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Tonight - the Air France disaster -

all hope must for those on board

the missing jet.

Fury over the joy riders involved

in a deadly Sydney crash.

they are. Coward murderers - that is what

And under a rest - the notorious

Spiderman who scaled a Sydney

skyscraper. -- arrest.

I am Sandra Sully, and I am Bill Woods.

The Reserve Bank announces its

decision on interest rates.

And Sam Stosur advances to the French Open quarterfinals.

But first, there are unconfirmed

sightings of possible wreckage from

Air France flight 447, which has Air France flight 447, which has

furnished with 220 people on board.

Air force planes, navy ships and

even a satellite have joined the even a satellite have joined the

search off the coast of Brazil. And

it appears the A330 was hit by a

violent storm, sparking a

catastrophic electrical failure.

The anguish of learning their

length -- their loved ones are not

coming home has been made worse for

relatives. They may never know why

the plane crashed. the plane crashed.

Clearly shaken, French President

Nicolas Sarkozy said it was the

worst tragedy in the history of Air

worst tragedy in the history of Air France. He has given up any

France. He has given up any hope of

finding survivors. The 4-year-old

Airbus A330 left Rio de Janeiro at

7:30pm bound for Paris. There were

228 passengers and crew on board.

It was supposed to be an 11 hours

of flight, but three hours later,

the plane left radar range over a

chain of islands in the Atlantic. A

few final messages were sent from

the plane's automatic computer system the plane's automatic computer

system as it flew through a

thunderstorm. There is cabin

systems failed. The cabin lost

pressure and then silence. Teams of

spotter planes have been searching

the ocean off Brazil's coast, but

the chance of finding any trace his

slim. There has been known -- no

suggestion terrorists were involved.

Commercial airliners are designed

to withstand lightning. There are

more than 500 aircraft of its kind

in service around the world.

Quantas, Jetstar and Virgin Blue

all fly them, but this is the first

time one has been involved in an accident.

It is obviously a freak occurrence.

A330s have been flying for years

without, as far as we know, an

accident like this happening before.

Something very unusual.

A while searching for the wreckage

and clues to the incident, Air

France has called counsellors in

for the families of passengers on

Air France flight 447.

A heated exchange in the Federal

Coalition party room also -- almost

came to blows -- plays today,

prompting one of Malcolm Turnbull's

most senior MPs to boycott future

meetings. What prompted the block?

It seems it was a heated discussion

of a three-cornered contests in NSW.

Alby Schultz, the main protagonists,

believes Liberals should run up

against nationals in every contest.

He was storming out of the party

room when one of his colleagues,

Chris Pearce, wished him a nice day.

He took this as a provocation and

one MP said he grabs Mr Pearce.

Whatever happened, the official

spokesman for the party said it was

a regrettable incident and there

were apologies all round. Other

parties told me Alby Schultz will

not now attend Liberal Party ought

joint party meetings in future, but joint party meetings in future, but

whether this is a sign he will

become an independent is not clear.

Also, the Reserve Bank left

interest rates on hold, but the

economy had some good news.

I think we might be seeing some of

those green shoots, or may be light

at the end of the tunnel. Figures

on exports and housing construction

have forced some economists to

rethink whether we are heading for a technical recession.

At last, something to crow about.

In the March quarter, Australia

billion. registered a trade surplus of $5

Here it is Australia's largest

trade surplus on record.

In April, housing construction

boomed. Nearly 19,000 Australians

took advantage of the first

homeowners scheme.

The highest take up so far.

On top of the buoyant retail

figures, respect government claims

its stimulus is working. The its stimulus is working. The

Reserve Bank agreed. They has kept

interest rates on hold at 3%.

The lowest in almost 50 years. The

bang says: some economists now

be avoided. believe a severe contraction will

We will not go backwards in the

March quarter, so we will not officially be in a recession.

The bank holds out the prospect of

further cuts, especially if

interest rates decline. The verdict

will be out tomorrow when they

Australia is in a technical

recession or not. No-one doubts

there is a slowdown, but the R word there is a slowdown, but the R word

can sap confidence. The political

debate is doing little to restore

it - the opposition hammering debt

in its Parliamentary attack.

Malcolm Turnbull raised the prospect of higher interest rates.

That will jeopardise Labor's

capacity to repay the debt by 2022.

We have a nation-building strategy

for recovery, the have -- they have for recovery, the have -- they have

a negative strategy to talk the

economy down. A US car giant

General Motors has filed for

bankruptcy, with the US government,

to take a majority stake in the

restructured company.

It is the biggest industrial

bankruptcy in US history.

General Motors was once the biggest

carmaker in the world. Its success

was a symbol of American prosperity.

Prosperity greater than history has ever known. ever known.

After 100 years, that era is over.

Saddled with massive debt, falling

sales and a slump in the global

but economy, GM was left with no option

but to file for bankruptcy.

The GM that many of you knew, that

had led to many of the down, is


In its place, a leaner, more

competitive company will be created.

The number of brands it produces

will be cut from eight to four, and

21,000 jobs will be slashed by the

end of the year, with the closure

dealerships. of manufacturing parts and deja --

I am absolutely confident that it

well-managed, a new GM will emerge

that can provide a new generation that can provide a new generation

dreams. of Americans to live out their

In will be too late for many.

We have been betrayed by

politicians who are doing things

not in the best interests of the working class.

As part of the bank as a --

bankruptcy agreement, the US bankruptcy agreement, the US

taxpayer will tip in $38 million.

The US President insists the

government has no interest in

running the carmaker. That will be

left to these CEO and board. They

have vowed to take the company in a

new direction, including producing

smaller, greener vehicles. new direction, including producing

smaller, greener vehicles.

This is not about going out of

business, this is about getting out

-- down to business.

-- down to business.

He is expected GM will emerge from

bankruptcy in 90 days.

Holden has discussed its future in

the way of its parent company going

bankrupt and we will bring you the

details later.

Four men have been branded cowards

and murderers after running away

from a fatal car crash in Sydney.

The group was joyriding in a stolen

taxi when it slammed into another

car. It was one reckless moment -

an illegal joyride that claimed an

innocent young man's life. 20-year-

old Wissam Ahmad had a big smile

and a big family.

A big -- beautiful boy.

It happened at Punchbowl at 1am. A

stolen taxi ran a red light and T-

boned Mr Wissam's Nissan sportscar.

I heard a bang, bang, bang.

Mr Amat was thrown from the

wreckage and died. His older cousin,

suffered critical head and internal

injuries. The four men in the cab

ran off, leaving distraught family ran off, leaving distraught family

members and friends to pick up the pieces.

Coward murderers - that is what

they are. Not only they did it, they ran away.

We witnesses say the cap was

speeding down the wrong side of

Punchbowl Road, overtaking other

vehicles. The Nissan sportscar

headed the other way never stood a chance.

His parents are devastated -

something like that to happen to

their eldest son - it is not easy

and they are taking it very hard.

The taxi was taken from Belmore at

9pm. Police have carried out DNA

tests on aid and are looking at in- cab security video.

Hopefully they will have images of the occupants.

Anyone who knows who they are, dob

them in, bringing to justice,

because it will save their families.

A world famous building climber has

been arrested for scaling a Sydney

skyscraper. Police are

investigating a PR's company part

in the stunt, which brought the city to a standstill.

Today Frenchman Alain Robert set

his sights on Sydney's obvious

power to raise awareness of global

warming. He scaled the towel with

note ropes, harnesses or permission.

Police were forced to close the

roads, as hundreds of people

watched on in amazement. The 46-

year-old scrambled to the top in 10

minutes, with just his bare hands

and climbing shoes. Police on the

ground had been left powerless. By

ground had been left powerless. By

the time the at -- they are right,

the climber was well up the

building. They just had to wait for

him to come down.

It is time-consuming and costly to

the taxpayers of the state. The

stunt was managed by a PR company

Max Markson.

The media were told, but not the police.

You held a press conference telling

us he was going to climb the building?

Yes, but I was shocked - I thought it was just a joke.

There is a possibility of being

arrested for aiding and abetting S

-- offences of all types.

Police took Robert the way to be

arrested and charged. He will face court tomorrow afternoon.

A second Australian a cruise ship

is now feared to have swine flu on

board. One week after leaving

Sydney, the Dawn Princess has been

turned away from New Caledonia

while tests are carried out on five

passengers showing symptoms. The

ship had come from ports in Fiji

and Vanuatu as part of a 13-day

South Pacific tour.

The ship has not been to affected

countries, particularly by swine

flu, but we are taking all

precautionary measures.

The ship's 2000 passengers are due

back in Sydney on Friday. Earlier

this week, the ship's's sister ship,

Pacific Dawn arrived back with 46

confirmed cases. Australia has 400

confirmed cases, most in Victoria.

State of Origin fans travelling to

Melbourne have also been urged to

be aware of swine flu.

Yes, Victoria is the swine flu

capital at the moment. The health

warnings for Blues and Maroons supporters had been spelled out?

Yes, the NSW health minister John

della busker today warned fans

travelling south to take

precautions of basic hygiene to

avoid picking up to swine flu. The

doctor has been in touch with all

of the players to avoid swine flu

coming into the camp here. Face

marks will be available at the game.

There is speculation that we might

see a little bit of Origin biffo?

We almost got through without

seeing any of it. Who cannot forget

1995 - it was one of the biggest

roles in Origin history. The

question came up today.

I am not much of a ball myself, but

he knows what happens on the night?

Anything could happen, but we will

see what happens.

Just finishing training here. We

will have the latest coming up in sport. sport.

Also, later in sport, the State of

Origin legend who is trying to save

the Roosters Brom next season.

And up to 21 long years, Australia

finally has a woman into the final

-- quarterfinal of the French Open.

We will hear from Sam Stosur shortly.

Also, the Wallabies name a new look

Test squad, minus Lote Tuqiri.

Still to come - a court delivers

his decision on the controversial

Islamic schools.

Plus the radical plan for government funded weight-loss surgery.

And the police officer who was

bashed and left for dead gets back on her feet.

This program is captioned live.

A man has been shot dead by police

after threatening officers with a

knife in Armidale in the State's

north. Police say they called on

the man to drop the weapon, but he

continued to threaten them and a

shot was fired. A specialised team

will be established to investigate.

A long-running neighbourhood

dispute very nearly ended in

tragedy today. Police found a man

still standing over artist Cameron

Sparks when they arrived at his

Waverton home. Police subdued the

41-year-old suspect with capsicum

spray. He's now helping police with

their inquiries. The victim, who's

in his late 70s, was rushed to

North Shore hospital with head

injuries. He'd been hit with a

blunt object. We're looking at the

background of both persons involved,

including the background of the

person we have taken into custody.

Police believe the attack was

played out in both the victim and the attacker's homes.

The Kings Cross policewoman, robbed

and bashed on her way to work, is

recovering so well she could be

home with her family in a fortnight.

Sergeant Samantha Barlow was let

out of hospital for a few hours to

spend time with her husband.

Together they bought a handbag to

replace the one that was stolen in

last month's attack. The mother of

two is out of intensive care. Her

injuries were initially likened to

those of assault victim Lauren

Huxley. Sergeant Barlow wants to

return to work, as soon as she is fit enough.

It was one small block of land

which caused one very large fight.

But today the battle was won and

lost. Camden Councils decision to

take into consideration town

planning considerations only has

been shown to be justified, and

it's a good result for the

residents of Camden. After months

of angry demonstrations and nasty

name-calling, the Land and

Environment Court today quashed a

last-ditch appeal to build a Muslim

school in Camden. Its reason - the

land is not zoned for this type of

development. It's pretty keen to

find objections to any development.

We could have found objections to

the Harbor Bridge or Opera House.

The Islamic group who proposed the

900- student school says the Camden

community is the ultimate loser

because it would miss out on growth

and development. Camden residents

don't see things that way. We're

not racist, we just don't want a

Muslim school in our town. I don't

see how that's racist. We don't

need things like that here, The

town will get on quite well without

them. The community initially

objected to the development because

of concerns about traffic and

sewerage. But the Muslim leaders

aren't giving up on their dreams of

building a school to cater

specifically for their religious

needs. They'll meet tonight to

discuss what to do with this block

of land, and any other potential

sites. This was always a bad

development, and we can see a bad

development from a country mile away.

The State Government's been

embarrassed by a significant pre-

budget leak - details of roads

spending revealing there's no new

money for much needed major

projects. Ten reporter James Boyce

is at State Parliament. James, the

Roads Minister must be fuming about

this leak? This document reveals

how much of the Reiss Government

was relying on the Prime Minister

to hand over billions of dollars

for roads in the May federal Budget.

We now know this money will not be

forthcoming. The premiere has had

to scrap any plans of building the

M4 tunnel or the M5 tunnel. When

the minister are confronted our

cameras to explain what he thought

about the leak, he was determined

to put a positive spin on things.

What I can tell you, I will be

receiving a record speed of $4.4

billion. We will be spending a

record amount. What I am here today

to do, is to talk about the fact

that we have a record a Rhodes

spent in NSW by allocating it a

record $4.4 million. I think we

have got the idea it will be a

record spend. Where is the money

going to back only about a quarter

of it will be spent on roads in

Sydney. 2 billion it will be spent

in regional NSW. Two-thirds of that

for the Pacific Highway. This is

technically a drop in funding for

NSW. This left the minister seeding.

We can expect some more positive

sanctioned leaks from the minister

in the coming days. Rest assured

that they are already starting the

man hunt for the person responsible

for the leak to the Opposition.

This is a sensational place.

Everything is recycled. There is a

big water tank. They have check-ins,

they are laying their own eggs. It

is a brilliant century. What about

their rainfall across western NSW?

That has been doing at the

environment a treat. 32 millimetres

- a June the 20-year record. Hay

had a 22 millimetres. It is summed

it -- doing some good inland. What

are we doing on Friday? Giving away

our camera. Here is tonight's with

a photo - it is fantastic. This is

a storm sell off Newcastle beach.

That is great television. We will

find out on Friday who wins at the camera.

Next, the Senator who's horrified

he offended people with

disabilities. Weight-loss surgery.

Dozens of soccer

Also - dozens of soccer players

injured as their truck tips over.

And - one of the world's most

flamboyant entertainers loses his battle with cancer.

The government is closely monitoring the recent outbreak of human swine influenza in Australia and is taking steps to help limit its spread. You can minimise the spread of flu by covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, disposing of used tissues in the bin, washing your hands often and thoroughly. If you are unwell, seek medical advice and try to avoid close contact with others. For further information, visit the website or call 180 2007.

This program is captioned live.

Let's check on the traffic. It is

going to be a slow trip home for

motorists heading into Castle Hill.

There were earlier problems coming

out of the Beecroft tunnel, where

we are now. This is the traffic

trying to get into the tunnel and

the backlog here goes back past

North Ryde. His family and friends

usually use the M2, I would usually

say take Epping Road, but that is

also blocked up. Possibly a 30-

minute delay for people heading to the north-west.

Taxpayers could soon be funding a

radical weight loss treatment. A

plan to tackle obesity calls for

gastric bands surgery to be added

to Medicare, although some health

experts are sceptical.

It is time to cut the fat as our

nation battles with an obesity nation battles with an obesity epidemic.

Here it is costing taxpayers an

enormous amount of money. We must

turn it around. A

A Parliamentary committee believes

gastric bands could help stem the

spending and has recommended the

government fund the extreme weight

loss treatment which shrinks the stomach.

For those in dire straits he needs

to change their life immediately

because they have no other option.

Every dollar spent on gastric bands

in probably saves about $10 later on.

I got to a point where diets were

not working and I was getting

sicker and sicker. I knew it was

something I had to look into having done.

About 60 % to 70% will have remission of their symptoms following

following gastric bands surgery.

People have the gastric bands put

on and they do not learn anything

about themselves. There is no

change in habits, or they can do is

eat smaller, more frequent meals.

The committee recommended

guidelines on the amounts of salt

and sugar in our food on how it is

labelled. The government is waiting

for a full report, before weighing

up all recommendations, but that

has not one MP from making his own changes.

I have lost 10 kilos.

The ING Direct finance report now.

Wall Street had us off to one of Wall Street had us off to one of its strongest us today?

It did indeed. It seemed nothing

could rattle New York's optimism

overnight, not even GM's bankruptcy

filing. American dealers said the

restructuring plan gave investors

hope of a quick turnaround for the

iconic carmaker. News is not quite

as good for Melbourne-based brake

maker Pacifica Group. It says GM's

bankruptcy is likely to have an

adverse effect on its earnings for

2009. Australian shares were up due

to stronger commodity prices. At

one point, the All Ordinaries what to stronger commodity prices. At one point, the All Ordinaries what

came close to the 4,000 mark - its

highest in months.

That is the day in finance. That is the day in finance.

Tomorrow - a national account

figures are due out, and set to

confirm our economy is in recession.

Legendary British performer Danny

La Rue has died after a short

battle with cancer. The pioneering

female impersonator was the first

to take the art to a mainstream

audience, but he disliked being

called a drag queen, preferring the

title, in a frock.

And the vicar with a long white shirt turned up.

The Queen was a fan of his work,

awarding him an OBE in 2002. Danny

La Rue was 81.

Dozens of Brazilian soccer players

have been injured after their truck

toppled over, leaving at least 29

injured as they were thrown to the

ground. The club had been

celebrating victory in the local soccer competition.

Next - the senator who is horrified

he offended people with disabilities.

Also - the outlook for Holden now

that its parent, General Motors, had entered bankruptcy.

We have a very skilled work force,

very highly valued and capable.

And it is 'Wicked' - the story of

Dorothy before the yellow-brick road. (ALL CHATTER) (GASPING)


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This program is captioned live.

Relief for 6,000 Australian workers,

spared from a global giant's up

bankruptcy crisis. Holden's

operations here survive unscathed

from the dramatic collapse of its

United States parent, General Motors.

Amid worldwide financial doom, it

is rare for a corporate bankruptcy

to cause it celebration down under.

I would say this is good news for

the Australian economy.

Australia is now to be one of the

key centres in the Asia-Pacific

region, along with China and Korea.

Holden believes GM's overnight

bankruptcy filing will only

accelerate local production and

even turn the Australian arm a

much-needed profit.

We can learn a lot of money here.

We can do it on a revenue bases

where we have invested in new

product a new technology.

The company prepares to Laden

launched its newest product this

month - the Holden Cruze.

In this environment, nothing is

absolutely guaranteed, but we are

positioned well for the future.

Holden is also confident its

dealers and suppliers will not be

affected as the American parent is

forced to become a leaner and

greener car company. There is no

doubt that Holden here will also be

looking to produce a more eco-

friendly fleet of cars. With its

much publicised and government-

subsidised new four-cylinder

vehicle expected to come out next

year. With almost $150 million from

the green car federal Innovation

Fund, the car will be manufactured

at Holden's Elizabeth plant in SA.

I think our jobs are secure so I am


A think will be here for a few

years yet.

Barnaby Jars has apologised for

offending disabled groups during a

-- an attack on the Prime Minister.

The guy is a psycho chook. Who in

their right mind get on to a plane

because he does not have the right

coloured bird seed, has a spack

attack and tears the arm of a woman

in uniform of.

These are wonderful people - the

last thing in my mind is wanting to insult them.

So Mr Joyce says he spoke out of

ignorance and is horrified at the

expense he caught -- caused.

The bewitching Wizard of Oz prequel,

'Wicked', is the latest show

expected to leave audiences spellbound.

It is the chance to go back to the

land of Oz, in the time before

Dorothy hit town and travelled the

yellow-brick road. Already a hit

around the world, or wicket has

been seen by millions of people and

by September it will be in Sydney's

Capitol Theatre.

Been seen in another country with

the particular cult for takes on it is fascinating.

Stephen Schwartz, who rode Pippin

and Godspell, also wrote the lyrics

for 'Wicked'.

It has been playing in Melbourne

since last year, tragically losing

its original Wizard, Rob Guest, who

died suddenly in October. Bert

Newton took over the role and is on

board for the Sydney season.

But went for the role, and the

strange thing is that when he got

it, and I thought it was the right

choice. It is a very sad way in

which to join a for -- show.

After years of being in bans and

doing up late game shows, this is

definitely my calling - being in musical theatre.

So we will see treading the boards for some time? I think so.

Thanks for the warning.

And Maddie Fitzpatrick, of

'Prisoner' fame, plays a character

who makes the freak look like a pussycat.

While the global financial crisis

has been taking its toll on many

entertainment activities, it seems

their big shows are doing OK,

especially on Broadway, where there

has been a bit of a ride at the box-office.

Our shows are doing well, which is

encouraging. I guess people want to escape.

Brad is back now with the latest in

State of Origin preparations.

The Blues are about to wrap up

their final training session ahead their final training session ahead

of tomorrow it night's series

opener. We will head back to Melbourne after the break. Melbourne after the break.

And 80 Wheeze to the rescue - the

league legend looms large as the

red white and please try to save

their season and their coach.

Could it be Sam's Slam? Sam

Stosur's historic charge at the

French Open.

This program is captioned live.

On the eve of Origin 1, the new

Blues have insisted they're not

scared of the Maroons. Adam Hawse scared of the Maroons. Adam Hawse

joins from the game venue. Are the

Blues still training? They are

already training Eddie Etihad

Stadium. They are fired up because

there are suggestions the

Queenslanders have trained for too

long NKVD Blues waiting on the bus.

There will be a full house tomorrow

night? Cavill book -- the Blues

Rockies hoc be holding up. The

first couple of days and camp were

quite awkward because nobody knew

each other. But one thing is

certain, they are not scared. They

are aiming for a record fourth

straight series of when. Even

though the maroons are formidable though the maroons are formidable

the Blues are not scared. I am Sir

easily not scared. They are an

impressive team, they deserve to be

favourites. Maroons legends Darren

Lockyer is a formidable rival and

has a word of warning for the Blues.

He is definitely hungry because he

was not available because of injury

last year. There is no substitution

for actually playing. The Blues

busy controlling pre-game

butterflies. You'll always get

nervous. It is just how they

control those nerves. The real

focus is on getting the job done.

The coach is unhappy the Marines

had the inside running for crowd

support. Australia is a famous for

supporting the underdog, we are

certainly the underdog. We expect

those supporters, to perhaps go for

the underdog. Let us hope that new

South well's last session here is a

result tomorrow. good one and we get the great

More good news for the Canberra

Raiders with their in-form second

rower Tom Learoyd-Lahrs re-signing

for two more years. The 23-year-old for two more years. The 23-year-old

scored a try in the Raiders' 34-18

win over South Sydney and is touted win over South Sydney and is touted

as a future Origin player. It's

been a special week for the

bustling forward, following the

birth of his second child. It is

pretty exciting to be signing for

another couple of years. Especially

when the team is on the verge of

finding its feet as a group. finding its feet as a group.

Canberra's next priority is re-

Campese. signing Origin five-eighth Terry

The Sydney Roosters have enlisted

the help of a legend to salvage

something from season 2009. Rugby

League immortal Arthur Beetson will

work as an assistant to Brad

season. Fittler for the remainder of the

There was a familiar smile in

wearing familiar colours at

Roosters training this morning.

Arthur Beetson back at the Roosters

to try and turn around a terrible

start to the season which has seen

his old side win just 3 from 11

matches. The bottom line is Freddie

is a legend of the game he's a

legend at the club, I've always got

on well with him, and if there's

anything I can do to help him, so

be it. It's big Artie's third stint

as a coach at the club, he was a

captain-coach in '77 and '78 and

head coach from '85 to '88. And he

can already see some tactical

adjustments the team could make.

It's a terrible rule that it's

forced people to run from dummy

half and I don't think we have

enough structure and we don't

support each other. The former

Kangaroos skipper also outspoken on

the issue of racial abuse in the

NRL. It was water off a duck's back

for me, but a lot of the modern

players are a little bit thin-

skinned. The new coaching

combination have a tough task -

first up facing Manly at Brookvale

Oval where the combined scoreline

from the last two matches at the

venue is 98-0. Beetson drawing on

the wisdom of another great coach.

The bottom line, as Jack Gibson

would say, is they've just got to

harder. tackle a bit harder and run a bit

Lote Tuqiri has been dropped from

the Wallabies side to play the

night. Barbarians at the SFS on Saturday

Lachie Turner and Drew Mitchell

were chosen ahead of Tuqiri while Western Force breakaway Matt

Hodgeson will make his Wallabies

debut. Coach Robbie Deans says

Tuqiri is still a big part of his

plans but the 29-year-old didn't

see enough ball for the Waratahs

this season. He hasn't had a lot of

opportunity, to be fair. And Sonny

Bill Williams had his first run with his Barbarians team-mates

today. Samantha Stosur has become

the first Australian woman to make

it to the French Open quarterfinals

in more than two decades. In the

men's Roger Federer won after

fighting back from 2-0 down. Stosur

will now play Romanian Sorana

Cirstea for a semi-final spot.

Samantha Stosur made history with

this serve. The number 30 seed

became the first Australian woman

to reach the French Open

quarterfinals since Nicole Provis

in 1988, beating Frenchwoman

Virginie Razzano in straight sets.

I am very happy that I went from

having those opportunities and not

getting them, I still do the right

thing. World Number five, Jelena

Jankovic, bowed out at the hands of

Sorana Cirstea while Serena

Williams cruised into the final

eight. In the men's draw, another

upset looked on the cards when

second seed Roger Federer was

trailing 2-0 against Tommy Haas.

Who would have believed this. But

with the title race now wide open,

the Swiss turned up the heat -

showing all his class to get back

into the game, taking the final

three sets 6-4, 6-0, 6-2. He'll now

face local hero Gail Monfils in the

quarterfinals. In Sports Tonight at

9.30 on One - the amazing athlete

planning to run a marathon in every

country in one year. That averages

three days. out to two may have once every

World Environment Day is coming up.

Apart from the weather forecast -

about it. Tim Bailey is here to tell us all

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This program is captioned live.

World Environment Day it is this

Friday. 10 baby is here to tell us

about it. When you are on this

round, as the weather man and you

go with your caravan around Sydney

and New South allows you find some

inspiring people. We're coming to

you live from botany. It is 10

minutes from the city. It could be

10 minutes from anywhere when you

enter this little palace.

Everything you see around me has

been gathered and us believe

recycled. That is who are world

famous vegetable garden that her

children run. She has a beautiful

water tank. Here they are. She did

not want to go on the television. I

said you have to, because this

house, there is staff here you have

billet -- collected since you were

a 15. It is the worst house in the

best street. This house was

condemned when you first got it?

That is correct. But a have

recycled vegetables. The children

are learning and growing. It is

nice and close to everything but

the children get to grow up knowing

about nature and the environment as

well. You have had 300 people

through your garden on Saturday and

Sunday. You are an example, your

youngest child, I am told he is

really shy, he is making sculptures,

he is growing vegetables, he is

really good. He does sculptures and

does mosaics. And he showers, and

he takes the water from the tub and

he waters his vegetable garden. It

is a credit to you. Well done by

Monday on Friday. It is people like

this who are in inspiration to us

all. Lovely to meet you all. What

is the name of the bunny? His name

as Pep. Why have we got weather-

wise? We have had rain across a man

NSW. The biggest rain day for

Sydney will come tomorrow. 10 to 25

millimetres. As little bit of blue

sky across the long weekend. In

your backyard:

There is widespread cloud over the

eastern inland. It is causing brain

patches. Tomorrow - a easterlies

and showers will cause showers.

Patchy rain across the east and

south-east. Moderate to heavy falls

across a NSW and southern

Queensland. World Environment Day

tomorrow. Do your bit. This family

is totally self-sufficient or in

the middle of the city.

Think you very much for having us

annual piece of paradise. See you

tomorrow night And that's all in

Ten News for this Tuesday. Thanks

for your company. I'll have updates

a little later but for now enjoy