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(generated from captions) Done deal. Well done! Good stuff, George! (LAUGHS) That was hard work, hey? there's $100,000 in there, right? Now, we still think Yes. to open the secret box there. I want you I wanna see what you got. I won't be able to see...

other people right? Were you and 14 million OHHH! Thank God. There was the $100,000! Let's see the money. Exquisite outcome - 40 grand. Well done, pal! And 'The Secret' kind of worked, case to be opened in the briefcase! because the $100,000 was the last Interesting! that it netted you $40,000. Not to mention the fact Well done, Pat. Well done, Lou. Thank you. Well done, George. Good stuff. Great day out at the Drome! Thanks, ladies and gentlemen! tomorrow. Cheery-hoo! Look forward to your company This program is captioned live. Tonight - Kerryn McCann tributes to marathon mum with breast cancer, at just 41. who's lost her battle pleads with police A shooting victim's family to protect his accused killer. I don't want him charged. to be a record. I don't want...I don't want there bonus will go into pubs and pokies Fears the Government's Christmas

and not the shops. of the Kangaroos. And Ricky Stuart quits as coach with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News

Good evening. marathon runner, Kerryn McCann Young mum, and champion is being fondly remembered tonight with her death. as friends and family come to terms with cancer overnight Kerryn lost her second battle at her home near Wollongong. Faced with the toughest challenges how to give her all. Kerryn McCann knew She had marathon gold to prove it.

goes back to back, COMMENTATOR: Kerryn McCann

and wins the gold. defends her title, the peak of my career - This is definitely better than this. I can't ever imagine doing anything

as she was in her running Kerryn was, um, as brave in life and, ah, the way she... (CRIES) Good friend Raelene Boyle against breast cancer has also struggled while pregnant with her son Cooper. which McCann battled She wanted to win. green and gold at two Olympics - A 22-year career saw her in the Athens and Sydney. for Kerryn McCann. Look at the support at the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Winning gold It's the ultimate test quite brilliantly. and she's completed it four years later in Melbourne And again, great sporting duels... after one of Australia's It's really hard to fathom. as being immortal. We think about our sports heroes

of the top Australian athletes. She's right up there as one ..who also inspired off the track. in this way To see her life cut short

Australian is going to feel tonight. is something I think every single with breast cancer every day. 30 Australian women are diagnosed last year. Kerryn had a tumour removed Then in May this year in her liver a second cancer was found and a new battle began but this one left Kerryn so weak

to stop treatment it was finally decided overnight and she passed away here at home by her side. with her husband and three children Her team - 5-year-old Josie, husband Greg, 11-year-old Benton, 14-month-old Cooper - she was fighting for. she said it was them her kids to school and pick them up She just wanted to be a mum who took and cook their meals as she could. and she did that for as long for supporting me Thank you to Australia

for me. and this is the most special moment

Kerryn McCann was 41. to breast cancer charities If you'd like to donate or pay your respects to Kerryn, go to our website: Sydney boy shot dead at the weekend The mother of a 14-year-old to know says she wants his alleged killer he's still welcome in her home. She doesn't blame him laid against the boy, dropped. and wants the murder charge feels like she's losing two sons. Rose Ferraro-Cruickshank with murder - it's disgusting. You can't charge a 14-year-old child It was an accident.

gunshot wound at a friend's house Josef Cruickshank died from a on Saturday night the 14-year-old charged with murder but Rose says worked desperately to save Josef. He was doing CPR and he was trying. they can't drop the charge. Police say make the decision We need to let the courts there was more to it. in terms of whether At Josef's school, of the popular Year 8 student. friends shared memories Whenever we'd see each other, in the arm and laugh about it. we'd give each other a jab last Friday. I can remember doing that

with a Melbourne schoolgirl Josef was having an online romance of their last conversations. who's haunted by one Out of nowhere he just asked me, how would you feel..." "If I were to die,

"Would you come to my funeral?" or like, memorial service at this local park Friends will hold an informal tonight. the funeral arrangements, Josef's mother is still finalising but she's certain of one thing. should be there. The boy accused of killing her son Rose says he's welcome in her home and a simple Christmas bauble where a shrine of photos

are reminders of the son she lost. my boy, He's relocated to a better address, ah, moved up in the world. are being urged Millions of Australians spending spree to go on a Christmas with $10.4 billion armed, from today,

in Government handouts. to families and pensioners Sarah Cumming has been talking collecting the cash. Sarah, what's the advice for them? A range of options, Chris. spend, spend, spend The Government wants everyone to to keep the economy growing. in pubs and pokies But some fear it will be wasted

and financial advisors say - save a little. Tammie Slade went straight to the bank this morning. Going to the bank to see if it's in there, then I'm going to get all my Christmas lay-bys out for my kids.

The Campbelltown mother is spending her $1,000 bonus on presents and bills. Put another week on my rent so I'm two weeks in advance and electricity - get rid of my electricity bill. Lisa and Troy Butler want a new car. Savings - yeah, a trip to New Zealand and probably a new car. From today,

more than 500,000 NSW families will get $1,000 for each child. The Government's message - spend it. I've urged pensioners and families to spend this money responsibly to use this money to make ends meet, to help out their kids, help out their grandkids. And help the economy,

like pensioners Lindy and Ray O'Neill. They're spending their $2,000 on gifts for 11 grandchildren. More expensive presents this time. Retailers are smiling. Well, I'm hoping that sales in December will be pretty good. Financial planners say people should save a bit and pay off credit card debt. Just stop and actually say to yourself with this money?" And a warning - You can lose $1,000 on the pokies in less than an hour. But for full-time carer Tansy Mayhew the Christmas cash will buy vital medication and physiotherapy. Her daughter is blind, has heart and kidney problems and epilepsy. I'll get personal - I've got $2 to my name until I get paid on Wednesday so... ..and it's often like that. And more evidence today on why this stimulus is needed - employment ads are down 18% on last year. A lot of those lost jobs are in retail. Chris. A pilot has been injured during an emergency landing at Bankstown Airport this morning. The nose wheel of the single-engine aircraft appears to have collapsed on landing. The 25-year-old pilot managed to stop the plane and free himself. He was taken to Bankstown Hospital with minor back injuries. Residents in Sydney's west have been seeing army Black Hawk helicopters in the skies today but there's nothing to worry about. Pilots are on a series of training exercises - practising flying close to buildings. Today they were even landing in and taking off from ANZ Stadium. Tomorrow they'll head for the city - focusing on buildings around Pitt Street.

Up to three Black Hawks are training until late tonight. The Police Drug Squad has seized $3.5 million worth of marijuana on the State's north coast. Seven News joined investigators on the frontline tracking down drug growers

and forcing others over the border. Bravo Team. MAN: In the banana plants, Nick. The objective is search and destroy but in this massive jungle just south of Queensland, cannabis crops aren't easy to spot. Hold on - yep, out to our right. Got some. PolAir, when they find the crop, will give you those coordinates. A false alarm, as the rest of the team waits. Finally, a hit. Bravo, Bravo to Green Base - do you copy? The Drug Squad tries to reach it by 4-wheel drive. It's too dense so they do it from the air. All right, winch him down. It's a small crop - like so many others in this lush, prime growing area. They have to limit the size of their crops because they know if they're too big straight away.

Bravo spotted these near Murwillumbah.

Seedlings now - in a few months they'd be worth $50,000. Happy you got it now? Very happy. Police spoke with the property's owner but ownership of the plants is hard to prove. As the search continued...

..back at base, all those small crops were adding up. 2,200 plants, $3.3 million worth. Police believe these crops were planted a couple of months ago

and they're ripping them out now before they yield any sort of value. In case the crooks want to make another plantation, the police will be back here again in February to do it all again. Intelligence suggests crop growers are moving north of the border. Queensland police don't have a helicopter. Three police officers face possible criminal prosecution after admitting to assisting people dodge drink-driving charges. In one case, close-circuit video in a police station shows an officer blowing into a breathalyser instead of testing a driver who had failed a roadside test. The Police Integrity Commission has found in separate cases officers substituted their own breath to help a Corrective Services official and the son of a policeman escape charges. A teenage surfer who rushed into the water to rescue a dying mate from the jaws of a shark

is about to receive a bravery award.

But Brock Curtis says what he'd rather have is his friend back. It's the happiest Brock Curtis has been in a long time. On his first trip to Sydney - eight months after pulling his dying mate from the water after a shark attack near Ballina. I miss everything about him - just heaps. It was a day that none of us will ever forget. It's a day in history that you can't take back

and we wish we could. On April 8, Peter and Brock hit Lighthouse Beach for a surf. Brock came in but looked back to see his mate fighting off a shark. He dived back in to find Peter bleeding heavily from two massive bites. I'm really proud of him. I'm the proudest mum in the world. They made it onto the sand but 16-year-old Peter died from blood loss. Brock will receive a Bravery Award at Government House tomorrow. He doesn't count himself as brave, doesn't like the hero tag, either. Because he was my friend, I don't feel like a hero, I just did what I had to do. Peter's sister is getting married on Saturday. He was to be part of the bridal party. Now she's invited Brock to be there in his place. He loved his best friend so much and they had such an amazing bond and, you know, he would have done anything for Peter. Sounds pretty brave to us. Still to come - a metro line for western Sydney back on track. Also, a poker player's million-dollar payday at Star City. And the Olympic swim stars who now call Sydney home. They're next. for the perfect Christmas presents, Dick Smith. They have everything you need to make this Christmas the best ever, like the Navman navigator. With its superslim design, school zone safety alerts Make this the best Christmas ever with Dick Smith. Humanising technology. Mum, we know you like to save money. But come on - this may have been cute when we were five... Take advantage of this offer on your car insurance from AAMI. Many of the foods you love are high in acidity. Enamel Protect, because common foods high in acidity to your teeth, leaving them sensitive. Colgate Sensitive Enamel Protect has a dual action that helps relieve the sensitivity and remineralise your enamel

day after day. So if you want to help control acid erosion and relieve sensitivity,

start using:

A man is recovering from surgery after being wounded in a drive-by shooting at Carlingford. He was standing outside an Italian restaurant on Pennant Hills Road around 10:00 last night when a gunman in a white Commodore fired several shots. He was hit in the stomach and shoulder and is now in a stable condition. It was one of four drive-by shootings in Sydney's north-west over four hours. Police want to hear from any witnesses. We should know within two weeks whether Federal money will help build a west metro rail line between the city and Parramatta. But the Premier says commuters can forget about the north-west metro even though experts advised it could have gone ahead. You have to get to Helensburgh Station before 7am to get a parking space - and even then, it's tight. So, the Premier's back on the community's Christmas card list by announcing a 75-space commuter carpark. Good on ya! Happy Christmas to you!

I've said if before and I say it

again, my Government is about

delivery, not ideas, but delivery. Except in north-western Sydney where a metro rail link was scrapped in October. The Government ignored a report it commissioned advising that the project could have been delivered with the help of the Federal Government and private sector.

It was predicated on a large number of 'ifs' - if there's federal funding for it, if there's private sector involvement - if, if if. Once again, evidence of this State Labor Government's stupidity - commissioning expert reports, but ignoring the results makes no sense. And not great news for passengers contemplating the long bus journey to the Hills. It sucks, basically, what happened? We are going from bad to worse. I don't really think much about the State Government anymore - sort of given up on them. The West Metro to Parramatta IS still on the cards. Nathan Rees is hoping for a slice of the Federal Government's $12.6 billion infrastructure Australia grant. It's due out by Christmas, but the Premier isn't overly optimistic.

No, I'm not expecting money for it, but it's certainly our bid. American immigration officials are defending their decision to keep Sydney surfer Koby Abberton in solitary confinement. The Bra Boy was detained in Hawaii over the weekend for breaching his visa conditions. A lawyer for Abberton insists immigration officers dislocated his elbow during the arrest.

Officers say he will remain in a cell on his own until he's returned to Australia because of his conviction for assaulting a policeman. Abberton could leave Hawaii as early as tomorrow. Tens of thousands of demonstrators have clashed with police in a second day of riots across Greece. The violence erupted after an officer shot dead a 15-year-old boy who had thrown stones at his patrol car. There's been growing anger across the country over police brutality.

Rioters threw rocks and molotov cocktails at officers and firebombed businesses. (SIRENS BLARE) Greece's Prime Minister has apologised for the shooting death, while appealing for calm. A North Sydney man has become a real card shark - adding a million-dollar smile to his poker face. That was the prize money for amateur Martin Rowe

who cleaned up at a 6-day tournament at Star City.

For a bloke who just won $1 million Martin Rowe wasn't giving much away about how it felt. No wonder he's a poker champion. It was about that size, but the right colours. Last night, Rowe beat 476 other card sharks to win the Asia Pacific grand final, a life-changing result for this 34-year-old with a young family. Martin's an amateur, but a natural for poker. He sells finance packages to insurance companies.

I think the real skill is understanding the risk involved and how valuable that risk is to you. It hasn't sunk in, so I'm feeling pretty much the same. Joe Hachem knows how Martin feels. He started Australia's poker craze in 2005 by winning a $7.5 million world title. It'll take him like a good month or so, and I think, as each day goes on he'll wake up every day and realise oh, it actually did happen. Martin was back playing in a tournament of champions event today. He wasn't given the warmest welcome to poker's millionaires club but he didn't expect one after taking their money. He doesn't really have what it takes to continue. But there might not be anyone left to sacrifice their money. Oh, my mates are going to refuse to play with me now. Our Olympic swim stars are back in training, getting ready for London in 2012. Andrew Lauterstein, Libby Trickett and Eamon Sullivan were together today for the first time since Beijing in a photo shoot for Speedo. Libby revealed she has no plans to be a super mum. A baby could throw those little plans out of kilter so, yeah, not planning until after 2012 at least. The three Olympians have moved to Sydney to prepare for the London Games. Time for sport with Ben Damon and the Kangaroos need a new coach. Ricky Stuart quit today after an intense couple of weeks. Stuart walked out the door,next. We'll tell you just why Also tonight, the Aussie surfer hoping to ride the Pipeline to success. I reckon its one of the most scariest waves I've had to surf.


Now if you bundle three or more services from ActewAGL and TransACT, you'll get some great rewards. There are eight services to choose from and the bigger your bundle, the higher the savings - up to a fantastic 25% off your total ActewAGL electricity or TransACT account, plus a Privileges Card when you bundle five or more services. Call us today on 13 12 93 and save a bundle. has quit as Kangaroos coach, saying his decision is in the best interests of rugby league. Stuart has been fined $20,000 for abusing officials following Australia's World Cup final defeat. Ricky Stuart went in the back way to face the music but couldn't hide from what he'd done. Confronted with a report that found he'd abused referee Ashley Klein

and manhandled another official in the team hotel the day after Australia's World Cup loss - Stuart fell on his sword. I can tell you, he's shattered. He's absolutely shattered. I think Ricky's done the honourable thing.

Stuart refused to talk but in a statement said:

Did Ricky jump before he was pushed? He wasn't pushed. It was Ricky's decision. But with the game struggling to attract referees at all levels, officials know they couldn't have let Stuart continue in the job. What happened was inexcusable and it's conduct that we can't condone. Queensland coach Mal Meninga is favourite to replace Stuart but he'll need the Maroons to relax their stance on the job. I think if you go a non-NRL coach if you can get one. And one day, they say, Stuart could even be welcomed back. I'd hate to think of this as a life suspension because I think that would be over the top. Jason Krejza and Shane Watson are back in Australia's squad for next week's first Test against South Africa. Nathan Hauritz and Peter Siddle have been dropped. The Proteas showed off their ball skills in Perth today.

Captain Graeme Smith believes both sides will play hard but fair. I think there's a general, really good respect for each other and the abilities of both teams and I think most of it's going to be played out in the middle and pretty tough, I think. Pace bowler Dale Steyn will miss Thursday's tour match against WA with a slight hamstring strain. Sydney FC has found a new top gun whose eye for goal earned them a priceless win against Newcastle last night. Rookie 20-year-old striker Brendan Gan came off the bench in the 73rd minute and it didn't take him long to make his mark.

COMMENTATOR: Corica, took a touch. And the shot from Brendan Gan. He's breathed new life into their season. Sydney are third on the A-League table. The world's best surfers are preparing for a dangerous finish to their year, with the infamous Pipeline Masters ready to begin in Hawaii. Australian Bede Durbidge is the defending champion, but a 21 year-old wildcard from New South Wales is hoping to cause an upset.

It's the world's most dangerous wave and this is why.

Oh, oh! Razor-sharp reef and lava spires sit just below the surface of these incredibly powerful barrels. Five people have died at Banzai Pipeline in the past five years - fear's always a factor. Pipe's definitely a really scary wave, I reckon it's one of the most scary waves I've had to surf. It's shifty and you don't know whether you're in the right spot or not Laurie Towner grew up surfing his local breaks at Angourie on the north coast. At 21, he's already renowned as one of the world's bravest big-wave chargers. He's yet to win a place on the world tour full-time but he can't wait to have a crack at surfing's biggest stars. If it's big and the contest is on I'll be pretty psyched to have a go at it, yeah, that's what I like doing. Bede Durbidge is defending champ, but even the most experienced Hawaiian locals know surviving Pipeline is all that really matters.

That's scary but tomorrow I'm doing

a hot lap in a V8 Supercar. See how

I go with that tomorrow. Better you than me. Checking finance now and there was a Christmas bonus on the share market with stocks surging 4%. Barack Obama is being credited for much of the 142-point rise a massive public spending program to revive the American economy. Qantas gained 7% after revealing the British Airways merger might not go ahead. Sara's next with the weather and Sydney copped a battering this afternoon, Sara? Chris, it's been wild and windy right along the east coast. I'll have the details, including the rainfall figures, SONG: # Sarah's connected to a Qantas flight... # Yours. # She's off to L.A. on Monday night # Michael's connected to the 'Trading Post'

# He's buying a surfboard from the Gold Coast... # Now the whole family can be online at the same time. Network your home today with broadband access from just: For the first 12 months for eligible customers. For more information, call 13POND or visit # Them BigPond homes. # Showers and storms developed west of the ranges this afternoon, reaching Sydney at about 3 o'clock. This is how it looked on the radar over the metropolitan as the storms pushed east and fresh-to-gusty winds. bringing isolated heavy rain escaped the hail Sydney, thankfully, and northern parts of the State. that pounded central Rain was very hit-and-miss. in about 30 minutes Bankstown had 25mm Parramatta, 17mm. for the city, Only 1mm or so and Katoomba. Gosford to warm up There wasn't much of a chance 3 below average. a top of 22 in the city - Right now it's 19. light-to-moderate falls overnight Today's rain follows with lows down to 15

and Wollongong. at Campbelltown Before the change today,

Penrith got to 27. Richmond and Liverpool, 25. The storms were caused by moist easterly winds feeding a trough. Parts of the Hunter had almost 50mm of rain in less than an hour. Tomorrow a High will nudge in behind the trough directing warmer northerly winds across most of the State. Fresh-to-strong in the south-west ahead of a late storm. Around Australia - the south-east showers over and in Perth. Possible storm and Cairns. in Darwin Mainly fine and Brisbane in Canberra to nor-easterly winds freshening Sydney can expect light nor-west this evening Might see a couple more storms

by midnight but they should clear out and mostly sunny. becoming fine Tops on the rise - 26 along the coast 30 in the west 33 at Penrith 25 in the mountains. on Wednesday, More showers and storms are forecast That change will bring a cool and showery day on Thursday, a few showers and down to 21. Rainy on Friday then warming up again on Saturday with a few showers. And that's Seven News to now

but we'll have updates during the evening.

I'm Chris Bath, thanks for your company. Goodnight. Hello. I'm Samantha Armytage. Tonight - Australia at the extremes. The biggest winner - the dad who became an instant millionaire on the turn of the cards. And the biggest loser - after he ran out of gold. his luxury mansion's on the market in just an hour. Plus, how to get a complete makeover for millions across the country Santa arrived early today $10 billion in handouts. with the first of more than Arriving with the advice - to keep Australia from recession. go out and spend it It's not a moment too soon.

dropping more in two months The ANZ index of job ads than at any time in 30 years. the Prime Minister is very clear, Look, I think the message from and spend it for Australia that they should spend it to save their job. for my son. Going towards a Nintendo Wii Get out there and spend. If you hadn't noticed the word of the day is "spend".

Christmas has come early for 2 million families and 4 million pensioners via the Federal Government's stimulus package launched to help rev up the economy. You've got so many retailers under pressure at the moment. I mean, their margins are terrible, their sales are terrible and if things don't improve between January and June you've got retailers going out of business all over the place. Retailers are pinning their hopes on the $10.4 billion package to help boost Christmas sales, some using some smart marketing. in a sale - Gerry Harvey is even using the name stimulus package promotion. the five-day We've got to try and take advantage at the moment. of all this money out there We've got a slow down in spending. and it's working, It's like a fear campaign, the fear side of it so we've got to get rid of into recession next year. so that we don't go

and they've got to realise to spend The Australian economy needs folks

as all the pundits are saying it is. it's not as bad 30%, 50% over there - since we've had sales like this. yeah, it's been a long time Executive director of Australian Retailers Association Richard Evans points out retailers have had a tough year and hope the pre-Christmas sales will stimulate spending. We haven't seen it like this in my memory

and it's been a long time since we've had this type of activity on the retail end.