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(generated from captions) bright spark has suggested a

congestion tax, which will no doubt

have drivers dancing with the

street. 200 US marines landed in

Darwin last night. They are the

first lot of American troops. This

is widely viewed as good news for

the ladies of Darwin, but bad news

for our relationship with China.

And unions are concerned that ever-

longer opening hours will soon have

the retail industry going 24 hours

a day. Some even fear 3664 and 48-

hour days -- 36- and 48-hour days

aren't far off. That's not

possible! Talking about the future,

Dave. Anything's possible, but

Sampson! that's not. Big thanks to Todd


Tomorrow on the show -

This program is captioned live.

Good morning to you, Australia! It

is Thursday, 5 April. Here is god

news. You are waking up in the

ninth happiest country in the world.

We are on the cusp of the Easter

long weekend. Today, three

survivors of the Bali bombings will

give evidence against one of the

accused attack master minds, while

Schapelle Corby is inching closer

to coming home, we talk to her

former lawyer after 7. Thankfully

for now, the roads have been

fatality free. There will be plenty

of holiday traffic today and

tomorrow. How much are we as

drivers going to be paying for

petrol over this long weekend. We

will tell you this morning on

Breakfast. If you thought

chockaholics were excited about

this weekend, what about sports

fans? A buffet of matches - AFL, US

master, NRL, and the Golden Slipper,

and a horse! A real horse right

here on Breakfast! You don't want

to miss that. And a buffet of

weather with record autumn heat

across central and south-eastern

Australia. The temperatures will be

crashing down. The detailed Easter

forecast in a few minutes. Schapelle Corby's family is

anxiously awaiting the decision by

the Indonesian President as to

whether she could be released from

Bali's Kerobokan Prison.

Indonesia's justice ministry has

recommended the 34-year-old be

humanitarian grounds. granted early release on

It's been widely reported her 20-

year sentence could be slashed in

half, meaning with two years' good

behaviour and eight years already

served, she could walk free within

weeks. Corby was jailed in 2004 for

attempting to smuggle 4.1kg of

marijuana into Bali.

The young sister of teenage surf

lifesaver Matthew Barclay says she

wants to speak at his funeral today.

Hundreds are expected to pay their

respects to the 14-year-old, who

died last week, while taking part

in the National Championships on

the Gold Coast. A large turnout of

local and interstate surf

lifesavers are expected at

Caloundra Church on the Sunshine


A man has died in a house fire in

NSW central west. Firefighters were

called to the blaze in Mudgee, at

6:30 last night, to find the house

engulfed in flames. An elderly

woman escaped unharmed. The cause

of the fire is being investigated.

A Queensland family who lost 11

relatives in a house fire will

today be given the keys to their

rebuilt home. The blaze ripped

through the Taufa family home at

Slacks Creek, in Brisbane's south,

last August. Seven children were

among the dead.

More than 40 building and

construction companies donated

supplies, and labour, for their

Newlu rebuilt home. The State

Premier, Campbell Newman, will

officially hand over the house. A

new twist in the Craig Thomson

affair. The Commonwealth DPP is

saying it cannot prosecute the

Labor MP for alleged fund

mismanagement. Meantime, the

Australian Council of Trade Unions

is meeting today to decide whether

Union. to boot out the Health Services

The Australian rugby league

commission boss David Gallop has

warned the Gold Coast's financial

dramas are not over despite selling

off their troublesome Centre of

Excellence. The Titans were

reportedly drowning in more than

$25 million debt, forcing the

majority owner, Michael Searle, to

offload the building to long-term

club supporters Phil Ward and Bob

Clark. The extent to which this

assists the level of indebtedness

in the footy club is not clear to

us at this stage.

Melbourne coach Mark Neeld says he

is content with the league's

handling of the race controversy.

Neelds was accused of treating

indigenous players differently.

Aaron Davey denies leaking the

story to Jason Mifsud, who remains employed, despite ongoing pressure for him to resign.

I'm sorry to say that the final

trading session before the Easter

break is shaping up as a pretty

ordinary one. A big tumble on Wall

Reserve's comments that stimulus Street, that follows the Federal

payments have come to an end, and

as you can imagine, it has rattled

investors for a second straight day.

Have a look at the graphic now. The

Dow Jones is down more than 100

points. No escaping, therefore, for

Australian socks, the Spy currently

down 3 3pounts.

The Aussie dollar continues to lose

ground against the majors.

I will be back in 30 minutes to

talk Easter sales, why retailers

want us to be as excited about them

revenue as Boxing Day. and for them to generate as much

With the cold front sweeping across

the south-west of WA, we have some

showers here and Perth has already

seen over 6mm. Amazingly, that is

the heaviest rain in two months.

Now, also, we have a trough

delivering showers and storms

through the interior, but apart

from that, we have a high pressure

system keeping the skies clear

across much of the country and and

we're also seeing record heat

across central and south-eastern Australia.

This is a predicted rainfall for

the next 24 hours, fairly minimal

with most of the showers clearing

by the morning and we're seeing

isolated showers and storms across

central parts of the country. Perth

showers will be clearing by late

morning, the 24 degrees. A cool day

thanks to the south to south-

westerly winds. Adelaide, 32, nine

above average for this time of year.

Normally, Hobart's maximum should

be 17, but it will be a high of 25.

Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne,

Brissie, all beautiful sunshine,

the chance of an afternoon shower

in Darwin. Tomorrow, a cold start

if you are waking up in Perth. 9

degrees. Adelaide, a cool change degrees. Adelaide, a cool change

developing. during the morning, with showers

Basically, for your Easter weekend

- this is how it will unfold. The

cold front crossing on Friday,

bringing cool changes to showers

and Adelaide in the morning, it will affect Melbourne during the and Adelaide in the morning, it

afternoon and evening. On Saturday,

the southerly change pushing up the

NSW coast, affecting Sydney. I

don't think it will bring showers.

Saturday is pretty much going to be

dry. Another cold front. You can

see the cold winds crossing on

Sunday, maintaining the very cold temperatures through Tasmania, Sunday, maintaining the very cold

southern Victoria and SA. We may

see the odd showers for areas such

as Sydney with the onshore winds.

It is looking minimal. If you have

been enjoying the warmth, it is

coming to an end for the Easter

weekend. Get the winter Woolies out weekend. Get the winter Woolies out

again. You say it with a smile on

your face! Devastating! We are on

the cusp of a long weekend. We

could be having a long weekend...

, Sorry mate. Don't use the car

today, save it for petrol for the

long weekend. Put a number on that

later in the show. They reckon in

some states the price has topped

out, so it won't go up before

Easter. Cl has been conflicting

reports on that. We will check out

the experts. Where can you go?

Denmark, major cause of death in

Denmark - laughing yourself to

death. It is officially the

happiest country on earth. Followed

by Finland, Norway, Netherlands,

Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia. And Ireland!

New Zealand in! Scandinavian - they

do it well up there!

Were you happy when you were in New

Zealand or here? That is a good

question. The only reason Australia

it tonight was everyone was

laughing at New Zealand being eight.

I don't necessarily feel happier in

New Zealand. They looked at social

factors, economic factors - clearly

not the price of petrol. But

constantly, Scandinavian countries,

right up the top there. I've never

been, but clearly it is a happy

place to be. I think one of the

elements in this was the evidence

of social support, and they're

countries that do have a bit of

social support. They are structured

communities. You go to Finland and

it is so desperately organised,

clean to the point that everyone -

all the men in Finland look like

homosexuals, because they all take

such good care of their appearance.

That is a broadbrush struck! I'm a

broadbrush stroke kind of go!

Seriously, they look incredible. If

you want to know, right at the

bottom of the list, Bulgaria. It

even sounds unhappy, doesn't it?!

(LAUGHTER) That is the least happy

country on earth. Congo, braz

Saville. Tanzania, which surprises

me. There are a lot of chipper

people in Tanzania. Haiti. Let us

know what you think on the Henry

Hotline. Lots more coming on this

morning's show, zelz how your looks

could As well as how your looks

could change in the work place.

Next, we cross to Indonesia to get

the latest on the Schapelle Corby case.

Welcome back to Breakfast. Well,

convicted drug smuggler Schapelle

Corby is one step closer in her bid

for freedom today, after Indonesian

authorities suggested her jail term

be slashed. For more on this, I'm

joined by Network Ten's senior

correspondent, Hamish McDonald, in

Indonesia. Schapelle has been

quoted as saying she is too scared

to get her hopes up. But no doubt

it is a step in right direction for

her? Yeah, well this will be

received as good news by Schapelle

Corby and her family. But that's

not to say that she should be

expecting to go home any time soon.

This is simply a recommendation by

the Indonesian justice ministry. It

follows two years of proceedings

initiated by her lawyers, in which

they requested clemency for her,

but it is just part of a process,

and that process is not yet

complete. Now, Hamish, this is far

from a done deal, what are the

biggest obstacles facing her? Yeah,

there are certainly hurdles. The

first of those hurdles is the

Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.nt, Susilo

Bambang Yudhoyono. It is his job,

and his job alone, to decide

whether or not she is granted

clemency. He'll have a period of

time in which he has to make that

decision, but really we have no

reading on which way he'll go.

Beyond that, there's this issue of

clemency. Schapelle Corby has never

pleaded guilty, and generally

speaking, in Indonesia, in order to

be granted clemency, you need to

accept the initial charms. That's

something she's going to need to

consider, along with her lawyers in

the coming weeks. So what does this

essentially mean for the other

Aussies on drug convictions at

Kerobokan Prison? Yeah, well, it's

really hard to say kpwhrorent it

will have implications for -

whether or not it will have

implications for other Australians.

But there are unique circumstances

in the Schapelle Corby case. Her

lawyers claim that she is suffering

from mental illness, has been

reported that she's receiving

prescription medication for that,

and she is taking anti-psychotic

drugs. Those are factors that will

play into the decision. So in a

sense, they'll need to put the

charges to one side, and make this

decision based on her condition,

and the fact that they claim that

she is struggling to cope inside

Kerobokan Prison. On to another

matter now. Three Australians will

give evidence at the trial of

accused Bali-bomber Umar Patek. How

significant will the trial be? He

is an important character,

certainly of those remaining within

the Islamiah structure he has

imported. He probably wouldn't have

been cord to be one of the main

leaders at the time of the Bali

bombings, although it is claimed he

played a central role in their

planning, mixing, it is alleged,

some of the chemicals used in

constructing the bombs that were

used in the Bali attacks. He was

picked up, interestingly, by the

authorities in Pakistan in the in

the same town where Osama bin Laden

was killed last year. He was

arrested just a few months prior.

There's been very little detail on

what, if any, connection there is

between the two men and the town

they were both found. Certainly,

however he did practise as a

militant, but what ongoing

connection was, we've never had any

real picture of. That may come out

in this trial. That trial, of

course, begins today.

Hamish McDonald, thank you very

much. Aside from Schapelle Corby,

the other top stories - hundreds

are expected to farewell a

Queensland teenager this morning

who died during the surf life

saving Championships. A man has

died in a house fire in regional

NSW. A new twist in the Craig

Thomson scandal today, as the

Australian Council of Trade Unions

meets to discuss the fallout.

Coming up after the break, we will

find out what is happening in your

part of the world - in Australia,

that is. Our reporters are set up everywhere.

After the break they will tell The new Sweet Chilli Chicken and Chipotle Chicken Subs - so good people notice. Try one today at Subway restaurants.

Welcome back to Breakfast.

Wonderful to have your here on this

Thursday morning. It is time to

find out what is happening in some

of the major cities around the

country. First, we will head to

John O'lee in the Sunshine Coast,

where it is going to be a tough day

for a lot of residents there today.

Good morning. It is a beautiful

morning here at Maroochydore on the

Sunshine Coast, but it is certainly

a solemn occasion. Thousands are

expected to pack a funeral service

for young 4-year-old surf life

saving champion, Matthew Barclay.

The family says they want everyone

to remember him exactly the way he

was. We will have more later in Breakfast.

Good morning from Melbourne, where

a pregnant woman has been killed in

a head-on collision in the city's

south-east. The tragic death

occurring a few hours before the

start of the Easter Road safety

blitz. The Coleman medal of bevel

has popped up up for sale on eBay.

The listing has since been taken offline.

Australia's largest annual even

kicks off in Sydney today, the

Royal Easter Show, execing to

attract around 900,000 people this

year. A man, who was accused of

murdering five members of the Lynn

family will find out today whether

he has been granted bail, and a man

has condition killed in a house

fire in Mudgee.

Good morning from Adelaide, where

there is calls for our universitys

to join forces. The head of UniSA

says the bigger budgets would mean

more interstate andp students.

We have our best wine harvest in

four years on its way. We will make

up half of the ncial total. The

investigation into the Craig

Thomson scandal has hit illegal

roadblock. The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

says it can't act because the Fair

Work Australia investigation is not

a criminal investigation, so it has to investigate the first

investigation before it can even do

anything. And job cuts are set to

hit the national capital. The

Government wants to get the budget

back into the block, so it is

looking to slash jobs from government departmobs from

government departments, education

and climate change look like they

are on the chopping block.

Hey, guys! I'm in Canberra!! Did

you tell teleport?! I did! Leah is

spending days up with us at the

moment. She is fully across what is

happening, clearly, which is nice.

It is nice to have you here in the

studio! Thank you! Are you from

Canberra? It is warmer. We might

need to go somewhere else. We have

more of Breakfast after the break,

so stay with us.

Three Adelaide schoolgirls have

done a very foolish thing. They did

it as a joke, a conversation, which

ended up on YouTube. They were

offering sexual favours for 80

cents. We are going to talk about

this in a moment. Let's look at

what they did. So what we do,

basically, is we get - give out

bonks, 80 cents a minute...

Yep, and that money goes towards

buying new girls. Kind of like a

rotation, and it is helping girls

and men all around the world,

because we have men...

Obviously, we have disguised the

girls' voices and we blurred the

picture. The original picture has

been taken down. It wasn't blurred

and the voices were not disguised.

They were clearly in their school

uniforms, from Mitcham High school,

and they were sitting in their

school grounds, the same school

where Carly Ryan, a student, went

to before she was killed. As a

result of her devastating murder on

the hands of someone she met on the

internet, you started the Carly

Ryan Foundation, which I suppose

the aims of which are zeened to

prevent exactly this kind of thing from happening by educating young

people to the dairpgs of posting

something like this. -- dangers of

posting something like this. These

girls thought it was a bit of fun.

Clearly, they had no idea how

dangerous what they have done is.

Absolutely. This is what we are

seeing time and time again. Why do

kids feel untouchable behind a

computer screen? What is making

them want to post things like this

online for the whole world to see?

Are you surprised that clearly they

had no idea what the ramifications

for this would be or could

potentially be? I am surprised. Now,

we are seeing a lot more education

in schools to do with cybersafety

and posting these kinds of videos

on the internet. You know, it just

goes to show that we can't educate

enough, and that we really need to

empower kids to make wise choices

while navigating the web. I mean,

the parents of these girls must be

absolutely devastated. We have been

talking about it this morning. I

cannot imagine - I have three young

girls myself. I cannot imagine how

I would feel as a father if one of

my children was being identified

publicly in this way. They are

carrying a huge amount of shame for

what they have done, expelled from

school in the short term. How do

you turn this into something that's

positive? I guess it's really

learning from mistakes. As

teenagers, we all do things that we

regret. And it is about learning

from those life mistakes. Really,

for all kids to learn from this,

and to really take something from

it. To understand that there are no

takebacks once you have posted

something on the internet. Once you

press that "send" button or the

'upload' button, it is out of your

hands, and anything can happen to

your video. It is 6:30 now. Finally,

how devastating could this

potentially be for these three

girls - the extent to which it

haunts their lives? There are many

ways. It could change employment ways. It could change employment

opportunities in the future. There

are people that prey on children on

the internet. There are networks of

people that would take this type of

information and use it against them.

They are showing high-risk

behaviour that can put them in a

lot of danger. Alright, Sonya,

thank you very much for joining us this morning.

News headlines now - quicked drug

smuggler Schapelle Corby could be

released from Bali's Kerobokan

Prison within weeks. Her fate lies

with the Indonesian President, who

could decide to grant Corby an

early release on humanitarian

grounds. It is widely reported her

20-year sentence could be slashed

in half, meaning with two years'

good behaviour, and eight years

already served, she could be back

home in no time. The 34-year-old's

family says they are too nervous to

get their hopes up. Hundreds of

mourners will gather this morning

to say goodbye to Queensland surf

lifesaver Matthew Barclay. The 14-

year-old died last week while

taking part in the National

Championships on the Gold Coast. A

large turnout of local and

interstate surf lifesavers is

expected to attend today's funeral

service at the Caloundra Church on

the Sunshine Coast. Matt's sister

is expected to make a speech about

the cheeky teen, who was a fiercely loyal and funny friend.

A funeral will also be held today

for surfing legend Michael Petersen.

The Aussie surfing icon will be

farewelled in the northern NSW town

of Tweed Heads. The 59-year-old

died of a heart attack last week.

During his hey day, he was

considered the world's best surfer,

widely remembered as the Kelly Slater of his time.

There's a new twist in the Craig

Thomson affair today. The former

Health Services Union boss is

facing allegations of financial

mismanagement. But the Commonwealth

DPP says it doesn't have grounds

for criminal prosecution. The

Australian Council of Trade Unions

is meeting today to decide whether

to boot out the HSU.

A pregnant woman has died in a car

crash in Melbourne's South East.

Two cars collided head-on late

yesterday afternoon. Paramedics

fought to save the 40-year-old and

her unborn baby. But they died

before they could get her out of

the car. A woman in the other car

was airlifted to hospital. Now,

that crash comes as traffic police

across Australia launch an Easter

Road safety Blitz today. Thousands

jof officers will be on the roads

this weekend to crack down on

drink-driving, speeding, people not

wearing seat belt, drivers using

mobile phones and tired motorists.

Victoria will will have 50 Revival

Stops. NSW has double demerits for the long weekend.

Queensland Police say the best

advice is to s so slow down. We

will be talking to police on

Breakfast in next half hour.

Koimd and Prince William have been

immortalised in wax. Figures of the

couple were unveiled at Madame

Tussaud'ss in London, New York and Amsterdam. Each portraying the Dutch necessary a different style.

They took a team of artists four

months to perfect, and cost more

than $230,000 each. The new royal

wax figure to arrive will be a new

Diamond Jubilee figure of the Queen,

in time for the celebration.

AFL now and Fremantle antagonist

Hayden Ballantyne has broken his

silence, following his Subiaco

stoush against Geelong. Ballantyne

declared he couldn't care less

about what opposition clubs think.

I live on the West Coast, so what

people on the east coast say

doesn't faze me one bit. You know,

might pump me up next time I go

over there, stick to it them more.

NRL now and the Bulldogs and South

Sydney go head-to-head tomorrow

afternoon in round 6, with the

Rabbitohs forward pack put on

notice. The captain has revealed

play have been told they need to

step up and improve to cover the

absence of the injured Sam Burgess

or risk being replaced in the starting line-up.

Now in golf, Australian Jason Day

insists he will be right to play in

this week's US Masters despite

limping off with a foot injury

during practice. The talk surrounds

Tiger Woods' return to form and a

looming battle with Rory McIlroy.

Woods is the tournament favourite.

Adam Scott is the best-backed Australian.

Good morning, well, hopefully you

are lucky enough and this is your

final morning before the Easter

break. Aussies traditionally spend

up big, some 875 million dollars

over this four-day period on food,

alcohol, all the good stuff. But

dramatic discounting will be theer's trading centre piece.

Embattled retailers have kicked off

sales earlier than before. Happy

spending. I'm sorry to say that the

final trading session before the

Easter break is shaping up as

ordinary. Here is why - a big

tumble on US markets as the fallout

from the Fed's decision to end

stimulus for the world's largest

economy rattled investors for a

second day. There is no escaping

for the local market.

The Spy 200 showing our market to

open 33 points weaker. On the currency front:

The Aussie dollar continues to lose

ground against the major, following

yesterday's surprise trade deficit,

a three-month low of 102.5 US cents.

Well, good morning, we have seen a

cold front cross the south-west of

WA. It is bringing in much cooler

temperatures, fairly strong south-

to-south-westerly winds, especially

along the coastline.

to-south-westerly winds, especially along the coastline.

A high pressure system is moving in,

clearing the showers by late

morning. We have a trough through

the inland, bringing showers and

storms through the interior. But

the rest of the country under a big

area of high pressure, which means

dry skies. Not only that, we are

seeing northerly winds moving

through central and south-eastern

parts, bringing record autumn heat

to a lot of areas. The predicted 24

hours of rainfall minimal across

the country, only inland areas in

the south-west of WA. Everybody

else can do their washing today. So

Queenslanders, very, very isolated

falls for parts of the coastline

today. Barely anything at all. The

rest of the state, though, looking

dry and sunny. Hot through the west,

with 38 for Mount Isa, and Brisbane,

a possible shower, brief and

coastal with a high of 28. NSW,

possible showers through the north

coast and also this afternoon

through the southern and central

ranges. The rest of the state, droi

and sunny, with 31 degrees in Dubbo,

and a beautiful beach day for

Sydney, with 36 drez and sunshine.

Warm, dry and sunny across all of Victoria.

Possible drizzle through the south-

west of Tassie. Apart from that, it

will be dry, mild to warm with 26

degrees in Hobart. That is nine

above average. If we get 28 degrees

tomorrow, which is forecast, it is

going to be the warmest start to

April for Hobart in 31 years. SA -

warm and sunny everywhere. We have

isolated showers and storms through

the far north and west. We will see

the south-westerly change pushing

through western areas later today. Adelaide's temperaturelater today.

Adelaide's temperature is not

correct here. It has given me grief

here. It is going to be sunny with

33 degrees. A big difference from

what you can see there.

WA - a cold front, cooler temp urs.

Perth will be 24 degrees today,

with showers, clearing late morning.

Alice Springs, a scorcher, the

hottest April spell on record.

Now the for Easter. Brissie, dry

each and every day. Possible

showers for Friday, Sunday and

Monday, minimal. They should not

affect your plans whatsoever.

Sydneysiders - beautiful weather.

There is a cool change on Saturday

during the morning. Don't worry

about the shower. I do not think it

is going to happen. It is basically

going to be a dry day on Saturday.

Cloudy for Easter Sunday, the odd

shower, but 95% of the day will be

dry. We will get a shower on the

monoday. One or two during the day.

Canberra, foggy start but sunshine.

Morning shower on Saturday. The

rest of the weekend will be dry.

Melbourne, it will start off warm

tomorrow but then a cool change

probably after 7 o'clock, with some showers.

Saturday is going to be dry, but

check out the temperature drop to

only 1 degrees. Easter Sunday, if

you get the shower, it will be

probably after 4 o'clock. So the

morning will be dry for the egg

hunt. Cold on Monday.

Hobart, some late showers tomorrow.

And then that 17, 18 and 17 for the

rest of the weekend - that is

average for this time of year, with

just morning showers.

Adelaide, a cool change tomorrow,

late morning with some showers. The

rest of the Easter weekend is

pretty much looking dry. Perth,

beautiful sunshine, all of your

Easter weekend with just possible afternoon showers for Darwin. Easter weekend with just possible afternoon showers for Darwin.

It will be hard to stop the Easter

eggs from melting in Perth! We were

talking to Sonya Ryan, who

established the Carly Ryan

Foundation after her daughter was

killed. Being silly when you are a

teenager, that is part of being a

teenager. So I feel sorry for the

three girls who behaved in a stupid

manner. They have made a really bad

judgment call. But what is

important is that they should -

kids need to know the perils of the

internet. They've now got a digital

fingerprint out there that will

haunt them forever. In case you

have forgotten or didn't know, it

was in 2007 that Carly Ryan was

murdered, she was 15 at the time,

taken to Port Adelaide and murdered.

She was taken there by a man that

she had befriended on the internet.

His name was Gary Newman, he was

charged with Carly's murder in 2010.

He posed as a 20-year-old named

Brandon, and here is perhaps one of

the worst single bits of

information about this murder - he

actually attended Carly's 15th

birthday, and posed as Brandon's

father, and said that Brandon

couldn't make it, but he was coming

for her. That was shortly before.

When she rejected his advances he

lured her. He became fixated with

her. You can see what powers Sonya,

to try to convince children not to

do the silly things that these

girls have done. But press this - teenagers are stupid sometimes. You

have to be stupid, it is finding

boundaries, doing things like that.

It is a nightmare for the parents,

for the girls now. I feel really

sorry for them. We need to mark the

wood and say - I think the other

thing we need to do is find out

what is in this box! It is Easter

coming up, the long weekend. A a

lot of great things to look forward

to, stay safe on the roads. We will

speak to the police after the break,

while Paul chows down on his

chocolate Easter eggs! Stick around.

Today on Breakfast, Schapelle Corby

closer to freedom. We cross to

Indonesia, plus talk to her former Aussie lawyer.

Do you know what your kids are

doing on the net? The videos

shocking parents. The grieving

mother's plea to teens to think

before they post. The Great Easter

Getaway. How much will petrol cost?

It is a big weekend in sport.

We have a horse - that's right,

we've got a horse! We look at the

hot cross buns and find the best.

Divulge the secret for the perfect prawn. That is today The new Sweet Chilli Chicken and Chipotle Chicken Subs - so good people notice. Try one today at Subway restaurants.

It is a beautiful but sombre

morning on the Sunshine Coast,

where we are heading for a high of

27 degrees today. More weather in a few minutes.

Alrighty. Things to look out for

this this week. No. 1 - extra days

off, tick. Chocolate, tick. Holy

resurrection. Tick. Bucket loads of

sport. That is the most exciting

things when it comes to me. AFL is

kicking off tonight. That is why we

have the man who knows everything

about AFL, Nathan Templeton. The

thing that is grabbing headlines is

not the footy, but the race row at

the Melbourne Demons is getting

more and more complicated. Yeah,

another twist this morning. It has

been a horrible week for Melbourne

yet again. It started when former

St Kilda coach Grant Thomas wrote

an article suggesting that

indigenous players were unhappy

with the way they were treated.

Mark Neeld, and the player, thought

to be the source of the story,

Aaron Davey, have denied any

involvement. The club is trying to

say that the issue is done and

dusted. But, nufl, more has come to

hand today. Things have got worse.

The CEEO of the club's major

sponsor, Energy Watch, has hit the

front page of the herald Suns for

racist comments he posted on his

Facebook page. One aimed at

LiamJurrah, who came from the NH.

He said when he came to the club,

they thought he had tribal at thats,

but it was ring worm. He has never

been to a doctor in his life.

Another comment to indigenous

people saying that Rosebud is such

a departure that even the obridge

nals don't want to holiday there --

even the Aboriginals don't want to

holiday there. He has taken aim at

Muslims, Jews, overweight women.

They come at a horrendous time for

the Melbourne Football Club. The

Davey saga, the brand on indigenous

issues as taken a hit. As well as

that, they cannot afford to lose a

$2 million a year sponsor, they are

a cash-strapped club. Wayne Carey

says that after dealing with the

Jurrah incident, the death of gym

Stynes and the race issue, it will

be hard for them to focus on their

job against the Eagles on Saturday

night. This is what he told The

Game Plan last night. I think it

will have an effect. Just like the

Jim stiens, you know, funeral and

that - emotional week, had an

effect last week. You cannot play

that poorly after such a big event.

We expected something big, we

didn't get it. Will this affect

them? Absolutely. You cannot hide

behind the fact that it won't. We

will be across this today. Ten News

following the race drama. It will

get deeper and deeper, I'm sure.

Hayden Ballantyne, public enemy No.

1, the serial pest. He doesn't care,

does he? No, the pest from the west

is unrepentant about his wild

Saturday night against Geelong at

Perth. He caused all sorts of

problems. He was suspended for two

weeks for elbowing Geelong captain.

Matthew Scarlet was suspended for

three weeks. He has copped

criticism for being a pain in the

you-know-what. But he doesn't care.

What people on the east coast say -

it doesn't phase me one bit. It

might pump me up. I will stick it

to them more. Did you see the punch

coming? Obviously not. A bit dazed

by it. No, didn't see it coming,

and what happens on the field stays

on the field. They'll get over it.

He'll get over it. Done and dusted,

as far as I'm concerned. A tough

little player sh and he is short!

My goodness. Fev, is grabbing a

headline for a more unusual reason?

Bevel seems to find his way into

the news. This time it seems

through no fight of his own. One of

his goal kicking awards and two of

his AFL trophies were up for sale

on eBay last night. Now, Fevs had

some gambling and financial issues.

I think some people put two and two

together. Unfortunately, they got

five. We got hold of Fev last night,

who says that the awards were

actually stolen. He thinks he may

have left them in a rental property

in Brisbane and the thieves have

put them up on eBay before

realising it was a stupid idea.

That I have taken them down and the

police are on the case.

Poor old Fev, he cannot cop a break.

Don't be surprised but I'm about to

ask you a question about kicking a

football! Carlton Lions, who will

win? Well, it is an unexpected

question! I didn't realise they

were playing this weekend! The

round kicks off tonight, Thursday

night start again. It is Carlton

and Brisbane - look, Brisbane had a

surprisingly impressive win over

Melbourne last weekend, but their

big skipper, Jonathan Brown, still

out. Carlton will get the money there.

Nathan, thank you, as always. We

will check in on more of those

tomorrow. We have a horse coming in

with the Golden Slipper and the US

master, we will be covering those.

After the break, the Easter Road

toll, and petrol price, two of GOOD MORNING, Amy La Porte with your local new update... The company at the centre of last year's Mitchell chemical fire has announced plans to open another facility. Energy Services Invironmental's treatment plant in Mitchell went up in flames last September ... The Environmental Protection Authority says their plans are being closely scruitnised. Federal Water Minister Tony Burke has moved to assure irrigators, that he would be open to changes in the Murray Darling Basin plan. In a meeting in Adelaide, the Water Minister said he would support ANY suggestions which ensure the health of the basin. He also indicated, the plan for the basin - which takes in Cooma and Goulburn- SHOULD be adaptable, and changes should be made along the way. AND, Canberra's bid for an A-league team next season is over... Investors will see their commitments totalling 4 million dollars returned... After news the FFA has signed on a new western Sydney team instead. Bid chief Ivan Slavich says he'll now go about refunding the two thousand foundation members. NOW TO THE LATEST WEATHER.... To the satellite now ....Patchy cloud over the New South Wales South Coast with humid bringing the odd shower. Taking a look at the weather in our capital cities.....Sunny skies for Sydney with a top of 26... Partly cloudy in Canberra also with 26. Taking a look around the region...sunny skies for Dubbo with a top of 32... Much of the same in Orange with 24 degrees...29 the top for Wagga.

Sunny in Goulburn with a top of 25.. A similar story for Batemans Bay with 24 Mostly Sunny in Mudgee with 29 degrees... 31 the top for Parkes and sunny skies in Nowra. Taking a look at how our easter weekend is shaping up in Canberra ...Most sunny on Friday with a top of 25 .. A clearing shower on Saturday and Sunday . weekend. Stay with us.

Keeping our roads safe is a tough

gig at any time of the year, but

for police is more challenging

during holidays and Easter, when

drivers take to the roads. To

discuss road safety, I'm joined by

Inspector Phillip Brooks from the

NSW Traffic Command. It is a busy

time ahead for you. Good morning.

What will you be targeting this

year? Speeding, tired drivers and

not driving to the road conditions.

OK, so in - you're looking after Operation Tortoise for NSW,

operation Cross roads is a national

one. Double demerits in NSW is that

the key for reducing fatalitys in

your mind? That started midnight

tonight and it will go through to

midnight on Monday. Certainly,

speeding, seat belt offences and

helmet offences are the subject of

double demerit points. What is the

biggest killer? Speed, fatigue,

drink-driving? A combination of all

of those things, speeding is a

major contributor. 40% of all road

deaths are courtesy of speeding. It

costs the community $1.7 billion a

year alone. Do you think drivers

are taking notice of your Stop,

Revive Survive message? This year,

we will have those sites up and

down the eastern seaboard and three

throughout NSW. We are hoping that

drivers stop, revive and survivor.

Who are the main offenders? Is it

young people, stereotyped as young

people, or a mix? Our young people

are a concern, 17 to 25 are over-

represented in fatal collisions. A

70-year-old P-plate driver is four

times more likely to have an

accident than a 26-year-old. If

going away with a bunch of mates, a

P-plater involved, or a parent,

would you suggest letting the old

people drive? Sharing the driving

is important. If we can have the drivers share the driving

throughout the journey, we would

encourage that. Stop at rest laigs

locations and food outs. What do

you say to people who want to have

a couple of drinks over the weekend,

whether it be Easter Sunday or

Saturday. Do you say don't do drink

and drive at all or have one drink?

Know your limitations? We have over 1,100 highway patrol during random

breath testing. If people are

drinking do, not drive for any

reason at all. Fatigue is another

really big one. People travel long

distances, it is a four-day long

weekend. What can people expect to

find? Certainly they will be having

coffee and tea and food. We have

would be encouraging people to stop,

revive and survive. Phil, I'm

interested that you - here is what

I do wrong, because I'm break wung

of your rules. The two hours - I'm

sure a lot of other drivers don't

stop to rest every two hours,

because that doesn't seem like a

long time to have been driving.

Have you done research that shows

that after two hours you lose

concentration? The research we have

done admits that we have adopted a

"one more town" mentality. That is

what I thought! And you get to that

town and you think, "One more." A

moment's drowsiness, you are off

the road, into the path of another

vehicle, a truck, it is fatal. I

would love to tell you a story and

see whether you have a way of

beating the story. There was a

young kid that came into the

emergency department. He was over

the limit, alcohol-wise. What we of

what we do, we have a whiteboard

and write the details. He was going

about 140km/h, over the limit,

intoxicated. I left the room and he

had survived because he had the

seat belt on. One of his mates was

in there, gloating about the fact

that he had got to 14km/h. How do

you get through to the kids that

making these decisions for all the

wrong reasons? Well, certainly, our

Facebook site, we have got a lot of

messages on there about very tragic

outcomes with speeding. And

certainly the media do give us a

great assistance there by

publicising these fatal outcomes.

They are on our Facebook site and

YouTube channel. Thank you very

much for joining us. Would you like

an Esther egg? Thank you very much.

Take some back for the boys and

girls at weekends.

Take one for your wife!Ly! There

you go! You have a pet?!

Thank you very much, Phil. Time for

some news headlines now. And the

fate of convicted drug smuggler

Schapelle Corby lies in the hands

of the Indonesian President, who

could release her from prison

within weeks. Indonesia's justice

ministry has recommended the 34-

year-old be granted early release

on humanitarian grounds.

It's been widely reported her 20-

year sentence could be slashed in

half, meaning with two years' good

behaviour, and eight years already

served, she could be back in home

in no time at all. The 34-year-

old's family says they are too

nervous to get their hopes up. The

father of teenage surf lifesaver

Matthew Barclay says he wants his

son's funeral to reflect the fun-

loving person he was. Hundreds will

gather at the Caloundra Church at

the Sunshine Coast today, to pay

their respects to the 14-year-old,

who died while taking part in the

National Championships last week. A

large turnout of local and

interstate surf lifesavers is

expected. Matthew Barclay is the

third teenager to die during the

competition at kur with a 3567 on

the Gold Coast. The Australian

Council of Trade Unions is meeting

today to decide whether to boot out

the organisation at the Seber the

of financial mismanagement claims.

The Labor MP and former boss of the Health Services Union Craig Thomson

is facing allegations he misused

his company credit card, but the

DPP says it doesn't have grounds

for a criminal prosecution.

Nevertheless, the ACTU is poised to

suspend the HSU, which represents

77,000 health workers, to send a

message it will not tolerate

corruption in the Labor movement.

Well, police are investigating the

cause of a fatal house fire in the

NSW central west. Firefighters

found a man's body inside the house,

while battling the blaze in Mudgee.

They were called to the property at

about 6:30 last night to find the

house engulfed in flames. An

elderly woman escaped unharmed,

comforted by her family.

Queensland's Premier Campbell

Newman will today hand over the

keys to a new house for a family

who lost 11 relatives during a

house fire. The blaze ripped

through the Taufa family home at

selax Brisbane in Brisbane's south

last August. Seven children were

among the dead. Only three men

survived, one of whom lost his woif

and five children. More than 40

building and construction companies

donated supplies and Labor for

their newly built home.

Thousands have gathered to mourn

the se people killed in a school

shooting in California. Family of

friends and victims joined community leaders and local

residents to pay their respects.

Six students and a college

receptionist died when a gunman

went on a shooting spree at a

university in Oakland two days ago.

A 43-year-old former student, One

Goh, was arrested shortly

afterwards. There could be good

news on the way for NSW drivers

sick of being sucked dry at the

pump. A fresh inquiry into petrol

prices has been launched after

claims motorists may be paying too

much for premium unleaded. The

State Government asked the Fair

Trading Commissioner to look into

the pricing. His report found the

price gap between E10 ethanol blend

and premium unleaded fuel is

unjustified. We will be talking more about petrol prices shortly.

Sport now, and Fremantle forward

Hayden Ballantyne is sticking by

his needling tactics, despite

negative fallout from Saturday

night's clash against Geelong. He

has promised more of the same,

vowing to stick to it Victorian

clubs. Ballantyne is serving a two-

match ban for his behind-the-play

hit on Paul Chapman. David Gallop

has warned the Gold Coast financial

dramas are not over despite selling

off their troublesome Centre of

Compel en. The Timesens were

reportedly drowning in more than

$25 million of debt, forcing the

owner to offload the building to

long-term fans of the club, Phil

Ward and Bob Clark. The extent to

which this assists the lel of

indebtedness in the footy club is

not clear at this stage. Australia

has won its first gold medal at the

World Track Cycling Championships

in Melbourne. They beat France, to

take out the men's team sprint. The Australia was originally racing

Great Britain for the bronze med ah.

But Germany and Great Britain were

disqualified for incorrect changeovers in their qualifying rides.

Finally, Kylie Minogue has taken

her tour to land following its

successful launch in Australia.

The intimate show has been a hit

with fan, selling out within

minutes within each location. She

did four shows in Melbourne and

Sydney last month, before heading

overseas. The London show was the

third and final UK date. She is

treating fans to rarely performed

album tracks and rarities.

It was really cool, a bit gidish,

not normally what she does. She

normally has feathers and sequins.

This time, no. normally has feathers and sequins. This time, no.

Showers and cool south-west to

westerly winds through the south-

west of WA thanks to the front. But

a high pressure system moving in

quickly to move in time for the

Easter long weekend. Elsewhere, a

trough bringing in isolated storms

through the interior. And then a

massive area of high pressure

across the country. Dry skies and

warm northerly winds.

We are not only seeing record heat

but temps as much as 10 degrees-

plus above the average for this

time of year. Very warm autumn

weather at the moment. This is the

pricked rainfall - fairly minimal

across much of the country.

Tomorrow, a cold start in Perth. If

you are heading out for sport, rug

up. You will be seeing crisp, sunny

day with 25 degrees. Adelaide, your

cool change is expected late

morning, but some isolated showers,

so that temp dropping to 26 degrees tomorrow, and getting worse over the weekend.

Hobart, a very hot 28 degrees ahead

of some late showers. Melbourne,

you will be seeing a sunny morning

with 30 degrees. A school change

expected probably after 7 o'clock,

with showers. The majority of the

Good Friday will be very nice.

Canberra, a foggy start with a

sunny 25. Sydney, beautiful beach

weather again, a mostly dry day for Brissie. weather again, a mostly dry day for Brissie.

It is Thursday for many people, it

is the last day of the working week

this week. Take care on the roads.

You will be wanting to save money

to pay for the petrol that you will

use, traditionally this is the time

of year when Australians spend a

lot of money on petrol,

traditionally when the price goes

up. But the price of petrol at the

pump already around New Zealand is

close to crisis levels, to the same

level it was at during the great

global downturn. Why is that? I'm

joined by Wendy Machin, President

of NRMA. And Paul Turner joins me

from the RACQ.

Wendy, firstly to you, the big

concern you have at the moment is

with the discrepancy in price

between premium unleaded and the

cheaper fuel, the ethanol blend.

Yes. That should be two cents, it

is reasonable? Well, you would

think it would be around about that.

At the wholesale level, the

difference between the regular

petrol or the supergrades, 95, 98,

it is about two cents. But at the

bowser, it is 11.5 cents. We cannot

see why there is a massive gap that

we are paying at the bowser when

you only have a two cents

difference at the wholesale level.

Technically, there can be no reason

for that. They are wanting the same

profit, maybe there is an accuse

for an extra 1 cent there, but not

a difference of 11.5 cent, which

has crept in over a couple of years.

That's right. It has been going up.

A couple of years ago, it was 9.5

cents difference, it was steep, and

nothing has changed. We accept

there might be some slightly higher

costs in terms of refining but we

cannot find why you have that big

gap. We cannot see that justified.

Could it possibly be they are

trying to hide profits! Shame on

you for saying that! What a

shocking suggestion! I suspect so.

I suspect there's a fairly healthy

profit margin in higher grade fuels.

Is this one of the problems - I

will come to you on this, Paul -

that the petrol companies and the

retailers are finding new ways to

disguise the true cost of fuel

through vouchers, through this

increase in the different brands?

There's no doubt it is a really

tough time for motorists at the

moment to pick the best time to buy.

We've seen price cycles blow out

from the weekly price cycle to 10,

11, 12 days, vouchers and discounts.

I mean, many people when they are

driving into a bowser don't know

what they will be paying. Paul, do

we know whether the fuel companies,

and people will hate me me for

asking this, whether they are

making appallingly high profit,

given their huge investment. Even

though we complain about the price,

they might be making a reasonable

return No doubt not everyone in the

fuel industry is making huge

profits. Many independent service

station owners will tell you they

make money out of the shop rather

than the fuel bowser. It is the

case for some of the big ones too.

At the moment, we are seeing - when

people are at the top end, in the

major capital cities, the top end

of the cycle, it is high. Yes,

world prices are up, but we are

seeing margins, retail margins of

about 15 cents a litre on unleaded

fuel. So we think that is too high.

So there is a few extra things

being taken there by the servos at

the moment. The most important

thing for the oil companies and the

petrol retailers are the consumers.

Is there any power that people have

themselves to influence the way

they are being treated? Look, I

think if they can dob in oil

companies, or dob in retailers that

are putting the prices way up, that

is helpful. How do we do that?

People phone in, go on our Facebook

page, or log on to our website to

see what they should be paying,

because we always put the average

prices up around the capital cities.

And most of the eastern seaboard

are pretty much the same in terms

of their trends and prices. So I think speaking out, organisations

like ours, like the RACQ in

Queensland, keeping the pressure on

the oil companies and asking these

questions. We've referred some of

these pricing issues to an inquiry,

and the State Government in wails

is pursuing that. They are going to

launch an inquiry. The other

interesting things, one of the

priceboards going into a service

station. The fuel that wasn't shown

was the premium. You go in, as Paul

said in Queensland, you don't know

what you will pay. You think, "I

will get a good deal here." Then

you have to have a voucher, buy

something in the shop or you might

need a different type of fuel. And

you are paying more. It is

misrepresentation, almost, not

quite, at the criminal level? It is

misleading, we think for a lot of

consumers. A number of State

Governments are getting on to it,

which is a good thing. Quickly to

you, Paul, should the vouchers be

outlawed They muddy the waters.

Should the consumers institute

outlaw the vouchers? Look, we are

reluctant to say that. At the

moment, anything that gets the

motorist cheaper fuel...

But they are a con. Look, they are

definitely a con. We've seen some

very big vouchers at the moment.

But the problem is that motorists

are buying it at the top of the

cycle, 20 cents a litre is not that

great a saving overall. It sounds

like you are buying into the con,

Paul! I know you are not. Not at

all. It is a tough issue for motorists, but at the moment,

there's no doubt the vouchers do