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(generated from captions) I will have-day forecast in a few

minutes. A beautiful Monday morning

in paradise. Great to have you with

us. It was weekendus horribilus for Queensland at the weekend.

Very quickly, George, your view on

the result over the weekend? A

stunning victory for Campbell

Newman and the LNP. There were two

big lessons for the Federal Labor

Party. Don't break your promises to

the Australian people. That's what

Anna Bligh did over privatisation.

Anna Bligh didn't manage the

economy well. Labor have high

unemployment of 5.7%.

These are two characteristics as

well. So Ed Husack knows how bad it

will be for Julia Gillard, so he

decided to vote for Kevin Rudd.

What I am predicting Paul is that

Kevin Rudd will come back with a

vengence. Your view on the weekend?

You've had Labor in government for

20 out of 22 years in Queensland.

There is an issue of a time factor.

The tide was going out. You can't

ignore the size of the swing. A

clear message. You've got to

respect in a democracy what the

public say. But some of the points,

I can't sit here on a Monday

morning and be told about promises

and where Tony Abbott says, "I've

got it in writing" and economies

have double the employment rate.

Everyone knew that before the

weekend's result. As you say, they

have sent you a clear message. Do

you think J oorbgs sh is right, is

this time to reinkarpb nait, heaven

forbid, Kevin Rudd? We have made

the decision. We have to work in

terms of the things that matter to

people and you know, we did have on

Friday Umar Farouk Abdulmuttaib

saying the Deped ral Government are

backing away, because you've got to

recognise people make these

decisions. They distinguish clearly,

they're smart. If there is a referendum federallhere is a

referendum federally, you are out?

No-one doubts government is hard in

this day and age. We have to

perform. Josh... Can I make a point.

When you gelt in government you

have to make it work. You can't

sleepwalk like in Victoria, and

here in NSW. Campbell will sleep-

jog, but the thing is in government

you've got to do things. Josh, are

you planning which ministerial

portfolio you want and imagining,

ministerial limousine? Absolutely were you dreaming of riding in a

not. I think that we have a way to

run before the next Federal

election. Tony Abbott is keeping

good discipline on our side and

keeping us focussed on our agenda.

Have you talked to Tony since the

result? I talked to him by text

yesterday. He's on the polie pedal

and I will join him for that later

tonight. (both talk at once.) I

think Tony was campaigning with

Campbell Newman. And she doesn't

want to be in an arm's breath of

this. I think it's the other way

around, I don't think Anna Bligh

wanted Julia Gillard there, she may

have lost more seats. Hard to

imagine. Julia Gillard, is it a

wise choice she hasn't been tainted

by this? I think other ministers

have been up there. I know Wayne

Swan helped out. A lot of Queensland people helped their

colleagues. Lucky old you. Let's

talk about a couple of things. Ed,

you are querying Apple, why are

Apple products so expensive in

Australia than in other parts? I've

been asking this for 1 months.

Basically you know, a lot of people

when they go online can see it,

they look at what they want in

terms of software and they see

differences. I've been calling for

the last 12 months, to say, explain

why the differences exist and

concerned for small business that

have to renew software licences

paying up to $12,000 more and young

people who don't have the income.

Have you had any answers? No.

There's been no attempts by the

major suppliers, Adobe, Apple and

Microsoft. I'm saying let's hope

this up and get comment from them

and the public to get answers on

why products cost so much. It's the

most arrogant fruit in the world

apple, you realise that? That's

what I hear. And you spent 18 hours

walking on the weekend Josh? Yes

and a couple of hours in the

sleeping back on the Oval. But it

is for Relay for Life, the charity

for the Cancer Council. Cancer will

affect one if two Australians by

the time they're 85. Our team

raised $10,000 and in Hawthorn in

the electorate teams raised over

$150,000. Can you walk? I'm limping.

Let me see you stand k you stand? Try now. Go on. Go.

He can't move. He is standing maybe. Thank you.