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(generated from captions) make sure you stay Phil Jaques, bowled out for just 9. But it was a bad day for his rival

Bushfires destroy homes from the southern heatwave. with no relief in sight that leaps out of the water And the amazing pictures of a shark and spins in the air. Good evening. police uncovered what's been dubbed Two men have been charged after shoplifting racket. Australia's biggest-ever part of a network of thieves It is alleged the pair was

who mostly stole cosmetics. was discovered The massive pile of loot in Alexandria. when police raided a warehouse cosmetics and toiletries Millions of dollars in stolen found in an inner-city warehouse. it was coming out from the seams. This place was full, it nearly fell on top of you. When you opened the door on the weekend The stash was discovered acting suspiciously. after two detectives spotted a man

walking with two large bags. We saw one of the accused and he led them to this. They confronted him literally from floor to ceiling. Just piles and piles of boxes, It was overwhelming. never actually seen before. It was something we had

the warehouse's hidden secrets. A sign inside proudly boasts of allegedly stolen goods found The massive amount in this warehouse has been operating for years. is clear evidence this racket it's years and years of work. We believe Two men have been charged. a 71-year-old man - The alleged mastermind - at exclusive Rose Bay - lived in this unit allegedly stolen goods. it was also filled with the organisers used Detectives believe drug addicts to steal the toiletries at markets across Sydney. and then on-sold them been seized police admit While millions in stolen goods have

they have no way of knowing police swooped. how much property was traded before Woolworths. Much of it was stolen from of theft This illustrates the reality retailers face on a daily basis. which Woolworths and other Locals say the warehouse to sell to the public, the ring leaders used to open used it only for storage. but for the past seven years and put it in the van and go. They come, take stuff out

Simon Bouda, Nine News.

3 truckloads of stolen goods have

been removed from the warehouse.

The boxes are being examined and

catalogued by police and all words

investigators. It could take weeks.

The NSW crime Commission is The NSW crime Commission is taking

an active interest in this case and

we were will seek new developments

in the future. of 4-year-old girl Darcey Freeman, The shocking death off Melbourne'e West Gate Bridge who was thrown by her father left us all searching for answers. are slowly emerging. Today, those answers is in the grip of communal grief, Melbourne, meanwhile, there's no repeat of the tragedy. and desperate to make sure

After years of pleading, intensified yesterday. calls for safety barriers Today we got an answer. as quickly as possible. I want it to be achieved is charged with 35-year-old Arthur Freeman Darcey, 58m to her death throwing his 4-year-old daughter, from the West Gate Bridge. he and his estranged wife reached Two days ago,

50-50 custody arrangement. a supposedly amicable suicide watch in police custody. Tonight, he remains under

Darcey spent her last night at Aireys Inlet, near Geelong. at the family beach house This - her favourite playground. At her father's Hawthorn home, in the backyard. her bike and toys remain scattered any light on the father of three, Neighbours were unable to shed who apparently kept to himself. a normal, kind of, happy family. They just seemed like Darcey's first day Yesterday was supposed to be here at St Joseph's Primary School. been shown around the campus Her mother and grandmother had just? and were waiting here for her. But of course, she never arrived. very shocked and deeply saddened St Joseph's school community are by what has happened. and anger There was an outpouring of grief on social networking site Facebook her 2- and 6-year-old brothers. as well as concerns for that comes from someone Anything that occurs to a child

trust and look up to who they would normally for safety and protection a much more profound effect. is going to have Tim McMillan, Nine News. who crashed his car at high speed A teenage driver

and killed four of his mates to four years in jail has been sentenced but could be out in just two.

in the court at Lismore There was cheers and outrage

as the sentence was read out. no sentence was going to be enough. For the family of Paul Morris, and I never will be. I'm not satisfied, no, I never will be! and he got away with it. He killed four kids his photograph - and a lot of pain. Maria Bolt carries a locket with I'm bringing Paul home today. My 6-year-old son thinks How do I tell them? waited three years for this day For the parents of Corey New, they'd they felt empty. and now it was finally here, I dunno, it's strange. put it that way. I know there's no winners, a bit of justice for our boys now. But at least there is I suppose. They can rest. They can sleep, no winners at all today. There's definitely no winners, today as a free man. This was the driver's last walk on the night of the accident Justice Colin Charteris said the car had mechanical defects, the road was wet, the tyres unroadworthy. But speed was the biggest factor

to send a message to others - and he said he had the sentence, four years in prison. When the sentence was read out, erupted in cheering, one side of the courtroom uncontrollable sobbing. the other dissolved into of one of the victims, Paul Morris, Later, the mother

give her back her son. screamed at the driver to - who cannot be identified, The driver's father,

spoke publicly for the first time. He's got a penalty already -

he's got a penalty in his head. he's sitting in a police cell now, facing four years in jail. He says his son suffers chronic post-traumatic stress and a condition called 'survivor's guilt' means he can't sleep. I got justice that night when he didn't die. Other families didn't and I'm sorry for their loss. I'm deeply sorry and so is my son. Denham Hitchcock, Nine News, Lismore. The family of a 24-year-old man who died from a brain tumour is demanding answers tonight. He was told he just had a bad headache and was sent home in what appears to be another case of a fatal medical blunder. These images show a nearly unconscious Brendon Burns last weekend, just moments before he was discharged from Griffith Hospital in the middle of the night. They were taken by his girlfriend, who wanted him to stay there. We've gone in there and Brendan's just laying in the bed. He didn't know who I was. At home, the proud father got worse. Liz called for help again. This time he was rushed to Sydney, but was dead a short time later. The 24-year-old was suffering a brain tumour, which doctors may have known if he'd just been given a scan, instead of being kicked out. They just said, "The doctor's had a look at him, "he's being discharged." His dad wants answers from the Health Department. You hear it all the time on the news.

You think, those poor people - then it happens to you. Brendon's brothers are devastated.

They adored the family man and knockabout Aussie bloke. Fishing. That was about it, really. He loved mucking around with cars, boats but mainly fishing. But more than fishing, he loved his daughter Nadia. Absolutely idolised his daughter and partner and now he's not here.

The area health service says it takes all complaints seriously and an internal investigation is now under way. The matter has been referred to the Health Care Complaints Commission. In all these situations, there's often many factors involved and it's very important that we actually identify the correct ones. All the evidence I have is that there was a great deal of professional skill involved

in the handling of this case. If they done that CT scan, he'd be here today. It's just not right. Chris Urqhart, Nine News. There are new moves tonight to replace Nathan Rees as Premier. More disgruntled members of his Government have now turned against him, rallying behind a push

that would see Frank Sartor take the top job. Joining us with the details, State Political reporter Kevin Wilde How are the numbers adding up? Peter, the numbers aren't there yet but the backers of the plan are confident they have time on their side. I can confirm that two approaches have been made to Mr Sartor by faction leaders to seal the deal. Arriving at Government House to see two new ministers sworn in,

the Premier's grip on power is slipping. The unlikely alliance that gave Nathan Rees the job is unravelling. Right-wing MPs are stitching up a deal for Frank Sartor to take over as early as April. We've got a serious job to do - these fellas are being put to work I've been put to work,

and that's what will occupy all of our attention. There's a rump in the right wing of the party that don't like you, clearly. Are you worried they'll roll you later this year? No, I am not. Frank Sartor has been promised a swag of votes from right-wing MPs when the time is right. His supporters say he would be sold to voters as a can-do politician who achieved a lot as Sydney's Lord Mayor. As a way of trying to unify the divided Labor right wing, Christina Kenneally would be the new deputy. Labor head office boss Matt Thistlethwaite has yet to back the move - for now he remains a Rees supporter. The latest bout of leadership turmoil took the gloss off this afternoon's swearing in of Steve Whan as Small Business and Emergency Services Minister and John Robertson as the new Corrective Services Minister. We need to, as the Premier has continually said, move on, stop talking about ourselves and get on with the job. Kevin Wilde, Nine News. And this development is more proof that the fight for control of the Government is diverting ministers and MPs from what's really important - improving basic services in the State, Peter. It's going to be a weekend from hell across wide areas of south-eastern Australia. Particularly in Melbourne which is in the grip of its hottest recorded heatwave - three straight days of temperatures in the mid-40s. Two big bushfires in Victoria look likely to merge into one super-blaze and three towns are under threat with at least five homes already destroyed. A fierce, unforgiving heat and two menacing fires burning out of control. This home was the first to go, it's residents had fled just minutes earlier. Also on the move, thousands of cattle trapped by the blazes. Everything is being thrown at fighting the blazes but with little impact.

The wind's come up. It's become a lot hotter and a lot drier.

Overnight, crews tried, but failed to get the upper hand. We got told to get out - it was just too bad.

Three towns are now under threat in Gippsland and resources are stretched. Many locals have been left to defend their own properties. That was my prime concern, to save the water tank and pump, because I knew if that was to pack it in, that would be it.

Nervous residents have been told, with mid-40s temperatures expected over the weekend, the worst is still to come. We wouldn't want to try and be alarmist, but you are under serious threat - there's no doubt about that. The relentless heat has also sent Victoria's power grid into meltdown. Blackouts, too, in Adelaide, struggling through its fifth day of a heat wave. Still, the Big Day Out concert went ahead.

Despite taking all precautions, several people collapsed. Allison Langdon, Nine News.

Heart attack patients will soon have cheaper access to a clot-busting drug that can help save thousands of lives. Doctors have been pushing for the subsidy for years and now all patients, not just the sickest, are eligible for the treatment through the PBS.

Ilona Lee's world came tumbling down when her husband Norman died from heart disease at the age of 67. The father of Australian musician Ben Lee had been battling the disease for more than a decade. It's very difficult when someone in your family is suffering from heart disease. It puts stress on the partner, stress on the children, and in our case, we had young grandchildren. The disease affects more than 250,000 Australians and doctors commonly prescribe aspirin and Clopidogrel to reduce clotting. But until now the dual therapy hasn't been subsidised for up to 80% of heart attack patients. We, as cardiologists, have been pushing this to happen for years. Estimates suggest we'll probably save about 2,500 further cardiac events over a 12-month period with the availability of this drug. All patients who suffer a heart attack

can now access the drug on the PBS from Sunday, saving them nearly $600 a year. 60-year-old John McKeon says the medication would've helped him after he suffered two heart attacks within 24 hours. My chances of having a second heart attack would've been significantly reduced with this drug. Anything that can be done in the way of preventative health is very, very important.

Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. From a Florida beach, a remarkable sight. It's a spinner shark, demonstrating exactly why it earned its unusual name.

During hunting, they get so much speed, they break the surface, just like this. This spinner is about two metres long, but humans aren't on their menu - they prefer sardines and herring. In the news ahead - President Obama slams Wall Street executives for their billion dollar bonuses. And an extrordinary rant by Hollywood's Ashton Kutcher.

SONG: # Sometimes you gotta keep it real # You gotta keep it real # Oh, maybe it's just another thing # And you need to step off # And hang loose for a mo # Maybe it's just another thing # And I found me a space # It's a place you gotta know

# Sometimes you gotta keep it real # Sometimes you know you gotta go # Sometimes you know you gotta go # Oporto. #

It's $20 million over budget and more than two years late, but services on the Epping to Chatswood rail line will finally begin on 22 February. It will be a great boost for what is now a very big part of Sydney's economy. RailCorp officially took over the $2.3 billion project today. It's been dogged by problems, including steep tunnels and high noise levels. US President Barack Obama has blasted Wall Street executives who gave themselves $28 billion in bonuses last year as the economy was crashing. President Obama says the payments are irresponsible and shameful. Day after day, the stock market tumbled last year. Businesses and jobs vanished.

But as Wall Street executives begged the US Government for a critical bailout, they gave themselves billions of dollars. That is the height of irresponsibility. It is shameful. It's the sixth-highest total in history, but Wall Street maintains it has to pay those bonuses to retain the best staff. Without those people - there is no business,

there is no way of generating revenue and making profits. Disgusted, outraged. It's appalling. I think it's shameful. But those record bonuses won't last for much longer because next week the US Government will unveil

its next plan to fix the financial system, and it says there will be provisions that crack down on bonuses. There will be time for them to make profits and there will be time for them to get bonuses.

Now is not that time. In the United States, Peter Stefanovic, Nine News. Heath Ledger's 3-year-old daughter Matilda Rose will finally receive her father's life insurance, after a legal battle over the $15 million pay out. The insurer was resisting payment, claiming Ledger's death could have been suicide. The company now accepts the coroner's finding of accidental death and has agreed to settle. The actor Ashton Kutcher has apologised for a YouTube rant about his noisy neighbour. This is where my dickweed neighbour has decided to be building a house at 7:00am, pounding on steel and welding right next to my friggin' house. Kutcher now regrets his public tantrum. He says his neighbour didn't complain about his building works

and admits he should display similar tolerance. Stephanie Brantz is next with sport

and Australia is trying to protect it's ranking in the one-day game. Peter, they're currently number one but if they loose tonight, the title goes to South Africa and batting first the Proteas have set the home side a target of 289 for victory. The Williams Sisters take out the Doubles Title

at the Australian Open for the third time.


Leave it all behind with the new, more powerful, efficient turbo diesel - '4x4 Australia' magazine's Four-Wheel Drive of the Year. Love that Pajero. Love that car.

With their one day world ranking on the line Australia has been set a total of 289 for victory in tonight's final one dayer against South Africa in Perth.

Amla top scored with 97, De Villiers helped with 60 and Duminy also chipped in with a late run flurry.

South Africa chose not to chase. They've excelled at that, but batting first seemed the best option. COMMENTATOR: It is catchable if some ground is made - no, just out of the reach. White misjudged the catch but Gibbs didn't get another chance after that.

This is out, surely - it is! Amla opened the face and that produced the first six. McKenzie tried to follow but his timing was as a fraction off. Yes, caught behind. South Africa's run rate slowed but quickly accelerated. It's a good shot, will it be four? Good effort there by Warner but he didn't quite get to it.

De Villiers belted 60 off 71 balls before skying a ball that Warner swallowed. Warner has taken the catch in the deep. Then three runs short of his century, Amla heard a noise he wished he hadn't. Oh, has he edged that? He certainly has! Throughout the series Alby Morkel has caused plenty of damage with his big shots. But with his score 14, the Aussies got their man. Got him! Got it straight, got it full. South Africa is resting it's top-line bowlers tonight, the part-timers have a healthy total to defend. That's a good shot but has he picked the man out? No, he's picked the crowd out! That's another six! Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. And in the Sheffield Shield match between NSW and Tasmania the Blues are in a commanding position at 3/355 at stumps on day one with Simon Katich unbeaten on 102.

Phil Hughes staked his claim for the vacant Australian opening spot posting 151, his fourth century of the season. But it was a bad day for his rival Phil Jaques, bowled out for just 9. And Blues paceman Aaron Bird is under scrutiny again for a doubtful action. Umpires reported him after last weekend's Twenty20 final - his 3rd report of the season.

At the Australian Open, the Williams sisters have taken out the women's doubles final and that's a great warm up for Serena

as she prepares for the singles showdown tomorrow. The doubles was a lopsided affair - Venus and Serena won in straight sets. No better way to get in the groove than join big sister Venus for a spot of doubles and Ai Sugiyama and Daniela Hantuchova were on the receiving end.

After a slow start, it was soon apparent what was in store. The Americans breezing through the first set 6-3 then bullying their opponents into submission. An eighth Grand Slam doubles title wrapped up inside 76 minutes. Next up - Dinara Safina in tomorrow's singles final. Last night, Roger Federer edged closer to Pete Sampras's record

of 14 Grand Slam titles after dismantling Andy Roddick in straight sets. COMMENTATOR: Too good. The Swiss great has become Roddick's worst nightmare and familiar faces looked on as the American's frustration boiled over. You don't think I could have hit that ball? No, I'm just saying... Answer my question. You think I could have hit that ball?

Federer through to the final in straight sets. He'll now play the winner of tonight's all-Spanish affair between Rafael Nadal and Fernando Verdasco.

To this extent, to dominate tennis and play at the highest level for so, so long, it's something I never thought possible, really. That's why I guess I'm living the dream. Australia's James Nitties has a share of the lead: after the opening round of the FBR Open in Arizona,

carding 6-under-par, 65. John Senden is the next best-placed Aussie, at 3-under. Nitties, a PGA Tour rookie, came home strongly with a birdie-birdie finish to top the leader board. Fellow Aussie Peter Lonard made one of the shots of the day to set up birdie at 16. He finished 2-over for the day.

In finance news - our market ended the week just in the black, After the break, Mike Bailey joins us with what's in store for the weekend's weather. of 7.30. Coming up on WIN News... A nine-hour standoff on the rooftop of the Belconnen Remand Centre. And, anger as four former school sites are handed over to a Queensland company. All the details at the special time of 7.30.

(ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYS) Degas - exclusive to the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

Now here's Mike, with the weather and Sydney continues to be spared the worst of the heat. Yes Peter, the weekend's promising more of what we've been having.

That's hot enough inland with seabreezes keeping coastal temperatures reasonably pleasant. The city today went from 21 to 28 degrees figures that are just 2 above average. Western Sydney reached 35 and the State's top was 44 degrees at Hay in the south-west.

More hot northerly airs on the way for the weekend. A total fire ban for the Riverina and south-western regions. Winds around a high over the Tasman Sea

producing isolated showers on the north coast but it's dry elsewhere. Sydney's had less than a quarter of it's average January rain but, along with Canberra, more than other cities. Melbourne's having its driest January for 77 years and rain's a memory for Adelaide and Perth. The south-west of WA should score some tomorrow. Showers and thunderstorms over northern and central Australia. The chance of a thundery shower for Melbourne

temperatures in the high 30s, but down on today's 44.7. Adelaide's expecting 40-over both weekend days. Sydney will be fine and mostly sunny. North-easterly winds will freshen about the coast in the afternoon. A strong wind warning for coastal waters south of Seal Rocks. Expect north-east to increase to 20 to 30 knots late in the day. Temperatures will follow the pattern of the past few days.

The city will go from 22 to 29 degrees with the west up to the mid-30s. There should be more of the same on Sunday. Some cloud for Monday and just the chance of a shower after that, Peter. That's Nine News for this Friday the 30th of January.

I'm Peter Overton, goodnight.

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