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(generated from captions) You won't forget that. I'll never forget that now. was his real name. Cardigan. James Thomas Brudenell

you came in for one question. Kelly, at the start If I had have said to you you'd take it, wouldn't you? I'll give you $1,000, I would have. Yep, definitely.

I'm sorry to tell you, though, you do drop $249,000. that in getting that wrong,

I do. It is. And that's that. but you do win $1,000. I'm sorry about that,

Good on you, Kel! Give her a round of applause. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING)

There you go. Kelly Park has won $1,000. in the Millionaire Hot Seat. I'll see you next time Goodnight! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. for the sole survivor Police protection of the North Epping murder family. thousands on chartered air travel. We reveal how the Premier has wasted

The Sydney father fighting for life at a children's footy game. after parents brawl a glimmer of hope Michael Clarke gives Australia in the Test at Lord's. Good evening.

the bashing death Police investigating at North Epping of five family members have taken the extraordinary step teenage daughter is safe. of ensuring the surviving The viciousness of the case the tight-knit community in shock. has left the police stumped and is still closed to the public, The Lin family's newsagency but today it became the focal point baffled by the senseless murder. for police, helped police A man believed to be a relative

belonging to the slain family. uncover business records very extensive victim profiling. What we re doing is conducting memebers of the family That will involve speaking to all of family life and their business. and examining all aspects all the manpower they can Detectives say they're throwing at the murder mystery. their two children, Henry and Terry, Min Lin, his wife, Yun Li Lin, and their aunt as they slept on Friday night. were killed in their Epping home interest is growing by the day. With no firm leads, international today and right now. This is big news in China - of the Lin family, The only surviving member is under heavy police guard. 15-year-old Brenda, for her safety. We do have obvious concerns an unusual and vicious attack Because this is such

to ensure her safety. we have taken steps community continues to grieve, The tight-knit North Epping their own counselling sessions. many organising Let's hope they're in God's hands. We're all thinking about the family.

it will also be doing its bit The Department of Education says and teachers, to help traumatised students at the schools of both boys offering counselling when classes resume next week. This little boy, a friend of Henry's, to come to grips with it. is struggling young and his brother was too young. He was really good and he was too Jessica Rich, Nine News. The man heading the investigation,

Geoff Beresford, joins me now. Detective Superintendent you called this crime extraordinary. Superintendent, a few hours ago, you would have seen it all. We would have thought confronting for you and your team? What is it about this case that's so

It is such a tragic case when you

think that 5 members of the one

family have been wiped out in a

vicious and unnecessary manner. It

beggars belief. But what about the

sole surviving child, Brenda - how

is she? She is not actually under

police protection, but we have

taken every step to assure the

safety. She has with family members

at the moment. She is a strong

little girl and she has helped us a

lot today. That is good news for

shares the strength. In breaking

news, Judy Moran has been charged

with murder. She will appear in

caught tomorrow. Joining us at the

details now. It is an incredible

story begets more intriguing by the

day - Judy Moran was already

charged with being an accessory to her brother in-laws but her brother in-laws but after the

fact. She and Suzanne Kane, the

sister of her slain son's wife.

Work now charged with murder. Des

Moran was gunned down in broad

daylight in a cafe. That shocked

the neighbourhood around here. Judy

Moran was arrested a few days after.

She was allegedly seen wearing

white gloves driving the getaway white gloves driving the getaway

car to win nearby suburb. Police

found guns, a wig and clothing that

allegedly matched the gunman at her

home. She is facing serious charges

and is expected in caught tomorrow. is under fire again, Premier Nathan Rees with the State Government accused of taxpayers' dollars. of wasting tens of thousands chartering expensive jets The latest incident involved

instead of using commercial flights. to fly MPs and staff to Canberra

spending taxpayer funds unwisely. The Premier's been caught out again using costly charter flights This time, with 70 Labor colleagues, to travel to Canberra the cheapest means of travel even though he'd promised to use whenever possible. in Queanbeyan earlier this year - Yes, the community cabinet down to get down there. you used a charter flight It's pretty expensive? in front of me. Possibly. I don't have the figures

But we do. cost a whopping $37,800. Three chartered return flights If they had flown Qantas or Virgin, as little as $8,000. the airfare would have been in the vicinity of $30,000. That's a waste airfares as low as $75 each way. Jump on the website, you can get revealed he's no fan of flying high. On the defensive, the Premier the cheapest form of getting around. Wherever possible, we use

I'm not much of a flyer, I make the point as a last resort generally. so I don't do it more than a coincidence, But was that last resort Queanbeyan is in the middle considering of the marginal seat of Monaro, Steve Whan? held by Emergency Services Minister of $100,000 The whole expensive exercise marginal seat campaigning is all about at the expense of the taxpayer.

there are flights all the time. Going to Canberra, Yes, there may be, Kevin. I understand the question - what I am saying is I spend my time in the most tax-effective way for the people of NSW. Kevin joins us now. You caught the Premier off guard today. Has he come up with an explanation yet?

The Premier's office now say the last flight out of Canberra is at 8pm

and they would have been cutting it fine to make it. Of course, the ministers could have started the meeting a little earlier and finished it by 7:15 - that extra few minutes cost all taxpayers an extra $30,000. A screaming match between parents after an under-12s rugby league game at the weekend escalated violently, with a 47-year-old ending up unconscious and bleeding from the brain. The worst of it - dozens of hysterical children witnessed the brutal attack. As yet, no-one's been charged. Mandy Harling remembers all too graphically the moment her husband tried to break up a heated argument. It was about three words like, "Calm down, guys," and this guy just pounced on him, started beating him, Garry just fell to the floor.

She says that's when two other men started punching and kicking Garry, who was out cold, At this stage her 16-year-old son James intervened. The brawl took place in front of shocked children in a car park, after a draw between St Pat's and Blacktown City under 12s.

One witness was so disturbed by the violence she emailed Nine's Gus Gould. Left bleeding from the brain, with shattered eye sockets and broken ribs. Even though Garry was the one who ended up in hospital, the man who punched him hasn't been charged. He says it was self-defence and it was Garry who started the fight.

Garry didn't get out a punch, Allison Langdon for Nine News. More details are emerging

of how the terrorists carried out Jakarta's deadly hotel blasts which killed three Australians. Reporter Simon Bouda joins us from Jakarta with the latest. and is expected in caught tomorrow.

We are getting a clearer picture of

the planning behind these attacks. Row after row of metal bolts - so simple, but so deadly. This is what the bomb that killed three Australian men looked like.

The undetonated radio-controlled device was found in the hotel room used by the terrorists. Filled with nuts and bolts, it was designed to cause maximum damage and maximum loss of life. When you look at the damage, you can imagine the nuts and bolts would have acted like small missiles with the full force of the blast. Near the bomb sites, tears, prayers, flowers laid. Scores of peace activists turned out this morning, united in grief, paying respect to the dead and injured. Stay focused on cleaning Indonesia of violence. Overnight, the bodies of Australian victims Craig Senger and Nathan Verity were transferred to a Jakarta funeral home. It's the first leg in their journey home. Also returning home, Sydney man Michael Lowe. He was staying at the Marriott Hotel when the terrorists struck. The roof had collapsed. The lights were hanging down. The businessman now lives in Singapore

but wants his family and friends back home to know he's OK. It's always in the back of your mind, you think there is a possibility something like that might happen. The bodies of the three dead Australians are expected to flown home in the next 24 hours. Simon Bouda, Nine News, Jakarta. Now to Ken, who's at Lord's for the Ashes. Ken, saving the second Test seemed impossible, but are the Australians starting to believe again? Peter, they're chasing a world-record fourth-innings target, but a wonderful century from Michael Clarke has given the Australians hope.

He and Brad Haddin combined in an unbeaten 185-run partnership

England's decision to declare at their overnight figure turned a dividend in the third over. COMMENTATOR: Gone - hit in the air to gully. Then, to Katich's horror, Flintoff had bowled a no-ball, but the umpire didn't pick it up. The next umpiring controversy involved Strauss, who claimed a catch that had a conga line of question marks against it. But the square leg umpire remained adamant the ball hadn't touched the turf. The third umpire wasn't consulted. Hughes got the finger, leaving Ponting steaming. Just after lunch the same man had no issue with his own dismissal. That is a big, big wicket! Clarke asserted himself immediately, taking Australia's total to three figures. A gust of wind removed Hussey's bails. Five minutes later, Swann claimed the Aussie legally, but replays suggested the ball hadn't touched the bat, while there was nothing questionable about North's exit. Not all doubtful decisions went against Australia,

Haddin fortunate to survive. At the other end, Clarke was batting beautifully and along with the wicketkeeper, began irritating the life out of England. The Australian vice-captain eventually achieving a boyhood ambition of scoring a century at Lord's. His third in England and his first Ashes hundred. Well played. When you're chasing 522 and you have to bat for two lots of 98 overs,

it's too big an ask to think about saving it and it's not the way we play - we like to back ourselves. The day began as mission impossible. In the news ahead -

the Apollo astronauts urge mankind to aim for Mars. And Hollywood's Sienna Miller dazzles in Sydney.

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On the eve of the 40th anniversary of man's first landing on the moon, the crew of Apollo 11 have made a rare public appearance together. They spoke about their hopes that man will soon walk again on the moon, then take that next giant leap to Mars. All three Apollo 11 astronauts under one roof - Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.

That same day, Apollo 11's lunar module, named 'Eagle', made a smooth touchdown on Luna's Mare Tranquillitatis 40 years ago tomorrow. Neil Armstrong famously avoids public events. Tonight, he left comments about the first moon landing to the astronauts he shared the journey with. The thing I remember most is the view of planet earth from a great distance - tiny, very shiny, blue and white, bright, beautiful, serene and fragile.

But as much as this was about reflecting on the past, most of it was about the future and a pitch for a trip to Mars. The best way to honour and remember all those who were part of the Apollo program is to follow in our footsteps, to boldly go again on a great new mission of exploration. This is the Apollo 11 command module, the capsule that brought all three astronauts back to earth 40 years ago. It's one of the most popular attractions at Washington's Air and Space Museum. Anything associated with that first moon landing still has such an effect on people.

Wow! That was really something. It really was and I'll always remember it. Peter Stefanovic, Nine News, Washington. And Neil Armstrong has sent a letter to staff from the Tidbinbilla tracking station, who gathered today to mark the moon-landing anniversary.

He thanked them, saying he wished he could raise a glass with them to celebrate the achievement. The work of the technicians and those in Parkes

enabled the event to be seen around the world. The Aussies have staged a friendly invasion of the US. HMAS 'Sydney' and HMAS 'Ballarat' sailed into New York Harbour to celebrate the long military relationship between Australia and the United States. It's just over a century since US President Roosevelt sent America's Great White Fleet into Sydney Harbour. The Pope has shown off his broken wrist while blessing thousands during a mass in northern Italy. The 82-year-old broke a bone in his right hand when he slipped in the bath last week. It's called the rail bus and for half a century,

it was the only way that thousands of people across the State

received their salaries.

More than two decades after they were decommissioned, one of these iconic buses is being restored to its original glory.

In the days before our pay went into bank accounts, the arrival of this rail bus was eagerly anticipated. Each fortnight, it delivered the wages to thousands of rail workers. Everyone relied on these buses. So there was a lot of excitement when the pay bus came in. They travelled to remote towns from 1937 until they were scrapped 50 years later,

when electronic banking took over. Now one from the original fleet is being restored by TAFE apprentices. In 14 months, it's gone from a rusty frame to a shiny new bus. It looks and sounds like new. Just like today's cash-in-transit vans, these pay buses were attractive targets for thieves. In 1941, a bus was even blown up, its three crew members killed in a daring robbery. It's pretty interesting. I've learned heaps. The pay bus goes on display at Central Station in August. Jodie Noyce, Nine News. All lenses were on British actress Sienna Miller when the cast of 'GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra' sailed into Sydney today. The movie is based on a line of action figures, with the 27-year-old playing a baddie called the Baroness.

33It's not the prettiest doll of the bunch. We've all had a laugh about it, but it's great, it's really exciting.

The movie opens on 6 August. Ken is back with sport next

and a story that will have the whole league world talking. Peter, again it involves the Knights and one of their favourite sons.

Also, Stewart Cink ruins Tom Watson's British Open party. And Casey Stoner just avoids trouble in the German MotoGP.

There's an interesting twist tonight in the hunt for a coach to replace Brian Smith at Newcastle. League reporter Danny Weidler reveals Matthew Johns is considering applying for the role. Speaking for the first time since his 4-year deal was signed and sealed, Brian Smith was still upset that news of him joining the Roosters and Brad Fittler's sacking was leaked to Nine News on Saturday night. I felt for Brad yesterday, I don't think he was in a very good position way worse than mine was.

Smith says walking out on the last year of his contract

was a business decision and that he's keen to rebuild the Roosters. I live for those sorts of challenges. I may be a bit of a weirdo in that regard. Roosters players can breathe easy - he's not planning a mass clean-out - at least not yet. They might not be all exactly who I want

but I'm going in with my eyes wide open. Now the hunt is on for a new Knights coach. Smith's assistant Rick Stone is an early favourite, but the Knights will be keen to hear from Matthew Johns. He's loved by everybody at Newcastle. He's been an integral part of our club for a long period of time. I'm not sure that he would want to do it but I'm sure he'd be a strong contender. Johns has always wanted to coach and he's got a definite interest in the Newcastle job - he's just got to decide if his future is in coaching or in the media. One thing is certain - the Knights won't judge Johns on the Christchurch scandal. I think that we were talking about something that happened seven years ago. I don't think it's a public matter. It is a matter for him and his family to work out.

I think we're all beyond that. Meanwhilem Cowboys player Anthony Watts faces two weeks for this - and Robbie Farrah one week after their punch-ups on the weekend. This comes less than a week after Brett White and Steve Price escaped punishment for their Origin fight.

Danny Weidler for Nine News. Tom Watson has fallen just short of an historic sixth British Open title, losing to fellow American Stewart Cink in a play-off. Both finished the final round 2 under and Matthew Goggin was the best-placed Australian,

in a tie for fifth. But the play-off was lop-sided - Cink won by six shots. They were all cheering the man with the artificial hip... ANNOUNCER: On the tee, from the USA, Tom Watson. 60 in September, Watson needed all his tricks today.

He bogeyed the first and third, while England's Ross Fisher birdied his way to the top. COMMENTATOR: Good shot. That was magnificent! As luck changed, Lee Westwood also honed in, but no Englishman has won their Open in 17 years and Westwood missed the play-off by one. Brilliant by Westwood. Australia's Matthew Goggin was also up and down and did well to finish where he did, while Watson got a thrill every time he lined up. He's one ahead, two to play. My God, can it really happen? Stewart Cink got within one of Watson with this birdie on the last. The American veteran needed par to take the title. Oh, it wasn't to be. Exhausted at this point, Watson's game fell apart. Cink won the 4-hole shoot out by 6 and he turned straight to the man he stole the trophy off. I'm just as proud as I can be to be here with this. My congratulations to Tom, my hat's off again, just, ah...

Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. Alberto Contador has taken control of the Tour de France, Casey Stoner has finished fourth at the German MotoGP, but he was lucky to get through the first lap unscathed. Frenchman Randy De Puniet lost control in a big way and was just missed by the Australian. Stoner lead the race for nine laps, but it went down to a battle between two Yamahas, Valentino Rossi just holding off Jorge Lorenzo to extend his lead in the championship. In finance news:

After the break -

I'll bring you all the weather details. National News. n z Coming up on National News. n z Coming up on WIN

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arrested over an armed robbery, arrested over an armed robbery, And,

Belconnen the team to beat Belconnen the team to beat in local

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To the weather now. It was clear skies and sunshine across Sydney.

Temperatures reached 21,

making it the warmest day over the past two months. A light frost in our west - Richmond dropping to a cool 1 degree. Most of the State was clear,

thanks to a high pressure system over the east. Light north to north-westerly winds are strengthening ahead of a change on Thursday. In the capitals tomorrow: Brisbane - sunny and 23 degrees. Windy with a few showers for Melbourne - a top of 17. Here in Sydney - more sun tomorrow - 22 in the city and much the same in our west. Looking further ahead - mostly clear skies and sunshine. A top of 21 on Wednesday. A cool change expected on Thursday.

Cooling to 16 degrees on Friday. And that's Nine News for this Monday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening.

Canberra. Chasing sixteen. Tonight

... Taxpayers left with a hefty ... Taxpayers left with a hefty bill

for Queanbeyan' s community for Queanbeyan' s community cabinet

meeting, Too slow...and too dear.

Controversy surrounds the National

Broadband Strategy.

Broadband Strategy. And, Broadband Strategy. And, Canberra to

play a role in a new space play a role in a new space project.

Good evening, I' m Jessica Good. There are claims tonight the Rees

Labor Government has been exposed...with revelations exposed...with revelations bringing

the entire Cabinet to the entire Cabinet to Queanbeyan has

cost taxpayers more than one