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(generated from captions) little bit of summer. That is Nine

News for this Good Friday. Have a

This program is captioned live.

Tonight - the eccentric twin

sisters and the ongoing saga over a

backyard fence. Cancer cure or

quackery? The new controversy over

Gawler's remarkable recovery. The

science of suds - the secret

formula that makes washing up a

breeze. And - Don Burke joins us

with his autumn gardening special.

Lots of great tips for things to do

over the Easter weekend.

Hell he. I -- hello. I'm Tracy

Grimshaw. We begin with what must

be surely be Australia's longest

running fence dispute. On one side

are eccentric tpwin sisters Barbara

and Anne -- twin sisters Barbara

and Anne who have been at war with

their neighbours for more than 10

latest. years now. Martin King has the

He said he was going to get our

property when I die. And I said,

"In your dreams."

What are they like at neighbours?

Pain in the bluep.

That's his problem, not mine.

We can be civilised.

Are you civilised? 90% of the time.

What about the other 10?

They get under your - this is like

peace. war and peace. Except there's no

Except there's no peace.

No, no.

Some say drawing a line in the sand

is the best remedy. But up here

it's the problem. What happened

with the Bobcat?

He nearly killed me with it. He

nearly killed me wit. Bobcat was

this close to me face. Really?

Yeah. I have photoed of it. The

dispute has been raging for over a

decade. Demurgue and his Bobcat

versus 73-year-old twins, Anne and

Barbara. The twins say that you've

tried to kill them.

I'd have to say that's bit of a lie.

The bulldozer was in your face?

Yeah. Were you scared?

Of course I was. What do you think I was doing? What happened?

Basically we had some surveyors out

there yesterday to survey the land

just to see where the actual fence

line is and as soon as we went down

there, when the surveyors came on

to the property, the twins came out.

They were yelling, abusive. Threatening.

He was using it, yes. He was?

Oh, yes. They say you've threatened

No. them with a Bobcat.


yesterday? No. Did he turn up with his Bobcat

Yes. Yes. Did he threaten you with it?

Yes. Did he swear at you?

--? Yes. Did you swear at him in


Why would he say that? He's a moron.

They were out abusing us, swearing.

The police were called.

What were they saying

How they (BLEEP) ripped all the

pegs out, threatened to rip the

surveyors' pegs out. He said

F-ing. yesterday you were saying a lot of

I don't swear.

Did you say that?

No. I'm too old.

I don't say that. -- that word. No?

it. I don't like hearing it or saying

What do you do?

I just tell them to (BLEEP) off.

Yeah, try and keep it - but, I mean,

their mouths, you'd swear they're sailors.

Yeah, got a -

. Got a what?

Oh, what's wrong with you? You

deaf? We've got a curve in the

boundary. Right. What's going to

sort this out? Them moving.

He says it won't be resolved until

you do move.

there. No, this is true. He's got a point

But I am not moving. Why doesn't he move?

He says he's not moving. Nor am I. Nor am I. Are you going to move? No. Why not?

I have a title.

Would you move?

No, I love it here.

You're saying -- staying.

Yeah. They're staying. You'll continue fighting?


I can't stand to look at him.

Of course what about you?

I can't stand him either. Makes me

What? sick every time I see him.

see him. Oh, God. Makes me sick every time I

Ladies, I have a shock - your fence

line is 4m inside the boundary so

you have a few problems and I will

be going to the council to find out

what I'm allowed to do about it.

Stay in your own backyard and leave

other people alone. And on it goes.

It will not be the last time we

hear of it. Now to the new

controversy surrounding Gawler, the

man who claims he was able to beat

his own cancer. His alternative

approach to treatment has attracted

plenty of criticism, the latest

from one of Australia's leading

oncologists. The idea that you can

pure cancer with a coffee enema's

ridiculous. Amongst of his

recommended treatments are herbs.

lives? It's crazy. Have you or not saved

I think that's a reasonable

statement, yes. Saying he can claim

people's cancer is bloody miss

Going. chief use. It's the controversial.

Versus the conventional.

You don't ridicule alternative

medicine S we're looking for the

evidence that treatments work or

don't work. Modern medicine versus

the man who says you can beat your own cancer.

Extraordinary claims require

extraordinary evidence.

Professor Ray Lowenthall from the

Royal Hobart Hospital is an eminent

oncologist who says Gawler is

faking it by claiming he cured his

own second ry cancer.

That's offensive. There's no

secondary cancer. evidence at all that he ever had

It's one of Australia's most famous

cancer survival stories. A young

Gawler loses a leg to bone cancer

in 1975. The cancer returns and

against impossible odds Gawler heals himself.

I have always contended that I got

well through an integrated approach.

I had some chemotherapy. I have

always said that was helpful but I

always said if I hadn't done the

things I did for myself I very much

doubt I'd be alive. Gawler claims

he saved himself with meditation,

diet and positive thinking. He also

claimed he tried 27 healing

techniques including herbs, law

liver juice, coffee enemas,

massage. acupuncture, psychic surgery and

He had had tuberculosis at the time

he was suffering his illness which

he claims is secondary cancer. This

wasn't revealed in his book. He was

cured because he was given anti-

tuberculosis. tuberculosis -- antibiotics for

That's ridiculous. I had cancer and

then got tuberculosis.

Over three decades Gawler has used

his story of survive to build an

empire, the Gawler foundation.

Desperate cancer patients from

around the world pay thousands of

dollars to attend lifestyle

retreats to practise his techniques.

It's been over 20 years since my

first story with you and you were

starting out. You can conquer

dancer -- cancer, the book had been printed then. Yes.

How many times has it been reprinted?

Well, it's over 20.

How many copys is that?

Oh, over 200,000. And it's gone

into 13 or 14 languages.

It's lucrative.

Well, it's helped pay the bills I

suppose. The big sell in the book

is that Gawler beat his own cancer

and you can, too.

In 1984 most people thought you got

cancer and you died. And I think

you're probably right. I could have

had a softer title and it probably

would be much better accepted these

days but the book's well-known now.

In those days -

You can change the title.

Yeah, I've thought about that.

You can manage cancer maybe.

Yeah, and it's like wimpy. I'm not

interested in managing cans -- cancer.

If people try to emulate what he's

done they'll get no benefit. You're

saying you can cure cancer.


Well, they say that's crap.

I think that's really disappointing.

One of the herbs he's recommended

in the early editions of the book

is now known to be a possible cause

of cancer.

Then there's coffee and we're not

talking about a drink of coffee either.

I think it's unhelpful to talk

about coffee en mass. Why?

Because it's misleading. No it's not. It's misleading.

In the your book.

He describes how he went to

Philippines and underwent psychic

surgery. I understand that is a

conjuring trick by magicians that

pass their hands over the stomach,

produce blood and claim they've

cured the cancer.

We talk about the people who we

know die from side effects of chemotherapy.

I'm aware of where several patients

have rejected medical treatment and

adopted Gawler's recommendations and paid the ultimate price.

I'd like to see him back that up.

I thought here's a program that can

offer me some hope and some

practical things I can do rather

than just being pass i and waiting.

McGowan, a former Victorian government food scientist and

player of Bawdon needed more than

hope. -- Mayor of Baw Baw needed

more than hope. In 2009 she was

diagnosed with lymphoma.

I was told it was an uncurable

cancer and they could offer much

except watch and wait.

She wouldn't wait. She joined to

Gawler program. This is dinner is it?

No, this -- no, I'll make you a

special juice. It will make you

feel like a new man. She's now

vegan, and supercharges her immune

system with home-grown organic foods.

Nutrients, minerals, invited

minutes. That's very interesting.

It is. But I tell you, what it

beats chemotherapy.

As well every -- everyday seven

glasses of carrot juice and lots of

exercise. Has the cancer got away?

I don't know but I'm feeling great.

I haven't had reoccurrences of

tumours, so, so far so good. Her

take on the criticism of Gawler.

The diet and the program worked for me.

Shattered. Battered. And, yeah, e

dreamly sad, I guess.

Victorian nurse Sandy Dean

understands the terror of cancer

patients. Intimately.

I've had breast cancer and I have

just recently finished my chemo program.

She says the body, mind and spirit

approach has help ad she's not

fussed about criticism -- helped

and she's not fussed about criticism of Gawler.

As a nurse I looked apart from the

medical model I could. -- do.

Where's the evidence it's helped?

I'm alive and well skwhrfplt you

can see why desperate people get

confused. The leaves are falling

and the cooler weather isn't far

away. Maybe you're landing to --

planning to use the Easter break

planning to use the Easter break to

give your garden some attention so

we have called on Don Burke to give us some tips.

Well, it's the Easter long weekend,

one of the great times of the year

to have a lot of fun in the garden.

Few jobs to do, maybe vermin, rats

and magpies to control but lots of

fun projects. We'll look at that

right now. Great time of the year

also to shove in bulbs in the

garden. For me, can't beat tulips.

If you have them, everybody if

you're in the cold areas, probably

a good idea to put them in the

fridge for four to six weeks, with

the vegetables. After they've been

in the fridge you can put them out

in the garden and you'll get a

wonderful display. There's

something about tulips. Think of

all the beautiful cut flowers

you're going to grow to put in the house.

house. Hate. This there is nothing

worse in all the world when you

walk into a web at this time of the

year in garden. When I get a crisis

in my life, I say, what would to

Fonz do? He has the comb. Comb it

out. It's a huge amount of spiders

around this year. There's been lot

it's -- lots of insect sgs. They it's -- lots of insect sgs. They

control a lot of pest insects in

the garden. So spiders are your

friend. If you can't live with them,

spray them. Go up to the leaf or

follow the web up, usually where it

attachs, a quick squirt. But try to

leave them alone. These are all

herbs that we bought from the local

supermarket. They cost about $2.50

for each packet and I'm sure you

know you finish up using maybe none

of it but a little bit at best.

There is a better way than this.

You can grow your own herbs at home.

It's important, as they grow,

you've got to keep giving them a

hair cut. When the herbs get old

they're not worth eating. There's

all the herbs we have cut. You cut

them like that and -- cut them off

and you hang them all. If you don't

want to spend money, you can get

coat hangers up. About six weeks.

After six weeks, when they're dry,

the real fun stage begins. Now, you

get yourself a sheet of A4 paper,

and fold it in half. Then you

scrinch it. For the herbs you don't

use the stems, just the leaves and

you get going until you get a fair

bit. Remove any of the woody bits.

We have picked up this for about

$16 from a department store. If

dad's been checking old coffee jars

or mustard jars you don't have to

pay any money for something like.

This once you've got it in the A4

sheet. It's very simple to put it

into the bottle. Make sure it's all

dry before you put the top back on.

There you've got your herbs. Very

important this autumn to rake the

leaves off the grass. Grasses over

most of Australia are not very well

at the moment because there were so

few sunny days. Put it in the come

post heap. Once you've done that

it's important to give a light

fertilising to your lawn through

autumn and scatter it around so

hopefully the lawn will hold over

winter and power away come spring.

Limes are wonderful. You can use

them in almost any sort of cooking.

This is the kaffir lime. By the way,

you can scrape the funny looking

fruit on a thing here and use it

that way. Or you can use the old-

fashioned lime. They are good but

there's a group of limes I'll show

you now that these all of these for

dead. I know these look a little

bit - well, not like citrus.

They're not what you expect but

these are varieties of citrus.

These are Australian native finger

limes. They come from the northern

NSW rainforest. Just suspend your

mistrust and disbelief for a moment

and I'll tell you what you can do

with them. This is the stuff that's

in them. It's like caviar. It's

pink and one and green one as well.

It is bizarre, but you just get the

fruit like these. And you squeeze

it out like toothpaste from a tube.

It's a well-known fact that the

only way you can see if food is

good is when you give it to good is when you give it to an ex--

give it to expert, professional

testers. There's one for you and

one for you. This is the ultimate.

These people have jaded palettes.

Nothing impresses them. Good for

you? Well, it's that time of the

year again. You know what times the.

It's the time the weather gets

cooler, the rats and the magpies

move into your hofplt it's been

huge year for rats -- home. It's

been a huge year for rats and

magpies. Remember you've had bad

food and you smell it. They won't

eat the bait because they tried it

years ago and they're too smart. We

can beat them. Bet your rat bait

and pour a bit into a plastic bag.

I'll show you why in a moment. Then

you can use peanut butter. There's

other things you other things you can use. Mix it up

a bit. Put your peanut butter in

with the bait. And you mash it all

up. That gets around the normal

thraif and smell the rats and

magpies are used to and associate

with poisons. They also love

breaking into your bags and eating

what's in them so. We put it inside

a shopping bag and we'll throw this

around the roof. Now, what else can

you use? Some people use van ill la

essence, again pour it on to the

rat bait or it's Easter, steal a

few of the Easter eggs, melt them

and then drizzle that chocolate on

to the bait. Ever thought of

growing your own garlic? The normal

one you lie at the shops one you lie at the shops may not

grow. Sometimes it's treated with

something to stop it growing. But

if you get organic garlic from an

organic food slop or it maybe an

organic section within your own

fruit shop, they will grow and they

grow easily. The basic thing you're

doing is breaking off your clofs,

putting them the pointy -- clofs,

putting them the pointy side up.

You poke them under the garden. You

would harvest these around about

November or December, very easy

crop to grow at home and now's the

time to plant them. In many ways

these are the best plants in the

world. They're called suck you

lents. They store water, a bit like

cacti, and look at the wonderful

colours. You can use the colours in

the most incredible ways. What

about this one? I put a about this one? I put a light on it

that's what the sunlight does to

this plant when it's in the garden.

Absolutely incredible. These plants

are so easy to grow. -- grow. Full

sun in the garden. Every leaf will

grow to a new plant. They don't die

and they're such good value for

money. You can grow hundreds of

plants from each one of these this

year. Don't forget, it's Easter.

Have a wonderful Easter. Be careful

on the roads. Watch out for the

crazys but have a wonderful and

safe Easter. You can find a lot

more of his gardening tips in his

magnificent een. Burke's back yard.

Next -- Bourke's backyard magazine.

Next, the next big thing in wish -- dishwashing.


We're heading into the lab to see

how technology is changing the way

we tackle one of life's necessary

evils - the washing up.

This has taken a team of 50

scientists, engineers, chemist

researchers and has been almost

four years in development. We're in

Belgium - the home of chocolate,

beer and system of the most

magnificent buildings. We have been

invited inside the home of Fairy at

Proctor & Gamble. -- of Fairy

dishwashing at Proctor & Gamble.

This is where we do the development.

It looks like an episode of CSI but

these scientists are busy

concocting secret formulas to make doing the dishes doing the dishes easier and more

economical. Starting with the Grease test.

She's adding more Grease and will

rotate the cylinders and measure

how quickly the suds will disappear.

Director of research and

development Olivier Houpert

explains how a better product means

longer lasting suds.

Leftover suds is a signal of waste

and has she dosed too much product

and as a result wasted money.

Brand leader Olav Silden has spent

years suddying the way people

around the world do -- studying the

way people around the world do

their dishes. The senior scientist

dish it is dirt for my living. What

can you tell me about my lunch?

There's quite a lot of Greece in

your food. We start a dapting the

dishwashing so -- adapting it so we

can remove it. The scientists are

creating the formula for Fairy

dishwashing liquid, qun of the most

iconic brands in the UK.

Dishwashing detergent is big

business. Australians dish out more

than $320 million on it each year.

When it comes to liquids, Morning

Fresh is the biggest seller at 88

cents for 100 mills. Then there's

Palmolive which costs 50 cents for

the same amount. Now, Fairy has

arrived on our shelves and it will

set you back 81 cents. I find with

Morning Fresh that it gets the

dishes done the first time. This

Melbourne mum has stuck to one

brand for more than 20 years but is

ready to give the new kid on the block a go.

It actually feels quite light. The

suds almost disappear on their own

without sort of any rinsing where I

find the product that I use they

tend to stick. I'm actually quite surprised.

We, in fact, test the best

competitors that we have out there

and try to design product that is

are better than the best. -- brubgt

that is are better than that best.

-- product that is are better than the best.

Next - Fred Hollows and his gift of sight.

He would be so proud of everybody

who has helped us and he'd be so proud of all

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the late Fred Hollows. Fred's

amazing gift of sight.

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Ray Martin next week with a great

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