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to rescue hostages The dangerous operation and capture the terrorists in Mumbai. the Australian victims of the attack. Family and friends pay tribute to about Doug at all. I've never heard a bad word Sydney man Jeffrey Gilham his parents 15 years ago. found guilty of murdering crucial Kiwi wickets Nathan Hauritz claims to the spinner's curse. then falls victim

Good evening. A military operation is under way and other Westerners to free Australians or being held hostage who are trapped in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. two Australians have been killed - It has already been confirmed,

from North Turramurra 49-year-old Brett Taylor from Darling Point. and 71-year-old Doug Markwell The total death toll now 125,

with more than 300 people injured. 36 hours on - control of all the terrorist targets Indian forces are trying to win back including the Oberoi Trident Hotel 26 Australians are being held. where it's feared as many as is in Mumbai - Nine Reporter Damian Ryan on the rescue operation. with the very latest more than 30 hours, After an ordeal which stretched

As good evening from one bar with a

city still rattled by fear and

shock. We've Lewin recently with an

Australian relatives of those who

are killed or injured.

at the Oberoi Trident was broken. the last siege brought out in batches Hotel guests were by commandos, after a carefully-conducted assault

who retook the place, room by room. trapped inside, More than 100 people had been hostages of the fanatics it wasn't clear if they were or simply hiding. Garrick Harvison, Earlier, one Australian, pictured here with his wife, inside the Oberoi. described the ordeal lying on the floor in a ball, Pretty much just trying to keep as quiet as possible. sorry... curtains were drawn, Everything was off, windows were... whatsoever. trying not to make any noise

constant fear, Harvison has been enduring commandos began their assault. and there was more torment as the just then, GARRICK HARVISON: That was gunfire for 1.5 hours. haven't heard any grenade blasts On occasions,

could be seen at their windows frightened, stranded people

hoping for rescue. have been attacked. Across town, other terrorist cells a Jewish religious centre The Muslim militants who seized

in a dramatic airborne raid. under commando assault

At least seven hostages were freed, and their captors is not yet clear. but the fate of the other hostages Taj Mahal Palace is all but complete. The assault on the 7-star may still be hiding inside. Soldiers say one injured terrorist now been evacuated. The last of the guests have Retired Australian Judge Paul Guest of rescue was terrifying. has told how even his moment the door came off its hinges, The next thing I know it was just a blur, this figure emerged, and screaming at me.

"It's a terrorist." My instant thought was, I thought I was a dead man.

guided him out. The tense commando then

guests from the Oberoi. Now, there is relief as well for the

they emerge to restart their lives, In fear for so many hours, to make sure as the commandos comb the hotel have brought such havoc they got the last of the men who of India. to this famous financial capital

in Mumbai. Damian Ryan, Nine News, about so many Australians While there was so much uncertainly

that two Sydney men have died. it had already been confirmed

In Mumbai they are of international terrorism being counted among the victims but much closer, at home, their husbands and their dads. two families are mourning This is 71-year-old Doug Markell - shot dead by terrorists with wife Alison. while on holidays in Mumbai he was having the time of his life. Only recently a friend got postcards He'd never been to India about for the last nine months and that's all he'd been talking that they were going... for three weeks. that they were going was a footy fan, The grandfather of three and charity worker. a skier, a businessman Once even deputy mayor of Woollahra. Everyone speaks very highly of him. about Doug at all. I've never heard a bad word A proud member of Rotary, talking about the organisation. Doug's seen on this online video

on an equal basis and network. So you get to meet people

Neighbours learned about the tragedy apartment building. from this notice in their way to Mumbai to comfort their mum, Sons David and Charlie are on their now safe at the Australian Embassy. the national flag of the complex Outside Doug's Darling Point home

at half-mast, in his honour. in our community He played a leading role in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and I'm very deeply saddened. And from the east to the west - in Blacktown - to a small timber business

49-year-old Brett Taylor - and father of two teenage daughters a loving husband at the Oberoi Hotel. was caught up in the terror at Mumbai's hospital. He was dead on arrival to get your head around. To be honest it's hard what's happened. No words can explain in India Brett was on a trade mission hoping to expand the business. Friends and relatives today arrived

North Turrumurra home at the family's to comfort a family in grief. loving and dedicated family man. Brett was an extremely loyal, as I'm sure most people do. I mean, he lived for his family from his old school, Trinity Brett's mates the friend everyone wants to have. remember him as 'Stubbsy' He was a knockaround sort of bloke as a true Australian what I'd regard and a real family bloke. Chris Urquhart, Nine News.

can be hard to fathom. The 'why' of terrorism in the Mumbai massacre. But the 'how' is brutally apparent and callously executed. It was meticulously planned a clearer picture Piece-by-piece we're getting themselves the Deccan Mujahideen. of the terrorists who call The likelihood of Deccan Mujahideen actually existing and having operated under the radar for so long is highly unlikely.

The raid was well co-ordinated. About a dozen gunmen arrived in India's financial capital onboard inflatable boats. Inside their backpacks the tools of terrorism - ammunition, grenades false IDs and credit cards.

This was a reasonably sophisticated operation. There were a large number of people involved

and it was very, very well planned.

We know the Islamist terrorists were young. Without an AK-47 assault rifle slung across their shoulder they could be any backpacker, anywhere. Unfortunately, we are finding that young men are gravitating to Islamic fundamentalist and getting turned into these type of terrorists. The other obvious question is motivation. Clearly, Westerners were their primary target which suggests al-Qaeda links. But in their own message they say they are simply militant Muslims taking revenge for decades of oppression by Indian Hindus. Whoever they were and whatever their motive, their killing spree will, no doubt, be seen as a success by international terrorist networks. But the vicious attack has been condemned by world leaders. This is a horrific incident which has shocked and outraged people around the world.

This is a horrible reminder for all Australians. that terrorism continues as a real threat to Australians. Whatever is driving these militants, they are a major and ongoing threat, and they've promised there is no end to their violence. Simon Bouda, Nine News. A very lucky Shane Warne flew back into Australia today revealing how he missed the massacre only because of a last-minute change in travel plans.

He was supposed to be in Mumbai for a Twenty20 cricket tournament but had delayed the journey and was still in Singapore when news of the attacks came through. A day either side and we could have been caught up in that, and who knows? Just very lucky, I suppose. The Champions League Tournament has now been called off.

It has taken 15 years and 2 trials but, at last, a son is to pay for murdering his mother and father. Jeffrey Gilham, who had already admitting killing his brother, was today found guilty of stabbing his parents to death in their Woronora home in 1993. 9:00 this morning in the rain - this was Jeffrey Gilham's final walk of freedom.

A few hours hours later the 38-year-old father of three was behind bars

for the brutal murder of his mother, Helen, and his father, Steven. For his uncle, Tony, the relief was overwhelming. He premeditated the death of his whole family that is what has kept me going. Jeffery Gilham's parents and brother were found dead in their family home. Each had been stabbed at least 17 times.

Gilham became the only living witness. His story - that he killed his brother Christopher because Christopher murdered his parents and tried to burn the bodies. Four hours after the killings, Gilham sat wrapped in a blanket telling police what he claimed had taken place

That same day, detectives took Gilham back to the scene. I stabbed him there and he fell on the ground there. Gilham was convicted of manslaughter for the death of his brother but was freed on a good behaviour bond. Prosecutors always said the way in which all three victims were stabbed

was just too similar to be a coincidence. A crucial point for the jury.

Tonight, after 15 years as a free man Jeffrey Gilham is at Silverwater Jail.

His wife sobbed uncontrollably with the news - her husband is now a convicted killer. And now he is finally paying the price of it. Jessica Rich, Nine News. A Sydney schoolboy has been jailed for seven years for stabbing an autistic man to death in a public toilet block

at Narrabeen on Sydney's northern beaches. The Year 11 student who was 16 at the time was found guilty of the manslaughter of 35-year-old Gerard Fleming. The judge said - it was a senseless death that happened because of a misunderstanding. Police believe they've smashed two large-scale drug syndicates operating out of Campbelltown. Raids on 11 homes uncovered about $1 million worth of drugs,

firearms - including a revolver and shotguns and ammunition. $150,000 in cash was also found. One man fired a gun as police tried to arrest him. The raids were carried out over two days. 13 people have been charged with more than 60 drugs and firearms offences. The name of the Australian soldier killed by an explosion in Afghanistan yesterday has now been released. He was 25-year-old Lieutenant Michael Fussell from the Sydney based 4th Battalion. Lieutenant Fussell was not married and had no children.

In the news ahead - the primary school boy from Castle Hill who's the world Sudoku champ. And getting it just right for the Schools Spectacular.

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Fire in the kitchen of a Hungry Jacks fast food outlet in the city forced George and Liverpool streets to be closed this afternoon.

Traffic in the area came to a standstill as firefighters tried to stop the blaze spreading to the 6-storey hotel above. Due to some good, aggressive fire fighting

crews had the fire under control within 20-30 minutes. The hotel and nearby office blocks were evacuated. No-one was injured. Premier Nathan Rees has been accused of a sleazy political deal after overturning a decision

to close the State's Ambulance Rescue Service. State Political reporter Kevin Wilde joins us with the exclusive details. Kevin, it's sounds like a real U-turn. Mark, the State Government has done a massive backflip, and will save the Ambulance Rescue Unit. Some of the unit are based here at Parramatta. The Premier supported the closure of the unit

when he was emergency services minister. Firefighters say it's a political deal 12 weeks ago, the government made a good decision and a rational decision, now, it has made a sleazy political deal that is not good for the community and it may cost people's lives. Paramedics, naturally, see it very differently

and didn't want their expertise lost.

It is worth pointing out that most rescues in NSW are done by the Fire Brigade.

French authorities have given up hope of finding any survivors after an Air New Zealand plane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. Five New Zealanders and two German pilots were aboard the Airbus A320. It was on a test flight from France to Germany.

All the ground checks on that aircraft had been completed, the maintenance had been completed and it was on an acceptance flight. Two bodies have been recovered, five people are still missing. When the Sudoku craze took off it drove a lot of people crazy. And it might be about to all over again when you learn that - an 11-year-old boy from Castle Hill is the world record holder. This is Lucas Yeo.

Lucas is 11-years-old. Watch Lucas go. Finished! Mum, Fiona, started Lucas on his path to Sudoku superstardom out of desperation.

It was during the school holidays and Lucas and his little brother were just going at each other making a lot of noise at home. So I cut the Sudoku puzzle and said,

"Lucas keep quiet and solve this puzzle." It actually took me about 9 or 10 days to complete that puzzle.

How quickly can you do it now? About one or two minutes. Actually, he's done it in 1min 12.84sec - that's the Guinness Record. Could have been better. How much better?

At least 2.5 seconds. Lucas has been a member of Mensa since the age of five. Now in Year 6 at Castle Hill Public School, he does Year 10 maths and relaxes with a round of golf.

He's also a very nice, unassuming young bloke who could easily be a scientist or mathematician. Actually, I don't want to be either of those.

I just want to be a race car driver. He may need a little more practice but no-one doubts that Lucas will get there, probably much sooner than later. Peter Harvey, Nine News. Most of these kids have been practising for most of the year to get their routines just right for tonight's Schools Spectacular. 3,000 students make up the show which features some amazing costumes and high energy dancing.

Also making an appearance for the 25th anniversary, some of the show's past stars. There are also two performances tomorrow. Stephanie Brantz with sport is next and mixed fortunes for Nathan Hauritz? Mark, the spinners curse struck again in his comeback to Test cricket

but not before taking some crucial wickets with Andrew Symonds pulling some brilliant boundary riding. And John Daly crashes and burns at the Masters.

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A mixed comeback for Nathan Hauritz in the second Test against New Zealand belted early, the spinner struck back taking crucial wickets before injuring his ankle. A short time ago the Kiwis were 6/262 Hauritz finishing with 2/63 in his first Test since 2004.

Stretching his losing streak to five tosses, Ricky Ponting would go broke playing two-up, so come in spinner. Jason Krejza's ankle injury won Nathan Haurtiz a second cap,

four years after his first. In his 100th Test, Matthew Hayden led Australia out. Mitchell Johnson outing Jamie How. COMMENTATOR: Edged! that'll be the wicket. Back from the wilderness,

Hauritz was hit to all parts of Adelaide Oval. 17 thumped from the off-spinner's first over - fast-tracking Aaron Redmond's half century. What a way to go to 50. After lunch, Hauritz repaid Ponting's persistence. Oh he's got him. Yes, that's well done. Well done Ricky Ponting as well. A first Test wicket on home soil, Redmond closed on 100. Oh, he's hit that one really hard.

But Hauritz had his revenge, Redmond falling short of the fence, finding Roy on the run. What a beautiful piece of judgement and pace to have him just at the spot where the ball was falling to the ground. He also did his bit bowling. He's got 'em - Symonds has done the trick. Peter Fulton sent packing for 29. Symonds' damaged friendship with Michael Clarke clearly on the mend.

On 44, Ross Taylor was trapped in front, delighting Stuart Clark. Hauritz fell awkwardly, damaging his left ankle - the off-spinner on ice - cursed by the same injury that sidelined Krejza. Daniel Flynn was undone by Brett Lee. Andrew McKinlay, Nine News The Australian Masters has lost its biggest drawcard with John Daly missing the cut at Huntingdale.

South Africa's Tim Clarke leads by one shot after two rounds. Stuart Appleby, Craig Parry, and Daly all have the weekend off.

The local wildlife was given its marching orders COMMENTATOR: Just having a morning stroll. but this wild thing was more than welcome on course. Day two of the 'Daly Show' -

and on the par-5 6th he performed something special. This is awesome!

Despite that his bid to make the cut was always in danger of running out of puff. The cigarette's still in the mouth. In the same group, another heavyweight contender was also on the ropes. Continues to tease him. The fortunes of the first round frontrunners varied. Tim Clark surging to the outright lead. The greens are so much more receptive today. While Scott Hend's game went to pot at the 13th.

Scott Hend on 13, bunker to bunker. Pre-tournament favourite Robert Allenby fired a 6-under round and is stalking the leaders. What a finish. At one stage, Anthony Summers headed them all but slipped back late in his round. Daniel Chopra's day had its highs and lows but the Swede's chip-in at 15 kept his spirits up. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News.

To finance -

There's not normally much to smile about in Children's Hospitals

but today Santa and his friends did their very best to bring some happiness to the lives of some sick youngsters at Westmead. There were hugs and songs, even Batman was on hand to deliver some christmas cheer. And we all know it's Christmas

when the giant tree in Martin Place lights up. This year, the tree is truly green - the 19,000 light bulbs will be switched off between 2:00 and 6:00 in the morning to save on carbon emissions. After the break, Mike Bailey with the weekend weather details WIN News at 6:30. Coming up on WIN News... A national education curriculum - one step closer, Emergency volunteers received a vital financial boost, And the Raiders tackle a triathlon test. Join me for all the details next.

Now here's Mike with the weather and you're expecting it to clear for the weekend?

Mark, showers and thunderstorms are still about tonight.

But they'll clear in the morning. Plenty of cloud over Sydney today temperatures remaining above average.

A mild night at 19 gave the city a good start the top was 25 degrees.

Thunderstorms missed Sydney for most of the day but they've been severe further north. Rainfalls topped 150mm in parts of Queensland, Tamworth has scored more than 100mm since last night. A severe thunderstorm warning remains current for most of NSW but not Sydney or the south-west. But, the low-pressure trough that brought the unsettled weather is moving north-east. South-west winds behind it will clear most of the State tomorrow. Isolated showers will persist in the south-east.

Showers and thunderstorms will contract to the north-east, further rain likely through Queensland and the NT. That means showers and storms for Brisbane, Cairns and Darwin. Showers also in Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide. Overnight and early showers should clear from Sydney sunny periods increasing. Winds will turn south-south-west. Strong wind warning for coastal waters, with gusts of 20 to 30 knots later tomorrow.

Winds will ease on Sunday. City temperatures from 20 to 25. Inland centres slightly higher. Fine and mostly sunny for Sunday. Fine weather looks set to continue into next week. Keep taking and sending us pictures of your area.

And the clearing weather's right on cue for the weekend, Mark. That's the news for this Friday. We'll leave you with some of the highlights from Andre Rieu's first Sydney concert last night. I'm Mark Ferguson - hope you have a great weekend. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

The Mumbai terrorist attacks condemned by Australian Muslims, The A-C-T Government puts health at the top of its list for this weekend's COAG

meeting, And.. The Canberra Raiders try

harder to win. Good evening, The President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils has condemned the terrorist attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai. Canberra's, Ikabel Patel