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(generated from captions) asking this of you, to leave your family business. But I also know that you love Rick. And I do too. to be able to stay here. And you are his last hope an announcement today. They're going to make They want Thorne to be the president. So will you do this for Rick? for the man that you love? Will you make this sacrifice

This program is captioned live.

Tonight, swine flu spreads with a

case now confirmed in New South

Wales. We have identifed that

potentially one of the travelling

consistent. companions may have an illness

A man mauled by dogs while out

walking in Sydney's west. The dog

basically, from what I saw, just

no chin. chewed off the guy's face. He had

And a plea for help from the

Melbourne mother facing jail in

Thailand. I'm tired, I'm exhausted

and I'm scared.

Good evening, I'm Bill Woods. And

I'm Sandra Sully. Also tonight, why

power prices are about to soar by

as much as 20%.

And the remarkable do-it-yourself

life. surgery that saved a young boy's

But first - swine flu has reached

New South Wales with the first

same confirmed case in Sydney, on the

same day Victoria also recorded its

first victim. Ten reporter Josh

Murphy has the details. Josh,

authorities are now trying to track

down those who might have come into

contact with those infected? You

South Wales health is trying to

South Wales health is trying to

track down 13 people who were on a

plane with a woman on a return

plane with a woman on a return

flight from America last week.

Initially a Sydney woman fell ill

while holidaying in America. She

sought treatment there and was

tested for swine flu and was

treated with Tamiflu. At 11:30pm

last night those test results last night those test results

confirmed positive before swine flu.

Importantly, she was not contagious

when she boarded the flight but

authorities are worried about a

friend who travelled with her. She

had mild symptoms before she

travelled home. No-one knows if she

has swine flu but they are not

taking any chances. Basically, they

are trying to track down 13 people

who were sitting near her. He is

the State's chief medical officer.

We have identified that potentially

one of the travelling companions

might have an illness consistent

cautionary way. but we are acting in a very

case? What do we know about the Victorian

It is in Melbourne and it is a 9-

year-old boy. We understand he and

his family have been quarantined in

their home while he recovers. The

health minister said today that is

quite likely that more members of

the boy's family will test positive.

He also was travelling in America

with his family. He has three

with his family. He has three

siblings who are also suffering now

siblings who are also suffering now

from some flu-like symptoms but

there tests have not been returned.

They are all at home in isolation.

Until those results come in, there

is no evidence of life swine flu in

Australia but it has so far reached

60 countries and this week, 10,000

cases were clocked up worldwide.

Power bills are going to skyrocket

within weeks - with the average

household to be slugged about an

extra $200 a year. The price shock

has been labelled a blatant rip-off

but the State Government insists but the State Government insists

it's needed to avoid black-outs.

it's needed to avoid black-outs.

Our cities depend on electricity to

survive but from July 1, keeping

survive but from July 1, keeping

the lights on will become a lot

more expensive. The independent

regulator IPART has approved

increases of 21.7% for Energy Australia customers, 21.1% for Australia customers, 21.1% for Integral

Integral users, and 17.9% for country energy users.

It will add around $180 to the

average household energy bill each

year. The Energy Minister says it's

necessary because supplying energy

is more expensive, and ageing

infrastructure must be replaced.

There is no doubt that increases

are required to make sure the

system stays solvent and reliable -

there is no escaping that. The

mismanagement has caused the pain

that we are gonna see for families

across the State and it's gonna

hurt everyone. Pensioners will be

get an extra $28 a year to help

cover their rising power bill.

Getting the power into your home

doesn't have to be so expensive. In

fact, by shopping around the

different providers you could

actually save yourself around $100

actually save yourself around $100

a year. People need to get in the

habit of looking, seeing if they

can choose a different provider and

if it's gonna save them real money,

then switching. Another option is

to use more energy efficient

appliances. But with a national

carbon trading scheme still looming,

Choice warns our energy bills are Choice warns our energy bills are

set to get much higher.

A man is in hospital with serious

injuries after being savaged by

dogs in Sydney's west. He was

walking along a street in Lidcombe

when the pair attacked, mauling his

face and arms.

As ambulance officers treat the

heavily bleeding man, police

wielding batons and capsicum spray

corner the aggressive bull mastiffs

in a nearby front yard. Just moments earlier, neighbours found

the middle-aged man screaming on

the footpath. It was very, very

vicious. The dogs were very, very

vicious and it was very, very

dangerous. The dogs basically, from

what I saw, just chewed off the

guy's face. He had no chin. There

was bits of his bone and ligament

on the footpath. Risking his own on the footpath. Risking his own

life, Trung Nguyen rushed to the

man's aid. All I had was my work

belt and I came out swinging at the

dog and I wasn't successful and I

was crying out for help as well.

The dogs' distraught owner is now

facing a $55,000 fine. I've got

three kids, mate, and I've never

seen my dogs growl at my kids and

if I had any idea these dogs were

aggressive, I'd have goten rid of

them myself. Despite having some of

the toughest laws in the country,

263 people have been attacked by

dogs in NSW between January and

March this year and 100 dogs have

been destroyed. In January, a bull

mastiff fatally mauled a 3-year-old

girl in Whitton - but they're not a

restricted breed. A decision will

be made about the dogs' future when

their victim is well enough to speak with police.

speak with police.

People in the north of the State

are being warned to prepare for

heavy rain and flooding. Tim Bailey,

just how bad is it expected to be?

This low-pressure system of the

south-east Queensland coast is

causing havoc. They have had 200 mm

of rain in the last 24 hours. Look

at these pictures. Flash flooding

and landslide warnings now in place

for south-east Queensland. Traffic

became chaotic. The big picture -

just how much rain has fallen

across that south-east corner? Some

of the dams in Queensland have not

seen a day of rain like this for 75

years. The upside is damn levels.

The highest and levels in five

years in Queensland, they are about

62 %. They had an amazing 3.4 %

increase in just 24 hours. The

danger is the low-pressure system

moving down to new sort -- NSW. We

have flood warnings in place for

the far north coast, it damaging

winds and high tides.

The devastated children of Annice

Smoel have spoken tearfully of their trauma.

Zhian, Zoe and Lilly Smoel are

struggling to cope with being

seperated from their mum. We love

our mum and we just want her home

now. I can't really that longer. We

love her so much and we want her

home so bad. Annice Smoel was

arrested in Thailand on May 2 over

the alleged theft of a bar mat,

which friends say they took. Her

four girls, including Daisy who's

away on camp, can't understand why.

I really miss my mum and I want her

to come back. The 36-year-old

remains on bail in Phuket with her

husband Darren and faces up to five

years jail. Not real well. I'm

tired and I'm exhausted and I'm

scared. Adding to the strain, 12-

year-old Zhian has had an operation

since the arrest. The fact I had to

have my appendix out and Mum wasn't

there and Dad couldn't come in all

the time because he had to take

care of my sisters. Kids, don't

worry - I'm going to get Mum home.

While the Federal Government says

the Department of Foreign Affairs

and Trade, as well as embassy

officials, are doing all they can

to help Annice Smoels, the family

is far from satisfied. All efforts

are being directed to try to bring

this to a quick and speedy

conclusion but it will be tough. It

could take six months to get to

court, with daily phone calls

Annice Smoel's only contact with

her children. They are ringing a

couple of times a day, crying. They

want a date, they want Mummy home. want a date, they want Mummy home.

That she's been treated so badly

when she did nothing wrong.

A country doctor who used a

household power drill to bore into

a boy's skull says he feared his

patient would die. But the

desperate emergency surgery has

proved a life-saver.

According to doctor Rob Carson, his

work as a handyman leaves a lot to

be desired.

be desired. But on Friday he picked

up a hand drill similar to this one

and saved a life. The procedure

didn't worry me - what worried me

all the time during this was this

little 12-year-old was going to die.

Nicholas Rossi fractured his skull

and burst an artery after a fall

from his bike. As with the injury

that claimed the life of actress

Natasha Richardson, his skull was

filling with blood as his parents

took him to hospital.

took him to hospital. The doctor

said it was imminent death. The

pressure on his brain had to be

released immediately, finding the

tools to do it was an issue. Advice

came over the phone from a

specialist in Melbourne. This is a

once-in-a-caree r thing that

happens to very few people. An

incision was made to expose

Nicholas's skull before a 10mm

drill bit was scrounged from

maintenance. To be quite honest, maintenance. To be quite honest,

that didn't really blow me away

terribly much because I knew that

he would need a craniotomy to get

the clot out of his skull. Released

from the Royal Children's Hospital,

Nicholas could be back on his bike

within eight weeks. Further

highlighting doctor Rob Carson's

versatility, his life-saving skills versatility, his life-saving skills

were required today to help safely

deliver a baby. Hospital management

wouldn't allow Doctor Carson to be

shown with the drill. He's shown with the drill. He's far more

comfortable with the title handyman

than he is with hero. General

practioners in country towns are

practioners in country towns are

doing procedures all the time.

Brad McEwan with sport headlines.

Brad, another Cronulla Sharks star

in all sorts of trouble tonight?

Yes, forward Reni Maitua has tested

positive for drugs.

Let's go to league reporter Glen

Lauder. Glen, is this career over for Maitua?

It is still early to say but the

signs do not look good. The shocks

only found at this afternoon. We

don't quite know what the substance

is at this stage. It is believed it

could be ecstasy or cocaine. It is

thought the Australian anti-doping

agency took a test about three agency took a test about three

weeks ago and the Sharks CEO is in

crisis talks this afternoon. It is

not good for the sharks. They have

not won since round one. They are

fighting to keep their major

sponsor. They were in crisis talks

with them a couple of days ago on

the back of the Matthew Johns

scandal. They are trying to prepare

for a Derby this weekend. It is not

the kind of disruption the quinella

sharks would like and of course he

is also known for off-the-field

problems. We will have all the breaking news.

The Reni Maitua story has overshadowed the announcement of

Australia's Ashes squad. 16 players

have been picked, Andrew Symonds

isn't one of them. It's exactly 50

days until the series gets under

way. Later in sport, we'll tell you who's in and who who's in and who else has missed


Plus, Aussie surfer Taj Burrow just

misses out on his first ASP tour

win in two years. Also ahead some

good news for Eamonn Sullivan.

The bikie boss charged over the

airport brawl is released on bail -

that story next.

Also tonight - L-plate liars. Calls

for a review of how learner drivers

are tested. It is alarming that 14%

of people we surveyed said they had lied.

And some useful advice if you're

wiggling for a new career. It's

good to keep a job, especially in

these times, but if you're thinking

about something else, there are resources you can resources you can go to.

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This program is captioned live.

Last Monday we broadcast a story about

about a potentially dangerous pool chemical, simazine, following

concerns that children may be

exposed to higher than acceptable

daily intakes. Our story showed

some products made by Lo-Chlor

Chemicals. We did not intend to

suggest that the Lo-Chlor products

contain simazine and accept Lo-

Chlor's advice that they do not. We

also accept that Lo-Chlor's

products are not under

investigation. We apologise to investigation. We apologise to Lo- Chlor.

Comanchero bikie boss Mick Hawi has

been followed by police moments

after walking free on bail over the

fatal brawl at Sydney Airport. The

28-year-old, who is charged with

affray, was hugged by family and friends, including his pregnant

wife, as he left Silverwater Remand

Centre. But he was soon driving off

with police in pursuit. Hawi was granted bail on Friday granted bail on Friday but remained

behind bars until late today, when

the $200,000 surety was raised.

He's been put on a strict curfew,

banned from leaving home at night

or visiting his bikie clubhouse.

The Government has dismissed calls

for an overhaul of the learner

driver system, which teenagers

openly admit to rorting. Parents

take years to say the required training hours can

take years to complete.

120 hours behind the wheel - that's

how long it takes learners to

qualify for their P-plate test. But

some say it's too long, forcing

young drivers to take short cuts.

young drivers to take short cuts.

admitted In an NRMA survey, 14% of L-platers

In an NRMA survey, 14% of L-platers

admitted they had fudged entries in

their log book or knew someone who

had. That's an alarming 33,000

had. That's an alarming 33,000 young drivers. The NRMA wants

young drivers. The NRMA wants a


It shows that we can devise a

system that works more on the

quality of driver training hours

and not just quantity.

But the State Government says the

hours were bumped up from 50 two

years ago for a reason. years ago for a reason.

Make no mistake about it, they are

working. The number of P-plate

deaths has dramatically declined.

So has the number of L-platers

taking professional lessons and

sitting their test. In Queensland,

drivers can fast-track their

learning. One hour on the road with

an accredited driving instructor

equals three hours in the log book.

But it is capped at 10 sessions. That would help

That would help to guide them and

keep them on track, and make sure

the process is a bit more honest.

The Government says the onus is on

parents to monitor log books.

We started at the end of 2007 and

perseverance. it's now well into 2009, so it's

Ten News. Easier said than done. Amelia Adams,

Federal MPs on both sides are

defending the use

defending the use of taxpayer-

funded travel allowances to pay off their homes. But they're set to

suffer a financial setback, with

another four months. their pay frozen for at least

All our federal politicians get it

and they all have to declare it -

their $215 for every night they

business. stay in Canberra on parliamentary

The problem with socialists is

eventually they run out of other

people's money.

Mr Turnbull himself made headlines when he claimed his when he claimed his allowance to

wife. stay in an apartment owned by his

Here in Australia we have an

independent remuneration tribunal.

According to the register, 40

parliamentarians from all parties

use their TA to help pay off

properties in the national capital.

Ministers spend more nights in the

capital than most backbenchers.

Craig Emerson claimed $10,800 for

staying in his house 56 nights.

staying in his house 56 nights.

Anthony Albanese claimed $10,000

for 53 nights in his apartment.

Kevin Rudd gets no TA, but he does

live in the Lodge.

There was a re-examination of these

'90s. sorts of entitlements in the mid-

Joe Hockey is a Canberra landlord.

Mr Hockey, I understand that three

colleagues pay you travel allowance.

Not enough. colleagues pay you travel allowance.

The Independent Remuneration

Tribunal sets the allowances. But

it's not all beer and skittles. The

tribunal has extended the pay

freeze first imposed by Kevin Rudd

15 months ago. He said at the time

it was to set an example of

restraint. At that time the

Opposition was furious. No-one is

game enough to grumble about it now.

I'm happy enough to leave it in the

Paul hands of the remuneration tribunal.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

He's one of Australia's richest

entertainers and travels the world

performing for children. Now the

Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field, is

ideal career. sharing his tips on how to get your

As a member of kids' fab four the

Wiggles, Anthony Field clearly has

a great career. But the road to the

world of skivvies was a winding one.

world of skivvies was a winding one.

teacher. I went from the army to becoming a

Add a stint in rock group the

Cockroaches, and Anthony is proof

learning new skills is the key to

getting a career you love. One of

the reasons the Wiggles work is we

have early childhood degrees. We

have used what we know about child psychology.

Anthony is ambassador for National

Career Development Week, which

currently has more than 600

workshops going on around the country. There's advice on

everything from waking up to career

opportunities to what to do if

you're retrenched. For some people

it could be an opportunity. Now

could be a chance to do what they

really want to do. Anthony Field is

always looking out for others

looking for a change of career. As

a result, there are some

family. interesting people in the Wiggles

Including Mario Martinez, who until

three years ago was working as a

qualified architect. I always

Wiggles. wanted to be on stage and I met the

In fact, the boys seem to be

inspiring a few careers.

Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Scores killed as a military plane

crashes in Indonesia. We'll have more on that next.

Also, turning gas guzzlers into

green machines - the backyard boys

showing up the big car companies. I

get around about 90km, and that's

90km for about $1.50 of electricity.

And could this 47 million-year-old

fossil hold the key to our

evolution? This discovery

represents both great minds and a great find.

This program is captioned live.

US carmakers will be forced to make

more fuel efficient cars under

tough new greenhouse gas emission

rules. President Barack Obama has

announced a 40% cut in emissions,

which is the equivalent of taking

55 million cars off the road.

Carmakers will have to meet the

standards for all new cars by 2016.

You know, in the past, an agreement

such as this such as this would

have been considered impossible.

The new rules will raise the price

of cars, but Mr Obama says this

vehicle running costs. will be outweighed by the drop in

vehicle running costs.

Backyard car enthusiasts are

winning the race to put electric

wheels on Australian roads. Dozens

are converting standard vehicles to

green machines - and saving plenty

of petrol money in the process.

In just a year, Kearon de Clouet

has done what carmakers worldwide

are still scrambling to achieve.

He's taken a petrol-fuelled Ford

Capri and transformed it into an

emissions-free machine. To be

honest, I'm not that interested in

working on cars. I just wanted working on cars. I just wanted an

electric car and since you can't

buy them, you have got to make one.

The self-taught mechanic used his

own research, drive, and six months

of Sundays in the garage to convert

the convertible into a fully

electric car. Four hours in a

standard powerpoint will keep the

car charged for 90km. And that's

90km for about $1 of electricity.

While new parts and batteries cost

$17,000, Kearon has calculated he

petrol and will recoup the outlay through

petrol and servicing savings. And

EV enthusiasts can watch just how

he did it through a series of

episodes posted on the internet.

There are now about 100 electric

converted cars registered and on

Australian roads. But they are not

that easy to recognise - externally

they look like any other car,

except for the lack of exhaust. A

surge of interest in green vehicles

for Nathan Bolton. has created a business opportunity

for Nathan Bolton. He does electric for Nathan Bolton. He does electric

conversions and gives out EV advice

to those who aren't too handy under

the bonnet. Not only do you not

have to pay for petrol, there is

very little servicing indeed. You

don't have to change the oil spark

plugs, there's no water to change -

the motors will last for about

eight years. Makes you wonder why

it is taking the big carmakers so long.

long. I'd hope that the car long. I'd hope that the car

manufacturers do find this kind of

embarassing 'cause if I can do it, everyone can.

Now to the ING Direct finance

report with Jacqueline Maddock. And Jacqui, Jacqui, the ballooning Budget

deficit has taken a toll on consumers?

It certainly looks that way. We've

seen a sharp fall in consumer

confidence in the wake of the

Federal Budget. In fact, it's the

second biggest post-Budget fall in

consumer confidence for a decade.

According to the Westpac-Melbourne Institute index, consumer

confidence dropped 4.3% in May,

down from the 13-month high reached

in April.

And more bad news for shareholder

returns. James Hardie has unveiled a 40% fall in a 40% fall in underlying full year a 40% fall in underlying full year

net profit. The company says only a

bounce back in global conditions

will see the building materials

giant resume dividend payments.

The gloomy consumer confidence The gloomy consumer confidence

reading wiped away early gains. The

All Ord ended virtually flat. James

Hardie shares finished in front and

Lion Nathan impressed by posting a stronger first half profit.

And that's the day in finance. New And that's the day in finance. New

car sales out tomorrow are likely

to be little changed from March.

But the market is expecting the

Government's extended business tax

breaks will boost new car sales next month. A military jet has A military jet has crashed in A military jet has crashed in

Indonesia, killing at least 93

people. The Hercules transporter,

carrying 110 passengers and crew,

came down on houses in east Java,

bursting into flames. Debris

scattered across a large area. It's

thought at least two people on the

ground were killed. The plane was carrying soldiers and their carrying soldiers and their

families, including 10 children.

It's the second accident involving

an Indonesian airforce Hercules in

the past two weeks.

the past two weeks.

Scientists believe they may have

found the missing link between

humans and our most distant

ancestors. The 47-million-year -old

fossil could hold the secrets of

human evolution.

Her name is Ida and her fossilised

remains could unlock one of

humankind's greatest mysteries -

where did we come from? It's maybe

not a great-great-gre at-

grandmother, but it's a grand- grand-gra

grand-gra nd-aunt. The reason

scientists are so excited is

because she's almost perfectly

preserved. About the size of a cat,

Ida has nails on her hands and feet

rather than claws, and a bone in

her foot suggests she was capable

of walking upright. Those of walking upright. Those

characteristics have been found in

later primates and humans so the

fossil may represent an important

point in evolution - when two ancestral lines separated to ancestral lines separated to create

humans and primates. It will be an

image of our own evolution for a

long time. She tells so many

stroies. We have really just

started the research but it's a

fabulous specimen. The academics

want the whole world to know just

how fabulous, putting together a

documentary that resembles a blockbuster movie... blockbuster movie... Their research

will stun the world. ..a book,

website and iPod applications. If

you want your kids to be scientists,

you need the story on many

different platforms. Nobody reads a

scientific paper. It could be two

years before scientists know if Ida

is the missing link of evolution.

is the missing link of evolution.

Anger as frozen ready-meals are put

on the menu in hospitals - that

story next.

Also - farewelling an acting great.

Stars turn out in Melbourne for the state funeral of Bud Tingwell.

And to the rescue - one man's

mission to save a family of death- defying ducks.

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This program is captioned live.

The top stories this newshour. A

man is in hospital after being

attacked by dogs while walking in

Sydney's west.

The bull mastiffs mauled the man's

face and arms, causing extensive injuries.

Households are facing huge energy

price rises. Electricity bills will

jump 21% from July. It's claimed the increase

the increase is needed to upgrade the ageing power grid.

And swine flu has spread even

further in Australia. Another two confirmed cases have been

identified - one in New South Wales,

the other in Victoria.

Public patients are being warned to

expect longer hospital stays

because of a new cutback. Soon, all

hospital meals will be pre-packaged

or frozen - with claims it will

slow patient recovery.

slow patient recovery.

There was plenty of fresh food on

hand to celebrate the opening of

the State's latest hospital but

it'll soon be a very different

story if you're the patient. I

didn't have much food - I was on a

liquid diet. Fae was Auburn

Hospital's first patient, where

pre-cooked and packaged meals are

already the catering choice. That

system's now being extended to all

public hospitals - with the meals

bought frozen, direct from factories.

factories. Delivery by the most

efficent method is obviously something important which leaves

more money to treat more patients

effectively. Hospital kitchens like

this one churn out a million meals

a year - more than half of those

catering to special dietary needs.

They can also alter meals as a

patient's needs change. Critics say replacing this with factory-made

meals will simply lead to poorer

nutrition and, in turn, longer

hospital stays.

hospital stays. Putting cooked

chilled food into hospitals across

the State from a centralised

kitchen is all about central

control, nothing to do with best

interests of patients. Cost may

have triggered the meal change but

health experts point out many more

savings could be made by simply

ensuring patients are physically

able to eat them. An ongoing

problem with packaged food is that the elderly and

the elderly and frail are often not

able to open them. The Gut

Foundation says patient eating will

have to be closely monitored. Their

studies found 80% of elderly

patients are already malnourished

when admitted - and that's before treatment.

There were tears and tributes today

for veteran star of stage and screen, Charles "Bud" Tingwell.

Hundreds of mourners paid their

respects at his state funeral in

respects at his state funeral in Melbourne.

His journey was larger than life.

An extraordinary tale, richer than

any epic. And today, the final

curtain. This finale is a fitting

conclusion to a full and wonderful

life of my loving brother.

Reflections on Charles Bud Tingwell

captivating his last audience - one only he could attract.

only he could attract. There isn't

a person here today who hasn't been

touched by this gentleman who loved

life, loved his work and most of

all, loved people. Charming, humble

and blessed with the looks of a

leading man, he never forgot his

past. That makes the lonely winter

seem long. After breaking into

theatre, he put showbiz on hold,

joining the RAAF to fly reconnaissance flights over Europe

and Northern Africa. To his airforce mates,

airforce mates, Bud was a humble

man, sensitive to other peoples

feelings. Fame never altered him.

Of all the extraordinary details of

my fathers life, it is of this that

I'm most proud. A legend of stage

and screen, an iconic career

spanning the best of a century. In

1996 he was cast into his saddest

role, caring for the love of his life, wife Audrey.

life, wife Audrey. And he did so

with great courage, fortitude and

extraordinary love. In the end, Bud

died doing what he did best.

Surrounded by those he loved, all

the while performing for and

entertaining each and everyone of

us to the very end. The echoes of

applause will live on.

applause will live on.

A banker in America has turned into

a superhero. Well, at least for a

family of ducks. The nest of

ducklings was found on the ledge of

an office block. Their mother flew

down to the footpath to find water,

and the ducklings followed. The

banker raced down, just in time to catch each of

catch each of the ducks as they

plunged from the ledge. As he set

each baby beside its mum, another

jumped. He then managed to lead the

family of ducks safely down the

road to a nearby pond.

Brad is back with the day in sport. Brad is back with the day in sport. More

More controversy for the NRL. With

a player testing allegedly positive for drugs.

VOICEOVER: Were women suffragists troublemakers or visionaries? Was this PM's dismissal unfair or the right decision? And did these people affect government policy? You decide at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.

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This program is captioned live.

The Cronulla Sharks are tonight

dealing with a new crisis, this

dealing with a new crisis, this

time involving Reni Maitua. League

reporter Glen Lauder joins us. Glen,

Maitua has allegedly failed a drug

test? That is correct. The

Koornalla Sharks are going from one

crisis to another. Reni Maitua has

allegedly tested positive to what

is believed to be cocaine or

ecstasy. It is thought that the

test was conducted about

test was conducted about three

weeks ago. Cronulla Sharks Cromie

informed today that Reni Maitua had

failed the test. He is in crisis

meetings this afternoon with the

chief executive of the club and his

agent. Only a couple of months ago

he was sacked by the Canterbury

Bulldogs. He is it in court trying to get

to get them for unfair dismissal.

It is another drama rugby league

does not need. He has been in

trouble in the past and could face

being stood down by the NRL. They

cannot confirm or deny. It is

believed David Gallop and the NRL

do know this. It is terrible news

for rugby league. Reni Maitua's career

career in the NRL could be over. We

will have more news as it develops. career in the NRL could be over. We will have more news as it develops.

Jacques Kallis struck an unbeaten

58 and took a key wicket as the

Bangalore Royal Challengers beat

the Delhi Daredevils by seven

wickets to stay in the Indian

Premier League title hunt.

Premier League title hunt.

London calling 50 days out from the

first Ashes Test.

I'd be lying if I said I haven't

had one eye on the Ashes series

since the last ball was bowled in South Africa.

Selectors picked a squad of 16,

with just six survivors from the Selectors picked a squad of 16, with just six survivors from the

one that surrendered the urn on

English soil four years ago.

I think for any great team you need

I think for any great team you need

that blend of experience and youth,

and I think we've got that balance

perfect for this series.

It includes one spinner - Nathan

Hauritz - and a 5-pronged pace

battery. Brett Lee and Stuart Clark return from injury.

But they'll have to unseat the

incumbents - Ben Hilfenhaus,

Mitchell Johnson and Peter Siddle.

We went well in South Africa with

the XI we had, so hopefully we can

Test matches. keep the same XI and keep winning

There's also a backup keeper -

Manou. uncapped South Australian Graham

Now, unlike previous

Now, unlike previous Ashes

campaigns, this is a squad with no campaigns, this is a squad with no

real surprises, notable mainly for

who didn't make it. The most

glaring omission is Andrew Symonds,

whose Test career now would appear

to be over.

When he went out of the side his

form probably wasn't that crash hot.

He's given an opportunity to some He's given an opportunity to some

other guys who have taken their

chances, and that's the way it goes. On this particular

been preferred. On this particular occasion Shane's

permitting. Shane being Shane Watson, fitness

To get the call-up to be a part of

come true. the squad is absolutely a dream

He's hoping to be back bowling at

next month's Twenty20 World

Championships, ahead of the first Test on July 8.

Should England be worried about

this squad of 16 players? Can't see

why they wouldn't be.

Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

Jacques Kallis struck an unbeaten

58 and took a key wicket as the

Bangalore Royal Challengers beat

the Delhi Daredevils by seven

wickets to stay in the Indian

Premier League title hunt. The big

South African batted to help the

Challengers reach Delhi's total of 7/134 Challengers reach Delhi's total of

7/134 in 19 overs. That is

terrific! Jacques Kallis gets it

away beautifully. Despite the loss,

Delhi look certain to finish the Delhi look certain to finish the

group stage in top spot,

group stage in top spot, with just

finals. one more round left before the

And you can catch an Indian Premier

League double header on ONE HD

starting at 8:20pm, when the

Kolkata Knight Riders. Rajasthan Royals take on the

Kolkata Knight Riders. Rajasthan Royals take on the

The Australian Rugby Union says it

wants an expansion club in the new

Super 15 rugby competition to be

based in Australia. From 2011, the

new format will comprise three conferences, with teams pooled new format will comprise three

conferences, with teams pooled

according to their home nation.

according to their home nation. We

are in the most competitive

football market in the world. We

know that NRL is a tough contender

so we need a tough competition that

once. we can attract fans and keep me

The season will be increased to run

from February to August, with a

fixed Tri-Nations and Bledisloe Cup

calendar from August through to October.


Swimming's world governing body,

FINA, has finally ruled on those controversial swimsuits, following

a flurry of world records in the

past 18 months. Of the 348 suits

available to swimmers, just 202

passed testing. 10 were rejected

outright, while the remaining 136

require modification. Those suits

performance that probably are prevented the

performance enhancing, and they are

gone now. The world marks set by gone now. The world marks set by

Frenchmen Alain Bernard and

Frederick Bousquet are now in

serious doubt. Their suits failed.

That means Eamon Sullivan's world

records in the 50m and 100m

freestyle are likely to remain.

Australia Taj Burrow say's he's

ready to fight for this year's

world title after finishing runner-

up at the Billabong Pro in Tahiti. up at the Billabong Pro in Tahiti.

The Aussie was outdone by barrel

final. specialist Bobby Martinez in the

final. It is a feeling Bobby

Martinez is starting to get used to.

The American mastered the Teahupoo

roof -- We've for the second time

in four years. Nothing can match

the emotion. I was just so happy.

Bobby Martinez

Bobby Martinez was in magnificent

form. He scored 9.77 in the opening

round. He defeated Taj Burrow in

the final, even more impressive

considering he was using borrowed

equipment. I had to borrow abroad.

Taj Burrow made him fight for it in

Taj Burrow made him fight for it in

the final. He just could not make

another high scores. Having Bobby

getting perfect waves is pretty

hard to beat. This equals Taj

Burrow's best result hearing too

apt. In terms of the world title, it is a game on.

it is a game on. All I can do is

fight back. His finish brings into

second in the ratings, behind Joel

Parkinson. Bobby Martinez was once

again crowned picking off chopper.

again crowned picking off chopper.

In Sports Tonight at 7:00 on ONE,

Kobe Bryant leads the Lakers to

victory in the NBA playoffs. Tim

details. Bailey's next with all the weather

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This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live.

Extreme weather conditions around

the way for the north coast of NSW.

That is already affecting Queensland.

Queensland. A low pressure system

is off the Queensland coast. We

have seen what it has done to

Brisbane - 200 millimetres of rain

in 24 hours. It raised catchment

levels in Brisbane 3.4% in just 24

hours. This pressure system is

going to move south. Their warnings

for large portions of

for large portions of NSW in the

north. We're talking flash flooding,

damaging wins, enormous tides,

damaging surf conditions. There

could be possibly 400 millimetres

of rain in some areas in the next

two days. We will have to watch is

closely as it moves south. There is

a flood warning for a referee in

a flood warning for a referee in --

a river in northern NSW. Torrential

rain is falling as we speak. There rain is falling as we speak. There

is a flash flooding warning and a is a flash flooding warning and a

landslide morning for south-east

Queensland. In Sydney, we cut

between 30-60 millimetres of rain

between 30-60 millimetres of rain

last night. The catchment level is

up to about 60%. Heavy showers are predicted tomorrow for Sydney.

Showers are in the forecast until

next Tuesday. On the

On the satellite, cloud over

southern Queensland, nor the NSW is

generating widespread rain.

Tomorrow a low pressure system will

generate heavy rain and gales over

south-east Queensland and northern

NSW, with flooding near the coast. NSW, with flooding near the coast.

He the rain and flooding in north- He the rain and flooding in north-

east NSW, showers for the rest of east NSW, showers for the rest of

NSW, rain in south-east Queensland, NSW, rain in south-east Queensland, widespread NSW, rain in south-east Queensland, widespread showers in WA.

widespread showers in WA. The good

news about his rainfall is in the

west of the state, where there has

been terrific rainfall. It is the

best we have seen since Easter and

the farmers need it.

That's Ten News for now. I'm

That's Ten News for now. I'm Sandra

Sully. I'm Bill Woods. Thanks for

your company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

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