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Tonight - the loss of a beautiful

boy in a lifesaving tragedy.

happened. Critics say it should have never

Under attack on the M5, hunting the

rock throwers who threaten lives.

Sydney trains. Exposing the most overcrowded

the Eels. Why Nathan Hindmarsh is quitting

Sydney gets a touch of Paris.

Surf-lifesaving officials are under

siege tonight over the death of a

14-year-old boy at the Australian

championships. Matthew Barclay is

the third person to drown in the

event's history.

We are hearing that Council Life

Guards warned organisers yesterday

that they felt conditions were too

risky but we are told -- they were

told to mind their own business.

Organisers have decided to move the

event further south, where

presumably, things are safer.

Matthew Barclay's family huddled

and hoping for the miracle that

would never come, mid-morning the

news came in, the body of their 14-

year-old son had been found by

Ironman competitor more than a

kilometre away from where he was

last seen alive. He had been

competing in the under 15 board

raised when he went under. It was

possibly after hitting his board or

that of a competitor. He was a

fantastic young person, a beautiful

innocent boy. His parents had

driven him to the event from

Maroochydore, proudly watching his

son compete. Conditions were

probably not satisfactory for

competing. This morning, his father

had the dreadful top of identified

his son's body, while the rest of

his family, including his 12-year-

old sister, were comforted by

friends at the Broadbeach surf club.

He was the third young lifesaver to

die competing at the beach, Robert

Gatenby died in 1996, 19-year-old

Saxon Bird from Sydney's Northern

Beaches died in 2010. It should not

have happened in the first place.

The lawyer for Saxon Bird's family

says organisers have not learnt

from his death. These people are

totally incompetent. Brett

Williamson is the CEO of Surf Life

Saving Australia. Given the fact

that three young men have died at

this beach, will you stop it? That

is impossible to answer that. It

depends on whatever the conditions

are. That appears to be a no. Last

October -- August the coroner

investigating Saxon Bird's death at

recommended that competitors wear

high-visibility flotation vests to

better allow rescuers to locate

them. But Surf Life Saving

Australia says that is still at the

testing stage.

Two mothers have told Nine News of

their anger and shock after they

were attacked by a rock from was on

the M5. Their cars were smashed up

in the ambush, the in rocks

young children. narrowing -- narrowly missing a

Susan Tomczyk was still shaking

with rage. The rocks it on the

passenger side and went up. On top

of the car. It was 730 last night,

mum and baby came under attack on

the M5, their car was pelted with

rocks and gravel from the

pedestrian overpass. It is just

pathetic. What thrill do they get

from trying to kill somebody? Her

husband was in the car ahead of her,

he also was targeted. I was driving

along and all of a sudden I see

this person, bang bang bang all

over the car. Annaliese Cooper was

another victim. She was driving

with her daughters aged three and

four. It was like driving into a

blender. Previous rock running on

this motorway saw these bridges

closed in like cages, but he did

not throw it -- it did not stop

what was thought to be two could be

teenagers. It is extremely

dangerous. They are going at

110km/h. Damage to all the cars was

only minor, but worse is the shock

and the thought of what might have

happened. I could have swerved and

hit the car next to me and that's

it, my husband would have watched

his wife and daughter died.

Our police any closer to a resting

the pair? The theory is they do

live somewhere around here and the

hope is that other residents may

have seen them and they should come

forward. Thank heavens for these

cages. If they were able to throw

have been carnage. something much larger, there would

The man accused of Sydney's Lin at

murders has made a bid for freedom.

Robert Sheehan is charged with

murdering five family members,

Xie. including two children. -- Robert

He is applying for bail and today

judges were told there is no DNA

evidence linking him to the crime

scene. The Crown said it will rely

on a spot of light which was found

in the garage of the accused, and

the Crown says that contains the

DNA of the father who was killed,

and his two boys. The Crown said

that sibling rivalry is the motive

for these killings, but Robert Xie

denies this. His legal team has

pointed out that police are yet to

identify hares bound in the hands

of the two Boys after they were

killed, which do not belong to the

accused. He will find out whether

he has been successful in his bail application at the Supreme Court next week.

The treasurer has warned of tough

spending cuts as the Government

battles to get the budget back into

surplus. But there is some relief

for Sydney families, the Prime

Minister hinted that the child care

rebate will not be sliced.

As the countdown to the mate eight

budget begins, the Treasury is

determined to get it back in the

black, even if that means wielding

the axe. It is entirely the right

thing to bring our budget back to

surplus. Falling tax revenue to

prop the government to signal that

programs will be slashed to ensure

that its much-hyped surplus becomes

a reality. The last thing that we

should see is a further assault on

the forgotten families of Australia,

because this is a government that

cannot get its spending under

control. The global financial

crisis, falling house prices and

the higher Australian dollar and

the fact that people are saving

more and spending less has meant

less government revenue. Before the

global financial crisis it is the

families spending that generated

extra tax, and the businesses are

now spending, and that means less

tax. While the focus was on cuts to

childcare funding, the Prime

Minister hinted it is not an area

at that she wants to see on the

hit-list. Look at what these

government has achieved. The

Opposition Leader has a fashion hit

list of his own, two weeks ago

outspoken Germaine Greer targeted

the Prime Minister for her jacket

choices. You have got the strange

horizontal Crees, which means they

are cut to narrow in the hips. Now

Tony Abbott has been caught out

imparting his own little bit of

fashion advice. I know, Germaine

Greer was right about that.

If long delays and soaring fares

were not bad enough, there is a

worsening crisis on our rail

network. Sydney's trains are

dangerously overcrowded end it is

most. the commuters who are suffering the

Standing room only if you are lucky

enough to get on a train. At

Redfern this morning, but was not

even possible. This train was

already full. It is an experience

that many commuters had every

morning and evening. I often have

to stand up. The overall figures

show substantial overcrowding on

the Illawarra, Bankstown, Northern,

South and Western lines on the

morning peak, and the Western and

inner-west lines are worst in the

evening peak. People in the West

are getting a bad deal. They are

paying extra for their fares, they

are standing on overcrowded trains

for an hour each way. We recognise

that Western Sydney is doing it

tough, that is why we had put back

20 services a week on the Western

line, that is why we had put 600

seats for Blue Mountains commuters.

But to ease the strain on the

network, 20 extra services a day

and thousands of more streets are

needed. -- seats. Sadly there are

no quick fixes. The new timetable

will not happen until October next

year. This crash will continue

until then.

Two of the world's most iconic

figures have come to base to face

in her a historic meeting in Cuba.

-- face to face. The Pope met Fidel

Castro on the last day of his visit.

He is no longer the present, but

when Fidel Castro asks, he gets.

Sure enough, Pope Benedict answered

the call to meet the now frail

dictator. Earlier, Cubans packed

into their old shed thes it to roam

the city, and all roads lead to

Revolution Square. -- old Chevys.

The Pope was taken on a lap of

honour, bypass the 10 storey

building where the revolutionary

hero Che Guevara looms large. All

of Cuba was officially atheist for

over 40 years. As a result of that,

the Catholic Church is very wary

about challenging the communist

hierarchy. But still, the Pope had

a none-too-subtle dig at Cuba's

leaders. He said that certain

people, we wrongly interpret the

truth, leading them to

irrationality and fanaticism. He is

one of the few Americans here. I

think that in years to come, things

are going to keep getting better

for the Cuban people and for

Catholics as a whole.

If you want to get cameras clicking

and photographers falling over

themselves, who better to call them

Paris Hilton? The Star Casino has

done just that, hoping her

celebrity status will attract some much-needed good publicity.

She may no longer be the

paparazzi's daily Darling, but

Paris Hilton can still fire up a

decent frenzy. Of riding to give

some much-needed publicity muscle

to the opening of a new club at

Sydney's Star Casino, it was like

old times. She was he up two years

ago last, to launch a beer. She hit

the palm of -- promenade at Bondi

and did some serious shopping. She

did it again today, straight to

Bondi. Also some serious swimsuit

attitude, could the sexy blue cut-

out one-piece mean a swim? Just

kidding. She got as far as the

railing and then stopped. All of

this distraction comes as two

separate inquiries look into the

sexual harassment scandal at the

casino and alleged links to the

preliminary M's office. She was

also seen briefly at Manly. -- to

the Premier's office.

Coming up - one woman's incredible

story, how she fought off her attacker.

The online shopping boom, how you

can cash in. The

The Great Pyramid of Giza may outlast civilisation itself. Impressive? Yeah. Genius? Hardly. It's nothing compared to the wafer and chocolate parcels that are Pods. Now in Cherry Bites, with a cherry-flavoured hit.

A brave woman faced the cameras

today to describe the moment she

thought she was going to die.

Carolyn Bliss was stabbed with a

screwdriver and assaulted at her

Cronulla home, and she is scared

that her attacker will strike again.

It takes a lot of courage to talk

about new league being raped and

killed. I thought I was going to

die. But she refuses to be

intimidated by a man who left to a

battered and bruised. I want to

live my life the best that I can.

Last Thursday night, the DT7-year-

old was in the fight of her life

when a hooded man broke into her

Cronulla home and attacked her with

a screwdriver. It all flashes back

straight away. Him running through

the door, me screaming, him

stabbing me constantly with a

screwdriver. She managed to fend

him off, kneeing him in the groin.

We were looking eye to eye,

thinking that he would kill me

before he would write me. Police

believe that he broke in through a

window and he stole nothing. The

violence leads police to fear that

he may have struck before. We have

looked at those avenues of

investigation. She has now

fortified her home, but she does

not feel safe enough yet to return

to it. Without company, it is too

scary. She is worried that his next

victim may not be so lucky. He

needs to be caught.

Australia's love affair with online

shopping is showing no sign of

slowing down. Business is booming

for both buyers and sellers.

Gabriel Lopez caught the online

shopping bug much earlier than most.

He has been doing it for more than

15 years. I had bought over 3,000

items online. 10 million

Australians are telling us they

want to shop online. As more catch

on, more I getting rich. EBay's

latest survey shows that 160 last

year had sales of more than $1

million. It is the average growth

rate of 40 by %. Compare that to

David Jones' latest sales. -- 45%.

For a price comparison, online is

beating off line. We have got the

two cushions which I purchased on

eBay, half the price. We took three

products, a blog mascara, a baby's

toy piano, and a perfume by Jean

Paul Gaultier. The online world,

60% say they are optimistic about

the coming year. Our big retailers,

David Jones, Myer and Harvey Norman,

had been described as dinosaurs,

being fat and lazy. They are

stirring but are they quick enough?

EBay shoppers spend over $5 billion on their mobile devices.

This is something that you do not

see every day. In the city of Cork,

an elephant called Baby decided to

run away from the sectors. The

youngster refused to be coaxed back

by her handers, performing a little

jumbo mambo in a city car park.

After having her fun, she was

eventually returned to the circus.

One of league's most durable stars

is pulling the pin. Nathan

Hindmarsh tells us why he has

decided to retire.

The Tigers are fuming. Matthew

Johns has no regrets about his

fiery encounter with Robbie Farah.

The tragic death of a surfing legend.

After a beautiful autumn You guys grew up together? Since third grade. What are you looking at? I'm...I'm not looking at anything. We're not good enough for you? You looking for something else? No, I just... I don't know. What are you - big supermodels? Ohh! Excuse us. Supermodels! What do you model? Gloves? What are you doing? That girl's totally into me! Brad, eat a Snickers. Why? 'Cause you get a little angry when you're hungry. Better? Better.

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Stop the Eels crisis has claimed

his first victim, Nathan Hindmarsh

has confirmed that he is quitting

at the end of the year and will did

Parramatta's players and even

greater incentive to drag the club

off the bottom of the ladder.

His best days are behind him, but

at 32, Nathan Hindmarsh will still

be hard to replace. He has been the

heart and soul of the Eels in a

decade. Even in announcing his

retirement, he was thinking of the

club that he loves so much. I hope

it would take some pressure off the

Tote and the team-mates and the

club can go back to focusing on

what is important. After 15 years,

he will quit without a Premiership

win, but there are other ways to

measure success. I will retire as a

one-club player which I'm very

proud of. I'm going to finish my

career the same where I started,

utterly and deeply exhausted

knowing that I have tried my best.

Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah let

the pictures do the talking. They

had denied a rumour that they are

feuding. These rumours always come

up year in and year out after we

have lost a couple of games and it

is absolute (BLEEP). He was just as

angry and Matthew Johns was

suggesting the Prix -- the

Premiership favourites were soft.

The Dragons came straight through

the middle of you. That was soft.

That is your opinion, mate.

Did you ambush Robbie Farah? I have

never ambushed a player. I told him

the questions I was going to ask

him before the show. When it comes

to the Tigers, he is not backing

away. They are playing soft at the moment.

The Tigers had been into two Braith

Anasta. Is anyone else in the hunt?

-- had been linked. South Sydney

had a meeting with Braith Anasta's

manager. They are going to make

some kind of decision tomorrow. It

will be a romantic way for him to

finish his career at deep Souths

because he was a junior. There --

he was a junior there.

Melbourne halfback Cooper Cronk has

signed with the Storm again for another four years.

Olympic cycling gold medal hope

Anna Meares has talked of her

bitter rivalry with Great Britain's

Victoria Pendleton ahead of next

week's track world cycling

championships and not done. I have

always said that I had had respect

for her. Sometimes with great

rivalries you cannot have a great

friendship because there is so much

on the line for those involved. The

pair were also clash in London.

Australian surfing trailblazer

Michael Peterson has passed away.

The sport's while tide was almost

unbeatable in the 1970s. -- wild

child. He starred in the iconic

film 'Morning of the Earth'. He

battled a drug addiction and

schizophrenia. He died of a

suspected heart attack.

The weather is next. A lovely warm

and sunny day for the most part. It

sure was. A severe storm warning has just been issued. time That' s tonight. Next on WIN

News... A woman found stabbed to

death in Macgregor. UC' s

Vice-Chancellor losing hope of a

collaboration with CIT. And a collaboration with CIT. And a chang

in broadcasting regulations sees

NRL go live nationally for the NRL go live nationally for the firs

time That' s next.

We enjoyed a lovely autumn day,

blue skies and sunshine for most of

the day, but a severe storm warning

has been issued for the west,

particularly around the Penrith

area. Heavy rain and Hale is expected. area. Heavy rain and Hale is

expected. Warm northerly winds will

push into the south-east, but

easterly winds will bring showers

across the eastern seaboard.

We can expect a partly cloudy day

with a few scattered showers, there

is the chance of thunderstorms but

they will be most likely in the west.

Looking ahead, Saturday is looking

beautiful, sunny and 26 degrees.

Sunday will also be mostly sunny

with a possible late shower. A few

showers on Monday morning and then

becoming fine again on Tuesday and Wednesday.

That is Nine News for this Thursday.

I hope you have a good evening.

From us all, good

Tonight ... A woman murdered - in

Canberra' s north. The UC and CIT

joint venture on hold - as the

Government assesses funding.And: A

win for the Raiders and NRL as win for the Raiders and NRL as game

go live right around the country. Good evening, I' m Danielle Post.

ACT Policing has spent close to

twenty four hours - scouring a

street in Macgregor after a woman

was found murdered. The 30-year-old

was stabbed several times - her was stabbed several times - her bod

discovered by a family member. discovered by a family member.

Stabbed to death inside her own

home. "Detectives from ACT

Criminal Investigations are