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(generated from captions) we affirm for Margaret

Whitlam today, a person of

love, a person through whom

that love reached out to

others. Through whom we

experience perhaps the touch

of the love of God, so we

give thanks for her and we

offer her to God for there is

faith, hope, and love and the

greatest of these is love.

May Margaret rest in piece

and rise in Glory. -- in peace and rise in Glory.

Let us pray.. Thanks be to

you, oh, God for the gift of

life You have made us in your

image and called us to

reflect your truth and light.

We thank you for the life of

Margaret Elaine Whitlam. We

give thanks for her life and

talents and for the

inspiration she brought to

the lives of others. Above

all we thank you for your

gracious promise to all your

servants living and departed

that we shall be made one again in our Lord Julia

Gillard. Amen.-- Lord Jesus

Christ ah men. Almighty God,

father of all mer sees and

giver of all comfort, deal graciously with those who

mourn the death of Margaret.

We especially pray for Gough,

Antony, Nicholas, Stephen,

Catherine and their families

that casting all their care

on you, may they know the consolation of your love

through Jesus Christ our

Lord, Amen. Amen. Oh, Lord,

support us all the day long

of this troubled life until

the shadows lengthen and the

evening comes, the busy world

is hushed, the fever of life

is over and our work is done.

Then Lord, in your mercy

grant us a safe lodging, a

Holy rest and peace at the

last through Christ our Lord

Amen. Amen. As our savior

Christ has taught us we are

confident to pray, our Father

which art in heaven, hallowed

be your name. Your kingdom

come, your will be done on

earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily

bread and forgive us our

trespasses as we forgive them

that trespass against us.

And lead us not into

temptation, but deliver us

from evil, for yours is the

Kingdom, the Power and the

Glory, forever and ever,

Amen. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ you gave

new birth to Margaret by

water and the Spirit. Grant

that her death may recall to

us your Victory over death

and be an occasion for us to

renew our trust the in the

Father's love. Give us, we

pray, the faith to follow

where you have led the way,

to live and reign with the

father in the Holy Spirit to

the end of the ages, Amen.

Amen. Let us entrust

Margaret Elaine Whitlam to

the mercy and love of God.

Holy and loving Father, by

your mighty power you gave us

life, and in your love you

have given us new life in

Christ Jesus. We entrust

Margaret to your merriful

keeping in the faith of Jesus Christ who died and Rose

again to save us, new lives

and reigns with you and the

Holy Spirit in Glory forever,

Amen. Rest eternal, grant

unto your servant Margaret

oh, Lord and let light per

wet Wal shine upon her. - -

perpetual shine upon her.


God the Father by whose

life Christ was raised from

the dead, open to you who

believe the gates of efr

lasting life, Amen. God the

Son, who in bursting the

grave has won a glorious

Victory give you joy as you

share the resurrection faith,

Amen. God the Holy Spirit

whom the risen Lord breathed

into his Deciples empower you

and fill you with Christ's

peace, Amen and the blessing

of God almighty, the Father,

the Son the Holy Spirit with

you and remain with you always, Amen.

chrie chrie two

Well, such a mooflg and

respectful tribute to

Margaret Whitlam there as the

many former Prime Ministers

led by the Governor-General

and the NSW Governor Maree

Bashir, Malcolm Fraser and

Tammy Fraser there as well.

All living Labor Prime All living Labor Prime Ministers, Bob walk, Julia

Gillard, Paul Keating in

attendance for this memorial

service today. While Gough Whitlam was certainly showing

his age I think we also saw

him showing such dignity as

well through this service.

He was clearly reflecting as

we all were on the life of

Margaret Whitlam as her

children, Antony and

Catherine delivered those

you'll gees which were so

beautiful. They didn't have

to go through the step by

step of her life, it's been

recounted in the media so

extensively over the last

week. They were able to give

us family insights into

Margaret Whitlam as Antony

described his parents both

strong characters, bright

people, but he also talked

about her own Margaret

Whitlam's father and the

nickname Snozzle he had for

her. The sort of insight

into the intimacy of the

family on that level, the

fact that as has been

recounted elsewhere while she

was the wife of Gough Whitlam

in his many roles as Labor

leader and Prime Minister she

was also an individual in her

own right and always so. She

always spoke up, he said,

always had her own view to

put. From Catherine we heard

more about the later years in

life where Catherine did play

such a strong role in caring

for her mother, about the

simple pleasures that

sustained her, she said, whether it was regular trips

back to Bondi, her childhood

home and enjoying the

reminiscing at the street

where she grew up on, or

spending time with Gough

Whitlam since his move into a

nursing home, spending time

having fish and chips at

Watson's Bay, a could have

knee in centennial park or a

homemade Sandwich, but always

cheerful as she said. Her

ability to focus on fruit and

flowers when ever things were

getting her down, when ever

there was a family argument

to focus on the positive.

These sorts of family

insights I think were a rare privilege for those who were

here today to hear in these

you'll gees. - you'll geese.

The musical tributes through

the service were clearly high

order. From the St James

Anglican church choir here as

well as those who sung and

performed. Now the Prime

Minister and Tim Mathison

about to leave the church.

Followed by the NSW Premier,

Barry O'Farrell. As we were

reflecting earlier rarely if

ever there has been such a

gathering of political

leaders over Australia's

recent history as right here

at this memorial service for

Margaret Whitlam. I can tell

you where I'm standing just

outside the church there is a

steady queue here of

government vehicles ready to

take these officials away. The Governor-General Maree

Bashir in the background

there, the Prime Minister

exchanging a few words,

reflecting on the service, no doubt.

A sign of the respect held

for Margaret Whitlam the fact

that so many politicians,

business leaders, community

leaders as well who have

turned out here today. They

to include a number of well

known political foes over the

years, Bob Hawke and Paul

Keating are both here today

that's a rare event these days. Julia Gillard and

Kevin Rudd as well, all here

to pay their respects to pay

tribute to mourn, but also to

celebrate the life of

Margaret Whitlam. A woman who

as we discussed earlier was

of course best known as the

wife of Gough Whitlam, but a

national figure in her own

right, a national treasure in

her own right as well,

someone who redefined the

role of First Lady, who was

outspoken, who was opinionate

ed, who was always ready to

share her views on the issues that drove her passions.

Kevin Rudd and Therese

rain, Therese Rein quite

emotional through that

service. Kevin Rudd did

speak in parliament about the

tears that were flowing in

his household at the news of Margaret Whitlam's passing.

No doubt Therese rain did

take great inspiration from

Margaret Whitlam's role as the wife of the Prime

Minister. at her time in The Lodge.

We can also see out here

Kevin Rudd, Philip Ruddock, the longest serving member of

the house, he was there in the final stages of the

Whitlam government. He

entered the parliament back

in 1974. Bill Hayden former

Governor-General and former

Foreign Minister. There were also many members of the

public as well. I mean this

church holds about 600

people, I can tell you

several hundred people were

queuing up here for two hours

to be here to be part of this

service today. These Labor

Luminaries now all gathered Luminaries now all gathered

in the one spot together. You

can see Paul Keating giving

Julia Gillard a kiss, Kevin

Rudd standing right there as

well, Bob Hawke too. The

death of Margaret Whitlam has certainly brought together

here this afternoon on this

beautiful Sydney afternoon, a beautiful Sydney beautiful Sydney autumn

afternoon has brought

together every living Labor

Prime Minister who haven't

always seen eye to eye on

various things, brought them all together here this

afternoon. I can tell you

Paul Keating is now having a chat with Kevin Rudd and

Barry O'Farrell as well.

Barry O'Farrell as well. The

towering figure of Malcolm Fraser also amongst that

Labor tlong. -- Throng.

A number of younger Labor

figures here too not just the

elder statesmen of the party

here, some of the up and

coming younger MPs, David

Bradbury newly appointed to

the ministry, Tanya Plibersek

as well, some of these younger

younger MPs who clearly spent

time with Margaret and Gough

Whitlam over the years, knew

them well, here today to pay

their respects too and show

her respect and their honour

for the Whitlam family. This

is very much the Labor tribe,

though, on show, honouring

one of its own, in March gret

Whitlam. -- Margaret Whitlam.

As you can see Bob Carr there

with Tanya Plibersek and his

former treasurer for 10 years

Michael egan. Well, the

footpath outside St James Anglican church I can tell

you now is standing room

only. The crowd spill out on

to the streets here. A few

tears being shed amongst

those who have just attended

this very moving memorial

service. We might leave

things there for this live

coverage from St James

Anglican church and the

memorial service for Margaret

Whitlam. We will have more

updates for you throughout

the evening here from Sydney,

but right now as we leave but right now as we leave you

with these scenes from the

memorial service, let's take

you back to Jase sint that

Tynan in the news centre for

the rest of the day's news

Thank you David. You can see

an encore presentation of

today's memorial service for

Margaret Whitlam this evening

on a pack, the service will

be replayed in full at 7 and

10.30 pm eastern daylight

time. To other news this

evening, Queensland Premier

Anna Bligh is warning people

not to give how much power to

lp leader Campbell Newman in

the state election, she has

completed a 50 electorate

blitz in an effort to hold on

to government. Laura Jayes

is travelling with the Premier. Premier. Anna Bligh didn't

want to leave anything to

chance in this election

campaign. It has been a

marathon five weeks, she

completed 19 hours of

straight campaigning, she got

to 50 seats in five days as

she did promise. On the eve

of the election day she's

ended up here, the 50th

electorate back in her own

seat of South Brisbane, and

she says she is still

optimistic despite the polls.

Throughout the 50

electorates that I've visited

this week I've met literally

hundreds of Queenslanders,

many of whom still making up

their minds and I think it's

going to be a very very interesting polling day

tomorrow. There is a mood

for change in Queensland.

The distinct feeling in the

last few days that Anna Bligh

wasn't campaigning for a win,

campaigning to save the

furniture, and save Labor

from possibly decades in opposition wilderness. She

had another message for

Queenslanders today, not to

give Campbell Newman and the

lp too much power. I think

a Campbell Newman government

with too much power is not a good thing for Queensland.

The lp have said they will

cut public sector, that means

cuts to services, Johns and

wages. The campaigning is

effectively over, the only

thing left now is for

Queenslanders to make their

decision tomorrow, to decide

who will be leading

Queensland for the next three

years. There are 89 seats up

for grabs as predicted Labor

could be left with as little

as 12. Laura Jayes Sky News

Brisbane. Sky News Brisbane

reporter Tom Connell is

travelling with the L travelling with the L NP

leader Campbell Newman filing

this report. His focus today

was on Ashgrove, he started

the day at Rocklea markets.

He had plenty of support

there. Almost as if the

polls were taken in that

market Congratulations mate,

awesome, about time. You're

totally impartial totally

convinced you're the man

You're a swinging vetter, are

you No, totally convince the you're the

you're the man What are the

top three things that bother

you, I don't know the heads

up in Queensland everything

has doubled in price, power,

water, fuel just killing us.

All the best, thank you for

what you did for us last year

in the floods in Shoe Street

The LNP leader appears

confident. He's confident. He's wary of the

seat of Ashgrove. The latest

polls indicates he's well al

head even just on the primary

vote, still out here pressing

the flesh. He will be based

in Ashgrove for the next day,

the last full day of the

campaign. Sky News,

Ashgrove. And Sky News will

of course have complete

coverage of the vote count in

Queensland tomorrow tonight. David Speers will be joined

by an unrivalled team of experts, coverage right

throughout the day, from 4 pm eastern daylight time. 3

o'clock in Queensland. On

Sky News. A 14th person has

been arrested in Australia after Federal Police helped

to smash an international child porn ring. Officers have raided 19 properties across Victoria, across Victoria, NSW,

Queensland and the ACT after

a tip off from Interpol. A

Sky News Melbourne Bureau

Chief Aaron Young reports the

discovery of the porn ring in

Germany. Until this morning

the national Australian

Federal Police investigation

culminated in the arrest of

13 people. Another arrest is immanent This investigation has disrupted

has disrupted a group of

online child predators who

used a peer-to-peer file

sharing network to trade and

share their illegal activity.

The AFP's child operations

officers carried out 19 raids

on property across the

Australian eastern see board

NSW, Act and Queensland. The

men were allegedly accessing child sexual exploitation

material via the internet.

AFP senior officers say these

are the worse sort of images

they have seen. Allow me to

place on the record my

personal disgust of the

abhorrent nature of activity

associated with the exploitation of children It

began on 11 December as AFP

officers received a tip off

from Interpol in Europe

because of an investigation

that was under way in

Germany. There were children

present at the raid this

morning. Two children have

died in a house fire in the

southern Victoria's west.

Loretta Johns has details

This early morning tragedy

has rocked the - small

community of Dunkeld. A family of four were sleeping family of four were sleeping

when a fire broke out. The

family were woken by the

smell of smoke, went outside

to douse the flames it was

then they heard their two

young children screaming for

help of the the couple tried

to make their way back into

the house, tried to reach

their children through windows but were held back by

the intense heat. The

remains of one child have

been found, police are still

looking for the second body.

The little boy and girl are

believed to have been aged

just three and seven years

old. Their parents have been

treated for smoke inhalation,

superficial burns and shock,

been taken to hospital.

Firefighters called to the

blaze knew the family and are devastated. The fire is

believed to have started in

the lounge room. The cause

still being investigated.

Loretta Johns, Sky News,

Melbourne. A Sydney woman is

in a critical condition after

being set on fire by a man

while she was waking down an

inner city street last night.

Witnesses on regent street at Chippendale heard the victim's screaming rushing to

her aid. They managed to

extinguish the flames. She

was treated for severe burns

to the upper body before

being taken to hospital.

Police are hunting her

attacker who fled down the

street wearing dark pants and

a hooded jacket. An American

police Chief has been forced

to stand down after he

decided not to arrest a

neighbourhood watch captain

who shot dead an African

American teenager in flour

rid that. The policeman was

stood down, a new pros has

been appointed to over see

the investigation. Thousands

of people have

of people have attended a

rally in san Ford to express

their anger over the killing

of Mr Martin. A civil rights

activist told the crowd she

mustn't rest until the killer

George zeumer man is

apprehended. He represents a

reckless disregard for our

lives. We have come to tell

you tonight enough is enough.

you tonight enough is enough.

We are tired of going to

gaol for nothing and others going home for something!

Zeumer man should have been

arrested that night! He had

probable cause that night.

You cannot You cannot defend yourself

against a pack of skittles

and eyed tea, don't talk to

us like we're stupid, don't

talk to us like we're

ignorant. We love our

children like you love

yours! Portuguese public

sector workers have taken to

the streets of list Don to

protest against austerity. They have gone on job over tax increases and

tax increases and job cuts

imposed by the Government. Tempers reaching boiling

point on Europe's streets and

a March against austerity

turning ugly. We have seen

this all before in Athens,

but this is the Portuguese

capital Lisbon where

demonstrations aren't usually

violent. As Portugal faces

its wort recession since the

70 the TGPP called for protest action?

TRANSLATION: The strike is a

decision by all workers who

today are giving us a lesson

about dignity and courage, defending their rights,

they're drawing attention to what this government is now

denying us, the future of

this country. The strike

caused Lisbon's public transport

transport system to grind to

halt. They have had enough

of austerity here TRANSLATION: Our aim toss

show our indignation and our discontentment with the

politics adopted by the

Government, how their

aggressiveness in adopting

these measures is affecting

us, that's why we're on strike. These measures have

been imposed on the

Portuguese by their centre

right government, part of the

right government, part of the

terms of the 78 billion euro

IMF bailout in May last year.

That's done little to change

the country's fortunes and

the Portuguese are facing

record levels of unemployment. Being

economists fear Portugal will

need a second bailout putting

its budge yet targets at

risk. While the Portuguese

continue to follow the

continue to follow the Greek

example on the streets the

world remains that their

economy will do the same.

The top stories just ahead on

the national news and then in

sport Dally Cherry-Evans

signs a lucrative three year contract with Manly.

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