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Welcome to 'A Current Affair'.

First, the love scandal that has

hit 'Please Marry My Boy". The

dating show this has left a bride-

to-be devastated and a son running

for cover. This is a reality

television sex scandal being played

out in hotel rooms. I kissed her

twice. From what would you say to

Magdalenia Tony? It is not fair

play to the other girls. She might

be good interested bed but that is

not everything. Calling me a liar?

Are you sorry for what you did. I

think Tony was infatuated by Tammy

Lee and Tammy Lee was keen to get the

the guy. It is the story Channel 7

does not want you to know. What do

you have to say to imagine nag?

What does your mum think Tony?

Their hole some reality show about

love and romance em broilted in a

soared yesterday sex scandal.

Everybody is looking for love

replying by the rules then Tammy

Lee and Tony hooking up but when

the cameras are off 'Please Marry

My Boy" was supposed to be a family

friendly show about mothers

selecting potential future brides

for their sons but tonight we can

reveal this the series has left one of its contestants devastated.

Magdelina Sujecki claims even

though she won the competition she

has been cheated and left

heartbroken. Wow, Tony and Tammy,

they hugged very passionately -

very weird moment because I'm like

"Hey, I won". I think Magdalenia

was being genuine looking for love

and playing by what she thought as

the rules then saw Tony and Tammy

Lee weren't and was disappointed

and hurt Magdalenia is a yoga in

instructor from Queensland, she was

picked by Elva the mother of Tony

Turco who thought she would be

perfect for her single son. You

look lovely together. See could be

my daughter-in-law any day Only

problem, Tony had eyes for someone

else. The blonde bombshell Tammy

Lee. From the minute Tammy Lee sat

down she was very focused on Tony,

roping him in. (LAUGHTER) It really

worked. I saw the winks. Mum's

choice was based on mum's criteria

and she chose who she thought would

be the most suitable longer-term

partner. Tony clearly had very different different options. Definitely

attracted to you But hat Channel 7

did not show us what was the couple

really got up to. Magdalenia

alleging that Tony was sleep

servicing with Tammy Lee behinder

back. About half and hour. That

half an hour! They will tell you

and show you what they want to show

and tell you. It is not always the

case as to what is going on behind-

the-scenes. Entertainment reporter

Peter Ford says even if the were

not breaking the rules Tony and

Tammy's liaisons off the camera was

poor form. I do not think it was in

the rule book you could sneak off

signing somebody else while still

saying "I have not made my choice

and I will go can my mum's choice"

it was not kosher. She probably

liked me and it hurt to know I

kissed Tammy. Tony is like a 14-

year-old boy in a 35-year-old body

saw the bright and dazzling Tammy

Lee with the peroxide blonde hair

and wanted that. Emma Ashton says

there were plenty of warning signs

and Magdalenia should have seen it

coming. He was the guy quite vain

and ego centric an just went for

girls like Tammy. Hi Tony, how are

you going? Today we paid a visit to

two-timing Tony's bachelor pad.

What would you say the Magistrates

Court Tony? Sorry for what you did?

I have not done anything wrong

which is what I have to say. We

will see what we have to say the

Magistrates Court. What does your

mum say Tony? Magdalenia dodge add

bullet. From episode one he looked

like bit of a tool. He knows he

will pick me While Magdalenia

remains heartbroken Tony and

Tammy's affairs is over. This is

another nail in the coffin of

people having belief in what they

see on reality television but we

know it is not this at all I think

it means you should not let your

mother choose your wife. We would

like to know that you think of to-

timing Tony. Let us know on face

Bock or have your say on Twitter

Now to the international scam that

has broken the hearts of Australian

children and left their parents

seriously out of pocket and looking

for row vepbg. Save your money. Get

up, go home. Do you see any

children here or dollar signs? You

are not selling real estate any

more? Australian - they ripped up

the photo, put it in the bin A

different name in every country.

They cancelled and refused to give

us a refund. These people over here

you have taken money off them and

will not refund them. They are the

rude, crude, US agents in Australia

and after your money. They are

getting physical all over the world

with anyone who questions them.

Don't you do that. I'm telling you,

don't be doing that Well, tonight

families in Australia fight back.

We were in the same boat last year.

To recover the tens of thousands

they handed over with nothing in

return. I said "You should feel bad

because you are hurting a lot of

people's families and their

financial state". The and action!

Michael and Lily are the faces of

the Events, an American company

holding child talent auditions all

across Australia right now.

# We want to make the world dance...

The smooth-taking sales pair

promise to be star-makers promising

to get children audiences with

Hollywood staffing agents before

getting parents the part with

thousand of dollars per child but

if parents do not cough up in 24

hours the opportunity will go to

someone else. The truth is, they

are liar and bullies only

interested in your cash. You

charged them money and you do not

answer any of the hard questions,

do you? I'm answering all your

questions. They do not have any

morals or ethics. Paul and Julia

brought their meeting with 12-year-

old Julia, her big break. She was

invited to audition in America. She

is a very smooth operator and we

were sucked in by her and

unfortunately when we found out it

was too late After handing over

15,000 on top thousands more in air

fares to the US and accommodation,

the Event canned Julia's audition.

After countless emails we got back

$6700 but kissed good by to $8690

That $8695 was the amount Paul and

Julia had been convinced to

handover for youngest daughter

Olivia's audition They said there

is no responsibility for

cancellations but them cancelling

Nigel has been trying to recover

the $5700 fee for a trip paid for

sister Khloe. It is joke, they need

to familiarise themselves with what

country you go to you must abide by

their consumer laws 'A Current

Affair' first exposed the events

and its high-pressure tactics last

year sending Lily and Michael

running for cover. I'm Tim from 'A

Current Affair'. We need to ask you

some questions. Nice the meet you

New they have dared to come back

and Aussie families demand answers.

You will get a call back tomorrow

and you will think you have won but

every kid and there are 30 or 400

get a call back, they all win. More

on the explosive confrontation

coming up but first what families

were not told about Michael Palin

and Lily Nader's past. This is Lily

losing it at another mum and dad

who dared to ask for a refund I'm a

scout and you can do whatever the

hell you want to do I'm not a

frayed of you But Lily does not

just play the role of talent scout.

She goes by many different names.

In New Zealand she was Monique, in

Australia lable larbgs in the US

she calls herself Lily. Lovely to

see you again. How are you? Her

real name is Lily Nader and this is

her mug shot taken by California

police after one of her arrests for

stealing. Can you explain this

photograph? No I don't know what it

is. Show claims she has been in

show business for more than a

decade. The last 12 years... But

during take time she has been a

real estate agent and surprise,

surprise, was stripped of her real

estate licence for a conviction of

a crime in 2007. You are not

selling real estate any more? What

is this? That is Lily's discharge

program the real estate department

in California for being convicted

of a crime. Conviction of a crime!

You just said that was lying. You

are lying No, Michael, it is not

fab bring Kate. These court

documents are very real. I cannot

believe you have the nerve to come

back here. No comment Why is this?

Since our last story on the Event

last year this company has made

headlines all around the Globe. Got

a phone number? An internet search

leading her to a revealing expose

on Australian television. There are

a lot of families upset here

tonight feeling they were deceived.

People are chasing you all around

the world for money, Los Angeles,

New Zealand. No comment. Why no

comment. Why don't you face up to

the people you have taken honorary

from? No comment. They wanted the

money, the kid over there to make

themselves richer. Michelle and

Bruce Anderson paid thousand to

take 14-year-old Jess to the

Event's big audition in America.

All they got for their money was

broken hearts and broken promises.

They just ripped the photo up,

disgraceful So the agents were

ripping up the photos in front of

them. As he this handed them over,

Australian, ripped it up into the

bin Jess said Aussie kids were in

tears. They said "You are

Australian, we don't want you" And

now they are back in Australia

doing damage all over again,

seducing more families out of

thousands. Marie and Paul do not

want anyone else to be sucked in

like they were and invited us to go

back the them did the Gold Coast

audition where they were going to

stand up, demand their money back

an warn every other parents in the

room. Any time you want I will tell

you all about. It. Go home everyone,

this is crazy Many parents at that

audition got out but others are now

forced to join the fight for

refunds. He Tess us he has just

paid more than $18,000 to Lily Nada

after she said his to children

would become big stars. Do you feel

guilty taking all this money? No

comment. No guilt? No comment. You

are a disgrace Make sure you

remember their faces because they

may change their name and we will

let you know how those parents go

trying to get their money back. It

was the phone call that sent shock

waves through 'A Current Affair'. Long-time reporter Martin King was

seriously I will, he had had a heart attack. Thankfully he

survived and two and a half years

on he is urging all of us the act

before it is too late. No, they are

on their way. Within Australian has

a heart attack every 10 minutes. We

are going to load you onto the

stretcher. I had a heart attack,

two arteries blocked one by 90% t

other by 99% I had my heart attack

two and a half years ago and I was

that close to joining the 10,000

Australians who die from heart

attack every year. The point of

this story and my point is that

many of those people did not need

to die. They would still be alive

today, loving their families and

loving their children. But like me,

they ignored the warning signs. I'm

very dismayed. I actually think it

was very stupid but it is a very

common story. With heart week

coming up Dr Lynn Roberts from

Heart Foundation is pumping out the

message -- don't delay the call

that could save your life. Because

people put it off for lots of

reasons. They do not want the

believe they are actually having a

heart attack. It really was very

silly and you are very lucky to be

alive. One night I had severe chest

pain where I could not walk more

than a few metres so visited our

24-hour clinic and diagnosed with

reflux and sent home Next day

Leonie a heavy smoker saw her GP

who akpweed with the reflux

diagnosis. Couldn't to go to work

and ignored the signs She had had a

heart attack. At 39! What should I

have done? Dialled triple zero. I

did when I had my heart attack

driving to work. Trouble is, I had

had severe symptoms for over a week.

Trouble breathing, a deep thumping

pain in my left armpit and severe

reflux. But I ignored the symptoms.

I was too busy to have a heart

attack. The to be honest with you,

I was too embarrassed to go to

hospital. I'm not too embarrassed

to attend hospital now. My life

depend on it. I promise you, dying

is a stern teacher. They have just

done your ECG which looks fine. It

shows where your old heart attack

is, there will always be evidence

of a scar Dr Stephen Duffy is the

head of cardiology at Alfred

Hospital in Melbourne. Just being

here is eerie but at least I

survived thanks to to many a

ambulance crews and Dr Duffy and

his team. Sadly, plenty of people

don't. So for men warning signs

are? Chest pain, pain in the arm,

in the n in the back. It might be

feeling I will. For women? We find

for women that for 40% of women who

have a heart attack they do not

actually experience chest pain at

all. So they are getting pain in

the neck or in the back or up the

arm and sometimes just feeling

exhausted. The message if the Heart

Foundation? Ring triple zero. You

cannot die from embarrassment but

you can die from a heart attack

Wise words. Our website has all the

details on heart week There is

still plenty of time for you to

vote in this year's 'TV Week'

Logies but as inform what the stars

will wear, hopefully that has been

well and truly decided. Who cares!

Is about the fashion. Service wait

it almost over. This year preLogies

was insane. The night where our

attention turns to all things gold.

Glamorous. We want to see our stars

on the red carpet looking sexy and

as hot as they can be And yes,

sometimes infamous. Everybody plays

it safe in the fashion stakes and

why? I think you have to get out

there. It is when there is too much

flesh on display those are the

moments you go... Tonight we are

getting a sneak peak at what the

stars will be wearing We will see

these gowns on the red carpet this

Sunday which is exciting. Sonia

Kruger is hosting the red carpet

extravaganza. When the stars step

out of the limos. The street Tran

has a important tip to looking hot.

It is about confidence. A designer

said "When you walk down the red

carpet you have to be the queen".

Her ones to watch Delta Goodrem and

Lisa McCune The last time I went to

the Logies three years ago I were a

beautiful jade sari. Celebrity

apprentice in waiting Tania is

making her red carpet return. Nice

to see you. I can't wait Herald Sun

executive fashion editor Kim Wilson

helps her go though the racks at

Myer Teal green and this magenta

colour is stunning. The interesting

thing about this dress is the

mullet hem line so the short piece

is at the front t long piece at the

back I think we might see a few

mullet hem lines on the carpet. As

in the mullet? Don't you love it!

The Logies girls like to go all-out

so it is quite the occasion.

Designer Rachel Gilbert is dressing

several stars and says even the

biggest names can make fashion

mistakes. There are definitely

styles you stay clear of. People

who have had a bad moment like

Angelina Jolie in that leg

situation. A bit scary so there are

the dos and the Dons. Hot, hot, hot

The mullet dress. The mullet! You

do not have the matching haircut. I

hope no-one would say that. At the

Oscars Angelina Jolie had the leg.

Was that it, it was repronounced.

Tania is going to have the hat?

Teapot! After the red carpet,, eyes

are on the main prize. Here are the

latest odds in the silver stakes.

Hugh Sheridan is the firm favourite for popular actor.

The question is can Darling back- to-back. Karl can go back-to-back.

He has some stiff competition with

Carrie Bickmore. $3 into $1.9 Karl

is popular. $3.75 into $3.0. The

dark horse is Hamish Blake solyd

with astute Punters going with him.

Karl will have a great night. I

will put my money on that. A big

Sunday night here on Nine the

Logies after 'The Voice' Our sneak

peak at the Blake Shelton's latest

contestant. I'm a fully qualified

Carpenter that lives in this Listen - although these days may seem commonplace, with the clarity of hindsight they'll crystallise in our minds as our best. Jessica. Yeah? we shall all set sail on the warm breeze of nostalgia to the friendships, the adventures! ALL: Yeah! The fart jokes! ALL: Yes! (RASPBERRY) BUT we are not adults yet. ALL: No! ALL: To the best days of our lives! (DUBSTEP BEAT ECHOES) This month's flavour is iced coffee.

Come back. The ratings war is on

again. One of the big guns will be

'The Block'. Here is a sneak peak

at this year's contestants. I'm

Jesse. I'm Larry. My girlfriend

Lara. Brendan and Michelle. Dale.

Brad. Sophie's name is Sophie.

Kourtney. Tonight we reveal the new

kids on the Blake Shelton. The

audition tapes that got them to the

final eight. Smart, of they,

stylish, talented and she is -- me

mum. We hope we might be able to

turn something like this into

something like this! They are going

to hate us. So what does it take to

woo television producers? Well a

smarter in of humour a la Brad and

Lara is a good start. Wake up, time

to have a shower. Qualified yet

cheeky help meet sweetly titled Dan

and Dani. I'm a gully qualified

Carpenter that lives in this

beautiful City of Melbourne and I

always like big butts and I cannot

lie Making it a family affair the

first father an daughter team Jesse

and Larry. Hi, I'm Larry. I'm Jesse

then Brothers in arms Mike and

Andrew. No hard feelings, harden up.

And mother-and-son duo Rana and

Brett. As of about a few minutes

ago I think I am probably single.

Brendan and Michelle. And let's

face it, good look does not hurt.

Cue Kourtney and Brad. Yo how would

you describe me? Obviously smart

Newlyweds Sophie and Dale. What I

would enjoy I know mink around with

the other couples and that. Which

of these eight couples has the

tools to make the final four? We

rope in the Blake Shelton veterans

Rod and Tania to take a look Can

they renovate? Michelle will be

friend with everybody else on the

Blake Shelton, bake some cup cakes.

I do not think she would get many

cupcakes baked on the Blake Shelton.

On the blockbuster.

Who were stand outs for you to?

There is something about Dale's

character that drew me in quickly.

He was having a beer and that

always wins me over. So looks like

he had a lot practical sense being

a landscape gardener and a lot of

character. Imran ya. I liked Rana

and Brett. A mother and son I have

two sons. I help they get through.

I would love to see the dynamic

they have for sure. I cannot lie

Finally what is your advice for the

four that will make tonight That is

the bets advice coy say to them is

just concentrate on the reason say

of straighting and do not worry

about the television side and go

with it and enjoy it. The Block

Premiers on Monday night state

after us. Next on 'A Current

Affair' the police cameras catching

and Chipotle Chicken Subs - The new Sweet Chilli Chicken so good people notice. at Subway restaurants. Try one today

Next week a special report on

Australia's crime-busting police

cameras. The fast and the furious.

In-car police pursuit videos and a

'A Current Affair' exclusive. The

tailors only the cops see You are

doing 95 kilometres over the limit.

But when the Logies ends the fun

really starts. Our exclusive

access-all-areas party ?and

supermarket chemist wars, the new

discount showdown. Only on 'A

Current Affair'. Until then have a

great weekend. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red