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Tonight, racial tensions flare -

Indian students take to the streets

after another attack. Overnight,

hundreds took to the streets in

protest, after attacks on young men

involving rocks and hockey sticks.

Indian students in their hundreds

voicing a clear message of protest.

We want justice! We want justice!

Spurred on by fear, they took to

the streets of Harris Park

overnight after yet another attack

on an Indian national. Aged in his

20s, the student was bashed by a

group of young Middle Eastern men.

A second was chased up the street

with hockey sticks. Suddenly saw

the guys with the hockey sticks,

and they were wearing white caps

and stuff like that. They jumped

into the cars that was waiting on

the main street. Another student

was followed home and pelted with

rocks. I was just hiding myself

here. And they came and threw the

rocks? Into here? It just went over

his head. As the mob moved through

the streets, police say they turned

on three Middle Eastern men, who

were treated for cuts and bruises.

Very scared. Even we're getting

phone calls - up to 15 a day - from

India, saying, "What happened? Are

you safe? Come back." Police

haven't laid charges. I don't

believe, at this point in time, it

is racially motivated. They want more police controls to ensure

their safety. Police and community

leaders met amid warnings some body

could be killed. We have to calm

this problem, we need to defuse the

situation. If we will not act now,

it will be very worse in the future.

There is going to be absolutely no

support for anyone taking up

matters in their own hands. Daniel

Sutton, Ten News.

More than 500 people have lost

their jobs in a multimillion-dollar

call centre collapse. Workers have

been locked out of their offices,

which have been trashed, and fear

they won't get their money.

Frustrated workers turned up at

Blueprint Management this morning

to retrieve their belongings. They

were ordered out last Friday and

told the company had folded, with

debts of around $40 million. My

daughter and I are the only ones at

home and I'm the supporter of our

family. But I just want to get this

now, go home and move on. Blueprint

Management employed more than 500

people at call centres in Sydney

and Brisbane. It's now unlikely

anyone will be paid what they're

owed. We were treated really

unfairly. They knew they didn't

have money to pay us. They

shouldn't have let us come to work

all week. We should have been

looking for a job last week. I'm a

bit in the dark - don't really know

what's going on. We've heard things

about how to make claims, but as

far as whether we're going to get

paid out, I'm not really sure. Most

were forced to wait for answers

outside because angry staff had

Blueprint earlier trashed some of the offices.

Blueprint Management have been

locked in meetings for most of the

day. They've had the phones

disconnected and the security

passes disabled. Now the

administrators say it's not in the

creditors' interest for the company

to continue trading, and that

leaves hundreds without a job. You

have to pay the rent and, you know,

all those other things, eat. So

it's going to be hard. It'll be

even harder for the 35 overseas

workers who were being sponsored by

the company. They basically told us

we have to find another sponsor in

28 days or get out of the country.

Creditors will meet next week to

decide if the company should be

liquidated. Richard Davies, Ten News.

The worst of the financial crunch

may be over, with business

confidence at its highest level in

15 months, and the plunge in job

ads is stabilising. But

unemployment is still expected to

fully recovers. climb above 8% before the economy

Jobs was the theme - 15 new ones

for members of Kevin Rudd's

government, sworn in this morning

and nicely maintaining the balance

between the left and right of the

party. These people have earned

their stripes based on what they've

done. So what role did the factions

play? Zip, zero and none. New

Employment Minister and right

powerbroker Mark Arbib wasted no

time getting down to business,

leaving the family and formalities

behind to sing the praises of a

social housing project that created

95 jobs. This is what the stimulus

package is about - this is the

fight against unemployment. The ANZ

job ads survey, falling

dramatically for 13 months, looks dramatically for 13 months, looks

to have stabilised, but still

points to rising unemployment. So I

think the prognosis for the jobs

numbers for the next few months are

going to be quite negative.

According to the Government, that's

where stimulus phase two and three

comes in - billions for school

buildings and then roads, rail and

ports. That plan is there to

support jobs today while we build

infrastructure for tomorrow. $WHITE

There was definite good news in the

latest NAB survey, with its index

of business confidence at a 13-

month high, rising 12 points in May.

We have a very strong economy, a

very strong economy indeed, and

that is because we started in a

strong, healthy condition. $WHITE

There is agreement on that, but the

Prime Mnister today unveiled a new

'Ruddism'. In a 12-minute interview,

he begged to differ this way. Fair

suck of the sauce bottle, mate.

Fair suck of the sauce bottle, mate.

Bongiorno, Ten News. Is that tomato sauce? Paul

First it was our footballers, now

our elite swimmers are caught up

with the swine flu threat. Swimming

Australia has called off next

weekend's grand prix meet in

Melbourne, saying it's in the best

interests of athletes and the sport.

But the Health Minister insists

it's an overreaction.

Another day, another sporting event

affected by swine flu. Today, Swimming Australia's upcoming

Melbourne grand prix was cancelled.

It seems to be building and we have

to look after the athletes. That

decision was made. School-age

swimmers needing to be quarantined

- meaning they'd miss school -

after the event was the main reason.

But some say it's an overreaction.

Cancellation of these regrets --

events is regrettable. I would urge

those organising events to make

sure their decisions are based on

medical advice. Rugby league

remains in the grip of swine flu

panic. Last night, St George

Illawarra winger Darius Boyd turned

up to play the Gold Coast, but had

to be told by coach Wayne Bennett

just before kick-off that he'd been

stood down by the NRL hours earlier

because he'd been in close contact with fellow Queenslander Ben Hannant, who's tested positive.

Somebody asked why he was there.

They said he was not playing. We

were not told. We made a decision

to put him back on the bus. The

Dragons arrived home today minus

Boyd, who's remained in Queensland,

despite showing no symptoms. Once

the bus arrives, the three State of

Origin players will be separated

from team-mates as a precaution.

The team doctor was left to explain

why that wasn't done sooner. Public

health officials suggested there

was no risk. They were treated with

Tamiflu last night. NRL boss David

Gallop has conceded games may be

cancelled. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

They came to celebrate the great

work of thousands of women in

league, but talk was dominated by

the treatment of just one - Jenny

Hall. She copped a black eye off Hall. She copped a black eye off

Cronulla Sharks CEO Tony Zappia, and Cronulla Sharks CEO Tony Zappia,

and now the NRL boss says his

future has been KO'd. I had one

foot forward, one foot back. He was

treading on them and he let out a

punch. To deny her sick leave and

then to suggest she may wish to

spank him is totally unacceptable.

Mr Zappia has stood down pending

his club's final decision. But he

still has plenty of support. I

worked with Tony for 10 years at

Parramatta. I can't comment on

everything that's gone on, but

personally he's been a great

supporter of mine. Always been a

great bloke. As far as I know,

treated women really well. Tony is

a great operator for our club. Some

people say the game needs to be

cleaned up. Of course, the one

woman they really want to speak to

is Jenny Hall. While she's yet to

sit down with NRL bosses, she did

turn up unexpectedly at Cronulla

headquarters this morning. We tried

to speak to her a number of weeks

ago.. Tough times can mean tough ago.. Tough times can mean tough action. Late today, the Brisbane Broncos fined front-rower Joel

Clinton $50,000 for bringing a

woman back to his room the night woman back to his room the night

before a game. Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

Sport headlines now with Brad

McEwan. Brad, Ireland outperform

Australia at Cricket's Twenty20

world championship.

Yes, the Irish are celebrating, but

it's all over for Australia,

knocked out by a second loss, this

time to Sri Lanka. The look on time to Sri Lanka. The look on

Skipper Ricky Ponting's face summed

up the frustration and despair at

being eliminated in the opening

stages. His response shortly.

But there's one Aussie smiling in

England at the moment - Lleyton

Hewitt has had a win at Queen's as

he chases his fifth crown there

ahead of Wimbledon.

Plus, the Socceroos are trying to

avoid a horror group at next year's

World Cup. We'll have more on that

when we cross live to their Sydney training run shortly.

Get ready to rug up - next, Tim

Bailey on tomorrow's cold snap.

Also tonight, Labor tries to bury

speculation Nathan Rees is about to

be challenged. And the mother

spared jail so she can look after

the children she neglected. (FUNKY MUSIC) SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # VOICEOVER: It's got the looks and all the right moves. And now get a super choice of 5-door or 3-door. Mazda2. It's a super little model. (ALL CHATTER) (GASPING) (ALL SCREAM IN FEAR) (PANTS) Aargh! Aaargh!

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This program is captioned live.

Former Minister Frank Sartor has

refused to rule out a challenge for

the Premier's job after reports

he's preparing to move against

Nathan Rees within weeks. State

political reporter Josh Murphy is

at Parliament House. Josh, there's

a growing list of contenders for

Premier, but Frank Sartor had some

very frank words about Labor today. very frank words about Labor today.

He added fuel to the leadership of

fire by dodging the question about

whether he planned to challenge a

maiden race. The most awkward

moment when he was asked if Labor

could win the next election. The

answer was far from convincing.

This program is captioned live.

As far as political funerals go,

it's not curtains yet for Nathan

Rees. But this farewell-style

protest outside his western Sydney

office took on added weight today

with revelations his own party

could move to turf him out in just

weeks. Adding weight to that

speculation, the Frank Sartor stage

show at a bowel cancer awareness

campaign. No ifs or buts about it,

according to the former planning

minister he's not after the State's

top job. There's no vacancy. I'm

not going there, not interested. No

vacancy - but he didn't exactly

rule out a challenge. And whatever

the commentary on cancer, this

answer was malignant. Can the Labor

Party win the next election? Have

you got four hours? No, I don't

want to go into that. It's that

sentiment that's sparked the latest

round of leadership speculation.

Labor MPs we spoke to say talk of a

change of leader has spiraled

rapidly. Consistent bad polling and

the treatment of former minister

Tony Stewart is stirring the troops.

And it's not just Frank Sartor - other contenders being canvassed include Carmel Tebbutt, Kristina

Keneally and even Roads Minister

Michael Daley. But that suggestion

was met with this rebuttal. Nathan

Rees is the boss, I support him

100%. He'll lead us to the next

election - full stop. The pressure

on the Premier will only continue

to mount, with a difficult Budget

to be handed down next Tuesday.

Where was the Premier today? We've

were told he was an back-to-back

meetings. His office released a

statement saying he did not think

voters were interested in internal

party rumblings. Off

A Blue Mountains mother convicted

of neglecting her children has been

spared jail so she can look after

her kids. The woman had gone on an

interstate holiday, leaving the

eight siblings to fend for themselves.

Police wanted this mother and her

partner behind bars, instead they

walked free from court, back home

to the children they were charged

with neglecting. Are you happy not

to be in jail? The pair were handed

suspended sentences of up to 18

months for leaving eight children

then aged 3 to 15 years in putrid

conditions last September, while

the mother went on a 10-day holiday.

At the time, police discovered two

toddlers in the yard of the

Katoomba home with no shoes or

pants. Inside, floors were littered

with rubbish, dirty nappies, broken

glass and stank of urine. One room

was piled so high with junk, police

couldn't open the door. The magistrate described the children's

living conditions as dangerous and distressing.

She had left the children $150 cash

and expected them to live on

Nutella sandwiches. The mother's

child neglect has also cost

taxpayers a fortune. She currently

receives a $2,000 social security

benefit, while the Housing

Department dept was forced to spend

$5,500 cleaning up the mess in the

family home. As the children are

now back living with their mother,

the magistrate determined jail was

not an option. But she did have

some stern parenting advice - next

time she goes on holiday, hire a

carer for the kids.

A Swedish model has wept in a

Sydney court, saying her ex-

boyfriend used her to get a hit-man

to kill a witness in his drug case.

Charlotte Lindstrom says Steven

Spaliviero told her to give an

associate $100,000 so the witness

could be roughed up. A trembling

Lindstrom told the jury she later

found out it was to have that

person killed. Lindstrom is serving

four years for attempting to

solicit two undercover policemen to

carry out the murders. A couple of

days ago our weatherman was talking

about going to the snow. Now it is

coming to ask. You can really feel

it. Forget about the Australian

Alps, it is op -- on the move. We

believe there will be some snow

across the Blue Mountains tonight.

In the Sydney suburbs - the West

down to three degrees. A top of

just 13 degrees tomorrow. Fine and

sunny - 13 degrees. Sydney - a

maximum of 14 degrees. A lot of

Suburbs, minimum temperatures will

drop to zero. A cold snap - we are

having one. Let us warm ourselves

up with the thought of winning nice

prizes courtesy of Panasonic. Here

is our with a photograph. This

photograph captures the mood. He is

in the running for the Panasonic

Linux camera. We give it a weight on Friday.

Up next, the crime that's landed

two journalists in a North Korean labour camp.

Also, a landmark ruling for victims

of a deadly terror attack. I think

we've sent the message to

terrorists that you don't just have

to worry about the authorities.

And the need for speed - Apple

talks up its faster, fancier IPhone.

This is an incredible consumer release. Mmm. Beautiful soup. Is it your own recipe? Um, kind of. My grandmother handed it down to my mother. Then my mother passed it on to me. So it's very special to me. Nice one, Heinz. (TV PLAYS) Hey, look, it's kicking. It's kicking. Look! It's gonna get it. Go on! (BOTH SHRIEK) Did you see that? Look at it. Do another one. That is a well-trained baby. Do another one.

This program is captioned live.

Time now for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso. There is Thursday

-- There is very busy traffic after

an accident. You can see the

traffic going towards the greater

north-west. The traffic goes all

the way back towards the M7. People

trying to go home towards seven

hills and out towards Windsor will

be delayed.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

has managed to cling on to power,

surviving a party room leadership

challenge. After a tumultuous week

in which 11 ministers resigned, Mr

Brown gave what's been described as

the speech of his life, and

overwhelmingly convinced his party

to keep him on as leader. He was

very courageous in the way he just

stood there and listened to

people's questions. He took

people's points and the mood in the

meeting changed. The challenge came after Labour's worst election results in 90 years.

Thousands have taken to the streets

across Lebanon after the Western-

backed coalition defeated Hezbollah

in the country's elections. The

pro-Western bloc won 55% of the

vote, against 44% for Hezbollah and

its Shiite and Christian allies.

World leaders have welcomed the

result and urged Lebanon to begin

work to rebuild a stable and

independent nation.

It's feared an international

backlash over North Korea's nuclear

program could hamper diplomatic

efforts to free two American

journalists. The women were

sentenced to a dozen years in a

labour camp for committing serious

crimes against the communist state.

12 years hard labour for Americans

Euna Lee and Laura Ling, the

harshest possible penalty. Their

crime - entering North Korea

without permission. The journalists

were arrested three months ago

along the border with China while

researching a story for Current TV,

a station owned by former US vice-

president Al Gore. We once again

urge North Korea to grant their

immediate release. Fellow

journalist and the sister of Laura

Ling says the pair never intended

to step onto North Korean soil.

Pleas before the secret trial did

little. I will say with absolute

certainty that when they left US

soil, they never intended to cross

the border into North Korea. And if

at any point they did, we are truly

sorry. Now the women are caught in

a diplomatic struggle made more

complicated by the international

furore over the rogue nation's

recent nuclear tests and missile

launches. Experts fear North Korea

will use the women as bargaining

chips as the UN continues to

deliberate over how to punish the

country. We view these as entirely

separate matters. We think the

imprisonment, trial and sentencing

of Lara and Euna should be viewed

as a humanitarian matter. As the

women and their families pray for a

breakthrough, the US is considering

reinstating North Korea as a state that sponsors terrorism, another

factor only likely to make

diplomatic efforts to free the

women more difficult. In the United

States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

Four men have been found

responsible for the deadly Omagh

bombing in Northern Ireland. In a

landmark civil case brought by the

victims' families, the leader of

the Real IRA and three other men

were found liable for the terrorist

attack in 1998. 29 people died in

the blasts, but no-one has ever

been convicted. We still need to

know what went wrong. How could it

happen? Why is my daughter, at 15

years of age, in her grave? A judge

has awarded more than $5 million in

damages to 12 relatives who launched the court action.

Now to the ING Direct finance

report with Amber Muir. Amber, it

was a choppy day on the share

market today after the long weekend.

There were flat leads from Wall

Street and lower commodity prices

dragged most of the miners lower.

But there was plenty of interest in

other sectors after they announced other sectors after they announced better-than-expected profit

forecasts. Australia's third-

biggest internet provider, iiNet,

was among them. It expects strong

growth this financial year and a

net profit of $25 million.

Electronics retailer JB Hi-Fi also

had positive news. It's tipping its

full-year net profit for 2009 to be

around $92 million, up 41% on last

year. The mixed signals sent the

All Ords on a rollercoaster ride

which ended in the red. At the closing which ended in the red. At the

closing bell, the All Ords was 35

points lower. BHP fell 4%. IiNet

added almost 1%. JB Hi-Fi jumped 5%.

Now our first look at the next

generation iPhone - it's just been

unveiled in the US and is set to be

a huge earner for Apple, which has

sold 17 million of the original

iPhones since they hit the market two years ago.

It looks just like the old model,

but this iPhone promises to do much but this iPhone promises to do much

more at twice the current speed.

This is an incredible consumer

release. It features a 3-megapixel

auto-focus camera, video recording,

voice control and an in-built digital compass for instant

navigation. Two versions will be

launched in Australia later this

month, a 16-gigabyte and a 32-

gigabyte model, piquing the gigabyte model, piquing the

interest of Apple fans everywhere.

The iPhone is not really slow now,

but speeding things up is going to

be great. The graphics have been be great. The graphics have been

improved, so that's going to be

really nice. The one I was most

really excited about was the voice

control. It was just awesome! I

mean, how exciting is that? Apple

isn't saying how much they'll cost

here, nor will it confirm whether

the price of the original 8-

gigabyte model will be halved, as

it just has been in the US. We're

going to keep the iPhone 3G model

in the market for a breakthrough

price of just $99. Apple's CEO,

Steve Jobs, was noticeably absent

from today's unveiling at the

Worldwide Developers Conference in

San Francisco. He's due back from

medical leave at the end of June.

Amber Muir, Ten News. Amber Muir, Ten News.

A women's magazine publishes photos

of Therese Rein's gym regime - what

the PM thinks about it, next.

Also, the new ocean predator giving

swimmers jelly legs. And the

'Seinfeld' episode this desperate

housewife just can't escape. Oh,

they really are spectacular. (GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC) There's a change in the air at McCafe.

Now we're freshly baking a new range of delicious pastries in store throughout the day. Caramel swirls, apricot Danish, choc croissants

and all your favourites. pastry at McCafe today. SONG: # A moment just for you. # (LAUGHTER ON TELEVISION) (SNIFFS)

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This program is captioned live. $$

NEWLINE Top stories this news hour

- angry Indian students have taken

to the streets to protest what they

say are racist attacks. In the

latest incident, a student in his

20s was beaten with rocks and

hockey sticks. Community leaders

fears someone will be killed.

A multimillion-dollar call centre

collapse has left more than 500 collapse has left more than 500

people out of work. Creditors will

next week decide if Blueprint

Management should be liquidated and

if employees will get their

entitlements. Some were being

sponsored by the company and may

now lose their visas.

And Kevin Rudd's new-look front

bench has been sworn in at

Government House in Canberra. The

reshuffle followed the

controversial resignation last week

of defence minister Joel Fitzgibbon.

New Employment Minister Mark Arbib

was fast to work, responding to job

figures, which are stable for now.

The Prime Minister is reportedly

seething over magazine photos

showing his wife working out at a

gym. Therese Rein has shed 25 kilos

in just six months so she can meet a major challenge. a major challenge.

One word turned Therese Rein from

this to this - 'frumpy'. And she's

misplaced 25 kilos along the way.

It's put a smile on the Prime

Minister's face. I'm proud of

Therese. She's probably fitter than

you or I. But behind the grin,

Kevin Rudd is reportedly seething

that his wife's gym time has filled

several pages of a women's magazine.

Look, if 'Women's Day' want to take

photos through a window, it's a

matter for them, I suppose. Others

will form their judgement about

that. Today we found those same

windows just off one of Brisbane's windows just off one of Brisbane's

busiest roads. The view was perfect,

but the gym was very empty. Therese

isn't here. No, sorry. What about

the first lady's gym instructor,

Al? Well, if Al's in there, he's

not making himself known to us. One

senses a stern call from Canberra

could be the reason why. Most women

in Australia would feel that they

should have some privacy when they

go to a gym. And rare agreement

from the other side. It's very hard

work being married to a politician,

and she does that work and she's

entitled to her own privacy. And

her motivation is spot on too.

She's in training to climb Mt

Kilimanjaro with my son Nicholas,

so she's been slogging away. She's

been hard at it. So while

conquering a personal mountain, the

PM's wife has provided a mountain

of inspiration for the rest of us.

Tim Collits, Ten News.

Swarms of giant jellyfish - some as

big as sumo wrestlers - are

spreading throughout the world's

oceans. And scientists are warning

deadly stingers seen in Australia's

north are now heading south.

Giant blobs are not only found in B-grade Hollywood horrors, but now

in our oceans. Like in the Sea of

Japan, where there is the big

Nomura's jellyfish, which is 2m in

diameter and weighs 200kg, like a

floating sumo wrestler. They are

absolutely massive jellyfish. They

are surging in size and number.

Swarms of the stinging marine

creatures have been recorded across

the seas, and scientists believe

they are taking over. Jellyfish now

dominate over fish in that system. CSIRO researchers blame human activities, including fertiliser

run-off and overfishing, for the

boom in jellyfish blooms. As you

move those small fish, there's a

lack on predation on those

jellyfish, so they explode in

abundance. Their tentacles deliver

painful and potentially deadly

stings. In large numbers they also

frustrate the fishing industry -

the giant species can rip through

nets and destroy stocks. Jellyfish

are found in waters right around

Australia's coastline. But

scientists also fear the most toxic

species, the box and Irukandji

jellyfish, which are now found only

in Australia's northern waters,

will soon migrate south as waters

warm with climate change. From one

small thing that seems very

insignificant to us on the surface,

the knock-on effects can be massive. Researchers are investigating ways

to slow their spread. The best

defence they have is reducing the

human impact on the marine

environment. Emily Rice, Ten News.

A desperate housewife is the latest

international celebrity to hit the

Sydney Film Festival red carpet.

Far from Wisteria Lane, Teri

Hatcher is here to premiere a dark fairytale.

This is Teri Hatcher as you've

never seen her. You are not my

mother. My mother does not have...

buttons. Do you like them? The

desperate housewife is playing

anything but in the 3-D children's

adventure 'Coraline', which

premieres at the Sydney Film

Festival tomorrow night. Dakota

Fanning plays the title character,

who gets sick of her parents and

goes on a dangerous search for a

better life. I am a big advocate

for it being a reminder to families

that we need to stay connected and

paying attention to each other.

It's the first time the actress has

been so invisible. Wisteria Lane's

Susan Mayer is just the most recent

in a string of high-profile gigs,

including playing a Bond girl and

Lois Lane. And there's one other

role that has her firmly implanted

in the minds of Seinfeld fans -

Sidra. They are real and they are

spectacular. Can you say that for

me? Do people say it to you? It is

so corny. Teri will walk the red

carpet at the State Theatre

tomorrow night. 'Coraline' opens

nationally in August. Angela Bishop,

Ten News. Brad with sport, and the

Broncos crack down on a senior


Yes, they've slugged Joel Clinton

with a massive fine for taking a

woman back to his hotel room -

details next. Plus, Australia

crashes out of the Twenty20 world

championship. And Lleyton Hewitt

London turf. out to ensure Queen's remains his

Australia has made an embarrassing

exit from the Twenty20 World Championship in England, the

Aussies knocked out after losing to

Sri Lanka. Skipper Ricky Ponting

says the side lost its balance

after Andrew Symonds was sent home following alcohol-related incidents.

After being sent home, Andrew

Symonds enjoyed a drink at the

rugby league. Half the world away,

his former team-mates were

struggling. Warner back in the

pavilion without scoring - Ricky

Ponting and Shane Watson left to

rebuild. Ponting paid the price for

looking to lift the run rate, and

when Watson was caught plum in

front, Ajantha Mendis had two.

Michael Clarke was snared, caught

and bowled. Michael Hussey the

third to fall to the spin of Mendis.

Brother David and Mitchell Johnson

combined for a partnership of 41.

Johnson unbeaten at the crease on

28. If Australia were to stay in the tournament, they'd need

something special. They found it.

What a catch! Brilliant! But Sri

Lanka had plenty of batting left in

them - Tillakaratne Dilshan on fire

with a combination of touch... Look

at that. And improvisation. 50 for

Dilshan as well. Before fall to the

part-time spin of Michael Clarke.

Kumar Sangakkara picking up the

slack. That's cleared the in-field

as well. Consecutive sixes from one

Hauritz over on his way to stiff

wicket. Jehan Mubarak with a killer

blow - Australia bundled out of the

World Cup. We have to move on from

this as quickly as we can,

obviously, and start focusing on

the Ashes. I can tell you now,

we're bitterly disappointed to go we're bitterly disappointed to go

out like we have. Ireland, the

cricketing minnows, were the major

upset, sending Bangladesh packing.

After 30 years, Denis Fitzgerald

has officially parted ways with

Parramatta. The former CEO made no

comment about his future today.

Meanwhile, Brisbane forward Joel

Clinton has been hit with an

astonishing $50,000 fine, plus a 1-

week ban for breaking team rules.

Joel Clinton meeting with the

Broncos board today, and slapped

with one of the biggest fines ever

issued in rugby league. I really

can't comment. Sorry about that.

Clinton down $50,000 for inviting a

woman into his hotel room. As the

punches get harder, hopefully the

messages start to get through. An I

have never seen a man so it remorse

ball. The Bulldogs meet Brisbane

this round and remain hopeful the

swine-flu quarantined Ben Hannant

will play. If I were them, I would

be considering it. Dogs coach Kevin

Moore believes Brett Kimmorley

could return to the Origin arena if

he can upstage current Blues

halfback Peter Wallace. Wests

Tigers captain Robbie Farah is

another of the game's finest placed

in quarantine in fear of the swine

flu. It comes at a crucial time for

the battling Tigers. People expect

wins - five games is an official

slump isn't it? We've just got to

pull ourselves out of it - the

Former international Anthony competition hasn't got away from us.

Minichiello's latest comeback

gathered pace today. But the last-

placed Roosters trained without

Braith Anasta, who's suffering a

hamstring injury and Nate Myles

remains in quarantine. NSW help

regulations, I think he will enjoy

the time off. And last night, the the time off. And last night, the

Dragons suffered just their fourth

loss of the season, going down 28- 24 to the Titans.

The Socceroos are having their

final hit-out at ahead of tomorrow

night's World Cup qualifier against

Bahrain. Reporter Neil Cordy joins

us live from training, it's a short

turn around but the Socceroos will

be ready? A I think their wealth.

The coach has said the preparation

starts tomorrow night against

Bahrain. The bad news is that Josh

Kennedy is out with muscle

tightness. He is expected to be

right for the match against Japan

at the MCG. The Socceroos had left

no stone unturned in their

preparation for the last two

matches. They have charted a jet

similar to what they did it four

years ago against Uruguay. It

worked to great effect on that

occasion. The coach has said he has

to keep his players's minds on the

job. They have to start to concentrate on the game for

tomorrow. Just think about the game.

He mentioned the Socceroos are

scheduled to play Japan in

Melbourne next week. Are there any

concerns about swine flu? Pym

swine flu. debate said he had no idea about

Teenage sensation James O'Conner

will get his first run-on start for

the Wallabies this weekend in the

opening Test against Italy in

Canberra. The 18-year-old named at fullback, forcing Adam Ashley

Cooper to the bench. He's clearly a

talent. Just one other change from

last week's starting line up - Dean

Mumm takes over at blindside

flanker after injuries to Rocky

Elsom and Matt Hodgson. Test

veteran Lote Tuqiri was again overlooked. Barry Hall admits his long-term

future at the Swans is in jeopardy after his on-field behaviour

against Hawthorn on Sunday. With

the match in the balance, Hall gave

the match in the balance, Hall gave away three consecutive 50m

penalties to gift the Hawks a goal

and turn the game. The only thing

in my control is the next 11 weeks,

and this could change things

dramatically or could go downhill

from here, but as I said, the next

11 weeks are pretty big for me.

Hall's contract with the Swans

expires at the end of this season.

Lleyton Hewitt barely raised a

sweat in his first-round match at

the Queens Club tournament in

London Matched against Argentine

Eduardo Schwank in the Wimbledon

warm-up event, Hewitt took just 44

minutes to cruise past his opponent

6-1, 6-0. I love coming here - the

grass courts are in exceptional

condition every year. Hewitt is

seeded 15th for the tournament he

has won four times. Later in sport

tonight - will Rafael Nadal be fit

to play at Wimbledon. And a pay

rise for Australian cricketers. The

same cricketers who have gone out

of the 2020 World Cup. Vic Lorusso

is in the traffic helicopter. After

a smash in Liverpool, three cars a smash in Liverpool, three cars

were involved. Look how he be the

peak hour traffic is. Now for a look at the national weather. (GUITAR MUSIC PLAYS) I'm just passing by SONG: # I... # You are passing me by too # Yeah, snap # Snap, little dragon, snap Tiny little rainbows for you. # # Sprinkler making rainbow (SMOOTH JAZZ) for the new Eggs Benny Value Meal. VOICEOVER: You'll stay up all night

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number 22, number 5 WOMAN ON TV: Number 7, Lotto number is 1. and the final winning So congratulations to all... (MAN 2 LAUGHS) MAN: It can't be! Look at that fish. Yeah. Oh, look at that fish.

This program is captioned live. A

big day coming up on Friday? It is

go a red for women on Friday. It is

a big day with a big message. Heart

disease among women kills more

women than breast cancer. Here is a

real life case study. This is Kim.

Kim, the unexpected happened you

get 43 years of age. Heart disease,

heart attack. You were not a smoker

or a drinker, none of it in your

family? No vote. Or what is your

message to people out there? 30

women a day perish from heart

disease. We have to do something

about this. What is your message?

And my message is, if you find

anything out of the ordinary, well

it can happen to you. Do something

about it and get it checked out. It

is about knowing your blood

cholesterol and your blood pressure. cholesterol and your blood pressure.

Get to your doctor and do that. Go

to the go red for women website. to the go red for women website.

Are you getting cold, ladies? What

do we do? You are going to need to

exercise tonight. It is down to

three degrees in the greater west.

Snow across the Blue Mountains. Can

you believe this? A top of the 30

degrees across the western suburbs

tomorrow. 14 degrees and Sydney.

Minimums down to zero degrees on

Friday and Saturday. It is snowing

across the Australian Alps. The

resorts look wonderful and white. A

good trip down to the snow is

advisable this weekend. The Blue

Mountains tonight will have the odd

up late or too. You can feel it. We

are getting goose bumps. Remember -

do not go blue, but turn red for

women on Friday. Tomorrow - it will

be chilly wherever you look.

Cloud is crossing a NSW, a trough

is bringing rain and snow. Tomorrow

- 8 front will bring cold wind and

showers. Light showers across the NSW ranges.

My nose is running. I am dribbling

as well. My eyes are watering.

Temperatures are colder than a

polar bear's bottom. That's Ten

News for now, I'm bill Woods.I'm

Sandra Sully - thanks for your

company. Updates throughout the

evening before the Late News with

Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING ) D-OHH! ( SCREAMS ) AREN'T YOU GLAD WE GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE AND CAME DOWNTOWN FOR A LITTLE CULTURE?