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(generated from captions) Aussie shootout - under fire in Afghanistan. dramatic pictures of our diggers is almost complete? But does this prove the mission from the front line. We'll explain in a special report do vitamins do more harm than good? Supplementing the truth - as both sides go head to head. Make up your own mind The man standing up for sharks. from us. He believes they need protection And street stars - meet the buskers from music icon Glenn A. Baker. who got this reaction on the street? You actually just found her into household names? Question is - can we turn them as Weekend Sunrise begins, now. An ambitious experiment - for the sunrise BAND: (SINGS) # Reach out to the big sky. # # Put your hands in this is Weekend Sunrise Live from Studio 52, and Andrew O'Keefe. with Samantha Armytage This is another bands we found on the street. No, they just look like that. They have been to Kev's buck's party last We did find them on the street about night

an hour ago. Ken was still drumming. How is that for dedication, showing up for work, the morning after a buck's party. Playing drums with us. Playing drums with a hangover. Well done, Kev, And after causing a storm in Sydney are today in Melbourne the boys from One Direction be followed around and no doubt they will again by thousands of screaming girls. would turn down a date And none of those girls two Sydney women did. but today's papers reveal married reporter One is a 25-year-old You would have thought her hound instincts would be to go out on a date with him. Get the inside Just because you're 25 and married is no reason why you can't data 16-year-old bloke. radio station receptionist. and the other is 20-year-old Since revealing she said no with messages of hate the receptionist has been bombarded on social media. That's what social heed why does best, messages of hate. From angry 13-year-old girls. It does raise a few interesting questions. Firstly, has anyone famous ever propositioned you for a date. Let us know what date. Let us know what happened. Be careful, if it was either of these two Does Red Symons count. Why did you go what? I knocked back Katherine Hepburn in 1957 I think. I knocked back Russell Brand. Wow. It wasn't hard and let us know, would you say to no to One Maybe direct a few messages of hate Direction.

towards us. No, we get enough already. We will get a quick weather check from James in the meantime. How are you, JT? You are in for a sunny Sunday, except if you are in Brisbane or hobt where you are in for a few showers. I'm all suit pd and booted, it's the launch of the new see Son of Dancing with the Stars. Tonight we are going to be talking to some of the stars and exploring backstage. I will explain all after we look at the news with Bec Maddern. Thank you very much good, thank you, James Good morning. has voted The United Nations Security Council unarmed observers into Syria. in a rare unanimous decision to send is now close to collapse A shaky 2-day-old ceasefire by government soldiers, with a funeral procession fired upon killing four people. This was supposed to be a funeral procession. Instead, there was chaos and pandemonium. It appears government troops opened fire into the crowd. the crowd.) Good afternoon) the crowd.) Good afternoon)) government troops opened fire into the crowd.) the crowd.) Good

thecrowd gun fire. This is meant to be a crease fire. There is no way of independently verifying these pictures. Or what appears to be happening elsewhere in Syria. In Homs footage apparently shows that the bombardment goes on. There are reports too the opposition haven't laid down their weapons either and if all this is true, this two day old fragile truce already appears to have been broken. Today, the United Nations finally agreed should be sent to oversee. A vote Nations finally agreed monitors backed by Russia but it has only agreed to deploying a small team, any increase will need additional approval. Kofi Anthony will be hoping the truce he brokered may still have a chance but it's already on a knife edge and many question how much difference this will really make. the New South Wales south-coast. A man has been shot dead on with several gunshot wounds He was found late yesterday afternoon, in a street in Berkeley, and died in hospital. a targeted shooting. Police believe it was with only minor injuries And three people have escaped in Sydney overnight. during another drive-by shooting at a townhouse in Greenacre. Several shots were fired suffered a cut A woman inside the property when she fell during the shooting. on foot. A man was seen fleeing the scene The Nationals are calling for the baby bonus to be doubled for stay-at-home mums to $10,000. Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce says it's an incredible sacrifice for women to give up their careers when they start a family. Mr Joyce wants Tony Abbott to increase the payment to $10,000 if he wins the next election. The Government says the idea would cost an extra $3 billion over three years. Friends of a young West Australian football player say they're devastated by his death. Josh Henderson died of a heart attack after receiving a knock on the head during an AFL game in Perth yesterday. The 21-year-old was playing for Mosman Park Football Club in their first game of the year when he was knocked as he went for the ball. The club's president has described the young man as a gifted player. Six world powers have launched a new attempt to peacefully solve the nuclear stand-off with Iran. Talks have begun in Turkey between Iran's top negotiator, five members of the UN Security Council and Germany. What we are here to do is to find ways in which we can build confidence between us and ways in which we can demonstrate that Iran is moving away from the nuclear weapons program. Officials have described the meeting as positive so far. Bee Gee Robin Gibb remains gravely ill in a London hospital. The 62-year-old has been battling colon and liver cancer but was thought to have been in remission. But the singer has now developed pneumonia and is in a coma. His family, including brother Barry, is by his bedside. And One Direction fever has headed south with the boy band touching down in Melbourne last night. Dozens of screaming fans swarmed Tullamarine Airport hoping to catch a glimpse of the teen sensations. I camped out the whole night, just waiting for them. One Direction performs at Crown Casino this afternoon before an appearance at the Logies tonight. This there were hundreds ever girls at the casino. At the airport they had camp, just they were texting each other to make sure who was on the trail of them. When you arrive at crown tonight for lotion, when the screaming girls. They are not for me. They won't be for you I might wear my dinner suit trousers low slung like Jodhpurs in the way that One Direction. And about that much of your undies out the back. Just make sure you wear undie, okay. That's a good idea Do they need to be Calvin Klein. I don't think they had labelled underpants on. One one nation, they are so good, I tell you. Adam Goodes's Sydney club record-breaking game might be on hold after being reported during the Swans' gritty 22-point win over Port yesterday. St Kilda and Richmond thrashed the Dogs and Melbourne respectively. Brisbane fell to Fremantle in a low-scoring contest while 44 touches to Gary Ablett wasn't enough to spoil a huge milestone match for Essendon's Dustin Fletcher. Dustin Fletcher was celebrating game number 350 but the Suns weren't about to give the Bombers a free pass. COMMENTATOR: Gold Coast get the first here. Essendon replied with five first quarter goals before the Suns came blazing back. That's a damn good looking ball. Gary, Gary, Gary. Before long, it was all about the Gold Coast. Harbrow. And Gold Coast have hit the front. The Suns booted five goals to take a 7-point lead into the final term. Not to be outdone, the Bombers showed their class. That's one of the biggest benders I've ever seen in my life. With a win in sight, Fletcher threw his body on the line to see Essendon finish on top. I'll sneak one in, I reckon, with a few of the boys but we've got a big few games coming up so the old professionalism comes into play. Adam Goodes had his own spotlight against Port Adelaide although a rough tackle might be enough to put a record-breaking match on ice. In a tight contest Sydney kicked six goals in the final term to grab the win. He runs away... Goodnight. The return of skipper Jonathan Brown wasn't enough to lift the Lions against Fremantle. Richmond claimed its first win of the season against Melbourne thanks to a 9-goal third quarter. It is all about the Tigers at the MCG. While the Western Bulldogs remain winless after a 63-point loss to St Kilda. In NRL, the Titans have snapped their 5-game losing streak, toppling reigning premiers Manly in a Brookvale boilover. Scott Prince was in season-best form, setting up three of the Titans' four tries. They just had us across the park, in attitude and in skill and everything they did. The Cowboys thrashed the Roosters in Darwin, running in 9 tries for a 50-12 win. While the Storm roll on, seven in a row, edging out the Bulldogs 12-6. The Brumbies have confirmed they're the form Australian super rugby side with an emphatic 37-6 win over the Rebels. The Canberra boys set up the win with four tries in the opening half. Scott Fardy put the result beyond doubt when he crossed for his second try 13 minutes from time. COMMENTATOR: And here's Fardy. Fardy. The win puts the Brumbies at the top of the Australian conference table three points clear of the Reds and Waratahs. Perth will make its first A-league grand final appearance after toppling Central Coast in a dramatic penalty shoot-out. With the match locked at 1-1, the Mariners missed several critical chances. After 120 minutes it went to penalties, Michael McGlinchey, the first to falter before the Glory captain stepped up to secure the win. COMMENTATOR: And Burns buries it into the back corner and the glory are through to the grand final. Liverpool has won through to the FA Cup final, beating Everton 2-1 at Wembley. Tim Cahill assisted for the Toffees' only goal past fellow Aussie Brad Jones before Luis Suarez and a late Andy Carroll header got the Reds to the decider. In the EPL, three goals to Carlos Tevez have helped Manchester City to within two points of competition leaders United after thumping Norwich 6-1. German driver Nico Rosberg has stormed to a career-first pole position at the Chinese Grand Prix. Team-mate Michael Schumacher makes it an all-German, all-Mercedes front row after McLaren's Lewis Hamilton was penalised for a gearbox change. A bad day for Red Bull in Shanghai - Mark Webber qualifying only seventh and world champ Sebastian Vettel will start from 11th spot on the grid. Not a peep out of team o Not a peep out of team Not a peep out of Not a peep out 6 o'clock. They said it would be accurate. Watch out for that corner. JT, are you with us. I am, if you've just switched on'Weekend Sunrise', no, I haven't come straight from Flemington, I thought I would get dressed up for the opening night the Stars. This is the 12th see Son. the opening night of Dancing with It has been going for such a long time. Sammy, yes. How do you feel when you look at this dance floor. Ill, sick. Does it fill you with shock and ore. Some other names I can't say. Brendan has tweeted in a few more. When I was on for about 2 episodes, I remember that nervous feeling on opening night. It's such a huge night for all of the stars that are competing this see Son. The good thing about coming in early. Can you sort of rum Ange around for the running order. I can tell you exactly the order that they are dancing tonight. Oh. Although I would probably lose my job so I won't. There is such a huge line up. I can't wait to see Kerri-Anne, she is such a legend, I am very excited to see her on the dance floor. There is plenty of eye candy for the guys and girls this year. Let's look at the local weather in detail Not just plenty to see on the dance floor, what I read in the paper, there will be a huge audience, lots of big stars. I'm thinking - I've heard because vogue Williams is dancing, Brian McFadden will be here, Kyle Sandilands will be here to support her. Grant Denyer will in the house. There is just three. Britain, Britain, to support her. Grant Denyer will be

Britain, in the house. There is just three. in the house. There is just three Brynne. They are using her as the mirrorball this year. That's not true. The other big thing is Mel B. That sounds good. You just pour yourself a whiskey and pull up a fire at the country club there James. You can settle in and watch. You look very east coast Hamptons. Gentleman and boys are required to wear suits, that's the way it is. He is very handsome. He does look handsome. Ahead this morning - the man standing up for Matthew Newton. He says it's time to give him a break. Also coming up - New York's new super hero. with a bag of chips. He's out to save the world for a $10,000 baby bonus. But next - the push to stay at home? Would that convince you These aren't just any oats - Uncle Tobys Oats. these are beta-glucan, in something reabsorption, cholesterol which helps lower which means Uncle Tobys Yep, just oats. So they're the natural way to lower cholesterol reabsorption. Uncle Tobys Cholesterol Challenge. So join me in the of online tools and tips, For plenty find Uncle Tobys on Facebook and make your pledge today. next break with Jetstar's low fares. And it could be time to plan your lotion, Yesterday, we were saying, it was the time. Now we are saying it could be the time. We are back pedalling back here. from $79 per person, Fly from Brisbane to Hamilton Island from $99 per person Melbourne to Ballina Byron from $219 per person. or Darwin to Singapore Fancy a luxurious Melbourne getaway? Don't go tonight, it's the Logies. There is nothing luxurious about that. No, only joking for three Well, pay for two nights and stay at Crown Promenade Melbourne. I think that's where we are tonight. It's very nice. That part is luxury. $368 per person departing Sydney Flights and accommodation from just from $388 per person. and out of Adelaide Hit or call 131 538. When you check in, just make sure you're not sitting next to a TV star tomorrow morning. Too true. thinks National Party Senator Barnaby Joyce the baby bonus for stay-at-home mums the Coalition should double if it wins the next election. for women to give up their careers He says it's an incredible sacrifice so they deserve a $10,000 payment. to respond, saying The Government has been quick $3 billion over three years. it would cost the country an extra in today's papers That's one of the stories of Sky News presenter Jacinta Tynan. to catch the eye Good morning to you. This is not very Barnaby, is it? It depends which way you look at it. I think you could look at it, see the baby bonus is for women who don't work. It's a great insensitive for them who work. It's a great inn sent tiff work. It's a great insensitive work. It's a great insensitive for them

mothers want to work. Actually studios show they don't. It's important to Particularly with young children. Yeah, that's right. I think what we need - what he needs to be careful of what the coalition needs to be careful of, it doesn't become either on. You don't want to go bay careful of, it doesn't become an bay bonus or paid parental leave. It needs to be both. Tony Abbott shocked the next election by caming out with this very generous paid Now the nanny's parental scheme.

He is going for that mum vote but it Now the nanny's scheme does create a bit of an either or with both of those schemes, the bonus is for stay at home mums with both of those schemes, the baby And nanny plan as well. At the end of the day, it has to be whether or not the country can afford it, sods,000, what did we say the figures were, $ the figures were, $3 billion? Can Australia afford that I don't see the point of doubling it. I would prefer to see the money go into the paid parental scheme. We are way behind the rest of the western world in that. We didn't have one until the Gillard government brought one in. That's minimum wage for 18 weeks. What the coalition is six months on full pay for people who earn under $ earn under $150,000 a year. People are going to call me an academic merchant banker but some ofly, the paid parental paid academic merchant banker but fill scheme is a much more palletable idea, paying women in lieu of the work of which they are rather than paying women to be baby work of which they are capable makers. I don't think makers. I don't think it should be either on. As we discussed, see thing is there has been a real swing either on. As we discussed, see the back now to women being rewarded for wanting to stay at home and be mothers, to not have this inlking, they should be allowed to have that choice. There is a lot more stigma with being just a mum. Just a mum. It's also a full-time job. There needs to be that choice. I think the problem in the past has been that the baby bonus has been paid in a lump sum so it has been criticised for women who are perhaps on from lower social owe economic groups, getting pregnant just to get the bay bay bonus. That is such a load of treeup. would be the odd one. That is such a load of treeup. There They will learn, won't they? a new book is dividing opinion. Speaking of mums, breastfeeding her 3.5-year-old son. who proclaims the benefits of What's her argument? The book is called beyond the shrink. It's about attachment parenting. I have to say that she better run for cover. Any celebrity who dares to speak who dares to speak out about their views on mother hood gets slammed. A book or an article, is its her book or

opinion. She is not saying everybody has to do what she is doing. She has become an advocate of attachment parenting. She calls it Fred led weaning which is the name of her son. My son will tell me when he is ready to finish breast feeding. At the moment he is 3. the moment he is 3.5. He has a mouthful of teeth, I imagine. I have been there. It's choice. I am still breast feeding now, my baby is 1 months. now, my baby is 11 months. You can't now, my baby is now, my baby is 1

win as a mother. We are encouraged to breast feed and the world health

organisation that you should breast feed until the baby is 6 months old. If you go over the time, it's considered weird. There is some stigma around it. You do whatever makes you feel happy. It is choice. Parent hood is choice. I think good on her for speaking out about this. It brings the idea of attachment parenting to the forefor people who want to know about it. Doctors are against this, against breast feeding over a breast feeding over a certain age but what would they know? Well said. It won't work quite as well if your son's name isn't Fred. Insert name here. Thank you, we will see you soon. Yes.

sharks need to be saved from humans. Still to come, the man who says time on Weekend Sunrise. But right now, it's Wake Up Request Here's Daryl and the band playing 'Broadway' by George Benson, a special request by Uki on Twitter. # They say the neon lights are bright # On Broadway # They say there's always magic in the air # But when you're walkin' down the street # And you ain't had enough to eat # The glitter rubs right off # And you're nowhere ) (SKATS) ) (SKATS)) ) (SKATS))) # They say the women treat you fine on Broadway # But lookin' at them just gives me the blues # 'Cause how ya gonna make some time # When all you got is one thin dime # And one thin dime won't even shine your shoes A few weeks ago I was raving about show I saw. Side by side that Jess ,

A few weeks ago I was raving about a Rowe was in hospital. From shows like West Side Story, gypsy, et cetera, et cetera. The musical is coming to the theatre royal in Sydney. And one night only, this coming Friday, 20th, all proceeds from the show are to go to the white ribbon foundation for the elimination of violence against women, Jess Rowe is still in it, I'm in it. Rachel Bec, Peter cousins is in in, Maria in in, Maria Mercedes, all sorts of great musical performers, if you love your musicals, please do get along. We are giving you the chance this morning, and you are going to be in Sydney on the night of the 20th, we have two double passes to give away. If you want to be in contention give away. If you want to be in contention telling us your favourite song from a musical. We will announce the winners after 9. announce the winners after 9.30, a couple of double passes to give away. Even if you don't win the double passes, come along anyway. It will be a great night of musical variety. It sounds lovely. Enjoy. Fantastic But first, some headlines from Bec. Good morning. Unarmed observers will be sent to Syria to monitor the increasingly volatile situation. The UN Security Council voted unanimously overnight to send military personnel into the country. A 2-day-old ceasefire looks close to collapsing with government soldiers firing shots at a funeral procession, killing four people. Excavation work will continue today along the banks of a New South Wales river as police continue to search for the body of Malcolm Naden's missing cousin. The accused murderer yesterday spent an hour at the site in Dubbo with police, who are searching for Lateesha Nolan, who disappeared in 2005. The Commonwealth, Westpac and NAB are still refusing to rule out interest rate rises this week. The ANZ made the shock announcement late on Friday that it's increasing its standard variable rate, independently of the Reserve. The ANZ also won't say whether the rate rise will be reversed if the RBA cuts rates next month. And Julia Gillard has come under fire for turning down an invitation to the London Olympics. The Prime Minister will miss the Games due to other commitments. The AOC says it's particularly disappointed that Ms Gillard will also be a no-show at an Olympic fundraising dinner in June. She's going to the G20 Summit instead. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. Who would be thepm! Updating sport and Dustin Fletcher has celebrated his 350th game, helping the Bombers to a gutsy 17-point win over a much-improved Suns. Sydney kicked six goals in the final term to beat Port Adelaide. Brisbane could only manage five goals for the entire game in an away loss to Fremantle while the Demons and Western Bulldogs remain winless after falling in their third round matches. their 5-game losing streak, In NRL, the Titans have broken upsetting Manly by 12 points. The Storm remain unbeaten, the Bulldogs 12-6. winning an arm wrestle against and smashed the Roosters 50-12 While the Cowboys thrashed in Darwin. to the A-League grand final And Perth Glory are through against Brisbane in a nail-biting penalty shoot out. after edging out the Mariners Speaking of stars and dates with us mere mortals, you and Anne Hathaway had a bit of of frisson. I did fall in love with her. She with you She is so dreamly. She is so dreamlyy. She is so dreamy. Sam, you would remember this room well, after the nervous wait, finally you get your routine over and you get into the safety of Sonia. Now it will be the domain Mel B. I am not sure what sort of Sonia. Now it will be the domain of gems she will pull out. This is my terrible, this is what I got a 2 for, didn't I? Really. I can't look. We could put some of the good stuff Can't we get the Hot Lips Houlihan on.

on. No? Get it off. I will save you. Let's go to the national a few showers. Brisbane, Sydney, partly cloudy. Canberra, sunny. Melbourne, or two developing. Hobart, shower Adelaide, mostly sunny. Perth, partly cloudy. And Darwin, I'll be back in half an hour with all of your local weather in detail. Thank you, are hard to come by. Real-life superheroes Those we do find truly stand out. New York's Snackman. Take for example Here's Jeanne Moos. In other places, citizens may dress up like Batman or a kid might the day by taking over the wheel up like Batman or a kid might save when a bus driver becomes incapacitated but in New York city, we have Snackman. That's right. Snackman to the rescue. Man breaks up subway fight by fearlessly eating potato chips. ) (BLEEP) potato chips. ) (BLEEP))) a potato chips. ) (BLEEP))

potato chips. ) (BLEEP))) a man and a women were fighting on the subway. He said he had been following her. Enter Snackman. ) (BLEEP) Enter Snackman. ) (BLEEP)) Enter Snackman. ) (BLEEP))) he continues to eat his Security experts Steve was impressed continues to eat his chips. and New Yorkers were submit even. Giving Snackman a red cape and all Snackman did was massity Kate. He changed the dynamic and he deescalated the incidents. Steve said most people don't really want to fight. If they have an excuse to disengage. It's like kind of the kid that come on, I'm going to beat you up, Johnny come home, I'm going to beat you up if my mother didn't call me. The only thing that Snackman did wrong was leave himself vulnerable by turning his back to the guy. New Yorkers appreciate a cool Kew couple were like a man who refused to be drawn into a fight after he bumped a drawn into a fight after he bumped a guy.

guy.) (BLEEP))) Thank you for caring guy.) (BLEEP)) guy.) (BLEEP)

Look at me. about me.

Look at me.) (BLEEP)) Look at me.) (BLEEP)

Look at me.) (BLEEP))) remember that Look at me.) (BLEEP))) remember that? Write it down. Write that down. But Snackman was so cool, one fan posted, that guy for president, his potato chip plan will bring peace to the Middle East. Soon the speculation turned to which snack, Snackman was snacking on. It's pring wills. It's superman The chip crew aid sore A website, tracked down Snackman and identified him as Charles saunder. On his way uptown to have drinks, khom ping on Pringles, he said he had to do something. As someone posted, saving the world, one snack at a time. Bend steel in his Bauer hands on Or at least bend chips. That's really fantastic work in breaking up a violent incident. It makes me want some cheddar Pringles here. Really, do you want to bring a bit of life All we have is this dam fruit platter. Do you think it will bring peace to the Middle East. There will be an argument over whether they are korber chips three-year-old Pringles. Kev is on the ball. He is He is having a ball today. He hasn't stopped having a ball who left Glenn A. Baker speechless. Ahead this morning - the buskers exclusive pictures of a gunfight Also coming up - and the Taliban. between Australian diggers Our reporter is there. teaching people how to protest. But next - the law lecturer Well, I've rung the police, for this. you're all going to get arrested and on its way. to be cooled and washed to this humble lettuce leaf? And the tasty hero 100% juicy Aussie beef. a sizzle, the Big Mac we'll start. MAN: Then into Macca's with Some say the best part. MAN 2: With special sauce. And lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles too. Toasted bun with sesame seed. About 322. Sped to Macca's with haste. Best from the land. Where it all comes together. For that wonderful taste. When you're in a Telstra T-Bundle, and record free-to-air TV you can get a T-Box to pause of BigPond movies. and rent from thousands Plus 200GB high-speed broadband. unlimited voice calls in Australia And family calls benefit with between four mobiles on your account. connected home Build your with Telstra. T-Bundles - Telstra stacks up. value that Changing the world, one rif at a

time. in northern New South Wales A new course at a uni this morning. is raising a few eyebrows how to become effective activists. It teaches people Students learn methods of protesting chain themselves to cars including how to safely and what to do if they get arrested. It's not always possible to always be lawful. for effective protests very carefully So people need to start to think disobedience about what levels of civil they need to engage in, they feel that how to do that safely, and respectful way. how to do that in a very non-violent The course is the work of law lecturer Aidan Ricketts who's just released a book called 'The Activists' Handbook'. He was going to join us but unfortunately our link to Lismore has fallen over. Tild Cameron Murphy is from the Council for Civil Liberties. Do we need workshops on how to protest? Is it not just inate in us? It sounds pretty strange but I think it has become a lost art over the last few years, particularly in the 60s and 70s, people would be all the time against war and against other things for social change. In and 70s, people would be protesting

the last decade, I think we have lost those skills where there are a lot of people out there who simply don't know about how to go about organising a campaign or a peaceful protest. A lot of people look at protestors these days and automatically label them at ratbags but protestors got women the vote, protestors helped to end the vam war et cetera. Why do people have this view of protest, is it because we don't know how to protest effectively. I think it may be because people don't know how to do it effectively. That's the image that comes to mind. A lot of times you see footage on TV, and protestors, people who I am always out there helping at the council of civil liberties are often who are people who are different, hippies. What is unusual about this, you've got ordinary people getting out there protesting and most of the changes, the important changes that have happened around the world have been ordinary people changes, the important social

getting out there and protesting, civil disobedience, a few times people get arrested but ultimately they achieve great social change. So looking at this anti coal seem gas movement. Many are farmers, elderly residents. What sort of skills does a course like this offer them apart from how to get safely arrested? Well, the sort of skills that a course like this offers them is actually teaching them how to go about organising a campaign. So, watching where coal seem gas might be, phoning other people, making sure that they are organised enough to turn up and protest. I have to say these people are completely unusual. For the first time you've got some of the most conservative people in society, the country women's association, out there trying to protect farms, to stop the pollution that gas seem gas causes on their land, they have to learn how to go about doing it. Learn the skills of doing it safely and there is nothing wrong with civil disobedience, that's what Ghandi used to change India and most of

used to change India and most of the important protests throughout history have relied on that. Occasionally people get arrested, what this course is about is about

helping people get their message across. Getting the CWA will change the diet of your average protester. It could be tasty at times. Protest as you view it is essential to the democratic process? Too it is. of the things that has happened over the past few years is I think you've democratic process? Too it is. One

got people at the older end of the spectrum who are starting to protest, that have never done it before. People who have always quite conservative and stayed away from that end of social change before. People who have always been

they are directly affected. I think the other thing you've got is young from that end of social change but

people who are very good at getting their message across on Twitter, on social media, but they perhaps haven't taken to the streets, haven't run a blockade. Everyone is always complaining about kids sitting at home using the computer and not doing anything, this is a great way to get them involved in the political protest, to become part of democracy, to get out and the get their message across. On the flipside guess, I guess some older people have a lot to learn about using social media. It might cut both Thank you so much for joining us this morning. Thank cut both ways.

As we go to air this morning, events are being held to mark 100 years since the 'Titanic' disaster. Soon, we'll take you live inside the room where the ship was designed. But next - acclaimed foreign correspondents. she's one of the world's most make of the world? So what does Christiane Amanpour We're about to ask her. to people who have switched We're talking to Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. Why did you switch? brands and they didn't work. I've tried all these different and it worked straightaway. I tried this

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Just $3.95 for a limited time. Classic Crispy Burger. Red Rooster's new The world has changed a lot in the , last 20 years. Our next guest should know. She has had front row seats at all the history changing event. Christiane Amanpour is an international correspondent. In your opinion is a safer or more dangerous place now? Well, that's a big question. Look, you know, people have a lot of different indicators and bottom lines when they talk about that. lines when they talk about that. I different indicators and bottom see still a lot of war but at the same time, there are a lot more countries that are moving towards democracy. Obviously we are in very deep economic crisis around the world that producers its own real sort of upheaval and uncertainty and insecurity. So I think that is a real issue. I think for all of our governments, trying to figure out how to gainfully employ the young generation around the world is going to be really the key stabliser I think in our future. Because if you look around the world, so many of the uprisings, the upheavals, the violence, the instability is often because of people who just don't have jobs, who don't have work, who don't have any kind of way to support themselves. So I think we have to watch that as well. support themselves. So I think that Every day we see pictures of shocking violence out of Syria. do you feel about the world shocking violence out of Syria. How apparently standing by and doing nothing as that country I am explodes? Well, look, I explodes? Well, look, explodes? Well, Well, look, I think after all these years of covering wears, surely there has to be some sort of better method of collective security. We have very advanced countries which are in the United Nations, at Security Council, I am standing or are in the United Nations, at the rather sitting here in the heart of the superpower, the United States and surely there must be a way to be able to resolve of some of these issues in a way that saves slan lives. Syria has taken more than a year and there seems to be no resolution on how to get some kind of meaning full solution to this. So I think that we keep watching this. We keep reporting on it and the most difficult thing for us in Syria is not being allowed in. I think that's always a negative when it comes trying to explain those stories. always a negative when it comes to Absolutely. Syria has always seen social media become the primary news and video source in today's hot spots. Mobile phones are the cameras, YouTube is the TV channel. How do you feel about this trend? Well, I think it's inevitable because technology is there, it will be used. Most particularly it will be used when a situation such as the ones we have seen unfolding across the Arab world where people feel they don't have any other recourse to get the word or the pictures out. So I think in that regard, it's a really useful tool. I think that is where obviously professional journalists come in. Using the social media as a tool of research but not relying on social media entirely. This is a problem in Syria down to social media and YouTube. I where there is almost everything is

think that is something that is very difficult for us to get a full good look at what's going on. What are the countries of greatest concern right now? I think rean, North Korea, Afghanistan. When you talk about and areas where the US, Australia, what the United States is looking at

and other countries are involved, whether in peacekeeping or in diplomat situate diplomat

diplomay. Iran is very key it it is ratcheted up tensions. diplomay. Iran is very key because Afghanistan is a big issue because the United States is planing on leaving earlier than it had announced previously and as you can see, every day, that country is still not in a state where anybody has any confidence that it won't descend back into the kind of violence that playinged Afghanistan for so many for so many decades. Then North Korea, immediately you've got this issue of North Korea and that's in your region. So what we might see measures from the United Nations and the international community and then some worry that Pyongyang may decide to conduct a third numb test. The issue of numb proliferation when we are talking about North Korea. Thank you Christiane Amanpour, thank you for being with us. One of the world's greats One of the world's greats you for being with us. remains Afghanistan. And one of those world trouble spots a Seven Network exclusive. Shortly on the show - as Aussie diggers get caught up Our reporter on the frontline Do they do more harm than good? Then - the great vitamin debate. Both sides - head to head. Skin feeling tight and dry? Garnier creates Intensive 7 Days - to help lock in moisture our first body range for smoother skin. Smells great, absorbs quickly. for up to seven days. Hydration felt now in a hand cream. Garnier Intensive 7 Days, Garnier. WOMAN: Who takes care of me? greatest maritime disasters. since one of the world's an iceberg and sank The super-ship 'Titanic' hit on April 14 in 1912. where the ship was built. Martin, where exactly are you? Hi, Sam. Sam, this is hallowed ground. This is the exact spot where 'Titanic' was born. This is the naval architects drawing office at the shipyard and it's pretty much it was 100 years ago when this the shipyard and it's pretty much as would have been filled with desks, it was 100 years ago when this room with clerks and draftsmen with their sleeves rolled up, pencils sharpened and set squares and rulers drawing by hand the actual ship. This is where 'Titanic' was conceived and drawn. The lead architect, a man called Thomas Andrews, only 39, was in hospital charge of the called Thomas Andrews, only 39, he was in hospital charge of the whole thing and he actually sailed on the maiden voyage. It maiden voyage. It was important for him to be there. He had to tell the captain almost 1 hundred yeerts ago that the ship had two hours left it was going to sink. So they had to that the ship had two hours left and abandon ship, sadly he diedment he went down with the ship. For many years, the Irish had not disavowed their relationships with the 'Titanic', haven't really trumpeted it. It seems now that they are really embracing that as part of the history of Belfast. That's right. For the past few days, it has been a party atmosphere. Belfast shaking off the tab too and it was built here. Now in the past few hours t has taken much more than shaking off the tab too and saying

of emotional tone. We have been alock to see what alock to see alock to alock along to see a alock along to see alock along to see recollect we um for lost souls, a piece of music choreographed for this event. I was at a lecture by Dr Robert Ballard who discovered 'Titanic' on the sea bed. He said it has to stay there. It's a heritage site and he wants laws put in place. Also there is in the shopping centres around here, we came across the world's biggest 'Titanic' model, hanging from the roof of a shopping centre. Belfast is saying, we accept it was built here. As they say, when it left here, it was all right. Good point. They have built a Biggs new to the tragedy. How impressive is that? Sam, it's just - this is why They have built a Biggs new museum

if this was in hospital mrk, would be a theme park. There is it still a lot to still a lot to be done here. It's if this was in hospital mrk, this

just beyond the windows. It's a huge new exhibition. It's the biggest in the world. It cost $ the world. It cost $150 million to make. It's the size of the actual bow of the 'Titanic'. That's how it is. Inside there is nine separate Interactive episodes to go through. bow of the 'Titanic'. That's how big

They are incredibly proud of it. They have people coming from around the world. It's completely sold out, they sold 55,000 tickets for it. It will regenerate they think the whole of Belfast which bear in mind, after 30 years of troubles, it needs some help, this I think will do it. Martin, we will catch up with you later in the show. It's a wonderfully atmospheric you've got there. We will see you back at back at MI5 headquarters. News time. wonderfully atmospheric backdrop

Here is The United Nations Security Council has voted in a rare unanimous decision to send unarmed observers into Syria. A 2-day-old ceasefire is close to collapsing with four people shot dead by government soldiers who opened fire on a funeral procession. Troops have also shelled areas of Homs, killing two people. There is a important opportunity to stop the violence, end the bloodshed, and begin a transition towards stable and democratic Syria. The UN observers will travel to Syria within days. Police believe a fatal shooting on the New South Wales south-coast was a targeted attack. A man aged in his 30s was found with several gunshot wounds in a street in Berkeley late yesterday afternoon. He died later in hospital. And there's been another drive-by shooting in Sydney overnight. Several shots were fired at a townhouse in Greenacre in the city's south-west. A woman inside the property suffered a cut when she fell to the floor. Two other people inside escaped uninjured. A man was seen fleeing the scene on foot. The Nationals want the baby bonus doubled for stay-at-home mums to $10,000. Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce says women sacrifice a lot with their career and loss of super when they start a family. Mr Joyce wants Tony Abbott to increase the payment to $10,000 if he wins the next election. The Government says the idea would cost an extra $3 billion over three years. Tens of thousands of North Koreans have filled a football stadium, shouting support for the country's ruling dynasty. They tried to put the embarrassment of this week's failed rocket launch behind them while pledging their loyalty to their leader. He needs to raise his standing. The failure to put a satellite into space, a serious embarrassment in a country where the regime never admits mistakes. Saturday afternoon, in Pyongyang, the stadium seats 50,000, no football today, just supporters of a young leader who needs to show he still has the military on his At one point, the mass ranks chanted the name of Kim John ill, the whole event filmed by all angles by state television which has not shown any images of yesterday's rocket launch. This is damage limitation North Korean style. Our government minders told us we couldn't interview any soldiers but some seemed happy to answer my questions. What about the rocket, satellite? Next year. New one next year New rocket New rocket next New rocket next year? Yes. Under orders and lock and key, armed guards stopping anyone leaving too soon when the rally ended. They had been a captive audience. Bee Gees star Robin Gibb is fighting for life in a London hospital. Months after declaring he was in remission from colon and liver cancer, the 62-year-old now has pneumonia and is in a coma. His family, including brother Barry Gibb, is at his bedside. And with the countdown on until the London Olympics, the world's best sand artists are paying tribute to all things British. Sculptures from 10 countries are on display, including Shakespeare-inspired works, a traditional black cab and the Houses of Parliament. The museum is the only one of its kind in the world. It has been a very big day and night in the AFL, Simon, you have the details. Swans superstar Adam Goodes's club record-breaking match might be postponed after he was reported for a rough tackle in Sydney's 22-point win over Port Adelaide. Gary Ablett racked up an incredible 44 possessions for the Suns against Essendon but Gold Coast just failed to spoil Dustin Fletcher's 350th game - the Bombers by 17 points. I'll sneak one in, I reckon, with a few of the boys. But we've got a big few games coming up so the old professionalism comes into play. The return of Jonathan Brown wasn't enough to lift Brisbane against Fremantle. A 9-goal third term saw Richmond beat Melbourne by 59 points while the Bulldogs are also winless this season after being thrashed by St Kilda. In NRL, last year's wooden spooners, the Titans, Jamal Idris was placed on report for this hit on Jamie Lyon. Lyon was quick to even the score, crossing soon after. Scott Prince proved the difference for the Titans, setting up three of their four tries. It's a tough place to play no matter who've they've got on the field. We're just happy to get the two points. The Storm remain unbeaten this season after edging out the Bulldogs 12-6. While the Cowboys ran in nine tries against an out-of-sorts Roosters side in Darwin. The Brumbies are sitting atop the Australian conference table following an impressive 37-6 win over the Rebels. A blistering first half saw the Brumbies cross four times. Scott Fardy was outstanding, with two tries - his first in the super rugby competition. Perth will take on Brisbane Roar in the A-League grand final Hire is JT on the set Hire is JT on the set of 'Dancing with the Stars'. Yes, Welcome back to Weekend Sunrise, this is the edition of Horse and Hound. I am in Mel B Bass tea honour her battle ship where you sink or swim. I've got one of the stars, Shannon Noll. How are you. I am a bit nervous. Not too bad but it might creep on during the day.

The noise is because Erin McNaught is on the dance floor rehearsing, I am sorry if my attention isn't fully on you at the moment. It's all good. You had about six weeks of preparation. Did you start slowly and all of a sudden go we better go on Quick, quick, we need to practise more. We have got a few run throughs today, hopefully it will be are all right? today, hopefully it will be are the Who are you with, Lina, her husband and her are dancers on the show. and her are dancers on the show.. With the Russian accent and everything. Have you got a strategy to try and win. It's win. It's viewer votes based? are you going to try and get the votes? I am going to try and dance half win. It's viewer votes based? How

devent, work on that later. Stick around Knowlesy dance partner is just behind the Cam rachlt she is not happy. Not happy. She is not happy. Obviously we are going to see you dance every week. Are we going to see you sing? I don't we are allowed to sing. An unfair advantage. I might be sicking the songs as I try to remember the dance steps. You will be going 1, 2, 3 hrks And 2, 3. Just remember to smile Not look at the floor, that's the hard part. hard part.. Good luck. You're in for a ride. Send my love to Chong Lim and all the boys and girls in the band. Loved him. They love you too. They did. Trying to change every time signature to 4 to keep up with you It began as Operation Enduring Freedom. But for the Australians serving in Afghanistan it's the operation itself that seems to be enduring. We've now been there for almost 11 years. Seven News reporter Alex Hart is at the forward operating base in Sorkh Bed, watching our soldiers at work. Alex, it seems the long-term training role the troops are performing there is finally seeing success? Hi, guy, we often hear defence in

and the government talking about the progress that our troops are making here in Afghanistan. But it's rare that we see such a dramatic example as this, around 2 weeks ago, Afghan national army officers were leading a partnered patrol in the valley about 35 kilometres west of the Tarin Kowt base. Now, the region is a known surt hot spot and it didn't take long for a fire fight to break out. This video was captured by a camera on one of our digger's elhelmets, what it means impressed the generals was showing our soldiers not taking a backward step, rather than let our guys take the lead, they stuck at the task with the support of Aussie fire power, the enemy was forced to withdraw. Our Colonel is in of the current mentoring taskforce. withdraw. Our Colonel is in charge Both he and the Afghan national armies say it's more of that the work is paying off. The ANA consistently demonstrating that they are ready and willing to take the fight to the enemy. That in most cases they can do so independently From last year to now, the progress is developing every day. already.

Having spent a few days now here on the ground in Afghanistan, what has struck me is the willingness and the enthusiasm of our guys to get with the job. There are plenty of challenges ahead in terms of hand enthusiasm of our guys to get on

over of control to Afghan forces by the end of 2014 but much that relates to ongoing support from governments and is out of the control of our diggers. In terms of getting on with their mission it's hard to imagine them doing any more to achieve success. Back to you. Thank you, Alex Alex Hart reporting from Afghanistan for us, thank you. Keith Suter is our foreign editor. Good morning to you. It seems local soldiers are showing they're ready and willing to take the fight to the enemy. So why are we still there? Well, I think as that video clip has shown, at the tactical level, clearly progress has gone ahead with the Afghanies, as they Taliban take back over control, they will go after those guys. So the tactical level, progress is being made. I guess the real problem is the bigger macro, the strategic level, you still have warlords that are very much involved, you have a lot of politics is clearly corrupt et cetera. So, yes our solders are doing very well locally. They are doing a magnificent job by the looks of it. The problem is the bigger issue about the viability of the state itself, how good the government is, et cetera. These are the big questions which our solders aren't there to deal with but must be in the back of their minds. Unless you deal with those strurbl issues which are fundamentally cultural and Indigenous political issues, you can't win this war, can you? How would you even define a win in this war. That's part of our problem. We went in in 2001 to get problem. We went in in 2001 to problem. We went in in 2001 to get Osama bin problem. We went in in 2001 to get problem. We went in in 2001 to problem. We went in in 2001 to only. He didn't stay but we did. We got him in the territory of our alley, Pakistan, our mission has expand $ Pakistan, our mission has expand $, we are involved in educating young girls, preventing the growing of poppies, Allworth while things, but that's not what we went in for in 2001. So part of the problem that some of us have got, what would some of us have got, what Victoria which look like, very difficult to world wore one, the some of us have got, what would a

objective was to get to Berlin. We are not sure what that victory will look like Educating people, particularly women, the eradicating reliance on the drug term. That will be something that sets up Afghanistan for a long time that is not dependent on warlords and corruption. That's right. I think every day that we stay there makes it even more difficult for the Taliban to come back. Clearly the Afghanies are seeing an alternative way of leaving which they enjoy. And so obviously the longer we stay, the more difficult it will be for the Taliban. Don't forget, the Taliban, it's their territory. They are just going to try and Reclaim it once the allied forces leave which I assume will be towards the end of 2014. That's over two years away. So we are there. We are there until then. We have got this conference coming up in Chicago in a few weeks time which will look at what the post 2014 situation is going to be like. We will have an ongoing commitment there but not too many of our own soldiers being exposed to continuing dangers. Good on you Keith. Thank you for that. See you soon. Ahead this morning - the man who believes sharks need protecting from humans. He'll make his case. Also coming up - we found them on the streets of Sydney. Do they have what it takes to become household names? But next - is it time to throw out your vitamins? Watch this debate before you make up your mind. The boys in the band might need some veeut ministers today. Post Kev's Are you one of the many Australians who takes daily vitamins to stay healthy? Last week, our resident GP, Dr Ginni Mansberg, caused a massive reaction when she told us to throw them away. We have got enough studies x like big reviews of multiple studies seem to hoe that everything from multi vitamins to your magnesium, your iron, copper, veeut minister C, veeut minister A, all seem to shorten your life expectancy. We thought we better seek some more views on this. Professor Kerryn Phelps is from the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association and Professor David Jacobs has conducted several major studies into vitamins at the University of Minnesota. Good morning. Kerryn, are supplements overrated? Well I think the best way of answering this question is to say what are what are we expecting them to do? I think that the questions need to ask myself themselves is what benefit do I expect to get from taking a supplement. Am I taking what I am taking in the right doze, in the right combination strks the right thing for my particular circumstance? And then we are circumstance? And then we starting to get close to a more sophisticated discussion about circumstance? And then we are

supplements. I think the important thing to realise is there are a lot of reasons why people in fact need clinically to take a supplement. That might involve a person for example who doesn't absorb food correctly from their gut, who might have a diet that is deficient example who doesn't absorb their

because they are unable to eat a comprehensive diet, somebody who perhaps chooses to be Vee began or vegetarian, who might have a coal range of veeut minister and mineral deficiencies. There are a number of people with chronic diseases where specific and well tarted supplement tain is a very important part of their overall plan. There are many people who have no diagnosed deficiency or illness who are just showing down on vitamins as part of what they think is a healthy regime. Is that a healthy regime. The important thing for people to do is not self prescribe. If I want to pick up my energy or feel a bit better that I'll just throw down a combination of things that you pick up from a supermarket shelf. It's really important that people are sensible and targeted if they are going to be taking supplements. To took at first things first, is the diet Assad quat and rounded as it needs to be? Am I exercising well? Have I given up smoking? These are all the really fundamental health questions that people need to ask myself themselves. Then the question is, do I need to take a if so which ones? Okay, David, is there conclusive is, do I need to take a supplement,

evidence that veeut ministers are actually good for you? Well, I think there is conclusive evidence actually good for you? Well, I don't that they are good for you. Kerryn just mentioned avoiding deficiency conditions and they certainly do that. There are other conditions which she mentioned where you might need them. But on the other hand, given the size of the market for these products, it seems unlikely that as many people actually need it and have gone through the careful thought process that Kerryn talking about to support that level of commerce. thought process that Kerryn was

On the flipside, David, do you think the average gp or local doctor is as attuned with veeut minister supplements as they need to be to address those deficiencies. address those deficiencies.? Well, I think that the average GP is prepared to deal with deficiencies but I think deficiencies in well nourished populations are very rare, it would be better to encourage people to eat good food and get their nutrients from food. A good point. Kerryn, your response. I would argue that deficiencies in a normal population are rare. In Australia, it's extremely common that people have veeut that people have that people that people vit minister D deficiency. And women of child bearing age with iron deficiency. We have a lot of people with magnesium deficiency. So I think that we - when we talk about a rounded diet, we are putting a lot of faith in agricultural processes in food transport and storage. C for example is lost in storage and with exposure to light. So if people think they are getting enough C every day, they are having an orange juice from a bottle. That won't be the case. In are getting enough C every day, if

Australia, particularly I believe that this is also the case in United States, at least half of the that this is also the case in the population don't eat population don't eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables every day. say that most of the population don't have nutrient deficiencies I fruit and vegetables every day. To

don't think is a correct statement to make Then the question is, how do you address that? Do address that? Do you eat more vegetables. Sna I think what we need to do is correct deficiencies they are, either through nutrition or correction or in the case of D to do is correct deficiencies where

exposure to sunlight but we exposure to sunlight but we are getting those mess eadges about sunlight. There are a lot of mixed messages. I think what we need to do globally is to elevate the level of the discussion to a much more cough is Kated level where we are looking at specific conditions as well as overall nutrition. Very quickly David, if you can answer this, one of the biggest responses we had last week was to the claim that some vitamins could shorten a life span. Under what circumstances might that occur? The question about chronic disease and longevity, is difficult and the evidence from the clinical trials and from the observationalstudy that we did, does not suggest that people are going to extend longevity by taking these Vitamins. Basically I think that the research is to support the level of commerce that goes on in this industry and think that the research is not there

there is enough money in the industry that they should be doing a lot Moree search to answer the questions that Kerryn is asking about exactly what are the conditions under which these substances are helping. All right great. There is a lot of money in the industry. A billion bucks in Australia. That's all we have got time for. Thank you Kerryn and David for your time Saying that they don't extend longevity, is different to staying they shorten your life span. Shortening your life span is a bit Doomsday. That's right. Like that. It was really effective. Almost eerie. Hello. How close were you watching yesterday's show. Closely I should say it's an adverb. We are about to find out. Five We're about to find out as we play Five Questions, Five Grand. questions. Answer none, you get nothing! Such a Also straight ahead - the latest news and weather. And is it time we all gave Matt Newton a break? A fresh perspective is on the way. Making news this week.. An audit failed to prove an ACT Liberal

staffer misused taxpayers cash.. BUT the Opposition Leader was criticised for taking too long to solve the time sheet fiasco. A Bombala mechanic shop was destroyed by a massive

fire. An investigation's underway.. into how it started. The ACT Greens praised Bob Brown.. who'll retire as leader of the Australian Greens. Meredith Hunter says he's been a champion for Canberra.

CIT's been given 6 months to stamp out staff bullying.. after WorkSafe found several complaints weren't handled properly. Country energy customers will have to pay an extra 380 dollars a year for power from July. A 25 year old man ended up in hospital.. after 3 men

broke into his Richardson home.. and bashed him with baseball bats. A Canberra woman was found guilty of keeping a Thai sex worker as a slave in 2007. Police will continue digging up areas of the Macquarie River bank near Dubbo today for the remains of Malcolm Naden's missing cousin. Detectives yesterday escorted the accused murderer around the site where they're searching for the body of Lateesha Nolan, who disappeared in 2005. Still no word from Westpac, the Commonwealth Bank and NAB on whether they plan on raising interest rates this week. The ANZ made the shock announcement late on Friday that it's upping its standard variable rate, independent of the Reserve. The ANZ also won't say whether they'll reverse the rate cut if the RBA cuts rates next month. A young WA footy player who died after knocking his head during a match has been remembered as a talented and popular player. Josh Henderson suffered a heart attack in a Perth hospital after hitting his head in an AFL game in Perth late yesterday. Club officials say members are devastated by the 21-year-old's death. Unarmed observers will be sent to Syria within days to monitor the increasingly volatile situation. The UN Security Council has voted unanimously overnight to send military personnel into the country. A 2-day-old ceasefire looks close to collapsing with government soldiers firing shots at a funeral procession, killing four people. And about 50,000 North Korean soldiers and civilians have tried to put this week's failed rocket launch behind them. They've filled a football stadium, shouting support for current leader Kim Jong-Un. The entire event was filmed by state television, which still hasn't broadcast any vision of the rocket launch. Failure, what failure! Updating sport and Essendon's Dustin Fletcher has marked his 350th game with a classy come-from-behind win over the much-improved Suns. Freo lost star Nat Fyfe to a shoulder injury but beat the Lions in a low-scoring affair in Perth while the Saints, Tigers and Swans all had third round wins. A massive upset in the NRL with the Titans downing reigning premiers Manly at Brookvale. The Cowboys ran in nine tries against the Roosters, winning by 38 points in Darwin while the Storm continue their unbeaten season, edging out the Bulldogs 12-6. And German Nico Rosberg has taken the first pole position of his career in his Mercedes at the Chinese GP. Michael Schumacher will be next to him while Mark Webber will start from seventh in tonight's race. Back to the 'Dancing with the Stars' studio in Melbourne. Here is James. Thank you very much, Simon. I felt like a hort cultist in between two Darc es. I feel slightly over danced. It's the opening night 'Dancing with the Stars' and one of danced. It's the opening night of the hot favourites, Johnny Ruffo, Ex'X Factor', now on with the Stars', how are you feeling? Feeling good, no idea why Ex'X Factor', now on to 'Dancing

I'm one of the favourites. Here is a suggestion. Maybe because you've got about 80,000 Here is a suggestion. Maybe it's Twitter followers. I followed you this morning. That is this morning You only just followed me this morning. I am 80001. EU got to the There were all of these 13-year-old girls, hanging out. I thought Andrew I am 80001. EU got to the airport.

O'Keefe he is not arriving today. It's because one one direction was coming in town. You are going to be supporting them. It's a huge buzz, a lost people, the crowd is amazing, a really good experience. If we can get those 13 to 18-year-old girls to vote, you are a shoe in. They have to vote though. Am I hearing your mind. And also get your shirt off s that what you're saying. Yes, I want to say what - is Luda going to put him through his pastes for her. Can you believe Luda has been silent. I have never seen her Brisbane, a few showers. Sydney, Canberra, partly cloudy. Melbourne, sunny. Hobart, shower or two developing. Adelaide, mostly sunny. Perth, And Darwin, partly cloudy. Luda Kroiter, she has been in 17 or 18 serious. Close, 16. Semifinal finalists, ten times. You've won it once. One of