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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - three Sydney teenagers and drugging a man in a motel room. accused of kidnapping, robbing for a murdered North Epping family. All of Sydney invited to a funeral away from SCHOOL this week Parents told to keep sick children because of swine flu. finals hopes alive in Canberra. And the Tigers keep their with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Three teenagers have faced court three times in one week. accused of kidnapping another teen at knifepoint, They allegedly robbed the victim broke into his house for a motel room and forced him to pay where he was drugged. was more like a prison. For 13 hours, this motel was allegedly drugged, bashed Inside, a 19-year-old man and threatened by three teens for money. who deliberately targeted him I believe he's just an associate. of friends of those people. An associate Ahmed Halloum and another youth Police say Mounir Danghastani, kidnapped the victim at knifepoint on Friday afternoon. from this lane at Sefton before he was forced into a car Officers say $500 cash was stolen and driven to this Chullora motel.

sleeping pills down his throat It's alleged they then forced

until early yesterday morning. and repeatedly bashed him the $89 room hire. He was even forced to pay he was allegedly abducted Nearly 15 hours after inside the bathroom. the victim managed to lock himself mobile phone to call police He then used one of the men's and within minutes, was free. Police today revealed with the alleged kidnappes. it wasn't his first encounter They've released him twice he's made the phone call and the third time the offenders. and police have arrested attacked in this park. Last Sunday, he was allegedly the men demanded $5,000 cash Officers say to his Summer Hill home. before going again the next day, They allegedly assaulted him about either incident. but he didn't tell police right from the... It's an ongoing offence through to yesterday ..beginning on the Sunday right when three people were arrested. on Wednesday. The teens will be back in court

at Sydney Olympic Park A public funeral will be held in their North Epping home. for the family killed

from the five murders, As the community tries to recover this week at two local schools. grief counselling will be offered It's school holidays, there's not a soul to be seen. but in this playground Last Sunday, it was out of bounds what happened to the Lin family. while police tried to piece together for a community still in shock. A week later, still no answers for some children, To lose a classmate like that, will be very traumatic. Counsellors will be on hand goes back on Tuesday when Epping North Primary of 9-year-old Terry Lin. and class 4M mourns the death actually dealt with trauma Counsellors who have and the aftermath of trauma before. is the most traumatised. 15-year-old Brenda Lin it's very difficult to cope. She tries to be tough, but still, is with her aunt and grandparents. The Lin's only remaining child will arrive here from Shanghai The rest of the Lin family on Tuesday. to hold a public funeral They've decided can pay their respects. so the whole Epping community The outpouring has been so great, in an arena - the service will be held Sydney Olympic Park. the future The family must also decide of the Lin's Epping newsagency. And of Brenda.

in this suburb again? Brenda Smythe - how could she live hasn't been caught. Especially when the culprit might come back at any time. They are afraid that the person for a spike in swine flu cases Health authorities are preparing when school resumes this week. Most classes start on Tuesday children at home if they're sick. and parents are being told to keep primary school kids When David Mitchell's both had bad flu last term they were straight home from class. I was feeling quite angry that I didn't like. because I had to watch TV shows whether it was swine flu. They're not sure It didn't matter. that's guilty You don't want to be the one coming down with it of suddenly having the whole school of getting them out. so it was a matter With school back this week all parents show the same vigilance. health authorities are hoping in swine flu. They're worried about a spike there may be an increase again. As school goes back, we can expect the onus is on parents The Education Department says to keep watch for symptoms. we are at prevention stage, Well, at the moment,

not a school closure stage.

against public complacency. There's an appeal Well, it's just an over-reaction. to worry about. There's so many other health issues In the past fortnight,

school-age cases there have been fewer

as the virus is tracked. and south-west. It first struck Sydney in the west and eastern suburbs Now it's reached the north and the State's North Coast.

In New South Wales, have been admitted to hospitals 700 swine flu sufferers during the epidemic. 17 have died. a turnaround is close. Health officials believe We're hopeful we are at the peak. we've seen the start of a decline. And, in some areas, tomorrow School zones are back in force don't return until Tuesday. even though many students they will be fined Drivers are warned and lose at least two demerit points through the 40 kay zones. if caught speeding across the State. There are 10,000 of them The family of soldier Benjamin Ranaudo

has attended a service to Australia. for the return of his body on the final journey home Soldiers carried his casket in Afghanistan last week. after the 21-year-old was killed every Defence family dreads. The return home Watched by loved ones, the body of 22-year-old Ben Ranaudo flew into Melbourne

for a repatriation ceremony. (BAGPIPES PLAY) We meet here today to reverently bring the mortal remains of Benjamin James Ranaudo back to his home. The popular young private, who also served in East Timor, was killed in an anti-Taliban operation last Saturday.

He was the 11th Australian solider to die in Afghanistan. The Defence Minister and Shadow Minister

were among those there to meet his body. And while it was a formal service,

the pain of his family was not forgotten. All our thoughts are with a grieving family and loved ones. Acting Defence Force Chief David Hurley presented Private Ranaudo's medals

before soldiers from his Townsville-based regiment carried his casket to a waiting hearse. (BAGPIPES PLAY 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR') The Acting Chief of Army has praised Ben Ranaudo's dedication and enthusiasm saying he served his country with distinction. Private Ranaudo will be buried later this week after a private funeral. Good winter rainfall across New South Wales has had little impact on drought-stricken areas. Almost 65% of the State is in drought - down slightly on last month. Areas that are marginal have risen to 10%. In the south of the State and west of the State we've had 25mm in some places. This has been good to start for the crop, but we haven't had those follow-up rains

that will break this drought. Farmers need more rain in August to ensure a good wheat crop. A new water-saving campaign begins tonight

on the day eastern suburbs residents were identified as Sydney's worst water wasters. We come from one supply, we come from one source

and we need to share it and we need to share it and use it as wisely as we can across the Sydney basin.

Campbelltown, Parramatta and Bankstown are the leading suburbs for saving water. A family feud has worsened over the money Jamie Neale was given for an interview about his Blue Mountains disappearance. His father, Richard Cass, was ecstatic when the 19-year-old backpacker was found after 12 days lost in the bush. But now, he says he feels like he's been robbed by Jamie who'd promised to give him part of the cash from a TV interview. He's told a British newspaper the son he found isn't the one he went looking for. The last living soldier to fight in the trenches during World War I has died in Britain, aged 111. Harry Patch was 18 when he went to war.

The Queen says his sacrifice should never be forgotten. Harry Patch led a Remembrance Day service last November, with fellow World War I veterans Bill Stone and Henry Allingham. Now, all three are gone.

He represented the last firsthand account of the terrible price those gallant soldiers paid to win the freedom we enjoy today. Harry was born in Somerset in 1898. He was an apprentice plumber when called up and sent to France. His time in the trenches ended when he was wounded in a shell explosion. I lost three mates. Harry was over 100 when he finally spoke about the horrors of battle. He didn't believe the fight was worth millions of dead. His death leaves just three surviving World War I veterans, including Perth resident Claude Choules, who served in the British navy. What an honour. Fancy that. 108-year-old Claude is the last veteran who saw active service. We knew that we were something a bit special, but we didn't know quite what. The Queen says the bravery and sacrifice of Harry's generation will never be forgotten. Still to come - pictures of a rare whale off the Australian coast. Also, why the Prime Minister rejected a union campaign to buy Australian. And the TV recreation of an unexpected internet hit. That's next. They just sort of LANDED on me. They've damaged my van. It went into the back of me. And he, like... I think they love my car. Global warming. Exactly. Yeah. A teenager has a severe arm injury after being glassed while walking along a Darlinghurst street this morning. The 19-year-old from Wollongong was with friends when he was attacked by a man with a broken bottle. He got, like, split all down the wrist and stuff and everyone got in a fight and started chasing each other. A 23-year-old man has been charged. Kevin Rudd has set himself up for a fight with unions by rejecting demands for his government to only buy Australian-made products. Unions insist it would save jobs, but the Prime Minister says such a policy would be a mistake. AFL is uniquely Australian.

But even the 145-year-old Carlton club is now importing more than just players from overseas. Its new headquarters is being built with taxpayers' dollars and Chinese steel.

Why do we have to bring it all the way from China? Apparently, many others are asking similar questions. A union survey's found 85% of Australians want the Government to buy locally to protect manufacturing jobs, even if it costs more. We're asking the Government today not to snob jobs. Opposite sides of the union movement have united to push the 'Buy Australian' policy at next week's Labor conference in Sydney.

Intervention to save what is normally a profitable and productive industry during this period of crisis. But Kevin Rudd says that would damage trade. We need to avoid any form of protectionist measure which invites retaliatory protectionist measures from economies around the world. While the Government won't buy Australian, it is selling young Australians a new message on jobs - take whatever you can get. We want young people to reach for the stars, but, at the same time as that, they've got to be realistic. Malcolm Turnbull first worked as a banana packer. He says your first job won't be your last. Get the skills and the experience that enables you to do, as you undoubtedly will, a wide range of jobs. An endangered southern right whale has been spotted off Queensland's Moreton Island. Whale watchers near the Tangalooma wrecks came across the mammal, feeding on tiny prawns.

It's rare for a southern right to be in waters north of Victoria. There are only about 12,000 of the whales left, compared to 80,000 humpbacks. A couple, who put their unusual wedding video on the internet for family and friends,

have now become TV stars. Their bridal party regrouped live on American television to show off the dance moves seen by millions on YouTube.

Today, the world's most famous wedding party recreated their spectacular entrance that has made them an internet sensation. It began with a somersault by the groom, Kevin Heinz. Then the seven bridesmaids, five groomsmen, three ushers danced their way up the aisle. Finishing with a solo bridal boogey, bouquet held high.

Unfettered happiness. It's been on YouTube for a few days. I put it up, I think, on Sunday because her dad had been really harassing me to kinda get it out to some of his other family members. (Both) And it exploded. Has it ever. It quickly became the feel-good story of the week. Now see, those are some pretty sweet moves. Just over 100 people saw it live in the Minneapolis church, but 5 million have seen it online. It gets you right in the gut. You get that buzz you get, that juiced up, jacked up feeling of joy and it comes through the dancing. And just think, the wedding party only rehearsed once for their now famous dance moves. And disgraced singer Chris Brown should also be thankful. His year-old song 'Forever' used in the video has now danced its way back in to the top V10. Not everyone is as mobile as those wedding dancers, but we're all being urged to get moving any way we can to help reduce the State's health costs. Dot De Low is 98 and still playing table tennis. It is the fastest reflex game in the world. Dot is 1 of 260,000 people taking part in a survey to help the Government provide services needed by our ageing population. Time for more sporting action now with Johanna Griggs

and it's not only the fans calling for the refs' heads in the NRL. That's right, Roscoe. The coaches have joined the chorus. More on that shortly as the Dragons show yet again why they are the frontrunners.

COMMENTATOR: you can give up the chase. And another freak accident mars F1 qualifying. to have taken home more major awards in the last 12 months than any other large car? Discover a new recipe for delicious skin. The calming sensation of cherry blossom in a rich, creamy formula. Serve it generously. New Palmolive Naturals Cherry Blossom Shower Milk - the recipe for delicious skin. You learn from your mistakes That's why we created new insurance to reward over-50s. Wayne Bennett's Dragons have kicked four points clear of the Bulldogs at the top of the NRL ladder after smashing the Warriors. Wests Tigers kept in touch with the top eight, by beating the Raiders in Canberra while a Brett Morris double helped the Dragons destroy the Warriors in Auckland. On the road and minus some guns, but the Dragons still fired against the Warriors as the ball bounced and Brett Morris pounced. COMMENTATOR: It's 16 tries in 16 matches. A second soon after means Nathan Blacklock's club record of 27 in a season is definitely under threat

with St George-Illawarra unstoppable as Creagh popped a ball and Stanley won the race. You can give up the chase. Just as impressive was the Dragons' defence and then, in the second half, big Dell held the crowd in a spell. They were given me heaps about my big arse and that, you know, that's good. Plenty of fun as they won five tries to one.

Comment 27, 95 metres, fls nothing

this kid can't do. In Canberra, the Raiders couldn't take a trick as a Tigers knock-on was let go and the dud decision cost the home side six points. Here is Moltzen stepping inside Turner very easily. When interference to Gareth Ellis saw Josh Dugan's equaliser denied, David Furner went off. But the Raiders only had themselves to blame as they gifted Tim Moltzen a second and the half went all the way. I don't think he's gonna get him and Moltzen gets a double. It was game over when Shannon Gallant put in a kick for John Morris. They're queuing up to score. The tank, Taniela Tuiaki, made sure of it with his 16th for the year. Neil Henry wants video ref Sean Hampstead sacked after his side's loss to the Panthers. Craig Bellamy is also fuming with officials, despite the Storm's win over the Sharks. There was less controversy in Sydney as the Eels stunned the high-flying Bulldogs. Cowboys coach Neil Henry wants answers after his side's loss to the Panthers. The standard is not good enough for the NRL. Henry claims video referee Sean Hampstead had a shocker. COMMENTATOR: He's deliberately lobbed it forward. The video referee is up there to get things right. And I reckon twice tonight Sean Hampstead didn't get it right. With the Cowboys trailing by just two points another one of Hampstead's calls prove crucial. Michael Gordon struck the killer blow in the final minute to ensure his side leapfrogged North Queensland into fifth position. I'm going to ask serious questions. Why have we got Sean Hampstead in that position if he can't get that right? Match officials copped a spray at Olympic Park as well

as the Storm downed the Sharks 30/10. I didn't think they done a great job tonight, to be quite honest. The decision to award the Sharks first try left Craig Bellamy filthy.

I reckon we should let the ball boys put up the flag. Don't worry about the touch judges. Melbourne prop Jeff Lima was placed on report for a tackle that left Matt Wright in trouble. It is certainly a dangerous tackle. It was one of those incidents where it happened very quickly and he didn't mean to do that. Trent Barrett was also left concussed. Trent Barrett is a sick boy. Parramatta coach Daniel Anderson declared his side's 27-8 win over the Bulldogs as the best match they'd played under his leadership. He picked it up and put it down. The Eels were relentless against the second-placed Bulldogs, turning it on in front of a bumper crowd. The Swans have rejoined the winners list with an 18-point victory over Melbourne in freezing conditions in Canberra. St Kilda remain undefeated after accounting for the Bulldogs last night. And Brisbane beat the Kangaroos by 41 points. The Bombers have an anxious wait after a 5-point loss to the Tigers. They will drop out of the top eight if Port can beat the Crows. And only a small crowd was on hand to see the Swans go to great lengths to ensure they maintained a slim chance of making the finals. The Demon's proved a handful during the third quarter, but Sydney ruckman Darren Jolly set the tone for the final term with his third goal. COMMENTATOR: From the pocket. It's bending, it's bending. It's gold. The Swans are sure to work on their on-field communication

during the week before they tackle the Saints.

The Springboks have done the Wallabies a favour

by downing the All Blacks in Bloemfontein overnight. The Boks were too strong up front in the physical 9-point win. The All Blacks were repeatedly forced into error

by the dominant South Africans. This effort putting the game beyond doubt. COMMENTATOR: Here's an opportunity and it's Jaque Fourie. New Zealand missed out on a bonus point easing the pressure on the Wallabies. Aussie paceman Stuart Clark has turned up the heat on troubled Mitchell Johnson

for a place in the third Ashes test. Clark snared two top-order wickets on the second day of the Tour match against Northampton Shire, while Johnson struggled with 0/42. Australia leads by 225 going into the final day with opener Phillip Hughes back among the runs on 65 not out. Ferrari's Felipe Massa has undergone emergency surgery after crashing heavily in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Massa was struck in the head by a loose spring which fell off another car doing more than 200km/h. The Brazilian was knocked out by the blow crashing into a tyre wall before being airlifted to hospital with a fractured skull.

Doctor's say Massa's condition is serious, but stable. Dual world champion Jana Pittman-Rawlinson has withdrawn from next month's world titles in Berlin after succumbing to a back injury. It was better news though for two of her Australian team-mates.

Olympic silver medallist Sally McLellan

ran the perfect race to take out the 100m hurdles at the London Grand Prix. I'm just glad that I can get a win over these girls

'cause they are such amazing athletes and I'm just grateful to run against them every time. And Olympic champ Steve Hooker won the pole vault

with a jump of 5.7 metres. Scorching action also on the penultimate stage of the Tour de France with riders making their way through heavy smoke from a nearby bushfire.

The 20th stage was won by Spain's Juan Manuel Garate. His compatriot Alberto Contador has virtually secured his second Tour de France victory after a gutsy climb up the legendary Mont Ventoux. Andy Shleck and Lance Armstrong should round out the podium.

And Roscoe, in the trans-Tasman net And Roscoe, in the trans-Tasman

netball grand final the Melbourne

Victoria's evens have beaten the

Thunderbirds. They held the Kiwis

off. Not good news for the Kiwis. That's alright, they had their

chances throughout the year. Thank you, chances throughout the year. Thank you, Jo. Sydney's weather was back to its wintry best today. 'Cause nothin' stuns me these days, Tony. Nothin'. VOICEOVER: At Hungry Jack's you can get a Cheeseburger, small fries, small Coke and a sundae It's more than just a Cheeseburger... Boss? (PANTS) For the answers you seek, and how to get there. Ah! I've got the plague! Ow! I don't want to die! It's getting dark! Hurry into Australia's biggest toy sale, with Fisher-Price Walk and Drive Learning Car now $49.99. And these Bratz Dolls now $7.99 each. Save $8. Australia's biggest toy sale now on. Sydney had a sharp return to winter today with rain and bitterly cold winds. Thick cloud kept temperatures down across Sydney. It was much cooler in the west. Around the country tomorrow - a shower or two in Melbourne and Adelaide but fine in the other capitals. Some early frost in Canberra. On Sydney's waterways - In Sydney - rain periods will continue tonight, with falls of up to 5mm. but the showers should ease by the morning. The clouds will bring some early fog and mist to the western suburbs.

But the skies should clear by the afternoon.