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(generated from captions) OK, I won't tell your son, you've had a most wonderful life. wonderful document, but you have got here THE most I really have. Oh, I've had a whale of a time,

You've made my year. it's a ridiculous, an understatement. And if I say you've made my day, Thank you. Thank you very much. the people of Gloucester footsteps of a boy wizard although Well, it's been fun following in the their chamber of secrets, have been so keen to open up that game of Quidditch after all. that we never got time for Gloucester Cathedral, goodbye. But for now, from glorious Next visit perhaps. Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd Australia for emergency treatment. Injured asylum seekers brought to

The injuries are extremely nasty. at the people smuggling trade. The Prime Minister lashes out They are the scum of the earth. collapses after an alcohol bender. Peter Garrett's daughter

it was a mistake on her part. She recognises on front line staff at stations. And CityRail's plans to cut back Good evening. has brought dozens of asylum seekers A complex rescue operation for treatment onto the Australian mainland fatal boat explosion. after yesterday's

Even as they were being evacuated, another 68 Afghans Indonesian authorities detained reportedly heading for Australia. We have live coverage and Simon Bouda in Perth - from Jessica Rich in Darwin

taking the bulk of the casualties - the two cities on the political fall-out. and from Laurie Oakes in Canberra and Jess, we're only seeing now First to Jessica Rich some of these refugees are? just how seriously injured at Royal Darwin Hospital Yes, Peter, the doctors and nurses in treating burns victims. have hard-won experience including some who may not survive. They've taken 21 of the injured, eight of the most seriously injured Early this morning, arrived at Darwin airport. overing their burns, With bandages and protective layers one by one they were taken specialist trauma unit. to Royal Darwin Hospital's

Five are still on life support to be taken to Brisbane tonight and four of them are expected for specialist treatment. has been great. The intensity of the fire The injuries are extremely nasty. This afternoon, more arrivals - on the HMAS 'Albany' 8 of 13 injured asylum seekers closely watched by navy guards. managed to sit on deck, in a much worse condition, Others were with severe burns, stretchered into emergency by the explosion. after being thrown into the water

of the three men killed. Also on board - two of the bodies for another two people still missing, The search is continuing saying what caused the explosion but no-one from the Navy is the asylum seekers' boat. that shattered

was the most forthcoming yesterday. WA Premier Colin Barnett on the boat spread petrol It is understood that the persons causing an explosion. and that ignited, Government, he isn't backing down. Despite being criticised by the Rudd Here we are, 30 hours on - Government and defence authorities I would think the Federal account today of what has happened. should be able to give a clear were asylum seekers told Officials have said at no stage

they wouldn't be coming to Australia. the coronial investigation. NT police, meanwhile, are starting

We will initially concentrate on

gathering forensic evidence. And

Force personnel. interviewing Australian Defence

be many months away. means answers will still Jessica Rich, Nine News. have been taken to Perth. Most of the remaining survivors Reporter Simon Bouda is there some very severe injuries. and Simon, doctors aretreating of 22 casualties here, Yes, Peter, a total to up to 60% of their bodies. some with burns Their evacuation and treatment rescue operation. the result of an unprecedented The first of the walking wounded. the blast off Ashmore Reef Four of the boat people who survived here in Perth, arrive early this morning wounded, their burns, their pain. the city treating the most seriously walk onto the tarmac. This man could barely

at Royal Perth Hospital. They were the first to arrive As the wounded were being wheeled in,

they'll be looked after. doctors reassured them they are not the worst. But as bad as their injuries are, with 16 more boat people, Hours later an RAAF Hercules flew in some with burns to 60% of their body. Their injuries so bad, with a special tent and tarps SES crews shielded them as they were unloaded. mission This was a highly coordinated

quickly and as smoothly as possible. to get these people to hospital as of ambulances and a police escort. On hand, teams of medics, a convoy of the injured given top priority Three ambulances carrying the worst and went ahead of the convoy. the run of the city, The rest were given phasing traffic lights green with police half an hour away. for the trip to Royal Perth Hospital, a highly trained team of specialists Waiting for their arrival, who pioneered treatment led by Doctor Fiona Wood, of the Bali bombings six years ago. for the burns victims the hospital and with good reason. Security was increased outside talk to me, please? Officer, can you come of Afghans from rivalling tribes This is what happened when a group

confronted each other. they're here to help. But these men say

also arrived here by boat Many of them causes a painful flashback. and say yesterday's incident I couldn't sleep all night. At first I was shaking, you know. this so tragic thing to happen. I mean, They've also offered to donate blood. asylum seekers A total of 22 of the injured at the hospital. are now being treated

have already undergone surgery. Three of them will be flown into Perth Later tonight, another Staff say all have been quarantined. Simon Bouda, Nine News, Perth. should rot in hell Kevin Rudd says people smugglers and he's promised more resources their evil trade. to combat what he calls The PM also angrily rejected claims encourage asylum seekers that his policies to Australia. to make the dangerous voyage Reza Wakil arrived in Australia 10 years ago, with 68 others aboard a leaky boat

that sailed from Indonesia and was intercepted off Ashmore Reef, just like the vessel that exploded yesterday morning. So the Afghani asylum seeker - now happily settled in Sydney with a wife and 2-year-old child knows what he's talking about when he says it's violence and instability in their own countries

that drive people to seek safety and protection somewhere else. I think whatever the Australian Government decides here has nothing to do with the movement of refugees around the world. But Malcolm Turnbull's sticking to his claim that policy changes last September caused an sharp increase in boat arrivals. The people smugglers have been hard at work.

They have been delivering far too many people to Australia, putting far too many lives at risk. Aware that border protection is a hot-button issue

that carries big political risks for the Government, Kevin Rudd moved swiftly to deny that policy had been weakened.

People smugglers are the vilest form of human life. They trade on the tragedy of others and that is why they should rot in jail

and in my own view, rot in hell.

The PM described his Government's approach to border security as "hardline, tough and targeted". We have dedicated more resources to combat people smuggling at a beachside hotel near Jakarta But the arrest today of 68 asylum seekers from Afghanistan at a beachside hotel near Jakarta provides clear evidence that more boats can be expected. Indonesian officials pounced as they were getting ready to leave for Australia. Laurie Oakes, Nine News. The teenage daughter of Federal Minister Peter Garrett found herself in the spotlight today after a big night out at a Sydney hotel. 19-year-old Grace Garrett collapsed

and needed hospital treatment for binge drinking.

This is Grace Garrett with friends at the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay. But on Wednesday, a night out became a nightmare. She was drinking with friends at a hotel. She was admitted into a hospital in Sydney as a consequence of that drinking. Embarrassing for the Minister, whose government spent millions on messages against binge-drinking. Jake, go get your old man another beer, will ya? Look, it's a family matter and obviously we've had some discussion about it. I think she recognises and understands that it's something that was a mistake on her part. The 19-year-old spent several hours here at St Vincent's Hospital, where she underwent a range of tests before being discharged. Since then, she's been recovering at home. Experts say her experience shows excessive drinking is a problem at all levels of society. Some people believe, you know, send your kids to a good school, comes from a good family,

you're not going to see these problems. These sorts of problems cut across classes. The Garrett family's experience can be a lesson for all. This is a great example for families to have a conversation over dinner this evening about the risks associated with alcohol. Chris Urqhart, Nine News. Railway stations across Sydney are set to lose front line staff as the State Government tries to control spending. Nine News has been given a hit list of the stations most at risk. High school students Alicia and Ellen are worried - what will happen if Mulgrave Station has no staff from 10 in the morning? It's the closest station to their school, Windsor High, and is overflowing with students every afternoon. They pick fights, little groups come here and look for people as well

so you really do need the supervision. As well as Mulgrave, stations facing staff cuts on the Richmond line include - 400 front line jobs are affected. Many workers will get transfers, others will be offered other work such as cleaning. What's more important - money or kids' lives and safety? The Transport Minister maintains the changes are essential. There are some locations where there are up to 3 staff and less than 50 passengers a day. The Opposition say it will mean less customer service. It will affect local schools it will affect people with a disability who normally would seek some level of assistance. It will affect safety across the board. A final decision is months away, but the likely outcome is that smaller stations will be lucky to have any staff and only the busiest stations will have anyone at night. Kevin Wilde, Nine News. A 2-year-old girl and her pregnant mother are dead after a shocking bus crash in country Victoria. The accident happened near Heathmere in the State's west last night

the bus veering off the Princess Highway in wet weather and flipping onto its side. 12 people were on board. A 20-year-old man was also killed. A 51-year-old Blacktown driver has had a lucky escape after a slab of concrete was thrown through his windscreen on the M4 this morning. He suffered minor injuries, but it could have been a lot worse. Had it struck directly in front of him,

the consequences could have been far more drastic. Police say the concrete was thrown from an embankment and have appealed for anyone with information to contact them. Some horses have a rough trot - trained to work hard down on the farm. Others get to prance around looking pretty. At the Easter Show, there's a chance to see both go through their paces. Troy Palmer is a cattle drover from the spurs up. His horse, ID, is as tough as the land they cross. If it's pouring down rain, he's out standing in it.

He doesn't get mollycoddled at all.

Mark Kenzig is a professional rider in the hack competition. Highlighting around his muzzle and his eye and we do that with a dark product which intensifies his cheekbones and things. It takes the team three hours to prepare his horse, Supernatual.

You don't do a lot of it yourself - I try not to, because I like to try and stay clean.

Troy competes in campdrafting, a fast-moving sport

where the aim is to direct a steer through a set of gates... ..and all to the beat of country music. That sort of behaviour is frowned upon by hack riders like Mark in the main arena. The surroundings are pleasant, the atmosphere genteel and there'll be none of that cursing. Points are given for presentation and elegance. In the end, Supernatural missed out and Troy was beaten by the steer. But both horses got the reward they were after -

sugarcubes and carrots for one, a roll in the dirt for the other. TROY: He goes. He goes pretty good. Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. In the news ahead -

how to calculate your risk of a heart attack. Britain's singing sensation goes global. And they were only $35, and guess where I got them from. Huh? Guess. Guess where I got them. Um... Ah. With two rashers of bacon, you can't walk past a delicious Double Bacon McMuffin for just $2.45. McDonald's new Value Picks menu - Macca's makes it easy. If you're worried about having a heart attack or stroke a new online calculator could help you to assess the risk. It's been a simple but life-saving tool for one Sydney man,

who used it and then made drastic changes to cut his risk by half. John Caldbeck never worried about his health until early last month, when his GP used this online-calculator. It revealed the 64-year-old had a 24% chance

of having a heart attack or stroke within five years.

After seeing that, really, I was a walking time bomb. John smoked for 45 years. His blood pressure and cholesterol levels were high. Those details are punched into the system, along with other risk factors. This is much faster and quicker and also, it's so visual for a patient. It's also the catalyst for major change. John has quit smoking, improved his eating habits and walking is now a daily routine. It really made me sit up and think. I had to change my lifestyle and quickly. Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer in the country. This new approach to prevention is also encouraging people as young as 45 to be tested. Risks can start at an early age - say from 45 -

if a person is unfortunate enough to have a series of risk factors. John has managed to halve his risk, but it will be a year before full results are known. It's definitely going to save lives. I hope it saved one here. People wanting the test should contact their GP. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. Construction on a state-of-the-art cancer centre at RPA Hospital

is expected to begin later this year following an extra $100 million donation from the Federal Government today. The project's the dream of Professor Chris O'Brien who's suffering from cancer himself and who sadly admitted today he might not be here to see it finished.

I believe I'm approaching the final episode of this journey. Lifehouse at RPA will be Australia's first fully-integrated treatment, research and educational centre. From a village in Scotland to international stardom, all in a few days. That is the unlikely story of Susan Boyle. Her singing, which knocked the audience for six in a British talent show has now taken America and the Internet by storm. # I dreamed a dream # # in time gone by #

After wowing the Brits, now it's the Yanks. You have become overnight, a worldwide star. It hasn't really sunk in yet. When the unemployed 46-year-old first walked on stage, one look and the audience had already written her off. But then that voice drew them back. America can't get enough of Susan, who lives alone with her cat Pebbles, and they can't get enough of what she has to say - even though it's not all that much. Now the clip has become the most-viewed item on YouTube, nearly 14 million viewings so far. It's three yesses. Now the US talk shows are overwhelming her with offers to appear, to sing of course, and chat in her own unique style. # I had a dream what life would be # Robert Penfold, Nine News. Hugh Jackman's been roped into a fun stunt

to promote his new 'Wolverine' movie in London - abseiling down a city building. The adventure also promoted a charity for wounded soldiers. And Hugh has joined Sesame Street's Elmo in sending support and advice to Victoria's young bushfire victims. But Mr Hugh, Elmo was afraid when Elmo saw pictures of the fire on TV.

Yeah, well, it's OK to be scared, Elmo, but the most important thing is you talk to a family member or a friend about whatever you're feeling, OK?

Yeah, and sometimes Elmo draws a picture about what he's feeling. Andrew Voss is at Skilled Park on the Gold Coast for tonight's sport. Pete, I'm here for the clash between the Titans and the Raiders, while the other big game features the Panthers and Broncos, we'll speak live to Matt Elliott next. Also, Brett Finch has his first run with Storm. The Bell tolls for Aussie surfer Joel Parkinson. Why just have pasta day

when right now you can afford to make every day a Continental Side Dish day? Enjoy a different variety

every day of the week thanks to the special low price

on our standard range at Coles, this week only.

The Penrith Panthers can prove they're genuine finals contenders if they can beat Brisbane at CUA Stadium tonight. In tonight's other game, Scott Prince looks to push for Test selection

when the Titans host the Raiders. But we head now to the foot of the mountains, where Nine's Peter Sterling is on the sideline. With him is Panthers coach Matthew Elliot. This is the biggest home match for quite some time for the Panthers.

A bumper Grad expected he denied

which will play is their coach

Matthew Elliot no doubt. There are

a few surprises - late withdrawals.

We lost look blue was this

afternoon he has a back spasm. We

have not lost a lot of players

through injury this year and we all

shovel up one to cover this tonight

Blue Cow has been playing

tremendous 40 for us, I am

conference we will be a fine

tonight. Melbourne Storm last week,

at the graveyard last at the graveyard last week as we

call it, at Rockwell. They are

excited about the prospect of

playing tonight. I know we have

petrol are playing his old team but

I think that will be fine.

To Arab four times the size had met

they have gone the gold and pointed

so it will be close tonight. There

was an interested onlooker at There was an interested onlooker at Dragons training today, Queensland coach Mal Meninga casting an eye over possible Origin selections including Wendell Sailor.

Former Maroons coach Wayne Bennett says Sailor has what it takes. Wendell would be in the mix. If you want to win a State of Origin, you're not worried about someone's age. Meanwhile, Brett Finch has had his first run with the Melbourne Storm and is expected to make his debut in Round seven. Australian Joel Parkinson has continued his perfect start to the year winning the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach. Parkinson has won both events staged so far this year, his victory today featuring a near-perfect ride scoring 9.57. The Queenslander defeated Victorian wild card Adam Robertson

in the final. It's the second time he's got to ring the famous Bells trophy. To finance news now - the sharemarket ended the week slightly higher, the All Ords up 2.5 points.

Miners and big banks were stronger. Telstra down 9 cents. After the break, Jaynie Seal with all the weather details.

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To the weather now, and Jaynie, a few showers expected this weekend? Peter, it's looking that way, especially for Sunday. Not a drop of rain today, though. Some fog over Campbelletown with low visibility. The air quality was rated as hazardous right across Sydney today. A top of 24 for most suburbs. A fine night for the footy at Penrith. The only rain about NSW tonight is over the north-east of the State,

with a few isolated storms. A few showers may be approaching the Gold Coast

for the footy tonight. The rest of NSW is dry. A low forming off the coast will drive in some wild and gusty winds

over the next few days, with strong wind warnings along the coast. Cloudy, but fine for Canberra. A light splash for Melbourne. Possible storms in Perth and Darwin. Sydney, a top of 22 tomorrow in the city, a few showers about for Doncaster day at the races, a mild top of 22. Sunday, we could get heavier showers, again 22 and very little change next week.

For our western suburbs, a cool low of 11 overnight. 23 the top and we don't think showers will head too far inland so mostly dry. Sunday could be a little wet though, with a top of 21 degrees and showers for the rest of next week as well. So just a few showers over Sydney this weekend, not much in them. Have a good one and see you Monday.

Updating our top story - all the injured from yesterday's refugee explosion are now on the mainland. 21 are at Royal Darwin Hospital, five are on life support. 22 of the injured are in Perth. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia

murder. A hunger striker Tonight ... A court hears the Rebels are

seeking payback for a Chisholm double murder. double murder. A hunger striker rushed to hospital during a march rushed to hospital during a march on

D-FAT. And.. security concerns at D-FAT. And.. security concerns at

the nation' s top university. the nation' s top university. Good

evening, I' m Lachlan Kennedy. evening, I' m Lachlan Kennedy. The

A-C-T Supreme Court has heard the

Rebels bikie gang is seeking

retribution against a Chisholm man,

accused of killing one of their own accused of killing one of their own

last month. Twenty-year-old last month. Twenty-year-old RUSSELL