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Tonight - the Cranbrook robbery.

Armed bandits storm an exclusive

Sydney school. We thought it was a

joke and then we came out and it was an armed robbery.

The new swine flu alert - another

cruise liner quarantined at Darling Harbour.

And a north coast town becomes an

floods. airfield for planes saved from the

Good evening, I'm Sandra

Good evening, I'm Sandra Sully. And I'm Bill Woods. Also, North Korea's provocative

nuclear test.

triumphant performance. And Susan Boyle glams it up for a

But first - a brazen daylight

robbery has forced one of Sydney's

most prestigious schools into

lockdown. Students were holed up in classrooms, as police hunted classrooms, as police hunted two

bandits who stormed an armoured van.

The hold-up sparked a lockdown of

1,100 students at the eastern

suburbs private school. Most were

in their classrooms when the alarm

was sounded just after their

morning tea break. Everyone has to

stay in the classroom and just be

quiet and we thought it was a joke

but then we came outside and it was

an armed robbery. Pretty crazy,

hey? I didn't expect it. I thought

it was a drill and there was police

tape everywhere. Two armed men

threatened security guards as they

returned to the cash van at the Cranbrook's main reception office

just after 11:00am. They grabbed

money, the guards' guns and fled in

a silver sedan. Pupils were kept in

their classrooms until police

arrived and gave the all clear.

While most students were in class,

a few did see what happened and

gave statements for detectives from

the armed robbery squad. Students

reacted to the noises coming from

the vicinity of their transit van

and that is what alerted police. The school itself The school itself is actually at a

bit of a loss to understand why

anyone would want to do this. The

principal says it was only a couple

of thousand dollars, takings from a

few days' trade at the school

canteen. Students are concerned the

thieves had also taken money raised

for charity. We did the Red Shield

appeal and that's supposedly where

the money was. Parents were

informed of the hold-up via email

and were able to collect their

children as normal this afternoon.

Police are reviewing video footage Police are reviewing video footage

there are of the heist as they work out if of the heist as they work out if

there are any links with recent hold-ups across Sydney.

Another cruise ship has been

quarantined in Sydney because of a

potential swine flu scare. And an

entire AFL team - the Fremantle

Dockers - have been caught on the

same flight as a man diagnosed with

the disease. There are now 20

confirmed cases across the country, prompting tougher quarantine


By early this afternoon 80% of

passengers leaving on the 'Pacific Dawn' had already boarded.

Dawn' had already boarded. Until an

order from New South Wales Health

stopped P&O from letting anyone

else on due to a potential swine

flu scare. It's not the people

coming on, it's the people who've

come in from the previous cruise.

The Health Department was still

concerned about the flu. Two people

who'd been on the ship began

showing symptoms of the virus. showing symptoms of the virus.

Hundreds of remaining passengers

were told they can't board until

the test results are finalised by

authorities. If we're here by 6:00,

we may be allowed onboard.

Passengers seem unfazed but these

latest tests come as the number of confirmed cases nationwide jumped

to 18. Three people who arrived at

Sydney Airport yesterday are also

awaiting their results. And awaiting their results. And with

the alert level raised to Contain,

authorities have also warned that

schools will be targeted to stop

the spread of the virus. That means

any student or teacher at primary

AND high schools who've returned

from Mexico, America, Canada, Japan

and Panama should avoid going to

school for seven days, even if

they're well. If you develop no they're well. If you develop no

symptoms within those seven days

then you're free to return to

school. The Government acknowledges

the new measures are inconvenient -

but necessary. Human to human but necessary. Human to human

contact of the virus has occured,

with some cases unable to be traced.

All the cases in Australia to date

have all exhibited mild symptoms.

A flood-trapped transplant patient

has who almost missed a kidney donation

has told how emergency services

saved her life. A much was found on

Saturday morning and she had to be

in surgery within hours but had

town was cut off in the northern

NSW floods. I answered the phone

and it was my kidney doctor saying

he had had a phone call from the RPA

RPA and to please come down. My

immediate reaction was how am I

going to get there? The ICS came to going to get there? The ICS came to

the rescue, flying around but I --

flying Herat by chopper. The

transplant was a success. I would

just like to say thank you so much

for all of their effort. It was

incredible. They are still helping thousands of other flood

thousands of other flood victims

who remain isolated. At Grafton,

even aircraft have taken refuge

where they can. The runway itself

has been floating like a carpet. has been floating like a carpet.

People who have walked on it say it

gives you the feeling of being

drunk. For those who remain trapped, drunk. For those who remain trapped,

there is plenty to do. But they are toiling away with toiling away with a sense of humour.

One in 100 years, three times in

eight weeks so I guess we are safe

for another 300 years. Early

estimates of the clean-up cost have

been put in the tens of millions of

dollars. We cannot do much else

because we don't say how it is

going to go. Is expected to take

weeks, it could be months before

life is back to normal.

An Indian national has been set An Indian national has been set

alight with a Molotov cocktail,

thrown through the window of his

Sydney home. The badly burned

victim is now on a respirator.

The attack happened without warning

as Rajesh Kumar was playing a

computer game in the front bedroom.

A Molotov cocktail was hurled

through the window, exploded, and

covered the 23-year-old with petrol

and flames. His flat-mate Arminder

Singh says he was burning from head to toe.

to toe. He was burnt. He was fire,

with all on fire. The body was fire.

He was on fire? Fire. Screaming in

pain, he ran to another room and

threw himself on the mattress. He

was crying, "Help me! Help me!" and

he ran out and I put the blanket on he ran out and I put the blanket on

it. As neighbours called 000,

Arminder ripped off his friend's

smouldering clothes. Police and

ambulance crews arrived in minutes.

We believe it to be an unprovoked

attack. We haven't established any

grounds for it to occur. In

Australia, we saw that some people

don't like us. They abusing us.

They... In the front garden today,

we found another bottle stinking of

petrol. This area not safe. We are

not safe. The young victim has

undergone surgery and had skin

grafts here in Royal North Shore

Hospital. He remains in the

intensive care unit, with a

respirator being used to help him breathe. Police have notified breathe. Police have notified

Rajesh Kumar's mother in India.

He's her only son, and her husband

has passed away. Detectives don't

have any suspects. They want

witnesses to contact them.

North Korea has thumbed its nose at

the rest of the world, detonating

an underground nuclear bomb which triggered an earthquake.

triggered an earthquake. A

magnitude 4.7 tremor was registered

today, suggesting a large explosion

had taken place north of the capital Pyongyang. had taken place north of the capital Pyongyang.

capital Pyongyang. On that basis

North Korea is in flagrant breach

of its international obligations,

is in flagrant breach of United

Nations Security Council Resolution

1718 and as such, stands condemned.

Last month, North Korea test-fired

what's thought to have been a long- what's thought to have been a long-

range ballistic missile which may

be capable of carrying a nuclear

warhead. And Stephen Smith Will

join us later in this bulletin to

talk in depth about the North talk in depth about the North Korean crisis.

The unions are taking on Kevin Rudd,

saying he's betrayed workers by

forcing up the retirement age to 67.

The Prime Minister has been warned to to expect a tough battle.

After 38 years of physical labour,

the last thing Bruce Crowe wants is

an extra two years stuck on a

building site. I'm 54 now. I've got

11 years to go, now 13 years to go.

It's just not on. But it will be

under the Rudd Government's plan to

push back the retirement age. For blue-collar workers, the strain won't just be financial. won't just be financial. I've got a

crook shoulder, crook back, bits of

arthritis. You do break down. We're

like machines - we do break down.

Union bosses claim cost savings

from the plan would be more than

offset by a rise in disability

claims and falls in productivity.

They reject retraining older

workers is the solution. Retrain workers is the solution. Retrain

them for what? There's no easy jobs

on a construction site. By

extedning their working lives, the

unions belive Kevin Rudd has betrayed betrayed those workers whose pay

and conditions he promised to

protect. And just as they did to

defeat WorkChoices, the unions say

they'll fight this battle just as they'll fight this battle just as

hard. The union will have a

significant number of people

outside the ALP conference and

we'll be protesting very, very hard.

Mr Rudd says tough times call for

tough measures. We've actually

decided to act. You know why? It's

the right thing to do.

the right thing to do. With the Coalition

Coalition set to support the 2023

start date, calls for union

consultation have come too late.

Whether it's superannuation or

income from work or the pension, we

need to be more flexible, not less

flexible. I know they've gotta make

cuts, economic pressures. I

understand that. But not us, pick understand that. But not us, pick

on someone else.

Sports headlines with Brad McEwan.

Brad, the Cronulla

Brad, the Cronulla captain pays the

price for an ugly onfield incident?

Paul Gallen has been fined by the

NRL for racially vilifying the

Dragons' Micky Paea. With the

details we cross to league reporter

Adam Hawse. Adam, there could be

worse to come for Gallen? Not only

has he been fined $10,000 for

racially abusing him but they are

urging the Sharks to take action

themselves. That could involve the

start -- the Sharks standing him

down as captain. His victim has

accepted an apology -- an apology

and considers the incident done and

dusted. It is one thing for the

matter to be dealt with the between

the two players but it has

the two players but it has brought

a ramifications in our view and is

worthy of a penalty. David Gallant

is here listening to the Sharks

Board. He is listening to all of

their recent dramas. You can

guarantee Paul Cullen is on that agenda.

Also ahead, Lleyton Hewitt is

through to the second round of the

French Open. The 2-time Grand Slam

winner coming back from two sets

down against big serving Croatian

Ivo Karlovic. Also ahead, a bit of

argy bargy ahead of the Mundine

Geale world title bout. The Deccan

Chargers' IPL victory. And we'll

relive the moment a young Swan soared through the air.

Still to come, local

Still to come, local councils

demand new powers for an alcohol


Plus, a high rise blaze turns heads

in the centre of Sydney.

And concert tickets that sold out

in record time. Never too young.

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This program is captioned live.

A man with a banned sniper rifle

has been charged with driving

around drunk on Sydney's streets.

The rare 0.338 Lapua Magnum Blaster

was seized after the man was pulled

over by an RBT unit at Beverly

Hills. His firearms licence has

been suspended. He could have kept

it if he had handed in begun as

part of the firearms amnesty which

runs for another week.

Sydney Tower caught fire this

morning, sparking a major scare. It

broke out at 8:30am. Office workers

capturing all the action on video

capturing all the action on video

from nearby buildings. It took fire

crews 30 minutes to extinguish the

fire was started when building

workers set alight and air-

conditioning unit at the base. No-

one was injured. The shopping

centre is closed for redevelopment.

If he witnessed a breaking story or

would like to see your pictures on

the news, email them to:

A politician has been left

speechless after being trapped in a

media ambush. The Labor MP was

unable to reveal a key budget

figure. The Opposition claiming the

Prime Minister is running scared

over the deficit.

Labour backbencher arrived back at

Parliament preps to defend the

ballooning debt of the government.

We believe our current debt levels

are safe. By embarrassingly, she

could not remember what it is. The

deficit forecast? I could not tell

you off the top of my head. Well, I

don't think it is appalling

ignorance, I think it is just a

wilful fleeing from reality. The

Opposition is convinced that Labor

Opposition is convinced that Labor

is running scared from the number.

Had Malcolm Turnbull taunted the

Prime Minister to come clean after

some painful evasions last week.

The maximum amount of government

debt his Budget will create

expressed as a sum of money. About

$300 billion. He accused the

Opposition of talking the economy

down. The infrastructure minister

joined the counter-attack,

producing pictures of coalition MPs

welcoming spending in their

electorate so even though they had

voted against it. The Member for

Gilmore is giving the thumbs-up.

The deficit will take a back seat

in the Coalition party room as it

struggles to find a united stand on

carbon pollution. The Liberals want

a delayed vote in the Senate. The

National's one to vote it down.

Sometimes you can't run away from

things because it is a coward less

-- careless. After wearing a helmet

it non-stop for the week, he has

them on the brain. What they say in

their hard hats say let them rip.

New powers are being demanded to

let council Rangers confiscate

alcohol at parks and beaches.

Mayors from six local government

areas are also insisting on tougher

anti-graffiti laws and standardise

pub operating hours. The community

wants something done, there is not

a person who goes for a walk after

a big night out. The big word in

the community is anti-social

behaviour. They want better late

night public transport to stop worsening alcohol-fuelled crimes.

They are estimated to have cost

ratepayers $100 million.

ACDC is back and definitely in the

black after their upcoming concerts

became the fastest-selling ever in

Australia. Long queues formed at

ticket offices around the country

as fans make sure they did not miss

out. What do your parents don't?

out. What do your parents don't? We out. What do your parents don't? We

have exams tomorrow. The Today.

Today. We might not do the best on

them. Shows on Sydney and Melbourne

showed -- sold out in 50 minutes.

Fans in Perth snapped up their

allocation in half that time. The

band and its 43 semi- trailers of

beer arrive in February.

Enough of the rain. But there is

some good news. Some rain forecast, some good news. Some rain forecast,

but this time where it is needed?

Yes. Some patchy rain looks like to

be falling in western NSW in the

next 24-48 hours. Good news for farmers. More good

farmers. More good news in mid-

north coast and the Northern Rivers.

No rainfall reported in the past 24

hours. It allows waters at Lismore

and Belin JUN to receive moderate

flood levels. Rainwear we need it

in the West and stopping in the

north-east corner. A competition in 15 minutes.

Still ahead - a disturbing security

breach at Buckingham Palace.

Also, a mental health crisis for Also, a mental health crisis for

Schapelle Corby in Bali.

And Susan Boyle gives up another winning performance.

This program is captioned live.

Welcome back. At peak hour there

are some problems?

Pretty big problems, especially for

traffic getting into eastward. Take

a look at that, both lanes barely

moving. We have just spotted a

broken-down car or right at the

traffic lights. You can see it

there in the left-hand lane. We are

there in the left-hand lane. We are

trying to get the breakdown crew.

Some motorists have been stuck for

15 or 20 minutes. Other problems

across town - the M two after an

accident and from the airport tunnel southbound.

There are fresh concerns for

Schapelle Corby's mental health.

The 31-year-old has been readmitted

to hospital suffering depression.

She'd reportedly been seen carrying

a doll around her prison cell.

She's still a bit illogical, that's

all. And understandable because

she's under so much pressure.

Corby's mother, Rosleigh Rose, has

flown out from Australia to be with her.

her. It was a long time coming for

some but the ban lifted on short selling?

The Securities and Investments

Commission went ahead with lifting

the ban on short selling. That ban

came into force eight months ago

when panic was the norm. It was

supposed to stop the banks from

bleeding value. A sick were

bleeding value. A sick were afraid

we would see Aleem and brothers

debacle here. The latest word is

the ban will be slapped back on if

the market its volatility again.

There are fresh concerns for

Schapelle Corby's mental health.

11 people have been crushed to

death in a stampede at a world

Festival in Morocco.

But roll show that opens the gates

for two undercover reporters.

Instead of high-security, the

reporters say they were not

fettered be given access to the

fleet of Royal vehicles. These are

the very cars used by the Queen and

senior members of the royal family.

This is where Her Majesty six.

This is where Her Majesty six. The

newspaper defended its actions. We

have been told that security has

been tightened up but these things

would not happen again. New rules

and regulations were brought in but

they simply have not worked. Our

investigator could easily have been

a terrorist with a bomb to be

planted inside her car. It is the

latest in a series of royal

security breaches. A protester

dressed as Batman scale Buckingham

Palace, a newspaper reporter got a

job as a foot man. Michael Fagan

broke into the Queen's bedroom and

at Windsor Castle, an activist

gatecrashed Prince William's 21st

birthday party. 99 times out of 100

it works. You have got to look at

the people who were manning the

gates and ask why did they let this

person in, why did they let the

people in on the say-so of the

chauffeur. Questions the police are now asking.

Scottish singing sensation Susan

Boyle has shown the world she's no

one hit wonder. She's made a

triumphant return to 'Britain's Got

Talent', securing herself a place in the final.

She is the people's favourite. (SINGS) Midnight... And

(SINGS) Midnight... And after a

nervous start, Susan Boyle showed

why. (SINGS) Touch me, it's so easy

to leave me. That voice won the

public vote, beating seven other

semifinalists. It's been a rapid

rise to fame for the frumpy 48-

year-old. From an unemployed church

volunteer who'd never been kissed

to an international phenomenon with

60 million YouTube hits - in just

six weeks. Last night she showed

off her new look, complete with a

sequinned dress. I think you look absolutely beautiful tonight.

Winning over the judges for a

second time. You nailed that

performance. I'm so proud of you.

You are one special lady, I have to

say, you really are. So the top

semifinalist was no surprise.

And then - that victory dance. Next

Saturday's final will bring Susan

Boyle one song closer to achieving

her dream of performing for the

Queen. (SINGS) A new day has begun.

One of the city's most famous

landmarks has been transformed - in

the name of art. The Opera House

was awash in colour last night in

readiness for this week's Vivid

Sydney festival. It is one of 25

light art works that will be

showcased on a public walk from

Sydney Observatory through to

Circular Quay. The works, most of

which promote smart energy

consumption, are by local and

international artists. North Korea

has launched a provocative nuclear

test. We will have Stephen Smith

after the break. Also, a trimmed

down Therese Rein shows remarkable self control.

And the rookie director from

Australia who's the toast of Cannes.

As a first-time director it's

possibly the best thing that can

happen to you so, you know, I'm

very, very happy.

VOICEOVER: Every person has the power to do great things. And when we all work together, anything is possible. That's the power of humanity. Red Cross is about people helping people, and now we need you to play your part. Visit

This program is captioned live.

Tonight's headlines - a search is

under way for two bandits who

staged a brazen heist at an

exclusive Sydney school. They

stormed an armoured van which was

picking up tuckshop takings and

charity donations from Cranbrook at Bellevue Hill.

Bellevue Hill.

Delays for cruise-ship passengers

at Darling Harbour. Two people who

had been on the ship are being

tested for swine flu.

Hundreds of people have been told

they cannot bought until the test results are known.

And North Korea is thumbing its

nose at the world again. It has set

of an underground nuclear explosion

which triggered a small earthquake.

It follows the launch of a long-

range ballistic missile blast bomb.

And Foreign Minister Stephen Smith

joins us from Canberra. Minister,

what is the latest information we

have on this claimed nuclear test by North Korea?

Australia is proceeding on the

basis it is an underground nuclear

test. There is enough evidence now

to see Australia proceed on the to see Australia proceed on the

basis it is a nuclear test. We

condemn it, the claim of a nuclear

test is a provocative act and we

will be expecting to make contact

with our friends and partners in

the region and have this matter

brought before the Security Council

as quickly as possible. Barack

Obama has quit -- stated that this

is this a -- a threat to

international peace and it warrants

action. I am sure the US President

also has in mind taking the matter

before the Security Council. When before the Security Council. When

North Korea tested a missile last North Korea tested a missile last

month, that was condemned by the

Security Council. Clearly the

combination of a missile capacity

and a nuclear capacity is very

dangerous, threatening and worrying

would to the international community so I

would fully expect that President

Obama will want this matter before

the Security Council as quickly as

possible to enable the Security

Council to condemn North Korea and

call on North Korea to desist from

these acts. How quickly can a

security man council meeting

reconvened question market can be

done as quickly as possible. I am

sure at other partners in the

region, South Korea and Japan, will

want to take it as quickly as

possible which is what they did

with Australia's support last month

when North Korea tested its missile.

A slimmer Therese Rein has launched

the Cancer Council's annual

fundraising by hosting morning tea

at The Lodge in Canberra. The Prime

Minister's wife grabbed the

headlines when she emerged from

church with her husband and son yesterday in tight-fitting pants

and jacket. Prime Minister, is the

media reporting about your wife

appropriate? Has the media crossed

a line? Ms Rein didn't take the

cake today, but joined her guest in

a cuppa to promote Australia's

Biggest Morning Tea.

Tim Bailey has some details on a

branch new competition.

The best resources here at Ten News

is you. We are launching hour with

involved. a photo competition. We want you

prizes up for grabs. Get your

weather photographs to me at this

address. It can be absolutely

anything. A sunset, a bush track,

that is quite clever. Unbelievable

stuff. Have a look what is up for

grabs. Every Friday, this camera.

12.1 mega pixels, H D video and it

is waterproof. Every Friday we give one away.

Actor Will Ferrell is in town for

the Australian premiere of his new

movie 'Land of the Lost'. But the

funnyman has a serious side when it

comes to politics, using his comic

skills to send up leaders he

doesn't like. It is not the first

TV ads have been made into a movie

and it will not be the last. As far

as Will Ferrell is concerned, this

film will be the most fun.

film will be the most fun. When I

heard they were going to make the

movie version dust Mac -- I had to

be a party of it. He got his start

on Saturday Night Live, returning

to the hit US showed during the

recent presidential elections with

a killer impression of George W

Bush. We will smoke come out. Do

you think Tina Fey's rendition of

Sarah Palin helped change the

course of the election? I do not

know whether it is that powerful. I

don't know whether it is an

that the effective tool to say the things

that the pundits are afraid does

say. Next week you'll be Conan

O'Brien's first guest when he takes

over hosting the tonight Show. I

might Council, just to show...

Don't get cocky. He will not cancel

an appointment he has for tomorrow

night, to walk the red carpet to for the Premier.

for the Premier. And

An Aboriginal director has won a

prestigious award at the Cannes

Film Festival. The Camera d'Or for

Best First Film went to Warwick

Thornton for 'Samson and Delilah',

a love story about two teens living

in an isolated Aboriginal community.

You know, you make your first

feature film and you want an

audience to see it, and wish upon a

star that you may just be accepted

into the Cannes festival, and

suddenly, for you to win that.

suddenly, for you to win that. It's

now showing in selected theatres.

Brad's back with sport.

Then we have at our hands on the NSW origin team.

Adam is out at Cronulla. He will

have the selections next, plus the

latest on the racial vilification


Plus, Heath Grundy comes back down

SCG. to earth after flying high at the

And the man throwing down the

gauntlet to sunny Bill Williams.

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This program is captioned live.

Good evening. Paul Gallen could

he racially vilified Dragons lose the Sharks captain see after lose the Sharks captain see after

forward Mickey Paea on Saturday.

Adam horse joined us from Cronulla.

There have been some developments

in the last half-hour. That is

right. Paul Gallen's manager has

arrived. We understand Paul Gallen

is in the building. They are

talking about the $10,000 racial

vilification find against Mickey

Paea. If you have missed it, we

will show you the incident. Tha will show you the incident. That's

racist! David gallop is here to

speak to the Sharks Board about

their financial crisis. He is here

for that reason but also spoke

strongly about the Paul Gallen case.

Complaints can be made under the

racial vilification policy and that

deals with certain issues, but we

felt it was appropriate today that

this issue, given there was clear

evidence that happened, it should

be dealt with and we have dealt

with it. A racial vilification is

despite across all sports. What has

the reaction been from other

players? Everyone expects Mickey

Paea's right to leave it on the

field. He got an apology and he

said he wanted to move on. But

there was a feeling the NRL had to

step in because it was too serious

a matter. Racism should not be in

the game or anything in the world

at all. You just have to keep

working on it. You don't want it to

be a major feature in rugby league.

Most are Aboriginal boys, they are

shy, they have not got that

confident or bravado. The Blues

team will be named later tonight

but I will run through it now.

Note Jarrod Mullen.

Note Jarrod Mullen. -- and A.

With all the Cronulla dramas, the

general has no reviewed Des general has no reviewed Des

Hasler's spray after the

controversial one point lost to the

Gold Coast. There was a dubious

decision to award a penalty against

Matt Orford. It allowed the titans

to seal the win.

to seal the win. It was a junior

referee who decided the issue

within, in my opinion, what was a

dreadful error under pressure. It

is time something was done about it.

The game is professional. The

officialdom is not. The referee's

boss is supporting Matt Checcin,

saying he will not be stood down.

Sunny Bill Williams is part of

Wednesday night's heavyweight in

Brisbane. A New Zealander

apparently incensed he had not been

invited to join the pre-fight press

corps. The promoter clearly keen to

portray him as an angry man. I am

very confident. I just have to be

confident when I go out there.

Swans defender Heath Grundy have

revived memories of the high-flying

days of Warrick Capper with a

spectacular marked in yesterday's

55 point win over Paul ADLI. It is

the best mark he has seen in 15 years -- Port Adelaide.

Heath Grundy was staying closer to

the ground that the recovery

session. Yesterday at the SCG, it

was a very different story. I need

to get to this. I went for it. The

number 39 jumper is the same one

Warrick Capper will walk for the

1980s. He vaguely defied gravity

with his spectacular high marking.

His team-mates have been drawing

comparisons with the former star

but it is clear to see bidded not

fit comfortably with the modest

defender. Maybe Warrick Capper? A

don't know about that. Grundy was

not the only swan flying high.,

Tate two another great mark. Jesse Tate two another great mark. Jesse

White produced two goals in his

best performance for the club and

he had plenty of support. It was

the best effort this season. They

will now face of the Western

Bulldogs on Saturday. We will give

them have the opportunity to try to

put a few wins together and cement

a spot in the top eight.

Lleyton Hewitt has survived the

world record 55 ace onslaught from

Ivo Karlovic to reach the French

Open second round. Ivo Karlovic

claimed the first two sets but the

Aussie fought back to score a

dramatic victory. COMMENTATOR: A

fighter to the end and he has done

it once more. In the women's draw,

Ana Ivanovic made her way to the

second round. Andrew Symonds has

something to smile about after

missing out on Ashes selection. He

joined forces with Adam Gilchrist

to help the Deccan Chargers won the

Indian Premier League tournament.

They beat the Bangalore role They beat the Bangalore role

challenges. Symonds smashed 33. The

Deccan Chargers but a total of 143.

It a remarkable turnaround for them

who finished last in the IPL last year.

Brawn continues to dominate the former one-season with Jenson

Button claiming his fifth victory

in six races at the Monaco Grand

Prix. He finished 7.6 seconds ahead Prix. He finished 7.6 seconds ahead

of Rubens Barrichello for his

fourth start to finish winner of

the season. COMMENTATOR: That is

champion form. Jenson Button wins champion form. Jenson Button wins

in Monaco! Plenty of drama in this

morning's Indianapolis 500 with one morning's Indianapolis 500 with one

car catching on fire. 11 of the 33

smashed out of the high-speed open smashed out of the high-speed open

world classic. A Brazilian won the

race foot just one month ago was

facing a prison sentence for tax evasion.


The low lights for Newcastle United.

But they are relegated for the

English Premier League -- from. And

the latest on to the new self-

Wells state of origin team. We will

have reaction tonight on the show

as well. An accident at North

Parramatta causing some delays.

Forecasts at collided on the busy

drive. -- 4' cars. Police and the

RTA blocked out a lane. Some big

RTA blocked out a lane. Some big queues this evening.

Stay with us. We are back with the weather details after the break.

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This program is captioned live.

. Now for an update on the weather.

Now the worst is over, the figures

are pretty staggering about what we

have all endured, particularly in

the north-east over the last few days.

The Northern Rivers area, near

Coffs Harbour had a staggering one

metre of rain between Thursday and

Sunday. The focuses on that

rainfall. The good news being that

hardly a drop fell between the mid-

north coast and the Northern Rivers

in the past 24 hours. That has let

a few of the rivers subside a bit.

Rainfall in the west of the state

is happening. We are very happy

with that. Also, the catchment area

got 20-30 millimetres in Sydney on

Saturday. Some good news. As far as

the forecast is concerned, a shower

or or two in the forecast for the

next seven days.

Cloud over the South East in a

slow-moving trough and the weakening front is generating

patchy rain. Heaviest in western

Victoria. Low cloud being driven across the eastern seaboard.

Onshore winds is providing the odd

shower. Tomorrow, a front and low

will bring champs -- showers to

Tasmania. Showers and patches of

rain will spread through much of

their -- Western NSW. Showers for

parts of coastal SA. The Photo

Competition, your photos on the

television every night. We are

giving away a Panasonic camera

every Friday. Interstate:

We will squeeze in a delightful

gorilla story. The Taronga Zoo's

stunning silverback gorilla Kibabu

has celebrated his thirty-second

birthday with a special treat of veggie cupcakes.

The occasion was used to launch a

gorilla conservation campaign that

his target in mobile phone users. A

mineral ore used in Hann says his

mind in central Africa which is

devastating gorilla habitat. By

recycling of handsets, phone users

can help reduce the habitat

destruction and hopefully save the guerrillas.

Thanks for your company. Updates

three the evening and the late news three the evening and the late news

at 10:40pm. Good night. -- 3 the evening.

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