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Homes became Ireland's, streets

turned into fast-flowing rivers and

sports grounds into inland lakes.

Whole communities were isolated. It

was not just heavy rains causing

talk damage. Winds of up to 130 km/h

talk down trees and ripped roofs

from buildings. We have had the

highest wings here since the

cyclone in 1950. Locals on the

north coast are accustomed to

flooding. This hotel was not taking

any chances and neither were the

locals. If we are lucky we will not

go under. This shop has gone under

all the paintings a few times. We are just lifting

all the paintings and stock of the

floor. Hopefully nothing gets done

much. The ICS has been inundated

with more than 450 calls for hope.

That number is expected to rise. It

is not time to relax yet. I am

particularly worried about the

impact of the storm-force winds in

this district and the dangers that

poses to people. P Bull had been

warned to stay indoors and avoid

trouble. There is potential for

100-200 mm which could cause

flooding. As the rain continues to

come down, there are concerns that

the Wilsons river could peak at up

to nine metres tonight. If that

happens there could be more

flooding and evacuations. The

high coastline is bracing for tonight's

high tide. Conditions are expected

to ease tomorrow as the wild

weather head south.

Amelia joins us from Lismore where

you tell us? the rain has picked up. What can

It is absolutely torrential. The

Wilsons river has burst its banks.

The bridge behind me is almost entirely

entirely under water and it will

not be long before more areas are

isolated. I am in North Lismore

which is the area of most concern.

Many roads are already flooded. SCS

crews have spent the afternoon door

knocking residents. A very rainy

and a long evening ahead for the

north coast and the advice is

north coast and the advice is to be

prepared, stay inside and stay off

the roads, which are becoming more

minute. and more dangerous with every

There is further misery on the way

for those on the other side of the

border. More heavy rain is expected

to hit the parts of south-east

Queensland that are already

declared disaster zones.

In 24 hours, south-east Queensland

In 24 hours, south-east Queensland

had one third of its annual

rainfall. The guide on the corner,

his car was under water this

morning. Suburbs disappeared and

100 people had to be rescued from

the roads. Others are convinced

Mother Nature is out to get them.

This man lost a Maserati in the

storms. This time he lost its

replacement. There are streets of

ruined cars. The Sunshine Coast had

the heaviest rain last night. There

was 300 mm. Horrendous, it is

unbelievable. These shipping

containers floated away. 75,000

homes and businesses have lost

Power. At least 4,000 are still

blacked out and could be four days.

It will be weeks before bridges and

roads are repaired. Many are still

under water. The Premier proved a

disaster management team this

morning. Mother Nature has given us

a reprieve in parts of Brisbane

overnight. But

overnight. But not on the Gold

Coast. Cyclonic winds uprooted

trees, many smashing through houses.

You could not miss it. It would be

instantly. The wings are whipping

up monstrous 50 metre seas with

wave so powerful they trekked this

car from a surf club car park. It

has taken it out to the rocks and

brought it back in again. The wild weather

weather has broken the drought. At

Somerset damage it is so full, even

the picnic tables are under water.

Tim Bailey joins us with the latest

from the Bureau. Tim, tomorrow

looks like another day of caution?

Absolutely. This low that is doing

all the damage that is doing all

the damage will slowly move south. The area of

The area of concern will extend

from the Tweed right down to coughs

harbour. As we heard earlier, there

is a flood warning for every river

in the Northern Rivers at the

moment. Throw in storm-force wind

warnings and kicking high tide at

6:00pm and rainfall of up to

another 100 mm in the next 24 hours.

That is going to have that area

under the hammer in the next 24

hours, just one month after they

were last inundated by flood waters.

In Sydney we are getting the tail

end. Not getting the real strong

Wayne, just heavy showers. Prospect

had 45 mm in 48 hours. Sydney's

had 45 mm in 48 hours. Sydney's

forecast is a showery day on Friday,

tops of 21, more showers through

Saturday and Sunday. We are looking Saturday and Sunday. We are looking

at the north east corner and the

king tied at 6:00pm a real concern.

The Cronulla Sharks have been

plunged into crisis again. The club

is reeling over drugs and money is reeling over drugs and money

woes and the hitting of a female

staff member. League bosses have demanded an urgent meeting.

Facing a 2-year ban, Reni Maitua

has left town. Now the Cronulla

Sharks's biggest sponsor has

announced it is leaving, leaving a

$700,000 deal at the end of the

recent season. The company confirming the

NRL recent controversy surrounds the season. The company confirming the

NRL and the Sharks were certainly a

significant element in our decision. significant element in our decision. NRL and the Sharks were certainly a

Frustration, anger, I feel for my

family at home. It gets worse. It

is claimed the club paid $20,000 to

former staff member Jenny Hall who

was accidentally hit in the face

and subsequently quit. The boss

wants answers. We need to meet with

the board and I have asked for an

urgent meeting as soon as it can be

set up. He will not confirm whether

the Sharks will even be a part of

the 2010 competition. I cannot the Sharks will even be a part of

guarantee anything other this

moment. A L G's departure could not

come at a worse time financially. come at a worse time financially.

At the same time,

At the same time, one of the game's

biggest supporters has revealed it

is considering pulling the plug as

well. Aussie Home Loans has a

multi-million dollar naming rights

deal with the NSW Aussie -- Origin

side but the boss is sick of bad

headline. If this continues to be a

regular event we would have no

option but to reassess our position

and maybe pull out. The officials

will meet him up tomorrow to beg

their case.


We paid 350 annually to have a

credit card, a mortgage and savings

accounts. The big four and a

million eight Dutch macro a massive

8% jump in income last year. It is

8% jump in income last year. It is

an extraordinary figure. Penalties

for things like overdue loan and

credit card repayments had credit card repayments had

customers the most. They were

exposed in a study for the first

time. It is far too much, it is 20

% of the total fee income, % of the total fee income, basically from gouging mums and

dads. We got a few recently for not

paying a credit card minimum on

time. Consumer group choice once

the Government to outlaw the

practice but in the meantime, says

customers should challenge fees. As

usual credit cards

usual credit cards accounted for a

large slab of the Bank's income.

Home-loan Revenue also grew and

while it was not by quite so much

as in previous years, it equated to

$48 million. Bank Minch -- bank

mergers are to blame. There is not

so much competition. It is enough so much competition. It is enough

to make some customers long to cut

up the banks all together. Maybe we should keep

should keep it under the pillow. It

might make more interest. The

Melbourne mother caught up in the

Thai beer mat drama is back with a

family in Australia. She was

reunited with her ecstatic children at the airport. Wrapped in

Wrapped in the arms of their

daughters, three weeks of anguish

ended for Annice Smoel. Her

daughters, who feared their mum

would be jailed, did not want to

let her go. Annice Smoel's

homecoming seemed unlikely

yesterday as the pair languished in

Thailand. Then, in a second deal,

she except as a suspended sentence

and a 37 dollar fine. The Governor

was there and he guaranteed me

personally I would not go to jail

if I pleaded guilty. If I pleaded

guilty it would take months. And I

just had to come home. The fight

back the longest nine hours of her

life. I just wanted to hold my

daughters. The family thank

everyone who had helped and warned

others to be careful travelling to

Thailand. She has forgiven her

friend's drunken decision to put

the beer mat in her bag but admits

it was too good. It was a dumb

thing to do in a country where you

do not do dumb things. Having mum

home is all that matters to her

children. It meant everything. Not

surprisingly, Annice Smoel says if

she ever travels overseas again, it

will not be to Thailand. One thing

is certain about their first meal

together. No tie. Brad

Brad joins us with sport headlines

and Brad, while Reni Maitua is in

trouble, a former team-mate flies

into town?

Sunny Bill Williams flies in from

France. He needed

France. He needed some pretty big

bodyguards as he prepares for both

his boxing and international rugby debut.

Also ahead, an incredible NBA play-

offs as a beater from a long way

out. Plus a shot that literally

stopped the clock.

It actually cracked the clock. A we

will hear from one of the new

members of the Wallabies squad and

why he refused to take a phone call from Robbie Deans.

Another case of swine flu has been

confirmed in Sydney. The details next.

Also tonight, the cheap petrol

stand that cent drivers into a

buying frenzy.

And some of our brightest young

minds battle it out to become the

State's best speller.

(GENTLE ACOUSTIC GUITAR MUSIC) KIM: There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a child come in unwell, be able to be a part of the process of making them better and being able to wave goodbye to them when they're well enough to go home. SONG: # When trouble fills my world # You bring me peace # You calm me down... # It's a really highly skilled job these days. You're at university for three years. You learn to critically think

and you learn to be able to make snap decisions. # When walls come crashing down around my feet # You light my way... # It does take an emotional toll. I've got a 7-year-old son at home myself and I do find the children that sort of tear at my heartstrings tend to be kids around my son's age. # You brought me round... # It's really great when someone says to me, "You know, I think you're a really great nurse "and I'd like to be like you one day."

# So say you'll watch over me. #

This program is captioned live.

A seventh case of swine flu has

been confirmed in Australia. The

child, from NSW, was on a flight

from LA last week. The child's

mother had tested positive in the

US and has already been treated

with Tamiflu. Ten reporter Josh

Murphy is following the story. Josh,

should we be worried about this new

case? Authorities say we should not

worry. The child is not of school

age. He has had limited

age. He has had limited contact

with other children and it is

likely he is not contagious. This

child was travelling with two women

who returned from Los Angeles last

week, the ones authorities were

concerned about. Thereunder

quarantine restrictions in Sydney,

along with six other people on the

flight sitting near them. NSW

health authorities say they have

contacted everybody who needs to be contacted.

contacted. The quarantine period

expires tomorrow morning. Most

cases are in Victoria. One school

has even been closed down in

Melbourne today.

Melbourne's sudden status as

Australia's swine flu capital has

prompted drastic action.

It's done as a precautionary

measure, given the worldwide

concern and particularly concern

here in Melbourne. Three brothers,

Three brothers, aged 9, 10 and 12,

were diagnosed with the potentially

deadly virus yesterday after

returning from California last week. Classmates were treated with

Tamiflu, but late last night health

authorities decided to shut the

school down until at least Monday.

Worried parents at the 12-year-

old's high school were called to an

emergency meeting this morning.

This young man, who is the brother

of the two boys, has only been here

at the school this week

at the school this week for about

20 minutes, so it's quite a different situation.

They say our risk is low, but I've

got a child at home sick, so yeah, a little concerned.

It's a difficult time for the

infected boys' parents, relying on

friends to drop off supplies.

The 10- and 12-year-old are quite

distressed about it, but they're OK.

The fourth confirmed case is a Mexican tourist travelling to

Victoria to visit family. The 51-

year-old woman left home on May 14,

arriving in Sydney on the 16th. She

then boarded a domestic flight to

Melbourne the next day. It's

believed she wasn't infectious

while flying, but other passengers

have been contacted.

I think it's inevitable that we'll

have community transmission. At

this stage, all we can do is put in

our best efforts to contain the

disease as long as possible.

disease as long as possible. Hermione Kitson, Ten News.

A drink driver is facing a hefty

jail sentence after a jury found he

deliberately drove into a crowd of

people on the Central Coast. Simon

Hunter was four times the blood

alcohol limit when he crashed his

hire car through a fence and into a

crowd of people in March last year,

injuring six of them. He's been

found guilty of seven counts of

assault and one of using an

offensive instrument to commit

assault. Hunter claimed it was an

accident, but the jury found it was

a deliberate act of revenge. The

36-year-old will be sentenced next month.

Police have been called in to deal

with angry drivers at a petrol

buying frenzy at Blacktown. Prices

were slashed as customers only had

to pay the GST and government excise.

On a day when the big supermarket

chains were charging almost $1.30 a

litre for unleaded fuel,

independent retailer Marie el

Khoury slashed her price to 41.8

cents a litre.

We're not going to stop halfway. We

can get somewhere or at the end

we're gonna lose our business, so

there's no returning points here.

Traffic was gridlocked, with

officers forced to regulate queuing.

If you don't move your car, you're blocking the road.

I'm not blocking the road!

Independent senator Nick Xenophon

joined the Nationals' Barnaby Joyce

to pump petrol and tell consumers

about a new law they'll take to the

Senate next month.

We're finding that little guys like

Marie are being squeezed out by the

big operators. That's not fair.

There is no level playing field. So

basically, this law that I'm

introducing with Barnaby Joyce will

say if you're discounting there,

you have to discount everywhere.

The senators say that their law

won't just reform predatory pricing

in the fuel industry but is

designed to go further and regulate

all retailers. But the Government doesn't support the idea.

This would lead to a massive

bureaucracy, checking that people

were charging the same price across

the country. It would be a road to

higher prices.

Motorists who missed out complained

loudly. The Government says new

powers granted to the ACCC already

allow it to prosecute cases of

predatory pricing. John Hill, Ten News. News.

Some of our brightest young minds

are gearing up to fight for the

title of the State's best speller.

Children from years 3 to 6 went

through a test run to usher in the

Premier's Spelling Bee for 2009.

And even one of last year's junior

finalists found the going tough.

Surgeon. S-U-R-G-E-O... Um, N. Yeah. Surgeon.

For the record, Jordan

For the record, Jordan came second today.

A couple flees after a bank

accidentally puts $10 million into

their account - that's coming up next.

Also, a police chase comes to an

abrupt end - it's what happened

next that has these officers in hot water.

And on the run - a mother flees

with her sick son to stop him

with her sick son to stop him having more chemotherapy.

Alternative medicine is a religious belief.

leather Lee tard but I think it was more the poses I was

didn't fit in your lining the corridor. I don't know.

But for someone who wears so little

why so many bags? Are you

suggesting I

This program is captioned live.

Some major accidents, in particular

Parramatta wrote -- rather Victoria

Road at Parramatta?

That is right. I am just going to

zoom into the accident. Take a look

at that. There is the cue starting

on Victoria Road. This is where the

police are now diverting all

traffic heading east towards

Parramatta. It is going to affect

traffic heading to the shops

tonight. If you were going to the

shops later, and fortunately we are

going to see a lot of traffic by a

church and a cobbled street.

Already we are seeing westbound

delays as a

delays as a lot of people start to

avoid Victoria Road. Also a bad

smash on the Northern Beaches on

pick water road.

New Zealand police are searching

for a couple who've fled the

country after a banking blunder

made them instant millionaires.

Until two weeks ago the pair ran

this BP service station in Rotorua.

It's understood they applied to

Westpac for an $8,000 overdraft -

but the bank paid them $8 million

by mistake. He was a really nice

guy and, yeah, we thought he was

pretty honest, but it turns out

he's not. New Zealand Police have

asked Interpol to help find the couple.

To the Finance report now.

Jacqueline, a ghost from the past

has come back to haunt the Federal Government?

Former Telstra boss has cast doubt

about the future of Kevin Rudd's 43

billion dollar national broadband

network. He says it is a fantasy.

He said he would comment more on He said he would comment more on

the plan in four or five years,

the plan in four or five years, if

it ever happens. The communications

minister chose his words carefully

when asked to respond. It is an

interesting observation from a interesting observation from a

former chief executive of Telstra.

I could point to the comments of

another former chief executive. He another former chief executive. He

has been very supportive. In fact,

he denied described it as elegant.

Rio Tinto was among the best

performers the only big bank to get

in the green was the ANZ.

Finally, super funds have staged a

stunning recovery from being down

more than 18 % at the end of

February. The average fund is down

a little more than 14 %.

Police have been caught on video

bashing an unconscious man after a bashing an unconscious man after a

car chase. The pursuit in Alabama

was recorded with an in-car police

camera last year. It shows a

policeman being hit as he tried to policeman being hit as he tried to

lay road spikes. Minutes later, the suspect

suspect crashed the van and was

thrown from the vehicle as it

rolled. The video then shows police

officers kicking and punching him

as he lay on the ground. The

officers have been fired over the officers have been fired over officers have been fired over the

attack, while the suspect has been

jailed for 20 years for hitting the policeman. jailed for 20 years for hitting the policeman.

The Catholic church in Ireland has

been accused of turning a blind-eye

to decades of sexual and physical abuse carried

abuse carried out at children's

homes by priests and nuns. A new

report has been released detailing

the shocking extent of the crimes.

Inside hundreds of his church ran

special schools and orphanages, special schools and orphanages,

Isle of's most vulnerable children

were beaten and raped.

were beaten and raped. Over 60

years, 10 -- tens of thousands were years, 10 -- tens of thousands were

abused by the Roman Catholic

priests and nuns who were supposed

to be taking care of them. It was a

cruel, evil place and the people

who ran it were sadistic. There was

sexual abuse, physical abuse on a

daily basis. After nine years of

investigations, the child abuse

Commission has released a five-

volume report confirming the

shocking extent of abuse. Having

gathered the testimony of thousands

of former students, the commission

concluded Muller station and rape

were endemic in facilities for boys.

Assaults in girls' schools were

also frequent. I was asleep, I was also frequent. I was asleep, I was

there on my own and she woke me up by pouring

by pouring boiling water over my

right thigh. The Sisters of Mercy

showed Christine Butler none. I

lost almost 18 years of my life.

Some victims fled to start new

lives in Australia, England and the

US. But most seeking compensation

still live in Ireland. The country

today confronted with its own dark

today confronted with its own dark

history, shamed by a church and

State. Police in the US are

searching for a 13-year-old boy who

desperately needs treatment for

cancer. His mother fled with him

after a court ordered he have

chemotherapy. His parents want him

to be treated with herbal remedies.

Alternative medicine is a religious

belief. We build their immune

system up so well it can handle

whatever is foreign in there and

eliminated on its own of. Doctors

say without conventional treatment

the boy could die within five years.

We'll update you on the flood

emergency in the State's far north


Also, What to do with the drunken

sailors whose boat ran aground off Sydney.


And the big winner down-under since

Pacific Brands announced it was

making undies offshore. I guess

being an Australian-mad company,

sales have gone through the roof.

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Our top story this newshour -

evacuation centres have been set up

on the State's north coast as a

storm moves in from south-east

Queensland. Residents are being

told to prepare for the worst.

Areas around Brisbane were declared

natural disaster zones. Hundreds of

schools have now been shut between

the Tweed and Evans Head. Tonight

flood warnings have been issued for

several rivers, including the Tweed,

Wilsons, Bellinger, Orara and

Brunswick rivers.

Joining us from one of Brisbane's

worst-hit suburbs is Bill MacDonald.

Any sign of relief?

I am happy to say the worst has

passed for Queensland. But not passed for Queensland. But not

before another hectic day of

rescues, evacuations and

rescues, evacuations and a lot of

cleaning up. We had so much rain

dumped from that low that is

hovering off the coast which is now

moving through the Gold Coast and

moving into NSW. Yesterday it was

the north of Brisbane that copped the north of Brisbane that copped

the worst. Today it is the south of

Brisbane. I am standing in Oxley.

The water is up around a lot of

these properties. It came up very

fast last night. The residents of

this house were trapped for a while.

The water is still lapping at the

bottom step and a lot of people did

wake up last night to find water

pressing on to their properties. As

we walk on to the main road,

believe it or not, this is a main

road. They would normally be peak-

hour traffic. Of course, you cannot

cross unless you are in a vote at

the moment. The golf course, I know

you like your golf, Sandra, you

would be hard pressed not to hit

some water. For the second time in

months, the golf course has been

inundated with water. This has been

the case around Brisbane today.

Homes, businesses and cars

submerged. The good news is the

water levels in the dams have

received an enormous boost. We

received an enormous boost. We are

rap to track now. We have had a

staggering 10 % increase in water

levels. It is still rising. The bad

news is the front is moving to

northern NSW. There are severe

weather warnings for rivers. Let's

hope it is not as bad for residence there.

Now let's talk to Tim Bailey. There

are plenty of warnings in place?

Flood warnings for Brunswick,

Hastings, Bellingen, Tweed,

Richmond and the Wilson. That is Richmond and the Wilson. That is

just about all rivers in the

northern Rivers District. We have

storm-force warnings in place. storm-force warnings in place.

Sheep grazier alert in place. We

are thinking 100 or more mm between

the Tweed and coughs harbour in the

next 24 hours. The harbour is

bracing for their next major

flooding event in less than one month.

Two drunken sailors have been

rescued from their crippled yacht

in Sydney Harbour, despite problems

with 000. The boat was pushed onto

rocks just before sunrise. The men

made several emergency calls but

couldn't tell operators their exact

location. It took the police

helicopter crew more than an hour

to find the stricken vessel. Both sailors were

sailors were heavily intoxicated

with minor injuries. The boat will

be left on the rocks until the men

can pay to have it retrieved.

An Australian underwear

manufacturer claims to have had a

40% increase in sales since the

decision by Bonds to shift offshore.

The smalls business relying on

cheeky advertising techniques and

online selling to keep costs down

and manufacturing onshore. This is

a company whose bottom line is on

the up and up. It is shooting a new

campaign to capitalise on the fact

that the manufacture Down Under,

because that is making the money.

Last year we did 16.5 million from

June last year. Sales this year in

excess of 20 million. An increase

due to customers seeking out

locally made goods after Pacific

plans sacked 1,800 employees and

moved manufacturing offshore.

Fashion experts agree there are

customers who will buy Australian customers who will buy Australian

no matter what. I think in terms of

specific brands, who put themselves

forward as an Australian brand, for

them too many Vector Offshore, that

will impact business. There is no

doubt to manufacture in Australia

is costly. It costs five times as

much as it would in China. The

difference is is how you sell it.

How many middlemen, how many people

are taking a cut? That is where

your savings come from. They also your savings come from. They also

make savings by selling only online.

Are you absolutely sure you were

never going to have to send your

stuff of sure? It really comes down

to your values and I will be damned

if I was set off to the Chinese.

Brad with sport and while the

Sharks footy club was engulfed in

another crisis, where was the team?

another crisis, where was the team?

Yes, we've found them bunkered down

in the countryside, still trying to

win a match. Plus, the Wallabies

pick a debutant who wouldn't answer

a phone call from coach Robbie Deans.

Plus, the man the Wallabies will be

facing - runaway league star Sonny

Australia. Bill Williams finally returns to

And the NBA star who called a long

time-out for everybody, breaking

the shot clock with a dunk. Just

pulled down the shot clock, just

what we need is a delay.


50 grams of carbon pollution. Each of these balloons represents You can't see it, every time we use power. but we produce carbon pollution about 160,000 balloons a year. The average NSW home produces

the amount of power we use, Finding simple ways to reduce at the wall such as turning appliances off to energy-efficient lighting, and switching will not only lower power bills on the environment. but reduce our impact can make a big difference. The little things we can all do

This program is captioned live.

The Central Coast Bears have v The Central Coast Bears have vowed

The Central Coast Bears have vowed

they'll be ready to replace

Cronulla in the NRL next year if

the besieged Sharks were to fold.

The NRL has taken the extraordinary

step of calling a meeting with the

Sharks board after the latest

controversies to hit the club.

After a positive Reni Maitua drug

test handed the Sharks yet more

scandal, David Gallop wants the

embattled club's board to explain

just how they plan on surviving long-term.

Certainly that board has some tough

issues to face up to. That's why I

want to get down and get in front

say. of them and hear what they have to

Leagues club elections start

tomorrow. One former Shark says

it's time for change. Many mature

is a very good player, but he has

form. -- running the tour.

With calls for a full-scale Gosford

relocation certain to resurface,

Sorenson says there must be

conditions attached. They have run

years. out millions of debt in the last 10

Meanwhile, Maitua has left town as

he waits for the result of his B

sample. He faces a 2-year ban after

his A sample was positive to the

performance-enhancing drug

clenbuteral. His team-mates have

also escaped the Sydney spotlight.

The players have tried to Ryde out

the storm. Another loss to son

George on Saturday night will bring

them to almost 10 straight losses.

Coach Ricky Stuart is instructing

his players to keep a low profile.

Incredibly, his calls for community

support have gone unheeded. More

than 6,000 tickets still remain for

Saturday's match at Toyota Stadium.

Adam Hawse, Ten News.

Sonny Bill Williams has made a

dramatic return to Australia, and

he wasn't in a talking mood.

Surrounded by six heavily built

bodyguards, the former rugby league

turned rugby union star pushed

through the media contingent

without answering any questions. He

may have been saving his energy for

his busy schedule over the coming

days. He'll make his professional

boxing debut next wednesday in

Brisbane, before lining up for the

Barbarians rugby team against the

Wallabies at the Sydney Football

Stadium on June 6.

Stadium on June 6.

Waratahs flanker Phil Waugh finds

himself in an unusual situation

after the announcement of the

Wallabies squad. He's in the Wallabies squad. He's in the

Wallabies' 29-man squad, but will

play against them.

He's led the Wallabies out and

played more than 70 Tests for his

country. Now Phil Waugh will be

lining up against his team-mates

when he plays for the Barbarians on

June 6 in Sydney.

He's a player who's given fantastic service and the Barbarians wanted

him. We saw no reason why not.

Waugh will also play for the

Barbarians against England next

week. Stirling Mortlock has held on

to the captaincy and will extend

his run as the third most capped

skipper, with 25 Tests. The 32-

year-old is enjoying the rest from

his leadership role at the Brumbies.

Not having those duties has

revitalised me and I'm raring to go.

revitalised me and I'm raring to go.

Two surprises at the selection

table were the inclusion of

debutants Matt Hodgson and Pek

Cowan from the Western Force. Cowan

was the most shocked, initially

ignoring the phone call from coach Robbie Deans.

Got home and saw I had a missed

call and didn't know who the number

was, so I probably wouldn't have answered it anyway.

The Force have 10 players in the

squad, including teenage sensation

James O'Connor, who was held back

from next month's under-20 world

championship in Japan, and could

start at fullback.

Yeah, I just want to do my best for

the boys and soak up all that

rugby. knowledge and and play some good

Neil Cordy, Ten News.

The Newcastle Jets have become just

the second A-League side to reach

the Asian Champions League knockout

stage after a 1-0 win over Korean

side Ulsan Hyundai. The Jets, who

finished last in the A-League, had

to fight hard for the only goal of

the match. The Jets finished second

in their group and will return to

Korea on June 24 for a round-of-16

knockout clash with the Pohang



Just in case we needed a little

more antagonism in this year's

Ashes series, the England team has

fired back at comments made by the

Aussies. The England squad is

preparing for the upcoming one-day

series against the West Indies, and

the players are angry at suggestions made by Australian

Captain Ricky Ponting. It has been

made clearer over the last few

be there. weeks the captain does not want to

be there. You can imagine playing

in that team. He is nonsense. The

guys are gelling well together. The

camaraderie is fantastic.

The first Ashes Test in Cardiff

begins on July 8.

NBA playoffs at their best today,

with Orlando coming back from 16

points down against Cleveland to

take game one of the Eastern

Conference finals. Dwight Howard

stopped the clock with his first

basket - literally. The shot clock

came down, halting play for 10

minutes. From there the Cavs

dominated all the way to the main

break. LeBron James's game-high 49

was not enough to hold off an

Orlando fightback. The Cavs came

agonisingly close to sending it to

Magic home 107-106. overtime, but it wasn't to be - the

Magic home 107-106.

In Sports Tonight at 7:00 on ONE,

bad news for Shane Warne's

Rajasthan Royals, and why Anthony

Mundine may not be 'The Man'

anymore. Thanks, Brad. Tim Bailey's

next with all the weather details.

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This program is captioned live.

Time for all the weather. We have

seen the worst flooding since 1974

in Queensland. That is moving

across the border. North-east NSW across the border. North-east NSW

has had a hammering in the last 24

hours. The focus is now one that

we'd revert to Coffs Harbour. We're

expecting more than 100 millimetres

of rain, storm-force winds. High-

tide is peaking. There is a sheep

grazier warning also. It is time to

do our bit for the community. This

is Jude Bolton from the Sydney

Swans. A big celebrity AFL match on

Sunday before Sydney Swans play

Port Adelaide. This organisation

looks after not just kids with

cancer, but the families. They look

after the families two. They look

after petrol money, to help people

who have to travel huge distances who have to travel huge distances

to come to see their kids. We have to come to see their kids. We have

been involved with them for nine

years. Come along on Sunday. It

will be at the SCG. If you would

like to donate some money, you need

to. Here is the website. Come and to. Here is the website. Come and

see your favourite celebrities at

the SCG. Then Sydney Swans will

take on Port Adelaide for Swat --. take on Port Adelaide for Swat --.

The Sydney Dems have 25-30

millimetres and the last 24 hours.

We are expecting the levels to go

above 60% in the next three days.

On the satellite, thick cloud is

being driven across not these NSW

generating widespread rain and

flooding. A low pressure system

would generate further rain in the

east, with heavy rainfall and east, with heavy rainfall and

flooding likely on the NSW North

Coast. Rain in the north-east, Coast. Rain in the north-east,

heavy falls on the coast, north of

heavy falls on the coast, north of

about 10 C. Showers for the rest of

the NSW coast. We're watching Coffs the NSW coast. We're watching Coffs

Harbour carefully. They are bracing Harbour carefully. They are bracing

for the second side inside a month.

Showers and storms in south-east Showers and storms in south-east

Queensland. Showers and storms in Queensland. Showers and storms in southern and western Queensland. Showers and storms in

southern and western WA. One of the

major concerns is the king high-

tide. We no-one more than ever was

on its banks two hours ago. They

will be more flooding. Coffs

Harbour looks like it will be ready

for action about this time tomorrow


This organisation looks after

children with cancer and the

families. Please don't make. It is

the celebrity match at the SCG on Sunday.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Bill Woods.

I'm Sandra Sully. Thanks for your

company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at

10:30. Goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING )