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(generated from captions) I...

I think 1981. Final answer? Yeah,

lock in C. 1981 is locked in. Chris,

it's 1991. Yeah. Prior to 1991 it

was just the Victoria Cross, it was

the Imperial British Award.

Countries have instituted their own

honour system and the VC Australia

came in in 1991, which means you

don't get 20 grand, mate. But I'll

give you a thousand bucks. Well

played. Chris has won $1,000. See

you next time. Goodnight!

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This program is captioned live. A

roll call of Australia's greatest

leaders farewell Margaret Whitlam.

A dramatic crash involving a stolen

car at earlwood. Goodbye Monorail,

but what will Sydney commuters get

instead? The new supermarket deals

to win over shoppers. And

bound. swimming's super sisters London

Good evening. Political leaders

across the generations have

gathered in Sydney to farewell one

of our greatest national treasures.

Margaret Whitlam was a much-loved

first lady and today was celebrated

as a woman who broke the mould.

Honouring Margaret Whitlam, perhaps

the greatest-ever gathering of

Australian leaders. Margaret's

husband is former PM, Gough Whitlam.

Frail now, aged over 90, as was his

wife. A veryerary public appearance

by Paul Keating and his ex-wife,

Anita. Malcolm Fraser, the man who

succeeded Whitlam. Bob Hawke and

Blanch. Bill Hayden. And PM Gillard

and her partner were there, as was

Kevin Rudd. Last in to the

historics, the Governor-General.

All there to mark the memory and

the legacy of a great Australian

life. Greatest PM's wife that ever

put a pair of shoes on. I'm sorry

she's gone. She kept Gough very

level. The Bondi girl who grew up

to succeed in her own right.

Whitlam acknowledged as one of the

country's pre-eminent reforming PMs.

They were married for almost 70

years, four children. Gough and the

rest of us have derived great

comfort from the sentiments

expressed by people from all walks

of life. Margaret's passion was

opera. The song begins, "You are my

soul, you are my heart."

Before Margaret Whitlam, PM's wives

lived mostly in the shade of their

husbands. Margaret Whitlam stepped

firmly in to the sunlight and

forever broke the mould. Now to

pictures just in. A car has landed

in a canal after a crash involving

three cars in the city's inner west.

The silver Camry was stopped at an

intersection at earlwood when a car

believed to be stolen hit it from

behind. That sent it flying into

another car off the edge of the

canal. The driver suffered only a

minor head injury. A shocking

discovery by police. They pulled

over a truck driver at Goulburn and

found a large screen television

attached to the dashboard of his

rig. He had been spotted driving

erratically on the Hume Highway is

has now been charged. Sydney's

public transport system is set for

its biggest overhaul in decades and

it all begins with the Monorail.

Today the O'Farrell Government

announced it will tear it down and

plough the money into light rail

instead. It opened with all the

fanfare of a step in to the future.

24 years later, the Monorail is no

more. I think it's an eyesore. It

seems only tourists will miss it.

We love it. We're not from here. I

don't know why they'd tear it down.

For everyone else, it's expensive

and ineffective. While you wait for

the Monorail, you with walk down.

The real problem is it doesn't go

anywhere you want to go. The

Monorail cost $60 million to build

back in 1988. The estimated price

to tear it down, $10 million to $15

million. Sydney's experiment with

futuristic travel is now all but

over. So they're winding back the

clock by 100 years to focus once

again on the humble tram. The State

Government's $20 million purchase

of the Monorail includes the lights

rail too. This means we have the

option to extend the light rail

network. Terrific news. Even the

Lord Mayor put politics aside to

applaud the decision, hoping it

will lead to a return of trams down

George Street. We have transport

issues in our city and it's so

important we provide integrated

transport system rather than a toy

system for tourists. The light rail

could be extended to the Eastern

Suburbs. The answers will come in a

strategic plan later this year.

Malcolm Naden is tonight facing the

stark reality of life behind bars.

The accused killer is sharing a

prison with the country's most

notorious criminals, far removed

from the wilderness which was once

his hideout. In rugged bushland,

this is the remote hut where

Malcolm Naden had had enough. Today

police flew back in, looking for

clues as to how he lived.

Surrounding the run down wooden

shack, empty food cans, beer

bottles and toilet paper. After

spening years living alone in the

bush, things like this kept him

going. Inside, it's smelly and

putrid. But for Naden, it meant a

place where he could wash, shreem

and eat. Naden walked through this

doorway when he first came face to

face with police. He quickly

realised and run back inside. He's

then come out this side but the dog

squad was waiting for him and that

was the moment his seven years of

freedom came to an end. These

officers will remain here for

almost a month, finalising their

case against him. The investigation

is still continuing. Homicide

detectives are still doing that in

relation to the charges. Today the

show went on in Gloucester. We're

ecstatic when they got him. We can

go back to normal. A far cry from

Naden's new home, inside Goulburn's

Supermax Jail. The cells are no

bigger than six metres by three

metres. A seven centimetre foam

matress and a toilet in the corner.

His neighbours, sear ying killer

Ivan Milatt, and gang rapist Bilal

Skaf and Phuong Ngo. This evening

he will have a tuna salad which is

the standard pack given out to all

inmates. What happens now with the

case? Well, this investigation is

far from over. In fact, for the

homicide squad, it's only just

starting. More charges are expected

to be laid against Naden in

relation to a number of break and

enters right across the Gloucester

region. He's being questioned over

the disappearance of his cousin

which was another of the big

reasons police were so desperate to

track him down. As they continue to

work on this case, Naden will stay

behind bars until he appears in

court next month. Thank you for

that. Tony Abbott admits he went

too far and has publicly apologised

for saying Julia Gillard had a

target on her head. A senior

Government minister slammed the

comments as extremist and warned

they could have violent

consequences. A sea change for Tony

Abbott on Victoria's surf coast

today. The volunteer lifesaver

having earlier tried to rescue

himself. In Parliament yesterday,

the Opposition Leader was speaking

about voter anger against Labor.

His microphone switched off halfway

through but his words were heard

throughout the chamber. throughout the chamber. The voters through but his words were heard

of Queensland won't miss. They

won't miss. This PM and this Leader

of the House have targets on their

foreheads. Mr Abbott's words are a

foreheads. Mr Abbott's words are a matter for him.

matter for him. Anthony Albanese

linked Mr Abbott's language with

the controversial gun sights

campaign used by Sarah Palin in the

US just before the shooting of

Gabrielle Giffords. Talk of

violence against people in politics.

There are consequences of it. We

did see it in the US. I said

something across the table which I

shouldn't have. I used a metaphore

which I regret and withdraw and

apologise. The future of Queensland

Labor is sorry, according to one of

their leading lights. All eyes in

Canberra on tomorrow's election

which Kevin Rudd is predicting it

will be a loss for the ALP and a

disaster. Queenslanders are poised

to vote in the Liberal National

Partsdzy in the biggest landslide

this State has seen in its history.

A woman is fighting for life in

hospital after being doused in

petrol and set alight. The attack

happened outside a brothel in

Chippendale around 10 o'clock last

night. The 33-year-old suffered

burns to 40% of her body. A nursing

home residents has died after being

run over by a car in south-western

Sydney. The 84-year-old man was hit

by a person visiting the Glenfield

home this morning. The 80-year-old

driver is undergoing drug and

alcohol tests. A short sharp gun

battle has ended a reign of fear in

southern France where a gunman

killed seven people in the past

fortnight. The Islamic extremist

had worn a full face helmet and

ridden a motor scooter on his

murder sprees but was finally

cornered and shot dead. They

weren't waiting any longer. Gunfire

echoed across the street,

reinforcements and medics watching

on. Their target had been under

siege for 32 hours. This is the man

they were after - 23-year-old

Mohammed Merah, who claimed he had

been trained by Al-Qaeda, seen here

clowning around in his car. But

wanted for the murder of three

children and a teacher from a local

Jewish school and three French

paratroopers. In the dark hours

before the final attack, police

softened him with stun grenades.

Then so important to Merah's

capture or death, France's interior

minister watched the attack unfold.

Merah came out of the bathroom

shooting wildly. Police firing back.

They have never seen anything this

violent. Cornered by a blizzard of

gunfire, Merah, clad in a bullet-

proof vest, jufrpled from the flat

and was shot in the head by a --

jumped from the flat and was shot

in the head by a sniper. Plenty of

questions remain? France have been

face to face with one of its great

fears which is Islamic extremism

that emerges every now and again in

ghettos such as this one. Heading

in to an election next month, the

first round of the election. This

will no doubt be a big issue which

will likely fuel the movement of

right wing contenders. Indeed.

Thank you. Two sisters stole the

show on the final night of the

Australian Swimming Championships.

Cate and Bronte Campbell booking

their tickets to London. In all, 44

swimmers qualified for the team,

half of them competing at their

first Olympics. The class of 2012

and London is calling. A mix of

veterans, fresh face rookies, and a

fabulous family affair. The sisters

have made it! It's going to be a

sister act in London for Australia.

Cate and Bronte Campbell 1-2 in the

50 free, sisters, best friends,

rivals, now Olympic team-mates. I

hit the wall and was more worried

about where braupbtdy was. It was

perfect, -- Bronte was. It was

perfect. The first siblings on our

Olympic team in 40 years. The one-

two. And it was so moving. After a

week in the pool, there was one

more lap for our swimmers. And

Leisel was never going to get lost.

She's on her way to a record fourth

Olympics. And the champ was quick

to put the biggest young gun in his

place. Rookie! Whether they like it

or not, this team will now carry

the weight of a nation. Every four

years we all but demand Olympic

glory. In Beijing, the swimmers

delivered 20 medals and that was

our best-ever haul. The early

forecast for London is promising.

Around the total in Athens, around

15 or something like that. A

soprano was lifted into the sky by

a giant chandelier and fireworks

erupted over the harbour last night

as 'La Traviata' treated fans to a

dress rehearsal. The opera

production opens tomorrow night.

'La Traviata' runs until April 15.

In the news ahead, petrol price war

- the supermarkets offering

unbelievable discounts. Plus, what

really killed Whitney Houston?

Dramatic video as

Petrol prices are at their peak at

the moment. The highest price today

was $1.59 a litre. The average is

sitting around $1.53. The lowest

was $1.43 at Carlton. If you can

hold off until the end of next week,

prices are expected to drop by up

to 10 cents a litre. And petrol has

become the latest target of the

supermarket price wars. Customers

are being offered discounts of up

to 20 cents a litre heading into

the Easter break. The weekends are

always the busiest time for

supermarket shopping and driving.

Who wouldn't jump for a 20 cents a

litre discount on their petrol?

Can't top it. Have to take the

deals. The discount is going to

wave some flags in front of

consumers' faces. Our customers are

feeling the pinch at the moment

with petrol prices going up. Here

is how the deal works. A can of

Coke in a local store is $1.60.

Woolworthsis offering 30 cans for

less than half the price. And you

get 20 cents a litre off your fuel

price. How does a local store

compete with that? We need to get

our independents working together

and unifying. A merger between

Independent Liquor and Southern

Independent Liquor. There's been

comments describing us as road kill,

insignificant. That's

understandable when some small

stores buy from supermarkets to

stock their own shelves. Take this

store, Sydney's oldest non-pub

bottle shop. Times have never been

tougher. One of the first

businesses open. Who knows how lawn

we'll be around? God forbid it

happens, when these stores are all

gone, prices go up. Hundreds of

Queenslanders have spent the day

mopping up after parts of the

Sunshine Coast were flooded by a

massive storm. More than 200 homes

and businesses were affected last

night and hundreds oaf cars were

abandoned. Family in there with the

water up to the loungeroom. Looked

like Armageddon earlier on. The SES

received 600 calls for help but no-

one was seriously hurt. Almost six

weeks after her death, a coroner

has revealed Whitney Houston died

of accidentsal drowning due to the

effects of cocaine use and heart

disease. The 48-year-old was found

dead in her bathtub at a Los

Angeles hotel the night before the

grammy Awards. Sport is next. Good

evening. The battle of the west

tonight between Parramatta and

Penrith. Peter stirling's interview

with Stephen -- Sterling's

interview with Stephen Kearney. And

Michael Clarke makes his decision

about the Windies. All the fun and

excitement at the Camden Show. All your

Just three weeks in to the season

and the heat is already on the Eels.

Making tonight's clash a must-win

game. Joining me from the sideline,

Peter Sterling. The fans are

restless. Tough for the bloke

standing next to you? That's the

job. Steve has been good enough to

join us. The question is Jarryd

Hayne, naigtsen Hindmarsh in doubt

during the -- Nathan Hindmarsh in

doubt during the week. Jarryd Hayne

will get another week off. He

didn't pull up to what we thought

was acceptable for him. Hindy is

back. He bumped his old arthritic

hip at training yesterday. But he's

recovered well. Ready to go. Tough

start to the season. Are you

feeling the pressure? It's been a

tough start. This week has been one

to forget. I know the lads are

really hurting after last weekend's

performance. I know the guys want

to put in a great performance for

the fans. What kind of performance

are you expecting? Obviously after

last weekend, our defence was

really disappointing. We know if we

get that right with the conditions

tonight, Chris and Ben Roberts will

come in to their own with the

attack. Our defence is a priority.

Good luck tonight. One of the true

local derbies left in the

competition. Always a great match.

Looking forward to it. Daly Cherry-

Evans will be a Sea Eagle until the

end of 2015 after signing a

contract upgrade which makes him

league's newest millionaire. That

will help the premiers keep Kieran

Foran. Steve Price says Manly

remains the competition benchmark

ahead of tomorrow night's clash at

Kogarah. Cooper returns. The

Bulldogs will play Newcastle for

the Beyond Blue Cup tomorrow night.

Ben Barba reckons the Dogs are

determined to keep in tact their

unbeaten start to the season. Brad

Haddin will not return to the West

Indies. He's staying in Sydney

after rushing home for family

reasons. Michael Clarke has

recovered from a hamstring injury.

He'll leave on Sunday to play the

tour and test matches. That's good

news. Thank you for that. We have

the weather next live from Camden.

It was beautiful weather for the

first day of the Camden Show. It

sure was. The show runs over two

days. It's one of the biggest community events in the

tonight. Next on WIN News... A tonight. Next on WIN News... A fres

lead in a brutal murder lead in a brutal murder committed

ten years ago. Two Canberra men,

charged after the AFP smashes a

child pornography ring. And, a

tribute to a family - that' s tribute to a family - that' s serve

the Territory for decades. That' s next

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We enjoyed a beautiful autumn day.

It was perfect here at the Camden

Show. The city saw a top of 26

degrees. We saw a top of 24 degrees

in Campbelltown. 25 in Liverpool.

26 in Penrith. And moist onshore

winds will trigger isolated showers

over north-east NSW and eastern Queensland.

The weekend is here. Head up to the

blownens and visit the Mount Tomah

Gardens. A special expo in Moore

Park. There's the annual truck show

in Penrith. You could head to the

Camden Show tomorrow. There's

animals, showbags and family fun.

There's free parking. It looks like

it's going to be a beautiful sunny

day. Sounds perfects. Thank you for

that. That's Nine News for this

Friday. Supertext captions by Red

Bee Media -

incorrectly. Tonight ... A new incorrectly. Tonight ... A new lead

Parents of a murdered 23-year-old

appeal for help to find her killer.

Two Canberra men charged after the

AFP dismantles a child porn ring.

And: the Government still owes And: the Government still owes mone

for staff who were paid

incorrectly. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post, Police have a fresh

lead in a Canberra murder that' s

been unsolved for ten years. New

information about two men seen,

loading concrete into a black ute

has surfaced. Kathryn Grosvenor was

brutally stabbed to death, her

weighed-down body found in Lake

Burley Griffin. A fresh lead Burley Griffin. A fresh lead that

s opened old wounds. It all