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(generated from captions) reporter to witness their farewell. Damian Ryan was the only Australian port city of Sibolga. as their caskets left the Sumatran given a joint military escort received a unique tribute today, The seven men and two women with the Sea King crash victims. transport heading for Sydney are on their way home, a Hercules of Australia's rescue mission to Nias The lost crew members at more than 200km/h. a powerboat flips Good evening. Also tonight - are made for his funeral. as preparations The body of the Pope lies in state their life-saving work. Fellow crew members carry on the victims of the Sea King crash. Indonesia's heartfelt tribute to This program is captioned live.

resumed their lifesaving work today, The crew and medicos of 'Kanimbla' National Nine News. In Sibolga, Damian Ryan, The lost nine are homeward bound. such pride to help a friend. pride to serve their country, Australians who'd come here with such we commend their spirits. Into your hands, Lord, and friends to carry on the task. ..leaving behind colleagues your rod and your staff comfort me. CHAPLAIN: For you are with me, loaded on board... the coffins were then the Air Force chaplain, Led in prayer by will be very appropriate. and I'm sure that the welcome and Australians are like I know what Australia these men and women have made. that will honour the sacrifice for the formal homecoming arrangements have already been made and back in Australia, their way to pay tribute to our dead The Indonesians have gone out of on the coffins one by one. who conferred his blessing for a local Catholic priest, the military ritual making way a pause in the procession, Just metres from the Herc, But this was not the final act. in a guard of honour. as more soldiers stood in a slow march, shouldered the caskets like brothers-in-arms, Indonesian and Australian troops, And as the bugle sounded, we show that we thank them. It's very important that they lost their lives for us. They work for us and of Indonesia's defence force. the ceremony led by the head the coffins each draped in our flag, driven into Sibolga airport, the bodies of the nine Australians to lost friends - This was Indonesia's sad goodbye Chiefs and their families. for them will be the PM, Defence earlier tomorrow afternoon. Waiting bodies are due back in Sydney honour to the nine personnel. Their that it intends awarding medals of Indonesian Government has announced saddened by this tragedy, the Yes, certainly, Mark. So shake skpn from Indonesia today? Damian, not the only tribute

to be doing that sort of work and we're very proud of him and helping out those people He's over there doing - from the Hunter region. a communications operator and Shane Warburton, an RAAF paramedic They are Scott Nicholls, the 'Kanimbla'. are currently being treated on board pulled from the Sea King wreckage Those two 'miracle men' Mark Burrows, National Nine News. of some great people. to mourn and relive the memories it will be an occasion The captain says at HMAS 'Albatross' at Nowra. at the Sea King's home base, to coincide with another service will be held on board this ship In coming days, a service by the earthquake. to help those injured its crew focused on the mission Gunung Sitoli, to waters off the Nias capital, The 'Kanimbla' has now returned use airframes at that age. there's no reason why you can't and highly competent, and highly qualified the maintainance are expert, and the people who do regularly maintained Providing they are that the Sea King was too old to fly. suggestions from military experts The Prime Minister has rejected at the site shortly. Crash investigators will arrive and thanked him for all his efforts. but gave him a hug as well the right Indonesian tradition, and I'm not sure if it's I just shook his hand from the burning wreckage. who pulled the two survivors free but also because he met the man he had worked with so closely, the bodies of colleagues not only because he recovered when he arrived back on the ship, was clearly emotional Commander McGuire were magnificent. that the other seven people with me I'd like to say, though, They had a need for me to be there. into the soccer field. when the chopper speared and army personnel who died the medics, aircrew men and women he calls 'family' - recover the bodies of the nine assisted by seven crew members, the skipper of the 'Kanimbla', At the crash site from the island of Nias. Mark Burrows now crashed on Saturday evening. from the site where the Sea King supervised the recovery of the bodies only hours after their commander

No-one has appreciated that help more than Indonesian President Yudhoyono. Today in Canberra, he offered his country's condolences and thanks. They died in glory. The glory of a selfless act to help the suffering of those in need. There is no greater honour than that. In Sydney, flags flew at half-mast as a city paid its respects, while on HMAS 'Tobruk', thoughts were about lost friends and the dangerous job ahead as the ship sailed for Iraq. There's a very sombre mood in the RAN today at the loss of our shipmates. But the job goes on. We have a mission to fulfil and we'll get on with it. for breakfast. and cook his family pancakes Scotty couldn't wait to come home of Banda Aceh and then Nias, helping the people immense satisfaction As much as he received his widow too distressed to talk. leading seaman Scott Bennett - from a friend of South Coast And this statement we spoke to him. so that was the last time three or four weeks, Dad, anyway", and he said, "It should only be to head to Nias He was more than happy to eager students. and showing off his Sea King last year dropping in on a local primary school This was the Brisbane lieutenant to go where help was needed. they accepted their orders but like pilot Jonathan King, and desperately missed home, They'd been in Aceh for three months He was a really nice guy. to help others. was the fact he was able while he was working in Aceh - one of the things he was enjoying I think that's probably always willing to help others. he was a loving son and brother, in Sydney today, To his grieving family was an observer on the Sea King. 25-year-old Matthew Goodall It's a family tragedy for us. to ease the pain. but that does little of their country, They died in the service struggle to deal with their loss. there was no such luck as they of the others on board, But for the families as soon as they're well enough. Both will be flown home and we're just... doing the best he can and he's in there

It's a common resolve among navy families. This woman travelled from Perth to farewell her daughter. It's very sad, it's terribly sad, but they've got to do their job, that's why they joined. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. More than 2 million Catholics are expected to converge on Rome in the next few days to pay tribute to Pope John Paul II. His body is now lying in state inside a private chapel at the Vatican. Details of the Pope's funeral will be announced in the next 24 hours. For the latest, we cross to our European correspondent Michael Usher who's in St Peter's Square. Michael. Yes, Mark, there is already an extraordinary build-up of crowds here, for what has been a day of great ritual. But true to form, Pope John Paul overturned one ancient tradition - before he died, he ordered pictures of his private lying-in-state be broadcast on Vatican Television. In full view of the world, the body of John Paul, finally at peace. A man of humble origins dressed in papal robes, his head resting on golden pillows in the opulent chapel of the Apostolic Palace. Televised for the first time, this was supposed to be a private viewing, a time for personal staff and advisers to pay their last respects. And all day they came - nuns and monks, bishops and cardinals. Our Holy Father looked very, very much at peace. Later tonight our time, the Pope's body will be moved to St Peter's Basilica for public viewing. Despite his incredible spirit, physically, the Pope died a very sick man. Today the Vatican released his death certificate, revealing the cause of death was acute infection of the organs and heart failure. I think the Pope suffered quite a lot towards the end of his life. You feel he's at peace, he doesn't suffer any more, on the other hand, well, we miss him. Pilgrims who've already arrived in Rome took part in the first of nine masses to celebrate the life of a man who helped change the world.

Faces in the crowd from every nation listening to a prayer written by their spiritual leader in the days before he died. "It is love", he said, "which converts our hearts and gives us peace." While there is contemplation here, there is also a sense of celebration - a tribute to a life well lived. It really feels like the centre of the world at the moment. People are more celebrating his life than his death and the atmosphere is electric here. The Italians have drafted in more than 6,000 extra police to cope with the expected crowds, but it's not just the pilgrims headed here. More than 100 cardinals are coming in from around the globe. One, to be named by the others, as the next pope. Among them, Cardinal George Pell, flying in from a visit to Jerusalem. He hopes to add what he calls Australian common sense to the proceedings. I feel very humbled before such a duty. It's a very important duty and I'll certainly be trying very hard to use my vote wisely. And they are big shoes to fill. For more than a quarter of a century, one man led a billion people and commanded respect from many millions more. While we're getting massive crowds here in Rome, they're scenes repeated right around the world, especially in the Pope's own country, Poland. More than 200,000 people gathered at the Basilica in Krakow for a mass in his honour. The sea of faces spilled out onto the hillside, a tribute not just to a pope, but to a local hero, who gave them the courage to overthrow the Communist government. And from Paris to the Philippines, the world's Catholics gathered in prayer to remember their spiritual leader. Michael, can you tell us more about the Pope's final moments? Yes, Mark, we've been told that John Paul looked towards the window overlooking St Peter's Square and made a gesture of blessing with his right hand. Then, with a supreme effort, he uttered his final word - 'Amen'. In the news ahead - a crackdown on illegally copied video games. And the NSW Mother of the Year. Lotto's $19 million Super Saturday has rolled into action. That's right - a huge $19 million! So get your entry in by April 9. SONG: # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. # Because right now they won't just get you a great loan, they'll cut you a great deal.

Two Melbourne businessmen are lucky to be alive after their powerboat flipped at more than 200km/h on Tasmania's Derwent River. They were competing in the third round of the Australian Offshore Powerboat Championships. One of the men was pulled unconscious from the upturned vessel. The other has several broken bones. A breakthrough tonight in the dispute which had threatened to take all of the State's 6,000 private buses off the road. Last-minute talks brought a concession from the Government over compulsory unionism. It was a stand-off that threatened to disrupt hundreds of thousands of commuters - private bus operators refusing to accept what they saw as pro-union contracts. Finally, after marathon talks lasting well into the night, the Bus and Coach Association struck a deal with the Government. They have conceded a number of changes that the BCA put forward which allows us to go forward. The private operators' concerns centred on government demands for union-led driver safety briefings and a day off each month for delegates to conduct union business. Northern Beaches operator Forest Coach Lines had threatened to stop services from midnight last night. The rest of the State's private operators were planning strike action on Wednesday. But a deal has been struck. This brings peace and that any of those threats of lock-out, threats to people getting to and from work, kids getting to and from school, have been left behind. The turning point in the negotiations was a concession to the private operators that on-site union delegates will not be compulsory. The bottom line is that they acknowledged that freedom of association provisions exist and compulsory unionism cannot apply. It was quite clearly not about unionising their workforce. Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. First it was the music industry being bled for millions, then the makers of DVDs. Now the new bandits of cyberspace are software pirates who copy computer games. An advertising campaign was launched today warning consumers they might be committing a crime if they buy games that have been illegally copied. There's no fun in the game of catching computer pirates. VOICE-OVER: You could be getting ripped off - no warranty, incomplete software. If you know someone who pirates video games, report it anonymously. A new CrimeStoppers campaign is trying to tackle an illegal industry generating millions. Computer video games are now being pirated in Australia Computer video games are now being pirated in Australia at a rate approaching one fraudulent copy for every genuine product. VOICE-OVER: Are pirated games really free? Pirates do pay and so could you. Get a pirated game and get a criminal record thrown in free. Just last week, a man on the NSW North Coast was charged over a $750,000 piracy racket. The biggest challenge facing police and manufacturers is trying to convince people they are in fact committing a crime. The industry has been disturbed by the findings of its own survey showing 41% of people would purchase pirated games if they were dramatically cheaper than the genuine article. And for those out there doing it, it's just not fine - it is a crime and there are penalties. VOICE-OVER: Pirates may get more than they asked for - they can get two years in prison or a fine of up to $55,000. The industry also wants more help in busting tourists returning from piracy hot spots such as Bali. More get through the net than are actually found and that's a Customs issue. Adam Walters, National Nine News. A 34-year-old mother of two from Carlingford has been named the number one mum in NSW. Michelle Kew has fostered more than 40 children, while also caring for her boys, one of whom has Downs Syndrome. It seems very strange to receive all this for doing what all mothers do - change nappies, clean, freed and chauffeur. The national winner will be announced next month. In finance news, the Australian share market has continued to take its lead from weaker US stocks - the All Ords down 17 points. Oil producers were stronger following a rise in the oil price over the weekend. Qantas lost ground after announcing its revenue from domestic services was down on last year. Andrew with sport is next and the Bulldogs struck down by illness? Yeah, Mark, it's highly contagious and threatens to spread throughout player ranks - details next. Also, league's giant-killers get set for three in a row. And a soccer fight featuring team-mate versus team-mate. For just $9.90 you can hav the w rld, thanks to two great offers from your reliable Internet service rovider - ActewAGL Net connect. 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So it put me on my back for another five or six days. And now the illness has spread. Yeah, unfortunately Sonny Bill and Willie Tonga have come down with it this morning and all I can say to them is they don't know what they're in for and it's gonna be a tough week or two for them. I rang Sonny to see how he was and he hung up on me, so they're not real happy at all. Now there are worries about the health of other players. It's definitely a bit of a concern at the moment. Hopefully no-one else can get it. We didn't think anyone could get it, you know, 'cause I stayed away from them. At the Tigers, Benji Marshall says he's ready to play Test football, despite the coach's reservations about his experience and his rebuilt shoulder. I'm ready, mate - I think I'm ready - and if I get chosen, I'll step up to the challenge for sure. At the other end of the scale, Shane Webcke announced today he's retiring from representative football because of a chronic knee injury. And the winless Dragons are slowly getting back to full strength, with Mark Gasnier returning from injury. I'm not expecting to set the world on fire, but I'm just looking forward to having fun. In a further boost for the Dragons, Matt Cooper's cheekbone injury isn't as bad as first thought and he's a 50-50 chance he's a 50-50 chance of playing on the weekend. Danny Wielder, National Nine News. In Formula One, Fernando Alonso has made it back-to-back wins, but Michael Schumacher's miserable start to the season continued, with his brand-new Ferrari breaking down at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Alonso's win makes it three from three for Renault this season, while Australia's Mark Webber was sixth. Blistering Bahrain - 42 degrees and a scorching start from the in-form Spaniard. Alonso headed straight to the front, Schumacher second, but so much for his new Ferrari bringing a change of luck, The 7-time world champion forced to retire on lap 12. Mark Webber made his way into third, but with a podium finish in sight, he lost control. COMMENTATOR: What was that all about? But in front and cruising, Alonso securing his second straight win. RADIO: Fernando - fantastico, bravissimo, bravo, bravo, bravo! Another Spaniard running hot - Rafael Nadal on the verge of snapping Roger Federer's astonishing record of 17 straight finals wins. The talented teenager took the first two sets, before going 4-1 up in the third. but with the world number one on the ropes, somehow Federer fought back to extend his winning streak to 22 consecutive matches. COMMENTATOR: That's it! And Newcastle un-United - the fall-out continues from that embarrassing brawl between team-mates Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer during Newcastle's loss to Aston Villa. COMMENTATOR: And for this proud football club, it is a sorry, sorry afternoon. Both players were sent off, with Bowyer now facing a possible fine of $500,000. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. Let's hope it takes more than mumps and a form slump for the Bulldogs to resort to that. Much, much more. After the break - Georgie with all the weather details, then Nicole on the red carpet tonight in Sydney. is now even bigger and better. and the Government contribution is even greater. Now more working Australians call or visit our website: Good evening. 19 degrees currently in Sydney after a day that couldn't have contrasted more drastically to yesterday, when it felt like summer. Today was damp and grey and in the city, the temperature struggled to 20 degrees, 4 below average. For a re-cap on how today looked, let's go to Skytrack, our time-lapse camera. And as we pan from the city, not a lot to say really. As you can see, thick grey cloud blanketed the entire metropolitan area. There were drizzle patches across the day and we'll probably get more scattered showers overnight. It was slightly cooler in our west. To the satellite image and there's some low cloud being pushed onto the NSW coast by southerly winds. That's bringing a few showers. Looking ahead to tomorrow and a strong high in the Tasman will maintain onshore winds and showers along the east coast and those showers may tend to rain along our central and north coasts, while it'll be fine elsewhere. Around the country tomorrow: Canberra's - sunny and 21. Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth - all fine. Brisbane - wet and windy, with a high of 28. In Sydney, we're in for a shower or two, mainly in the morning, with east to sou-easterly winds. The outlook for Wednesday is mainly fine and 23, back to a few showers on Thursday and at this stage Friday, Mark, looks a bit soggy as well. Nicole Kidman and other notables are arriving at the Opera House right now for the world premiere of her new film 'The Interpreter'. Hi, everybody. Nicole plays the interpreter in the movie, which is the first to ever be filmed inside the United Nations building in New York. That's National Nine News for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.