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BACK TO GRAB HIS BOTTLE. HE WAS CRYING, SO I REACHED I THINK HE KNEW HE COULDN'T FIX IT. HE WAS MORE MAD THAN I WAS BECAUSE I HIT THE ISLAND. RIGHT AS I REACHED BACK, ON ANYONE BUT YOURSELF. BASICALLY, NOT TO RELY This program is captioned live. in two days - Tonight, the third shark attack on the South Coast. a snorkeller suffers serious wounds for a while. I won't be having a bath

I'm a bit scared of the water. A taste of things to come - we can expect from global warming. Sydney's king tide shows what And Sydney's stomach-churning shop - on the stench of dead rats. customers and staff choke The smell's disgusting. The clothes are great. Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Harbour Bridge toll-free for taxis. Also, the push to make the And a standing ovation in Hollywood a posthumous Golden Globe. as Heath Ledger is awarded to see that, you know? I just really wish our boy was here? But heading the News at 5:00, off the east coast in just two days. the third shark attack

than 40 puncture wounds to his calf A 24-year-old man is suffering more south of Wollongong. after being bitten at Lake Illawarra, and flag down help. He managed to punch himself free but, thankfully, in one piece - On crutches Steven Foggarty is out of hospital his number might have been up, just hours after he thought attacked by a bull shark while snorkelling.

I saw the blood all over both feet both legs were there. and had a quick look to make sure

By turn and start and swinging it

and I think I got one on him there. It

It happened just under this bridge.

Initially people thought he was

plying a joke. I was screaming for

help and they'll all walked and

kept walking like nothing had

happened. A man in a boat brought

in to shore. He was in shock.

Someone wrapped him in a blanket.

In the summer holidays this area is

really popular for swimming and

snorkelling. Today fishing took on

a whole new meaning. Sharks are not

uncommon in the area. We have uncommon in the area. We have seen

them off pictures off this Coast line just a week ago. on Australia's east coast The attack is the third in just two days. Yesterday, 31-year-old Jonathon Beard was surfing at Fingal Head,

when a suspected bull shark

out of his thigh. took a 40-centimetre long bite there won't be any dramas. The doctor was very confident by the end of the week. He could be walking 13-year-old Hannah Maighall And this was the shark that attacked the white pointer bit her on the leg. The teen was surfing when She's recovering in hospital. has rolled across the coast, A monster king tide our sea levels may be in the future. offering a glimpse of where Ten's environment reporter Emily Rice joins us from the Spit.

did the levelsrise? Emily, just how high

coastline endured water levels Had around an hour today Sydney's

there were almost two metres high.

According to signed us that his 50

centimetres above average. Swimmers

did not mind that the pools were

flooded and disappear under high

tide and there was not much sand to

be saying where the water smashed

against sea walls. Conservation

assists the say it is a warning

that for the future and residents

should be prepared for tides like

this to become more common and the

sea level rises to become the norm in decades to come. collapse, Well, we're seeing sea walls right now, we're seeing properties at risk

in 20, 30, 40 years. so imagine what it's gonna be like

There was no major damage or

flooding or in and out of

inundation. It comes don't have a

weather. It was quite calm today

and it kept the swirled down.

Residents were still on high Residents were still on high alert

for particularly those at a neutral

by the apartment that was hit last

year. It is still hanging

precariously over the water so it

serves as a warning. The scientists

are saying we should be aware there

is another king tied on 22nd July is another king tied on 22nd July

and there will be a lot bigger. Rotting dead rats are causing a stink

thousands of dollars a day. that's costing a city clothing store as disgusted customers flee. Staff now have to wear masks At this Sydney boutique, and so are the prices, the fashions are great to smell a rat. but it doesn't take customers long in the roof above them. That's because dead rats are rotting the smell's disgusting. The clothes are great, It smells like a toilet in here. the stench has been getting worse. For the past three months, It's now so bad and offer customers the same. shop assistants wear face masks you can work here? Is that the only way Yes. It's just unbearable. it's embarrassing as well. It's just... it's been eight months - We've had the rats since last year - the rat poison up in the ceilings, but then, since we put

obviously there's rats up there. It's been nearly three months. They've been complaining for months.

to the City of Sydney Last week, a public complaint

check the store saw its health inspectors and order an immediate clean-up. But workers are still waiting. around $4,000 to $5,000 a day, This store usually brings in there's no doubt trade stinks. but right now Today it's closed on just $300. It's been really, really dead, we can do about it, and there's nothing and they just run away - 'cause people just walk in they just leave the store. My friend gagged and walked out, and I just... We were offered a mask if we wanted, and then we left. We couldn't stay in it, 'cause it was terrible. Health inspectors will return to check the store again next week.

Ali Donaldson, Ten News. The taxi industry wants the Harbour Bridge made toll-free for cabs. Otherwise, they warn, there'll be a passenger backlash when congestion tolling starts in two weeks. Crossing the Harbour Bridge by taxi currently incurs a $3 toll. (E-TAG SCANNER BEEPS) Passengers are forced to pay the fee in both directions. But the Taxi Council believes it's time the toll for cabs disappeared. There probably is a case now to be developed that maybe taxis should be exempt, as should buses,

from paying the toll, to encourage more people to use public transport. In just two weeks a 3-tiered bridge tolling system will be introduced, ranging from $2.50 overnight to $4 in peak traffic periods. Cab companies believe removing the toll for public transport would be a more effective measure to ease motoring congestion. If someone could use public transport and, like, a taxi

and get rid of the $4 congestion toll, if you like, then that's an incentive to leave their car at home. Convincing the Government and RTA to eradicate the toll for cabs may not be that easy. With literally thousands of taxis crossing the Harbour Bridge every single day, well, it would be a big hit to the Government's coffers. The Harbour Bridge became a cashless toll road

for the first time today. Although some motorists were caught by surprise, the RTA says it will help accelerate the journey across the Coathanger. Now you can get around about 2,000 vehicles an hour through an electronic tolling booth,

as opposed to about 400 through a cash booth, so you can see there the difference that it does make. Motorists without a tag won't be penalised for the first few weeks. James Boyce, Ten News. to recession levels. Job ads have now plunged A survey has found newspaper vacancies have fallen by 50%, as bosses batten down the hatches. Amid the doom and gloom, some bosses believe there are advantages to a worsening jobs market. We can pick and choose. and I mean, from an employer's side of things, it is better for us. Job-seekers are running out of options. The number of job ads in major newspapers and on the Internet dropped almost 10% in December. Industries and corporates in Australia are delaying or even scrapping employment plans for the year ahead. Compared to 12 months before, newspaper job ads were down more than 50% - the worst outcome since 1982 - while the Internet suffered a 28% drop.

The decline was most noticeable in the boom state of Western Australia. While some industry sectors and some companies are doing it tough, others are looking forward at expanding, even at the present time. According to the ANZ, in job advertising the rate of decline provides further evidence that the demand for new labour across the Australian economy is now at recession levels. The bank predicts unemployment will hit 6% this year, and up from the current rate of 4.4%. well above government projections I think a lot of people will probably tend to stick to their jobs, if they have a job, because it will be harder to find jobs in the future. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. A year after his death, Heath Ledger has been honoured with a Golden Globe award for his work on the film 'The Dark Knight'.

TV and movie stars gave a standing ovation,

as crew members fought back tears. It was Heath Ledger's night. And the Golden Globe goes to... ..Heath Ledger, 'The Dark Knight'. The posthumous award for his final completed work as the Joker in 'The Dark Knight'... (LAUGHS MANICALLY) I don't want to kill you! ..brought the stars to their feet.

After Heath passed on, you saw a hole ripped in the future of cinema. He will be eternally missed but he will never be forgotten. I was just so elated - we all were. I was just amazing and the mere fact that everybody stood for him, gave him a standing ovation - that really hit us in the heart. cancelled the Golden Globes party

but the stars were back in fine form - the leading names of cinema and television competing for best-dressed honours, with no hint of tough economic times on the red carpet. They get all free stuff as well - they're not bothered, going round in their Gucci and their Armani. Two other Aussie stars, Rachel Griffiths and Melissa George,

were nominated for Best Supporting TV Actress but missed out to Laura Dern. British star Kate Winslet took home the Best Supporting Actress for Film and she also won Best Actress.

"Please wrap up"? You have no idea how much I'm not wrapping up! And Mickey Rourke fought his way back to the top, winning Best Actor. It's been a very long road back for me. The Golden Globes mark the true kick-off to the Hollywood awards season and the winners from here will soon become hot favourites for the Oscars. The Academy Awards nominations will be announced next week and Heath Ledger is again a standout favourite. At the Golden Globes, in Beverly Hills, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Adam Hawse, and Australian cricket has a new hero. Yes, Deb. Just about everyone is talking about David Warner in the Twenty20 clash against South Africa last night.

The nuggety New South Wales opener set the MCG alight

with 89 runs from just 43 balls. That included 7 fours and 6 sixes. The Aussies beat the Proteas by 52 runs. And teenager Kofi Danning finally gives Sydney FC fans something to cheer about - his first A-League goal sealing a win over Wellington last night. Even better news is Kofee's Even better news is Kofis just re-signed for another two years. And two sporting icons have arrived in Australia. Roger Federer and Lance Armstrong are ready to show they still have what it takes. We'll hear from them, coming up in sport. Still to come, a compelling new reason for pregnant women to quit smoking. Plus, outrage over the decision to increase parking fees in hospitals. And Delta returns to the Sydney stage after a 3-year break.

Wellbeing is not just about posing well. Oh! Which is a shame because I've got that down pat. Raa! And here at Fernwood, the staff ARE the know-it-alls. And how much pie do I get? Just doing some catching up. Ha! With LOADS of variety to retain my interest.

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This program is captioned live. Parents of sick children have accused the State Government of the lowest act possible after it increased parking fees at major hospitals. In some cases fees will rise by 25% but parents argue it should be free. WOMAN: Ready, set, jump! Stephania Papadakis is a happy She needs constant check-ups at Westmead Children's Hospital Stephania Papadakis is a happy 2-year-old, but she's not well. She needs constant check-ups at Westmead Children's Hospital for a terminal liver disease.

So when the hospital decided to increase the cost of parking, her mother, Val, was furious. Even without the increase, it was too much to deal with. The new parking rates at the hospital will hit families with large increases. The daily rate goes from $12 to $16. Monthly passes jump from $15 to $20 a week. They're definitely making money out of us. We don't need this. While the Papadakis family may be eligible for an exemption, parents argue, with huge medical bills, the compassionate approach should be extended to every family. But, under the change, the number of free spaces allocated will drop by half.

When you've got other costs involved, it adds up. And for the Government to slug particularly people who are regular visitors to family members with chronic illnesses is just short-sighted. The hospital has defended the increases, saying it's trying to strike a balance between those who can pay and those who shouldn't have to.

It also claims no extra money will be made out of the hikes. Maintaining car parks, particularly multi-storeys, is not cheap. The State Government plans to privatise hospital car parks to save $6 million, which could result in further price increases. Josh Murphy, Ten News. A train driver has escaped injury after his cabin was peppered with rocks in the Hunter Valley. The driver heard a number of loud bangs when at least three rocks He stopped the train as a precaution before proceeding to nearby Metford Station, where he called police.

It's the latest in a string of rock attacks on trains in the area. Detectives are examining CCTV from a nearby train platform. Women now have another compelling reason to stop smoking while pregnant. New research shows lighting up increases the risk of childhood cancers, including leukaemia. It's hard to believe but 17% of Australian women smoke during pregnancy. Now new research has revealed those babies are more likely to develop childhood cancer. Smoking during pregnancy causes low birth-weight babies, it causes babies to be premature and it ncauses and it causes a larger rate of admission to neonatal intensive care. New mums at this Sydney baby clinic can't understand why any woman would want to place their unborn baby's life at risk. You just want them to grow up happy and safe and healthy, hey. anyone would do that anymore. I just can't imagine With all the complications that can go wrong, for that nine months, I think it is very surprising. While a study is yet to be done, researchers speculate the cancer risk doesn't stop at childhood. They believe adults whose mothers smoked during pregnancy could also be at greater risk of contracting the deadly disease. Researchers say it's in poorer areas where many people don't speak English where the no smoking message still isn't getting through.

The new generation of young people coming forward often feel that it doesn't relate to them

but, as they become adults, as they become pregnant, then it becomes a really important message that they should just take to heart. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. A bird more commonly seen in the Northern Territory wetlands has been found far from home, in a Sydney backyard. The jabiru suffered concussion when it crashed into a window at Lilli Pilli, in Sydney's south, It then almost died of hypothermia when well-meaning people doused it in water, thinking that was what a water bird needed. Thankfully, it's now in the care of a wildlife officer It's not clear how the bird ended up in Sydney. The nearest colony is in Lismore.

What else washed up on the beach in

the King tides. Fashion fattened up

at one fish and sirloin sounds like

a new arena I know. The beach was

flat and the tomb metre tides and

some pictures were being in trouble

if they were. We got some rain last

night - about eight millimetres at

Penrith. It's a dry old argument

for the start of the year. We have

had it in the city only 1.6

millimetres and that is the dry

start to the ear since 1982. Ahead, the Australian military reveals its long-term plan to begin withdrawing from Afghanistan. Also, Fiji's flood crisis traps hundreds of Aussie travellers. And one for the record books - a canine super-mum gives birth to 18 puppies.

(SPLAT!) Ew! (SWANS SQUAWK) Ah...ah! (THUMP! THUMP!) SONG: # A little bird told me that you love me... # # That you love me... # (SWANS HONK AND SQUAWK) (HONKS) Ahhh!

To we will check on the traffic now.

All focus today has been on a cashless

cashless Harbour Bridge. The

holiday is over on the roads but here is the cashless here is the cashless Bridge.

Usually there would be a queue to

get through the toll booths but my

own problems now. It will give you

a 15 minutes on your journey.

131865 to arrange your payment. Israel has admitted for the first time

that the bloody conflict in Gaza could be over soon. Ten reporter Danielle Isdale joins us now from Israel. Despite the rejection of the UN's demand for a cease-fire, the conflict is moving toward a resolution?

That's right, Deb. That UN call from a few days ago was for an immediate cease-fire

and, as we saw from the intensified fighting since,

it was largely dismissed by both sides. Now another turning point in this conflict - it may get worse before it gets better but at least there's talk from Israeli authorities themselves that an end is in sight. The battle may almost be over, according to Israel, which claims it's close to achieving its goals in Gaza. We think we are approaching the end game. But Palestinian fighters are determined.

Hamas continues to launch rockets over the border, mid-interview, where, as we saw first-hand they fall with little warning.

A siren sounds and there's seconds to run indoors. That's it. That's all? Yeah. We wait inside until we hear the bang... (MUFFLED EXPLOSION) There we go. A few more. I think that's us. I think that's us. That's OK. So that's how it happens? You hear the noise... You run somewhere and that's it, and you stay there until you hear the bang. The sound of rockets got Israeli police moving too. OK, we just heard the explosion.

OK, both of them just landed. Let's go. One landed near an apartment building, the other near a school. The Dahan family don't like to go upstairs anymore. It's too far away from their reinforced room. That's where both parents and four children sleep. Together? Together. All night? All the night. Every night? Every night here. In Gaza, much of the population is without power and running water, housebound and terrified. Some residents have reportedly fled built-up areas as Israeli troops advance. On the Gaza-Israel border, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. The Defence Minister has played down claims Australian troops will be out of Afghanistan by 2012. But defence chiefs on the ground are still working towards the ambitious plan

within three years. Joel Fitzgibbon supports the target but says Australian forces will remain in Afghanistan until political stability in the country can be guaranteed. Australian holiday-makers stranded in Fiji are pleading for help to get out as floodwaters continue to cause havoc. Fijian authorities have declared a state of emergency after the floods killed 7 people and displaced 9,000 others. It is, by all accounts, a disaster. Fiji's tourist centre, Nadi, is flooded. Roads to resorts in the north and west are cut off, leaving hundreds of tourists stranded. The night that I arrived, Saturday, I was fearing for my life. And to get our room, we had to go through knee-high water to get to our room. We saw the water coming up quite close, so it was very, very scary, so we just basically stayed in our room. So severe is the flooding, moving can only be done by boat or 4-wheel drive.

Many have raced to the airport to try to fly out, only to find flights full. Airlines have added extra services. Those arriving home say the situation is chaotic. We were booked out last Friday and so we had to try three or four times to get to the airport. But the worst part was the Australians who were pushing other people out of the way to get buses and get seats. Very un-Australian. It was a nightmare. At check-in counters today, warnings, but still those willing to travel. We've been talking to the hotels and the islands in Fiji and they've told us it's all OK. Not so willing, newlyweds Kristel and Matthew Shelley, cancelling their long-planned honeymoon. into where we are going are... Seems that all the buses And even if we get there, there are people stranded with our room,

so there's nowhere to stay. For its part, Virgin Blue says it's still allowing people to fly because they want to and because its advice is that the situation in Fiji is easing. Even so, it admits it's trying to be flexible with those who want to change their travel plans. Floodwaters in Nadi are beginning to recede, leaving the clean-up. But there is more heavy rain expected. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. 250 people are feared dead after a ferry capsized in Indonesia. 18 people, including the ferry captain, have been rescued but most of the passengers and crew on board are still missing. The ferry sank in huge seas when a tropical cyclone caused waves of up to six metres.

Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, there's further evidence the financial crisis is crippling our tourism industry? Deb, in their requests for a bail-out, operators are warning the Federal Government they face the toughest year in two decades as scores of foreign visitors put travel plans on hold.

The number of arrivals dropped for the third straight month in November. In fact, over the month, 35,000 more Australians headed overseas than foreign visitors arrived here. Another dramatic fall in job advertisments weighed on the market today and added to jitters caused by dismal US labour figures, which pushed the unemployment rate in the world's largest economy to a 16-year high. Mining and energy stocks were the biggest losers today, though Foster's gained ground. And that's the day in finance. Now to a special delivery for the record books. It's not quite 101, but a Dalmatian called Buttons has given birth to a litter of 18 puppies in England, just a year after she produced a litter of 15. It's a new UK record but 3-year-old Buttons is used to the spotlight. Her father starred in the sequel to the Disney movie '101 Dalmatians'. The vet lost count during the first scan

and the puppies were delivered by caesarean. Her owners have decided she won't be having any more. They're keeping one of Buttons's puppies and have found homes for the others. Still to come, Cyclone Charlotte brings floods to North Queensland. Also, the 80-kilo 10-year-old who went into cardiac arrest.

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A big stink at a popular boutique in Haymarket - customers and staff have been forced to wear face masks because of the overwhelming stench from dead rats in the roof. The city council has ordered a clean-up. And the third shark attack on the east coast in just two days - 24-year-old Stephen Foggarty suffered 40 puncture wounds to his leg He managed to punch himself free and flag down help. Queensland's first cyclone of the season in the south-astern Gulf. has crossed the coast in the south-eastern Gulf. Wild monsoonal weather has also lashed the eastern tropics, drenching parts of the coast with more than 400mm of rain in the past 24 hours. The biggest king tides of the year are also making their mark. Low-lying areas have been flooded and dozens of homes in Cairns have been sandbagged or evacuated. I just woke up and the water was right up to the carport here - it was just a sea of water everywhere. And I've been here for 15 years and I've never seen water like this. It was like, "Oh, wow!"

Ex-tropical cyclone Charlotte was downgraded once she hit land, but the wet weather's expected to continue for at least another few days. Obesity is being blamed for a girl's heart scare at the age of just 10. Brittany Lindsay weighs in at a staggering 80 kilos, but she's battling to live a healthier lifestyle. Brittany Lindsay is lucky to be alive after suffering tachycardia - chest pain, shortness of breath and severe arm pain - the warning signs of a heart attack. We just got in the car and her heart started racing, so it really came out of nowhere.

With her heart racing at 200 beats a minute she was rushed to hospital.

It was definitely scary, but they got it under control. A heart victim at just 10, Brittany started to pile on the weight after her father died, an emotional overeater who's now striving to be healthy. Can you tell me what you had for breakfast this morning?

I had a shake. She's battling the bulge through a Queensland research project called Eat Smart. By stripping fat from her diet and exercising a little bit every day Brittany has already lost three kilos in just four weeks, so she is well on her way to her long-term goal of being 20 kilos lighter. Mum Donna is also taking dietary advice. It wasn't so much what we were eating, I think it was more the portion size as well. It is really important that parents think about doing something rather than doing nothing. And certainly, the obesity, if nothing is done about it,

it will track into adult life and the young people - could expect, many of them, at an early age - to have type 2 diabetes certainly high blood pressure. While Brittany still craves fatty foods... Nachos. ..she's hoping to inspire other kids to eat smart too. You've lost a centimetre off there since last time you came. That's brilliant. Children can be referred to the research clinic by a family doctor. Lexy Hamilton-SMith, Ten News. She's walked the red carpets of many of Hollywood's big awards shows, but Cate Blanchett was 10,000km away from today's Golden Globes. At the same time a feast of Hollywood stars partied at the Golden Globes, Cate Blanchett was hard at work under a golden shower. The star is in final rehearsals for her role as King Richard II in 'The War of the Roses'.

It's her first onstage role since taking over as co-artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company. Her next will be in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' later this year. She joins an ensemble of top local talent including Pamela Rabe and John Gaden in the Shakespearean epic, which spans 100 years of British history.

That be England and that was want

to conquer others has made a

shameful conquest of itself. either with a dinner break or over two nights. shameful conquest of itself. And

it's a massive body of material. If

you were to perform that

performance straight through it

would be over 50 hours straight. would be over 50 hours straight. It

is not the only show in town

offering audiences on bang for your

buck. There is a Chekhov play at

three-and a-half hours and no dice

at for hours. And lips sink runs at for hours. And lips sink runs in nine hours.

'The War of the Roses' runs at the Sydney Theatre

until February 14 and then moves to Perth 10 days later. Delta Goodrem has been given an enthusiastic welcome home, kicking off her first national tour in three years. The 24-year-old songstress played in Newcastle on Friday and Saturday before wowing crowds at Sydney's State Theatre last night. (SINGS 'BELIEVE AGAIN') Goodrem told fans she was very excited to be singing as she launched into hits from her three albums. She'll take her Believe Again tour around the country. and David Warner puts plenty of pressure on Australian cricket selectors. Yes, Deb, at the moment he's just a Twenty20 player but there are now calls for David Warner to be rushed into Australia's one-day squad. The South Africans sent to all parts of the MCG by a rookie on debut. David Warner's one-man pillage of the Proteas. And a fifth US Tour win for Geoff Ogilvy in Hawaii - with 1.5 million reasons the Australian to be a very happy and popular man.

This program is captioned live.

Australia's newest batting sensation, David Warner, has been given rock star treatment after his dream Twenty20 debut at the MCG last night. Hardly known before the game, Warner actually needed security to shield him from media and fans at Melbourne Airport. In the space of 24 hours David Warner has gone from virtual unknown to cricket's new 'It' boy. JOURNALIST: Dave, you'll be leaving Melbourne a pretty happy man? MAN: Not too close please Yeah, it's quite a buzz, quite a buzz. On the back of his blistering international debut, the New South Welshman is now firmly in the sporting spotlight. Cricket Australia went to great lengths

to shield 'Demolition Dave' from the media as he flew out of Melbourne. Come on - not too close. An about-face from administrators a few hours later - Warner fronting the media in Brisbane. This is still a dream I think - I haven't woken up yet - but hopefully it all sinks in tonight and I can get ready for tomorrow night. The first player in 132 years to represent Australia with no first-class experience, Warner smashed his way into cricket folklore. COMMENTATOR: Oh, where's that gone? That's over the fence! (LAUGHS) That's 50 off 19 balls. His 89 from just 43 balls puts him in the frame for a one-day call-up. to keep the 22-year-old out of the 50-over team. If he keeps htiing them tonight then he's going to be putting pressure on people left, right and centre, whether it's players or selectors or whatever as well. My hopes aren't too high. What I said before - play tomorrow night then go back for NSW and hopefully put another win on the board there. will be made after the opening two internationals. Roger Oldridge, Ten News. his chances of victory Lance Armstrong is playing down in his historic comeback race in Australia. The 7-time Tour de France champion says he's getting back on his bike so he can continue the fight against cancer, the disease which nearly took his life. Lance Armstrong hopes for one thing in his down-under comeback. I would like to be... ..strong. Three years after retiring, the most inspirational cyclist of our time has chosen to return to competition I think it would be unrealistic to expect a victory. When you're 1 man out of 200, it's strange sometimes really dictate how your day goes. Armstrong's courageous battle with cancer and subsequent record-breaking seven straight Tour de France titles While his team trained, he gave a huge media contingent

to practise with local heroes and Jack Bobridge. Stuart O'Grady, Patrick Jonker The point is I'm super excited and stoked to be here and looking forward to racing. Armstrong's face is everywhere - not just as the centrepiece of a race. His true passion - a global anti-cancer campaign. A string of events, including a $2,500-a-head banquet, will raise money for his Lance Armstrong Foundation. a sporting challenge, and it's not a financial challenge, it's none of those things, really. I came back as a volunteer. His Astana team believes

the extreme heat forecast for Adelaide should work in Armstrong's favour. How hard they race, whether they go from the start every single day, the heat - obviously, the more of those combinations, the better it is for him. Many team-mates have not competed with him before but won't be overawed. He is a person like everybody else, he is a rider like everybody else. The first event - the Tour Classic - is on Sunday. Alan Murrell, Ten News. A relaxed Roger Federer has arrived in Melbourne on a mission to rewrite the record books. The 3-time Australian Open champion is chasing a record-equalling 14th Grand Slam title.

The experts might say he's vulnerable and past his best,

but there's no doubt Roger Federer is still a fan favourite. I'm excited about the new year - it's better than last year. When I arrived I felt sort of OK and then the next day I got sick, so I hope it's gonna be better this time around. By his own lofty standards, Federer is coming off a below-par year, winning just the one major - the US Open. And he was beaten in Qatar last week by Andy Murray - the young Scot suddenly emerging as the Australian Open favourite. Well, he's never won a Grand Slam yet, you know, prove himself. The Swiss star is just one major trophy away from Pete Sampras's all-time career mark of 14 Grand Slam titles, a record he's desperate to reach. I think the most pressure I've ever felt was going for my fifth Wimbledon. So all those things make you a bit more relaxed coming into a season like this, because from here on to the end of my playing days I will be able to chase records. Women's world number one Jelena Jankovic

has hit Melbourne Park, appearing to have recovered from the illness that forced her to pull out of an exhibition event in Hong Kong last week. Last year's finalist Ana Ivanovic also continues to step up her preparations, while in Sydney, Australian Casey Dellacqua suffered yet another loss - knocked out in the first round by Italian Sara Errani in straight sets. And Tennis Australia has gone for youth, announcing 16-year-old rising star Bernard Tomic has been given one of the final wild cards. It will be the Queenslander's Grand Slam debut. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. Teen sensation Kofi Danning is still coming to terms with his match-winning performance for Sydney FC last night. The 17-year-old's first goal for the club

made him popular with the coach and fans. The Ghana-born midfielder recently re-signed for another two years. Yeah, I'm ecstatic. from where I'm still like a baby - I mean, it's a big thing moving I'm still not 18 yet. Yeah, I couldn't believe it. It's the biggest thing. Danning scored the lone goal last night. in Sydney's win against Wellington

Manchester United has heaped more pressure on Liverpool at the top of the Premier League ladder, with a 3-0 thrashing of Chelsea. Goals to Nemanja Vidic and Wayne Rooney sent United on their way, before Dimitar Berbatov finished things off to leave them five points off the pace

with two games in hand. COMMENTATOR: Three goals, three points,

and a huge statement of intent. And an injury time goal to Maynor Figueroa

gave Wigan a 1-0 win over Tottenham. Geoff Ogilvy has surged to victory in the season-opening Mercedes-Benz Championship. After a nervous start saw four bogeys reduce his overnight lead to just one stroke, it took an eagle at the ninth to help put him back on track. It was the right time for a great shot, and I happened to make the putt, which was a big bonus.

It made me feel really good and I went on to make a few birdies after that. Ogilvy finished at 24-under, six shots clear of Anthony Kim and Davis Love. His fifth US tour win netted him over $1.5 million in prize money, a new Mercedes and sixth place in the world rankings. A breakthrough win for Sydney snowboarder Damon Hayler in the World Cup border-cross event in Austria. Hayler defeated Olympic gold medallist Seth Westcott on his way to the final and from there his competition fell away - literally. Hayler, in the yellow bib, was actually second over the finish line but the happy American in blue was later disqualified. It gave Hayler his first-ever World Cup gold medal and a major boost leading into next week's world championships. Later on Sports Tonight, NSW's Twenty20 clash with SA at the SCG. Stay with us - the forecast for the week is next.

Berger's 30 Day Colour Celebration is now on. to celebrate this summer's brightest colours.

Time for all when the details. If

you're still on holidays to Mrs T

has some good news for you. Another

big blue sky at tomorrow. The

holiday weather is just fabulous.

And it's an old fashioned Round Of

blue sky and summer temperatures.

It will get warmer the day after -

31 to the mid-30s. And Wednesday

will also be good. Nothing to

complain about. King tides gave us

a nudge and will do that tomorrow.

As Farrah this the rainfall was

concerned - eight millimetres at

Penrith. It's been a dry old start

to the Year. We have had 1.6

millimetres in the city and that is

the dryers start to Year since 1982.

Congratulations to Russell and

Bovingdon scarf. He was a legend at

10 for many years. Well-played, old boy.

But there are dense carbon or over

at North Queensland is generating

squally flooding rain. Cloud

sprinter southern Queensland is

causing the odd storm. Charlotte to

generate rain across northern

Queensland. Fresh winds on the

cause will cause showers. Hot winds

in the Western use of Wales and

Victoria. Some showers for Eastern

Queensland. Heavy rain in the tropics. Queensland. Heavy rain in the

tropics. We have real warm stuff

starring to build across the

western NSW and there will get to

Sydney on Tuesday and Wednesday,

particularly the western suburbs.

That brings you up to date on the News at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 11:00. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.