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(generated from captions) this is happening. (THINKS) I can't believe She really did love him.

God, to fight so long... for so long, try to get her out of our lives it comes to this? and sympathy. And all I can feel is pity Why do I feel sad for her? I just want her gone... ..and yet I feel sad. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Tonight, police consider charging a

Sydney mother who left her baby

locked in a car. The little baby

was left in the car for about half

an hour and she was sweating up.

Calls for an inquiry after a deadly

case of hospital neglect. She'd be

constantly left in urine and not

changed. And Sydney dusts itself

red. off, washing away its blanket of

Good evening, I'm Bill Woods. And

I'm Deborah Knight. Also,

paedophile Dennis Ferguson goes on

the offensive, seeking an AVO

against a neighbour. And superstar

Eel Jarryd Hayne strikes a

multimillion-dollar deal on the eve

of tomorrow's blockbuster.

But first, the mother of a 3-year-

old girl locked in a car for more

than 20 minutes could be slapped

with a hefty fine. Dehydrated and

soaked in sweat, the 3-year-old

girl is comforted by her mother,

the very person police allege

placed the tiny toddler in so much

danger. Just moments earlier her

child was pulled screaming from a

car seat, where witnesses found the

girl strapped in, red-faced and

crying in the sun. The child was

getting very distressed and

dehydrated and I had no choice but

to do something about it and call

the police. As the child became

more and more distressed, onlookers

prepared to break inside. We wanted

to break the window but they said

not to because the police were on

their way. Witnesses saw the woman

fit a steering wheel clamp to the

car before disappearing into shops

for up to 20 minutes. She returned

to be confronted by police

unlocking the vehicle so paramedics

could get inside. It is grossly

immoral. And potentially lethal

following our hottest winter on

record. Children and pets locked in

cars is a fast track to disaster.

As the weather warns up, which it

is, it only takes a few minutes for

disaster to happen. Police say

they're rescuing a worrying number of distressed young children

suffering the effects of heat suffering the effects of heat

stroke and being locked in cars and

they're warning parents they face

tough penalties if they're caught.

Police are still interviewing the

$22,000. mother, who faces a fine of up to

$22,000. Her child has been

reported to DOCS as a child at risk.

Another appalling case of hospital

neglect has been exposed. An 84-

year-old woman has died after being

infected in a filthy ward. The

shock made worse by a letter sent

to the victim's family. Emilia

Chatterjee was 84 but active and

independent. When she broke both of

her arms she entrusted Gosford

Hospital to take care of her.

Instead her grieving daughters have

made the painful trip to State

Parliament to reveal claims of

neglect. She'd be constantly left

in urine and not changed. When they

weren't there to change her sheets,

it could be several hours before

staff intervened. Routinely Emilia

went without water and hygiene was

appalling. We would actually do the

cleaning up ourselves - moving rubbish bins with blood-soaked

sheets. Emilia suffered a stroke while in another rehabilitation sheets. Emilia suffered a stroke

unit but recovered. Four days later

she passed away. On her death

certificate it lists infection as a

cause. An infection nurses told her

family it was acquired at Gosford

Hospital. The sanitary conditions

in the hospital were terrible. What

we need from the State Government

today is a commitment to an inquiry.

The family's received no answers

about numerous complaints made to

the hospital before their mother

died. The only contact was two

family's grief worse. weeks ago - a letter that made the

That was received on September 8.

But Emilia died in August. They are

not happy with the care - I

acknowledge that. I am advised

senior management at Gosford

Hospital have apologised to her

family Whatever the apology, her family Whatever the apology, her

family want guarantees it won't

happen to anyone else. She deserved

her dignity, she deserved care

until she was ready to die. Sydney

could be hit with dusty, hazy days

for another three months but

experts say it will be nothing like

yesterday. As the State's west

braces for another dust storm this

weekend, Sydney has undergone a

major spring clean.

Sydney turned on a brilliant spring

morning, the air clear and fresh.

24 hours earlier much of the State

was blanketed by thick, red dust

that coated every surface and found

its way into homes and businesses.

The clean-up began overnight,

building managers hosing away the

dust and grime. City council dust and grime. City council

workers joined in, dampening down

roads and footpaths, hosing off

seats and squares. Dangling from

heights, window cleaners brought

the sparkling views back to high-

rise towers. They've got weeks of

work ahead of them. The dust was a

blessing for car-washing businesses.

Fortunes will be made cleaning up

some of the filthiest cars ever

seen on our roads. Unfortunately

it's good to be busy - keep the

economy going, do a good job for

the customer. Government buses got

the onceover as well, washed down

and wiped clean ready for demanding

commuters. The cost was difficult

to compute. Exposed to the full

force of the dust storm, this

coffee shop had few customers until

the dust departed. Well there was

just nobody around, it was hopeless.

Everybody was staying inside their

offices, there was nobody around.

Retailers complained business was

down by 30-40%. Shoppers simply

stayed home. The other cost the

retailer has had, though, is the

cost of cleaning up - that fine

layer of dust has settled over

stock and so forth. And sports fans

will be treated to a dust-free

final at ANZ Stadium tomorrow after

workers wiped down 80,000 seats.

Yesterday's dust storms caused

serious problems for people with

respiratory and heart conditions.

Double the usual number called

ambulances and went to hospital

emergency departments. And think

about the health of your car - dust

clogging up the air filter could

choke off oxygen to the engine and

increase fuel consumption. Her man

shot earlier this year outside his

Sydney home has just been arrested

by police. What is the latest? The

man was taken into car seat by

detectives about one hour ago. He

is currently being questioned. He

was shot five times as he sat in

his car with his girlfriend outside

his home in June. He is being his home in June. He is being

questioned at the moment. Police

say it is in relation to criminal

activity by a Middle Eastern

organised crime Group. We have

spoken to his lawyer. He has

confirmed that his client is at the

police station but is unable to

confirm what it is in relation to.

The PM has put Australian suburbs

on the world map, telling the UN

they're the human faces of the

they're the human faces of the

global financial crisis. But Kevin

Rudd was speaking to a half-empty

chamber after a bizarre, rambling

chamber after a bizarre, rambling

speech by Libyan leader Colonel

Gaddafi lasted well into the night.

Before naming workers in Sydney's

Before naming workers in Sydney's

suburbs as the victims of the

global financial crisis. They were

not many faces in the crowd. The

speech was delayed after it Colonel

Gaddafi talk for 90 minutes in a

rambling speech. He defended the

Taliban and offered his own

conspiracy theories on the

assassination of Kennedy and swine

flu. Outside the terms of the

Lockerbie bombing demanded to know

why the man convicted in the

bombing was released. They say that

the deaths have not been properly

investigated and they want others

convicted. 4th more countries

walked out on the president of Iran.

Responsibility and leadership in

the 21st century demand more. In an

era where our destiny is shared,

power is no longer again. A foreign power is no longer again. A foreign

policy medal for the Prime Minister.

Brad with sport headlines, and a

boost for the Eels ahead of tomorrow night's blockbuster

against the Bulldogs. Yes, their

biggest star has agreed to terms

for a new contract. Adam Hawse

actually joins from the home of the

Eels rivals, the Dogs. And, Adam,

it's quite a coup? He has proven

himself to be this year the best

player. Parramatta Road officials

were very keen to lock him up long-

term although he did have another

year left on his contract.

Apparently Jered paint -- Jarryd

Hayne will not sign anything until

after Parramatta has played their

final game this season. A couple of

sneaky peaks at the Bulldogs at

training today. They will be

refreshed after their break. There

will be plenty of security there

tomorrow? That is correct. 70,000 tomorrow? That is correct. 70,0

tickets. The security presence now

one match that of a Grand Final. We

will have sufficient police there,

private security, in and around the

ground. To deal with anything that

occurs there. People misbehaving

make -- may face criminal charges

or bans from the NRL. How

Parramatta tried to block us from

getting those shots - coming up in

sport. Also ahead, a calypso

collapse has Ricky Ponting worried

about this summer's Test series.

Still to come, six teenagers

charged over that ugly junior footy charged over that ugly junior footy brawl.

Also tonight, what recession? David

Jones defies the economy to record

its highest annual result. And the

early warning test that can

accurately predict the risk of miscarriage. They look cute, but they're really nasty little things that cause plaque. (GRUNTS) This is what they're doing. Dentists recommend chewing Extra Sugarfree Gum after eating and drinking. Let's see how they like this. (ALL SHOUT IN FEAR) Pretty conclusive, really. Honey shades - they're so now. VOICEOVER: New Glossy Honey from L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss with royal jelly. Honey shades that naturally illuminate brunettes and blondes,

Find the honey made for you.

This program is captioned live.

Paedophile Dennis Ferguson is

taking legal action against a

neighbour who helped get him

evicted. The 61-year-old wants an

AVO served on Sean Killgallon, who

delivered a coffin to the Ryde

property where Ferguson lived after

being released from jail. He's

since been evicted and the locks changed.

changed. Community Services

officials say there's no truth to

claims Ferguson is now in a halfway

house in Malabar. I know he's done

his time but the people all around

here have got all small children,

and the schools around here would

not tolerate this person being in

this area. Residents want an assurance in writing.

More teenage rugby league players

will front the Penrith and district

judiciary this evening, over a

brawl at an under 16's grand final.

The hearing comes as police charged

six teens with assault over the on

field fight. The teammates were

charged after police viewed a

recording of the match. Some of the

victims were sent to hospital with

concussion and broken bones. The

suspects will appear at Parramatta court next month.

A Sydney man has gone on trial for

manslaughter, accused of killing

his own father with a homemade bomb.

His friend is also fighting the

same charge. He allegedly built the

device. This and 67-year-old was a

semi-retired a scientist living on

his family property when he was

killed by a home-made bomb last

year. Today his 24-year-old son and

friend went on trial for

manslaughter. It is alleged that he

was about to mow the lawn when the

lethal device exploded. His widow

today gave evidence against her son.

She said she was inside the house

at the time of the explosion and

described the blast and a husband's injuries.

She dialled 000 and the victim was

flown by chopper to the Royal North

Shore hospital. He died a short

time later from shrapnel wounds to

his head, chest and arm. The

following day the sun was arrested

and charged. He initially denied

any involvement but later told

police he had shot for the

explosives and claims his father

knew of the device and had promised

to take care of it. The alleged

accomplice told police that he

spent one week building the bomb in

the bathroom of her flat at the

back of the family home.

Prosecutors admitted they cannot be

sure exactly what the Sun was doing

when the explosion occurred. He may

have even been trying to dismantle

the deadly device. In the days

before the fatal explosion the bomb

was sold to a third man in a

business deal worth $3,000. A

tanker full of deadly chemicals

caused traffic chaos this morning

when it rolled in the north-west of

Sydney. Castle hill road was closed

when it took six hours to clear the

air. 17,000 litres of toxic liquid

chlorine had to be trained from the

tanker before it could be moved.

The driver was taken to hospital

with minor injuries.

David Jones has boldly declared it

will lead retailers out of the

financial crisis. The department

store posted a hefty profit today,

spurred on by a boost in sales. It

was music to the ears of David

chose executives, a record profit

of $156.5 million. That is up 6% on

last year. The department store it

defied the financial crisis to

deliver increased sales. The CDO

declared that David Jones is

leading the retail sector out of

the downturn. -- Co. As they become

more confident in the security of

their income and there will they

shop and that is a good thing for

us. Today Sydney shoppers appeared

to agree. Today I have just gone

nuts because it is 25% off. So I am

feeling more confident. I just

picked up some genes that are

special. I suppose consumer

confidence is coming back a bit.

Economists say retail spending has

not taken the massive hit predicted

when the crisis struck. People are

feeling a bit more comfortable to

go out and spend. Stimulus packages

have had an impact. It is not all

bells and whistles just yet. The

outlook over the next 18 months is

cautious, especially because most

of us have already spent our

government handouts. Watching

closely is Myer, keener than the

good news ahead of its public float.

A prospectus will be issued on

Monday. I will not be buying any of

their shares. They are a fine

company and we respect them. Might

well have other at companies think

so as well. -- Meyer will hope that

other companies. -- Myer. The big

dust storm was yesterday. There is

a lot in the North Queensland area.

Visibility in cans is down to about

three kilometres. There is a chance

the dust will revisit us on

Saturday and Sunday, but just in a

haze fall. Nothing like yesterday.

The dams are down 0.3%. We are at

58.3 %. A big plus Sky, we have

forgotten about the red stuff. Now

we just have to claim the dog as

the car and the house. It looks

like it will be a good week. --

clean the dog. Look at this

photograph of Hale and the rainbow.

An interesting photo from NSW.

Up next, Network Ten in a trading

halt, as majority owner Canwest

sells its stake. Also, John Travolta reveals his heartbreaking

battle to save his son. And a new

reason to eat your greens. How broccoli is revolutionising

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WOMAN: What's in there? Now check out Mineral Power Foundation Nothing else. So skin is actually improved as it covers flawlessly. For 43% less redness, 49% more luminous, WOMAN: (ON PHONE) It's peppercorn. It should be with the spices. VOICEOVER: Red Rooster's new Butterflied Lemon Pepper Chicken. It's gotta be Red.

This program is captioned live.

Wind has been causing havoc it

bought out traffic operator. Some

problems on Old Windsor Road? Lots

of dusty cars after the storm

yesterday. Take a look at the

traffic heading out to Bella Vista.

Three lanes of traffic backed up.

It stretches into North Parramatta.

News of an accident on the M5. We

will head buried in the helicopter

now. Struggling Canadian media

conglomerate Canwest has sold its

controlling stake of the Ten network. The debt-laden shareholder

is expected to make around $700 million from the sale. Communications Minister Stephen

Conroy, welcomed the move, saying

it was good for Australia. We're

not sure what the final outcome

will be but hopefully we'll see a

fair degree of Australian ownership

return. Ten has gone into a trading

halt until September 28 at the

latest. Controversial priest Father

Bob is expected to His But Comes A The Priest Rejected Offer Retire His


The profits of many bank private

have halved. Cure Australians are

taking out health insurance. --

fewer. Despite some upbeat forecast

for an economic recovery from the

US overnight, Wall Street stumbled US overnight, Wall Street stumbled

and that put the pressure on local

stocks. David Jones stocks slumped. and that put the pressure on local stocks. David Jones stocks slumped.

Gold is weaker. Boyle has taken a

tumble. -- oil. A softer start to the tumble. -- oil. A softer start to

the Wall Street session tonight.

Controversial priest Father Bob is

expected to keep his job but it

comes up -- at a price. But he's

agreed to give up financial control

of Sts Peter and Pauls church in

South Melbourne. The compromise

will be discussed with Archbishop

Dennis Hart tomorrow. The bosses

want to oversee. I say, 'Look after

the place yourself and I'll look

after the poor. Father Bob says

he'll preside over his parish for a

few years yet. John Travolta has

revealed for the first time the

heartbreaking battle to save his

son's life. The actor is the key

witness in the trial of two people

accused of trying to extort

millions from him, in the days

after the 16-year old died. It's

the first time John Travolta has the first time John Travolta has

spoken publicly about the sudden

death of his son, Jett, last

January. Hand in hand, he and wife

Kelly Preston arrived at a Bahamas

court to testify against two people

accused of trying to blackmail them.

In front of the court 55-year-old

Travolta fought back tears as he

described giving his son mouth-to-

mouth after he'd suffered a seizure

at their holiday house on January 2.

He admitted 16-year-old Jett was autistic and suffered the debilitating seizures every 5-10

days. The boy was pronounced dead

later that day. An ambulance driver

and a local politician are accused

of trying to extort more than $29

million from the Travoltas by

threatening to go public with a

document that appeared to show

Travolta refusing an ambulance for

his son. The distraught couple has

kept a low profile since Jett's

death, John abandoning publicity

duties for his most recent film

'The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3' to

grieve in private. He will be

called to give further evidence

about the extortion bid later in

the trial. Broccoli in a pill is

helping people battle type 2

diabetes. In powder form the

superfood switches on the body's

defence shield, stalling the need

for drugs. Michele Dougal may look

healthy enough. But at just 38

she's been diagnosed with type 2

diabetes. I was shocked. I guess it

was a reality check for me.. She was a reality check for me.. She

was given just six weeks to get her

high glucose levels down. Drugs the

next step and her greatest fear...

You know, having to give yourself

needles. So Michele joined a pilot

study into broccoli sprouts after

learning they have a bioactive

compound that reactivates faulty

cells. This is the ultimate in

preventative medicine because what

it is doing in the cell is

switching a whole host of cell

defence genes. In its powder form,

the sprout is 20-50 times more

powerful than the whole vegetable.

Seven months on Michele's sugar

levels are normal. She also diets

and exercises. It is very

encouraging to see this happening.

Nutritionist Christine Houghton is

about to start a clinical trial

into the super sprout. It is too

early in our research to say it is

life-saving but potentially it has

the ability to change lives. Now the ability to change lives. Now

you could achieve the same results

by eating whole broccoli but the

problem is you would have to eat at

least two kilos a day every day. least two kilos a day every day.

That's six of these and they would

have to be raw. Broccoli has

already been shown to help protect

against some cancers and acts as an against some cancers and acts as an

anti-ageing agent. Now eating your

greens is giving diabetics hope.

70% of the population are at

increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Patients just diagnosed but not on

medication are now needed for the trial.

Still to come, the euthanasia

debate reignited as Britain takes a

new stance on assisted suicide.

Also, plans for mass swine flu

vaccinations starting next week. We

are encouraging all Australians ten

and over to consider the vaccine.

And could Ballina's big prawn be

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So come into McCafe and try the delicious Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee yourself.

This program is captioned live. Top

stories this news hour, 35-year-old

Fadi Ibrahim, who was shot outside

his Sydney home earlier this year,

has just been arrested by police.

He's being questioned in relation

to criminal activity by a Middle

Eastern organised crime group. A

distraught family is calling for an

inquiry after their 84-year-old

mother died from an infection she

picked up in hospital. They claim

she was subjected to shocking

neglect while at Gosford Hospital

including being left in her own

urine. And a Sydney mother is

facing charges and a hefty fine

after leaving her toddler locked in

a car for up to half an hour.

Police were called as angry

onlookers prepared to smash their

way in to the vehicle. New demands

for Australia to follow Britain and

adopt procedures for assisted

suicide. He passed away last week

after winning in a landmark ruling.

Now there are calls for Australia

to go it a step further and adopt

guidelines as in the UK. It is

heartening to think something is

being done to allow eight all the

dreadful fears people have had in

the past. Debbie Purdy demanded to

know whether her father -- has been

would face prosecution if he helped

her to end her life. It has tried

to be clear about the difference between to be clear about the difference

between militias encouragement and

compassionate support. -- malicious.

Some worry it is too broad. You

open up too many loopholes that

make those that are depressed and

old more vulnerable. A lot of

people fear it at -- but it is a

matter of choice. NT laws were

overruled by the Howard government

in 1996 and there seems to be

little will be in the Covent --

current government for reform.

There's a new test to help ease the

anxiety of pregnancy. Doctors in

Sydney's west have made the world

breakthrough that calculates the

risk of miscarriage. The test is

designed to help women like Cathie

Dunn who is 16 week pregnant. She's

endured two miscarriages and knows

the anxiety that expecting a baby

can bring. To not have all that

worry and anxiety. Researchers at

Nepean Hospital believe they can

predict the likelihood of

miscarriage by the 6-week mark. IN WORDS:

Range of questions were given to

pregnant women at the hospital. If

they weren't misc pregnancies --

and discrepancies with the dates

and the size of the baby, that

could also indicate a possible

miscarriage. This new test may not

be for everyone. Doctors say even a

negative result may make parents

worried more than they need to.

High-risk pregnancies, looking at

them and trying to improve the

blood flow in the placenta. The

test has yet to go through a

clinical trial. New criticism of

plans for a mass vaccination

against swine flu. The Federal

Government has ordered an Arford

the vaccine to inoculate everyone

starting next week. One expert says

the plan could do more harm than

good but others disagree. This is a

safe and effective vaccine. The

Federal Government will not have

enough vaccine until January and

has not been approved for children

under 10. The be prawn at Bala nark

is set to be torn down. The local

councillor -- council has approved

the deconstruction but it may turn

up somewhere else in the town. It

is Australian and a crustacean.

Don't go the raw prawn with cars.

The eels and the Bulldogs. Out next

the latest on Daniel Mortimer. The the latest on Daniel Mortimer. The

locker out block out - the lengths

they Eels went to change -- trained

behind closed doors. The Champions Trophy. Tights? What? Shh! # I see you, give it to me there's no nasty surprises. I've got one, because (CHILDREN LAUGH) because it makes saving easy. And I've got one, a Savings Maximiser now VOICEOVER: Open a million Australians have got one. and find out why over ALL: It's your money. Whether you have strong back pain, period pain or migraine, leave strong pain behind (GENTLE MUSIC) Yes. Here you go. (GIGGLES) Have a good day. No worries. See ya. See you tomorrow. Our restaurants are open early, so say hello to mornings with breakfast at McDonald's.

This program is captioned live.

More than 70,000 tickets have now

been sold for tomorrow's Grand

Final Qualifier between the

Bulldogs and the Eels. Adam Hawse

joins Live from Bulldogs

headquarters and will the fans see

Daniel Mortimer and Krisnan Inu on

the field? There now seems to be a

good chance, they have both

completed a training session at

Parramatta Stadium. The Parramatta

eels had no dramas but a final

assessment on the fitness will be

left until tomorrow. It is that

time of year, both teams go behind

closed doors to keep their

preparations private. The Bulldogs

had their final one at the match

venue, ANZ Stadium. Parramatta eels

stayed at home and took extreme

measures to make life hard for

pesky onlookers. The extra

attention was not lost on the coach.

You only get 8 camera and a person

they had round nine and 10. Now we

have 15 cameras and 600 journalists.

The press conference was enjoyed by

the Bulldogs. He has complete faith

his rookies will thrive under

pressure. Surely there us some

young blokes that will handle it

well. The question of how to stop

Jared hame, once again his throne

at the opposition coach. Everyone

is aware of what he can do and has

watched him throughout the year. --

Jarrett Hamed. -- Jaryd Hayne. How

players her trainer will today. If

they get two sessions under their

belt than I am comfortable with

that. Jared hen has agreed to another 4-year contract with

Parramatta eels. 71,000 tickets

have been sold. -- Jaryd Hayne.

Australian cricket Captain Ricky

Ponting fears hosting a Test series

flop this summer if the West Indies

don't resolve the contracts dispute

that has weakened their team.

Pakistan demolished the West Indies

in their first champions trophy

match overnight. Teenage paceman

Mohammad Aamer and Umar Gul

grabbing 3 wickets apiece to

dismiss the heavily depleted West

Indies side for 133 in 34 overs.

Despite losing both their openers

for 5, Pakistan cruised to victory

in 31 overs. The game ended with a

wide. And a setback for the Aussies

today. Nathan Bracken is on his way

home with a knee injury. He'll also

miss New South Wales' Twenty 20

Champions League campaign. It's a

busy time for the Blues. They're

also in the process of setting up a

new home away from the SCG, in

Sydney's west. In the greater West,

the AFL has marked its turf. They

have enlisted legends to plug the

code in rugby league heartland. Now

NSW Cricket is blazing its own

trial. 75% of our elite players are

all coming from the western

corridor of Sydney. Up until now we

have not been able to service them

with facilities in their own

backyard. It has launched a state-

of-the-art training complex at

Blacktown Olympic Park. When you

train outdoors with nets it is

unbelievable. It has gone halves

with the AFL in a $7 million

investment over 20 years. This will

provide facilities for all the

strow. Queen the charge is this

local boy who now plays Test

cricket. He grew up just a few

streets away. He suffered was

planned to play a match here within

the next 12 months. -- NSW plan.

When they take to the other venues

may axe so get a better crowd. That

is the concept, taking the game

domestically to more people.

Cricket lacks what it sees.

Australia has gone down to New

Zealand in the fifth and final Zealand in the fifth and final Australia has gone down to New

netball Test in Auckland. The netball Test in Auckland. The

Silver Ferns never looked Silver Ferns never looked

challenged. They led at every break

on their way to a 16 goal win.

on their way to a 16 goal win. The

final score was 52-36. It was a

face saving win for the Kiwis, with

the Aussie Diamonds winning the

series 3-2.

Joel Parkinson has rebounded from

his worst result of the season,

with a stunning opening heat at the his worst result of the season, with a stunning opening heat at the

Quiksilver Pro France. The world

number 1 easily accounted for

compatriot Kai Otton and wildcard

Gabriel Villaran and showed no

signs of his reported ankle injury. Nine-time world champion Kelly

Slater was also a standout. He

booked his place in round 3 on just

a few hours sleep. Oh yeah, I got

here last night. I was tired.

Aussies Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning

and Julian Wilson also progressed.

On Sports Tonight at 9:30 on ONE,

the fallout from an AFL star's

boozy Brownlow medal. Before then,

our special guest on Thursday Night

Live is Swans coach Paul Roos, to

preview the AFL Grand Final. He

knows what it is like to win one

end to lose 1. We also have more to

report about rugby league. The dust

has settled and we are in for more blue-sky days.

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This program is captioned live. Vic

Lorusso in the Traffic Helicopter.

There is very serious traffic all

the way back past Liverpool. A

serious collision on the M5 at more

back with a block at the city.

Football fans are relieved that the

dust has settled and so are at our

next guests. Do you notice when we

get these groups I am always in the

front row? We are pleased the dust

has gone. We are pleased that

spring weather is back with us. It

looks like a very sunny forecast

for Sunday when we will try to

raise a whole bunch of money for

Alzheimer's Australia. A round of

applause for the spokesman.

APPLAUSE. It is a very difficult

and sad disease. A report this week

says dementia will be increasing in

numbers in the 21st century. It

will have bigger numbers than

cancer and heart attacks. And yet

we know so little about it. It is

100 years since they decided there

was one disease called Alzheimer's

disease. We know nothing more about

it than we did then. 100 years

later we still don't know what

causes it. There is no cure. It is

a devastating disease for family,

friends and the community. How many

people across Australia suffer from

it? There is 250,000 people

currently. That is expected to rise

to one million people in the next

20 years. We need all the money we

can get. And how we get it is the

special memory walk. All the

details about their website.

Parramatta Park on Sunday. All the

money raised goes taught

Alzheimer's Australia. If you

cannot get there on the day then it

look at the website and make a

donation. Today was a big blue day,

it replaced the red sky of

yesterday. The dust has started to

move into north-west Queensland. We

might get a light haze across

Saturday and Sunday but nothing

like we saw yesterday. As far as

temperatures are concerned,

tomorrow is beautiful with 26

degrees, fine and sunny, maybe some

cloud in the afternoon. A windy

weekend around a 22 degrees but

mainly fine and sunny. The

Australian Alps brings a cold front

and blizzard conditions across the

resorts. We could be in for the

most substantial snowfalls of the

entire season with one week most substantial snowfalls of the entire season with one week to go.

Cloud over

Cloud over WA courses showers. NSW

will become Cloud over WA courses showers. NSW

will become warm and dusty. Prayer

for tomorrow, showers will spread across for tomorrow, showers will spread

across the southern in land of NSW.

Make sure to look at the website Make sure to look at the website

about the memory walk.

That's TEN News for now. Thanks for

your company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at 10.30pm. Our first bulletin

tomorrow is at 6:00am. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia MCBAIN TO BASE. UNDER ATTACK BY COMMIE NAZIS.