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Tonight, court showdown - tempers

flare as a bikie boss is charged

with the airport murder. You

bastards, you'll get what you

deserve, you bastards.

In it to win it! The last-minute

rush to snare the country's biggest

lottery jackpot. You only live once,

so you should just go for it and

for it. when it's so big you should just go

And doing what he does best -the

last photos of Michael Jackson on stage.

Good evening, I'm Bill Woods. And

I'm Deborah Knight, also tonight, the Rees Government announces

another metro but won't say who'll

pay for it. And the comeback kid -

Wimbledon quarter finals. Lleyton Hewitt books a place in the

They have been a wild as Saints

after Mick Hawi appeared in court

charged with murdering a man. His

friends were furious, clashing with

the victim's mother. Mick Hawi

walked calmly to the police paddy-

with murder. wagon to be taken in and charged

It was a controlled scene compared

to the chaos outside court as his

friends faced-off with the mother

of the man he allegedly murdered.

May you rot in hell and indeed the

same pain to your mother and your

sister that you have given me. The

argument spilled down the street,

becoming increasingly aggressive.

After more than three months of

investigations, police allege Hawi

is responsible for the Sydney

airport murder of Hells Angels gang

member Anthony Zervas in March this

year. This investigation is not

over. There are more people still

to face court. Inside court,

sheriffs asked Hawi's father and a

group of his supporters to stand

back from the dock for security

reasons. The 29 year old did not

apply for bail. In court, as

prosecutors outlined their case

against Hawi, he sat smiling, his

hands in his pockets. He even

winked and mouthed messages of

support to his friends. The brawl

at the Qantas domestic terminal

allegedly involved more than a

dozen members from the rival

Comancheros and Hells Angels

motorcycle gangs. It sparked

widespread criticism of airport

security and calls for a tougher

stance against gang violence. 6

people, have already been charged

with riot and affray over the

incident. They may beat witnesses

that had recorded the incident.

Hawi returns to court in July.

The champagne corks could be

popping in a few hours, when the

numbers drop in the country's

biggest lottery prize. Australians

have gone crazy, snapping up

tickets in the hope of winning the

jackpot - $90 million. Ten reporter

Eddy Meyer joins us from the

lottery office in the city. Eddy

many agencies are staying open

entries? later to deal with last minute

This scene will be repeated all

over Australia. People trying to

get in before the deadline. The get in before the deadline. The

draw closes at seven: 45. People

trying to win in the $19 billion --

a million-dollar prize. This could a million-dollar prize. This could

push the figure at up to 100

million. Last minute strategies,

careful fine-tuning, all in the

hope of a defining odds. It is a

slim, but if he did not going and

you numbers come up, you only live

once. Everyone seems to have their

own systems. You have to give

Ablett away, a bit too much for one

person. The Salvation Army spends

$500 million a year, -- $500,000 a

year. A staggering number of

syndicates have been formed,

leading bosses worried about what

happens if they win. They said they

would pay my building of and they

would give me a bit of a holiday

and then there would take-off and

and would be left with no body.

Would all that money make you

happy? The experts say to begin

with it will, but most people,

within six to 12 months end up as

happy or as unhappy as they were

before the win. If we have to

manage something that we do not

know how to manage it can be

stressful. In some cases it can

lead to depression if you're not

able to deal with something, if you

are overwhelmed. Many are willing

to take that risk.

Death threats have been made

against local councillors and staff

after the approval of a Muslim

the threats seriously. school. Police say they are taking

Extra security guards stood watch

over the chambers last night as

Liverpool council approved the new

school development, just days after

the threatening email was sent. Ten the threatening email was sent. Ten

News has been told it was sent to

the Mayor Wendy Waller, and two

other councilors, Jim McGoldrick

and Anne Stanley. In the email I

received, he said, be careful out

there in the dark and we're going

to get you, we're going to destroy

your career. The residents' action

group denies sending the emails and

making the threats. Locals opposed

the Hoxton Park development because

there are already 3 schools nearby. there are already 3 schools nearby.

They're also concerned about the

extra traffic it may bring. We've

based our campaign not on religion

but on the planning situation. What

I'm worried about is the safety of

our kids, our roads, our kerbs and

gutters. The community interest has

not been represented at all in this

process. The campaign of

intimidation began about two weeks

ago when a staff member from the

planning department had his car

vandalised. Every window of it was

smashed in the driveway of the

family home. It happened at this

guy's house which means his

family's effected by it. You're in

this game. You're family shouldn't

be involved in it. Threatening

SMS's were also sent to council

staff. Liverpool police have now

been called in. Police won't

tolerate this sort of behaviour in

the community. There's certainly a

process where people can voice

lawfully their view on any project.

Applicants for the Islamic school

today. could not be contacted for comments

Another grand train plan has been

announced for Sydney, even though

there's no money or time frame to

build it. Critics say the Central

to Westmead metro will never happen

but the State Government is

plans. spending $30 million drawing up

It's something of a ritual in

Sydney's inner west - waiting for

the morning bus. We rely on buses

and if they don't come on time

you're late for work. Now there's

the promise of a revolution not

involving buses. It's the next

stage of the controversial Sydney

Metro that will eventually service

the Western Suburbs - ambitious and

expensive. About a $0.3 billion. --

8th $0.3 billion. A cost estimate

is about $8.3 billion. The West

Metro would run from Westmead

through Parramatta, Silverwater,

Olympic Park, Strathfield, Burwood,

Five Dock, Leichhardt, Camperdown, Five Dock, Leichhardt, Camperdown,

Sydney Uni and through to Central.

But there's no money or time frame

for delivery. It is my view that for delivery. It is my view that

this project should and will be

built. Tell that to residents in

bus-saturated suburbs like

Leichhardt who've heard it all Leichhardt who've heard it all

before. A modern, efficient rail

system to deliver better rail

services for the people of south-

western Sydney. Extra capacity for

the city rail network. It's going

to be a hard sell. They'll change

their mind in another 6 months'

time or 12 months' time in any

event. I don't think it'll ever

happen, no. And people have a right

to be sceptical. Since 1995 the government's issued roughly 10

glossy brochures like this, spruiking improvements to Sydney's

public transport. 10 rail lines

promised, and just one delivered.

That was the Epping-Chatswood link

that came in $1 billion over budget

and three years late. This is like

a sick dog returning to its vomit -

a sick Labor Party once again

trying its tired old tricks. A

plane has crashed off the coast of

Africa with 150 people onboard. The

Yemenia Airways plane was en route

to the Comoros Islands, which are

300 kilometres northwest of

Madagascar. It's not yet known if

there are any survivors.

Michael Jackson's mother has won

temporary custody of the his three temporary custody of the his three

children. As his family moves to

take control of his estate, photos

have been released of the have been released of the

superstar's final days. superstar's final days.

Two days before his death, Michael

Jackson was rehearsing for his tour.

Although he looks thin, promoters

say he was moving just as well as

his much younger support dancers. his much younger support dancers.

Glimpse of what might have been.

His mother have -- has won a

temporary custody. It is unclear if temporary custody. It is unclear if

he left a will detailing who should

look after the children. The

document lists the mother of

Blanket as a nun and the other two

children are listed as mother's

were about not known. The family

still has not revealed details of

the funeral because it wants to the funeral because it wants to

wait for the result of a second

autopsy. Representatives have been

back to his mansion, leaving the

property with two plastic bags

containing drugs. I have never seen

a Michael take anything. He was a

very anti- drug as far as I knew. I

am shocked by this. The promoter of

his comeback tour say fans will

receive a full refund or they can

receive the tickets that had been

decorated with our work designed by

Michael Jackson. A lasting memento

from the King of Pop. Ahead in

sport - and no action from the

breast as against players charged by police. by police.

The Roosters say they will take

strong action if Jake Friend and

Sandor Earl are found guilty in

court. The pair were charged with

assault by police last night after

a fight in a City nightclub. The

Roosters will review their approach

to alcohol management after it was

described by NRL boss David Gallop

as confused and inconsistent. My

honest comment there is I think the

policy we had in place wasn't going

to achieve the objectives, so if

you have things that are not

working you're best to scrap them

and go backwards. Both players have

been selected for Friday night's

match against St George Illawarra.

Lleyton Hewitt has advanced to the

quarter finals at Wimbledon where

he's set to play on centre court. he's set to play on centre court.

But in the ladies draw, it seems

you need more than ability to get a

start on the prized arena.

Lleyton Hewitt is eyeing off a

second week centre court appearance

at Wimbledon, after last night

advancing to the quarter finals.

Every 10 to Centre Court is looming.

Dinara Safina made her first

appearance last night. A win for

the Russian but the fact it took

four crowns to appear on the Centre

Court has left a sour taste in her

mouth. The world's premier player

and said that players more

appealing to Myer audiences

received precedents to play on the

main stage. As far as I know, the a

tepee and also a television

stations decide the schedule.

Johnny Perkins stated it plain and

simple. The controversy came as a

tennis was played under a close ref

for the first time. Andy Murray

said the demand conditions were

some of the toughest he has played

in. It felt like I had been in a bath.

The pictures that prove Barry Hall

does want to play. Anger over new

charges took part in the city.

Security circus for Tom Cruise and

Katie Holmes as they touched down

in Australia. (EXAGGERATED MOIST SNEEZE) CHILD: Hey, that's not the way to do it. You should: (SNEEZES) That's better. SONG: # He's hungry for danger He can take the heat # Fully Loaded Man's got balls of meat # Over the edge Flying through the sky # Fully Loaded Man He could probably die # Time to slam a Fully Loaded can

# A fully crammed dinner feast # For a meat, veg and pasta fan # Fully Loaded can. # (EXAGGERATED MOIST SNEEZE) WOMAN: Hey, where do you think you're going? That's more like it.

This program is captioned live.

A man has been ordered to stand

trial over a crash but killed six

of his mates on Sydney Harbour.

Matthew Reynolds was the skipper of

a runabout when it crashed into a

fishing trawler near the Balmain

last year. He is facing manslaughter and dangerous

navigation charges but today had his bail continued.

The new financial year is said to

be an expensive one for workers

driving in the CPD. From tomorrow,

parking stations are expected to

jack up their fees to cover a

massive jump in government levies.

Throwing formalities out the window,

people say it is the only option

for affordable parking in the CBD

to park in the car park.

From tomorrow, at the car park levy

on commercial sites more than

doubles from $950 per space to

$2,000. It is the consumers who

will end up paying for the increase.

At the Eye Hospital next to

Parliament in Sydney, it will be an

extra $20 per fortnight. 20% of the

next pay increase. Businesses say

the hip pocket pain will stretch

wider than shift workers in the

healthcare industry. Sydney is a

global city and has people across

the city who work effectively 24/7.

The parking station operators are

expected to suffer. Secure Parking

is anticipating a 15% downturn in

car numbers. The irony is we will

be shutting down a lot of those. It

is going to hurt the general

economy of Sydney at North Sydney.

It is not just the big end of town

affected. Privately owned car

spaces in the CBD Wilcock the

massive levy hike. It is forcing

many -- many investors to sell out.

Most of them have tried to increase

their rent to cover the new levies

but tenants are not willing to pay.

You can understand that. The next

best thing is to sell them. It is

enough to give a driver a case of

parking rage. (HORNS SOUND).

A damning report into state run

public hospitals has increased

pressure on Kevin Rudd to push

ahead with a federal takeover.

Despite millions of dollars and

extra cash, waiting-lists continued to blow out.

You may have come bearing gifts for this Brisbane Hospital, but Nicola

Roxon knows she holds a poisoned

chalice. Of course further

improvement can be made. Before the

last election, her boss promised to

hold a referendum for a takeover of

public hospitals if they had not

improved by mid- 2009. When it

comes to health and hospitals, the

buck stops with me. Despite a $750

million injection, patients

awaiting today's longer for

elective surgery at nearly a third

of casualty patients are not being

seen in time. We have indicated

that we tend to consider at this

issue in the middle of this year.

This is a very similar promise to

Fuel Watch and Grocery Watch and

Hospital Watch over the last 12

months which has produced no better

outcome. The Prime Minister is not

walking away from his tough talk

yet. We are dead set determined to

get on with the business of long-

term reform in the health and

hospital system. Doctors are tired

and just want action. We want beds,

not best, we need a single funder

to make sure there is no cost and

blame shifting. The health minister

is considering the recommendations

on a final report of whether to go

ahead with the Commonwealth

takeover. But the clock is ticking.

Hollywood royalty has landed in

Melbourne with Tom Cruise touching

down. The actor arrived in a

private jet, with it his daughter

in his arms. He headed off for

Crown Towers. Cameras were in hot

pursuit. There was no stopping for

the fans. I have got the Mission

impossible movies at home. The

start is in town while his wife

Katie Holmes films a movie. She and

her daughter will stay for 10 weeks

but Tom will split his time between

Melbourne and the US.

There was a lot of talk about the

weather today. They were whingeing.

A bit of an unexpected change.

I thought you were going to accuse

me of messing it up because I

promised you a glorious one day at

temperatures of around 23. But we

struggled to get to 20. There was

some lovely low cloud cover which

gave us a mild night, though what

it meant was the beautiful sunshine

that I promised was in the sky at that I promised was in the sky at

could not break through the cloud.

That is my story and I am sticking

to it. I dressed wrongly and had to

go home and get a coat. We have got

some wonderful photos coming in off

the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

I am not sure this one will be in

the running, but let's take a look

at the first photograph of Sarah

Jessica Parker's new twins. They

have released an official photo

with their big brother James. They

look like very cute babies. I will be

be back at 5:55pm with the forecast

for tomorrow and the Sydney Harbour Bridge behind me.

Next, jail for the serial rapist

who filmed and humiliated his who filmed and humiliated his victims. victims. Also, multi-billion-dollar fraudster Bernie Madoff to spend

the rest of his life behind bars.

And a wave from former British PM

Margaret Thatcher, her back home

after spending two weeks in

hospital. (LIGHT MUSIC) (CAR HORN HONKS) Woolworths free Everyday Rewards card not only saves you 4c a litre on fuel, it now also gives you Qantas Frequent Flyer points when you spend over $30 at Woolworths supermarkets. Fuel and flights, and you can join Qantas Frequent Flyer for free when you register through Everyday Rewards. Woolworths Everyday Rewards card - now with even more rewards.

This program is captioned live. One

of Australia's worst rapists has

been jailed for attacking 11 women.

He videoed himself degrading the unconscious victims, after he

masked some of them with images of

TV host Naomi Robson.

Acting out his depraved fantasies

on video earned John Xydias 28-year

sentence. The part-time chef raped

and sexually assaulted 11 women

over a 15 year period, using a

handycam to record the abhorrent

acts. John, you wasted 10 years of

my life, as your girlfriend. You're

going to have the next 28 years of

your life wasted now. 36 DVDs were

found in the home Xydias shared

with his parents. The 45 year-old,

who was obsessed with former TV

personality Naomi Robson, pleaded

guilty to 86 charges, including 25

of rape. Chief Justice Marilyn

Warren said Xydias showed no

respect to the women.

respect to the women. The filming

of your victims humiliated,

degraded and defiled their humanity.

You treated each of your victims

like a sexual rag doll.

Four of the women on the tapes

remain unidentified. If anyone

feels they're a victim or believes

they're a victim they need to come

forward and have us investigate

those crimes. Xydias' victims were unaware they'd been assaulted,

until shown the videos. I had to

walk out of the room, said one

victim. I felt dirty, ashamed, disgusted, angry and violated.

Xydias received a slightly reduced

sentence because he pleaded guilty

to his depraved crimes. With good

behaviour and early parole, he

could walk free from jail by the

time he turns 65. It's no justice

for those girls, they're just

really broken hearted about the way it's happened.

The Army has been ordered to pay

more than $200,000 after a

schoolboy died from a peanut

allergy on a cadet camp. 13-year-

old Nathan Francis suffered

anaphylaxis two years ago, when he

was fed beef satay. His heartbroken

parents say the Year Nine student's parents say the Year Nine student's exclusive private school was warned

of his allergy. The case involves

every parent's worst nightmare. His

death haunts us every single day of

our lives. The Judge has called for

a coronial inquest, saying the

school's duty of care should come under question.

To the Finance report. David Jones

is The man behind the biggest Wall

Street swindle in history has been

sentenced to 150 years behind bars.

It expects profits to jump by as

much as 30%. It is a stunning

turnaround of for David Jones and

follows a number of big retailers

reporting a pick-up in sales since

the stimulus package. On the final

trading day of the financial year,

the local market has finished

solidly. David Jones the clear stand out.

At that is finance news. I will be

back later with a look at our Super

France finished the men behind the

biggest swindle has been sentenced

to 150 years. Victims of his

appearance and the scheme rallied

before his sentencing. If he never

sees the light of the day, that is

adjusters for him. Describing his adjusters for him. Describing his

actions as extraordinarily evil,

the judge hit Bernard Madoff with

the maximum. 150 years without

parole. I jammed up, clapped.

He turned to look at his victims He turned to look at his victims

and turned to say sorry, I know it and turned to say sorry, I know it

does not help you. He has earned

the reputation for being the most the reputation for being the most

despised American today. Bernard

Madoff per billions from investors

but use the money to pay existing

clients and fund a lavish lifestyle

for his family. In sentencing him,

the judge noted he had not received

a single night or letter of support

for Bernard Madoff, compared to

hundreds of combinations. He has

taken my life be gay -- away.

Nothing left. Investigations

continue into the role his wife

played in the swindle. Both he and

his wife insists he acted alone,

just as is likely to spend the rest

of his life. Diane Keaton has been

rushed to hospital after an

accident. The 63-year-old was on

this said of her new movie, Co

starring Harrison Ford, when she

bashed heads with another actor.

She was taken to hospital porters

and has been given the all-clear.

Margaret Thatcher is home after

more than two weeks in hospital.

The 82-year-old baroness who

suffers dementia, broke her left suffers dementia, broke her left

arm in a fall and has had had been

in Sorton -- inserted. She is

reported to be in good spirit.

Up next, the lot Phobos you will be

hoping to get a telephone call from.

Will it be a happy new you? Turning

the corner on a year of financial

meltdown. The push to make the

telephone book and a thing of the past.

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This program is captioned live.

Top stories this newshour - tempers

have flared outside a Sydney court,

after bikie boss Mick Hawi was

charged with the airport murder.

The victim's mother lashed out at

Hawi's family members who were waiting outside.

Death threats have been made

against at least three Liverpool

councillors over a controversial

Muslim school. It was finally given

the go ahead last night, despite

angry objections from locals.

And time is running out to snare

the country's biggest lotto jackpot.

A last minute rush on tickets is

expected to push the winnings well above $90 million.

And for more on the record jackpot

we're joined by John Vineburg, from

New South Wales Lotteries. Good

evening John, do we know what the

final jackpot will be?

It is a guess, but it could be just

under or over 100 million. If I had

to bet my life on, I would say just over $100 million.

What are the chances of it going off tonight?

We are expecting a handful of

winners. Probability indicates four.

But it can also be another big jackpot.

How do you go about breaking the

big news?

You have to start off this low. We

even ask about their health. At the

end of the day you have to say,

hello Mr or Mrs Jones, are you

ready for a shock? You have just

picked up $100 million. Then you wait for the longer pause.

I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow morning.

Global investors are saying goodbye

and good riddance to the financial

year which ends today.

With a September collapse of Lehman

Brothers, it went from boom to bust.

It set-off to panic right across the

the globe. Trillions of dollars was

wiped off the boards. The confident

in the entire financial system came

crashing down. It was diabolical.

As the dust settles, most of ours

would rather forget there is no

escaping the returns. That is the

worst returns that we have seen in

27 years. It has been one of the

most volatile years. Over the plot

month period, the benchmark index

traded in an extraordinary range of

more than 2000 points from its 1st

July Hyde to its Maj 10 or low.

Recent research says some of the

losses have been salvaged for

Superfund, but returns will still

be the worst since compulsory Super

began. We are looking at a net

result summer between 12 to 13%. At

least it is headed in at the right

direction. We believe that the

share market and economies in the

world are headed higher rather than lock.

Australians applies in the book on

the Brynteg a yellowed pages. Millions of unused telephone

directories are thrown out every

year. Callers are letting their

keyboards do the walking.

keyboards do the walking.

Where is our head in the Yellow

Pages directory? -- advertisement

in the Yellow Pages? Not happy,

Jan! There the day after the books

are delivered, you see them

littering the streets. It would

take a lot of the football fields

to feel -- to put them in. Many

books are used for anything but

finding numbers and only one-third

of Generation Y ever years them. Telephone box a becoming dust

collectors. The book munchers of

the 90s no longer exists, 75% of

Yellow Pages are recycled. Green

groups say instead of a mandatory

delivery system, the directory

should only go to people who

request them. Senses admit printed

sales were Jarred Waite Avenue but

insist its research at the books

are still in demand. You can opt

out of delivery by calling the number below.

Sport is next - rugby league is

about to lose one of its great role


Has an El Masri has decided to hang

up his boots after a first great

career spanning 14 seasons - that

has an El Masri.

The greatest. Scurried given 8 rousing send-off.

Lleyton Hewitt books a quarterfinal.

(LIGHT MUSIC) (CAR HORN HONKS) Woolworths free Everyday Rewards card not only saves you 4c a litre on fuel, it now also gives you Qantas Frequent Flyer points when you spend over $30 at Woolworths supermarkets. Fuel and flights, and you can join Qantas Frequent Flyer for free when you register through Everyday Rewards. Woolworths Everyday Rewards card - now with even more rewards. OK, so what would you say if I said 'happy'? Oh, ah, growth. So the more you grow... Well, the faster you grow, yeah, the happier. You know, from the root to the fruit. Right. Grow your savings faster with a massive 4.75% variable if you make no withdrawals in a month,

and a generous 3% variable if you do.

That's out of control.

Happy Banking - an initiative from BankWest. This program is captioned live.

The NRL is about to lose one of its

favourite sons with Bulldogs

veteran Hazem al-Masri today

confirming this season will be his

last. He is a role model on and off

the field and thankfully, he will

not be lost to the game completely.

Back where it all began. Hazem al-

Masri deciding that it is time. I

am content and happy with my

decision. I could not ask for

anything more. I have enjoyed every

single moment. The 33-year-old has

played his way into every record

book imaginable to leak. He helped

the Dogs to the 2004 Premiership,

have represented his city, state

and country, but ultimately he will

be remembered as the best there

ever was with the boot. He is an

absolutely phenomenal Kikaya. He is

the best I have ever seen four

points in 26. -- Kikaya. He joined

at -- as a 19-year-old in 1995.

When you later, he made his debut.

At the end of the year, he will

walk away as the greatest ever

points scorer in the game. His

team-mates were told earlier in

training. The DOCS with the

daunting task of finding a

replacement -- Dogs. I had a

kicking competition. It is a sad

day because we will never see him

on the field any more but we will

see him in our home more often.

That means more time fine-tuning

his son's kicking, not that he

myself. needs any help. I learnt it all

The Benji Marshall experiment as

Wests Tigers halfback is over.

Dragons forward Michael Weyman is

the latest casualty for state of

origin's growing injury list. He origin's growing injury list. He

had an ankle injury in game two

against Queensland. It is just one against Queensland. It is just one

of those things. If I tried to keep

going, it might come good. -- try.

It won the crest and we had. I will

be back. He will be back just in

time for the finals, if they make

it. A Barry Hall is back at

training today, dismissing

suggestions from coach Paul Roos he

might retire after his latest ban.

He is reportedly angry that doubts

were cast about his playing future

before he had been found guilty. He

desire to play football. also reputed claims he had lost his

Lleyton Hewitt has pulled off

another of his famous fightbacks

that Wimbledon, up winning through

to the quarterfinals for the first

time in three years. The Australian

coming back from two sets down to

defeat Czech Radek Stepanek in just

under three hours.

Yet to drop a set all tournament,

things did not go to plan early as

Stepanek crafted some spectacular

angles to claim the opening said. A

left thigh strain compounded the

Australian's problems as the 23rd

seeded Czech raced in to lead

before a reinvigorated Hewitt

emerged. A 45-minute rain delay

mobilised Wimbledon's new multi-

million-dollar roof for the first

time on Centre Court. The break did

nothing to dampen Hewitt or his

fans enthusiasm. As of the 2002

champion backed up the next few

sets to wrap up the match. While

the fanatics received their orders

to quieten, Hewitt gave them more

reasons to cheer as he finished his

opponent with military precision.

The 28-year-old coming back to win

from two sets down for the fifth

time in his career. It is great to

be back in the quarters of a Grand

Slam. It is my favourite tournament.

He meets Andy Roddick for a place

in the final four where locals hope

Andy Murray could await him. One

record for the British hope. A

10:40pm match point in the win over

Stanislas Wawrinka, the latest ever

finish at Wimbledon. Eight hours

earlier, Roger Federer won through

to the final eight.

England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff

says he has recovered from knee

surgery and will be 100% fit for

the Ashes. The Hero in England's

ashes 14 years ago. I have worked

hard over the past few weeks. I

have worked with my physio in the

gym. That is behind me now. I

managed to score a few runs in the

last few weeks. The first Test is

in Cardiff and begins next

Wednesday. Tonight, we will hear

how it could be the end of an NBA's

giant's Korea. Stay with us. Where the next. -- They feel like his ears. Like one of these. Kleenex Silk Touch tissues VOICEOVER: How do new feel to you? This sort of feeling. Kind of like this. That feels like it. (BABY GIGGLES) Something like this. (GIGGLES) Just like Daddy's hugs. New Kleenex Silk Touch. Feel the difference. You won't believe it. Imagine if technology hadn't evolved. How would you watch TV on the move?

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This program is captioned live.

One of Australia's great singer-

songwriters is coming up. We will

give Angela Bishop a second chance

to getting the weather right. Give

it your best shot.

You two are pretty harsh. I will

promise a nice day tomorrow but I

also promised I would deliver two

Sydney icons. There is the bridge

behind me. The other is Richard

Clapton, the man who wrote those

immortal words, sitting out on the

Palm Beach Road, I am so drunk and

the car won't go! That song, the

water, comes from a classic album

called, Goodbye Tiger, released in

1977. You will be performing that

in its entirety. I did a great show

in June last year. It went so well

that we decided we would do it

again. Last year was a

retrospective. This one if we will

focus on the album, with other

material, of course. The title

track etc. It is a pivotal album.

Exactly. I love all the songs but I

was able to make tonight's request.

# Where do we find in the country,

we are making money, down in the

Lucky Country, down in the lucky

country. Down in the Lucky Country.

We are going down to the lucky

country. We're going down to the

lucky country. #

It is 18 decreasing cost for it. --

degrees in boss for it.

Thick cloud crossing western

Victoria and Tasmania. It is

generating status -- showers and

storms. Potentially damaging winds

is causing showers. Tomorrow,

westerly winds will persist,

bringing widespread showers,

tending to snow over Alpine regions.

Onshore winds will maintain

isolated showers. High pressure

over the North will keep it skies

mostly clear. Showers for western

slopes of NSW. Storms for Victoria.

At showers to the Southern Western

Australian coast. The concert at

the State Theatre is on 5th

September. But it has sold out

already. Is there going to be

another one? There is. It sold out

in less than an hour yesterday.

Listen, if he did not make the

first one, we will put on a second

one on 4th September. Again at the

State Theatre. When you have

written a song, do you know that it

an absolute hit when you write it?

No, your audience tell you that. I

can write a song and feel very

proud of myself. It is more

important to get the feedback from

your fans. It is up to us. Interstate -

The rest of we get colder and

colder. Possible thunderstorm on

Friday. Showers and cold for the

weekend. Sorry about that. But some

nice music to look forward to.

She got to spend some time with him

yesterday, Bruno has flown home

after showing Sydney a thing or two

about how to dress to impress.

Sacha Darren Cohen came dressed as

a knight in shining armour for last

night's premiere of his movie,

closing off a Sydney Street as he closing off a Sydney Street as he greeted

greeted fans. I have visited seven

countries in the last 18 days,

which is more than any Austrian

since 1941.

Bruno will hit a similar -- cinemas

on July the eighth.

Just on the traffic, there is a car

on fire on the M5 east tunnel which

is causing strong and lengthy

delays westbound. If you are

expected anyone coming home for you

are about to leave, give it a break.

Updates throughout the evening.

Late news with sports tonight at 10:30pm. Supertext Captions by ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWS ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES )