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(generated from captions) television. He is responsible some thousands of hours of live mate. Honestly, this guy directs years of moy life. Congratulations, that's over. It was the longest two man, a big well done. Thank God and that is to pay tribute. Young him, there is one thing left to do off his game. In the final cross to kick boxing champion to though him a leaf blower to him, and sent a chained Warwick Capper to him, took stole some undies from his house, we Slater's last day, our director, I have got out of control today, Paul Grant Denyer, take it away. Things Who know what the surprise will be. Initialising listener on channel 3

Why Miss Fiji is not Fijian enough. Plus, the beauty queen row us to steal from supermarkets? So self-service checkouts encourage for a while. discount?". Yes, haven't heard it Remember you used to say, "5-finger Remember you used to say, " a 5-finger discount. serving yourself After the break - head to For more information and then manage it online. with different currencies You just load your card next time you're going away. your Jetstar Travel Card And don't forget to pack last until Monday. these fares will only But you better hurry, mighter might know people there. you might end up in Sydney, but you other fare back. You better hurry or Tokyo and vice versa and get the Then you can swim from Singapore to for only $549. or Melbourne to Singapore for $499 per person Fly one way from Cairns to Tokyo are on sale with Jetstar. International business class It's time to get away in style. for us. not going to. See you! Saivl an L Cool, sweet. All yours. No. You're Can I have your car space? Um, yeah. into WA. while steering warm easterlies into Victoria and Tasmania showery south-west winds A high in the Bight is directing and northern Queensland. over eastern and showers are increasing Troughs are deepening in stores and online. Sale now on, off your second light. Warm up with 30% Winter Catalogue Sale. by Beacon Lighting's Sunrise weather brought to you forecast. Shopping channel. Let's look at the fighting words. Good luck at the It's not over. I think I win. Them's mate. That was pretty lame today. sunshine to Sunrise, well done, the show. You do bring a lot of fun, colour and professionalism into this network and he injects a lot of of the biggest live broadcasts on

Cons, scams, all after one thing: coming up at 9:00, i deptty thieves, busted. We reveal their tricks you can beat them at their own game. busted. We reveal their tricks so Plus, toddlers and tiaras controversially. Facial beauty is the most important thing in life and pageants. The outrageous

went too far. And flashback Friday. pageants. The outrageous rant that

God bless you, Tom. Lorraine Bailey, where is she where is she now? Find out on Morning Show next. where is she now? Find out on the Sunrise brought to you by Red Spot for business or leisure car rental, inclusive rates with no extras. Red Spot offers drive-off are turning into drinking experts. Young Aussies

Wheeh! Someone has got to step up to replace the older generation. 18 to 28-year-olds A lobby group says who drink twice a week drinking over that period. will spend nearly 10,000 hours to their profession And if they devoted as much time as they did to drinking, in their field. they would be leaders about this. Let's see what the Angels think 'Dancing With The Stars' contestant, We're joined by special guest and Kerri-Anne Kennerley,

Who has never touched a drop in her life. in the 'Sun Herald', Shelly Horton editor-at-large of 'S' Ditto! Anne Fulwood. And the 'Weekend Financial Review's Good morning, ladies. drinking too much? Kerrie, are young people You have been to a fair few You have been to a fair few Logies in your time, you know show business inside out, do you think people are drinking more? I think young kids are

are drinking a lot more these days because things like alcopops are laced with hard liquor and beautiful sugar so it goes down easy. These kids are drinking far more than the instance I did. When I learned to drink I had to do it the hard way? Scotch? Dry vermth or

Scotch? Dry vermth or Southern Comfort. Yud to work hard to get the Kern Comfort down, everything tasted awful, wine tasted awful. Spoonfull of sugar. Especially about the young girls, I do worry, learn to drink the hard way like the rest of us did. The group who made the complaint is called Hello

Morning but they say rewee are complaint is called Hello Sunday

incapable of having one or two drinks, we have to have sessions. I agree. We have had many sessions. I kind of think if are have one or two, that is an alcohol-free night for me. It is only if I don't get drunk that I think I am not hitting it. So I can understand that, is a culture there, I think we are it. So I can understand that, there experts at

experts at drinking. I would like to say to my guidance counsellor, my drinking would get me nowhere, I drink for a living now, I go to parties for a living. It is done in over 50 countries? If it was 'Drinking with the Stars', gold. I was always taught if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing we. I will toast that. So

toast that. So While we can joke about it, we have managed to maintain our lives, careers, and relationships to a greater degree. I never have a sick day because of a hangover. Never. We are hardened. But we have never lost a lot of our life and our relationships because of alcohol. So while we can have fun at that expense. You have got to get up in the morning and dance on.

need to move on. up in the morning and dance on. We

Miss Fiji not Fijian enough? has been criticised 16-year-old Torika Watters for not looking like a native. The Miss World contestant and Fijian heritage. is of mixed European She's also being criticised traditional Fijian fuzzy style. for not wearing her hair in the She doesn't have fuzzy hair

She doesn't have fuzzy hair so makes it hard to wear it inin the She doesn't have fuzzy hair so it fuzzy Bounaga style? I spend a fortune to get the frizz out of my style. Are you a traditional Bouanaga style? Yes. They want us to ignore other aspects of their ignore other aspects of their culture

culture, please, get it together, have all moved on from here, culture, please, get it together, we

frizzy hair is never good on anyone. have all moved on from here, fuzzy,

The whole Miss World Thing, at the heart of it, it is a looks competition. Of course it is. Maybe it is fair to want the look of your contestant to represent the look of your country. Care factor? What does Indian, Australian, Japanese look like? Everything is so blended. What about

about multi culturalism. If someone said your foxtrot is not foxy enough and Fijian is not Fijian. and Fijian is not Fijian enough. My foxtrot was not foxy enough, it was fuzzy. Are you loving 'Dancing' I am loving 'Dancing',

loving 'Dancing', my little imp prov at the end. I survived the first week. Poor Carmello, what a genius. This is the moment, Oh! How hard can a piggy back be? It is the first time in his his illustrious career as a world champion he has been taken out. A first for Carmello,

being flat on his back, forget it, taken out. A first for Carmello, we have run out of time. We could have this conversation all day. Andrew, the rumba. Maybe have a little rum before you rumba? To loosen up? Thank you, angels, good to see you, here is Nat. Time for showbiz news with Nelson Aspen. And Hulk Hogan is one furious wrestler.

Nat... He's calling in the big guns. The legal team because a web site called the has published photos alleged to be Hogan rr and another unidentified female engaging in untoward sexual activity. The Hulk whose real name is T egrry

is T egrry Jean Bollea has issued a statement saying: The web site refuses to take the pictures down and seems to tease it more. It sounds like where there is smoke there may certainly be a bit of fire for the old hulk. Yes, good

to get ownership of your sex tapes sorted out. Some of the world's of fire for the old hulk. Yes, good

biggest popstars will appear in men in Black? Justin Bieber, that is the truth. The director of men in Black III has revealed Lady Gaga Justin Bieber will have small roles III has revealed Lady Gaga and as aliens in as aliens in the upcoming film. Type casting? Do you think?

casting? Do you think? Look, I can't see it but sometimes you have to watch to appreciate the brilliance. Thank you very much, Nelson. Here is Mel. Thanks, when we come back, loving life at 90. Lucky there is no boys in here your old age, would be going wild for that. boys in here your old age, they Australia's super gran is next.

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You haven't gone your fastest yet? No. One-on-one with Usain Bolt. Plus, Northern Ireland then and now. Our Martin Frizell returns to the battle zone. And, wait for this - the academic who says women should dress sexy to advance in work. I don't think I'll ever get to go my fastest. But you do dress sexy at work. Thanks, love. You're about to meet an Australian exercise legend. She does 10 gym classes every week but here's the twist - she's 90 years old. Melbourne correspondent Nick Etchells joined her for Zumba. Nick, did you manage to keep up? I tell you something, keeping up with Edna is like the prob rbial hair and the tortoise, you might keep up for an hour or a day but you have got to sleep and she will overtake you in your sleep. You dent get to 90 without being good at things and Edna is an Olympic standard flirt. Move over Energiser Bunny, here's your new emblem for all things unstoppable. Shake it, Edna. She's 90, not out, and not even slowing down. Lucky there's no boys in here your age, they'd be going wild for that. Is she a bit of trouble with the boys? Yes, she flirts with all the boys, so look out. Aw, you don't want to believe all you hear about that. I'm 37, is that too young? I've got a grandson who's 42. The trouble with Edna chasing boys is that she'll probably catch them. You do Zumba, aqua aerobics, yes, Thai Chi, walking... This list goes on for a while. You see, she does up to three exercise classes a day and she does it every day. She's not any medication and seldom sees a doctor. You don't think you're anything out of the ordinary? No, there's plenty around like me. There are, they're just 19 years old. # Look at that girl What's her secret, do you think? 90 years old and still going. She just enjoys life. Why not enjoy life, you know. # You don't like the boys your age? You like them a bit younger? How much younger. Your. I am in trouble. Do I get a hug? What's the secret to a long and healthy life? Now, for everyone who's hoping she says it's bacon for breakfast and a stiff drink every night, cover your ears now. Well, I don't eat junk for a start, I don't drink, I don't smoke.

# Talk like a # Apparently it's all just about clean living. So, I'm not going to get another hug then? Oh, I don't mind giving you a hug. # Yeah! If I come back 10 years from now will you still be doing it? Yes! Well, hopefully.

Edna and I have a date tonight, I thought bingo but she thought roller derby is her pace. Who is the flirt some That is what I was thinking. The T-shirt is something else, that 'Party On' shirt. She is gorgeous. She is a cracker. Ahead on The Morning Show - just how easy it is to have your identity stolen and how you can stay safe. There's more of Sunrise though in just a moment as we take a look at Brisbane through the Jetstar skycam. Morning, Brissy.

After years away, the wandering Ribena berry finally returns. He told tales of exotic lands where a berry could want for nothing, save for one thing - his beloved Ribena. There's nothing like it. Mmm! Ribena, packed with its vitamin C goodness, brought back all the memories of home. And here was a big glass of beautiful blackcurranty Ribena.

"Ahh!" he thought. "I'm truly home." Come home to the delicious taste of Ribena. Whoo!

Up on five, thank you very much. A very big thank you to Andrew. This is the control room. Larry is in the hot seat next week. David has another week off. Speaking of off. Slats. We'll miss you. You're part of the team you. You're part of the team and the family and we will miss you, we say that but we minute. You're sort of like our little brother. We have chipped in some money and got to Ricard. -- we got you a greeting card. Also a six pack of underwear. On behalf of everyone in front of the camera the camera and behind... . It's not about me. This show is an amazing place to work and a lot of people doing amazing job. A good mate of mine, Doug, who produces