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(generated from captions) So you think...'ve got the green? I think I have the $200,000. Let's hope for a number of reasons. So let's hope to see $50 in there. Number one - to get it off our back. to $37,450. Number two will bump it up What was in there?

Oh! There was the $50. There's the $200,000. Yeah! For an extra $500. Beautiful work, girls. team effort. Nicely played, Maggie. As it turns out, a great

Let's see the money. anything is possible. Hey, you said it yourself - So did Maree. Absolutely magnificent, girls. And what an outcome, hey? Please send us a postcard. Have a fantastic time. a photo of you two Or even better, under a palm tree with a pina colada. Is it so much to ask? ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for being with us, at the Deal-a-Drome. What a great day out (IMITATES DRUM ROLL) This program is captioned live. Tonight -

the arrest of a bikie gang leader following Sydney's 11th gun attack in five days.

Fears four men could walk free from Airport security cameras. because of poor pictures Exclusive -

over a new traffic offence. police investigate Marcus Einfeld And warnings to parents against the flu. about vaccinating children with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News

We begin with breaking news Good evening.

in Canberra. and two people have been shot dead

It could be gang related. in the suburb of Chisholm They were gunned down in the city's south. in the front yard of a house, One man was shot the other was shot in the backyard. and have arrested a suspect. Police have cordoned off the area Seven's Damien Smith is there. We'll have his report shortly. has been arrested One of Sydney's most senior bikies and firearms charges laid in this city's bikie war. but only after more shots were fired is at Auburn Police Station. Reporter Robert Ovadia has been arrested - Rob, a senior bikie boss what's his role in the gang war? sergeant-at-arms Mahmoud Dib, Ian, he's Bandidos

here in Auburn. arrested in a dawn raid on his home Dib is charged with carrying a gun, his home was shot at. but over the weekend on Sydney's bikie gangs As police crackdown a major player is off the streets. and his family's Mahmoud Dib's home within a week of each other. were shot up he stared down more guns - This morning, this time, the other end of them. police were at they had found a pistol Investigators say Sergeant-at-Arms' parked car. in the Bandidos loaded A 45-calibre semi-automatic pistol, with seven bullets in the magazine. with six firearms offences. Today, Dib was charged at Burwood Court. He did not apply for bail were also seized. Two Harley Davidsons and most likely rival gang Notorious The Bandidos were involved in a wild shoot-out early Sunday. outside Dib's family home Overnight, gang-related drive-by shooting police were at the scene of another at Merrylands. but what can you do? It is scary, mate, Stay inside look after the kids. were inside at the time. Two adults and three children They're good people, and their kids are OK. I just thank God that they're OK

Seven News has learned with the two brothers the home's occupants associate Notorious. who are thought to have founded to what happened last night? Can I just ask your reaction The shooting? Wrong place, fellas. has been targeted, fellas? Do you know why the house were on the driveway last night, A BMW and Mercedes another BMW was there this morning. The homeowners have told police unemployment benefits. they've been claiming Late this afternoon was arrested over an altercation an associate of Mahmoud Dib outside Burwood Court.

It's been alleged he spat at a

photographer. It looks like he will

face court as well. Ian. He spat at a photographer. Thanks, Rob. Robert Ovadia at Auburn. at Sydney Airport, Now to Chris Reason at Terminal 3 and Chris, Sunday's security lapse serious implications? could have far more Ian, Seven News understands enough to identify the attackers. security video may not be clear lawyers for four men being held, If that's the case, their clients out of jail. are confident they'll get indicates And new information from Qantas than they first admitted. Federal Police were called earlier over their low-key presence After a 2-day barrage of criticism at Sydney Airport,

were far more visible today Federal Police unwanted visitors. and quick to eject to come in here? Have you guys got permission No. Not as quick on Sunday. Commissioner's claims Despite the Federal Police they weren't told until 1:46pm an internal Qantas review Seven News has learned hit an emergency duress button found its staff and sent out an alert at 1:42pm - a missing 4 minutes. a blame game here. I don't want to get into talk that over with Qantas. Obviously, we will need to That - as the blame game continues, incident is nothing to do with it. Sydney Airport today claiming the its security is handled by SNP. Qantas says wouldn't comment The security company they were outnumbered and unarmed. but one guard on duty Sunday says As a security guard against us - it was just too much of them if we jumped in that we would've been flooded out. on the crucial security video. Questions, too, had trouble accessing it - Not only have police some is unusable. there's speculation That's absolutely appalling. they'll be freed tomorrow. If true, the bikies' lawyer say I would say that they have a very weak case against the four persons that are in custody and those four persons should be granted bail. Prime Minister Rudd, who's in Washington, has promised to do whatever it takes to crackdown on bikie gang violence. While Premier Nathan Rees hopes to see new tougher legislation by next week. Ian. To other news now and Seven News can reveal former judge Marcus Einfeld is being investigated by police over another traffic offence.

Detectives will review last night's 'Four Corners' program which showed Mr Einfeld travelling in a car without his seatbelt fastened. It was supposed to be an opportunity to show how sorry he was but instead, Marcus Einfeld may end up even more sorry. Obviously, I would have not done what I did. He may be remorseful but his latest road indiscretion has caught the eye of police. I'm hardly at my best. Perhaps that's why the former judge forgot to buckle up when recording this interview in an ABC car on his way to court. Today, police released a statement saying:

Mr Einfeld's chauffeur, the ABC, declined to comment on whether any of its employees have been asked to explain why a passenger in a staff car wasn't buckled up. Former prime minister Bob Hawke copped a $100 fine in 1991 when he was also filmed breaking the law. Road safety campaigners say that being in jail shouldn't stop Mr Einfeld being fined $243. I think we can still accept that his arrogance still exceeds his ignorance. But because he wasn't driving... He doesn't have to sign any of those funny declarations this time. Back to our lead story now and it's feared the double shooting murder in Canberra may be bikie related. Reporter Damien Smith is at Chisholm in Canberra's south. Damien, how did this unfold?

Ian, police on the ground have row

fused to confirm or deny whether

they are investigating a bikie

aspect to these two killings. Seven News understand from a police

source, that is indeed the case. News understand from a police source, that is indeed the case.

Police have told us two bodies were

found in the yard of a house here in

this very quiet neighbourhood in

Chisholm in the south of Canberra.

One was found in the front yard, the

other in the backyard. Police have

confirmed that both men died of gun

shot wounds though we don't

shot wounds though we don't know at this stage what sort of weapon was

used. We are told in the last hour

police have apprehended a male

person and that he is, as they say,

assisting them with their inquiries.

Ian. Thanks Damien. The Rees Government is pushing ahead with plans for a $5 billion City Metro, despite figures obtained by Seven News showing it would be unviable. The Government's own study found the population area to be serviced is Sydney's least congested. Selling the Government's response to the financial crisis to business leaders Nathan Rees was also talking up his $5 billion CBD Metro. Good news for public transport, good news for the environment, good news for commuters.

But the Government's own data shows the Metro, which terminates at Rozelle, won't be financially viable for years. The Victoria Road corridor has Sydney's lowest passenger volumes. Highest is the south/south-west with 80,000 commuters, followed by the north-west, west, east, the northern beaches, and Victoria Road with fewer than 20,000 commuters. Yet, the Premier shelved south-west and north-west rail projects in favour of Rozelle. The bottom line is the Government's figures just don't stack up - they don't make sense -

and they put into question the whole viability of this proposed $5 billion project. The CBD Metro is designed for 20,000 passengers an hour. But a Transport Planning expert says the reality is more like 3,000. So it will definitely be well under-utilised for many years. He prefers a cheaper route over the Harbour Bridge connecting to the Epping to Chatswood line. With two harbour crossings the Rozelle Metro is an expensive option for a comparatively low population base. Meanwhile, the Premier won't commit to a badly needed extension of the line to the north-west growth area. Oh look, I...I'll have to get some advice from, ah, the experts on that. I'm not in a position to commit to an extension of it at this stage. Rail lines are 100-year investments -

we have to build the right one in the right location to do the right job, otherwise it's a waste of money. Parents are being urged to vaccinate all young children against the flu to reduce the frightening number of serious cases

ending up in hospital. Specialist doctors are concerned some GPs tell parents their kids don't need the injection.

Liam Keane was 12 months old when he woke up one morning with a temperature. Within hours his mother was in tears - he'd been diagnosed with Type A influenza. I do class myself as lucky. I won the lottery - we did that year. They caught it early. He recovered in two weeks. But it was in the same period when four children died suddenly of influenza in Western Australia causing widespread panic. The attack rates in your whole lifetime are at their highest under 5 years. 1,500 children a year find themselves in hospital with the flu. In Perth, they slashed those admissions by 90% by vaccinating children, but there's still resistance. There's a feeling sometimes within the community and in some general practitioners that influenza is a benign disease in childhood and that it's not important to vaccinate children. Researchers are first assessing whether to formally recommend kids aged under 5 be vaccinated against influenza, after that they may go the Government to ask for the vaccines to be free. Until then, working parents are urged not to skip vaccinations to save money in a looming recession. For them to contract influenza, or have to miss work to nurse a sick child could be quite disastrous in the current environment. Just to be on the safe side so they don't have to have the possibility of a child lost. Barack Obama's key economic adviser has given Kevin Rudd an A-plus for his handling of the global financial crisis.

Mr Rudd meets the US President tomorrow but it's his secret session with Chinese officials that's being questioned. A warm welcome to the Lodge for the Chinese Communist Party's head of propaganda. But even he would have been impressed by Kevin Rudd's media control. Australian news organisations weren't even told of the weekend meeting. Seven News had to get these pictures from China's state-run television. I cannot understand why he would do that and it obviously gives rise to a lot of concern as to what was being discussed. Mr Rudd's office denies a cover-up and he's making no secret in Washington that he's backing China's bid for greater power in the International Monetary Fund. More funds, greater flexibility to get there and that means a bigger place for China at the table. George W. Bush once dubbed John Howard the 'man of steel', and as Kevin Rudd prepares for his first Oval Office meeting

with Barack Obama here tomorrow, a senior Administration official has heaped similarly high praise on his financial mettle. The Prime Minister is incredibly - is A-plus on these issues and if we did what he advised we'd all be in a better place. Mr Rudd returned the favour -

praising America's trillion-dollar plan to rid banks of so-called toxic assets. I think the action taken by Secretary Geithner on this matter is absolutely necessary for recovery here and recovery worldwide. And he's praying that it works. Still to come - the death of a Sydney motor racing expert. Also, Brett Seymour's public apology to rugby league fans And Taronga Zoo rescues a baby monkey abandoned by her mother. That's next. Keeping up with technology can be hard. But when you've been talking technology for 40 years, it's easy. So who can you trust to keep you up to speed? Dick Smith! We can keep you up to date with the latest computer software like Norton Internet Security 2009. It'll protect your computer from harmful viruses without slowing you down, for just: And for a limited time you'll get: So talk to the people who've been talking technology for 40 years: VOICEOVER: What's the buzz on TransACT? When you sign up to selected TransACT mobile Cap plans you'll get a free mobile, Get a plan and a mobile from as little as $19 per month and get a ton of talk time with up to $200 included credit every month! Plus, you'll even get a free return flight to selected Australian destinations. So visit us at Civic, Gungahlin or Woden, head online, or call today: To get the good vibes from TransACT mobile. At Dick Smith, we've been: And we're celebrating by giving away 40 prizes to the total value of 20 grand, with everything from plasmas to PlayStations. Make any purchase to enter and you could win. Pioneer motoring journalist Peter Wherrett has died following a year-long battle with cancer. He grew up in Marrickville

before becoming a motoring writer for the 'Sydney Morning Herald'. In the 1970s Wherrett was the popular host of the 'Torque' program on the ABC. He died yesterday, aged 72. Rugby league star Brett Seymour has publicly apologised to Sharks fans and sponsors for his drunken behaviour. The Sharks halfback was sidelined for two games and fined $20,000 for his antics outside a Cronulla nightspot. I'd just like to apologise to all the sponsors, all the fans out here, family, my girlfriend especially. Retired league great Shane Webcke has ordered publishers to pulp his latest book. After reading a final version, which touches on a range of recent scandals, he's decided not to release it. Exhausted rescuers are trying to guide 11 whales back to sea, after an all-day operation on Western Australia's south coast. The pilot whales were put on trucks and driven 20km to another bay to give them a better chance of survival. Looking more like a construction site, this was a wildlife rescue mission that needed big cranes and big trucks to save some very big mammals in distress. Weighing up to 3 tonnes,

the whales were each carefully moved 20km to another bay where conditions were calmer. We've found the best results are trying to release them all at the same time, but away from the site where they originally stranded. An army of volunteers had worked through the night to keep the whales cool, calm and alive. on end. I think we were at it for about 12 hours. One passed away over there - that was the one I was on last night. That was a bit sad - he sort of just got a bit stressed out. More than 80 long-finned pilot whales had beached themselves early yesterday. Only 11 survived. Then drop down that side and bring up this side. At Flinders Bay the whales were delivered into the hands of more helpers. Showing the scars of their stranding, vets gave what treatment they could before attempts to encourage them out into the open ocean. Volunteer Jake is 14 today, his birthday wish... I want to see them swim off, that'd be a good feeling. Taronga Zoo is celebrating a new arrival but one that's an instant orphan. Little Elka is a Francois Langur monkey. She was born last Thursday but her mother, Saigon, couldn't care for her so two dedicated zookeepers are feeding Elka every three hours around the clock. She's very precious. She's the only one that's ever been born in Australia, in a zoo, and they're an endangered species. Elka's bright orange fur will turn black as she grows up. She'll be gradually reintroduced to her family over the next few months. Time for sport with Alex Cullen, and the Bulldogs say they don't deserve to lose their 2 points. Ian, they are appealing the NRL's decision - the details next.

Also tonight - why new Shark Trent Barrett has no fear of facing his old Dragons fans. They'll be pretty quiet if we're winning. And Lance Armstrong's Tour De France setback - rushed to hospital in Spain. We'll never afford it. RAMS can help you buy it. Use the increased First Home Owners Grant towards your deposit. Afford your first home sooner with less savings than you thought. call 13 RAMS. That's 13 7267.

The Bulldogs will appeal the loss of 2 points despite admitting skipper Andrew Ryan was the 14th man on the field in the win against Penrith. While Michael Ennis was injured in back play a trainer sent Ryan back on - giving the Dogs an extra man. He was still on the field when Ben Roberts scored the match-winning try. I didn't touch a ball or anything. 2 points seems like an extreme price to pay for what was an error. The Dogs have five days to appeal. Sharks five-eighth Trent Barrett has vowed to silence his old fans when he lines up against St George-Illawarra

for the first time in his career.

The former Dragons skipper knows he'll get a hostile reception and can't wait to run out at Kogarah on Sunday. He's done just about everything in his career but Trent Barrett never thought he'd be on the Sharks side in a local derby. No, mate. never. going back there in the away shed. I didn't think I'd be ever in the red V Barrett spent eight years before a stint with Wigan, to sign with their arch rivals. then turned his back on the Dragons

it's hard to go back Once you leave somewhere for the right reasons and I think I've come here with my decision. and I'm certainly happy Like Ben Cross St George fans might not be as nice. That'll be interesting, I suppose before. but nothing I haven't handled if we're winning. They'll be pretty quiet when you were their captain. They booed you Yeah, true, so I'm used to it. not about me. This is about Cronulla - not desperate to beat his old mates. But don't think for a minute he's Yeah, no. It'd be nice. Barrett looked the goods early for the Sharks as they started well against the Knights. COMMENTATOR: Barrett coming down! But even as their stars succumbed to injury the Knights somehow managed to take control. The gutsy win spoilt by a broken leg for Cameron Ciraldo that will require surgery. The AFL is pushing ahead with plans for a second team in Sydney facing the football code. despite the financial woes The Swans launched season 2009 today

and a new team captain. with no alcohol

were a picture of good behaviour The Swans leadership group at Bondi Icebergs this morning. attitude. It's all part of a new player of this is how we want you to behave It gives the guys a blueprint

when you're wearing a Swans jumper, and so on. when you're at a Swans function from their rugby league cousins The Swans have learnt what not to do. They can't afford to lose support sporting markets in the world in one of the most competitive for a second Sydney team by 2012. or ruin plans It's always been - it's never been a matter of if, from our perspective a matter of when. its always been

The cost of doing nothing is far greater

than the cost of doing something and we can't wait any longer.

Hardly anyone expects the Swans to make the top eight in 2009, and that's just the way they like it. Off season ankle surgery has ruled Michael O'Loughlin out for the first two weeks at least. We have got a good mix of youth and older experienced players and we'll be looking to be competitive again this year. against St Kilda. It starts Saturday night surgery on his broken collarbone Lance Armstrong is likely to need after a nasty race fall in Spain. for up to four weeks. He'll be off the road record eighth Tour de France title. It's not the ideal preparation for a so now's not the time to ask I'm miserable right now

for a couple of days. but, ah, I just need to relax the Giro d'Italia in May. He is also expected to miss

Do you like that accent? Beautifully

said. I don't think we have seen the

Armstrong. last of him. Don't write-off Lance

Checking finance now has closed at a 2-month high and the share market with the ASX200 gaining 30 points. That's much less than expected of 497 points this morning - after Wall Street's amazing surge of all time. Virgin Blue gained another 20% today, following yesterday's code-sharing deal with America's Delta Airlines. Sara's next with the weather and temperatures were again well above average, Sara? Ian, the western suburbs sweltered in the low 30s this afternoon. I'll have Sydney's sultry forecast, next in Seven News. Hungry for real value? Take a look at Hungry Jack's new Stunner Choices. Try a Chicken Wrap Stunner Deal, with fries, coke and a sundae. finish up the other night? Hey, how'd you blokes It was huge. Pretty rough. a beer, would you? Michael, go and get your old man (PHONE RINGS) are those snags ready yet? Michael, after the other night, hey? H w'd you blokes finish up It was huge. Pretty Rough. another beer, would you? Jake, go and get your old man to alcohol WOMAN: Kids form their attitude they ever have a drink themselves, long before important role model... from their most VOICEOVER: If it happens, whenever you want it. it's on Seven News and Yahoo!7 across western Sydney, The heat was on this afternoon but freshening nor-easterlies brought a cooler day along the coast. Gusts to 40km/h capped the city at 26 degrees - that was at 2:45pm. It's still 23 in the city and 32 in the west. Many western suburbs had their warmest day since early February - climbing well into the low 30s. A top of 34 at Penrith was 7 above the average. made it to 29 degrees. Gosford and Katoomba From the satellite - cloud is building along a trough, across South Australia and Victoria. which today brought light showers towards southwest NSW. Those showers are now moving southern parts of the State Tomorrow, they'll increase along

extending to the Central Tablelands, later in the evening. and possibly reaching Sydney

country - Around the for Melbourne. afternoon storm in Canberra. Late showers Mostly fine and Perth. in Adelaide for Sydney A strong wind warning is current to 40km/h near the coast. with nor-easterlies gusting They'll drop off tomorrow morning, before picking up again in the afternoon becoming quite gusty at times. That'll make for choppy conditions on the waters - We could see a late shower drift in from the west tomorrow but it should be fine apart from that. Top of 28 in the city. Gosford, Parramatta, and Liverpool, 31. Richmond, Penrith, and Campbelltown, 32. There could be a late storm up in the mountains

where it's expected to reach 27. A similar story on Thursday, 29 in the city ahead of a late shower. up to 33 in the west A southerly change on Friday will bring a few showers cooler tops of 24 to 25 degrees, we're on track for a fine weekend. but at this stage,

Sunny and warm tops in the high 20s, low 30s. And that's Seven News to now during the evening. but we'll have updates thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross, Goodnight.

with shopaholics - Tonight, we go shopping of dollars spending hundreds of thousands it's not their fault. and now the medical world says Find out why. Beating the bikies. Can it be done? See how other countries have successfully dealt with these criminal gangs. Will it work here? Controlling your anger - wildman Barry Hall shows us the program that tamed him. How anger management classes are changing lives. VOICEOVER: Now, Today Tonight with Matt White. First tonight, the building practice that's leaving more and more people living in hell.

Apartment buildings that are constructed purely for profit but then left to crumble. And we've discovered one block is powerless. where the local council James Thomas has the story. mate. John, we want to have a chat to you, about Duffy's Corner. Just want to have a chat and a funny thing happens - Mention Duffy's Corner

people run like rabbits.

# Run rabbit, run, run, run. # There's the builder, John Khouri, and developers, the Sarcasmo Bros,

all looking for a place to hide for building this - to avoid accountability Duffy's Corner. Absolute nightmare. here. There's some cracks in the wall Theo Docos owns apartment 15. John Khouri, of defects in 2002. He first notified the builder, with the builder We have had disputes for the past seven years. The builder thinks this is normal.