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(generated from captions) C. I don't know. Have you ever heard of the Beatles? I have. I have. Heard of Paul McCartney? Played the bass in the Beatles. John Lennon was. He wasn't my favourite - your favourite now. He's certainly not

Paul McCartney. No. Never mind. Jack Bruce with Cream. Entwistle with the Who.

Paul McCartney - the most famous of them all. left-handed bass guitarist Never mind. Sorry about that. Anyway, as we said,

Karen didn't win $100,000, instead she won $1,000. Well done. Thank you. I'm happy with that. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Former Sharks star Greg Bird for glassing his girlfriend. sentenced to prison of the 'utegate' scandal The email at the centre found to be a fake. fired in a robbery at North Sydney. Shoppers run for cover as shots are and these guys are on the ground Next minute, I run up "Open the door!" and a gunman yells, And we track the dangerous sharks

all over Sydney Harbour. that are roaming

Good evening. shortly, Greg Bird's shock jail sentence

but I'm here at Parliament House in Canberra the line over the 'utegate' scandal. where political futures are on with the Prime Minister shortly, We'll speak live on the Federal Police raid but first Laurie Oakes centre of the controversy is a fake. that confirmed the email at the Federal Police raiding the home High drama in Canberra - of the so-called 'utegate' scandal. of a public servant at the centre Godwin Grech Mild-mannered Treasury officer the Prime Minister could have destroyed committee last Friday had been true. if this explosive claim to a Senate a short email from the PMO to me My recollection is that there was

to the case of John Grant. which very simply alerted me under investigation, But this morning, it was Mr Grech about the alleged email... Federal Police questioning him We can't tell you anything. seizing material from his computer, ..and, armed with a search warrant, in the Treasury Department. having earlier examined computers Kevin Rudd, meanwhile, with one blunt message. had been blitzing the media it is a fake, it is a forgery. No such email exists. It is false, found the email DID exist, In fact, the police but it WAS a fake, Minister's Office, Andrew Charlton, not sent by the adviser in the Prime whose name was on the bottom. indicated Mr Grech had admitted that. A police media statement The preliminary police report Turnbull with egg on his face. leaves Opposition Leader Malcolm and the alleged email, On the basis of Mr Grech's evidence corruption and demanded he resign. he'd accused the PM of lying and of the police action, Soon after news broke to censure the Opposition Leader, Mr Rudd moved in parliament

Mr Turnbull and other Liberals saying to journalists and others for weeks had been promoting the fake email that Liberal senator Eric Abetz and pointing out was the first to make it public at Friday's committee hearing. by reading it out in his defence. Mr Turnbull blundered I believe, in the 'Telegraph'. That had been published,

and other News Ltd papers Nope - the Sydney 'Daily Telegraph' published it a day later.

judicial inquiry into the affair. Mr Turnbull now wants a full The Prime Minister joins us now and Mr Rudd you say fingerprints all over it. that email has Malcolm Turnbull's has anything to do with it. He says no-one in the Opposition a liar? Are you calling Malcolm Turnbull Can

Can I just say that it is not every

day but the Leader of the

Opposition stands up and says that

the Prime Minister is corrupt. Let

us just nail it for what it is.

That is what he said over the

course of the weekend and he said

his evidence for this was an

alleged he now between my office

and the Treasury, only to have a

confirmed that the entire basis for

his allegation that

his allegation that - this email -

is a fraud, a fake, a fabrication.

Therefore my own judgement is that

Mr Turnbull has no option. Do the

honourable thing - I apologise and

resign. Are you saying Mr Turnbull

is a liar? Disorder negativity in

viewers want Australian politics when all your

viewers want us to get on with the

business of fighting the recession,

helping families. Rather than

engaging in the politics of

negative smear. What we have

discovered today is that on the

basis of a forged document, there

goes to a judgement of his

character. To be claimed that Wayne

Swan are misled Parliament. Are you

certain that nothing more will emerged that will embarrass

emerged that will embarrass him? I have full confidence in the

Treasurer. He has been doing a

fantastic job on the economy. We

are one of the few advanced

economies -- economy is not to have

gone into a recession. On the

arrangement with car dealerships

across the country, it is because

of the recession there we have held

this -- mac brought this into helps

came out dealerships. The trade association

came out in the last 24 hours and

said that all of these car dealers

were dealt within the same way.

This has to be seen for what it is.

I would call upon the senior people

of the Liberal Party, the

experienced heads of the Liberal

Party, Mr Costello, Brendan Nelson,

to tap Mr and Turnbull on the

go. He does shoulder and say that it is time to

go. He does not have the character

to occupy the highest office in the land.

Now to your Treasurer Wayne Swan, Later in the news, for our ex-prime ministers. we reveal how much we're all paying of former league star Greg Bird. Now to the surprise jailing ruled this afternoon A Sydney magistrate between 8 and 16 months behind bars that he spend Katie Milligan, for glassing his girlfriend, pending an appeal. but he's been granted bail, once a star of rugby league. The fall of a young man

REPORTER: How's he holding up? at the moment. I think he's very fragile as he was taken to the cells, Greg Bird was near tears only to sneak out of the court moments later after his lawyers lodged an appeal. It's hard to tell if he's sorry for what he's done or for what it's cost him. Now a criminal, his sponsorship deals are gone and he'll never again play the game he loves for his country. His demise was the result of a drunken, violent night 10 months ago when he smashed a glass into the face of his American girlfriend Kate Milligan and then tried to pin the crime on his house-mate, amateur golfer Brent Watson. In sentencing, the magistrate said:

Remarkably, his permanently scarred girlfriend is standing by him. Yes, we're still very much together. Bird's been given permission to fly back to France to be with her, although the reunion may be short-lived. The 25-year-old is expected in court to answer allegations of more violence against women and it involves a glass - he's accused of throwing one at Victoria Shannon after pushing her in the chest.

Allison Langdon joins us. The severity of the sentence seemed to shock many people?

None more than Greg Bird himself None more than Greg Bird himself

none were then - mac none more than

Greg Bird himself. Opinion is

divided. I think it is harsh. He

has to be held accountable for his

actions. He's just a person like anyone else. actions. He's just a person like

anyone else. I really feel that it

warrants far more than eight months.

Both the NRL and the Sharks refused Both the NRL and the Sharks refused to comment Both the NRL and the Sharks refused

to comment today, saying that Greg

Bird is no longer their problem.

His appeal or be on 6th August. Police are investigating links between a security van robbery this morning in North Sydney and an almost identical one in February. The bandits fired a number of shots workers forced to dive for cover. It was a carbon copy of a raid four months ago - the same time of day, the same security company dropping off cash to the same ATM in North Sydney. Even the witnesses were the same. These men were angry and firing shots. and we thought these guys were serious, and a bit more aggressive than the last ones. The three armed bandits struck just before 7am. A security camera, partially obscured by a light, films the Chubb van arriving. The robbers, in a car, reverse up the street and ambush the guards.

Next minute, I run up and there's a guy on the ground and a gunman going "Open the door, open the door! Cocks his gun and fires a couple of shots into the van. One of the bullets hit the back of the van as the robbers forced their way inside. They had balaclavas on and gloves, so you couldn't see anything.

It was all over in less than three minutes. The men speeding off in a small red sedan, taking the money and the security guards' guns.

While police have given no indication of just how much money was taken this morning,

it's likely to be a very substantial amount, considering that the robbery back in February resulted in the thieves escaping with close to $1.5 million. The raid will now be added to a growing list of security van robberies being investigated by a special police taskforce. Damian Ryan, Nine News.

Workers at a bowling club have accused police of putting their lives at risk by allowing an armed robbery to go ahead even though they were waiting nearby. The employees claim police used them as bait to catch the violent criminals, who threatened to kill anyone who didn't follow their orders. It's the type of event that can change your life. Leanne Hopwood locks her doors during the day. Loud noises make her panic. And at night it's worse. We all slept in the same room for two months - the girls in bed with me, Geoff on the floor.

These are the images she can't get away from - five men in hoods and balaclavas who smashed through the doors of the North Haven Bowling Club in April. And that's when he held the knife in front of me. He was behind - knife in front - and he said,

"If you don't turn those lights off I'm going to hurt ya." All staff were bound with cable ties for 10 terrifying minutes while they ransacked the office - only to be met on the way out by more than a dozen police with Kevlar jackets, guns and Tasers. When staff came out through these doors, they were thankful to see the club had been surrounded by heavily armed police,

but they were surprised and more than a little upset to hear this from a female detective. Apologised to me and everyone, saying, "Sorry you had to go through that, "but we needed them with the goods or we don't have anything on them." Staff believe they were used as bait to catch a gang responsible for a series of armed robberies. It was a massive gamble to take with our lives, I think.

Today police refused to talk on camera but admitted the entire operation is under investigation. Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. Seven people including a crew member have been injured New research has revealed the shark problem in Sydney Harbour is much worse than first thought.

Deadly bullsharks have been tracked lurking as far west as the Gladeville Bridge

with one clocking up almost 300km of harbour travel

in just two weeks. Department of Primary Industries researchers catching, tagging and then releasing one of two large bull sharks in March. Since then, where these man-eaters have been is amazing. In one day, a shark moved 55km. That equates to driving from Sydney's CBD to Penrith, which is an incredibly large distance for a shark to swim. One 2.8-metre male spent spent only a night in the harbour.

The other, measuring 2.5 metres, spent 14 days inside, swimming as far west as Abbotsford and as far north as the Spit Bridge. One night it went to Manly, before re-entering the waters.

Bull sharks love this part of the inner harbour. Just to the south is Birchgrove, where one was caught. The other was caught right here at Mann's Point. That second shark spent almost a quarter of its time right here.

This new research, as well as the attack on navy diver Paul de Gelder, underlines exactly why harbour swimming isn't safe. You're taking a risk if you swim in the harbour at dawn or dusk or in the evening, 'cause that's when these sharks are most active, moving right along the harbour. Government scientists will go back out onto the water within weeks to catch more sharks. The tags inside the sharks last up to five years.

Kevin Wilde, Nine News. In the news ahead - a Nine News investigation reveals our most expensive former prime minister. And the gruelling Sydney auditions for wannabe stars of 'Mamma Mia'.

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A Nine News investigation has revealed the price we all pay for the perks given to former prime ministers.

The bill runs well into the millions each year, with John Howard by far the most expensive - close to $1 million just on his own. This is John Howard's new workplace, high up in Sydney's MLC building. A taxpayer-funded office with sweeping harbour views

and a hefty price tag:

According to our Freedom of Information investigation. It includes: Not that his staff were willing to show us. It's ridiculous. It's an obscene amount of money. And the expenses tick up.

Add in staff, security, running costs and a host of other perks and John Howard cost tax payers - $908,551 last year. These are all absolutely routine expenditures. There's been nothing wasteful. I just think it's outrageous. It's something we can't afford. Excessive and over the top. The tab we picked up last year for other former prime ministers is also substantial. More than $380,000 less than John Howard. Mr Howard declined to be interviewed on camera. But in a statement said a lot of expenses are one-off costs

for his first full year out of office and added: If John Howard thinks they're reasonable and justified, I reckon most Australians would be disagreeing with him. Daniel Street, Nine News. Mamma Mia, here we go again. The smash hit musical which became an even bigger hit on film is making its return to Sydney. Today, scores of hopefuls put on their dancing shoes

for a chance at stardom. They're gonna live forever. (ABBA'S 'MAMMA MIA' PLAYS) They're gonna learn how to fly. Fame - same goal, different musical. More than 700 young men and women are competing for roles in the coming Australian tour

of the world's hottest and most enduring show. (ALL SING) # Mamma mia, now I really know... # 60 hopefuls in this casting call, a few minutes to learn the routines. And those that have got it, it'll start coming out pretty quick. They all want to make it to heaven, to light up the sky like a flame. The producers know what they're looking for. That little spark that makes someone really special. Finally the music stops and the hard part, the cut, begins. About half get through. Naomi Burke. It's exciting to get through. Shaking in my boots, I was. Like, you know what? Just put on your game face, do what you do. You do - experience no guarantee. I worked at the Moulin Rouge in Paris for two years. She got through today. As the girls finished stage one of the selection process,

the blokes were just starting. (SINGS) # Ba ba, ba ba ba ba.... #

'Mamma Mia' opens in October and, for 14 young Australians - fame. Peter Harvey, Nine News. To Ken Sutcliffe now who's live from Wimbledon. Ken, more disruption for the Blues ahead of Origin. Pete, it's the last thing they need, but it's all good for new recruit Josh Morris. And Aussie Mark Webber shines at Silverstone. ZOE: When we go to Woolies,

Mum lets me get the fresh meat for the barbecue, and I like to push the button. Yes, young lady? Hello. Can I have 20 lamb chops with, um, handles on them? 20 lamb chops with handles. (BUZZER BUZZES) Please. (LAUGHS)

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MAN: For help in managing asthma, your Capital Chemist is an important part of the team. Ask us about ways to ease the symptoms and ease your mind. At your Capital Chemist, we know what matters.

The Blues' preparations for Origin II have been thrown into further chaos today,

with Josh Morris rushed into the side to replace the injured Craig Wing. Josh's father Steve is in a state of shock - he thought the selectors would pick twin brother Brett. Let's start with the good news for the Blues. Trent Barrett says he's fine to play in Origin II. How's the old back, mate? Sweet, yeah. The bad news - the game's best bench player, Craig Wing, re-injured his hamstring on Saturday doing extra training because Barrett needed to rest his back.

I'm glad Baz is OK. I've let him know. But, yeah, unfortunately for me, I'm gonna miss the game. The loss of Wing is a huge blow for the Blues. He was one of the few players to cut through the Queensland side. Now there's going to be increased pressure on Kurt Gidley and Robbie Farah to exploit the tiring Queensland forwards. Darren Lockyer says Wing's absence will hurt the Blues.

He was a big part of their comeback in the second half. Josh Morris is the new super-sub. His dad, Steve 'Slippery' Morris, says he's up to it. He's probably one of two or three in the team that can probably run 100 metres and bust the game open. But Josh has a new challenge to deal with. Never really came off the bench before, so I'll have to ask a few of the boys how they cope with it. Steve did say he thought the selectors would have picked Josh's twin brother, Brett. He's been on fire with the Dragons.

I actually thought his brother Brett had more of a chance there for a while. He was top try-scorer. Danny Weidler, Nine News. Here at Wimbledon, the action begins tonight, the centre court roof guaranteeing there will be play, no matter what England's weather throws up. With Rafael Nadal missing due to injury, Roger Federer is the hot favourite to regain his crown. Roger Federer believes he has the right balance now, having won all the majors, but he will miss Nadal's presence. After all, they have met in the last three finals at Wimbledon, like it was almost expected. People just thought it's a walk in the park for us just to make Grand Slam finals after finals after finals and it's just not the case. Fittingly, the man who believes centre court is his own backyard will be the first to play at these championships on the hallowed surface with its brand-new roof in place. While the weather will be less of a sticking point this year, Britain's Andy Murray could be for Federer. I've beaten most of the players in the draw and I feel comfortable on grass, but it's a lot easier said than done. Once again, the Williams sisters

are the overwhelming favourites to meet in the women's finals. Everyone wants to know the secret. There is no secret, just hard work. For the Australians, Lleyton Hewitt, Samantha Stosur and Jelena Dokic begin their campaigns tomorrow. Mark Webber's best season in Formula One has continued

with another podium finish, this time at the British Grand Prix. It was a red letter day for the Red Bull team, with Sebastien Vettel claiming his second victory of the season. Webber followed his team-mate home and remains in fourth on the drivers' championship. Americans Ricky Barnes and Lucas Glover continue to defy the odds, and retain a share of the lead in the rain-interrupted US Open which enters a fifth day. Five shots back but still in the hunt is sentimental favourite Phil Michelson, who's putting thrilled the New York crowds. Tiger Woods is seven off the pace, but if the leaders falter he can't be written off just yet.

I can tell you the weather is

terrific. The entire tournament

looks like great weather - we may

not need the roof. In finance, the sharemarket has climbed 16 points - recovering some of last week's 4% loss.

BHP Billiton rose 1.5% while the NAB jumped almost 2%, after revealing it's buying Aviva's Australian wealth management business for $825 million. The weather next with Jaynie Seal.

Jaynie, a couple of dry days in Sydney this week?

Yes, Peter, some beautiful and sunny days,

maybe showers next weekend. But we'll look at all that shortly. in WIN News at 6:30. n z Coming up in WIN News at 6:30. n z Coming up

on WIN News... The Cotter Dam expansion gets the green light,

Hundreds of local government

councillors converge on the councillors converge on the Capital,

And changes to come for the Green

Machine after that loss to Manly.

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No more rain for a few days. Get that washing out. With so much blue sky, we had our warmest day this winter. A top of 21 in the city. Too warm for jumpers. The wet weather over the weekend was from this big rain band, now moving out to sea. 12mm for the city in the last 24 hours. But the area to watch is in north-east NSW, where over 100mm has fallen. Minor flood warnings are in force and we're expecting another 50mm-100mm. Heavy rain for Brisbane, wet and windy for Perth. Melbourne, a possible storm. Back home, and we say g'day to students at Samuel Gilbert Public School, Castle Hill.

Their school is set in beautiful bushland - they even have their own veggie patch and rainwater tank. Thanks, team. Well done. On the menu for Sydney tomorrow, patchy fog first up, with another dose of sunshine. The city, a top of 20 degrees. Wednesday, more sunshine, 10-20. Thursday, a degree cooler. Cloud moving in Friday, with possible showers over the weekend. Western Suburbs 7-21 tomorrow. Sunshine and light winds. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the same. And we're keeping an eye on the forecast for those weekend showers, Peter. From Canberra, I'm Peter Overton. Hope you have a good evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia

aiming for sixteen Tonight ... aiming for sixteen Tonight ... Tip

Top' s company restructure slices more than fifty jobs in the more than fifty jobs in the Capital.

Police search a Canberra man' s

home for the controversial home for the controversial ute-gate

affair email, And, a major hurdle affair email, And, a major hurdle cleared in the quest to secure our cleared in the quest to secure our

water supply. Good evening, I' m

Jessica Good One of the A-C-T' s longest standing bakeries has longest standing bakeries has closed

its doors for good. More than one

hundred staff have been affected at

hundred staff have been affected at

the manufacturing headquarters in