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(generated from captions) on the house of children. And we'll drop in with the Desperate Housewives. Plus, all is not well driving cars into major cities. and tax people to follow London's lead and the radical proposal Also, traffic gridlock, I'll have that story for you shortly. to work in this tropical oasis? workers are putting their hands up so why is it that only overseas as unemployed in this country, There are 533,000 people registered I'm Naomi Robson. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight.

accommodation, a village environment that offer their staff and the Queensland coast are the big resorts in Ayers Rock We found our competitions but Aussie workers aren't buying. Peak season's almost here kitchenhands. chefs, housekeepers, cleaners, He needs hospitality workers, It's simple. that's walked past the door the first person and we have literally dragged in up here We have been desperate for staff won't take these jobs. He can't understand why Australians They've had to import from overseas. any worker. lengths just to find workers, His company's going to extraordinary How are you this afternoon, Tina? at Cable Beach Club. John Woodworth is the boss trying to recruit every year. hundreds of thousands of dollars now we're having to spend to come and work for us, knocking our door down Whereas we used to have people Getting Australians to make them is. Filling the beds isn't the problem. Cable Beach Club Resort. staying at the elegant and exclusive who have holidayed here, are just some of the names Baz Luhrmann Kylie Minogue, Elle Macpherson, and as Aussie as it gets. tropical, beautiful destinations in tourism - Broome, one of the hottest a real sea change. You're going to get a lifestyle, and a smile. a desire to work in the industry, with a heartbeat, We're looking for someone Here's Andrea Burns. don't want? to take the jobs Australians and Pakistani workers are lining up So is it any wonder Chinese Rent is cheap, the pay is good. of the finest beaches in the world. and overlooking some a multimillion-dollar resort On offer is a life of luxury, in paradise no Aussies want. But first, to the five-star jobs

or you'll know the housekeepers. the front office manager so you'll know and you drink with everybody, Here you live and you eat but also fun. Professionally satisfying to stay in Australia. which I really wanted and it was inside Australia still and here was a good opportunity I decided it was time for a change snapping up the jobs on offer. He can't believe the locals aren't at Cable Beach Club. to run his own dining room of Melbourne's best restaurants Aussie chef Andrew Wise left one Hello, kitchen. Andrew speaking. A huge, huge lure. and bosses don't have a choice. turning their backs on them, and with Australians but Sandy says the staff are good It's not an easy or cheap option, organising visas to bring them here. of potential staff members, interviewing pools are even travelling abroad, Sandy says some companies To them, it's pure luxury. we have. They're not used to the holidays to do overtime. whether they're allowed Often the first thing they ask is and foreign workers want them badly. jobs on offer throughout Australia. There are at least 20,000 of these Cable Beach is not alone. Sandy Daniels says Recruitment company boss is requiring staff. where skill's required Virtually every type of industry I want to learn good English. what we're paying We'd be paying triple three from China. Cable Beach has had to import are particularly hard to fill. Chef positions but it's not the case. will flock to earn a living here, You'd think locals, the unemployed, just $60 and $110 a week. range between and the company-subsidised rents water and power are free For the staff who live here, of this resort. but they're not the only attractions The beer is cold and so is the pool for staff to rent cheap, very cheap. down the road a multimillion-dollar resort and bought them one, Cable Beach has gone and bought them one, If Australian workers want a village, So it's time to dangle the carrot. as part of the whole package.

are clearly the worst places. Brisbane will join them fairly soon unless it takes major action. I am about 1km, maybe 1.5km maybe, and it is already 8.15. Things are not going well. You have got to love people who read when they are driving. They are clearly focused on the task at hand. HEAVY ROCK MUSIC PLAYS The woman who is walking is beating me. In Sydney and Brisbane, it is the same situation with millions of us spending hours battling traffic like this every working day. As you can see now, we are not moving. That is because we are on Hoddle Street which is a bit like Parramatta Road in Sydney, or if you're in Brisbane, the Western Freeway, maybe the South East Freeway. And just make matters worse this morning, they have decided to do roadworks. Expect delays. Of course, this kind of gridlocked is not just frustrating, 10km to 15km in both cities, say of Sydney and Melbourne, and particularly, the inner 15km, Definitely Sydney and Melbourne, is taking longer and longer. in peak-hour traffic I have been finding the trip who drive to work every week day, the millions of other Australians Just like to get to get to Channel 7. and I've got one hour I am 15km from the city has begun. and the battle to get to work It is 8 o'clock in the morning Bye, bubba. It sucks, in a nutshell. of the modern city. Gridlock - it is the scourge FAST-PACED MUSIC PLAYS As Rohan Wenn reports. where nothing moves. and that the alternative is gridlock who drive into our major cities at taxing or charging the people we're seriously going to have to look says the Business Council of Australia, business group, Well, now the country's most powerful on work and family time. and it is having a damaging impact congestion that our roads can't cope with the are getting so big Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane But our major capitals along the eastern seaboard. living in big cities shows clearly how we love A look at any map of Australia in our cities. Now to the traffic problems on our website. further details can be found in one of those jobs And if you're interested Andrea Burns with that report. than to look offshore. I have no alternative to the recruitment advertising, and respond If they don't knock on my door from one frustrated boss. This blunt warning This blunt warning But time is running out fast. of the best beaches in the world. And you spend your spare time on one The rent is cheap, very cheap. The pay is good. So the jobs are here. It's really good. like your best mates. You know everybody as Rod Simms from the Business Council of Australia explains it is also costing our economy billions. $16 billion a year in terms of lost travel time and excessive use of fuel. Not to mention lost man-hours. Finally, one hour and four minutes later, I'm at work. Sometimes the trip only takes 50 minutes, but you cannot count on it. In Sydney when we made a similar trip, it took almost an hour, while in Brisbane it was an horrendous 48 minutes. What can be done? The Business Council is proposing a congestion tax similar to the one recently introduced into London. There, cars are charged ?5 every day to enter the centre of the city. London has a charge where they photograph all the number plates and people are required to pay once for entering the city centre. The London tax did cut congestion, but Dr Ken Ogden from the RACV says it was not all good news. The effect of that has been, yes, a reduction in traffic, yes, an increase in public transport use, but also an increase in traffic travelling around the outside of that cordon and, from some reports, a reduction in trading and shopping and the like within the central area. That said, the RACV is not ruling the idea out, but only if governments reduces taxes on fuel to compensate and spend more on roads. Those who travel in congested conditions okay, pay more, but those who travel in uncongested conditions pay a whole lot less. But would drivers really cop yet another hit, even if fuel taxes were lowered? It'd have to reduce substantially before I'd pay because the traffic at the moment is atrocious. According to the Business Council we average about 13km/h during peak hour in Melbourne. By 2021, it is estimated that rate will be down to 10km/h. But if a congestion tax was introduced the average speed would rise to 26km/h. CAR HORN BEEPS Oh! Got to go. See you. But one obvious problem with a congestion tax is that it would hurt the poor a lot more than the rich, and that is one of the reasons why anti-toll activist Michael Mazura is opposed to the idea. What I will be doing is simply ignoring the infringement notices which come in. Michael has already shown he is willing to take a stand when it comes to paying to use our roadways. He was recently ordered to do 44 days community service after refusing to pay $9,000 in fines he received because he would not pay tolls. I was willing to go to jail. But with traffic only getting worse the RACV and the Business Council say we should look at all the options so we all don't end up spending even more of our lives trapped in traffic. CAR HORN TOOTS That report from Rohan Wenn. And you get the impression that it's only a matter of time before some very tough decisions are made to free up our roads and highways. Now, an update on the house of kids. And tonight, the taste of freedom has suddenly turned sour as the kids realise too much time on their hands can easily lead to boredom. But it's only temporary, with the boredom quickly replaced by anarchy - fighting, punching, the works. It's been excellent - it's heaven. Just do what you want when you want. For the striking parents, life without children is bliss. I've been to lunch, relaxed, read books, listened to music that I liked to hear. Marcia cross, But in the house of fun, bedlam has turned to boredom. Who's bored? Me! Frustrated with so much freedom, instead of living it up the kids are doing absolutely nothing. and are constantly glued to the only technological form of entertainment - an old TV with an old TV with no remote control. So watch what happens when we take it away. Stunned, Eliza still sat in front of the empty space for 30 minutes. Stunned, Eliza still sat in front of the empty space for 30 minutes. We're used to having things to just do, and at home you've got your Xbox, or your computer or your phone, electronic gadgets or a driveway to play basketball on, So the question is, have our children lost the ability to play? What is a surprise, I guess, is the lack of imagination. When there have been stale, boring, When there have been stale, boring, empty times, there's no technology to fill it. But when we provided the stimulation with tasks and ideas, what the kids came up with what the kids came up with was extraordinary. We asked them to divide into groups to paint the walls, invent and dress up as a character and come up with an original song and dance. (children sing) What it demonstrated was not only their flair for play, and problem solve, but the ability to work together and problem solve, something that consultant psychologist John Cheetham says should be applauded. I think that was I think that was an interesting phenomenon that they all blended together mid-week and almost created their own family setting. But even more fascinating, say the experts, has been the role reversal. 14-year-old Mitch became the chef. Anyone else want to have an egg? And it's the boys that kept the house clean, mopping, washing and sweeping. They set up a roster early in the week but it was the girls who were quick to opt out of their duties. I'm not surprised the boys are doing more than their fair share of house work, because what's happened is we've basically raised a generation of princesses with our daughters. The phenomenon of what's happening inside the house, says social researcher Karen Brookes, is a reflection of what's going on in the real world. The reason the boys are doing more than their fair share of housework is because parents have worked really hard to create sons who can take an equal role in domestic duties. And the girls, she says, are sitting back and letting them do it, exactly what they planned to do all along, and that's when trouble starts again. What a difference a day makes. I thought we'd get along the whole way through. But we had a really big fight, and we just kept on having more and more fights. The house of harmony soon turns to the house of horrors - fighting, punching, spitting, and non-stop swearing. As anarchy erupts, two sides face off. It's us three girls against seven. Which is the other group? This one, the cool group. We were like, happy at the start, but now all these really bad fights have just, like, split us up. Do you wish they'd leave? Someone's thrown stuff out of my bag and thrown it over the edge and filled it with rocks and dirt. Don't look at me. Why are people picking on you then, Mitch? I don't know. Because I tell them what I think. Isn't it fascinating that in the initial stages people were able to hold onto their emotions and what they really feel, but as time goes on you've got nowhere to go with your emotions so people start telling each other what they think of them. As their true selves are revealed everyone's keen to evict their enemy. Who would you evict from the house? Probably Shannon. She's the one that whinges. I like everyone, but Mitch really gets on my nerves. With tensions running high, will the pressure get too much and will someone leave the house? The strong always survive, because it's those who adapt because it's those who adapt and who have the power to adapt and have the power to encourage others to go in a particular direction who are going to be the survivors. Michelle Tapper reporting there. And tomorrow night, you'll see what happens when the kids are reunited with their parents. And coming up after the break, all is not well behind the scenes on Australia's most popular TV show, Desperate Housewives. None of us get along. Oh my God! No ----. Marcia Cross just refused to stand next to her.

Now to the four most watched women on Australian television, the Desperate Houswives from Wysteria Lane. But it seems the rise to superstardom may be affecting one or two of the housewives, after egos and tempers exploded at what was meant to be a friendly photo shoot. And here's Sonia Kruger. None p of is get you a long. On the set of the aufpt's most watched show the friendships between the dep deputies deputies deputies seem as strong as ever. This week we wafpbed the housewives grow even Closer. Amongst the constant chaos that we have grown to love them for. But despite the jocks ..Get it out there Could it be that all is not as pieceful behind the scenes at Wisteria Lane as they would like us to think. At the latest photo shoot for Vanity Fair tempers flared Marcia Cross refused to stand next to her. Keep playing. Desperate Housewives has become a block buster success watched by 23 million Americans and 3 million Australians. At the Golden Globes they won best commity TV series.

Their success has been phenomenal but des fights pit I insistence tense that all is well in Wisteria Lane ..Marsha is a psychologist so she is our show shrink? Are there relationships starting to show the first contracts? Photographer Ned was at their moftd revealing photo shoot for Vanity Fair he witnessed the cat fight between the housewives first-hand and claims Marsha cross was causing most of the trouble Nobody really crossed the line except for Marsha crosz who, you know, really crossed the line was and was humiliating people and generally making it difficult for everyone. The drama erupted when America's ABC network who broad quaft the show sent a list of mandatory stipulation force the Vanity Fair shoot. The first stating "Whatever you do don't let Teri Hatcher go to wardrobe first" None of the other women wanted her to get to wardrobe first but Terry always turns up earlier and gets the best clothes. So there was some anxiety, praying that she not get there first, which of course she did. The second stipulation was that in group shots, Teri was not allowed to be in the middle of photos. But in this shot, that's exactly where Teri has positioned herself. That's exactly where Mark told me to stand. Then it was time for 43-year-old Marcia Cross to though a tantrum. No ---- way. Eventually Marcia Cross refused to stand next to her and started screaming at her publicist in this terse profanity-led tirade and said, "Get over here and do your bleeding job "or you're going to be in ---- trouble." I did exactly what Mark tldmee to do I think my words were "Mrk if you want me to quet get into the bottom of the pool I'll go there". Terry was told to sit down. Do you want me to go in 9 back 1234 But while Marsha seemed to keep up appearances and remain

light-hearted Don't be playing with my as as, okay? Terry came off worse. Ned says she was reduced to tears. I think Terry was upset for a number of reasons. She is maybe of all the women the most sensitive maybe the most high strung, she cries easily and I think it was a big surprise to her that not only had a rule been laid down that she wasn't going to be in the centre but one of her co stars was that upset about it I think it was probably Hume mil mill lating Therese recollection of this is slightly hazy I don't remember tears After the tan troubles four of the five housewives chatted and jokeed together but Terry left alone. What I know is that all of the girls are supportive of each other and I think no-one wants to damage that and that will be our job to come forward from this and figure out how to repair damage. That report from Sonia Kruger. And if you'd like to seer all the action from that photo shoot again, just head to our web site. Now coming up after the break, the biggest and fattest fast food product ever. And it's just about to hit the market. And the neighbourhood stink that tops them all. Now, coming up after the break, Now you can get this great Nokia camera phone for zero dollars upfront on a $20 phone plan for 24 months. Plus ask how you could make free 3-minute calls to one friend. See your nearest Telstra Shop or dealer today. SONG: # I just can't get enough... # Now, Mady Brunner can smell a rat, in fact, quite a few of them. You see, she lives next door to a snake breeder who feeds them dozens and dozens of rats. And that created such a stench that the snake handler was ordered to use air freshener to cover it up. But it was hardly a solution, because now Mrs Bruner is being bombarded with smelly chemicals. Mice or rats attract other rats, and this is vermin. It is no wonder Mady Brunner is a bit snaky, living next door to 60 serpents and the stench of 80 live rats. It is bad to be irritating my breathing. I can't take a breath because I get this horrible odour and smell. I really feel I'm living next to a public toilet. That is because her neighbour, snake-owner Tony Werner, has now been instructed by the local Gold Coast Council to use deodoriser to dull the putrid smell. A lot of people are under the conception that the only good snake is a dead snake, which just goes to show how narrow-minded people are. Tony breeds the rats for food. He has a Health Department permit and keeps them in an air-conditioned shed in the backyard. The shed with the rats is now, what? 10m away from this particular area. The 74-year-old says not only does she have to put up with the snakes and the rats but the chemical air freshener, which she says is affecting her health and making breathing difficult. All I am concerned is how can I get my fresh air? You can move in with 100 rats and 100 snakes tomorrow, next door. I mean, that is absolutely wrong in the city. Councillor Dawn Crichlow says the local government's hands are tied. It is powerless to ban snakes and rats. In fact, under State law, Tony is allowed to keep up to 100 of the rodents. I think he should pack up his rats, pack up his snakes and move out into a rural area. At least that lady could have a little bit of peace and quiet with her husband. The nightmare I'm living is not very pleasant. It's a day-to-day existence. Karryn Cooper reporting there. Now, there's not much to say about this next story. It's pretty self-explanatory. But you really have to wonder how people could be so irresponsible. Just when you thought junk food giants were getting the message and making their menus healthier, take a look at this. It is called the Enormous Omelette Sandwich and is now part of Burger King's breakfast menu in America. Burger King is the sister company of Australia's Hungry Jack's. The sandwich comes with two omelette eggs, sausage, three strips of bacon and two slices of melted cheese on a bun, and contains a staggering 730 calories and 47 grams of fat. Needless to say American nutritionists are angry that Burger King is promoting such an unhealthy way to start the day. They're playing on the consumer mentality of bigger is better and that's what we're getting into again. But Burger King's spokespeople say there are other choices on the menu if you want a healthier meal. And coming up - You'll see the gangs who are faking car accidents in a $2 billion compensation scam that we're all paying for. LIFT DOOR PINGS INDISTINCT CONVERSATION AND BUSTLE SONG: # Hey, bop, bop # Hey, bop, bop The travellin' bop # Hey, bop # Let's go travelling # Bop, the travellin' bop # Let's go travellin'. # Richgro 500g Grocote fertiliser - only $2.98. 66-litre garden wheelbarrow - just $44.90. Heavy-duty chrome shelving unit - a low $99. Aluminium work platform - just $59. Bostik 1-litre sugar soap concentrate - only $2.24. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Now to tomorrow night - The gangs caught on camera staging car accidents, the fake crashes, the fake injuries and the staged fires. It's all part of a $2 billion scam and we're paying for it. It was the perfect plan. Two friends fake a car crash, put in an insurance claim, and sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Or so they thought. You, sir. Rodney Lohse from Channel 7's Today Tonight. I was wondering if I could have a chat to you. That Today Tonight special investigation tomorrow night. Before we go, we should place on the record that the Collingwood Football Club, headed by Eddie McGuire, officially banned this network from covering all its activities. But it was short-lived. We have now been told the ban has been lifted. A win for common sense. And until tomorrow, And until tomorrow, have a great evening, please take care and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -