of friend Michael Jackson.

A group of Sydney students has

taken on a daunting challenge.

While many youngsters are besotted

with artists like Beyonce and Pink,

these teenager are hoping to become opera stars.

Among this group could be our next

Joan Sutherland or Anthony Warlow.

80 students from western Sydney

schools faced the daunting task of

producing their own opera and then

performing at Riverside. The Opera

Australia backed program is called

Wot Opera, providing opportunities

for teenagers who may have an for teenagers who may have an

interest in the stage. We thought,

let's introduce young people into

the form of opera by making them

come up with the characters, come

up with the music, come up with the

story, come up with the words, then

come up with the music, paint the

sets and then perform. These young

children are so far removed from

the centre of mainstream culture

and mainstream culture is also very and mainstream culture is also very

expensive for a lot of our students

to access, they don't even know

that it is there for them to access.

The schools involved were

Campbelltown Performing Arts,

Newington, Thomas Reddall and

Holroyd High. It was a really good

experience being able to not only

sing, the actors role and just

being involved in the whole opera.

For most of the future stage stars,

performing in the hallowed halls of

Sydney's iconic Opera House would

be the ultimate goal but for one or

two, there's even loftier ambitions. two, there's even loftier ambitions.

They have eyes on an overseas

career. I'd love to pursue like career. I'd love to pursue like

that dream. It's amazing being up

there and performing, it's just how

much, you don't know where your

limits are, you can do anything.

Opera outside, I'd love it. I just

love performing, I love getting up love performing, I love getting up

and doing what I am good at. Four

more schools will get the chance

next year.

Still to come, talk show guru

Michael Parkinson's live stage show.

Also, one of the world's most

disappointing wedding videos, and

later, animal lovers take on some

very porky little pets. They're very, very loving.

Top stories this news hour -

mortgage holders have been warned

not to rush into fixed loans now

that rates are rising. They'd be

forced to pay a two point premium,

making the potential savings minimal.

Two teenagers are dead and four are suffering horrific injuries

following a fiery crash near

Cessnock. Their vehicle hurtled

into a tree, split in two and

exploded overnight. Those killed

were a 15-year-old girl and a 13- year-old boy.

And former treasurer Peter Costello

has made a snap decision to quit

parliament. He'll finish up at the

end of next week to move into the

private sector. Joe Hockey has

confirmed he's been approached to

challenge Malcolm Turnbull.

The nation's last serving Democrat

MP has quit, saying he can't stay

in a party digging its own grave.

South Australian MP David

Winderlich delivered on his

ultimatum to quit, if the party

could not recruit one thousand new

members. The Australian Democrats

have made a great contribution to

Australian history. They broke the stranglehold of the two-party

system. But it is over. He'll now

stand as an independent at the

state election in March.

Kraft's controversial new spread Kraft's controversial new spread

has been re-named 'Vegemite

Cheesybite.' The original name 'i-

Snack 2 point oh' lasted just four

days, before a customer backlash

forced it to be scrapped. Kraft

denies the naming exercise and

change was a publicity stunt. It

will be some months before the new will be some months before the new

labels make it to store shelves.

He's the celebrity interviewer who

became a celebrity - and he

certainly has some tales to tell.

So at 74, Sir Michael Parkinson is

doing his first live stage show,

and Australians will be the first

to see it.

When Sir Michael Parkinson sits

down for a chat, there's something

you expect to hear. Eye feel like I

should be playing the theme music.

The TV legend, whose eponymous chat

show finished two years ago, is in

Australia to take to the stage. You

must have the best anecdote

collection? I also have some

wonderful clips which go back over

50 years of my life in a television.

Few of the world's truly big stars

missed out on sitting down with

Parky. How long do you think you'll

be in this business? I think we can

go at least another year. And it's

clear that this Yorkshire miner's

son sometimes still has to pinch

himself. When I was six then

sitting in the back row of a cinema,

I secretly in love Lauren Bacall

did I think I would kisser. Do you

know I kissed Lauren Bacall. And

he's generous enough to share a few

trade secrets. If you ever

establish a good relationship with

someone you can ask them anything

at all. Michael Parkinson even got

to sing with Bing, but he says

there are three celebrity scalps

missing from even his collection -

Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and

the Queen. I would I put in a

several applications. Sir Michael's

national tour starts in Melbourne on Monday.

A couple who hated their wedding

video so much, have sued their

cameraman - and won. And in a

moment, you'll understand why!

The most important day of Marc and

Sylvia Day's lives was everything

they'd ever dreamed of. This is me

niece and this is the other

bridesmaid. But you wouldn't know

it by watching their wedding video. Imagine Sylvia's beautifully made

up face if you will, because it's

impossible to see. Entropy Hendy to

see the lucky couple, even if the

roundabout sign it spoils the

moment. 1,500 pounds for this. This

is the Hollywood star shot through

the dirty car window. There they

are so appalled they sued for

breach of contract. And one. You

cannot capture than back. I hope

this does not happen to anybody

else. After the vicar, the most

important thing is your

photographer. The video showed he

has missed the shot of us getting

out of the members then, but you

can see that the car is empty when

he opens the door. The photos were

not much better. There were not

answering the phone today.

At least they had the memories.

I think I would use the same applied.

St George Illawarra players snubbed

by Test selectors was made not one

player conceded enough to make the

kangaroo squad.

A host of rockets were called in.

We will hear from one of them next.

Nathan Hindmarsh's grand final pain

is with a kangaroo recall. And the

world champion of training a new

breed of world beaters. Whether you have strong back pain, period pain or migraine, leave strong pain behind MAN AND WOMAN: (SING) # From little things # Big things grow... # VOICEOVER: For anyone in construction and building, Cbus is your Industry SuperFund. To find out more, visit

This program is captioned live.

More celebrations for the Melbourne

Storm today with six players named

in the Australian squad for the Four Nations tournament. in the Australian squad for the Four Nations tournament. Cooper

Cronk has forced his way into the

squad ahead of Gold Coast halfback

Scott Prince, while Canberra prop

David Shillington is the biggest

bolter. Two Eels were named -

Nathan Hindmarsh finally back in

bolter. Two Eels were named - Nathan Hindmarsh finally back in the green and gold.

He'd been out of favour with

representative selectors for the

last two years, but Nathan

Hindmarsh never gave up hope of

wearing Australian colours again.

All you had to do was try to play

your best footy and the rewards would come.

There's still some concern over an ongoing shoulder injury, but

Hindmarsh says he should be right

to join a squad selectors say

they've picked on form and utility

value. Robbie Farah winning the

latest round of his season-long

selection tussle against Bulldogs

hooker Michael Ennis. It is great

to get the call. I finally realised

that I'm going on tour. Melbourne

players making up one quarter of

the 24 man squad, but Brett White's

selection is causing problems in

two Storm households. White may

have to change the date of his

wedding, the wedding planner is engaged

Hoffman. engaged to fellow tourist, Ryan

The girls are a bit worried.

They're on the phone working out

how they're going to get around

us. this, but they're both ecstatic for

Minor premiers St George Illawarra

without a single player the squad - without a single player the squad -

their prop Michael Weyman not considered due to injury.

It is very disappointing I suppose

for the St George club in that

regard, but again, tell me who we'd leave out.

The team departs for England and

France in a fortnight. Former Prime

Minister John Howard is being head

hunted by rugby league. He's been

approached to become chairman of an

independent panel that will run the

sport. We all know that he loves

the Dragons, does John Howard love

the game of readily to take over? -

- rugby league. They want him to

head up an independent operation.

We want to make sure to we get

things right for the next 100 years.

They want to ward off the AFL's

encroachment into western Sydney

and deal appropriately with off-

field indiscretions. The push for

one governing body is gaining

momentum. They would elect eight

directors who would then form an

independent commission chaired,

hopefully, by the former Prime

Minister. John Howard has declined

to comment while his spokesman has

released a statement: According to

the game's rates, its best

interests would be to have John

Howard in charge. -- greats. To get

him to oversee the whole commission

would be fantastic. Competition for

spots in the Wallabies squad

reaches fever pitch tomorrow, when

the players take each other on in a simulated match at Riverview

College in Lane Cove. For a gold

coin donation, members of the

public are welcome to attend. All

proceeds go to the relief effort

following the tsunami in Samoa.

That'd be great if more people

could get out there. It's a good

cause and the players are donating

themselves as well. To help them

out in any way possible, the boys

are always putting their hands up

to do that. The touring squad will

be announced on Friday.

Australia's newest soccer player,

Shane Lowry, is thrilled to be

wearing the green and gold after

deciding to switch from Ireland to

the Socceroos. Lowry played for

Ireland at under 17 and under 21

level and has been named in the 24

man squad to meet the Netherlands

Melbourne next Wednesday. on Saturday night and Oman in

I was happy to play for them but

deep down I always thought of

myself as an Australian playing for

Ireland and I'm just happy the call

came along. The star studded Dutch

side trained at the Sydney

Showgrounds this afternoon but will

be without Arsenal star Robin Van Persie because of family commitments.

Age old rivals Greg Murphy and Mark

Skaife have formed an unlikely

partnership for this years Bathurst

1000. The V8 veterans form the most

experienced team in the field and

they're ready lift Holden back to

the top of the podium.

They've been fierce rivals for over

a decade, but now Greg Murphy and

Mark Skaife are feeling more than

friendly ahead of this weekends Bathurst 1000. friendly ahead of this weekends

We love each other... Hasn't given

me a kiss or anything yet. Between

them, Murphy and Skaife have

conquered the mountain 9 times from

a combined 38 starts, vast

experience they hope will lift them

to a perfect 10 race wins. Didn't

use the oldest, used most

experienced and we're really bloody

excited about it. All we're here to

do is win the race. Murphy has an

extra target on his back this year.

The Kiwi still holds the lap record

he set back in 2003. And his rivals

are lining up to give it a shake.

Murph has stood on top of the

mountain for long enough now, so

it's about time we knock him off.

Although Murph's a good mate of

mine I'd love to knock him off the

mantle of being the fastest man on

the mountain. Murphy though

couldn't care less. For him it's

just a broken record. Same blokes

repeating themselves year after

year - still havent stood up to the

mark. It's fine with me, we're

focussing on 161 laps not 1. There focussing on 161 laps not 1. There

is one team they believe will be

hardest to stop. The Lownes-Whincup

pair who are are going for a record

four straight, but as Skaife knows

all too well... Favouritism doesn't

always lead to the chequered flag.

Sort of race it is you drive in on

Sunday and never know how it's

going to pan out. The V8's will

roar into life tomorrow with first

practice from midday.

Commonwealth Games gold is the next

item on the agenda for World Discus

Champion, Dani Samuels. Samuels was

passing on some priceless advice to

the next generation of athletes at

Homebush this morning and enjoying

the added pressure of being the

world's best. Just got to keep the

same attitude and have fun. I am

enjoying every moment. Samuels is

Australia's first female athlete to

win a world championship gold in a

field event. Serena Williams has field event. Serena Williams has

appeared nude on the cover of an

American sports magazine in the American sports magazine in the

same week as she regained her

status as the world's number one

player. A second round win at the

China Open over Russia's Ekaterina China Open over Russia's Ekaterina

Makarova, elevating her once again

to top spot. It feels amazing to be

number one again. It feels awesome.

I have been putting in the FA and I

had been doing a lot of things off

the court. Investigations into the court. Investigations into

Serena's US Open outburst are yet

to determine whether she will be to determine whether she will be

suspended or free to play at the

Australian open next year. In Australian open next year. In

Sports Tonight at 9:30 on ONE, the

latest on the knee injury to Aussie

cricketer - Callum Ferguson could

be out for the season. There is

some heavy going in Campbelltown?

Yes, the weather has also turned a

little pear-shaped up here. The

wind is causing chaos. Tim Bailey's

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This program is captioned live. At

this time of the night, for the

last 48 hours, it has just come at

us. We have got a severe weather

warning for damaging winds

particularly along the coast. They

could reach 90 km/h. The

temperature has dropped three

degrees in the last 30 minutes. We

will have a cold day tomorrow.

There could be some storms tonight.

It will hang around for 48 hours.

It is a very when -- wild night in

Sydney Town. I am joined by Kerri

Pottharst. How are you? It is so

cold! Your eye here to promote the

NSW Corporate Games, we are good at

promoting games. Yes, in March next

year we have the NSW Corporate

Games. Anybody can enter. You do

not have to be a big business. That

is a fabulous initiative by

Diabetes Australia. The disease is

growing, it is going up 10%

annually. Let's fight obesity and

have some fun and games. There are

22 difference was that people can

get involved in. You do not even

have to be fit, you can even play

poker. It is a very wild Wednesday.

There is a severe weather warning.

We could have gusts of wind up to

90 km/h.

There will be gale-force winds for

the next 24 hours. There is a touch

of winter coming at us for the next

two days at least. It will be 17 degrees in the city tomorrow.

Friday will not be much better.

Diabetes Australia, the NSW

Corporate Games, get involved.

Hundreds of fans have turned out

for the world premiere of Heath

Ledger's final film in London. The

Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus was almost abandoned after the

Australian star died during the

shoot with the film only half

finished. But three big names

stepped in to help and it was completed.

When you actually see magic in

action like you see here. And you

see that much love for somebody, it

gets you. The film, a fantasy tale

of a travelling circus troupe opens

nationally on October 29. A new pet

craze is sweeping Britain. Pint-

sized pigs, which are bred to stay

tiny, are selling before they're

even born! And they're not cheap,

breeders are asking upwards of


They're very very loving, the more

attention you give them the better.

They really give a lot back to you.

Unlike cats and dogs, you don't

need to walk micro-pigs. But there

is a catch - once they reach sexual

maturity, they produce three

litters of 13 babies every year.

Just do not like two of them. -- by

That's Ten News for now, I'm Bill

Woods, I'm Deborah Knight, thanks

for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Sports

Tonight at 10:30pm. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING )