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(generated from captions) If the situation does increase of the latest chilling threats. Workers gathering to hear details over millions in unpaid bills. by an extortionist apparently angry singled out The giant Multiplex corporation industry. sending fear through the construction The $50 million extortion threat for the person responsible. A national manhunt now under way high-rise crane operators. after a threat to shoot They've vowed to stay on the job targeting Multiplex building sites. an extortionist construction workers defy But first this evening - and dodgy paperwork. All you need is a rented van exposed. And slack security at Windsor Castle Queen from our oath of allegiance. Also tonight - moves to dump the Good evening. and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson now clearly visible from space. the influx of pilgrims to Rome And a sea of humanity - of threatening to kill Bob Carr. Bail for the man accused sinister extortion plot. Sydney building workers defy another Tonight - sniper alert - This program is captioned live.

It's worth doing. of dumping the reference to God. Politicians also have the option The new oath will become: being sworn in as ministers reads: The current oath for MPs re-igniting the republican debate. Paul Lynch's private member's bill swearing allegiance to Charles III. I just don't think we should be I wish him no ill will. disrespectful to Prince Charles. I wouldn't have thought it was from the future king's wedding. just days against the Queen NSW MPs are making moves to the people of NSW. to make MPs promise their loyalty It's introduced new legislation from the oath of allegiance. is set to dump the Queen The Carr Government John Hill, Ten News. to find ways to protect crane drives. to meet next week senior union officials are planning As the latest deadline approaches, the threats to our members lives We're very concerned about Multiplex owes money to. of subcontractors around Australia the background but they are believed to be checking has been assessed as being low, Police say the threat of an attack the investigation. Scotland Yard has joined was specifically singled out in Britain Wembley construction project and because Multiplex's troubled the national manhunt, Police in NSW are leading April 18th. The deadline for payment - out of business. or alternately Multiplex was put that was being sought the $50 million One was that Multiplex paid were met. unless the extortionist's conditions crane drivers would be shot this warning was blunt - And like last time, and Great Britain. attacks in Australia We're going to commence sniper saying: Wally Trohear, and Queensland State secretary Victorian secretary Martin Kingham Andrew Ferguson sent from Sydney NSW union secretary contained in three letters The threats, updated. and your officials to keep you we'll be in touch with your union to increase as a result of that, and we believe the threat

in a very short time. would see him back in custody she'd imposed of the very strict bail conditions She warned him that any breach to listen to her carefully. The magistrate told Julian Evans this eastern suburbs clinic. so he can attend Evans was granted conditional bail highly unlikely he'd offend again. said that, properly treated, it was who assessed Evans in the cells However, a psychiatrist for over a year. his bipolar medication The court hearing how he hasn't taken of fears Evans would do it again. The police opposing bail because and he'd stab the Premier. would storm Parliament He said his armed gang to the Premier's office. a 5-minute threatening phone call after admitting he made faces a string of serious charges for Opposition Leader John Brogden The former researcher of the threats. because of the violent nature to keep a close eye on him The magistrate advising his lawyers while sobbing in the dock yesterday. one of his police escorts He allegedly threatened to kill because of the fresh charge. looked set to fail, though, The 21-year-old's bid for bail Thanks, Harry. Keep going. to the truth coming out. I'm looking forward I'm feeling well. I'm feeling well, on his way into court today. was looking for answers A relaxed Julian Evans fresh charge of intimidating police. The 21-year-old is also facing a and kill Premier Bob Carr. threatened to storm Parliament Bail tonight for the man who Paul Mullins, Ten News. loyalty to the monarch. where politicians no longer promise NSW will become the first State in the upper house, and if it wins support But it is making a statement on the Federal Constitution. with no impact a minor change to State law, Legal experts say the bill is only house for ratification. It now goes next month to the upper on party lines. has passed through the lower house As expected, the bill of the Labor Party. from the left wing claptrap This is more politically correct and is a complete waste of time. of the people of NSW This has no consequence to the lives Not so, says the Opposition. but it's worth doing. I don't think anyone cares about it,

has been delayed because she's too sick. She now has a week to recuperate before her Indonesian trial resumes. Schapelle Corby arrived at court as part of the familiar crush of police and the press. Schapelle! Schapelle! Receiving a few words of comfort from her sister before being rushed into court. Indonesian prosecutors were supposed to make their sentencing submissions but the 27-year-old told her judges she was suffering from an upset stomach. The case then adjourned for a week. It was the first time Ms Corby's terminally ill father, Michael, had been able to attend her trial. Miss Corby's health has suffered over the last two weeks. She's just not well, you can see. We're going to go now to the jail and get a doctor. Victorian prisoner John Ford has backed Miss Corby's claims she was the unknowing victim of an Australian drug-trafficking ring. He's awaiting trial in Australia and today sought bail. A Victorian detective drug smuggler Schapelle Corby The case against alleged to find Andrew a permanent home. and department officials are trying on disability care, is spending record amounts Premier Carr says his Government I just know I had no other choice. because they've got a disability We don't love our children any less for her 18-year-old son, Andrew. trying to find suitable accommodation Susan Filacouridis spent four years his autism and Tourette's syndrome. because she could no longer deal with of police leaving her son in the custody son a home, to find her intellectually disabled has taken drastic action A single mother Harry Potter, Ten News. Evans will face court again in May. or any other politician. not to contact the Premier, his staff Evans was warned It's a hoax by a sick man. conditions and would abid by them. He replied he understood the attacked Mr Ford's motives for giving evidence in Bali. The defendant's ex-wife in court as it heard he'd twice before offered to testify against others to help himself. He's a good person, he's a decent person he'd twice before offered to testify against others to help himself. He's a good person, he's a decent person and he's a truthful person - very sincere. The court heard that as soon as Mr Ford returned from Bali he was placed in protected custody away from other prisoners because of fears he'd be targeted for again giving evidence. Christopher Still, Ten News. Pressure's mounting on the Federal Government to come up with a way to recognise the nine defence personnel killed in the Sea King helicopter crash. The RSL says they're not entitled to any existing military medal. At the Pearce RAAF base in Western Australia members of the defence family pay their respects to the memories of nine dead colleagues. Adding to the anguish, a public squabble over how best to recognise the fact that the young Navy and Air Force personnel died on duty, serving their country overseas. The RSL says that doesn't qualify them for military medals. We need to recognise their service in the first instance, not simply the fact that they died. The national RSL president backed up by his Queensland counterpart. Because people were killed in an horrific accident is really no reason to issue a medal I don't believe. Highlighting the anomaly, the swift recognition by the Indonesian President awarding his country's civilian medal of honour to our dead when the bodies arrived in Sydney. Sprigs of wattle from our Governor-General. The tragic accident during an earthquake relief mission outside the bounds of the rules governing medals in times of combat. The RSL admitting with our forces doing so much similar work around the world, new guidelines might be in order. It may be time to look at humanitarian roles the defence force has to undertake from time to time. The Government now considering striking a new medal for humanitarian work by our armed forces, but it all takes time. It's not a race. It's a question of proper recognition. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Extraordinary new images tonight of Vatican City, the crowds so huge they're now visible from space. Officials in Rome have closed off the enormous queue waiting to see the body of the Pope, as the first of 130 world leaders arrive for tomorrow's funeral. At the head of an unprecedented gathering of world leaders, one who not long ago was criticised by the Pope over the Iraq war. George W. Bush prayed over the pontiff's body with his two predecessors. They'd been escorted to the head of a queue which defies description. Only from the heavens can the scale of this pilgrimage be understood. The multitude flows well beyond the Vatican, across the Tiber, winding back on itself in Rome's ancient streets. Part of the queue has been photographed by satellite. From space, the crowd looks like a giant red carpet leading to the basilica. Authorities have fought valiantly to make the impossible a reality. But now, at last, they're saying "no more". For those who made it under the barriers, a celebration. I feel really special. If I'm one of the last people, that's amazing. It does show the force, not just of a personality, but also of a moral voice. Many pilgrims drawn by that voice will be disappointed. These groups leaving from France won't get anywhere near the Vatican. Those already there are keeping medical crews stretched - a new patient every few minutes. Security forces are working even harder protecting the masses and the international dignitaries, including Australia's Governor-General. He's been a man of all seasons and to be here as the nation's, Australia's representative, to say farewell to such a man is indeed a very special privilege. After almost a week of extraordinary ceremony, the Pope's body will finally be laid to rest in a grotto, here beneath St Peter's Basilica. His burial following the centuries-old tradition of placing the pontiff inside three coffins - wood, zinc and wood again - aimed at preserving the body for as long as possible. And to preserve the memory of the Pope's final audience, countless pilgrims are turning to mobile phone cameras. To conserve this photo for me, and for my future. Deborah Knight joins us now from the Vatican. Deb, five days after his death, the Pope's will is about to be made public? That's right. The will has been opened and read already by the cardinals and it will be published at some stage today. But it's not the type of will that you and I would be familiar with. The 15-page document was written by the Pope himself over the course of his 26-year papacy in his native language, Polish, and it does really have mostly spiritual writings within it. There's only a brief mention of his few material possessions, which he is leaving to his closest aides, who he regards as family. And there's no mention of a secret cardinal who the Pope revealed privately and appointed privately in 2003, done largely for someone who faces religious persecution. So that ends speculation that there could be a last-minute surprise candidate to be involved in the running as the Pope's successor. And as we've already seen, security in Rome is intense. What more is planned for the funeral tomorrow? It is really going to be one of the greatest security challenges in recent history when 200 world leaders will join up to 4 million pilgrims in St Peter's Square for the open-air mass. You can see preparations are already under way here behind me - chairs are being set up. The entire square will be cleared tonight so they can continue preparations. Metal detectors will be set up and around the city there'll be anti-missile things set up around the city as well. We'll also see up to 10,000 security forces on the ground here and around Rome. There'll be no flights allowed at all over the city and no public cars will be allowed to drive at all. So it's a huge threat but they're not taking any chances. Indeed. Thanks. Deborah Knight at the Vatican. And Sydney Catholics will remember the Pope with a special service tomorrow night at St Mary's Cathedral. The ceremony will feature live coverage of the funeral from the Vatican on big screens, as well as songs and reflections on the life of John Paul II. That's from 6pm until 8:30pm tomorrow night. Still to come in the 5:00 news - major changes in the nation's smoking habits. We'll check out who's giving up and who's taking it up. Also, the victim of a heartless hit-and-run driver. And Sydney's inspiring young swimmer still beating the competition as she battles leukaemia. We'll have that story later this news hour.

This program is captioned live. A Sydney pharmaceutical company has been raided, with armed robbers stealing enough ingredients to make $30 million worth of speed. The bandits bailed up staff with a shotgun, making off with 50kg of pseudoephedrine. An audacious raid in the dark of night, three men burst into the Sigma pharmaceutical company, thrusting a shotgun into the faces of two shift workers. Forced one of those males to open the safe, placed a large amount of pseudoephedrine, raw pseudoephedrine, into bags and left the building. They made off with 50kg of the powder, a key ingredient not only for cold and flu tablets but illegal amphetamines. At a street level, at 10% purity, there's enough drug there to create $30 million worth of drugs. It's only the second time thieves have struck at the source of the restricted precursor. Normally, drug gangs employ so-called "pseudo-runners", who travel up and down the eastern seaboard, buying packs of cold and flu tablets at pharmacies. The active ingredient is then separated in backyard, clandestine labs. This heist, a reminder to drug companies to beef up their security. Drug squad detectives are trying to establish whether this was a direct raid by an organised drug gang or whether it was an opportunistic hit by a bunch of would-be middle-men, keen to sell the haul to the highest bidder. Raw pseudoephedrine is a commodity in itself and has an established black market value. Meantime, the State Government has foreshadowed new laws further punishing those caught cooking up drugs around their children. Such an offence could lead to 25% more jail time. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. A 27-year-old Sydney man will be extradited to NSW tomorrow to face court over a double murder Police believe the Punchbowl man was at the wheel of a car involved in a fatal drive-by shooting in October 2003 that killed a young man and woman. The man is charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. He was arrested as he tried to board a plane with a false passport at Melbourne International Airport last night. As the life of 8-year-old hit-run victim Georgina Woods lies in the balance, her family has released home video of their daughter in the hope a guilty driver might give himself up. This is Georgina celebrating her eighth birthday party. The video shows her blowing out her candles and playing with her friends in her backyard. But now Georgina lies in intensive care at the Sydney Children's Hospital. She's in a critical condition after being knocked down in a Punchbowl street on Monday. Her family hopes the video might prick the conscience of the driver. If you can help police, call CrimeStoppers. A major change in the nation's bad habits. The latest drug survey shows fewer Australians are smoking but we're hitting the booze harder than ever. It looks like we've finally got the message - smoking is bad for you. New statistics from the Institute of Health and Welfare show over the past three years 200,000 Australians have decided to kick the habit. The total number of people who smoke daily has dropped dramatically, by 30%, and that's an all-time low. The Government's putting the results down to: a new wave of regulations across the country to help protect non-smokers. Forcing people out onto the footpath in terms of smoking in their workplace or places of leisure has stigmatised smokers even more than perhaps they were before. Younger females are still smoking more than their male counterparts and they're the ones who are suffering the most when it comes to smoking-related diseases. Men's lung cancer rates have been coming down for a long time. We're looking forward to the to the first signs of decline in women's cancer rates. 5 million Australians drank on a daily basis, almost 7 million consumed alcohol weekly, and more than 5 million drank only occasionally. Even more alarming - more than a third of the population are drinking in quantities that are putting their lives at risk. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Time now for a check of the weather. The bureau was saying we'd get some showers, will we? I've been wrong showers, will we? I've been wrong for the last three days but I'm told that there are a band of showers around about 70km off the coast and they've got Sydney's name on them, folks. We should get them later on tonight. The good news about that is they won't hang around for long - they should clear Friday morning for tops of around about 23 degrees. Then weekend, it's going to be fine and it's going to be sunny - 25 and 27 degrees Saturday and Sunday. Let's

have a look at Skywatch - it was a byte of a mixed bag with cloud all over the place. A few coastal showers in the morning and the best part of the day once again on sunset. We should have pink on your television screen in 10 minutes. Low pollution levels in all areas. See you in 10 minutes. Next in the 5:00 news - slack security at Windsor Castle exposed. All you need is a rented van and dodgy paperwork. A delivery man's high-rise hell. He spent three days stuck in a lift. Tender chicken. Back because our customers demanded it. This program is captioned live. Let's go to Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5 traffic helicopter. Vic gridlock tonight at Parramatta. Whereabouts exactly? Victoria Road after an accident at Parramatta right near McDonald's as motorists travel westbound. We're at the traffic lights near Rydalmere. Traffic proceeds away from Ermington, you can see two traffic lanes barely moving. Our advice would be to avoid Parramatta Road and Victoria Road. Possibly stick with the motorway tonight to head into the western suburbs. We'll check the run out of the Sydney and update at 10 to 6:00 with Jess. Thank you. We know policing is a dangerous job, but ACT police faced an unusual threat today. A car crashed through a fence before coming to rest in a meeting room at police headquarters. Luckily the room wasn't being used at the time, but the crash caused structural damage and left police in adjoining offices shaken. Police say the elderly driver lost control of his car. All three occupants have minor injuries. Just when you thought things couldn't get worse for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. Now their honeymoon may be cut short so Charles can attend the funeral of Prince Rainier. And a pesky journalist has caused a security scare, driving straight into Windsor Castle. This is the sneaky video a 'Sun' journalist shot as he blatantly breached security at Windsor Castle - proving it to be something of a joke. Posing as delivery men, he and a photographer were able to fool the unwitting guards and enter the castle grounds. If the guards had checked the back of the van they would have found a fake bomb in a box marked 'bomb'. Peake managed to get close to the Queen's apartments and passed the chapel where Charles and Camilla will be blessed on Saturday. Scotland Yard is investigating the breach. They've had troubles at Windsor Castle before, including the memorable Aaron Barschak, who gatecrashed Prince William's 21st birthday bash there two years ago. Meantime the wedding venue is suddenly the place to get married, with couples lining up to follow the royal couple down the aisle at Windsor's Guildhall. Katrina Heyburn, who married there recently, explains the attraction. I looked up and there was the Queen looking down at me. I remember when I was walking down the aisle it was quite nice because I had something to focus on. Perhaps Charles can do the same, given his mother won't actually be there in the flesh. And in yet another insult, punters can now lay bets on the next catastrophe to hit the wedding. You can get 33 to 1 on Camilla being fed up and doing a no-show on the big day, 40 to 1 says the Prince does a runner but the favourite at 25 to 1 is for Prince William to lose the rings. And for a long shot? You can get 10,000 to 1 on aliens landing at Windsor on Saturday. Angela Bishop, Ten News. A day off court for Michael Jackson. The singer was excused from his paedophile trial so he could attend the funeral of one of America's most famous lawyers, Johnnie Cochran. Both Jackson and Cochran's other famous client, OJ Simpson, were among the star-studded crowd in Los Angeles to pay their respects. Johnnie Cochran died from a brain tumour last week, aged 67. French scientists say they have proof mankind is 7 million years old. A fossil skull found in Africa three years ago could be the missing link, the first creature with human features to walk upright. Here you have the Toumai, the original one. Here you have the reconstruction. Between them and me - 7 million years of evolution. Nature magazine reports fresh fossil finds and analysis of the skull, suggest it was closer to us than the apes. It's all systems go for America's next space launch. 'Discovery' was rolled onto the launch pad early this morning, ready for lift-off next month. It's NASA's first mission since the 'Columbia' disaster two years ago. More than 280 design modifications have been made to the shuttle to improve safety. Australian Andy Thomas is part of the seven crew who will man the mission to the International Space Station. A Chinese takeaway has gone horribly wrong for a New York delivery man. After Ming Kuang Chen delivered the order to a high-rise and returned to the lift, it plummeted 30 floors. His employers feared he'd been murdered, but he was trapped in the lift for three days. He had no food or water, having just delivered an order of curried prawns. He was trembling somewhat. He complained of dizziness, headache, weakness. But the publicity has attracted the attention of the immigration department, and he faces deportation. Still to come - we'll meet the new James Bond. Also tonight - former Aussie soap star Melissa George becomes seriously scary. And Sydney's inspiring young swimmer still beating the competition as she battles leukaemia.

This program is captioned live. Time for another check of the weather. Tim Bailey, I don't mind you've been incorrect with your forecast this week. Thank you very much for letting 1 million-odd people know, Jess. Why would I bother wasting my time with this week days when I know it's Saturday and Sunday that really count to you and me? I've beenpologisting up sparkling days for Saturday and Sunday - 25-27 degrees. A few showers tonight, they'll drip and drop across our rooftop in around about four or five hours time. They'll clear in the morning for a day that will reach about 23 degrees. We're broadcasting from the top of Kosciuszko tomorrow night - very much looking forward to that. All the forecasts and a bit of a go at Ronnie for something different at 5:55. 007 fans may be shaken and stirred by the news that a low-profile British actor has been chosen as the next James Bond. London newspapers are reporting that Daniel Craig, best known for his roles in art house films, has been offered a 3-movie deal by Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. He'll be playing 007 for the next 10 years, earning $35 million. Aussie actors Hugh Jackman and Eric Bana are also believed to have been in the running for the role. A former teenage soap star is shocking Hollywood with her first lead role. Melissa George has hit the big time starring in the remake of the 1970s hit 'Amityville Horror'. It's a long way from Summer Bay. 10 years after Melissa George horrified fans by leaving 'Home and Away', she's ready to shock them again, this time starring in the terrifying remake of 'Amityville Horror' - the supposedly true story of a family who moved into their dream home only to find it's possessed by evil spirits. 'AMITYVILLE HORROR': I'm living in their house. I remember my audition I had to start out laughing in one scene then two minutes later I had a scene on the porch where I am hysterically crying. It's the former dual Logie-winner's first big screen break after years of television success in America, making her yet another soap star success story. Do you now feel like you've made it? In my heart I know I have made it at a level that is keeping me quite happy in this town but I definitely have not gone where I want to go. But for an actress who dropped out of school as a teenager and had no professional training, her acting talents are winning her rave reviews. Melissa's great, such a great co-star, such a phenomenal actress. Are you looking forward to that? To have a lead in a great big film here and take it home and say, "I am still Australian "and I'm still a part of you "but here's my American film," I'm really looking forward to that. 'Amityville Horror' opens across the Australia next week. Leisa Goodard-Roles, Ten News. Finance, and modest gains for the share market today. Donahue D'Souza at Commonwealth Securities, new figures show the jobs market is still powering along. Super strong, Ron. Today's employment figures important also because they'll be the first major economic release that's going to be economic release that's going to be considered by the Reserve Bank before the meeting in May. Nearly 58,000 jobs were added in the month of March, the unemployment rate steady at 28-year lows at 5.1% and a record number of people looking for work. That will make the Reserve Bank nervous. It will place upward pressure on rates, inflation and wages. Will fuel prices hit the petrol pumps? Since the last increase, jet fuel prices have risen over 20%. Air New Zealand overnight became the first airline in the region to lift fuel surcharge. They won't be the last. Qantas is expected to double the fuel surcharge on its ticket prices, with others likely to follow. An inspiring swim today from an 11-year-old Sydney girl. Megen Connor becoming the fastest backstroker in the State, even though she's fighting leukaemia. She might look a little nervous but swimming in the state championships is nothing compared to what Megan Connor's been through. By rights, the 11-year-old in lane four shouldn't even be competing today - she's fighting leukaemia. Side effects from her medication means Megan has barely trained but she's still too good, becoming the fastest 11-year-old backstroker in the State. It was pretty hard work. This is the first time I've had really tough competition. She also won the freestyle today - these amazing performances just three months after discovering leukaemia had attacked 98% of her white blood cells. It's an aggressive form called chronic myeloid leukaemia - strong medication keeps it at bay but will never cure it. Does she ever whinge or complain? No, that's just not her nature. She's very up and positive. It now seems nothing will slow this superfish down - her next aim is the Pacific Schools Games in November and then... A future goal would be to make it to the Olympics. She swims with everything, she gives everything, and I think she definitely has the potential to go all the way. But gold medal glory will remain just a dream unless Megan can first beat leukaemia. And that's where she needs your help, because her only cure involves a bone marrow transplant and, at the moment, there's no compatible donors. My wife being Chinese, we would need to find a donor most likely from a Eurasian background and someone between the age of 17 and 40. Anyone fitting that description should contact the Red Cross Blood Service to donate. Dan Nolan, Ten News. More sport with Tim Webster, and the Waratahs head off another defection to the west. Yes, the Perth Super 14 team has missed out on boom three-quarter Peter Hewat. More shortly. Plus the Bulldogs last-minute contract wrangles over Sonny Bill Williams. Also caddy "sack" when the uniforms don't fit at the US Masters family day. And the contenders for the biggest wave of the year award. This program is captioned live. The Sonny Bill Williams contract saga is almost over. The star forward is set to sign a 2-year deal with the Bulldogs next Friday, but today there were still some ongoing contract wrangles. The location of today's meeting was changed at the last minute in an attempt to avoid media scrutiny. Williams' management drove straight in, the Bulldogs management happy to stop briefly. The talks lasted 1.5 hours but Williams' representatives refused to give anything away. Until Sonny's better, there won't be any decision made. He's in an incubation period for now with the mumps. We just had some decisions in there about small matters. Despite the sidestepping, Ten News understands Williams has contacted the club wanting the deal completed - perhaps that explained the Bulldogs' upbeat nature after the meeting. We'll talk with the doctor, we'll be sending out a press release about talking next Friday. Money wasn't the issue with the drawn-out contract negotiations - the problem was the extra demands made by the management of Sonny Bill Williams, including relocating expenses for Williams' mother and father. But extras such as that would put the Dogs in breach of the salary cap. That's not on our radar screen. We discussed a lot of that, made some headway I think. Williams wants the contract signing to be done in public once he's recovered from the mumps. Tony Peters, Ten News. Australian rugby union's battle for signatures ahead of next year's new Super 14 competition is getting ugly. Queensland now questioning the ARU's role in luring players to Perth. NSW have thwarted a bid by the WA side to sign boom back Peter Hewat He'll stay a Waratah under coach Ewen MacKenzie for the next three seasons. Obviously I'm 27 so I have to look after my career and it had to be a business decision. But I was aware Ewan gaifpb me my first break so I wanted to be loyal. NSW say they want to know what the contract guidelines are for Australian players with Perth's entry changing the rules. If the rain stays away, Augusta's greens look like being treacherously quick for the opening round of the US Masters. But today was all about family fun in the traditional par-3 lead-up tournament. Aussie Mark Hensby was making the most of his first time at Augusta even if he couldn't find the right size for his son's caddie uniform. It was a family affair for Phil Mickelson as well, but the defending champ didn't have to juggle a baby and golf clubs like Chris de Marco. Past players were there too - South African Gary Player sporting an all-white outfit instead of his traditional black, and producing one of the shots of the day from a bunker. With the serious stuff now less than 24 hours away, all the talk is about the lightning greens. So knee-shaking speed, that quick. They're not green, they're more browny-tinged and blue in some places. But it's interesting. I hope they don't get any quicker. I wish I could hit the ball 30 yards longer so I could get 8 and 9 irons onto those greens so I could stop it. The pacey greens are sure to bring the world's best to the fore, and while Tiger, VJ and Phil are all at the top of their form, 3-time winner Nick Faldo says it's Ernie Els's time. He'd love to do this, obviously, and he has all the game for it and he's been mighty close, so he feels he knows he can get in there. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Chelsea have taken the advantage in their Champions League quarterfinal against Bayern Munich with a 4-2 win at Stamford Bridge. Joe Cole got Chelsea under way with a deflected shot in the fifth minute before the Germans found an equaliser early in the second half. But that goal sparked the home side into action, Frank Lampard drove home a second goal from outside the penalty area and then produced a superb piece of skill for his second. A late penalty to Bayern keeping their hopes alive for the second leg. At the San Siro, AC Milan beat local rivals Inter 2-0. The finalists for the 2005 Global Big Wave Awards have been announced after a year of extreme surfing. The challengers took on monster waves with adrenaline the fuel of choice.

It's surfing's ultimate rush - flying down fearsome faces with survival in the hands of Mother Nature. The world's most insane big-wave riders take on these massive walls of water in the quest to be crowned the Billabong Global Big Wave champion. This year's event saw surfers tow in to the notorious and aptly named Jaws break off Maui. Big-wave legends Shane Dorian and Garrett McNumara seemingly at ease in the mouth of a jaws giant. Tyler Smith chipping in with this 10m muncher off the famed 18th fairway at the Pebble Beach Golf Links. A panel of experts analyse the video clips and determine the largest face size of the year. The winner to earn $3,000 per metre. Australia's own Dylan Longbottom is among the contenders for the monster tube award after charging Shipsterns Bluff in Tasmania. The winners of the big-wave extravaganza will be named at the end of the month in California. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Later on 'Sports Tonight' with Bill Woods - the man who didn't miss many, Darryl Halligan puts the boot into the standard of goal kicking in the NRL. And IOC vice-president Kevin Gosper warns of a funding threat for our future Olympians. All after the Late News. Thank you, Mr Webster. Back to Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5 traffic helicopter. How is the run out of the sate looking? We're directly over the bridge at the moment. Traffic leaving the city is fine via the Gore Hill Freeway. Possibly for late-night shopping there are delays, late-night shopping there are delays, traffic queued up opposite millson's point station from North Sydney. Also for the greater west there are day dlas into Seven Hills off the Prospect Highway. And very busy in the western suburbs around Parramatta using Victoria Road. Jess. The weather outlook next with Tim Bailey. And accessories with extravagance - the gold objects definitely worth an amazing figure.

This program is captioned live. I was invited to a very nice Probus meeting today. Thank you for all your kind words there. Tim Bailey, it's interesting - the thing they wanted to know most about was our relationship after 13 years. No matter how much sincerity I used, I couldn't convince them we get on. We have only had one argument - it's just that it's lasted for 13 years. We spend our lives doing nothing for each years. We spend our lives doing nothing for each other! The crew asked me if I see much of Ron on weekends. I said, "Are you kiding? I'm trying to track down where Jessica Rowe and Sandra Sully live!" I've got a sniff of it up both nostrils and I have to get it right because you're relying on me. A band of showers off the coast at the moment which will sprinkle us tonight. It will clear tomorrow for 23 degrees, then the money weekend - what are we gonna do? 25 degrees,

sparkling blue sky on Saturday, 27 on Sunday. The weekend is warm and in form. Patchy cloud over the south-east due to a weak trough, which is bringing very little rain. The cloud forming along the swais-Queensland coasts in fresh onshore winds is bringing a few showers. The map tomorrow - moist onshore winds along the east coast maintain the drips and drops. Warm, east hear winds over southern states. Patchy rain over the Queensland interior. Isolated showers in south-east South Australia, western Victoria and Tasmania. Sydney shining like a diamond on Saturday. Northern winds over inland NSW. Starting to get a wee bit excited. This time tomorrow night we'll be on the very roof of Australia, at the top of the summit of Mount Kosciuszko doing live television from the highest possible point. A little history as we launch Youth Week and we're very much looking forward to bringing you some spectacular sights live from Mount Kosciuszko. And we'll stay and broadcast from Thredbo after that for four days.

We're one big happy family here at Network Ten. Gee I'm glad to be going to Kosciuszko without them, though. I'll miss you terribly, Tim! A glitzy exhibition of gold jewellery as you've never seen it before is set to go on display at Sydney's Opera House. Everything from gold necklaces, miniskirts, bras and angel wings will be on display for the first time outside South America. Created by Brazilian designers, it's all part of Gold Week, celebrating the importance of Australia's gold industry. The exhibition starts next Thursday. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News at 10:25. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.