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Bowing out cash for Brendan Nelson

quits politics, leaving the

Liberals in turmoil. The Liberal

Party were not win the next

election it is not in a fine. A

federal MP - in a suspected case of

domestic violence and fears --

fierce winds we can pick across the

city, taking down trees and power

lines. There are also claims so

that the market jocks and's doctor

will be charged with his death. And

a piano concerto that has made this piano-playing cat an international

star. First tonight, Brendan Nelson

has had enough of politics and will

quit Parliament next month. Dr

Nelson's early retirement will be

another headache for Malcolm

Turnbull. He will be a distraction

at the very least. The Labor Party

will have to stump up the cash to

fight the by-election. There's

going to be a lot of interest and a

lot of heat in the pre-selection

process and by-election in safe

seats have a habit of throwing up

surprises, even though it would

take a swing of more than 17% up to

lose the seat, I think all these

factors were been well known by

Brendan Nelson. Always an emotional

man, today was no different. His

change of mind to quit now rather

than at the end of the election

brought a tear to resign. I have

given my heart and soul to this and

I expect some people will be cranky.

Some are put not with Dr Nelson. As

a politician you have to have some

backbone and a big he was a nice

person and was still mould. I think

it is a big loss, he has been

wonderful for this area. He says

that he has nothing else to offer

and a would be better for the

Vectra can the party for a fresh

and energetic member took over. My

race is what run. He has served the

national interest well, albeit on

the other side of politics. I like

him a lot as a human being and I

wish him well. He does regret not

taking a harder line on climate

change into the party room. It

rankles that mark an Turnbull took

his issue and ran with it. This was

his advice. The Liberal Party will

not win the next election if there

is no unified, if it does not have

a good policy and pull together.

The polls show that there was an improvement in polling.

Congratulations on his poll. Just

remember that there is another one

in two weeks! Malcolm Turnbull

thinks Dr Nelson for his

distinguished contribution. He says

that the by-election will give a

chance to pass judgement on the

road Government, Labor is unlikely

to field a candidate in one of the

safest Liberal seats in the country.

The federal MP has been - in a

suspected case of domestic violence.

John D Campbell's Palmer has been

charged with assault after she was

admitted to hospital with bruises

and abrasions. Mr Small left at and abrasions. Mr Small left at

Launceston court. He is accused of

attacking his partner, Joe D

Campbell. She was admitted to

hospital after allegedly being

punched in the eye and stomach. She

has since being discharged. Today

the Prime Minister offered Ms

Campbell his full support. The try

spoke to her last night and her

long chat with her. She is in good

spirits despite the great trauma

that she has gone through. She won

her highly marginal Tasmanian seat

at the last election and propelled

the Rudd Government to power. She

is a very, very hard-working member.

She is a very good person. I got to

know her very well in the period

that she has been in Parliament. On

making clear he was not commenting

on the specific case, the Prime

Minister did not hide his feelings

about domestic violence. Acts of

violence against women are cowardly

acts by men and have no place, no

place in modern Australia. He was

not asked to enter a plea during

his brief court appearance. He will

reappear next month. Fierce winds

have ripped through Sydney, cutting

power to plenty of homes. It also

interfered with the travel plans of

tourists. The civic conditions hit

the suburbs hard. For some, winds

of up to 100 kilometres proud

delivered to frighten him wake-up

call. We heard this almighty crash

at around 1am and the whole house

shuddered. More than 220 people

called the ICS for help. Others

were too costly repair jobs while a

man walking and very car in the

state's North was killed when it

slipped off the jack, crushing him.

Police are investigating if the

wind contributed. Do I thought a

limb had fallen from the tree again,

I came out and looked and there was

no talk to the House! All but run

one way - all but one of runway was

closed at Sydney airport. Of course

it is frustrating. 7,000 homes were

plunged into the dark with power

lines going down. Melbourne in lines going down. Melbourne in

Canberra also to be abating. In Queensland, gusty conditions

combine with a heat wave kept

firefighters and alert. The wind

had drip -- drop off significantly

by the afternoon and it was almost

back to beach weather put to not

expected to last. As city killers

fear the wild weather, people at

the snow are enjoying a return to

winter. We're now due for a sudden

gust of Tim Bailey. Whatever you gust of Tim Bailey. Whatever you

tell me I'm not going to be

surprised! Is has been eventful to

say the very least. That trough that snuck through Sydney at

sunrise gave us a blast of 82 gone

to his prowess wins at Sydney. 89,

to spare are forced Cyd-Campbeltown

which was there windiest gust in

three years. So further south that

there were wins a of over 100 km/h.

It Willie's late tomorrow afternoon.

Another trough for only three the

area. Tomorrow morning will get

westerly winds, probably in excess

of 60 to 70 condoms per hour. More

details and a trip with tin's teams

at the end of the Bolton. He in

cameras have captured staff from a

Sydney training company taking

bribes to produce fake

qualifications. He has been exposed

on tape as the go to drive for one

of the security guards in need of a fake communication.

There is an office administrator at

his brother-in-law's now-defunct

training academy. He has recorded

by an informant signing and handing

over training certificate so. It

ends in a hundred dollars for just

a few minutes posed by a quirk. The

certificates were issued with no

actual training required. A place

to do business with him. For they

need any more can I come back and

see you? Lovely. When the ICAC

eventually they do the Office, he

got on the telephone. In a

conversation played at the

commission, he warned that another

training companies to check their documents and remove anything

incriminating. They allege that incriminating. They allege that

they handed out sample at us for

taken exams. One worker said that

she was paid to Tiller student's

workbooks for them. The hearing

continues. You will have more

protection from sharks the summer

with patrolling and netting

returning to a peach within days.

Scientists so also looking for ways

to protect sharks from last.

Apologies. We did not have a chance

to roll the story properly will

make another attempt later it

becomes to hand. We are joined for

the headlines in the sport and a

major comeback unmanly. We had been

waiting for this, they eschew the

returns from many surgery Against

the Sharks while Wendell Sailor

denies the dragons are choking. And

can Lottie degree drive up his

prize? He's been talking about a

return to rugby league. We are also

not sure about how Casey Stoner

will grow. We have also got the man

who built the world's biggest

motorbike. Also ahead, income's

subdued Ashes celebrations and the

strain coach on the fund for it

over criticism of Ricky Ponting. A

man charged over child sex offences

that date back 14 years, we will

have the details coming up. Also

tonight, the teenager that stunned

doctors, surviving a 50 metre cliff

fall. I thought oh was doomed.

There was over. And the new chain

trim gadget helping shoppers turn

the other cheek. It will be a great

relief for were friends and

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This program is captioned live.

You'll have more protection from

sharks this summer, with patrolling

and netting due to return to our

beaches within days. But scientists

are also looking at ways to protect

sharks from us.

The grey nurse shark may look

menacing but in truth, it's

vulnerable. It's estimated only 900

remain in waters off the east coast.

The grey nurse

Is a critically endangered animal

off our coast, and we're trying to

do all we can to save the grey

nurse shark And scientists may now

have discovered a way to protect

the species from its biggest threat

- commercial fishing. Ground-

breaking research off Lord Howe Island has found high-powered

magnets repel the sharks as they

approach baited fishing lines. In

this test - a magnet, attached to the

the second fishing line, deters the

entire group. Within about 30cm or

so, and then shy away once they

detect that electro-magnetic field.

If successful, the findings could

be applied the world over to protect other endangered shark

species. We need to build a number

of other measures to increase its

chances of survival. While saving

sharks is under way, efforts to

save swimmers from the very same

creatures will get under way in

just days. 51 shark nets will

return to New South Wales beaches

for the start of spring. A spate of

shark attacks last season has prompted authorities to take

further action. It's understood a

DNA database may be set up to research shark populations, size

and movements, and shark nets will

be checked more frequently. I think they're very significant, they're

very useful. I believe they will

improve the operation of the program.

A man who ran several Sydney movie

theatres has been charged with 26

child sex offences. The 66-year-old

was arrested at his Sans Souci home

this morning after a five month investigation. It's alleged he

committed the sexual assaults over

30 years from the 1960s while he

owned a number of independent

cinemas in Sydney's south. The man

has been released on bail until his

court appearance in September.

A teenager has stunned doctors

after surviving a 15m cliff fall

with remarkably few injuries. Ku-

ring-ai Council will now consider

installing fences to prevent more accidents.

At night, during a thunderstorm,

the police helicopter's thermal

imaging camera managed to spot 13-

year-old Rohan Forster. The

teenager, missing for 3 hours, lay

in the scrub unable to walk after

falling from a cliff. Officers were

thrilled to see him moving. Oh, it

was a great feeling, and we radioed

that through to the guys on the

ground. They found a child lying at

the base of the cliff. Of course,

all the worst thoughts go through

your mind at the time. Then we

heard he was talking, so at least

we knew he was alive. Rohan had

been walking in bush near his St

Ives home two weeks ago when he

slipped while trying to climb

around a rock formation. He plunged

15m - breaking his leg and wrist.

He also suffered internal bleeding.

I thought I was doomed - like it

was over. Falling so far, doctors

say the only way Rohan survived was

because he landed on his feet, not

his head. And had rescuers not got

to him in time - had he been left

out in the elements overnight - his

injuries were so serious, he

probably wouldn't have survived. He

dropped his mobile phone as he fell.

It landed out of reach, so he could

only wait for help to arrive. His

family is thankful for the response

by doctors and emergency crews.

They were fast, they had the

resources. The local council will

now investigate ways to make the

cliffs around St Ives safer. Kids

will be kids, and if there were

fences, they would just climb over them.

It's the invention that could save

relationships - a camera in a

fitting room that shows what you

really look like from behind. The

buttcam is already a hit overseas,

and now it's on trial here.

It's the question for which there's

no right answer. So, if you want to

know if you're bootylicious in the

bottom department, don't ask, just

use the buttcam. Bring it in

everywhere, why not? Who doesn't

want the buttcam? Once you know

it's there, it's hard not to sneak

a peek. The problem. I see myself

proper probably different labels so.

Channel Ten has been using buttcam

for years - it was our news camera that caught Jennifer Hawkins' memorable wardrobe malfunction. Now,

Jeanswest has put it in stores as a

marketing tool. Wanted to aired

some add some fun to the process.

The cameras can't record, so

there's no chance of becoming

YouTube's next big thing, and most

customers are happy to give it a

crack. It will be a great relief to

lots of boyfriends and husbands,.

Even if you are like me the store

has stunned but Spall stock. So far,

three stores have got behind the

idea in Sydney, Melbourne and

Adelaide - the chain hopes to have

the buttcams nationwide by next year.

Woolworths prepares to take on

Bunnings in the hardware stakes,

details next.

Also, a mid-morning smash and grab

at a prestigious London jeweler.

And recreating history - we go

behind the scenes of the Bob Hawke

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A bitter weather is infecting the

traffic as well, those wins are

causing problems and some doubters.

Obituaries. And we had a grass fire

there was impacting motorway here.

We're back over it here because

we're getting some of those winds

whipping out. You can see how close

it is to the properties. We have

caught fire services on seen at the

moment tried to contain it and as

those wins start to whip up it

looks concerning down there for looks concerning down there for

firefighters and also for traffic

heading out towards the local

suburbs. The M5 was affected

earlier. As the winds whipped up,

there is plenty of smoke blowing

out to Campbeltown. We are going to

keep a close eye on it. We will

bring you another day to at the end

of the Bolton. Milton a Orkopoulos

will now send at Les-spend less

time in prison. He was jailed in

2008 Fall of charges including

heroin supply and sex without

consent. His bid to overturn the

convictions was dismissed but it

did reduces minimum term by three

months. He would now be eligible

for parole in 20th January 17. Good

evening, this is the kind Jette-ING

Direct Finance Report. Australia's

biggest retail or has made its his

decision that is sure to be well

received by her man of letters. It

is taking over at -- taking Everett

a hardware chain. It says that it

sees room to expand the hardware

sector which is already worth $24

billion. Its nearest rival,

Buntings, says it is not worried

about the competition but says that

smaller stores will suffer and this

they specialise or find a way to

match the big store convenience. It

was a week a day on the share

market. One of the day's biggest

falls were from Wes farmers as his

shareholders reacted to the

Woolworths deal.

Firefighters are slowly winning the

battle against a push by an author

that -- happens. As it swept

through the Greek capital, a group

of nuns fought to save the

monastery. As the bills of his

monastery told, the fires raged. It

is a warning to the local community

to leave an area already in golf by

smoke. These nuns are ready

themselves with hoses and branches

are to be the flames. They are up

against a wall fire. The places are

now spread across a smaller area

than the four per one that is just

as dangerous. The authorities best

weapon is water taken from the

Aegean Sea. This is the epicentre

of the fires. Despite planes

repeatedly going over and dropping

water like this, the fires just

keep on springing up. Across the

valley they watch in disbelief as

they neighbourhood burns before

they arise. The cloud of smoke

become as part of Athens has now

been here for three days. It is a been here for three days. It is a

constant reminder to so many of the

threat that lurks Sony. London

police are hunting a gain of smash

and grab Jill thieves that made up

with a million dollars in gems in

less than a minutes. They used

sledgehammers to smash their way sledgehammers to smash their way

into this exclusive store. The shop

assistants fear for their lives as

the main gripe it they could from

the display cases. They were in

doubt and 39 seconds. Police

believe it could be the same game

responsible for a similar heist

last year. Bob Hawke is now the

star of a new movie. Prettier of extras

extras have taken a step back in

time. There is now telling movie

about the former Labor leader's

rise to power. Do you really want

Government troops taking their jobs, commandeering the walls and

railways because of your insular,

naive prejudice? The story begins

in 1977 when he was ACT you

President and follows his trials

and triumphs until 1991 until he

was toppled by Paul Keating. Bob was toppled by Paul Keating. Bob

has a larger than life character

that had this effect on the country.

12 says he spent months at studding

his mannerisms and distinctive

voice. The kind of Australia we

want to live in. The wavy hair was

left to a wigmaker in Germany. The

producer says that it will folk --

feature Bob Hawke's most memorable

moments. By 1990, no Australian

moments-- no a strange child will

live in poverty. It will also show

the womanising and the love of the

drink. Hundreds of extras are

helping to bring there is a life

for a television audiences. Many of

them come with their own memories

of the Prime Minister. He was such

a American. Others were still in

nappies back then. Bob Hawke is

just a name that we learned about

in school. It will air next year.

Moran Sydney's wild, windy weather

next. We have some details on how

long it will last. Also, the

startling new evidence that could lead to charges over Michael

Jackson's debt. And the piano

playing pussycat that has become an internet sensation. PRESSURING HIM WON'T WORK.

His wins have torn through Sydney

bringing her down trees and power

lines. Traffic and air travel were

disrupted and thousands of homes

lost power. Jodie Kemble is

recovering after being - in a

suspected case of domestic violence.

Her partner has been charged with

assault and has been released on

bail. The Liberal Party is facing

more turmoil after formally do

Brendan Nelson announced he is

quitting politics early. The

immediate resignation will force a

by-election in his Sydney seat.

Criminal charges are likely to be

laid against Michael Jackson's

doctor after reports that his debt

have been ruled by Humberside. This

comes after shocking details of the

drugs given to him on that morning

he died. The details emerged in a

search warrant at the David and it

paints a sad picture of Michael

Jackson's last few hours. We now

know the deadly cocktail of drugs

the killed him. It started with

Valium and ended with a powerful

sedative. One week ago, Michael

Jackson's besiege doctor released a

public plea and achieve. I've done

all I can do. I told the truth and

I have faith that the truth will

prevail. Now this after David

reveals exactly what he told

detectives. For six weeks he

administered 50 milligrams a of a

hospital great sedative to help the

star battle insomnia. He says that

he suspected Michael Jackson was

becoming addicted that on the

morning he died he was restless and

could not sleep. At 1:30am he gave

them Valium and then there was

another cocktail of drugs. Just

before at 11 o'clock, Michael

Jackson asked for his milk, what he

called a powerful sedative. He made

some phone calls and when he returned Michael Jackson was not

breathing. It is very far below

what the standard of care or of any train anaesthesiologist would do.

Later that day, he refused to sign

Michael Jackson's death certificate.

And leak from the coroner's offers

says that the debt has been well the whole aside, fuelling

speculation that the doctor will be

charged sown. His lawyer says that

much of the affidavit is police

theory. A tabby cat has become an

international star thanks to her

talents on the piano. The moggy is

in fact so pitch perfect that she

has even had a concerto written for

her. While other moggies are

prowling the back alleys in search

of mice, Nora is treading the

keyboards and search of harmony.

Her owner insists that the five

field has a natural ear for music.

She was obsessed with the piano

from the time I've got a home of

the piano. This is her own thing it

is not a trick or something that we

tauter. She plays and we are not in

the room, she plays a we're not in

the realm, some Dutch oppose when

we are not wanted to play. Since

the performances were posting on

the internet - posted on the

internet, she has become an

international star. 20 million fans

have logged on to watch and mission.

She has had a concerto written

especially for her. Her own

contribution was recorded and then

played through to their live

orchestral audience. A family of

seven squatters has surprised ACT

resident by sneaking in trying to

set up home. Two were ducks have

been nesting above his apartment

but the ducklings jump down on to

David's balcony and waddled into

his living room. I was in my office

to in my work and I heard of this

chirping coming from the living

room. I came out and there were all

this ducklings on the living room

floor! Wires will now take over

caring for the dark and would you

believe that one of them is

actually very good and the guitar! I

I just threw their team. And ducks

to pussycats to that with sport. A

subdued celebration for England

with the Ashes. Yes, so far it has

been a parting from their

celebration of 2005. Plus, plenty

of support for or Ricky Ponting, A

taste of finals fever as Sailor

response to this joker claims. Plus

extremes sporting fun - the

Australian who has built the

world's biggest motorbike.

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This program is captioned live.

Welcome to sport. After coming to a

financial settlement with the ARU,

Lote Tuqiri was on the look out for

a new footy club today. If the 29-

year-old returns to the NRL, he's

likely to do so suffering a big pay cut.

Lote Tuqiri set to shake hands with

a lot of people in the coming weeks

as he looks to secure his playing future. $YELLOW Expectations

everywhere. I'm just going to go

out there and see what's out there,

and go from there. If money is driving his next decision then

Japanese rugby, French rugby or the

English Super League is likely. But

it's believed Tuqiri wants to stay

in Sydney, and he concedes a return

to the NRL is the preferred choice.

But finding a club that can pay him

even close to what he earnt in rugby isn't possible. Despite being

widely talked about, the Sydney

Roosters today said Lote will only

play eastside if he's prepared to

go for next to nothing. Wests

Tigers headquarters is a stone's

throw from his inner-west house,

and he's already in preliminary

talks there. Had a chat to Tim

Sheens last week and I'll have a

chat to a few people in the next

week or so. We are interested, we

do not deny that, so is every other

rugby league in the country. Or will long-time mentor, Wayne Bennett, bring another former

Bronco to St George Illawarra? The

29-year-old's often seeking

guidance from the veteran coach.

Yeah, someone to bounce a few

questions off - he's always had

good advice for me and I'm sure

the coming weeks. I'll ask him a few more things in

The Wests Tigers have named two new

wingers after losing Taniela Tuiaki

and Beau Ryan for the season. On

the flanks against the Gold Coast

will be Rhys Hanbury and Blake

Ayshford. The Tigers need to win or

face missing the finals for the

fourth year in a row. The last six

weeks, I know we've salvaged a bit

of respect, but we're not just

happy with that. I've got a little

brother who's got Down's Syndrome

as well and it's nice to see a

smile on their faces. You leave

here just thinking, "How good's

this?" A lot of these kids are

football followers but not just

that - they light up your world. On

the field, the story isn't quite so

rosy. The Dragons have now lost

two-straight, but are denying the

'chokers' tag so long synonymous

with the big red 'V'. Mate, as far

as I'm concerned, it's a new

culture at the Dragons and we're

leading the comp, I'm pretty sure

we're still first at the moment so

I don't see - we've lost five games

this year. If that's choking, well,

I'm not a good judge of a football

team, so, yeah. And while it was

all fun and games here this morning,

that all changes this weekend when

the Dragons take on South Sydney

where they'll need to win if

they're to stay ahead in the race

for the minor premiership. But

while many would be jumping through

hoops to win the minor

premiership... Go, go, go, go. The

Dragons say they don't mind one way

or the other. Yeah, no, I agree -

it's probably not that important.

I've been there on Grand Final day

four times. That may be just as

well. Last night the Bulldogs

joined Saints at the top of the ladder. COMMENTATOR: And the

general will make it a double!

Their halfback Brett Kimmorley in

what some are calling career-best

form. He reminds me a lot of a

bloke like Terry Lamb - just with

the way he conducts himself. Dogs

fans waving goodbye to last year's

wooden spoon. The Roosters hot

favourites for the unwanted utensil.

The Wests Tigers have named two new

wingers after losing Taniela Tuiaki

and Beau Ryan for the season. On

the flanks against the Gold Coast

will be Rhys Hanbury and Blake

Ayshford. The Tigers need to win or

face missing the finals for the

fourth year in a row. The last six

weeks, I know we've salvaged a bit

of respect, but we're not just

happy with that. At the end of the

day we want to make the semis and

falling just short again isn't

going to be good enough. And prop

Bryce Gibbs will seek a downgrade

of his kneeing charge at the

judiciary tomorrow night.

Swans coach Paul Roos says he's

unlikely to go on a post-season

spending spree. With a host of

players retiring this season, the

Swans have plenty of room in their

salary cap. We'll have probably 6

or 7 spots up at the end of the

year for some younger players, we

might do some other things but it's

unlikely we'll spend too much money

on players from other clubs. The

Swans are hoping for a big crowd

for Saturday night's match against

the Brisbane Lions at the SCG to

send off premiership trio Michael

O'Loughlin, Leo Barry and Jared Crouch.

No open bus rides for the English

this time with a much more subdued

celebration of their Ashes victory

than in 2005. Ricky Ponting heads

home from England tonight with his

team defending the skipper.

It was a very quiet day at the

Australian teams' hotel as players Australian teams' hotel as players

came to terms with their Ashes loss

to the old enemy. Brad Haddin on

his way home to treat his injured

finger and coach Tim Nielsen

supporting skipper Ricky Ponting. To

To isolate one player in a group of

16 over a couple of months is

pretty harsh. His leadership is

outstanding, the respect the group

has for him never questioned. For

the English, their celebrations

were low-key. Freddy Flintoff, in

particular, was a much more sober

figure than the one who didn't hold

back as the drink flowed years ago.

He's in for surgery on his injured

knee with talk of a knigthood for

his services to the game. What the

Australian players think of that

remains to be seen. I'm not so sure

how many players will call him

'sir' out there. What is certain is

the hole he will leave in the

English Test team. But many believe

they have a ready-made replacement

in 23-year-old Stuart Broad. My

only focus - and this is that I've

talked to my family about and my

father is very clear about this -

if I put the hard yards in the

pitch and in training, and then

what will, be will be. Who knows

how he will develop? Hopefully, he

will be a character - that's why

Flintoff will be so hard to replace,

but I think Broad is big enough and

shoes. strong enough to step into his

An Australian man claims to have

built the world's biggest motorbike,

and he wants it in the Guiness Book

of Records. This monster measures

10m in length and tips the scales

at almost 14 tonnes, making it

three times heavier and almost

twice as long as the current record

holder in the US. We wanted to

build something big, but not only

big - something that could cause

mega-destruction. With a top speed

of 30km/h, the big bike will be

appear at Sydney Olympic Park in

September for Monster Truck Jump Mania.

In Sports Tonight at 9:00pm on ONE,

a double blow for the Wallabies. We

hear from Boomers big man Nathan

Jawai on his NBA hopes for the year

ahead, plus some great goals from

the Premier League and the Carling Cup over in England.

Vic Lorusso is in the traffic

helicopter. An update on the grass

fire causing problems around St

Andrews Ball stop it is blowing

into Campbelltown as well. We have

a fire at forces on signal. It is

blowing up over some homes and back

on to the tune highway. The traffic

is delayed going into Campbelltown

tonight. It is a result of the

smoke and ash is blowing over the

motorway. Tim Bailey has all the

weather details after the break.

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Now for the way than some will

conversation about sport. Sometimes

they complement each other. The

skies are the 15 the ones they are

the under 15 Sunday bill would

Wanderers. They come from Sierra

Leone, and Somalia. Until three

years ago they did not call

Australia at home. Now they do, and

they are happy. They are in the

final on Sunday. A round of

applause of for them. To hear a bit

more about the story, I will

introduce you to George Marcos. He

should be very Proud tonight. Tell

us about the boys. This is

Claudia's who introduced us to the

African youth community. We have

joined a community team. We all

share the same passion of which is

football. You look after the boys?

I would like to thank the manager,

hit it takes a lot of hard work. He

or ways it shows us respect and

love. We feel like a family. He is

a five star general. We say thank

you to you, Claude of. You make

sure they do not get into trouble

and get on to the sporting fields.

Three years ago, these boys had not

kicked a football on the grass.

This poor is the start. 18 goals of

for the season. Our own their hair,

a familiar face, John Aloisi. It is

an honour to be here and mix in the

with these guys. We try to help any

club or we can. Can you explain

that the cheque. It is a cheque to

help out the club. Hyundai has

donated $210,000. It is about

grassroots sports and people fell

filling their dreams. What a

wonderful football club. We're

going to squeeze out a bit of

weather. That was a windy day.

Sometimes the weather runs second

to go to a human interest stories.

180 come to his prowess at

Campbelltown. A vigorous cold front

went across the Australian High

country. Blizzard conditions in the

Australian Alps. 30 centimetres of

snow expected tonight. Another

trough will move across Sydney

about sunrise. Wind will be at 70

km/h, it will go down in the afternoon.

Cloud over the south east and cold

south-westerly wind will bring

increasing showers and storms to

Tasmania, Victoria and southern

Australia. Very strong winds over

Tasmania and southern parts of NSW.

Snow is on the South West

Australian Alps. This is a

wonderful football team. There are

21 teams in the competition.

Congratulations for the Wanderers.

Johnny allow wheezy, thank you very

much. You guys are legions. Go, the

Wanderers. That's Ten News for

now.Updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Sports

Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWS ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES )