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(generated from captions) 12. Are we going 12? Hello. $2. Bec. Thank you, Bec. 50 cents.

I think I've got $200. Nic. For $500 if you're right. Alright. Let's go $200. It's...

Yeah, good on you. Yes! for a $2 investment. Making it $26,500 all up down in Canberra If I were dishing out the grants I'd put you at the top of the pile. Let's see the money. our chief cheque chick Odna. Speaking of A-1, top of the heap, cash bonus for you, my friend. Here with a very healthy-looking Nicely played. go to your head, even as a go-getter. I like the way you didn't let it Well done, Nic. You got in there. ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for being with us, (GERMAN ACCENT) ze Drome. See you next time... This program is captioned live. Tonight - avoid a recession. shoppers help Australia almost empty? So why are Sydney's stores of a police campaign for better pay. A wounded officer becomes the face

Exclusive - the worst alcohol-fuelled violence. we name the Sydney suburbs with arrives in Melbourne And Robbie Farah's family for his State of Origin debut. with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. tonight Australia is the envy of the world a recession after narrowly avoiding growing again. with the nation's economy joins us. Political editor Mark Riley isn't it? Mark, this is a great escape, but the show's not over yet. Harry Houdini would be proud, Ian, a technical recession - The experts all thought we'd record that is, six months of contraction. of the box Instead, the economy broke out by 0.4%. and grew in the March quarter we didn't have to have. It might just be the recession for the Australian economy. We have good news any advanced economy in the world. We have the strongest growth of Growth that defied predictions. Up 0.4% last quarter. With household spending up 0.6% and footwear and food as we splurged on clothing but not new cars and furniture. up 2.8%. The major driver was exports, The rural sector up 18. the stimulus strategy is working. The Government says it's proof as the best performer in the world. It is positioning Australia

Economists agree. helped get Australia through You can say the stimulus packages what was the most dangerous period. But Malcolm Turnbull says too soon, Mr Rudd is declaring victory just as George W. Bush did on Iraq. moment, It was his mission accomplished and a bomber jacket. missing only an aircraft carrier But his own mission went off course. the stimulus spending... First claiming to these figures. Has contributed very little ..then conceding... impact on household consumption. The cash splashes will have some we're not out of the woods yet But both sides agree

We're not out of the woods yet. We

means. are not out of the woods by any

are more international shocks And lurking in those woods Australians lose their jobs. which will see thousands more out of recession next quarter The only thing that will keep us is another Houdini-like escape. Mark Riley in Canberra. Thanks, Mark. where winter sales have started. at Westfield Parramatta Now to Sarah Cumming

the New South Wales economy faring? And, Sarah, how is the rest of the country. Ian, our State is dragging down The question is: by how much? are arguing over Economists and politicians is technically in a recession. whether New South Wales But one thing's for sure - any sales stampedes. today we didn't see than shoppers outside David Jones. There were more snappers

not the sales. Up early to see Miranda Kerr,

(BELL RINGS) for the best bargains. Around 50 people lined up Even fewer at Myer.

Empty aisles one of their busiest mornings. on what should be The David Jones winter clearance that we have in the winter season. is the most important event

for Megan Gale. It was a little too early

9, 8, 7, 6...

say that's where the State's going. Economists can count backwards and New South Wales has endured One economic indicator shows of negative growth. a second consecutive quarter to go into recession. New South Wales is the first State admit it. But the Government refused to recession or not, is not the issue. Whether we are in a technical are drying up. And shoppers' stimulus payments It's early days. to actually assess that. It's hard for us 'til the end of the season, We really won't know which is July for us. Miranda Kerr's still spending. top 10 highest earning models. She's been named one of the world's Great to wear with jeans. actually. I'm just trying to find my size, for the first time today Retails bosses joined forces to fight the recession. to discuss ways Their message - spend up. actually fulfil the prophecy It's important that we don't by focusing on doom and gloom. are open until late tonight Myer and David Jones so there are a few hours left that doom and gloom. if you want to help beat Ian. stabbed on their way home. Two Sydney schoolboys have been Gundaroo Street in Villawood The teenagers were walking along

by a gang of up to five men. when they were ambushed to Liverpool Hospital Both boys have been taken and legs. with stab wounds to their arms in a car. The attackers fled the scene to call Crime Stoppers on Police are appealing for witnesses over the hit-run crash A Belmore man has been arrested at Punchbowl on Monday night. which killed a 20-year old driver Wissam Ahmad died

by a stolen taxi. when his Nissan sports car was hit Four men ran from the cab after the crash.

Tonight, detectives are questioning 19-year-old Anthony Smith at Campsie police station while forensic work continues on the taxi. Police are threatening industrial action unless the State Government agrees to their pay rise demands. Today, the union's battle was given some powerful ammunition from the hero officer shot during a weekend siege at Rosebery. If ever a police campaign needed a shot in the arm, this was it. A standing ovation for Sergeant Steve de Lorenzo who says he's living proof police officers deserve every entitlement they fight for. Let the politicians reflect on that. A wound from a .357 calibre bullet the sergeant knows could have killed him. The politicians may look at me now and say, "Well he can return to work after 26 weeks, "there's nothing wrong with him". Well, they're not lying in bed at night having flashbacks about being shot at point blank range. Police heard the Government wants to cap wages for wounded officers. Offensive. It is a disgrace. A shameful insult. Absolutely disgraceful conduct. Their boss says money will only be capped for officers

who won't guarantee they'll return. Any officer that gets injured that wants to come back to work after rehab is not going to find their wages cut. For a 5% pay rise, the Government wants police to sacrifice penalty rates. If the Government stays with the parameters they've set I don't think it'll be too hard to embarrass them.

That means industrial action from 1 July. Police Minister Tony Kelly wouldn't speak on camera today. His office says that's a job for the Commissioner,

probably because it's not easy for the minister to tell a heroic cop who's just been shot that he's wrong. The French 'Spiderman' who thrilled Sydney with his daring skyscraper climb yesterday has been brought down to earth. Alain Robert copped a $750 fine for endangering the safety of others.

He pleaded guilty but said there really was no danger. The climb was easy. You know, it was not even - on a scale from 1 to 10, it was not even a 1. Legal or not, Robert says he'll keep climbing

to publicise his campaign against global warming.

Drunken fights, bashings and stabbings are on the increase with the CBD, Darlinghurst and Manly among the most dangerous places. But figures obtained by Seven News show it's getting worse right across the city. Manly, Corso. Another night, another fight. For police, a quick arrest. Seven News obtained assault figures for every postcode, seeking any improvement in booze-driven violence. What the statistics show is that despite all the talk about lockouts, plastic glasses and extra policing,

the most dangerous places in Sydney to get a drink are actually getting worse.

The biggest fight nights are in the city with more than 1,000 drunken bashings last year. And that's just assault, not counting offensive behaviour, foul language and harassment. Elsewhere, the numbers are smaller but growing faster. Up 76% in three years around Darlinghurst. 50% at Manly. 15 at Parramatta. 14, Mt Druitt. 9 at Kings Cross.

Blacktown, 8. And 6 in Campbelltown. We were very disturbed. The Government, the Police Commissioner and myself were very concerned about that rise in alcohol-related violence up to the end of last year. Manly can be frightening, as our cameraman found out. The community has had enough of this problem, it really has. The way we can fix it is by co-ordinating closing times, by bringing them earlier. It's going to be a difficult thing removing alcohol problems from Australia because it's such an ingrained part of our culture. It's what we do. Our last living link with World War I has been lost with the death of Jack Ross. He was Australia's longest-living veteran. At 110 years of age, he was also the nation's oldest man. Today we mourn the death of Jack Ross. I also ask that we reflect on the service and sacrifice of the 417,000 Australians who served our nation during the First World War. Jack enlisted in 1918, but the war ended before he was sent overseas. He passed away this morning in a Victorian nursing home. New South Wales children visiting Melbourne

for tonight's State of Origin match are among those caught up in Victoria's swine flu alert. The alert level there has been raised, so New South Wales Health has ordered all students returning home to stay away from school for a week. We know this is a big impost on parents and children missing out on school for a week but we're trying to balance that against the risk of introducing human swine flu into schools. Authorities are still waiting for swine flu test results for the 'Dawn Princess', which returns to Sydney on Friday. When the State of Origin series kicks off tonight, the fresh-faced Blues will be looking to end Queensland's recent dominance. Patrick Molihan is at Etihad Stadium. Pat, has Melbourne embraced Origin? Ian, the game's close to being sold out. The locals would love to see some biffo but they're hardly going crazy for rugby league. But that's OK. The Blues have brought their own cheer squads and there are none bigger than the one for Robbie Farah. Go, Robbie! Yeah! Woo! He's the new Blue on everyone's lips and backs with 47 Farah family and friends here to cheer on their boy. We're all buzzing. We're all very close. We're all sharing everything Robbie's done and achieved over the last few years and this is obviously one of his proudest moments.

It's gonna be a special occasion for me and love nothing more than to have all my family there supporting me. While the Blues' rookie hooker is not nervous Mum and Dad certainly are. Oh, I'm very excited. I'm stressing too.

I'm happy because his dream to be here one day and I'm happy for him. My mum will be OK but I'm sure my dad will have a few tears there. Blues selectors are hoping Farah can add some spark to this side

and he's determined to seize the opportunity. I'll just pick my moments and hopefully they'll be the right moments

where I can chime in and do my thing. Queensland are odds-on favourites and while most expect Mal Meninga's men to win, with seven rookies, the baby Blues are buzzing. I can't wait to play. Like, I've never felt like this. I want to play that bad, you know, chuck on the jumper. Have a look in the mirror and see how you look. But looking the part's not enough. Exactly. Mate, you gotta go out there and perform. You know, you don't want to be one of those blokes that played one game and got punted.

Conditions won't be a problem. The roof will be closed. And I'll have the latest on both teams when I talk to Origin legend Shane Webcke in sport, Roscoe. Still to come - wreckage found belonging to a missing Air France plane. Also, the organisation accepting blame for the Bellevue Hill hole. And inside the secret world of President Barack Obama. You weren't supposed to throw that! (GRUNTS) (GIGGLES) VOICEOVER: Get ready for winter with hot buys like 50% off Grandeur bath towels, now $9.99. And 25% off a huge range of kids' and babies' tops. Hurry. Sale starts tomorrow. Hurwy. Sale starts tomorrow. Sydney Water has accepted blame for the Bellevue Hill landslide which swallowed two cars and left a huge hole on Victoria Road. A repair crew was mistakenly sent to Victoria Road at Ryde when the leak was first detected on Tuesday last week. The ageing pipe exploded two days later. as a contributing factor and probably a major contributing factor. The clean-up will take weeks. A father on trial for allegedly starving his young daughter to death has blamed her for refusing to eat. He's told the Supreme Court he was a drug addict who couldn't take responsibility for the little girl. He's accused of starving his 7-year-old daughter to death. But today, this father, who can't be identified for legal reasons, claimed he's not to blame. He said the girl refused to eat. She weighed just 9kg when she was found dead at Hawks Nest in November 2007. Now, both her parents are being tried for her murder. Her father says it wasn't his responsibility to care for her. He blames his former wife. During cross-examination today the father admitted he could've done more to save his sick little girl.

But he says he was taking 25 valium tablets a day to feed his drug addiction. He denied running from police in the days after her death, saying he was fleeing the media. After agreeing to some interviews... She was autistic, she didn't cope with being there. ..he claims the pressure became too much. His evidence continues tomorrow. Debris of a missing Air France jet has been found in the Atlantic Ocean. Salvage ships will now retrieve pieces of the A330 1,000km off Brazil. Relatives hope the wreckage will explain what happened to the 228 people on board. He'll never have the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle. He'll be a big, big gap in our life if he doesn't come home. The man who investigated the Concorde crash in 2000 is heading an inquiry.

Frail former first lady Nancy Regan

has returned to the White House,

just a month before her 88th

birthday. She witnessed Barack Obama

create a law to officially celebrate

the life of her late husband. Let's

go sign this book. OK.

go sign this book. OK. Official

functions will mark 100 years since

Ronald Regan's birth next February. Barack Obama has allowed television cameras to capture a rare insight into the hectic environment inside the White House. It's not all about work

with the President sharing in some lighter moments and take-away lunches for his staff. It's the US presidency as you've never seen it before.

You weren't supposed to film that. 32 cameras followed Barack Obama for two days. I got my workout in... Good. ..saw the girls off to school. For 40 years, NBC has spent a day or two with each incoming President to see what changes he's made. The strict formality President Bush demanded is clearly gone.

It is young, it is fast, and it is loose. The President's secretary KJ is just 28. Yes, Sir. What's up? His personal aide is an ex-basketball star. tickets for the NBA finals He's seeing if he can line up Office iPods are encouraged. are welcome anytime. First Lady and new dog, Bo,

You're showing off Bo? Hi.

Of course. This President is very hands-on. You want fries? for an impromptu burger run. He takes lunch orders of the free world Then the new leader just who's in charge. shows the Secret Service They want us to hold for a minute. have to get the press in there? Why do we (knocks on glass) I don't need the press. 'til the press comes. Hold one second I don't wanna hold. he's in touch with the people. It's a staged opportunity to show with lettuce, tomato... I got a little cheeseburger it worked a treat. For the locals at least, Oh my God, oh my God!

Time for sport with Alex Cullen. before tonight's Origin opener. And Queensland's playing mind games who will play fullback. They won't confirm from Shane Webcke next. We'll get the Maroons' plan despite their underdog status. But the Blues don't look too scared Also tonight - to the Socceroos. Harry Kewell's warning Order any McValue meal after 10:30am at McDonald's and collect one of these cool Mini Board Games for only $1.

With Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit With Mon poly, Trivial Pursuit

or Guess Who?, there's fun for everyone. Only at McDonald's.

in the Origin opener The Blues' hopes of victory the pressure-cooker environment rest on seven rookies handling of Origin footy. joins us again from Melbourne. League Reporter Patrick Molihan over Craig Bellamy's side. Pat, it's the big question mark

Alex, it certainly is. One man that

knows about Origin pressure, Shane

Webcke. Is it too much of a gamble

by the Blues? I suppose you could

look at that in that light. In 2001

Queensland went for 10 rookies. We

ended up winning the series. It's

always a gamble when you do bring

young players in. They bring a brand

of enthusiasm and that can be valuable. New South

valuable. New South Wales look

they will start with Karmichael valuable. New South Wales look like

Hunt. They were toying with that

idea. I'm reliably informed, there idea. I'm reliably informed,

will be no changes and start 1 to

13. If that happens to

didn't say it. Obviously I can

didn't say it. Obviously I can speak 13. If that happens to be wrong, I

for Shane and myself because we are

tight for time. The Blues to win

tonight. You tell him, Pat. to elect a new chairman The Sharks board will have his resignation last night. after Barry Pierce handed in today, The Sharks were in a good mood Trent Barrett, training under new captain from their second win this year. who's still buzzing

a hell of a lot easier It just makes the week involved in the group and I think unless you've been over the last two months, what that meant to us. you probably don't realise It was, yeah, relief! has been named Former skipper Paul Gallen despite a shoulder injury. to play the Warriors on Sunday,

signed a deal with the ARU Wallabies flanker Rocky Elsom has for the next two years. and will play for the Brumbies in the Barbarians side Elsom has been named at number 8 at the SFS on Saturday night. to take on the Wallabies Phil Waugh is captain.

is to want to play, The most important thing for me and the Bledisloe. particularly the Tri-Nations at outside centre Sonny Bill Williams will start opposite Stirling Mortlock. will play halfback. Former Wallaby Chris Whittaker has called for focus, Socceroos star Harry Kewell in Dubai this weekend. insisting Qatar will be no easybeats he's looking fitter than ever Kewell agreed a threat at the World Cup next year. and says that's the key to being against Qatar to qualify. But they still need a draw we're there we're there - Everyone's talking about

against Qatar. you know, it's only one point very difficult. We're not - it's going to be Scott McDonald has defended for the Socceroos, his goal-scoring drought insisting he'll be successful again soon. Samantha Stosur will crack the world's top 20 if she beats Sorana Cirstea in their quarterfinal showdown at the French Open tonight. Sam's father Tony will have his eyes glued to the telly at 10pm when his daughter walks onto centre court. She's confident and she's happy and she's in the zone, I suppose, is the way to say it. Stosur is a $1.67 favourite with the bookies to win.

Ian, they are saying she has the

best serve in women's tennis.It's a

good call. Let's hope she puts it to

good use tonight. Go Sam and go the Blues.

Checking finance now - and optimism returned to the share market, with news Australia has avoided a recession. the 4,000-point barrier The ASX 200 broke through to close up 62 points. in seven months. That's the highest closing level Sara's next with the weather

Sara. and that rain was right on cue, Yes, Ian. with the goods. All that cloud came through and the forecast, next. I'll have the rainfall figures

(GIGGLES) (GRUNTS) VOICEOVER: Get ready for winter Havana car seats, now $149.50. with hot buys like 50% off just $25 each. And all women's denim jeans, Hurry. Sale starts tomorrow. too wintry at the moment Our temperatures mightn't be is making up for it, but our gloomy skyline today bringing scattered showers. A low of 14 degrees in the city was 4 up on normal. 19 the top just before 1 o'clock. Last night delivered rainfall totals of 5mm to 10mm, in the south and east. with heavier showers 26mm at Rose Bay was the most. a degree or two above average. Tops of 18 or 19, State-wide in the past 24 hours of 10mm to 20 mm we've seen widespread falls in the south and north-west. and a few locally heavier falls

near Coonamble. 40mm at Quambone in the hills behind Bega. 55mm at Mount Darragh over New South Wales Cloud is breaking up as a trough weakens

will hang around tomorrow but the system over eastern parts of our State, bringing isolated showers and Tasmania. extending south into Victoria There could be some light rain about in Melbourne tonight. for the State of Origin Same goes for tomorrow in Canberra, Hobart, Brisbane with showers also expected and Perth. Sydney's waters will be slight north-westerly winds with light to moderate up to 15 knots. tending northerly offshore

this evening Isolated showers will continue

bringing a slightly cooler night. but the cloud should thin out Morning fog patches in the west then cloudy with a shower or two tomorrow.

Up to 20 degrees in most areas, 19 at Richmond and Wollongong and 13 in the mountains. We could see a shower on Friday, but it doesn't look likely at this stage. Temperatures staying above average, 11 to 20 degrees dipping to 9 overnight in the west. As for the long weekend, Saturday and Monday should be mostly sunny, but a shower is possible on Sunday with temperatures dropping off. And that's Seven News to now

but we'll have updates during the evening. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. If you work, you're being watched. Bosses now using every means they can to spy. And if you're in their bad books they can use your personal chatter to sack you. So what rights do you have? A world champion's dramatic change. Cosmetic or psychological? Why and when Aussie women undergo breast implants. VOICEOVER: Now, Today Tonight with Matt White. When the State Of Origin game kicks off here in Melbourne tonight, one familiar name will be missing from the TV coverage. Today, former Queensland player Ben Ikin quit his job as commentator as a scandal breaks about his father's business dealings.

Rodney Lohse has the story. Afternoon, Alan. How are you? Good. Rodney Lohse, Channel 7, Today Tonight. How are ya? It needs to be pointed out the lives that he's destroying. So, as an investor, we're owed $300,000 at this point in time. I think he's just a crook. No, I'm not a con artist, of course not. Absolutely not. No way in the world.

They say you're a crook, these people. I'm a crook. They're pretty upset, as you can imagine. I imagine they would be upset, yeah. How much do you think in total you've lost? Ah...